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  1. Hey, don't know about chocolate cow's milk but I KNOW 2% milk comes from diet cows. That is cows with less than 2% fat on them. My body building brother said so.
  2. Nope. No. Not clicking on it. Lol. That's just...not happening.
  3. Then that's fine. No expectations of privacy can be expected due to the NATURAL lay of the land. But for one to force themselves in order to look into a back yard then, that's a no-no. Looking down over a subdivision from a hill? That's ok.
  4. No...just no. I heard they implant "things" in you with π~•` funky symbols.
  5. If you have a 8' wood fence your good to go. However, if said person has to climb on top of his vehicle and take a pic then it's invasion of privacy. Take LEO. He walking down the street (based on a "tip") and there is a major marijuana cultivation on the other side of the fence he doesn't see. He can't climb that fence look over and say AH HA! and go arrest the homeowners. OTOH if the LEO notices 12' plants by the forest full growing over the 8' fence the home owner is NOT entitled to "reasonable" privacy protection clause.
  6. One gent did just this. His daughter was sunbathing in the backyard and her daughter cam in telling her dad a drone was over their yard with a big camera. Dad came out and shot it. He called the cops and in the meantime the operator of the drone comes over steaming pissed and picks up his drone yelling at the guy that he'll be paying for his $2000 drone. Three of his buddies start to walk towards him on his property and dad calmly tells them "you step foot on my driveway I'll shoot all of you for threatening my daughter and I". They stopped. Cops arrested dad for unlawful discharge of a firearm blah, blah, blah. Went to court and paid the fine. What NOBODY did and should have was to remove the memory from the drones camera as evidence. If you do shoot one save the drone as evidence!! Peeping Toms and perverts need to be checked. It would be different if it was a quick fly by and your moving on. But the above drone operator was there long enough to alert the daughter who in turn went to tell her dad. Dad came out confirmed it, went back into his home got the shotgun and walked out and the drone was still there. That's a long time. I see a problem of discharging a firearm. I get it even if I don't like it. On the other hand I'd ask the judge for that drone operator to be "booked" and restricted from using any drone for a some time. Just like a hacker getting caught breaking into your home via computer. There's got to be some fair discipline for both parties. Same with high rise buildings. You have a lady taking a shower on the twentieth story where you expect privacy and here comes a drone. NOT that I'd shoot it even if I was on the balcony and it was directly in front of me as the drones fall MIGHT harm people below. But if that operator was caught I'd file against him. There HAS to be a law against that.
  7. Speaking of power. I've found that regardless of what I'm pushing my Bell's with be it a Marantz 2500 @ 250 wpc or Sony str 7055 @ 35 wpc there is a sweet spot to both. Type of music, your distance from speakers and the environment all have to be factors when cranking up or turning down the the volume. Of course this won't help the tone deaf.
  8. Thanks. It's always interesting to hear of your significant other take. Women see color differently then men too. While I may "see" a type of blue she'll say "no honey that's grey". Once I study it 10/10 times she's right. I know what I hear and luckily my wife and I track pretty close when it comes to the sound of receivers & speakers. Cheers.
  9. Went to an estate sale and there were the "other" legendary speakers that I've been itching to hear. Hurumph. Pioneer HPM-100's. Not a deal by any sense but fair market value so I took them home to see for myself. Right out of the gate the right speaker exhibited static, pops etc. I was bummed as the little green tag at the sale said "Works great"! Followed quickly by "all sales are final". I should have known. Lucky for me I got to thinking maybe it was the contacts or the mid/high pots. So I sprayed & lubed everything and let it sit for ten minutes. It worked! Wow. I'm pleasantly surprised. Nothing earth shaking but very nice. So I played the same song back to back against the Bell's & HPM's. Even my wife said "those sound really good". I agreed. Certainly has sparkle on the top end and good mids & bass. A tad bright and forward sounding just a touch but nothing that would give listener fatigue. Awhile ago I had the Realistic Mach Ones and these Pioneer have a tighter grip on music than the Mach. Might keep them as a second bedroom system. Hehe.
  10. It's a beautiful day when you have a wife that supports you in your hobbies isn't it? Mine does to. Man, you've gone through a ton of speakers. Curious what was/is her favorite speaker?
  11. Thanks guys. Yes it's definitely "hot". If you so much move your hand near it with the cover off it makes a humming sound. The tech has changed every diode, cap, resistor, transistor, moved around wires, reflowed some joints, rebuilt power supply 2x. Scratching head.
  12. Ha! For me it's Arizona;)
  13. Need your help. I have one which was fully recapped. Unfortunately once I received the unit there was this audible hum on the very efficient 104db speakers. We'll he went onto further replacing diods, reflowing the board etc. Looks as though we need another to see it to develops hum. The unit doesn't have to be in great cosmetic shape or working for that matter as the tech will take both of them and see if he can make heads or tails of the hum. This is turning out to be one very expensive receiver. Thanks
  14. I'm heading south so I won't be able to attend.
  15. Not exactly "deals" but a buffet of speakers to choose from. Forte II, Quartet's, Heresy's, KG4's, Bell's, La Scala, etc. I'm sure I missed a few. Then we have some Cornwall's II for $1k. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/ele When it pours....