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  1. Howdy, To get more nibbles, you may want to change the spelling on the Craigslist MAIN LISTING TO: Hersey instead of Hersch. Ed, from North Arlington Heights ( just a stones throw away from you).
  2. All you have to do is look at these phenoms. How much is a new pair of Khorns?...Are these rare speakers that are not made anymore, worth it?..I think so, according to all the buzz of this series I have heard from owners.
  3. He relisted them.----SOMEONE'S GOTTA GRAB THEM!!! (Rarer then hens teeth!)
  4. The speakers are OFF the U.S. Audio Mart Listing. I think that he finally figured out they may be worth more than his asking price! The Zebrawood is a real rare bird!
  5. I have seen a pair of Heresy III's for that price!
  6. DOES ANYONE KNOW of a VENDOR that boxes up and ships speakers thruout the nation? From a specified location. I am looking to get a RC-64 shipped. THANK YOU for YOUR INPUT!
  7. How would these compare to Jubilee's?...from someone who has heard both. Thanks for your input!
  8. Has anybody heard these on an extended basis?...and what do they think of them?...and how do the compare with other High-End Klipsch Speakers?...
  10. Nice HIGH stand for a center channel speaker.
  11. Complete a La Scala TRIFECTA!
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