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    Happy B-Day dtel. Another year of wisdom gained.
  2. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    I would recommend getting an Omnimic or use REW as a guide on the setting up a delay. If the avr has auto EQ this may be all you need, as far as, delay.
  3. Klipsch Speaker Placement for surrounds and Atmos

    I would put the surrounds no less than 3 ft. above ear level. These are horn speakers and the directivity will get to you if placed to close to the ear. The question on Atmos needs so more info. Is the ceiling drywall or possible a title drop ceiling? What is the ceiling height? You can always start with the 140s on top of the speakers and see how it sounds.
  4. Jumping from Spendors to Klipsch and NEED HELP

    45 watts is plenty for all the above mentioned Klipsch speakers. I use a 45 watt tube amp and have never thought about needing more power in and very large room. I am like some of the other guys, Forte all the way. You won't need a sub with CW or the Forte speakers.
  5. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    It comes down to what tickles your boat. Forte, Chorus and CW are all great speakers and I would be happy to have any of theme.
  6. We all need a little reverb. The world is not a perfect audio room and we are use some of the audio abnormality. To get rid of all of it will make the sound un-natural and not necessarily sound sound better. Rooms need to fit a natural sound and not sterile.
  7. NCAAF

    One thing about all the greats in sports, they stayed off the injury list and remained somewhat healthy.
  8. You have an awesome system ellis. This sounds like a job for an equalizer or room treatments. The equalizer is would be my first choice for simplicity.
  9. Hurricane Irma 2017

    It is not just the impact but, the aftermath. No one in their right mind wants to be within 30 ir 50 miles of the disaster. There will be no power, no gas, no food or drinking water. Food and water we need for basic survival.
  10. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    I have heard both system for music and have played the game between SS and tubes. I have yet to declare one over the other for 4 to 5 years. I would say do both like I do. The first thing you need to understand, spending more does not mean better. The Klipsch folks are savvy to this concept. Pair your gear properly and you will be happy.
  11. All of you will think I'm crazy!

    Most of the talk about speakers being good or bad is just thrash. Not to say some are made from better parts, etc. The key is pairing things together. The ultimate test is if you like it. Nothing else matters.
  12. Klipsch 140SA Placement

    Then just follow the Dolby guidlines and be prepared to go from .2 to .4 if necessary. I have a feeling you will be fine.
  13. NCAAF

    I am a Big Ten fan and it does not matter which team as a chance for the National title. if it is a Big Ten team, I'm 100% behind them. I don't know how high you can take this but, the SCC , SEC , PAC 12 and all have great schools and this needs to be kept in perspective. They all are producing America's future and have great programs. This is not about sports and just a friendly rivalry in a schools extra curricular activity to make things more exciting for the young people representing that school.
  14. Klipsch 140SA Placement

    Is there any option of in-ceiling speakers? This gives the most flexibility on setting up an Atmos system in a family room.
  15. Hurricane Irma 2017

    Fellows, none of these things coming our way are good and should not be taken lightly. These storms of 2017 are monsters and Jose is right behind Irma. This will be a devastating hurricane season. I was in Puerto Rico 6 months ago and that Island paradise will not be the same experience for a longtime. The upcoming devastation marks an historic hurricane seans that has a later half to it. Stay safe my friends and get out of harms ways. No second guesting mother nature, she does not loose!