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  1. edzu1234


    Hello Folks, I know this is a LONGSHOT but...…..Does anyone have a GRILLE for a RC-7 to Sell???.....I know, I already have Grille Cloth to cover the unit...but just hoping for a LONGSHOT.
  2. HELLO! I have a pair of Very Good Condition pair of BLACK SATIN QUARTETS FOR SALE IN THE CHICAGO AREA. $350.00 FIRM-----SOLD!!! No Shipping! Great Sounding Speakers at a GREAT PRICE! https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/d/klipsch-quartet-floorstanding/6680018803.html
  3. Hello Folks, I am looking to buy a decent looking pair of Chorus II in the Chicago area...…..at a reasonable price. Is ANYONE SELLING???
  4. Hello Fellow Klipsch Addicts, I need to ask if anyone has experience REPAIRING AND FIXING RISERS?? I have two pairs of Forte II and a pair of Quartets in black in need of riser repair. The veneer is peeling, splintering, and chipping in a variety of places on the risers due to dryness of the wood surface and moving the speakers around. I need someone who has expertise on repairing the risers. What type of wood patch, putty, or plastic wood would be the best for the job. Also, what kind of treatment or preservative that can I apply to the wood before I repaint them and have it retain a sense of sturdiness, stealth, and moisture so I will not run into this issue again. Thanks to all in advance for your help!
  5. edzu1234


    I wonder what those would have looked like in the original RAW BIRCH?...…..Does ANYBODY have any photos of Klipschorns in RAW BIRCH? THANKS in advance.
  7. edzu1234

    SOLD: SVS PB12 Plus/2

    Located where?
  8. Hello Fellow Klipsch Forum Members!, CRITES CORNSCALA B OWNERS!!! HOW DOES IT SOUND?---Compared to La Scala and Cornwall? I have owned both the Cornwall and the La Scala. The La Scala was a great sounding speaker but a the midrange a little overbearing because of the efficiency and the lack of bass. The Cornwall., to me, seemed to be a better balanced speaker due to the bass response. WHAT ARE YOUR IMPRESSIONS OF THE CRITES CORNSCALA B? Thank you in advance for your educated reply.
  9. edzu1234

    La Scala with Gold Threads in speaker grille

    He is the "BIG BAMBOO", like the speaker grills.
  10. edzu1234

    Single Klipschorn - $500 in Denver

    All you have to do is make a FALSE CORNER for the back of the K and you have a SWEET CENTER CHANNEL!
  11. edzu1234

    Single Klipschorn - $500 in Denver

    Hello Schu, TIME TO ACT! THE PRICE IS RIGHT!.......Denver isn't that far from Vegas.
  12. edzu1234

    RF 7 $350

    In the selling price Is the seller also including the HAMMER he used to customize these?
  13. edzu1234

    Chorus II $1200

    Usually sellers price their product a little bit higher so they can get a reasonable selling price. You and I know what the speakers are worth. You are not buying NEW SPEAKERS!