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Community Answers

  1. Redo the entire setup! The power things unless it is truly and outside power problem, most folks don't need power conditioners except to have a fancy power strip. Looks good but, no Improvement in the real world. To get better sound, new amps, speakers and room Tx's. Anything less is playing in the sand at the park.
  2. The OldChen amps sound nice but, the fixed bias is a problem and necessitates opening the amp with power tube changes to readjust the bias due to possible amp damage.
  3. You have your work cut out. I look forward to the restoration.
  4. Waiting years for an amp, this is really funny since there are so many other options.
  5. New toys and the fun of integrating a great system, enjoy!
  6. Free speech also has it consequences. This is a audio forum and other matters should be on other social media! The forum has places for social talk, recipes, music, pics, etc.
  7. I like the new nearfield projectors that can sit on a conso! Next to the wall and. project 100-120 image crystal c!ear. The near field projector is located up front. You can use it for regular TV.
  8. For today's lunch : Salmon Asian/Indian Tikka masala over rice. Very tasty for a fish and rice dish!
  9. Lots of nice gear. Some pic's would help with sale. Good luck.
  10. The question is not which tube to build an amp around, rather the design and execution. 300B, 2A3 and the other mentioned amps types can all be nice. Demo some amps is the best way or make it run multiple tubes.
  11. The Marantz NR 12 may be a consideration: https://www.amazon.com/Marantz-NR1200-2-Channel-Bluetooth-Automation/dp/B07V6GV8XD?th=1
  12. Good luck with the quick sell.
  13. Those speakers will be gone in nano seconds at $1,500, old crossovers or not.
  14. Low wattage amps are enough power for a lot of Klipsch users due the the high sensitivity of the speaker and size. It is like a sports car, just because it can most people won't be running their system that hard toward clipping. With room gain of easy 10 db, there is some free headroom. .
  15. Yes, the gain in switching produces more output from the amp and first perceptions are the the increases in volume/gain may be laperceived as better but, longer listening ends with fatigue due to the Hi's im many cases. Ultralinear delivers more power and promises no more. Tubes that are meant for pentode or beam triode will work well in most systems. All the ultralinear amp that I read and know about have more power in ultrilinear mode. The power tube is used entirely different than in tirode mode. The KT 88 pair can produce nearly 100 watts even pushing low ohm speakers..
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