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  1. I have some in-wall speakers and in-ceiling speakers. One of the in wall speakers is on a wall that is also a storage room. The in-ceiling speakers are in a drop ceiling. I have not noticed any lack of sound quality. I know of others that built special boxes to encase the speakers. You could always start without boxes and if you see a problem, add boxes as necessary.
  2. Just remember, these are small bookshelf speakers in a huge room and they are not suppose to be bass monsters, the sub is suppose to have that job!
  3. These are ported speakers. The insulation is not super critical. It can help with some cabinet resonance but, it is not a make or break deal. Push it back in there, up, down, left or right, no big deal as far as SQ at the 99 percentile. Adding spray adhesive is simple and cheap to hold down the insulation. It is not like Klipsch did anything different, lol.
  4. I can't tell anyone what they will like. The SC 99 does have some special filters to change the sound to a more warm sound, tube like and others. I have not used these filters and can't say how good they are. Pioneer is not about warm sound or other sound, it is like the old Yamaha, just a pure natural sound.
  5. Ignorance, let's start with a definition: anymore questions,....... What one more
  6. Due to phase issues, it is easier to have a front stage group and a rear group. I would set delays for each front or reas sub in the mini DSP. Then let autocalibration set a distance for each group.
  7. Since you can't exactly match the speakers, if in-wall are an option, get some ODS speakers. They may match well depending on the pre-pro. I have these in my signature and they don't miss a beat as far as timber and spl with the high sensitivity Klipsch. Simply, save the drywall cut out if you ever change your mind. In-wall sound just as good as the big bulky wall mount speakers and look better. I have had both and now have 8 in-wall.
  8. You have a large size room. You can set the speakers to 80Hz since you are using a sub. This will help with the bass.
  9. Atmos speakers have a limited passband of 100 Hz to 10 kHz. They are not suppose to produce a lot bass. They will give ambience and some overhead cues. They main function is for a more immersive experience. In-ceiling speaker work better is the tweeter can be angled toward the primary seating.
  10. Nice photo youthman, the depth of the speaker can be a big deal for some people. No matter how you put it, everything from the RF 63 make a big footprint.
  11. Which ever is the better bargin, the 83's or RF 7 package, grab it if it fits your budget and space.
  12. The EOT is just like any other movies. It has a one or two scenes that grade the rest of the movies. Itis an OK film at best. I will never shy away from a movies. If the system can't play any movie at reference, then I don't have a reference system. The system should handle a bit more than reference there should not be any discussion of a movie. The problem here was one on eight subs could have been glued down better. My system was design to be a reference system, no more, no less. As a reference system, it is not suppose to blow subwoofers, amp or any components at reference level. So, 0 MV should be something the system is calibrated to handle. Reference level does not mean un-godly loud. It is just a THX criteria for HT. We are all proud of our system but, can you meet the THX standards without making excuses. I don't mean this in a bad way but, it is quiet hard to achieve. Even with our high sensitivity speakers. THX HT require some extra effort.
  13. It is not as much of a question as if they are good subs, it is more about can the user integrated the subs. There are some bad subs but few and far between compared to the person integrating the subs.
  14. The Heresy will be better off the floor. A wood floor will have more reflections which could be a problem. The sub is fine and not supposed to standout. Welcome to the forum.
  15. I use a Rocket Fish form BB.