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  1. Does he do it as a business? I can maybe ship.
  2. The FM Analog thread got me thinking ... I have a Yamaha T1 tuner that has been recapped and refurbished, but needs an alignment. I don't have the test equipment to do it. Can anybody recommend someone? Thanks, Greg
  3. How about Willsenton R-35i? EL34-only, but friendly to the budget. (No, I don't have one, so I cannot comment on sound or any other form of quality.)
  4. I heard it as, "Never point the gun at anyone that you're not planning to shoot." A subtle but important difference.
  5. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/union-klipsch-corwall-speakers/7356095525.html No affiliation.
  6. We need a TMI emoji. 🤢
  7. My experiments with Hornresp (assuming that it is a pretty good model of what happens in the real world) show that altering the back chamber volume mostly affects cone excursion below the cutoff frequency. The effect in the passband of the horn is minimal unless the back chamber volume changes are extreme.
  8. That's an RC model. You can see the guy behind it is holding a transmitter. EDIT: Just in case there was any doubt: 😁
  9. Edgar

    Bicycle Tires

    Thanks, guys. For the moment I've ordered one of these to try. Maybe it will get me through the season, after which I will be moving anyway -- hopefully to a place with less debris in the road. The original Vittorias rarely flatted on these same roads. So the Michelins are definitely fragile. The Vittorias had all the road feel of an iron pipe. The Michelins ride very nicely. I'm getting a little tired of sitting by the side of the road at 95°F, patching my tube yet another time.
  10. That lends credence to the ad that I found on ebay.
  11. The only info that I could find hinted that DLK used "Omega 12 in woofers" (http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/dlk-acoustial-products/model-3.html). This ad purports to offer a good replacement woofer, but without T/S parameters and box tuning info there's no way to verify: https://www.ebay.com/itm/152757599103. The driver that they picture looks very much like the Philips AD12240W8 that I have on hand.
  12. Edgar

    Bicycle Tires

    Another update. I've been riding on the Lithion 2 for a while, now. The tire has a nice feel, especially compared to the Zaffiro. But I've kept track, and I've averaged one flat every 50 miles on the obstacle courses that pass for roads around here. ☹️
  13. That is good advice under all circumstances.
  14. Disconnect the amp from all sources, but leave it connected to the speakers. If the amp uses balanced XLR connections, then connect all three pins together at the amp input. (Both + and - connected to ground.) If the amp uses unbalanced RCA connections, then connect the center to the shield at the amp input. (Short the input to ground.) Whatever hiss you hear in this configuration is the noise floor of the amp.
  15. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Magic-Chef-3-0-cu-ft-Upright-Freezer-in-White-MCUF3W2/206205672 Avoid throwing away enough of that $12/lb stuff and it'll pay for itself.
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