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  1. I've heard video will be compiled by our marketing dept and a video package will be online sometime in the near future, after the event.
  2. There may be news on this during the Pilgrimage. Also, I can say we have received a pair in each finish here for product photography. So... I'd guess very soon.
  3. We'll be changing the way you buy the swag online (and who provides it) sometime later this year, I believe. FYI. Stay tuned!
  4. Why the gloves? Using Liquid Nitrogen?
  5. @CECAA850 has got your hookup. SEE HERE FOR THE PHOTOS MEGATHREAD that I'm sure you'll be filling with photos soon.
  6. Hope everyone going enjoys themselves! Wish I was there. They don't let me out of the code mines much these days!
  7. Notifications are kept in the list for 30 days. There currently isn't a way to change that or manually remove them.
  8. Thank you. I've relayed this message to the email developers. Sorry about the problems. Hoping it wasn't caused by one of our emails, but trying to make sure.
  9. Check out this review of Klipsch Heritage Wireless “The Three” from renowned hi-fi site Computer Audiophile. We earned a stunning review, with high marks for ease of use, sound quality and aesthetics. The Three was also added to the coveted “Cash List” as a Computer Audiophile Suggested Hardware recommendation.
  10. We just received an excellent review on for our Heritage Wireless "The One" speaker. People are taking notice that this thing is the real deal. This product stands far above the competition in audio quality and design. Check out the review:
  11. I honestly don't know why that is happening for you, I'm sorry to say. I've not heard of others having this issue and I've not been able to duplicate it. I wish I had better news for you.
  12. it's a responsive design, so it adapts to the user's screen width. Instead of tabs, you should see a "hamburger menu", and in that menu you should see "browse" which should display some of the link's youd see in tabs on a wider screen
  13. Sending to our email marketing group to see f they can troubleshoot. Will let you know if I get any info. Most likely the email is using something in code that OE doesn't like.
  14. yeah that's definitely not right. call 1-800-KLIPSCH or visit today!
  15. Sometimes it does that (it's a bug I've been slowly working on) -- try refreshing the page.