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  1. yeah that's definitely not right. call 1-800-KLIPSCH or visit today!
  2. Sometimes it does that (it's a bug I've been slowly working on) -- try refreshing the page.
  3. Hello, Today I upgraded the forum software to the latest version, which included mainly security updates, but also: 2-factor Authentication option You can now set up your account to use Google's 2-factor Authentication. It's optional, but recommended. You can set this up by clicking your profile pic in the upper-right, then click "account settings", then "account security". For more on Google Authenticator: Post Editor The post editor on the "Klipsch Dark" and "Klipsch Light" themes now uses the default editor theme, and also now includes more formatting options.
  4. Thank you. I'm forwarding this thread to people that need to know this valuable feedback here @ Klipsch.
  5. So this still happens for you then?
  6. "Propaganda"? Every decent company has a brand image and branding guidelines. We have to try to uphold that wherever possible. It's not propaganda, it's marketing 101.
  7. Since a recent software update (in December), there were some issues with the themes, so I've been working on them. Also, the default theme (that used to be mainly blue-based) was modified a bit to be a little more "on-brand", hence the copper accents. Sorry you don't like our copper.
  8. it's the default for guests and users who haven't otherwise selected a different theme to use, for now.
  9. OK. I'm still trying to figure out what's up with that. I have a hunch it's an issue with the custom theme we have, so the default theme for people not logged in and for new users is the basic IP.Board theme for now. Plus I just did a couple other things related to caching to see if that helps. Please let me know here if this continues, otherwise I just won't know. Thanks.
  10. So.... no longer happening?
  11. Hi all, I've caught wind that there may be some confusion over who can and cannot modify content here on the forums. This post is an attempt to spell out exactly who can do what in regards to editing/deleting/modifying content here. Please refer to this whenever you have a question regarding that, rather than escalating otherwise. Thanks! Deleting posts and topics: Nobody except the forum Admin can delete anything here, with a few exceptions, outlined below. Currently, there is only one forum admin, and that's me. Members: Regular Members can edit their own topics and posts only. They can also manage attachments to their posts, including deleting attachments. All edits to posts are logged, and the edit history of each post is accessible by the forum Admin. Members can not delete or hide any posts or topics. They CAN request a post or topic be hidden or removed by using the "report post" icon on the specific post. The moderation team can then review the request and act accordingly (usually after some inter-moderator discussion), and/or escalate to the Admin for further deliberation. Members can delete their own albums in the Gallery section. Moderators: Moderators have the ability to edit or hide any post, but do not have the ability to delete posts. All edits to posts are logged, and the edit history of each post is accessible by the forum Admin. All moderation actions are logged and a history of moderation activity is viewable by the forum Admin.
  12. I tried a couple of things to see if that helps. Please let me know if it keeps happening.
  13. I just had it happen to me in Safari. I just hit refresh and I could see the forums (without signing in). Very strange. Seems to be a result of the latest software update a few weeks ago. I'm still investigating. Thanks all.
  14. ces

    This. 1000x this. It should be pretty clear to many of you that we are really trying to get some of you guys who haven't bought new Klipsch in 20+ years to branch out a bit and buy something new that appeals to you from Klipsch!
  15. ces

    they are just drawers.