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  1. Daughter at Coronado beach.
  2. I'm in love! Oh man it's go BIG or go home time. I have 6' between my Bell's. I want it! Oh yeah, JOOP looks awesome!
  3. Absolutely. With variety you gain experience. I've heard Focals & Martin Logans and both had me scratching my head as they were to analytical when it came to speech. Words pronounced perfectly which had me asking myself "who talks like that?" Much like today's razor sharp tv. Nothing in nature looks that bladed. But some speakers have gotten to a point of such quickness it's become clinical. But who am I kidding even when I give praises of my Wharfedales Denton's upon listening to music. The artist & instruments aren't supposed to sound "rich, laid back, warm". Live music is hardly ever warm & rich or laid back. Some music, sure. But not a majority of them. With Klipsch, they allowed the artist to simply breath whenever they would sing. Uncolored. Same with musical instruments. Be it in an orchestra or live venue I hear reverberation. A mixing of instruments with the surrounding elements. Good or bad this is what Klipsch gives you effortlessly. I'll stay with my Klipsch Belle's for the foreseeable future . I'll tweak them here & there and will have to as components wear but they will always be Klipsch in my heart.
  4. Talked to an excon once.... What did you serve time for? "Growing" Hmm, where you from? "Humboldt county" Had a big operation? "No, but the Sheriff's son did"... I laughed.
  5. I AM mucho prime. Talk to the wife... might have another opinion.
  6. Yes. My wife.LUCKY ME.
  7. Celebrating our tenth anniversary. Booked ourselves in at the Embassy and had no idea the room we were going to get. Daughter was SO happy with having a balcony. Me too! USS Midway. God bless USA! WOOHOO.
  8. Dumb question. Being as I'm a newbie what exactly is bias adjustment? I've read some are automatic? Is this something you have to do with every tube amp? Does bias come "loose" after repeated on/off?
  9. Not alone. I have a Denon 3803 paired to Wharfedales Denton's that sounds pretty dang good. A tad mellow/laid back but detailed. Listened to it for a good hour and while the first half hour was a bit tight and not as holographic once up to operating temperature it displayed excellent musicality, bloom, and holographic sound. Imaging wasn't pin point accurate with just a tad bit of float. Otherwise a really good receiver. I can live with it. Denon makes good products. Downstairs in the living room right now the Bob Carver Sunfire cinema grand amp & pre sounds absolutely fantastic on the Bell's. Musical as all get out and non fatiguing. Been sitting here for about an hour after a LONG hard day of yard work. Don't want to move. Lol. Jazz sounds so awesome on Klipsch.
  10. Next time get the hand crank one or upgrade to the wind up one. Guaranteed not to break. Of course your arm might get tired... I too was worried about the bugs on first gen stuff so I'll wait.
  11. https://www.estatesales.net/CA/Montrose/91020/1563180?highlight=McIntosh#42917474 Anybody recognize the QC inspectors? Pretty cool.
  12. https://www.estatesales.net/CA/Montrose/91020/1563180?highlight=McIntosh#42917474 Anybody recognize the inspectors? Pretty cool.
  13. That's an insane amount of restore. The only way I'd do anything is if they were "Grandpa's" grew up listening to them and was told to come get them. Even then I'd hesitate. But being a realistic guy and not overly attached to sentimental things even then I'd probably pass. Sad.
  14. True Chris. But the same discipline applies I'd think. Reflections, size of room, seating area, is there a kids bedroom directly above the home theater room etc... Lucky for me I had a circuit judge dial in my system. Folks take it from two judges that reviewed my system. It's 80% dsp and 20% speakers. The most gains you'll get from any audio is correct calibration of sound or as they say tuning. Tuning, tuning, tuning. Get it? One can make average speakers sound REALLY good and I know a few who have sneakily done this in sound competitions and won. No small feat. So don't think you need to constantly upgrade your speakers. You don't. Try a good quality dsp and you'll think your average speakers are 5x the cost and you'll get 10x the enjoyment. For the record I have very good stock Pioneer speakers and have been willing to throw down another $3k in botique speakers. I went to the owner of one shop where I auditioned his speakers wanting to buy but he said " Let's go listen to what you have" bringing his CD. (The ONLY person who had ever done this.) After 10 minutes of listening he stated " A little low in the 6 khz but overall really good. I don't have anything to sell you that would dramatically improve your sound. Maybe 1 or 3% but you'd be throwing money for a small return" then he asked who dialed my system. I told him. He laughed and that same person taught him to be a sound competition judge. Talk about integrity. Turning down a sale. Get a DSP and pay a reputable company to dial it in. It'll blow your mind with what you have now.
  15. Dsp is almost "magic" in the way it works. I spent quite the $$$$ on my car audio sound system where the dsp alone was $1k. Here is the thing with dsp in my experience. It was able to raise the bass..wait for it...UP TO the dash. Yes, the mid bass from the car doors and bass from the back of the SUV was "moved" forward and up through slick computer trickery. All through time delays, bass management etc. I was blown away. The advantage of this was using LESS amplifier power as the music was dead center a bit to the right of you. Depth was unbelievable as the sound seemed all the way to the front of the hood. The dash became a concert hall which on occasion made me look, lol, as if I'd see the players on the dash. Music didn't have to be blasted. How accurate is it? On a CD with Ray Charles and Elton John I could"see" them shoulder to shoulder sharing the mic playing on the same piano in front of my dash. I could "see" a pianist playing it sideways while turning to the unseen camera to sing. (I searched for her video and blow me down that's EXACTLY how she was playing) Granted a sound circuit judge and one that teacher other in Northern California did the dsp work AND he happened to have the exact same vehicle as I did. Imagine his time & effort that he put in to dial in his system? Lol. Mine was plug & play. My point being dsp can bring HUGE audio gains like nothing else. Not correct speaker placement, exotic speakers, mega amps or silly cables. In my next home theater I'll have the same company out to dial it in and save on buying exotic speaker. Dsp is where it's at.