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  1. Don't know where you're located, but it appears that these are still available: https://annarbor.craigslist.org/ele/d/canton-klipsch-cornwall-iv-walnut/7090779922.html
  2. Um, entire civilizations have been wiped-out by disease in the past. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1491:_New_Revelations_of_the_Americas_Before_Columbus
  3. Since my response yesterday I've been giving this some thought. So even though you can't listen through my ears, maybe I can still describe my impressions without getting into audiophile jargon. For over twenty years I've had a pair of Legacy Focus in my living room. They are not perfect, but to my ears they offer some of the best midrange performance that I have ever heard. In addition, they easily go down below 25 Hz, which is pretty much the limit of my hearing. We auditioned most of the Heritage line last October in Hope, both old and new. The Cornwall IV was the only one that matched the midrange performance of my Legacy Focus. However, the CW4 absolutely annihilated the Focus for dynamics. The Focus reach almost an octave deeper than the CW4, but on most music that's not really noticeable. I am trying to figure out a way to afford a pair of CW4, to replace my beloved Focus. Is that helpful?
  4. I used to read and trust Stereophile, until one day I noticed that every single loudspeaker that they adored, I hated. Eventually I spotted a trend ...
  5. You can't listen through someone else's ears. Only you know what suits you. You must listen for yourself.
  6. Edgar

    Shipping Charges

    I need exactly 4ea 6-32 x 1/4" nylon machine screws, and 8ea washers to go with them. Not exactly unobtanium. Evidently they're only sold in packages of 20 or 1 gross, but that's OK. Under normal circumstances I'd just go to the hardware store and get them. I found what I needed on Ebay. They're on their way.
  7. Edgar

    Shipping Charges

    And that's pretty much the point. I'm very much in favor of supporting local business, but they have to meet me partway. These particular vendors showed reasonable prices up-front, but there was no way to find out what the shipping and handling charges were until the last step of the checkout process. And then those charges were outrageous. I'd rather they charged more for the merchandise and had reasonble shipping charges, stated it all up-front, and said, "We can't compete with ebay prices, because we run a brick-and-mortar store. But if you want it today, come into our store. If you want it tomorrow, use our local shipping option. Your ability to do that is reflected in the price."
  8. I think that's exactly it, summarized as "Quit wasting my time."
  9. Edgar

    Shipping Charges

    Just checked ebay. I can get what I need shipped halfway across the country for free. I am fine with local vendors keeping the lights on and still making a profit, and I'm willing to pay for that in the price. But don't hide it in "handling charges" and shipping.
  10. Edgar

    Shipping Charges

    Yeah, I thought of that. We're in full lockdown, so you can't go into the stores and browse. But I can still order and have someone pick up. I just need to find someone.
  11. Edgar

    Shipping Charges

    I'm in voluntary full self-quarantine after COVID-19 exposure. So I'm trying to catch up on some projects. I need some nylon machine screws and washers. I can't go to the hardware store, so I've been trying to order online and have them shipped. Keep in mind that the quantities are so low that they could probably slip them into a first-class envelope. One vendor wants $4 for the merchandise and $12 for the shipping. They're eleven miles away. Another vendor wants $5 for the merchandise, $2.80 for "handling fee", and $10 for shipping. They're seven miles away. I guess I'll just read my new book.
  12. I can certainly identify (I'm 61), but for me it's this notion that there's just not enough life left to put up with BS any more.
  13. Um ... I believe I'll practice social distancing on that.
  14. On yet another hand, several years ago a woman I knew had to endure temporary testosterone therapy for some problem that was really none of my business. She hated it, complaining that it made her "irritable and aggressive". "Congratulations," I said, "Now you know how I feel all the time."
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