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  1. Jimi had the chops but Beck's body of work is epic. If Jimi had lived...
  2. Vinny's no slouch either. Just sayin...
  3. Dr. Birx reaction: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1253482576699969537
  4. My wife brought home the cleaning supplies, non-perishables, and baking essentials. I was in charge of medications...
  5. Looks like I'm out on these items. I need a phono stage in an A/V. GLWS Evan.
  6. No, but I'll give you a fist bump for the post, Bill. 🤨 I'm sure the reason these gems are still available is due to the LOCAL SALE restriction. Oh well...
  7. Medical cannabis didn't help relieve my back pain. I even had a card when I lived in CT.
  8. I say high five to you, brother. Your strong will is a blessing. I've had a wheelchair strapped to my *** for 18 years now and my back was destroyed after the fifth year. Docs offered up the opioids then and I declined. OTC and topicals are as far as I go for pain management. It helps to have a high threshold... Be well, my friend.
  9. @Oicu812 - Thank you! @willland - 'Zactly and thanks!
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