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  1. Good Price for Set of Used RF-7 II?

    That's a great price imo provided they aren't beat up and play properly.
  2. CD player question

    Isn't it amazing how many more cars / trucks you hear when waiting?
  3. Sansui G-22000 Monster receiver

    Was still in my browser.....
  4. 1990 Klipschorns Model Type B

    That's a great price for the condition you described. I'd recommend you take a friend with you to pick them up because: (A) They are heavy (B)You'll need a getaway driver since it sounds like a steal Goooooooo!
  5. Sansui G-22000 Monster receiver

    I saw this earlier today. For a small fee (adult beverages for my fridge) I could pick it up and ship to you .....10 minutes from my house.
  6. Picking up my new sub tomorrow

    So how long did it take you after your first listening session before you were contemplating buying another one?
  7. Picking up my new sub tomorrow

    Yup, no matter how much it HZ!
  8. Picking up my new sub tomorrow

    Wow, that's huge! Sorry for your injury but you've got some serious medication! Enjoy!
  9. WTB::: tweeter replacement for kf26's

    Id be more inclined to think something came loose or the jumpers are missing or not tightened down.
  10. What I Got Today!

    Discontinued model. I like the meters too. http://emovault.org/EmoVault/RPA-2.aspx EmoVault for specs on discontinued stuff http://emovault.org/EmoVault/Default.aspx
  11. KP-450

    No laughing here, I've had a few pair of the 450's in the last several years. They are great sounding speakers but as much as I liked them, just too big in my room. Glad you are enjoying them!
  12. Cinema F20 Built - Walnut Veneer

    That looks great, nice job!
  13. Vasubandu's Tower of Subwoofer Build

    Great, I need a vacation from your vocation!
  14. Not sure what these are worth but here they are...... https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-55g-mids-horns/6513927487.html
  15. Oak Creek WI: La Scala pair, $900

    Offer Up and Let Go ads tend to take longer to sell (specialty) items as opposed to Craigslist from what I've noticed. I've listed sales on all and replies from Craigslist vs. others were around 5 to 1.... Nice looking pair, good luck!