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  1. Apologies for resurrecting an ancient thread, but this just arrived in my email today.
  2. Really good point, @babadono. I hadn't considered that.
  3. Assuming that @Marvel was correct, that it was mastered at 44.1/16, then the 24 bits on DVD won't really help except to prevent numerical overflow in the mix. And non-integer upsampling (like 44.1 to 96) is never quite as clean as integer upsampling (like 48 to 96).
  4. Maybe, but if it was digitally mastered at 44.1 kHz, then the CD should be a more faithful representation of the master.
  5. It was used on Amused to Death.
  6. Minimum wage in '68-'69 was $1.60, so 3.125 times. It's now $7.25, so tickets should be $22.66. Yeah, right.
  7. I have it on both vinyl and CD. Amazingly, the vinyl sounds better.
  8. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/saint-charles-klipsch-heresy-speakers/7519005152.html No affiliation.
  9. Is that like a jumbo shrimp? 😉
  10. I do not understand the difference. I do know that, when a vocal or instrument seems to appear in my room, in a location where a speaker is not, and it raises the hair on the back of my neck, something special has just occurred.
  11. Old guitar men never die ... they just get restrung.
  12. I have to say that carbon has gotten much better over the years. I rode a steel Waterford Paramount OS from 1989 to 2016, when I bought a carbon fiber Fuji Altamira 1.1. The "feel" of the Fuji is almost identical to that of the Paramount. The most interesting thing is that the Fuji weighs exactly one pound less than the Paramount. Much of that difference can be attributed to 24/28-spoke wheels on the Fuji vs. 32/32-spoke wheels on the Paramount. So much for high-tech weight savings.
  13. I don't know if anyone here has tried any of these. I have a pair to use in a PP EL84 amp that I haven't built, yet, so I cannot comment about sound quality.
  14. The imaging may be the difference between "you are there" and "they are here". Absent the imaging, your brain might conclude that you are in the concert hall, where all of the sound seems to come from a "wall of sound" as @YK Thom described it. With the imaging, your brain might conclude that the performers are in your listening room, where you are so close that you can perceive the placement of individual instruments and vocalists.
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