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  1. We are taking steps to ensure people know there are still ways to listen to our speakers in a dealer showroom. We've started a Certified Heritage Dealer program, and have made some improvements to our online dealer locator as well. Check out the new and improved dealer locator, and more info about the Certified Heritage Dealer program here: https://www.klipsch.com/dealers -- you can even just look up all the Certified Heritage Dealers there, which shows what they carry as well as a pic of their showroom. Many more Certified Heritage Dealers (and some additional dealer locator improvements) to come!! Certified Heritage Dealers showcase a minimum of two dedicated 2-channel Klipsch Heritage Classic speaker systems in a home setting, in addition to other legendary and Inspired speakers in the line. These hand-selected dealers are fully capable and qualified to assist you find the ultimate sound experience. Please contact them to confirm they have a specific product before visiting. Klipsch Heritage products are also available to order online from a select network dealers in the United States. The speakers will ship in book-matched pairs with the option of white-glove delivery service. Look for this badge to when searching for Certified Heritage Dealers. Quick link to see ALL current Certified Heritage Dealers in the US: Click here!
  2. After you submit the post, you should be able to edit the post and move the pics around. Another option would be to use the Gallery feature here and embed your gallery in your post. Galleries are pretty customizable in terms of ordering images and things like that.
  3. Chad

    Klipsch & Drag Racing

    Pretty much! https://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-speakers-track-tested-thanks-to-the-ihra Also, awesome photos, @artto!
  4. Chad

    Favorite Craft Beer

    I loves it. I loves it so much I made a clone of it last year, and it even turned out good! Here, here! The last beer I made (tapped a couple weeks ago -- a vanilla milkshake IPA) is so good that I may finally be onto something here. Even my coors light drinking dad and my Milwaukee's Best Light drinking Dad-in-law both love it.
  5. Chad

    Trying to "Write a Review"

    Although, I'm seeing reports of some other communities that still have that problem in IE even after this update. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Chad

    Trying to "Write a Review"

    right --- I think that's one of the bugs they fixed in the update, which I plan on installing tomorrow.
  7. Chad

    Trying to "Write a Review"

    IE11? Invision just released an update today that addresses a bunch of bugs in IE11. I'll probably install that update tomorrow morning.
  8. Chad

    Trying to "Write a Review"

    no, I just used it here....
  9. Chad

    Trying to "Write a Review"

    I've noticed that sometimes the PowerReviews form doesn't load on the first try. Try refreshing the page until it appears. I'm looking into this. Thanks
  10. Hit ctrl + on your keyboard. That will resize things in your web browser.
  11. Chad

    New in my Life Raising Chickens

    I see what you did there.
  12. Chad

    PM notices

    This thread derailed in record time! Not sure if proud, ashamed, or both! As for the OP: there are notification settings that I believe allow you to adjust those things.
  13. Chad

    Klipsch Marine sound systems

    Yep, we have a partnership with Mastercraft. That boat is kinda ridiculous in its awesomeness. Another video covering it:
  14. Love the Jazz Kitchen. BONUS: They have Klipsch Pro speakers there.