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  1. NFL 2017

    Wow, what a game! Minnesota takes it in the last few seconds.....incredible win!
  2. Klipsch Professional KPT-904

    If I remember correctly, @jason str made some for @Cinema_head
  3. CES 2018: Klipsch Blog

    From links above......
  4. Electron trouble

  5. Trey

    It's illegal to fire a cannon within the city limits of Hope or Indianapolis.
  6. Khorn Placement "technical" data

    Recommendations are in the Heritage manual http://assets.klipsch.com/product-manuals/Heritage-Manual-2005.pdf
  7. Zilch, Nada, Nothing..........well maybe a 4K projector and 4K screen and 4K Pre/Pro and 4K OPPO and a 4K TV ...........other than that.......Zilch, Nada, Nothing!
  8. Vasubandu's terrifying build thread

    Nice, you're going to love them! Right price also for a minty pair. Enjoy!
  9. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    Running a pair of the Gen. 1 XPA-5'S with my 7II's for roughly 6 years now. No hiss, hum, static. etc.... There have been some Klipsch users that have had noise but all good here. Never had them hooked up to an AVR, only a pre/pro. I think 600.00 is a more than a fair price in great condition.
  10. Klipsch Noob intro and questions

    Welcome to the forum! Does she have any sisters?
  11. In memory of Boxx


    Congrats Ryan! Moving really sucks, hope all is well.
  13. Positioning RP-280F

    The rear part of your speaker or columns as you call them are "ports" 20 cm from the wall should be fine.