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  1. Got it. The only direct-coupled amps that I have heard were solid state. They are prone to DC offset at the output unless it is actively controlled.
  2. Travis, by "direct coupled" do you mean "no series capacitors in the signal chain" or do you mean "no output transformers"? If the latter, then I have heard some of the Atma-Sphere OTL designs, and they are wonderful (IMHO).
  3. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/saint-louis-vintage-klipsch-cornwall/7237887160.html No affiliation.
  4. https://www.electrovoice.com/downloadfile.php?id=971604
  5. As have I. Moved away from the family home in Saint Louis after college, lived alone the whole time. A few years ago I moved back to Saint Louis to help care for my aging parents. All of my siblings are still here, but both parents are now gone. This year we decided to stay apart, given the pandemic. The other day my baby sister (58 years old) fell ill. Confirmed yesterday afternoon -- it's COVID. Happy Thanksgiving ...
  6. Edgar


    Last week this was $46.02. Today it's $66.02 -- just in time for Black Friday deals!
  7. Home alone today. Drat! The Chinese takeout restaurant is closed today. I guess it's McDonald's drive-through for dinner tonight.
  8. It's a delicate tradeoff. Putting transient response aside for the moment, the price that one pays when equalizing a closed-box woofer is increased cone excursion. The excursion always increases as frequency is reduced. The rate at which it increases is predictable and constant until physical limits are reached. By comparison, the excursion of a bass-reflex woofer actually decreases as frequency is reduced, to near-zero at the box tuning frequency. But as frequency is further reduced below the box tuning frequency, the excursion increases rapidly because the driver and the port begin to radiate out-of-phase. At a point not far below the box tuning frequency, the excursion of the bass-reflex woofer becomes larger -- much larger -- than that of an equivalent closed-box woofer. That is why trying to EQ extra output from a bass-reflex woofer, below the box tuning frequency, is a waste of effort.
  9. My only experience with olive oil was that the streets around Davis, California were lined with olive trees. They would drop olives onto the pavement, to be crushed by car wheels, not granite wheels. Trying to ride my bicycle across this mess, well, the streets might just as well have been paved with Teflon.
  10. I used to be among that crowd, devoting almost religious significance to the "straight wire with gain" philosophy. That was fine, back in the days when Watts were precious and one tried to get as much out of one Watt as one could. But nowadays Watts are cheap, and so is computational power. And as I have experimented with some of the techniques that my signal processing background provides me, I have found that the results can be extraordinary. For example, just by measuring the impedance of a woofer in and out of its enclosure, I can derive its transfer function -- a mathematical description of its frequency and time responses. Furthermore, with just some algebra and DSP arithmetic, I can turn even a bad woofer alignment into a good one (within some well-defined constraints dictated by physics). The only costs for all of this are an increase in power drawn from the amplifier and the attendant increase in woofer excursion at the lowest frequencies -- there's no such thing as a free lunch. As powered loudspeakers with DSP capabilities become more common, I believe that this will become the rule rather than the exception. And, as with all good things, there will be some who abuse the capabilities, with the resulting general backlash against it. But in the cases where it is applied judiciously, expect great things.
  11. Upgraded version would be cryogenically treated.
  12. Edgar


    And self-seasoning.
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