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  1. Appreciate all the advice everyone. Customer travel lately and not much time to devote to the project…figure the last quarter of 2017 will be kinder for fun projects. Served as a Technical Lab Manager and Sales Manager for the company that makes Titebond wood glues so all that experience pays off when it comes time to assemble the panels. If anyone has questions regarding adhesives, I might have some real-world advice to pass along. Titebond II is a trusted formulation. Hide glues offer acoustic advantages and guitar bridges being an example. Read the ingredients…modern-day "Hide" glues are synthetic and not made from animal tissue. One-part polyurethane adhesives are great for gap-filling but if you look at the bonded joint under a microscope, it has open areas like a sponge. Works well…but may not be as strong as a properly made aliphatic resin (typical wood glue). Is there a way for members to tag nomenclature or areas of specialties? Example: I have experience with adhesives, someone else has a deep understanding of laminating veneers…a member is the expert at calculating speaker volume…etc. Would like to contribute or add value to the forum in areas I know well because I know I'll be asking a lot of questions Lastly. Advice on using Walnut for the LS build? I have lumber from the property I grew up on and a fair amount of it. Most of it will be made into a grandfather clock (my plan later in life) but more than enough remains for something else. This LS build would be a perfect sentimental match…the front yard tree from the time period when I first saw / heard the LS speaker. More importantly, I have a planer so the rough-cut boards can be any thickness I need. I remember someone playing the JUST RELEASED Rolling Stones Album Some Girls and Shattered was was coming out of these huge boxes with no speakers. How could this be? What is that V shaped piece of wood…someone turn OFF the black-light and turn ON the room light so I can see how these things work. Cheers!
  2. Thanks avguytx and Ceptorman. I'm the child that enjoyed constructing the Hot Wheel dirt complex more than playing with the cars. I plan to document the project in detail and think the enjoyment of building the set will equal the listening experience. Purdue Alum Ceptorman and grew up in a small town near Muncie. Moved to Ohio in 1991 and I can't believe your no beer on Sunday law still remains. The catalyst to join the group was buying a Marantz SR7005 receiver for $110. Not a typo…$110 for an amp that first retailed at $1,699. Something to share with the entire forum is a site that sells store returns. Items range from clearly broken (usually two or three pics) to NIB. The selection is wide but a focus on electronic items from BestBuy, Target, Radio Shack, Home Depot, etc. The Marantz amp was dropped (my guess) and the PCB for the selector and power controls snapped in two. I painstakingly soldered small wires on each PCB track and was lucky it worked. A fun fix and a new amp to enjoy. www.theselectsource.com is the site and the company started on eBay and then branched out on their own a few years ago. Payments via PayPal and I've never had a problem. For those of you who enjoy vintage items, the site will have the most odd listings sometimes. It's like a guy dusted of his Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck, for example, to use BestBuy's trade-in program for cash. I have a few units (TEAC duel cassette deck for example) that I may never use but in perfect condition for $7 plus shipping.
  3. Long time user of the internet but I've never joined a group before…a first for me so empathy if I'm posting in the wrong place please. Mesmerized by the La Scala units as an early teen but life was a little rough back then and the price put this want in the "when I get rich" category. I turn 50 this year and while I will always be poor in my mind, I can afford to buy a set. Before I start looking for new or used, I wanted to explore building a pair as I have a lot of woodworking equipment and am blessed with skills to go with it. I see posts on plans / components / general advice but it looks to be from 2007. Can someone point me in the right direction for the latest or all-inclusive section on building LaScala's? Looking forward to learning and hopefully contributing.
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