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  1. I actually conducted such an experiment a couple of months ago. I had a pair of 10" woofers that had never been played. I measured their T/S parameters right out of the box. Then I connected them, unbaffled, in parallel with the bass channels in my regular system, and let them play along with my regular listening for a few days. When I re-measured the T/S parameters, the only thing that had changed was the resonance frequency, which shifted about 10% lower.
  2. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/saint-louis-vintage-scott-lk-72-stereo/7279533383.html No affiliation.
  3. I see plain text in my browser (Opera), so I'm wondering what formatting you see that I don't? Off-topic, so no need to dwell on it too much.
  4. Very interesting ... looks like a MK III with EL34 tubes. EDIT: Or should I say that the MK III looks like a MK II with 6550 tubes?
  5. I'm not at all familiar with the MK II. You may be thinking of the MK III or MK IV. The links cited are not from the original Dynaco, but they claim to be faithful clones.
  6. The budget is the key. I am currently renting, but facing retirement at some unknown time in the near future. (The actual time may be dictated more by health than by age -- I'm healthy now but I learned two years ago how quickly and severely that can change ... for anybody.) I cannot afford to continue renting for the rest of my life, and by the same token I cannot afford to pay-off a huge mortgage when retired. So I have to trim this down to the bare bones by keeping only the most essential items: a really great listening room. I abandoned apartment living in 1995 and have lived in various houses ever since. I use the basement for storage. In this house I hope to add a speaker-building shop in the basement, but 8' walls are plenty good for that. (For reference, my dad had such a shop in his basement, and we got along just fine with 7' walls.) I just don't see justification for spending $6000 for an extra foot of basement depth.
  7. Twenty years down the road I will be in my eighties, and they will be carting me off to the old folks' home.
  8. Houses have been selling in hours in this market, above asking price, despite COVID and winter. Basically, if it has a roof, it sells. I suspect that having an 8' pour instead of a 9' pour won't significantly affect that.
  9. "USE" will be as a basement, nothing more. Listening room is on the main floor. It will have 9' ceilings.
  10. My house in Minneapolis had large picture windows on the south-facing wall of the living room. It could be -20°F outside, but if I opened the drapes it would be 80° in the living room. The best part was that my audio system was in the living room.
  11. Very close to my own thoughts. Power has been pretty reliable around here, but I was thinking about photovoltaics. A small (10 m²) system would only be a few thousand dollars, and could help with the electric bills in the brutal heat of summer. The house will face east/west, so the only south-facing roof area will be on the garage.
  12. My sincere thanks to everyone who replied. It has been interesting, even amusing, to see the directions that the conversation took. One faction supports 9' or even 10' basement walls. Another supports no basement at all. Yet another supports 10' walls on the main floor. I only have two options: 8' basement walls or 9' basement walls. And I have a budget. I'm going with 8' walls. I have other places where I can spend the $6000. Thanks again, Greg
  13. It's only a big deal because I have no need for the space and I therefore consider it a waste of money. Nothing in the attic except rafters and maybe a TV and/or FM antenna. Attics around here easily exceed 120°F in summertime.
  14. I need to take some of my own advice. I have told others who were buying houses, "There will be lots of surprises. In the context of the price of a house, a few hundred dollars here or there are insignificant. Just sign where they tell you to, and don't worry about the details." Last time I did this, I wasn't nearly as freaked-out about it as I am this time. Not sure why that is.
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