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    7.2 System.............
    RF-7IIs Cherry Mains
    RC-64II Cherry Center
    RB-75s Front Heights
    RS-7s Side Surrounds
    RW-12d x 2 Subs
    Onkyo PR-SC5508 Pre/Pro
    Emotiva XPA-5 (Gen 1) x 2

    '85 WO Belle's

    Epson 6030UB Projector
    OPPO BDP-105
    Vapex Electric 120" Tensioned Screen
    LG 60 in.LCD / LED TV
    Roku Streaming Stick
    Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

    RB-5's / RC-3 / RS-3's
    Sunfire True Subwoofer EQ 10 (TS-EQ10)
    Denon 2309CI

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  1. Wow, 25 or so signatures. That is way cool!
  2. TasDom


    Thoughts and prayers from my family to yours during this difficult time. May your mother rest in peace and I hope you find comfort knowing she will always be guiding you throughout your life.
  3. TasDom

    Professionally Mirrored Cornwalls.

    No thanks! Plus no matter how many acoustical panels you hang, you'll never eliminate the reflections.
  4. Sweet! You were one of the members I had in mind but couldn't remember your name. Love it when a plan comes together! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. TasDom

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    Fixed it for you.....
  6. Same here but 12 hour round trip from home. I've always wanted to try one of the vintage HK twin powered units.
  7. One of you Colorado folks should jump on this deal.......looks sweet! https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/harman-kardon-730-twin-power/6635110465.html
  8. TasDom

    70th anniversary La Scala II

    I wonder what the over / under odds are that they arrive undamaged
  9. TasDom

    Looking for AVR Recommendations

    Congrats on the new acquisition, you probably know this already but you can go into the Harmony software and change the function of any button by activity / device to your liking. Very easy and really helped me when I was setting up new equipment. Enjoy!
  10. TasDom

    4th of July

    Have a great day everyone and be safe!
  11. TasDom

    A Score

    Bro's before Bose!
  12. TasDom


    Here's a thread you can post them....enjoy!
  13. TasDom

    Our new Home Theater build...Negatron 2

    Quick Spanish lesson for you from the Klipsch urban dictionary... The "Juan"
  14. TasDom

    La Scala's $900.00 (Denver)