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  1. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Wow, great insight. This sounds parallel to the Peace officer profession be they prison, sheriff's, men in blue etc. Often times the "punishment" for more serious offenses from not doing night count of bodies in prison to a lack of common sense is decided "in house" before a panel. One instance of a guy who would have a habit of leaving his side arm and rifle unsecured in public places. Common sense right so nobody steals them, public safety etc.Gun owners KNOW never to leave a loaded firearm on a chair unattended and walk away. 90% of the time the punishment is less than favorable. While most of the reprimand is reduction in pay and rank it can be harsh. A few have lost their homes. However, my take is they thought you were SOMEWHAT salvageable and let you keep your job and hopefully this "correction" will make you a better person. Otherwise the in house commission then hands it over to another body outside the department. If it gets there you have less than .01% chance of coming back. As was the case with the guy who had good book smarts but no common sense when it came to firearm safety. The department let him go after the third time. One can appeal outside via the courts but most of the time judges give wide latitude to these commissions.
  2. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I'll be right behind you doing that next week. Making that area which I refer to as "no man's land" a dog run for Lily. The rocks are from the last project about five years ago. I'll be taking out the drain like you have which I assume I have and installing one with a flat open grated drain.
  3. Did you see what I saw?

    Sorry I wasn't clearer. I WAS going to get it but this flu hammered me yesterday so I wasn't able to make the drive. Jim was a nice guy and understood. I had every intention of getting it but that wasn't yesterday.
  4. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Thanks. Hand washing #1. Also took Clorox wipes to all lights switches, door handles etc wherever my hands would touch. No tamiflu. Drinking around 32 oz an hour of juice, water, vitamin water, multi vitamins etc. It's a ridiculous amount of fluids but my body responds well to lots of fluids and from my experience kills the flu time in three days with lingering sniffle thereafter. You think I'd be running to the bathroom a lot. That's not the case which goes to tell you how much my body uses to fight the flu. It's crazy. My back is KILLING me from the coughing and outside of taking otc meds(which I normally don't like to do) it's one I haven't found a remedy for. Take care everyone. Stay healthy.
  5. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Daaaaaaaamn it. Finally caught the flu. I dodged, bobbed, weaved, zigged and zagged but it finally got me. Took care of the wife who still has it somewhat co-workers sick and have the chills as I write. Going to get some yummy Thai chicken soup delivered. Can't come soon enough.
  6. Did you see what I saw?

    This was good deal in Oregon I thought. $500. A little static for 2-3 seconds when shutting down otherwise a one owner pristine Mc. Would have been my first McIntosh audio gear. Unfortunately, it's in the next state over and this flu has tank rolled me so no driving for this ace. Maybe next time..
  7. RIP Stephen Hawking

    That I didn't know. Thanks
  8. Sansui G-22000 Monster receiver

    I agree with you. Unfortunately, I have 3 out for total restoration including a Marantz. To add another would be ridiculous.
  9. Sansui G-22000 Monster receiver

    LOL. Something like that. Although I'm 100% I would have made it there getting back into the house would have been TOUGH. Mighty kind of you and would have gladly paid the beverage tax. Thank you. But I'm sorta glad I didn't know. Haha. Well.....murpmhfrul... Umm....the speed limit of course! Oh man, thanks TasDom. I should have done that. Appreciate it. I'm hoping someone who picks it up shares some close-ups of it. While the price was VERY enticing it's the rust on the fin bolts, paint chipping and such that would have had me guarded for what's inside. It didn't live an easy life that's for sure.
  10. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Aside from his great mind which I admire for sure it was his ability to admit when he was wrong. That is the mark of a wise man. Under peer review on some theory of a black hole if memory serves right his colleagues pointed out an error. That's when I was impressed with him.
  11. Sansui G-22000 Monster receiver

    This is well past I'm-going-nuts-I-will drive-ten-hours straight kinda deal. This is 16hrs and 1800 miles. Just 1790 miles and 15 hours 50 minutes to far for me. https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/ele/d/sansuimonster-stereo-receiver/6528787892.html
  12. Unfortunately, this does not work with the wife.... Repeated Listening(to wife) Increases the Liking for (her) By Chris A, Friday
  13. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Speaking of Coffee, Cocktails & tables.... Went to an estate sale and this isn't something you see every day. An indoor bbq. I love seeing things like this.
  14. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Now I KNOW where Carl's Jr gets their "turkey" burgers they call chicken. I thought it tasted funny. Wild turkeys strutting through the drive thru. There was actually two and you can barely make out the tail of the other sticking out of the black car.
  15. New chapter in my life

    I can relate. I chose to work nights which allowed me to be with my wife and daughter at the most important times of the day. I come home at 7:30 whip up a quick coffee and "breakfast" for my two favorite girls and see my wife off to work while I take my daughter to school. Something about walking with her with her little hands in mine. It's only a short walk but I love it. Sometimes wife and I get to have lunch and off to sleep I go about 1-2pm. Then back up at dinner with them and off to work I go. It's hard on the body but it's worth every minute to be with them. My whole point is FAMILY FIRST. Guys at work want to go out and see an NFL game etc but you know if I had done that I have missed my daughter first rolling over or other milestones. They always have come first. I laugh as I have another twelve years to go and only if you knew what TYPE of people I have to deal with. Comedy, horror and the weird. Wife says "How was your day honey?" Not exactly dinner conversation so I'll reply "uneventful". It's better that way. Really.