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  1. Not the same thing. The article says that pedestrians don't hear silent bikes, not that motorists don't hear stock bikes. If you stand by a highway and listen, you will realize that the majority of sound coming from cars and trucks is tire noise. From motorcycles it's engine noise. And the Oakland PD story is just one case of one driver not hearing one motorcycle -- there is no way to know whether she would have heard a loud bike.
  2. Yeah, you know, I've read that so many times for so many years. But without any evidence, it's just an assertion without proof.
  3. Wikipedia says that there are four. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_surviving_de_Havilland_Mosquitos
  4. The snarl of a Merlin at 3000 RPM and 61 inHg is sweet. The sound of a V-twin with straight pipes at 5:00 AM, not so much.
  5. With particular emphasis upon the context in which this conversation is taking place, I would add that most of us have audio systems for that. That wasn't always true, but it is very true today. Modern exhaust systems are extremely efficient while being quiet. Aftermarket exhaust systems may add 1-2% power at the top of the RPM range, where people seldom visit on the street, while losing an equivalent amount in the more useful lower RPM regions. The aftermarket systems may weigh a few pounds less, but most of us would be better served by taking a few pounds off ourselves. I really like that synposis. "Your argument is a presumption." To be clear, the earplugs are generally for wind noise, which is surprisingly loud even with a helmet.
  6. I don't think so. IIRC, I have some old advertising copy from the 1970s that makes the "8-foot folded horn" claim, so it's been around for quite a while.
  7. By the same token, it isn't what it isn't. The internal path length isn't 8 feet. The "8 foot" horn length claim may be justifiable; if so then it needs to be explained.
  8. I agree with Lee's diagrams, except that I would put point I much farther back, as in I' in the diagram below. Even that's being "acoustically generous", because the horn actually starts to lose control at point J'.
  9. Except that the majority of motorcycle exhaust noise is directed toward the back, while the majority of motorcycle accidents are front-end collisions. I will leave it at that, because this argument can very quickly become passionate. https://chicagoinjurycenter.com/common-types-accidents
  10. Edgar


    In my case it was this year's strain of Influenza that took out one of my heart valves, though there is some evidence that it was on its way out anyway. But before that I was in pretty good shape so I have bounced-back very quickly. Getting old is proving to be unpleasant.
  11. Edgar


    I didn't forget it - at the time I was young and just didn't know about it! Just turned 60 and just had heart surgery; the good news is that I feel better on the bike now than I have in a very long time.
  12. Likely yes. Second harmonic would be at 50 or 44 Hz, respectively. Third would be at 75 or 66, respectively. And so on. Second harmonic is actually pretty common in woofers at very low frequencies, often called "doubling".
  13. Edgar


    Someone told me, a long time ago, that the cyclist who complains that rides are always uphill or into the wind is either very fast or has a bad attitude. 🙂
  14. You can get generics on Amazon or eBay for under US$1.00 each. Search for "RCA shorting plugs".
  15. Made from recycled F-117 wing skins ...
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