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  1. Any interest in an Chigoland GTG

    Unfortunately my ealth has not been up to snuff but, most of audio recommendations on subwoofer and HT remain the same. Get quality gear and you can't go wrong for the most part.
  2. The focus would be on just 2 channel set stuff, amps speakers and what ever else I will be the first to tell you that I don't have enough speakers and would need the support of all our Chicagoland guys and reach out to Metro in Kentucky to help out with some of the newer Klipsch offerings. What will be needed is amps, avr's, transport like BDP's and etc. I will reach out to many high end dealers for the event. Just gagging interest.
  3. 2018 Film Screening

    Using subwoofer is good in an HT setup but, will never reach what mother nature can leash out. Subwoofer and the force generated just can't replace certain real phenomenon.
  4. Interconnects vs speaker wire

    For the most part, the interconnect won't change you sound much unless they are the worst in the world. The key to the best sound will be gear synergy, setup and source. I have both and cheap and expensive and no real difference. Proper setup will get the most bang for the buck. The cheap RCA, HDMI cables have no more noise than the more expensive ones. out Toe in or out of speakers by just an in can make or break the SQ and fatigue, imaging, or soundstage... A good tube amp can be invaluable in a multipurpose system.
  5. The 12AT7 swap for the 12AX7-Impression

    just an update, the amp has adjusted to the 12AD7 tubes and starts right up. No real warm-up period needed. I just love this amp and the sound. I know many of our members use tubes with Heritage speakers but, this has to be considered one of the best options for RP or the older Reference line. The amp truly brings out the best in the speakers and all the power needed by the RP or Reference line! Just getting into the higher watt usage and it is just great. Nothing lost switching to the higher power mode. I don't do more that a few watts most of the time but this thing sounds good at 40 or 50 watts. I just can take the high volume and over 100 db for to long.
  6. What would do...

    I won't comment on Jubs or the Khorns since I've never heard either one. I will tell you one of the best experiences that I had was a system with LaScalas, out board eq and sub. I said to myself that day, It would be darn near impossible to beat this at any price range. The room size should a big determinant in the final choice.
  7. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    Corey, you words are so true. The Hi's getting to people has been a long term problem with some of the Klipsch offering. I will pu it on my short list for the up coming year to hear some of the new speakers. Your insight is always a nice touch!
  8. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    I have noticed several thread related to the new RF 7 III, Forte III and so on, All claim that the past speakers were flaw and the sound was considered objectionable by a large number of listeners. It is truly amazing that Klipsch has lasted this long with a product that everyone seems to not like. It can't just be the made in America things or, are the number of complainers that large compared to the people that like the Klipsch sound. There are plenty of other brands for those folk to pick from.
  9. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    Pure eliminates most EQ and is close to no EQ. These avr's cost a lot because of the auto EQ programs. Why buy it to just disable. My point is that it may not be the best EQ program for some brands of speaker. Auto EQ programs have be hard to judge because they will work better with some speakers compared to others. I am on the major Pioneer forums and just don't see the complaints. We all know synergy of the gear can make or break a system. People can pick what they think is a good match for their systems.
  10. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    Excellent deal. You should feel good about your choice and be ecstatic with the sound performance. I find most people that claim fatigue or excessive brightness have Auddysee based systems. They turn on auto EQ, use pure direct and other things. You just don't see these problems on the the Pioneer forum of the same degree. Matting the speakers with the gear is a necessary thing. Not saying Auddysee is bad but, when you have to cut off or not use certain features, the gear and speakers may not be in synergy. Auddysee is consider a great or the best correction system with which speakers? I am not bashing it but, you just don't hear the same thing from MCACC users. I don't use direct or pure direct. Good old stereo for 2 ch is enough. I have tried them but, after hours of testing, it is not needed. Good luck with the system and enjoy!
  11. Forte III listening fatigue

    Why buy Klipsch, just find a speaker you like. Gee, that's never occurred to anyone? Most people buy a speaker because they like the sound. Some buy them to totally redesign them. There has got to be a better way.
  12. Internet slowing down on several sites

    You guys are missing the point, this internet change is setting the consumer back but, maybe the tax cuts will give you extra money pay to some internet services. I remember the old days when there were multiple tiers of service. The government has a lot more important things to do than be involved in internet pricing.
  13. Need To Chose Between RF-7II And III

    I will certainly try to hear the new speakers. The new horn and ports does make a significant design change. I can listen to the RF 7 II's for hours and don't find them harsh or fatiguing. The room they are in is treated and with the Pioneer MCACC correction, the sound is excellent. Auddysee may not do as good a job. You just don't know what someone will like. I had the original RF 7 mod and reversed it. So, I may like a little brighter speaker.
  14. I have been extremely bad

    just visiting the post again to see the nice gear and setup,Wow!!!!
  15. lets see YOUR two channel setups

    I seen your post in the past and it is the #1 system over time and true Hi Fi! You get all my kudo's to a job well done!!!