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  1. Crossovers finished and installed, new Ti domes installed, frequency response original and new. The audible difference is night and day. Credit to Crites for inspiration for my first go at a project like this.
  2. Got a good deal on a R-25C. Installed new Ti domes in the 5.2 horns, just have to finish the new crossovers. I realize there may be a mismatch to you guys that are more experienced listeners, and well, I have to listen to all of my music again. Listening to this system for the first time was almost a religious experience, hearing things I've never heard in songs I've listened to for decades. I feel like I've been lied to for the last 20 years.
  3. The only one currently on ebay is $460+82 for shipping. 🤯. I'll definitely keep an eye out for one.
  4. Definitely enjoying it. Like going from a Vespa to a Ducati. Thank you, I appreciate it.
  5. About a 24” x 12” area on the entertainment center, or I’ve ordered a mount that attaches to the TV that allows the center to mount over the screen or suspend it just under the screen. that’s awesome.
  6. Sorry, not meant to be nonchalant or dismissive, just light hearted, as 3 of anything is almost always better than 2.
  7. I do not disagree in the slightest, however, space limitations would dictate otherwise..well, “space limitations”, aka the warden…uh..er..I mean..wife.
  8. Thanks man. I really appreciate it. Top to bottom: black walnut, burl/curly/ambrosia maple, spalted maple, red oak and black walnut. All cut and milled on the farm where my shop is. All are finished with Rubio Pure (no pigment/tint).
  9. Giving the boot to my 2003 Bose system; I was military, they were cheap at the NEX, and I was young and didn’t know any better. 701 internal amp finally died. Pulled out my father-in-law’s KG 5.2s and KB-15s. Old Yamaha receiver couldn’t push the 5.2s, replaced with Sony low profile due to space restrictions, the only other options I came across were a couple of Marantz offerings that were way out of my budget. And the difference was almost a religious experience. Me: Why tf did I wait so long? Also me to me: I’m sorry, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 😔. Current status: Yamaha HTR-5450 -> Sony STR-DH790 Bose 701 -> KG 5.2 Bose 301 -> KB-15 Bose VCS-10 -> ? For center channel, should I be looking to acoustically pair the 5.2s with 2.2s, the KB-15 with KC-25/R-25c, or is there another good choice that would tie everything together? Also, any recommendations for a powered sub to get back to 5.1 would also be appreciated. I’ll eventually get around to utilizing the 7.2 capability of the new receiver, but our living room is relatively not large so it’s not at the top of the list.
  10. I can only do what the wood will let me do, and pics don't always capture reality. I am 100% certain of what Rubio is capable of, as well as my abilities. Never stated my opinion on what you should use, I merely stated which finishes are appropriate for what based on experience; and why I chose what I used. Don't take my word on it, research it for yourself. There are hundreds if not thousands of YT vids on it. What you use is all on you.
  11. Ok. I read “This is a great way to spruce up all of the finished surfaces…” and “Camouflage scratches in finished furniture…” and. “Hides nicks and scratches on finished wood and veneer surfaces”. I didn’t read anything about raw wood, so I opted to stick with an applicable finish I’m familiar with. Rubbed oil, especially coconut, finishes typically aren’t as durable or low maintenance as other choices on the market. Fractioned coconut oil is a great food safe finish for kitchen tolls and utensils or as a polish. I like tung oil on darker wood, not fond of the amber tint on lighter woods, also food safe, but drying time between layers is days, making the process weeks. Poly is ok for a lot of applications, but I prefer a penetrating finish over a surface coating. I enjoy shellac if I have the time and patience; doing a French polish puts me kind of a zen-state. Most recently I did a 120+ yr old 64”x44” wormy chestnut dining room table for a client that started out looking more like a pile of firewood. I love shellac friction polish on my woodturning pieces. But shellac can be temperamental as far as maintenance/touch ups go. Since I have young short humans running around my house, a hardwax oil like Osmo or Rubio makes the most sense and I can accomplish touch ups relatively quickly and easily without moving the speakers, having to worry about little fingerprints, or fumes in the house. If the original finish could’ve been kept intact, I definitely would’ve, I’d much rather maintain than go through the whole process of removing then creating a new finish.
  12. …a pile of ash formerly known as KG 5.2… 🔥 Essentially the point of diminishing returns. Exponential increase in $ to achieve infinitesimally smaller, virtually unnoticeable increases in performance, aka placebo.
  13. There are only two vertical pieces of open cell foam inside in a ‘V’, open towards the front, the full height of the cabinet, about 1.5” thick. any real advantage in using 14ga wire vs 16ga internally?
  14. Trade secret is a polish, not a finish. The original finish was trash, I had no choice but to take them down to bare wood. There was no finish left to polish. Polishing bare wood is temporary at best and offers virtually zero protection. I’ll agree that polish is essential to maintaining a finish, especially with less durable finishes, like natural oils and shellac. I had to apply a finish. Rubio is simple, durable, low maintenance finish; it’s original use was for hardwood floors. I thought I might be cool to do a French polish or ebonize with iron acetate before I did the finish, but I just don’t have the time to do all that. I had literally no reason to not use Rubio. If you’ve tried Rubio and it didn’t turn out right, I’d be more than happy to offer some suggestions.
  15. Thanks man. I 100% agree. These were loaded with dust and mold and God knows what else. I’ve doused them with a fabric/upholstery cleaner and let soak, and rinsed with hot water with a shower wand. I was hesitant to do any agitating because I was afraid of ending up with fuzzy grills. Meguire’s trim restorer worked well to dress up the frames. The cones need some cleaning too but I’m paranoid I’ll do something irreparable. I’ve ordered the components to rebuild the crossovers. The internal deadening foam was in great shape. Is there an advantage to adding more or using a different material?
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