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  1. All I can add to the thread as an BGE owner is my experience and some pics. I start every cook with a full load of lump charcoal. I've never had to add charcoal during a cook yet and my longest brisket took 14 hours. If I do steaks I just shut the fire down and I'm good to go next cook by topping off the charcoal. All this smoking is done under a PAIR OF KPT-101s!
  2. Devastating news!! RIP, Dave. Heartfelt condolences to the family and his friends.
  3. Nice. Another local distillery to visit. I'm 20 minutes from there.
  4. I finally tried a celebrity alcohol; https://www.heavensdoor.com/whiskey I don't drink blended bourbon unless the mashbill is known. So I bought the Double Barrel Whiskey for $45. Not terrible but a typical oakey, kind of vanilla-ish palate. Easy to drink at 100 proof though. I may try their bourbon if they ever publish the blend sources. I live in Kentucky, 2 miles off the Bourbon Trail. I'm in bourbon heaven, the best stuff is right outside my door!
  5. Because JH needs another avenue to rehab...
  6. I went through this too. Started with a 10" Klipsch downfiring sub, added a 12" Klipsch DF a year later. Sub-crawled and re-positioned for months but the results were underwhelming. My budget finally allowed for a pair. I got two of these SVS. DO IT YESTERDAY!
  7. I bought this RCVR. Here's the 411; -James did what he said he would do. -He did it when he said he would. -The packing was bombproof. Thank you, sir.
  8. So sorry to hear about this. RIPower supply, Bob.
  9. iRONic


    I mean, the guilty person paying the ultimate price doesn't sound like it would ease my pain a single bit. That isn't restitution in my mind and restitution isn't all that important to me anyway. I prefer the saying "Justice without mercy isn't justice." If we were to be just, we would absolutely kill a man for killing others. Justice isn't colored by emotion or by sympathy. It's simply a reaction to an action. A balancing of the scales. Something has been taken, so something must be given of comparable value. A life for a life. Mercy, though, is different. There can be justice without mercy, but no mercy without justice. In a way, mercy adds emotion to justice. It sees in each accused more than just their crime, but parts of them that are human. That feel and think and dream. And even the most evil among us do these things. I don't know which system I want in place. But if we wanted justice, we would kill the man. If we want mercy, we would not.
  10. Jimi had the chops but Beck's body of work is epic. If Jimi had lived...
  11. Vinny's no slouch either. Just sayin...
  12. Dr. Birx reaction: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1253482576699969537
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