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  1. I would consider one of these. You can fine tune the DSP with the phone APP from your preferred sitting area.
  2. here's a video from his ebay sale
  3. https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/ele/d/sandia-park-circa-1970s-vintage/7169891826.html
  4. TasDom


    I still have the t shirt you sent me for the caption contest Amy. In fact, I've worn it everyday since you left. Ever have that "not so fresh feeling"? 🤣
  5. There may be a minimum post count required before allowing the signature feature. Just guessing here tho..
  6. That's a really good price for the features and benefits. I love my Oppo but they really charged a premium for what is much less in today's market. Congratz and enjoy!
  7. Same caveats exist with Amazon HD. I don't use my phone with the desktop software so that's a non issue for me. Just switching it up a bit and suspended my Spotify for the month. I know it's been said before but if Spotify would only go lossless.......maybe someday.
  8. Great Blues station on Amazon Music Hd for anyone using this streaming subscription. https://music.amazon.com/stations/AKIFEZVFZ7PXM?ref=dm_sh_cd47-1155-28b7-d684-54876
  9. TasDom

    Sophie Lloyd

  10. TasDom

    Sophie Lloyd

    This gal is an amazing guitarist....enjoy! More here...... https://www.youtube.com/c/SophieLloyd/videos
  11. A couple of weeks ago my son and I went to a picnic area close to our house by the Rio Grande River. These were swarming around our picnic table. 2 to 3 times larger than yellow jackets...
  12. Please move to alerts...thanks!
  13. Not positive but I think these are Forte's https://farmington.craigslist.org/ele/d/aztec-klipsch-oak-speakers/7157471974.html
  14. The Sony is an excellent player (holds 400 disc) and will also play SACD's. Had one for a few years before I ripped all my disc's to my server. Good luck!
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