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  1. This section of the forums is strictly for technical questions related to these forums or other Klipsch websites. Please see one of the many other sections of the forums to post any other kind of topic. If you require specific Klipsch product assistance, we have a helpful Support staff: https://support.klipsch.com. Thanks!
  2. What Travis said. I don't even have access to PMs (unless I'm invited to one). Unsure 100% what actually happened, but probably due to the video being deleted in Youtube.
  3. Chad


    Was a simple user error by the moderator who accidentally banned him (was supposed to be a temporary suspension). Sorry about that, @jimjimbo -- and welcome back.
  4. Chad


    Possible miscommunication issue. Please hold while I investigate.
  5. Chad


    Jimjimbo was banned by a moderator after multiple (MULTIPLE) warnings and chances to not violate the rules. If the moderator in question wants to tell the whole story, they should. Otherwise, I stand by our moderators.
  6. Hi Abby, Sorry you are having problems with your speakers. I can tell you we do have tech support staff working. Most staff at Klipsch HQ is working from home, but we are working. Your best bet is going to https://support.klipsch.com. You can submit a ticket there or even chat with a support representative most days (during normal business hours). Hope this helps, and welcome to the forum. Edit: Here's a link to current support hours of operation: https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042519812-Hours-of-Operation
  7. Hello Hugh, We are operational. And we do have online and phone support. Our customer service team is available to assist at https://support.klipsch.com. I will notify them of your concerns and pass your message on to them so they can assist you ASAP. Thanks.
  8. Hello, Please be sure to contact our Customer Support: https://support.klipsch.com They'd be happy to assist you, and also that helps us track issues with products as they arise, so we make them better! Thanks.
  9. yes we are currently doubling the traffic we get on a Black Friday type of day, so things are gonna load super slow during this. We're working on improving that though. Thanks
  10. locking because it's gone off-topic, and the OP issue was solved.
  11. Indeed. tread lightly, folks. Stay safe.
  12. Hello, For anyone continuing to have problems with the Connect App or their T5 headphones, please contact our customer service for your best chance at resolution: https://support.klipschgroupinc.com
  13. I can't assume that. Are you aware of any scientists who advised the government not to take such actions? I assume, probably correctly, that there are a number of qualified scientists who work for their government. Why couldn't you assume that? Also, if your assumption is correct, one could also assume some amount of government corruption would be involved if a scientist that is an actual expert on these things would suggest such inhumane things as welding doors shut to keep infected from leaving. Ah, well there you go.
  14. You could also assume most of that (beyond basic quarantining) was done at the hands of their government, not at the advice of science.
  15. Bunch of "armchair infectious disease experts" 'round these parts (and by that I mean all over the internet and probably most U.S. communities). I think the smartest thing to do is understand this is super early in the timeline of the outbreak. Is it time to freak out and hoard all the TP (seriously what is that about)? Probably not. Is it time to be nonchalant about it? Hell no. The media certainly ain't helping at all. Let's listen to actual science and to people who have spent the better parts of their lives actually studying these types of things, rather than dismiss it as being overblown though. That Joe Rogan podcast snippet linked above is a good example of real information we should probably pay attention to. Don't listen to the "entertainment news" or our politicians. Get your info from the real actual experts.
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