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  1. Edgar

    In The Early 70’s

    Wasn't that a joke going around for a while? Amar Bose and Paul Klipsch encounter each other, walking down opposite sides of a street. Bose cups his hands around his mouth and yells, "Are you still building those horn loudspeakers?" Klipsch turns his back to Bose, holds his hand about six inches from his mouth, and quietly says, "Yup."
  2. Three ways to handle an enclosure (or horn wall) resonance: Make it so stiff that the resonant frequency is moved above the frequency range of the driver. Make it so compliant that the resonant frequency is moved below the frequency range of the driver. Make it so massive that it basically doesn't move at all.
  3. Not at all -- it takes about 200 hours for the connections to oxidize.
  4. Absolutely no argument from me on that. My Legacy Focus are 27 years old and still solid. It's not 50, but it's a good start.
  5. Edgar

    GONE: Dahlquist DQM-9 pair w/stands, STL local only.

    I might have a couple of old Heathkit cabinets worthy of a bonfire. A pity; they served my sister well for a very long time. I'm in St. Charles.
  6. Edgar

    WTB: Jubilee, bass bins only

    With wavelengths measured in feet, inaccuracies measured in fractions of an inch are generally close enough.
  7. Edgar

    Why we need audiophiles

    Dunno. Haven't even started shopping. Ideally I'd just power everything with DC. That would be a bit more trouble than I'm willing to take on.
  8. Edgar

    Why we need audiophiles

    Most of the filters that I have seen suppress RF frequencies. I'm talking about trash in the audio band. I can easily see the 100th harmonic of 60 Hz, and beyond, in a spectrogram. Powerline communications operate below about 1 kHz, at least in North America. Inverters that allow DC solar and wind power to enter the AC grid create harmonic nightmares. This is in addition to the problems that most people already know about. I thought that conditioners were silly until I started analyzing the powerline. I don't have any in my system right now, but that will change as $$$ becomes available.
  9. Edgar

    Why we need audiophiles

    That's almost always due to something like a cold solder joint acting as a diode detector, or such a strong radio signal that one of the components is driven into nonlinearity. Possible but unlikely with a line cord, but if it does happen, it's probably because the cord is faulty.
  10. Edgar

    Why we need audiophiles

    I'm currently working in the powerline communications industry. Oh, my; if you all knew just how much trash is on the powerline, you'd power everything off of batteries and never plug your audio equipment in to the electrical network again. That said, the additional trash added by six feet of line cord, if any, isn't likely to have much effect.
  11. Edgar

    Why we need audiophiles

    I never thought of it that way, but that definitely nails it.
  12. Edgar

    Bi amping and level matching.

    There are all sorts of technical approaches. I find that my ear generally does a better job.
  13. Edgar

    Got my first biking shirt today - thoughts?

    Replaced the saddle, crank (went to 180 mm -- I'm 6'4"), chainrings (got rid of Biopace), and tires (of course), but other than that it's still original.
  14. Edgar

    Got my first biking shirt today - thoughts?

    1986 or 1987 (I forget) GT Karakoram that I still ride. It has the black and white crinkle paint job.
  15. That's less than the speed of sound in air.