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  1. Our issue wasn't with the renewal of our wildcart cert (that was done weeks ago), it was with the verification process they have in place. Won't go into more details than that. We're set though, thanks.
  2. Hey all, Sorry about that. I've been trying since Monday to get the new certificate for this server, but our vendor was being very difficult for no apparent reason other than technical issues. All should be good now. Thanks
  3. Chad

    Slow Forum

    I had to move the database to a new server which is why the site was down for a couple hours today. Hopefully that helps things at least a little bit.
  4. Just fixed an issue that was preventing new members from signing up.
  5. Update: Things should be better now, but there might still be intermittent slowdowns due to the fact that we need to migrate the forums to a new server. I don't have an ETA on that at this time however. Thanks all.
  6. Hello, I'm aware of some users having trouble connecting to the forums at the moment. I'm looking into a fix. Stay tuned. Thanks
  7. If you are a user that has been hanging on to IE for some reason, you'll probably notice this site (like many other sites on the internet) no longer functions properly for you. We've ended support for IE on our websites. Please use any one of a number of modern browsers like: Microsoft Edge Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Thanks
  8. Hello, Due to the recent forum maintenance, some of the older forum themes may look a bit odd in places. I've installed a new Dark theme that fans of darker theme colors can now use. To switch your preferred theme, scroll to the bottom of the window, click "Theme", then choose "Dark Theme (2021)". The older themes will stay around for the time being, but I do not plan on updating those in the future. Thanks all!
  9. Look for the 3 dots in the upper-right corner of your post. That's a menu that should contain "Edit"
  10. Current sluggishness is mostly related to a reindexing of most database data due to the software upgrade. Could be a day or two before things get better. Sorry all!
  11. The main issue is we are getting a ton of traffic from over 1000 Russian IP addresses, probably trying to DDOS the site. I'm attempting to mitigate. Step one was upgrading the forum software which was about 2 years overdue. Obviously there is more to do.
  12. Thanks. I'm on it. There will probably be some site downtime while I work on this.
  13. This is because when I banned him, I also deleted all of his content including PMs.
  14. There will always be some that slip through the cracks unfortunately. I'll deal with this. Thanks all.
  15. I've just made a change moving forward that prevents New Members from using the PM system. For more info, please see: Thanks everyone for continuing to help us prevent spam by using the reporting feature!
  16. Hello, In order to mitigate spam a bit more, here are the new restrictions placed on new members who register (and all current members of the New Members group, which should be members with fewer than 5 posts): New Registrations get put into the "New Members" Group automatically. New Members must have their first post approved by a moderator before being able to post again. (this is only required for your first post) New Members can NOT use the Private Message system (this is the new change as of this post) New members automatically get moved into the "Members" group upon their 5th post in the Forums. This lifts the PM restriction as well. Thanks for understanding!
  17. WTF! Really? If this is true, management needs to have a chat with him. This is.... incredibly hyperbolic. Dave did say that to me, but I did NOT do anything to make him feel that way, nor did anyone else.
  18. I've always loved this performance, and this one even more (there used to be a better version of this on YouTube). So over the top and silly yet oddly powerful.
  19. Please also use the "report" feature on such PMs that you may receive. We did receive some reports from that, and this account has now been banned.
  20. This section of the forums is strictly for technical questions related to these forums or other Klipsch websites. Please see one of the many other sections of the forums to post any other kind of topic. If you require specific Klipsch product assistance, we have a helpful Support staff: https://support.klipsch.com. Thanks!
  21. What Travis said. I don't even have access to PMs (unless I'm invited to one). Unsure 100% what actually happened, but probably due to the video being deleted in Youtube.
  22. Chad


    Was a simple user error by the moderator who accidentally banned him (was supposed to be a temporary suspension). Sorry about that, @jimjimbo -- and welcome back.
  23. Chad


    Possible miscommunication issue. Please hold while I investigate.
  24. Chad


    Jimjimbo was banned by a moderator after multiple (MULTIPLE) warnings and chances to not violate the rules. If the moderator in question wants to tell the whole story, they should. Otherwise, I stand by our moderators.
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