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  1. Homebrewing

    My local fave top 10 list (in no particular order): Bier - no food served, but they consistently have a solid list of beers on tap. Black Acre (might be my favorite overall in Indy) Chilly Water Big Lug Brew Link (no food) Deviate (no food - but some of the more creative beers around here) Taxman Scarlet Lane Centerpoint Moontown Brewing in Whitestown is an up & comer on my list. They just recently opened, but their food and beer are REALLY good. Plus they have Klipsch Professional speakers inside and outside the building!
  2. Homebrewing

    Be sure to share pics of your brew day! Yes this hobby is rather pricey. I have been looking at what gear to buy for my batch size upgrade next year. I'm hoping to do a "buy once, cry once" kinda thing, so I don't have to make any more large purchases for brewing for many years. Spike Brewing (https://spikebrewing.com/) seems to have some good stuff at decent prices....
  3. Homebrewing

    Brewed a simple Irish Dry Stout on Saturday. Here are some pics. The grains. The janky, makeshift "brewstand" (not fully in position here) Gotta have a beer when you make beer. State law. Normally I drink one of my own homebrews during a brew day, but I was sadly out. So, I chose to drink some Barley Buddy Brown from one of my favorite local breweries, The Bier Brewery. Man this stuff is good. Also gotta have some tunes. Using my KMC 3 (the KHorns are "in the shop", AKA, "not built or even purchased yet" -- cut me some slack) Mash in. I always love the aroma mashing gives off. So yummy! The boil. About 7.2 Gallons of sweet, sweet wort here. And finally, 6 hours later (including cleanup / prep time), here's the beer in the Fast Ferment vessel. In 2 weeks, I get to put that beer in a keg, carbonate it, and a few days after that I get to drink it!
  4. Homebrewing

    Lagering requires pretty strict temperature control (lower temps) during fermentation phase - which is why I haven't made a lager myself yet. I really want to make a Marzen/Oktoberfest though, so I'll have to figure something out. (temporarily using my upright freezer for fermenting instead of dispensing perhaps) Whelp... I know of a project I need to do (was planning on a jockey box anyway, but I like this design) As for yeast... I haven't tried harvesting my yeast after fermentation yet. Too scared I'd contaminate it somehow. I just buy new yeast (usually in a wyeast smack-pack) for each brew day. I have made 1 starter, when I made a clone of Three Floyds' Mummy Dust (6.0% ABV). It came out pretty well.
  5. Homebrewing

    Not hard to believe! I only wish I would have started back then, even with the lack of available information. I'm lucky in that we have a really good LHBS here in Indy (Great Fermentations) - and they have been very helpful in my learning. That sounds amazing. I started with a couple stove-top 1-gallon extract kits, and immediately got bit by the bug and upgraded to a 5-gallon all-grain setup. I'm trying to find time to have my dad teach me welding (finally, probably 25 years past when I SHOULD have learned) by building a brew stand -- I currently use an old desk that I move for setting the mash tun and HLT on. It's janky as hell. I have a temp regulator on an upright freezer in my garage where I keep my 2 kegs, and taps on the door. Will eventually "upgrade" to a chest freezer to convert into a "keezer" for more capacity. I also plan on upgrading to 10-gallon setup after this year. Although now I'm thinking going with 20gal! 5gal certainly doesn't last long enough. One brew I made (a raspberry wheat) was gone 2 days after I tapped the keg. It was too good! If I end up brewing this weekend I'll post some pics.

    I'm a big fan of my Pixel 2, for what it's worth. It's got a really nice camera on it. Wish I could talk my wife into moving away from the iPhone.
  7. Pizza

    Why did you ruin a perfectly fine pizza with olives? GROSS
  8. Homebrewing

    The Pizza thread (yes, I lurk here more than you might think) got me wanting to talk about homebrewing. I've been homebrewing beer for a little over a year now. mainly do 5-gallon all-grain batches, which I serve out of cornelius kegs. I only had to bottle one time to realize how bad that sucked, and immediately moved to kegs instead. I'm still very "wet behind the ears" when it comes to this stuff. I may actually do my first brew of the year this weekend if it's not too cold. Probably a dry stout or a "milkshake IPA". Any other homebrewers here?
  9. No More Browning Hi-Power

    Oh, how unsurprised I am that this thread went from a discussion about a specific handgun, to arming teachers, banning guns, and how to stop a tank. Because it went off the rails, I'm locking this.

    Good to hear!

    If at all possible, try using a 3rd party keyboard app (such as the Google keyboard), and/or a different mobile browser such as Firefox or Chrome. I'd do this myself, but I don't have access to that particular device/os combo. I'm not seeing anything about this sort of thing being a common issue, so to me that means it is unlikely related to the forum itself, but I can't say that's the case with 100% certainty.

    If you have another browser on your phone, have you tried that? what were the results?
  13. Password Hackers

    ...you and pretty much every other American.

    Another question - are you using the stock android keyboard (as opposed to a 3rd party keyboard app) Also, which version of Android? And which browser?

    Carl - are you using Tapatalk? I've not seen this sort of problem before.