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    4 Khorns, 4 Lascala's (one pair currently under remodeling), 1 Single Belle, 2 of KPT-884-SW Subs, 2 of KPT-415-LF's, Vintage 70's Marantz receiver collector, 3 of Crown (XLS-2502) amps, Denon amps, etc. Too much to list individually.

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  1. No I haven't. Your point makes sense regarding application of the "plasti-dip" and I believe that is the proper way to go. I like the variety of colors they offer which will nicely contrast the powder coat coloring. Thanks to all! I will post pictures later.
  2. I'm curious, where did you obtain the rope caulk?
  3. Moving to Utah or California by chance?
  4. I know the stuff. I've heard it pronounced as "bitchathayne". Just a guess on the spelling. Anyway, I actually thought about this in place of the expensive stuff. I previously used it on mountain cabin (buried) cement foundations
  5. I have several metal horns within my existing speakers. In addition, I am delving into other (non Klipsch) horns while entering into another audiophile phase of mine. I begin to wonder if it wouldn't be a bad idea to simply apply deadening to all. Cannot hurt right?
  6. I ask this because there are many other materials out there that claim to have similar if not, the very same results. For instance, there's; Noico Sound Deadening Mat Kilmat " " " Hushmat Fatmat .... and the list goes on. My question is this ... Has anyone tried other manufacturers of "butyl" materials that are suitable for dampening horns? Heck, I once owned a BMW where I used aftermarket parts. Seemed to work just fine for me! Always love saving money especially where certain makers of parts (*Dynamat*) profits greatly from their name alone.
  7. That little amp is cute as a bugs ear! 😁
  8. four hundred today, FIVE hundred tomorrow? Better hurry folks!
  9. Can deliver (within respectable distance) off the I-15 corridor between St. George, Utah 84770, and San Bernardino, California 92373 Nothing wrong with them and in good shape. I simply switched to a different pair of subs. Not as battered and scratched as the 884's listed in here not long ago. Picture provided is a copy & paste. If someone wants specific pictures of mine, feel free to let me know. Happy to accommodate.
  10. Correct. I spent a small fortune on tubes only to realize the old Marantz's are just great and quite similar to sound quality. At least for these battered ears.
  11. Does anyone happen to have 1 each of these kits laying around? If so, I'd greatly appreciate a response. Almost there with this project! Part#1062749 = KT-1133-HP DIAPH KIT Part#127128 = K-69-A DIAPH. KIT
  12. Due to unfortunate matters, I am still looking for 3 of the K-402 Horn Lens' and 1- K-510 Horn Lens. In working directly with Klipsch over the phone last week, they somehow completely misunderstood and quoted me a price on the K-401 lens (instead of the 402) at a mere $50.00 To add to the confusion, they somehow misunderstood me TWICE and rejected my request on the K-510 horn lens thinking I requested replacement pricing on the (Belle) K-501 … DUH! All within the same phone call! What are the chances? So, if anyone out there can assist with my request I'd be grateful. Furthermore, "The Dude" is kindly assisting in my (other posting) request for some KT-1133 and K-69-A Drivers. Please let me know if anyone has additional KT-1133's. Nearly done with my pair of KPT-415 project, and now starting with my KPT-904 projects. With appreciation to all, Tony
  13. From what I see within Chris' (westcoastdrums) pictures, there is no difference between mine and his. I will look forward to your pictures … thanks Mr. Dude!
  14. Tony T


    As I mentioned, asking price of $1000.00 SOLD!!!
  15. Tony T


    SOLD Put me down for the last pair @ $1000.00!!!
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