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  1. Free 6N1 tubes.

    I have some 6N1 preamp tubes that I don't need. No charge!

    I had this same experience. One of the midrange horns has a more vertical vs the other with a more horizontal pattern of dispersion. For most people this won't make a big difference IMHO.
  3. La Scalla speakers

    We don't see LaScala post often in the subwoofer forum, he, he.
  4. RC 64ii

    I used an RC 64 with RF 7 and RF 7 II's. The 64 was made for the RF 63 and 83. I use Pioneer Elite avr's and have not had problem with timer matching. I would say try it, especially if you may upgrade the mains later. You are on the forum often enough over the past several years, that this is most likely not the system that you will live with for the rest of your days, lol. A good avr's should be able to EQ the front 3 speakers without a problem.
  5. I have been thru what you are talking about with several vintage SS amps. I use the Yaquin MC S 13 with my speakers and really like the combination. The Yaquin amp are good looking and reliable. They are from China but, are audiophile grade and with high quality parts. http://wallofsound.ca/audioreviews/amplification/review-yaqin-mc13s-stereo-integrated-amplifier/ This is my second Yaquin amp. They are simple to operate and basically maintenance free. I have had this amp next to $2-7k amps and just smiled when it was compared to the more expensive amps.
  6. damsel in distress. can i mix reference lines?

    Hi Ella, both avr's will do fine. I have a Sony 5.1 avr, 100 watt, that has been going strong and sounding great for years Both of these avr's are considered entry level and I would get the one with the features that I like.
  7. Klipsch RF7II Speaker Pairing

    I am not sure it is all the amps problems. It sounds like some major room impact on what is going on with the sound. Reflections, cancellations, phase and other problems. Changing amps may improve things a bit but, is not the best way to actually fix the sound. Quality of the RF 7 II with a sub is highly dependent on optimal sub location. Yes, there are excellent amps from China also. Yaquin makes great looking and performing amps.
  8. The klipsch RF-10

    It is commonly recommended to set all the speakers to small. There are few exceptions to the rule if the sub is appropriate for the system. Should I Set My Speakers to Large or Small?People always ask this question. The answer is very simple. If you own a subwoofer that outputs good bass sound, you should set all your speakers to SMALL. In general, if you own a subwoofer, it may be wise to set all your speakers to small for several reasons: When there is an overlap of bass sound from the front speakers and the subwoofer, you will get bloated and boomy bass. A subwoofer can play low frequencies all the way down to 20Hz or lower. Even relatively large front speakers cannot go that low. The placement of a sub in a room is the primary factor in receiving good bass sound. You cannot adjust the position of the front speakers and move them to the side or back. If the subwoofer and the front speakers play the same bass frequencies, there will be a possibility of phase cancellation of certain bass frequencies. Redirecting the bass to the subwoofer relieves the receiver/amplifier from having to work on reproducing the low frequencies and this greatly improves the headroom. If you are using the Audyssey MultEQ calibration, you will get much better bass performance because the MultEQ subwoofer filters have 8x higher resolution than the filters for the other speakers. People have a psycological difficulty with the word SMALL. http://forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=95817
  9. The klipsch RF-10

    Sounds like you are putting an HT together. Congrats! Add a sub or two and the avr will use even less power.
  10. Are these to cheap: Primeluna Prologue Classic, Line Magnetic 211 A, Audio Space AS 3i, Antique Sound Labs AQ 1003 Mark II DT No mention on only SS in the OP so, I listed some tube amp from around $1,400 to $2,400.
  11. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    When dialing in 4 or more subs, the front and rear set of subs may need to be treated sub1 and sub 2 on some avr's and then adjust XO and PEQ setting for optimal playback.
  12. Speaker Cable Symmetry

    How about 285, 000, 000 meters /sec as a good round number for 12g wire at 10 amps. A few feet, well, it is just a few feet.
  13. A budding audiophile!

    So, this is how to get a warmer sounding amp, lol.
  14. more RF-7III pics

    The veneer looks great. The 7 III's looks like a real winner!
  15. Forte II vs RP280FA for movies

    I had Forte with the RF 7 II and 7 I's. They were so close that I came to a decision to there was no need for both. I went with the Reference line and have not looked back and have no regrets. The Forte I and II are great speakers but, it is easier to just get a total package withthe Reference or RP line. This way you don't have to worry about XO upgrades, driver ware or cabinet problems.