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  1. Leave auto features active It uses minimal energy and protects the amp somewhat. 🌝
  2. derrickdj1

    R-112 sw

    It should go a bit lower: keep both IMO.
  3. The RC 64III will offer a bigger sound stage compared to the 4500 center. I use an ext. amp for the front speakers and atmos speakers and use the avr for rest of the speakers. I have been know to run the system to 0 or the max. 😞
  4. I have not read any post on using an electronic XO and measurements to align the drivers. Using a passive XO system results in the excess energy from the amp dissipating in heat. The tweeter needs very little power compared to the woofer. I've tried it and switched back to one wire of a nice gauge and sold the extra amp, he, he.🤑
  5. I would use a XO of 100-80 Hz with all speakers set to small if using a sub. These are small speakers should work well with a XO around 100-80 Hz.
  6. It depends on how loud you listen. the room is considered large but, I don't think that is a big problem since you are using a sub. Send pics for a clearer understanding of the space. Speakers should be set to small when using a sub.
  7. Set the speakers to small if that has not been done and do a sub crawl for best placement of the sub.
  8. An isolation pad cuts out vibrations, it will not control sound traveling thru walls, floor and ceilings
  9. Just use one avr.
  10. The speakers are not to large but, should form a triangle equidistant to the main seat. The seat should be off the back wall near the 1/3 mark of the room.
  11. They should work well in the back of the room. Good luck.
  12. I am an OSU fan and wish Michigan would get back to the status of Michigan teams of the past. It is not much of a rivalry over the past 10 years.
  13. Sorry to hear of the lost to your family. May she RIP. Prayers sent.
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