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  1. Are you looking to get everything brand new? Will this preamp ever be used for multichannel operation? I know we are in the 2 channel section but, some people like a little wiggle room to play SACD or bluray concerts in multichannel formats.
  2. Remember, all we are doing at this stage is amplification and no one has the market on this. Better yet is the preamp and what it is doing with the sound and sound being reproduced. Forget that I'm a purists stuff, I use direct or pure on the avr. What is happening in your room is the real thing . I am not the one to tell you that I have it right or am remotely close. To this day in my audio knowledgel, there is no perfect speakers. Yes, your K horn, jub , Palladium or RF system. This does not mean you can't get dramatic SQ and performance out you're system for a great sound. Do your part and the system will reward you. Yes, I did not blame components, It is on you!!! There are even good reasons that the Heritage have three drivers over two. Why are we concerned over how many drivers are needed to get the sound right, It is about the total system performance, otherwise we can dive down into one spec over another spec and never get to the true song.
  3. Some of our guys are giving to much to amplification. Yes, the old gear is good and even better once serviced. There is nothing particular magic on amplification. If the amp can meet output demands and transients without significant coloration, it is an good amp. Do you have to have everything replaced, no!. I have first hand heard some of the older Mc units, superb to say the least and every bit worthy of their praise. Is this better than current gear, name your product. That is the fair way. They are hard to beat and people that choose thist way, I have a hard time finding fault with their decision. Vintage gear can be very good, the question is are you ready to get it up to reasonable spec.
  4. This movie made me feel good not to have been in the infantry.
  5. I have a hunch those electrons are moving faster than the speed of sound.
  6. rf-7

    You will end up liking both speakers and go thru months of back and fourth comparison, lol.
  7. You are right in that a bit more care is needed for setup. Now, the part about one bad recording, I have a different perspective. If your music collection is large enough, then you have a few bad recordings. These are easily recognized and just aren't played much. I don't question the whole system or start a hunt for new gear.
  8. Running the speakers Large with the sub may cause some phase problems and cancellation.
  9. The Zags are in the final 4 UNC, SC and Oregon!
  10. I think you are fine with a bias setting of 0.4-0.5. Just listen and see if things sound then near 0.4 and go up from there. If you stay in the bias range, the amp and tube life should be fine.
  11. Yes, I was thinking place the Dolby enable speaker on top of the the front, side or rear surround. Others on the forum that the enable speakers work well. I have an RF 7II system and the surround and Atmos speaker have similar power handling that you mentioned. They are strong enough speaker for that role. What avr are you using?
  12. I have that DAC in the AVR and I like it. Now, the 2 ch system is just the integrated amp and BDP running the show. It is every bit as good as the dual Sabre DAC's in the AVR. I just like the Samsung BDP's since all the TV are Samsung and they go well together. The Pioneer BDP has great PQ and SQ but, is slow and app limited. It is sitting in a box, lol.
  13. Dave, I was not suggesting changing the bias. All of our amps have various bias settings for optimal operation. Mines is basically an EL 34 amp and the manufacture has a bias range for the EL 34 and 6CA7 printed on the top of the amp where the adjustments are done. The type of tubes that can be used for each slot is also printed in the chassis next to the tube slot. They made it super user friendly. The KT 77 in many amps use a bias of 0.4 to 0.5. The setting of 0.45 that you had the amp should be in the right ball park.
  14. Run away, it is a capable amp. At some point replace a few small caps, check the glue on the board and speaker connects and enjoy!
  15. I am the same way. My wife did not like where I had things placed in the man cave furniture wise but, I told her, you kicked me out of the family room and said do whatever I want in the basement. Like it or not, the basement is just me for the decor and things. She would not come down for a while when I refused to change around somethings. But, she came around. She has the run on most of the rest of the house and I get the outdoors for a constellation prize. Stand you ground no matter how soft it is, lol.