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  1. Broke a UM 18

    This next project needs to be very room friendly. I am not overly concerned about the warranty. Spring is coming and a coffee table design might be a nice option.
  2. Broke a UM 18

    These graphs are 20 ft. from the screen at the MLP. I am thinking about an end or coffee table build. Something near-field, far-field is covered by 3 of the other subs. Any ideas? The Deep Invaders are in the far-field. I don't need to go lower, just looking for creating a balanced system. I have already broke enough things in the house, lol.
  3. Broke a UM 18

    Well, I have damaged one of my precious UM 18 drivers. It is the one furthest away, 28 ft., from the MLP. I had previously had a full Marty or Deep invader in that position... The poor thing, Mini Marty, just was not the huckleberry to stand up to the task. The driver is still under warranty, should I pursue it or just stick with 7 subs. I can't say the HT misses a beat without it. Now, this could spur off another debate on how are the subs setup, gain matched, level matched, etc.. since none of the 8 subs are symmetrical. Then of course there are the I Nuke settings which can blow a driver. There are other methods to set the subs to a system in this case. Most are not widely known and are personal customizations.

    The 9 has stereo speakers, a dynamic camera that can change the apeture size. Point it at your dinner and it will give you a calorie count, lol. Not a must have but, if you are in the market for a new phone, Samsung is at the top of the list of over iPhone and Google Pixel.
  5. subwoofer

    There are to many to choose from. What size room, HT or music, type of music are all questions that need answering before recommending a sub.
  6. Pairing RC-64iii with RF-7ii

    Auto EQ on a good avr should match the sound . If not, get a better avr, lol.

    I have the Galaxy S8 which is a bada*& phone and heading to the store tomorrow for the S9. IMHO, these are the leading phones even though I can't get the wife from keeping the iphone and the Galaxy S8.

    Time to get a new phone, lol. The Galaxy S9 is now out.
  9. Cinema F20 Built - Walnut Veneer

    Semper Fi, you go marine. We love build projects!
  10. Dual SVS SB-2000 review

    Congrats Wuzzer! Those should put a bump in things, lol. Enjoy, my friend!
  11. INUKE setup help

    With allow volume, check the wiring and make sure you are at a 4 ohm load. The HST 18 is 2000 watts RMS. You need to extract everything from the I Nuke to come close to meeting the RMS. Send me a PM if you need help with the DSP/PEQ. This is not to say you need to max everything out for the room size of the HT. It should perform well without being at extremes. Balanced connection delivers a lower total power output in many cases depending on the associated gear.
  12. Picture quality: projectors vs. TVs

    If I could have a projector in every room, that wood be the way to go... You don't have lighting problems with good projectors and screens. They can be a less costly venture. BenQ all the way!
  13. Sub with foam surround

    It most likely won't do any harm. A good bit of time on the net will lead you to some good products to protect meatal, wood, veener, rubber and whatever else is in the system.
  14. Why don't most people care about good sound anymore?

    Part of this discussion have been debated before. One thing, is the way we listen. We listen in the car, bus, train, shower, on the fly, etc. I use the Echo and it is just so easy to say, Hey Google, some jazz or piano music.
  15. I'm a Believer! (another cable story)

    All cable problems should be reviewed by this guy: