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  1. For some reason,I have never mastered the uploading of pictures to this site. Thanks for the help.
  2. FOR SALE: One pair of RF-63 FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKERS IN BLACK SATIN. CHICAGO AREA---WILL NOT SHIP! I have had to pull out all the stops because my car needs work. I have one pair of these wonderful sounding RF-63 for a lucky individual. There are two issue of note: 1)The previous owner of these speakers was a KNUCKLEHEAD, and yanked the speaker cables out of the speaker connectors and left the broken heads of the banana plugs in the connectors. (this is on only one connector) The good part is you can use bare wire or spade end plugs on the connector with no issue. The other speaker you can use bare wire or banana plugs. 2) There are dimple imperfections on one woofer, courtesy of the last owner, (It does not affect the sound one bit!). With those issues out of the way, These are truly a well balanced, sweet-sounding pair of speakers, with a nice bit of kick from the bottom end. FOR SALE: $600 http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/6267643070.html
  3. SOLD!-------For Sale: One pair of KLF-30 FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKERS. CHICAGO AREA---WILL NOT SHIP! This truly breaks my heart to sell these speakers, but the car needs some work. I awaited a long time to find these and just took them out of their boxes just two weeks ago to give them a spin. These are truly a great sounding pair of speakers. Alas, now I have to sell them. They are perfect in every way except for 1 issue. The finish is coming off the top of one of the speakers. With that said, a little paint will cure that and they are back to being perfect. I will bite the bullet and sell these to a Forum Member for $750. DOES ANYONE IN THE CHICAGO AREA NEED SOME THUNDER?????------SOLD! http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/6267664237.html
  4. My BAD, they are RF-63's. I made the correction.
  5. FORUM MEMBERS! PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE! I have a very difficult decision and need the forums help in this matter. Due to massive repairs on my vehicle I have to part ways with: 2 pairs of RF-63 Speakers or-----1 pair of RF-63 Speakers and 1 pair of KLF-30 Speakers. I love the sound of both types of speakers! (I have an RC-64 Center). PLEASE VOTE FOR WHICH PAIR OF SPEAKERS (RF-63 OR KLF-30 ) YOU WOULD KEEP, AND GIVE ME A EDUCATED REASON-----WHY????? THANK YOU FORUM MEMBERS FOR YOUR INPUT.
  6. Can anybody show me how to properly brace KLF-30 Speakers and if anybody has the materials list and "How to" Photos? Thank you in advance.
  7. Someone from the Klipsch Company, Please chime in! Has anyone heard a prototype of these? $4000 Bucks is a lot of quan to pay for a pair of Fortes. Granted they are limited editions, but the speakers that are being played don't know that. With careful shopping in today's used market $4000 bucks will get you a used pair of Klipschorns, a used pair of La Scalas, and a used pair of Fortes............I do not think that they can top that system sound. THE FORTE III IS WAY TOO OVERPRICED FOR ME!!!----BUT THEY LOOK GREAT!!!---I HOPE THEY SOUND AS WELL AS THEY LOOK!
  8. Not, I have a pair already.
  9. SOLD
  11. You may want to pull out the old crossovers and look for some used ones online to as to make the speakers sound correctly. You also might want to contact Bob Crites to see if he could test and possibly rebuild the old crossovers.
  12. Now this is what I call a Hum Dinger Price on Klipschorns! https://chicago.craigslist.org/sox/ele/6064310838.html
  13. I had a pair of MINT oak Quartets and sold them for $400. I would start at $350 for yours (they look a little rough around the edges).
  14. Does anyone have first hand advice for best placement of rear ported RB-5 Bookshelf Speakers (on pedestals) in relation to distance from walls? Thank you in advance for your input.