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  1. Since I am a potential buyer, I do not have pictures. Does anyone have an estimate of rough Cornwalls?
  2. Looking to see what a fair asking/selling price is for a pair of older Cornwall's? Consecutive #'s beg. with 8638081 Original everything and little rough around the edges but, nothing new veneer won't take care of. Grills are in nice shape. Thanks for any input.
  3. That's a very fair price. I paid a little over that (each) for both of my 884's AND, it took some real arm twisting! Same ol' story, "if only I lived closer". You should be selling it soon. I'm surprised it's not sold yet.
  4. Have you decided what your final asking price will be?
  5. I own 2 of the KPT-884's and for anyone thinking about buying, you won't regret it. Upon origination I had them hooked up to an older EV-CPS2.8 amp and the result was ... so so at best. I just about gave up. After nearly selling the pair it was suggested I purchase the Crown XLS 2502 for them. I did so and whoaaaa, I had finally found that BOOM and THUMP I'd been searching for! When paired with my Khorns and Lascala's, and it makes for a truly satisfying result. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  6. Tony T


    Asking PRICE?
  7. Tony T


    What's your opinion regarding thump between these and the KPT-884's?
  8. Tony T


    One or two?
  9. Yes, 510 is familiar within my discovery. My particular driver/horn comes from (on top of ) a KPT-415 configuration. This is the K-69-A driver on an Edgar type wood Tractrix horn Edgar type wood Tractrix horn which is not my horn. I will upload my horn picture tomorrow. I copy & pasted this image more for driver purposes than the horn.
  10. This is a long shot but ... I have one, missing one. Current lens/horn rectangular opening (outside to outside) is 15" x 9", and approx. 5" tall when laying flat upon countertop. Thanks in advance.
  11. Just wondering if anyone has ever owned, or currently owns a pair of KPT-884-SW subwoofers. I'll be hooking up a pair soon and curious what amps have been used to drive them? Any experimentation out there? Looking for some major PUNCH! I want to feel the bass thump my chest! I bought these theater subwoofers with the intention of using them for music, and music only. Tired of being disappointed by 12" & 15" so called subwoofers that do not deliver. Ever been to a concert and you actually feel the tom toms? That point when the bass guitar pushes vibration through you? This is my final attempt at subwoofers before purchasing Jubilee's or something from another maker.
  12. Some people have no pride whatsoever.
  13. I saw that ad when it first generated a VERY long time ago. Those have been relisted several times. I'd say the asking price is a little … inflated? 🤣
  14. I cannot be certain of the actual horn lens itself as the speakers are not with me just now. I only have a clear picture I took of the drivers when I was at my second residence. I'm guessing the lens' have a raised stamp on them no different than other Klipsch horn bodies.
  15. I have two KPT-415 bass bins. one has the mid and high horns and drivers. the other doesn't. Existing mid and high drivers are kp-1133 and k-69a. I'm needing to figure out how to complete the second cabinet. Anyone with ideas? I'd love to find the twin to what I already have but it doesn't seem likely. Might just have to go with an entirely new configuration which would be a shame.
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