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    7.2 System.............
    RF-7IIs Cherry Mains
    RC-64II Cherry Center
    RB-75s Front Heights
    RS-7s Side Surrounds
    RW-12d x 2 Subs
    Onkyo PR-SC5508 Pre/Pro
    Emotiva XPA-5 (Gen 1) x 2

    '83 WO Belle's

    Epson 6030UB Projector
    OPPO BDP-105
    Vapex Electric 120" Tensioned Screen
    LG 60 in.LCD / LED TV
    Roku Streaming Stick
    Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

    RB-5's / RC-3 / RS-3's
    Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ 10 (TS-EQ10)
    Denon 2309CI

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  1. Not that you won't get great advice here, but have you asked on the Emotiva Lounge / Forum? https://emotivalounge.proboards.com/threads/recent
  2. Those grills on your LF cabinets look different from the Belle's I've seen and own. Did someone change them? (one of mine for reference)
  3. TasDom


    Dad would be proud and so should you!
  4. Spotted this one yesterday for $850.00 shipped https://www.avsforum.com/threads/klipsch-rc-64-iii-in-walnut.3209629/
  5. Best $14.00 I ever spent..... RIP Dusty
  6. Message @jason str For reference, these were from my KP450's which I believe are the same dimensions as the 904's (These are factory made)
  7. You got that right! Shortages of empty containers, personnel to unload at the ports and remove from ports is driving up pricing and availability on everything. Check out this link on container traffic.....unreal https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-93.0/centery:24.5/zoom:2
  8. Thought I would offer here first before putting on my local Craigslist....... This is a great remote in very good condition. A hub can be added to access RF capability for devices not in "line of site" (closed cabinet, behind walls, other room) Works without hub as IR remote. The battery was replaced with a new one a few weeks ago. Only selling as I found another one locally that included a hub. Would be more than happy to send pre-programmed to the buyer if a list of their devices, activities, etc. are provided. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Harmony-Ultimate-One-Universal/dp/B00IAKLM54/ref=pd_sbs_2/133-7573467-9000400?pd_rd_w=aLmlp&pf_rd_p=a5925d26-9630-40f3-a011-d858608ac88b&pf_rd_r=ENSFPB4B383SZKZEAP60&pd_rd_r=091f17a5-0168-4575-9c69-73207193fc65&pd_rd_wg=ymJhP&pd_rd_i=B00IAKLM54&psc=1 $100.00 shipped (lower 48 states) Includes: Remote Charging Cradle USB Cable Original Box & Instructions
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