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  1. Restoring an '86 Forte I set. Does anyone know what this finish is called, and how to reproduce/recreate it? It's similar to the finish on a KG 3.5 set I recently did, but the raised "spots" on the 3.5 set are more like dots, and like flat splotches on the Forte set.
  2. Well, looking at the rectangular input cup, I don’t see “8 ohms”, however I do see “1986 KLIPSCH AND ASSOCIATES, INC.” Seems that you’ve inadvertently pointed me in the right direction. Guess that pretty much answers my question. 😆. Many thanks kind sir.
  3. I recently acquired a very nice Forté I set. One of the previous owners removed the labels. Is there a way to date them based on appearance, driver model numbers, the “..completed and inspected” internal label, and/or crossover components? They’re oak, light green grills, the passive radiator had no sealing medium, and the crossover autotransformer is labeled “T2A-D1”. I understand that T10A autotransformer replaced the T2A at some point. The “completed and inspected” is dated 9-9, 9-10, and 9-11, which I don’t think really helps.. TYIA
  4. I’ve scoured the forums for clarification, can’t find pertinent info. If anything, I’m more confused. Previously restored a set of KG 5.2s, replaced the metal domes with new Ti domes, there was no ferrofluid. The 3.5 domes are phenolic/kapton(?) with ferrofluid. I plan on upgrading these with Ti domes. The question is do I leave the ferrofluid, clean out and use new ferrofluid, or clean out and leave it dry? If I leave it or clean and use new fluid, do I need to find an adhesive to seal it? There is currently no adhesive. If I had to choose what to do right now, it’d be a roll of the dice. TYIA
  5. Oh man, I feel bad, I’m sorry I didn’t reply after you asked for my thoughts, I thought I would get an email, or I just didn’t see it. You’re probably done by now. For what it’s worth, to be able to easily pick it up, what I do for boards is either put a small foot under each corner and use small washers to level it if need be, or route out an inverse half-round on the edge in the center of the short sides of the base rectangle.
  6. Crossovers finished and installed, new Ti domes installed, frequency response original and new. The audible difference is night and day. Credit to Crites for inspiration for my first go at a project like this.
  7. Got a good deal on a R-25C. Installed new Ti domes in the 5.2 horns, just have to finish the new crossovers. I realize there may be a mismatch to you guys that are more experienced listeners, and well, I have to listen to all of my music again. Listening to this system for the first time was almost a religious experience, hearing things I've never heard in songs I've listened to for decades. I feel like I've been lied to for the last 20 years.
  8. The only one currently on ebay is $460+82 for shipping. 🤯. I'll definitely keep an eye out for one.
  9. Definitely enjoying it. Like going from a Vespa to a Ducati. Thank you, I appreciate it.
  10. About a 24” x 12” area on the entertainment center, or I’ve ordered a mount that attaches to the TV that allows the center to mount over the screen or suspend it just under the screen. that’s awesome.
  11. Sorry, not meant to be nonchalant or dismissive, just light hearted, as 3 of anything is almost always better than 2.
  12. I do not disagree in the slightest, however, space limitations would dictate otherwise..well, “space limitations”, aka the warden…uh..er..I mean..wife.
  13. Thanks man. I really appreciate it. Top to bottom: black walnut, burl/curly/ambrosia maple, spalted maple, red oak and black walnut. All cut and milled on the farm where my shop is. All are finished with Rubio Pure (no pigment/tint).
  14. Giving the boot to my 2003 Bose system; I was military, they were cheap at the NEX, and I was young and didn’t know any better. 701 internal amp finally died. Pulled out my father-in-law’s KG 5.2s and KB-15s. Old Yamaha receiver couldn’t push the 5.2s, replaced with Sony low profile due to space restrictions, the only other options I came across were a couple of Marantz offerings that were way out of my budget. And the difference was almost a religious experience. Me: Why tf did I wait so long? Also me to me: I’m sorry, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 😔. Current status: Yamaha HTR-5450 -> Sony STR-DH790 Bose 701 -> KG 5.2 Bose 301 -> KB-15 Bose VCS-10 -> ? For center channel, should I be looking to acoustically pair the 5.2s with 2.2s, the KB-15 with KC-25/R-25c, or is there another good choice that would tie everything together? Also, any recommendations for a powered sub to get back to 5.1 would also be appreciated. I’ll eventually get around to utilizing the 7.2 capability of the new receiver, but our living room is relatively not large so it’s not at the top of the list.
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