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  1. Thanks for info. Having mental battle at this point. Not so much a $$$ issue, more concern about getting the finish on front cleaned up and or having to completely refinish both cabinets. Not sure I want to go down that rabbit hole. Battle ongoing!!
  2. Thanks, I did click around a bit and came across all the details relating to the info tag on back of case..
  3. Was reading another thread about Belles. Picture of those shows speakers raised up off the floor as are mine. My philosophy was to get them slightly above nearby furniture. One comment indicated this would be detrimental to sound quality. The stands I have mine on are made of 3/4 material, glued and screwed. Super solid..
  4. Will see if I can figure out that whole “downsizing” thing!
  5. As a newbie, I have no idea what stickied threads are or how to access them. When it comes to tech, I have a very slow learning curve. Actually not sure there’s any curve at all! Thanks again for info on the Belles.
  6. Thanks for info. Was pretty sure the E was for ebony, but no clue on the rest.
  7. I bought a pair of Belles back in early 80s. Ebony finish. Was told special order that went south! I have not ever seen or heard about that finish on Belle speakers. The tag on the back says BK MEL. Serial #s are 8512929 and 30. Not sure what the “MEL” stands for. They were and still are a very slick looking set of speakers. Thanks for any info..
  8. Not actually a reply, but same subject matter.. I have pair of Bells that I purchased new in early 80s. Was told they were a special order customer backed out. Was told finish is Ebony. They were really nice looking which is why I bought them, aside from the sound. Wanted to find out if there is a way to confirm information? On tag for type it says BK MEL. Serial #s are 8512929 and 30. Thanks for any info.
  9. Always curious about what is said about belles. I bought a pair back in early 80s. Logic was “never going to have to buy better speaker again”. I still have them and still like the sound. I did do the Crites crossover and tweeter upgrade. I read post that they were a special order item only. I bought mine at a Good Guys store south of San Francisco off the showroom floor. Also they done in ebony veneer. Saw in another post they were only done in oak, walnut and black. I think there was one other finish I can’t think of, but definitely not Ebony. Was wondering if they might have been a “special order” that someone backed out of. Anyone seen them in ebony before.?
  10. Not a new Belle owner, have had mine for about 35 years. Mine have the ebony finish which I haven't seen on any others, Was curious if anyone knows how many they built with the ebony finish. They are definitely a great speaker and nice to look at. Also was looking for input on replacement receiver. I have been using a Fischer rs1080, also for about 30 years, but I think it croaked. ?? fix it or replace, dilemma...note serial #s on Belles, 8512929 &8512930. year built?
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