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  1. TasDom

    Receiver running hot, how do you keep it cooler?

    Exactly, perfect analogy. Stay cool! 😉
  2. TasDom

    Receiver running hot, how do you keep it cooler?

    My Sherbourn's run a few minutes after my equipment is shut off. IMO, I feel that's a good thing as the fans are still working to achieve the temperature parameters you have set. You need to keep in mind that the fan unit is actually blocking the normal dissipation of the vents of the AVR when it's not running.
  3. TasDom

    FS Audio Research SP-14 preamp

    @Audio Flynn That will send him a notification......Good luck!
  4. TasDom

    Receiver running hot, how do you keep it cooler?

    No, I have not used the Infinity fans but have seen them mentioned many, many times. I have a pair or Sherbourn C-12 units that I have on my amps. No longer produced but can be found on Ebay from time to time.
  5. TasDom

    Receiver running hot, how do you keep it cooler?

    The AC Infinity Aircom collection has been very popular and had good reviews https://www.amazon.com/s?k=avr+cooling+fan&rh=p_89%3AAC+Infinity&dc&crid=3LQGE72CQE9VJ&qid=1553221677&rnid=2528832011&sprefix=avr+cooling%2Caps%2C190&ref=sr_nr_p_89_1
  6. TasDom

    Deal of the century

    Or maybe that's how long he's been trying to get 2K each
  7. TasDom

    Good movie/scene to test surround sound with?

    One of the very best I have listened to is Master and Commander. That is my go to demo to showcase my surrounds. The cannon battles are epic...
  8. TasDom

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    Glad you found one!
  9. TasDom

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    @weziewoo PM sent
  10. TasDom

    WTB k-500 belle horns

    Looks like a forum member@hcnelly
  11. TasDom

    KLF-30's with KV3 Center $600.00 (Albuquerque)

    Sorry I just saw this but I have no experience replacing diaphragms. There are lots of threads here if you search a little. I know @moray james is well versed with the Klipsch Legend series and maybe he'll chime in with some pointers. Appreciate the offer!
  12. TasDom

    Did I goof up?? Denon x4400h vs Marantz av7705

    They are actually very inexpensive. Don't buy into the overpriced magic smoke BS.. Monoprice is a great source for all cables and offer a lifetime warranty and excellent customer service in my experiences dealing with them. Scroll down on any HDMI page to see the applications and certifications. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=15427
  13. TasDom

    Belle Klipsch parts list

    Hard to forget one of my favorite builds in recent years. Looking forward to pics in their new home.
  14. TasDom

    Belle Klipsch parts list

    lol...you beat me to it
  15. TasDom

    Belle Klipsch parts list

    Redundant post