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  1. It's very simple, CHOROS II is the GREEK version of the Chorus II sold in Greece.
  2. edzu1234

    Cornwall I's

    Not Perfect, but damn near, as far as I can see. Also, at a reasonable price. (Which I am seeing less and less of these days.)
  3. WHOEVER gets THESE BEAUTIES, please let us KNOW.
  4. It just goes to show any KNUCKLEHEAD can say, and price his speakers to his DISNEYLAND DREAMS!!!
  5. The build is more like a Cornwall.....but you have to see naked front if ported.
  6. I like the mahogany refinish job...LOOKS GREAT!
  7. A favorite of my first sets of quality speakers was a pair of the Infinity RS 4B's. The high end on them SIZZLED with the EMIT tweeter and dome midrange. They sounded GREAT with all types of music. They were made with solid OAK PANELS and they looked (and sounded) as good as the day I bought them. I hated to sell them....then KLIPSCH came along!
  8. They look like KG 4's.
  9. How about a MINIMUM of $1000 TOO HIGH!
  10. Does anyone know of a COMPREHENSIVE VIDEO (step by step) in the soldering of new capacitors along with any tips and nuances? I AM AN IDIOT(they say half of being smart in knowing what you are stupid at!) and have not done this before and do not want to mess up the crossovers. I intend doing the upgrades to 2 sets of Forte II's and a set of Chorus II. I am also going to use Kester 63/37 solder. What diameter should I use? What type?...Rosin Core?----No Clean? Which would be best for the jobs? I would be using a 60 watt adjustable soldering iron. (what temperature should I use?) KLIPSCH NATION!---PLEASE SHARE YOUR UPGRADING STORIES, INSTRUCTIONAL HELP, AND EXPERTISE WITH ME! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR ALL YOUR HELP AND INPUT! THANK YOU---ED
  11. What is the best solder to use for upgrading crossovers? I want something for maximum connectivity and durability and ease of use. Would SILVER be an option? Does anybody have any opinions or practical knowledge on this matter? THANK YOU in advance for your thoughts.
  12. I am looking for someone who has made or can make, new risers for my Chorus II and Forte II speakers. I am looking for ones constructed out of solid oak (to eliminate fraying and peeling). Thank you for your response.
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