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  1. Hey wnabphil. Funny you got the Outlaw 2150 Integrated. I was thinking on doing just that and pairing it w/ RP 600m. I think there will be plenty of power for the speakers since rated at 96dB or so. Plenty of juice. I am curious how you, or anyone else reading this think of using a Class D amp (such as the Crown XLS 2502) with ANY horn speaker. I know probably alone, it may be a bit too "bright", but the kicker is to marry the amp w/ a Tube PreAmp. I am curious what That would sound like. I dig Tube sounds, Class A, and Class AB but they all consume SO MUCH power! Some of them it's like running a second, or third major appliance. Ridiculous. I don't want to pay so much on my electric bill, just to hear music, or watch a movie thru a 2.2 system or something. That's why I brought up the question about the efficient class D amps. I think the Only Class D amp that I demoed was the PeachTree Nova 300. Very nice. Love to hear what you think. PS> Regarding the use of L and R speakers and possibly a sub or two for a 2.0 or 2.2 system: I guess I must use a video processor. Unless I could get satisfying results thru using the integrated amp's optic out?
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