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Community Answers

  1. Lots of work for little reward, especially for HT.
  2. It is normal for impedance to vary with music. Dips can below 3 or up to well above 8. Most amp will push the 7"s without a problem. You will cause not only speaker damage but, damage to your ears. On my tube amp in a 20x20 room open to other spaces I rarely exceed 3 watts.
  3. The key point to remember is that Atmos speakers are not designed nor are FH speakers designed to standout. They are not meant to standout. The center and mains are the main show. Rear speakers will have a bigger volume influence.
  4. Two, the magic number. Chase the skirts for the poor running backs
  5. It is common to put some type of damping material in a sub. Just think, it is a box with styrofoam tuned to a certain frequency based on the driver. Simple to make and can cost an arm and a leg, lol.
  6. Buy an amp from China and have all the fidelity without the high price. Price does not equate to fidelity. A good used Mc Intosh will work if you like spending money.
  7. Tube rolling is interesting but, it has it's limits on fidelity.
  8. These amps are base on popular designs used in the U.S. and can be worked on if needed by qualifying technicians.
  9. I have a similar amp from China and have no regrets or need to spend more, since these are excellent.
  10. The above is not good advice. Yes, two subs will make the base response better in the room setup properly. The delay does not matter unless they are equal distance and the room is a perfect rectangle without non-symmetrical furnishings . I use multiple subs that are not the same with harmony. See graph attached to the post.
  11. Ceiling speakers should work very well. I have in-surround back in-wall and and ceiling speakers. They work great and replaced other Klipsch speaker that were not in-wall. My only regret is not doing the change earlier and saving some money.
  12. Get a pair of RF 7II or RF 7III and be done with it. You need not get another pair of speakers for the rest of your life.
  13. The amps from China are great but, if you are happy with the system, you are DONE!
  14. It is good to hear you are doing better. You have things under control with the deoxit!
  15. Time for a top ten shuffle.
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