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  1. Internet slowing down on several sites

    Running fine where I am.
  2. Hey, I tried...

    Just tried it while using the ultra high powered leaf blower. It went from a howling scream to the lowest cool setting on a blow drier. VERY impressive. I'd say it cut the noise down by 90%. Went for a my morning walk while it was still a cool 58°. It was shorts and t-shirts kinda walk but keep in mind my body runs on the warmer side of neutral. Once I get going I have no need for sweats or cover. Having said that my ears were a tiny bit warm inside the ear cups but we're quickly out weighed by the musicality of the headphones. No ear fatigue after an hour and a half walk. Sweet! The ultimate cherry on top was the convenience of using the ear pads to swipe to the next/repeat song or adjust the volume instantly as some songs are louder than others. Much better than having to reach into my pocket and grab my phone and fiddle with those adjustments. I did find that while wired certain features didn't work on the ear touch pad such as forwarding or going backwards on tracks. Pause button did. Weird. Also there was the occasional "blow in your ear" effect from the wind going over the headphones which doesn't happen with in ear types. It was temporary but still there. As I sit listening to my Bell's with Ed Sheeran song "What do I know" I'm reminded nothing comes close to full range speakers. While the headphones are a welcome compliment to my workout schedule I'll take these Klipsch any day of the week without headphones. But what do I know..
  3. Hey, I tried...

    On my Christmas wish list #1 on the list was the Klipsch HP-3's. Nope. "But..but"..nope. Then was the Master & Dynamics. But based on various reviews, emails don't go answered when there's a problem with a $550 pair of cans. Some had to resort to posting a YouTube video. That's a killer for me. Period. Finally after searching till my head felt like exploding I think I settled on a solid choice and received a early Christmas present today. Sennheiser pxc 550. Couple things that stands out. It has Bluetooth and hard wire options. It's ability to pair to two devices is a winner. I'm a hardwired kinda guy which is perfect for my Droid turbo 2. My wife has the iPhone (7?) w/o a headphone jack which she had zero problems pairing and with the second pairing my daughter can use it for her tv upstairs in the loft while I listen to my Bell's downstairs. In essence it's a 3 in 1 device. I also appreciate Sennheiser app they call "Captunes" which they made for both Apple & Android. This allowed my wife and I to dial in the equalizer to our liking on our respective phones. I haven't tried it's active noise cancelling feature which can be turned off manually whilst listening to music. Sweet. Add to that a monster 30 HOUR wireless run time it's truly a winner. Most importantly the sound. Very good and easily tweaked via the Sennheiser app. Volume can be adjusted via the "touch pad" on the right side of the headphones. Swipe up or down to adjust volume. Swipe forward or back to skip the music or go back to to it. Tap once to pause the music. Beautiful as I can imagine while working out this won't slow me down. Fit & finish is decent but nothing impressive. Lot's of plastic to keep the weight down to a lite 8 oz. Pretty respectable. I also have a big head which allowed me to easily adjust it accordingly. That's it. My first pair of headphones that aren't $20. While not a true audiophile headphone one day I'll own a pair of Klipsch HP-3's or the like. Those are just sweet. Thanks for the read.
  4. Hey, congrats! Sometimes as you said it pays to be patient.
  5. 20 trillion in debt and it's strong. Isn't that.... amazing! Go Klipsch!...(running away before mods get me..)
  6. My Cornwall find on Craigs list

    Excellent & congrats. Take a minute to get used to them and then make adjustments. Thanks for the pictures!
  7. I have been extremely bad

    Hmmmm, Root beer float. Thanks for the late night idea. Off to the kitchen.
  8. Got a Fisher 500C for my Cornwall II's

    Wow. I bet that's an amazing pairing. I've always wondered how a Fisher tube would pair with Bell's. If I were to buy another receiver it would be one like yours. Not Sansui, Marantz etc.. Unfortunately, here in Sacramento I don't find them at all. Fully restored? Not a chance. You have an amazing receiver. Enjoy!
  9. Tool Shed's finest integrated amp

    Very nice. Congrats.
  10. Pair of KG 4(?) $200

    Here locally for sale in Sacramento. Also a pair of Bell's for $1200. https://offerup.com/item/detail/261535344/?ref=Search https://offerup.com/item/detail/388123550/?ref=Search
  11. High End Audio

    I'll give credit to those high end showroom as it helped me become educated on proper sound for better or worse. It also helped me understand what type of speakers not to get. I think these shows will help you learn a forward sound vs laid back, dark vs bright sound, thick vs airy or light. Many years later it helped me formulate a plan on "The system" for me. I thought I knew speakers. Until I heard Klipsch. Music just breathes, vocals have air, and best of all it's effortless. It doesn't do everything well, no speakers can but it does do a great job of presenting the music as recorded and that's a double edge sword. So I'm happy with it's sound as is my wife who also has good ears. Even our son who has played at the Mondavi center likes it's low key sound. So just goes to show how one doesn't need a six figures sum to enjoy music.
  12. The Fifteens

    Is it confirmed these are no go? Ideally I wish they'd set these up as passive and have the self powered "just in case" something in our audio chain like a receiver goes kaput. A simple bypass switch would have been great. Having options is always a good idea.
  13. How loud can Klipsch speakers get?

    Well let me tell ya. Only did it really loud once. I have 3000 SF home and when I had excitedly brought home the Bell's I decided to test how loud they could get. I've heard stories.... Paired it to my Marantz 2500 turned up the volume to ear splitting level and proceeded to walk out the front door, close it and walk towards the sidewalk. Nooooooo problemo hearing it. Another time I hear the term "My speakers can shake the house"..ok, never had that before. I found a suitable song and went upstairs to shave. Boom, boom ,boom as I feel the music through the walls and vibration on the counter top. Insane in the membrane. Having said all that and while I'm impressed with it's massive attack qualities I particularly LOVE how it can play very nicely on low, low, low for late night sessions when everyone is asleep.
  14. Thread CRAPPING Honey Pot

    Phew! Managed to fight off the black hole that is Apple. Yeah, insane gravity that Apple almost swallowed the house. See my wife has an Apple phone and has lobbied the entire family to get one. Well the day came for all to decide on their own phone and carrier (except my young daughter who is staying with us on Verizon) they went with a crazy Sprint deal today. $5 each phone(x5) with "unlimited" for two years. $100 a month for all lines. I was proud of the research they did. Everyone went with Samsungs newest. Man I dodged a bullet as I've been an Motorola/Android user all my life so it's good to see little Android bots running around the house! It's good to win once in awhile. Today is a good day. DieApple! Suck on your no headphone jack. Muwhaaahaha!
  15. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    Honestly reminds me of a hand cut jacket I had made. Looks sharp and tailored. Put a tie on that speaker!