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  1. Um, that's not how I read the RIAA specification, http://www.aardvarkmastering.com/riaa.htm (emphasis added): 1. The stereophonic groove shall contain two channels of information recorded as orthogonal modulations of a single groove. 2. The 45 degree-45 degree system is the standard. In this system the two mutually perpendicular axes of modulation shall be symmetrically disposed with respect to a normal to the disc surface. 3. The right hand information channel, as viewed by the listener, shall appear as modulation of the out side wall of the groove. 4. When equal in-phase signals are recorded in the two channels they shall result in lateral modulation of the stereophonic groove shall produce equal in-phase acoustical signals.
  2. I did it, too. Loved the work. Hated the drain on my net worth. Not every business succeeds, and it's not always correlated with the quality of the participants or their work. To keep things on-topic, I have a Threshold amp that is heavily biased AB. If I use it at all, it's only during winter -- it runs that hot. But it's not my best sounding amp.
  3. It also gives you the freedom to make really stupid investment decisions, like starting your own business, by which you can lose all of your assets.
  4. I'm reasonably handy with tools of various sorts, but I look at some of the build threads here on the Forum (like this one) and I am humbled.
  5. To each his own. Pioneer gear was never high on my list, especially in the late 1970s. YMMV, and that's OK with me.
  6. On a whim, I used SearchTempest and found three SX-1250s within 500 miles of St. Louis -- $2300, $2500, $2800. I guess they've established a mystique. But I remember when they were new -- their only claim to fame, according to their advertisements, was that they were "the world's most powerful receiver". Great, I guess, if you're going to use one as an arc welder. Back then, speakers were sold on the basis of their magnet weight, which was just about as meaningful a specification.
  7. You asked for higher-end: https://hometheaterhifi.com/reviews/speaker/subwoofers/ken-kreisel-dxd-12012-dual-12-push-pull-subwoofer/. Two 12" have more cone area than one 15" and slightly less than one 18".
  8. This is the most promising product I've found. It's a top coat.
  9. Plasti Dip sells a "pearlizer" that is supposed to be used over a solid Plasti Dip color. I'm wondering if it can also be used over a regular paint base coat.
  10. Coincidentally, I was on the Plasti-Dip Website when your message came in.
  11. I guess for something really unusual, there's this.
  12. Thanks. The "leather look". I'll have to think about that.
  13. Yes, that was the impression that I got from trying to research it. But I want something a bit unusual, if I can do it. My fear is that a plain white pair of 8 cubic foot speakers will look like a couple of refrigerators in my living room. Piano black will look like the opening of "2001 A Space Odyssey". There's got to be something other than wood veneer, as nice as that can be.
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