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  1. The Seller is missing some speakers in this listing. I had a set of these. They come in a 5 piece speaker set. You had Left, Right, Center, and two Dipole Speakers for the rears. The Left, Right and Center Speakers sounded a lot like the KG 2.5 on steroids.
  2. Hello, Wanted to buy RC-64 version I or II---any color. Must be able to ship. Thank you.
  3. What Size Crimp Spade can I use on a La Scala Crossover to have it fit the tiny screw? It has to be crimpable, because I want to use a heaver gauge speaker cable. Thanks for your reply.
  4. SHOT IN THE DARK! Wanted to buy: Grille for Klipsch RC-7 Center Channel Speaker. Does not have to be perfect. Thank you.
  5. Hello Fellow Forum Members! I remember that someone advertised on this forum (many moons ago) that they could construct grills for various Klipsch Speakers. I need a sturdy good looking grill for my grilless RC-7 center channel. I know that I can go to Parts Express and pick up a plastic speaker frame and cut it to fit my center and then cover the frame with speaker cloth. I prefer not to go that route and want something that fits well and looks good. I know someone on this Forum kept this fellows name. Thank you in advance.
  6. I think the next step up is the K-horn. I have had the Hersey, Forte II, Chorus II, Cornwall, and La Scala. I will give you my thoughts on this matter. The next step laterally would be the Cornwall. The Chorus II has about the same bass response and the similar mid and tweeter frequencies as the Cornwall. To pick the La Scala as the successor, you gain an unworldly better mid frequency but you simply lose all bass response. In picking the Klipschorn as the successor, you gain that great mid frequency that the La Scala has(that the Chorus II hasn't) and you get the tight throbbing bass of the king of horns.
  7. SOLD--FOR SALE: A pair of Chorus II speakers in Oiled Oak Finish.----$800 Good Condition. These Damn Things Sound Great! Pick up only in the CHICAGOLAND AREA! (No Shipping!) I was going to rebuild the Chorus II crossovers and add titanium diaphragms to the tweeters. I bought the brand new parts from Bob Crites and would sell the rebuild kit and ti diaphragms for $100 if someone wants them. I have decided to return to LA LA SCALA LAND!!! https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/palatine-klipsch-chorus-ii/7226765989.html
  8. MY! MY! MY! I know that an individual can ask any price for the speakers. But, HEY MAN!!!
  9. In my thoughts as the FIRST and TRUE, James Bond. The Sean Connery Bond Movies always had a place in my heart. During the 1960's, my Father and I would always go the the movies together in Downtown Chicago to see the new James Bond Movie. We made it kind of a ritual. Wonderful Memories.........Indeed!!
  10. edzu1234

    Smelly speakers ?

  11. A SCAMMER has to be detailed these days, otherwise they are not successful!!! All the info that he gave is in a YOU TUBE VIDEO on upgrading FORTE II"s.
  12. SCAM! WHY would someone invest that much time and money into upgrading speakers, only to sell them for the price of the UPGRADES!!!
  13. I think this was a SCAM! The same photo was in an ad on EBAY for Chorus speaker risers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Custom-Made-Ash-Speaker-Stands-for-Klipsch-Chorus-I-IIs-and-IIIs/193262816891?hash=item2cff5c8e7b:g:8JAAAOSw--9eDqYh
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