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  1. In the course of my research into various Klipsch speakers I failed to see the date. Sorry about that.
  2. Rxonmymind

    Look what the cat dragged in..

    Late but Happy birthday! Cool wife.😎
  3. Rxonmymind

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    Actual!...Hey! I didn't make fun of your Bob Dylan did I? 🤣 Ok. Here you go try this on for size for "actual" music. We're talking bass here and I'll go slow... Oh and at NO time will the following two recordings hurt your speakers. It's mainly bass guitar and drums. A little ting ting but that's it. Not jarring screech or blasting tweeters. So have fun turn it up. Drum stop, No good by Peter Smith. The bass guitar is amazing. Gets down low. https://play.google.com/music/m/Trsgq37wcj7nc5jdhbrifec536q?t=Drums_Stop_No_Good_-_Steve_Smith Peter White Hit the road Jack nice... Turn it up! https://play.google.com/music/m/Txrd4i4j37zu7ymuhjeic3u3224?t=Hit_the_Road_Jack_-_Peter_White Here is not "actual" music but made by a band of monkeys...minus the rap & Nobel prize. Let go deeper into house/jazz club mix. Bass here.....20 seconds into the tune. The bass hit and keeps on hitting. Jazz, bass, horns hey life is good. No sissy "jazz" here! https://play.google.com/music/m/Tytvwpnmrmv76axyrckeesaobhi?t=Nothin_But_The_Blues_Original_Mix_-_SoDown That's it you get the idea. Bell's are capable of bass if you have the power. A bonus. A tiny bit of bass but the focus is on a beautiful, beautiful female vocalist. If I didn't know better she's using a tube microphone. Katie Melua. Sigh...This song REALLY shines on horns. https://play.google.com/music/m/Tcrodlygfmhcphnf2vg5csjntxu?t=Piece_By_Piece_-_Katie_Melua Cheers.
  4. Rxonmymind

    Belle’s placement/lack of bass

    You know, I keep hearing over & over that the Bell's lack bass. I've never had that problem hooked up to my Marantz 2500. It positively SLAMS my house. My wife comments that it sounds like the club. One caveat. It depends on the music. If the recording is some 60's rock(apologies to die hard oldies rock fans) then for the most part the bass is not emphasized as much as it is on today's music. I should ask how much bass are you looking for? Not all bass is created equal. If I put on house, EDM, Dub step music it'll down right shake the house. I mean damn, it'll shake the house! He'll, even the mid horns I can feel the vibration coming through. So I don't know what type of music people are listening too but there is no lack of bass with the Bell's. Even with "delicate" jazz recodings with double bass instruments such as on Lee Rittenour Six string theory cd (btw AWESOME CD if you are a guitar fan)some of the double bass is awesome and bass guitar with Stanley Clark is perfect. Maybe people are having their eq flat? I have mine one notch to the right which seems to feed enough bass. Oh and solid state only please.
  5. Great read & congrats on the score. Happy tunes! Cheers.
  6. Rxonmymind

    Klipschorns in the house

    Wow, those speakers seem to fit nicely there. Congrats.
  7. Rxonmymind

    Klipschorn listening distance

    Just tip the Khorns together so they are in an A configuration. Lay on your back & slide under that A. Turn volume UP. Enjoy! 😁 Math? This many feet, that feet... Pffffth...
  8. Rxonmymind

    New Klipschorn owner

    No experience with Khorns as I have Bell's. Just stopped in to say.... CONGRATS! Nice room btw.
  9. Rxonmymind

    Benjamin Miracord 750 II

    An absolutely beautiful turntable. Minor scratches on cover otherwise in excellent condition. No Knicks, chips or damage to any part of the TT. Let me know if the price is out of line. $265. https://photos.app.goo.gl/dzdOOqW9nB3PY9S82
  10. Rxonmymind

    Pony Express Central (Shipping Discussion)

    Anyone live on Maui? Looking to have some speakers dropped off at Fed ex & shipped. About the size of Realistic Mach ones. A tad smaller heavier. Seller doesn't want to ship Aloha.
  11. Coming soon.....Fortwalls😀
  12. Rxonmymind

    Klipsch R-14 M Wow!

    These little guys get down! I'm truly amazed by their sound. I was at a garage sale and for $20 I thought why not? They look brand new. I have them hooked up to my Marantz 2500. A little overkill but man, the bass is coming through better than I expected a little speaker should. In some cases better than a lot of 8" woofers I've had. Excellent imaging, timber and it's dead center. From 7' away I can feel the vibration from the bass traveling through the couch I'm on. That's not to be confused with bass "hitting" you. But what bass is coming through it blooms beautifully and full. My daughter said "it sounds like a big speaker". Yes it does honey. Rarely am I impressed with speakers performance. I think this is a first for 4" woofers. Klipsch & co. did an awesome job on these.
  13. Rxonmymind

    Polk RTA-15TL

    Ever get those fixed? How does the speakers sound?
  14. Rxonmymind

    Polk RTA-15TL

    Going to audition some this weekend. It was either these or the SDA SRS 2's. Thinking about it the WAF May tilt towards the 15TL.
  15. Rxonmymind

    KG 3.2's for mains, upgrade to 5.1 .

    I'm sure they are. Just got back from listening to them and they were much to bright for my liking. The grills we're also we're a bit too fuzzy for my liking. The search continues. Maybe I need to go higher up the food chain.