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  1. No, but I'll give you a fist bump for the post, Bill. 🤨 I'm sure the reason these gems are still available is due to the LOCAL SALE restriction. Oh well...
  2. Medical cannabis didn't help relieve my back pain. I even had a card when I lived in CT.
  3. I say high five to you, brother. Your strong will is a blessing. I've had a wheelchair strapped to my *** for 18 years now and my back was destroyed after the fifth year. Docs offered up the opioids then and I declined. OTC and topicals are as far as I go for pain management. It helps to have a high threshold... Be well, my friend.
  4. @Oicu812 - Thank you! @willland - 'Zactly and thanks!
  5. Sorry for the crappy pics. My cellphone is garbage.
  6. SEE PICS BELOW Pick up outside of Louisville (40165). I can't ship these. I bought these 6/2014 from a forum member. They were pristine then and haven't changed a bit. My terms are simple and straight forward: -email me at ironic831atgmaildotcom to secure your place in line in the event that there are multiple interested parties. -Payment is your preference of a)Cash b)local bank check -I'm not a slug. Verify that with any forum member I've done deals with to date. I do everything I say I will do and I do it in a timely fashion. Your funds will be promptly and cheerfully refunded if you're unhappy with the item's performance. -This transaction requires that both parties make an effort to complete the deal. If you're unsure of your own commitment to make that effort, don't even bother. You'll just be wasting both of our time. Now is the time to ask any questions. Post in this thread or via the email address above. Klipsch Forum email and PM's are difficult for me since my disability makes typing a chore. Use ironic831atgmaildotcom and give me your phone number so we can discuss any questions or auditions at your convenience. Thanks for reading. -Ron
  7. Here's a current image. (For whatever reason it's upside down... use your imagination)
  8. iRONic

    What I Got Today!

    R-4B Soundbar for the bedroom - $149 https://www.cnet.com/products/klipsch-r-4b/review/ The grandson got:
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