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  1. Edgar

    What I Got Today!

    First test-fit, after a lot of prep work that, unfortunately, will all be invisible. No glue, yet. Trying to decide on how to finish it. If I go for piano black, then it will look like something from 2001 A Space Odyssey. Perhaps pearl white, but then it will look like a college dorm refrigerator. I've also never done either of those finishes before. I know how to apply veneer, but exotic woods are very expensive. I could do Formica, but that can look cheap. Any suggestions? - Greg
  2. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/pittsfield-vintage-audio-equipment/6910285955.html No affiliation.
  3. I once purchased a $2500 amp (I bought it used for less than 1/3 of that) "sound unheard", based upon reviews like this: And shine it did. We reviewed it with a variety of audio and DVD material (and a bit of HDTV broadcasting, though its audio was suspect), and were blown away by its performance and overall oomph. It sounded great whether we played it at lower, more intimate volumes or cranked up to 'Neighborhood Annoyance' levels. The sound is open and spacious, making the speakers disappear from the listening area and putting you right into the experience - just as a good amp should. The stereo sound stage had me jumping up to make sure the center front speaker wasn't on (it wasn't), and in surround mode we were enveloped completely by music and/or movie action, with precise placements of instruments and/or sounds in a full and sweet sound stage. When you close you eyes and let the music take over, it's almost as if the music becomes all that matters. You can listen to this thing all day without it getting fatiguing. The only flaw is that the sound is so clean and natural that, as with other audiophile components, it'll show up flaws in the source material or other parts of your component chain. It turned out to be one of the worst-sounding amps I've ever heard. It honestly does nothing well enough to earn an "audiophile" label. Its sound quality is on a par with the $100 Sherwood receiver that I bought for a garage system twenty-odd years ago. I even brought it to the factory repair facility, thinking that something must be wrong with it. They returned it "no trouble found". Beware of reviewers.
  4. That may be the most concise possible answer to the OP's question.
  5. "Sane audiophiles" might just be an oxymoron. 😁
  6. In some ways the Klipsch forum is more like a hotrodder's forum than an exotic car forum. You can buy a 600 hp Ferrari and smugly drive down the highway, or you can build a 600 hp camaro that will run with it for a lot less money. No, the Camaro will never be a Ferrari, but the Ferrari owner will never know the satisfaction of having put it all together himself. Same applies to some of the systems put together by Klipsch owners.
  7. I think I mentioned this in a post a while back, but about a year ago I happened to speak with an amplifier designer at Harman. I asked him what he does differently when designing an audiophile amp for Mark Levinson that he doesn't do when designing a consumer amp for Harman Kardon. He answered, "The circuits are the same. I just use much higher quality parts in the Levinson amp." Crown is somewhere in between. Since they are designed for pro use, they are built for abuse. But they are also built for low cost. So they are quality amps at a good price.
  8. The speakers and the room are the most important parts of the signal chain. That said, look at how picky some members are about pairing tube amps with Klipsch loudspeakers. On the other hand, few seem to have $20,000 amps because it's just not necessary.
  9. And some of us just can't afford the "expensive stuff". Or even if we can, we choose not to, because there are more important places to spend the money. It makes the goal of assembling a quality system on a budget that much more interesting.
  10. Near my office is a small vendor that sells team hats, jerseys, etc. Usually the place is deserted. Yesterday there was a line 100' long full of people wanting to buy Blues items. Probably sold more in one day than he usually sells in a year.
  11. Post deleted already. Did someone from the forum get them?
  12. Around here they just give me the senior citizen discount without even asking. 😨 I didn't think that it was so obvious.
  13. https://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/d/saint-louis-100w-dyna-cotube-amplifier-2/6911127144.html No affiliation.
  14. From dead-last to Stanley Cup in five months -- I'd call it historic, too.
  15. What a game. No contact penalties, no controversial hits, in fact not even any brutal hits, just continuous hockey and a career-defining performance from Binnington. The Bruins are an amazingly good team, which makes it that much sweeter to defeat them.
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