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  1. OK I get that, but what if I showed up at his door, in person? The location in the St. Louis ad was only about 50 miles from me. What would have happened if I had called his bluff and wanted to hear the items before buying?
  2. Still worth a double-check, though. For just a few dollars, that gadget is a nice thing to keep around anyway. Ah, well, that eliminates one possibility. Still useful as general knowledge. Another thing to check: I once encountered a situation where everything on one particular circuit acted strangely. The wiring checked-out OK. When I looked at the breaker, I found that it had tripped, but only partway -- literally the lever was partway between "ON" and "OFF". There was just enough continuity to satisfy the receptacle-testing gadget, but under load things got weird. I reset the breaker and all was well again.
  3. Neither question is dumb; both are standard procedures in a case like this. Also check to see if the "hot" and "neutral" connections in the wall plug are reversed. One of these will do the job for you. I have a (solid state) amplifier that only hums when the ground is lifted. I have another (solid state) amplifier that always hums unless I use one of these.
  4. Ah, well, then I really am naive. 🙁
  5. I'm probably naive, but I could never tell whether Captain Beefheart's failure to deliver was intentional, or was because he overestimated his own capabilities.
  6. I've never understood how such a scam works. What, you call the guy and he says, "Haha, fooled you! They really don't exist. Don't you feel stupid?" What's the point?
  7. I thought it might look too good to be true, but you never know.
  8. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/washington-klipsch-cornwall-4s/7716926490.html No affiliation.
  9. It's a single shot. During totality I kept shooting as fast as my camera would allow. It was set to auto-bracket (+1, 0,-1) F-stop, and this was the best of that particular trio. Canon T3i with an old (non-autofocus) Tokina 100-300mm zoom set to 300mm and focused at infinity. I didn't record the aperture setting, but it was probably around F8. EDIT: If I remember correctly, I based my exposure upon info here.
  10. From the 2017 eclipse, taken in DeSoto, MO. You may use it without compensation if you like, but credit the photographer (me).
  11. I've been using an earlier version of this (USB2 instead of USB-C) for several years. It has been 100% reliable. I'm not sure that there are XMOS drivers available for Android or iPhone, though -- I recall having to search a bit for Windows drivers.
  12. Well, Jefferson City, MO and Springfield, MO are only a couple-hundred miles apart. But Gainesville is in Florida.
  13. Hmmm ... also shows up in Springfield, MO craigslist. Another scam?
  14. https://columbiamo.craigslist.org/ele/d/jefferson-city-klipsch-cornwalls-iv/7662881877.html No affiliation.
  15. In my designs, it was the "natural" frequency in the prototype Laplace-Domain transfer function. That frequency may not show any obvious relationship to the 3dB frequency or the "mid" frequency, depending upon the values of the other parameters -- for example, what is the "3dB" frequency in a shelf that only boosts 2dB? But my definition is at least self-consistent.
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