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  1. derrickdj1

    College football 2018

    OSU and Maryland was a thriller. Maryland is a very good football team. Go Bucks!
  2. derrickdj1

    Greg Roberts of Volti likes Border Patrol amps

    You are correct, Sir!
  3. derrickdj1

    The stock market crash of 10/24/2018

    Who is feeling this way today with another great crash? The last few crashes are due to US policy related to the US policy. Are you willing to take a big hit on current policy? A simple yes or no is all that is need. The crash will set you back 2 or 3 years. Wait, we got a tax cut, I call BS on all the help from the tax cuts. and would gladly give it up.
  4. derrickdj1

    R-115 Movies vs. Music

    There is already a fix. Give us more info on the room and gear. Some problems can be fixed by just a small rug or shifting furniture.
  5. derrickdj1

    R-115 Movies vs. Music

    Your source of music is ok, you have a reverb and standing wave problems. T!he gear is fine, the room is not!
  6. derrickdj1

    Forum member auditions my Jubilees

    Getting together with fellow forum members is a great way to spend time and enjoy part of the day.
  7. derrickdj1

    College football 2018

    Now, OSU will play the spoiler after loosing to Purdue. Michigan needs to win out to get into the top 4. I'm predicting OSU will drop to around number 12.
  8. derrickdj1

    College football 2018

    It's hard to loose a great player of his caliber but, the guy's behind him are 99% as good. OSU does not stop over one player: they just reload.. Go BUCKS!
  9. derrickdj1

    HH Scott 222c Power Tubes Issue....

    This stuff can be dangerous and working right for one or two day is no guaranteed. Be careful, except I don't know how to tell you to do it.
  10. derrickdj1

    College football 2018

    Looks like the last game in the Big Ten will determine who will be in the final 4 for the National Championship. The Big Ten Champ at the end of the season will stand on it's own merit with little questionable controversy.
  11. derrickdj1

    Greg Roberts of Volti likes Border Patrol amps

    Come on gent's. There are many amps that will sound just as good as these amps and save a few coins. The real question is how much should we pay for an amp paire to our horn speakers. It will vary by person but, the SQ will be fairly close to something 1/2 the price.
  12. derrickdj1

    Cheap Tube Amp Beats Pants Off Creek Integrated

    Don't fix it: there are to may newer tube amps on the market.
  13. derrickdj1

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    No opinion on this one, everyone fell asleep 30 min. into the movie.
  14. derrickdj1

    2 R-115SW's vs 1 SVS SB-16

    I want to say what Metro said!!!
  15. derrickdj1

    Preliminary test of MBM

    I should of define what a MBM (Mid Bass Module) is and who needs them. A mid bass module will cover the frequency range of 50-250 Hz. Why add a MBM? For some small rooms, there will be a null in the frequency range of the MBM. This is not correctable by EQ which is mainly used to bring down peaks and raise small dips. MBM will provide more chest thump and club like music tactile response. YYMV with employing a MBM so, they are not meant for everyone and may or may not be a good addition to a HT or music system. MBM are usually made with a 12 woofer. A subwoofer can be used but, cutting it off at 50 Hz is giving up a lot of what it was made to handle in HT. A MBM is placed different than most subs. These modules are commonly used nearfield with a delay to be in synch with the subwoofers. This is not a process done by ear and REW or Omni mic should be used or some other measuring system. It should be noted that many systems with adequate subwooferage may lack the chest thump due to a lack of mid bass caused by SBIR(speaker boundary interference). This SBIR can cause large dips or suckouts in some rooms. This can cause destructive interference between direct and indirect sound waves in the room. So, it is possible to have high spl at the MLP and miss the chest thump. In an ideal world, one would place 4 subwoofers at the mid point on the 4 walls, followed by on sub in each of the 4 corners as a second choice. I can't overemphasize that a truly optimal HT will have subwoofer in the front and back of the room if the wall mid points are not available. As a closing statement, we don't see many people on the forum complaining about the 8000 to 25 kHz range where there are few audible modal problems. I don't get caught up on which speaker is better or what avr I should buy because Klipsch has many offerings and there are an abundance of quality avrs. Proper setup is the key to making or breaking a system no matter what dollar amount has been spent. You can't buy quality sound without understanding what is going on in the room!!!