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  1. Tony T

    WTB single K401

    Must I be SPECIFIC? Who as in; PEOPLE IN GENERAL? Or who as in; PEOPLE WHO'VE ALREADY RESPONDED? Is this site about friendliness or sarcasm? Have I come to the wrong place? I personally enjoy this site for learning and educational purposes. I've detected a fair amount of sarcasm while here but must it be so?
  2. No worries dkalsi, I'll make it work!
  3. Tony T

    WTB single K401

    I'm lost. Who won't sell what?
  4. Tony T

    89' Heresy's in Vegas @ 725.00

    Personally not into Heresy's but thought this might be a good deal. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/classic-vintage-audiophile/6715524917.html
  5. Tony T

    4 Lascalas for $1500.00 / Phoenix area

    True, it did state is was "for all four" speakers. Then he changed the title to indicate otherwise. DA
  6. Tony T

    4 Lascalas for $1500.00 / Phoenix area

    I assure you gentlemen, the original ad title was posted differently last night. It now suggests 1500.00 x 4.
  7. Tony T

    4 Lascalas for $1500.00 / Phoenix area

    That's how I see it wvu80. I'm already considering the drive and left a message
  8. Tony T

    4 Lascalas for $1500.00 / Phoenix area

    I gotta say, I don't think I've ever seen Lascala's for less than 400 bucks each. Not in decent shape that is.
  9. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/ele/d/klipsch-lascala-1-speakers-x4/6718138515.html
  10. Hmm, starting to wonder if he'll get back with me.
  11. Tony T

    WTB single K401

    I realize it's a bit odd but, I'm in need of a single & complete K401 … lens & driver. thanks, Tony
  12. Sorry. 401's, drivers & baffles only
  13. Totally agree with both sides; 1.Realtor should have insisted on sitting down and take a listen with clients. 2. Bulky yes, but I think it's true most people aren't aware of Klipsch magic.
  14. Tony T

    Testing Drivers

    Easily done and so far so good. Thanks!