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  1. Hi, So I can help troubleshoot this for you, if you can, let me know: What web browser (including version) are you using? Are you using any ad-blocker extensions? Are you located within the U.S.? Thanks
  2. You changed your forum title (which displays under your name on posts) To change the name that is displayed for you: 1. click the menu in the upper-right corner of the site. 2. click Account Settings. 3. look for Display name, and click change
  3. While I truly appreciate that, that would not be necessary. The resource issue has more to do with time than money. Thank you though.
  4. There was an update to the forum software applied today that might fix this. Please let me know if it's still happening. Thanks
  5. Mostly right. It's the server. We can add additional storage to the current server but I'd rather move the forums to a newer server first. Unfortunately, given that I'm the only web guy here, and with other budgetary concerns, it's very very low on the priority list at this time.
  6. We occasionally have DDOS-type of network attacks on this server. This appears to have been one such occurrence.
  7. Those of you having problems, please try again. The max filesize for uploads (at the server level) is now 50MB.
  8. The Moderators group is set up for unlimited attachments. So that's not the issue
  9. Are either of you using any sort of ad-blocking browser extensions? Long-shot...
  10. Sorry, this kinda dropped off my radar. I've just been so busy with other work. I hope to look into this further soon.
  11. I agree 100% Also, I'm just going to lock this as all the issues pertained within have been resolved. No need to resurrect old threads just for the sake of doing so. Thanks!
  12. Available for preorder now in the US. $199. https://www.klipsch.com/products/t5-true-wireless-earphones
  13. If you have had dealings or communications with this user in the past, please halt. They are a known scammer and were banned a few weeks ago after I was alerted to it. They will claim to have a buddy in Texas and try to get you to pay for something with Western Union (which is just a good idea to avoid anyway). This scammer was actually from Nigeria and was phishing.
  14. Sorry it's still happening. I'll try to look at this again this week. In the meantime, a workaround would be to utilize any of the many free image hosting services out there on the web to host your pics.
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