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    Near Zion Nat'l Park in S.W. Utah / Yucaipa, Ca. in San Bernardino County
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    High end audio, Jeeps, Hiking, Easy, Relaxing, and fullfilled Retirement.
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    4 Khorns, 4 Lascala's (one pair currently under remodeling), 1 Single Belle, 2 of KPT-884-SW Subs, 2 of KPT-415-LF's, Vintage 70's Marantz receiver collector, 3 of Crown (XLS-2502) amps, Denon amps, etc. Too much to list individually.

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  1. Just curious ... does this mean you have twice the amount for sale?
  2. Hmm, never heard of the 911b's before.
  3. I have a single K-402 (includes original Klipsch packaging) that I am looking to sell. What is the going rate for such a thing?
  4. Tony T


    Trying to help out a fellow Klipsch member in here. How much for a clean pair of square k77m's these days. Actually, I will only be selling a singular k77m with a reported new diaphragm. As always, Thanks, Tony
  5. Ready to proceed with transaction. Only needing PP F&F info. Thanks.
  6. I emailed you yesterday. Have you sold the items yet? Thanks, Tony from SW Utah
  7. I purchased CD's nearly 2 weeks ago and nothing. Hmm
  8. Tony T

    Khorns DC/Baltimore

    Interesting how geographics play into used pricing. I've thought about packing up a pair or two of my speakers and driving them back east. Not seriously mind you.
  9. I recently bought a 2270 out of LA for 500.00 and I feel as if I stole it. It works fine despite the fact it needs a full rebuild at it's age. This is a scammer for certain!
  10. Tony T

    Khorns DC/Baltimore

    So what's actual going price for these?
  11. I would have jumped on them if closer.
  12. What (if any) Marantz receivers are available please? Vintage I hope!
  13. How about I'm putting my reply out there for others to consider?
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