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Community Answers

  1. Gone How much were they asking? Pictures? Anyone here grab them?
  2. I didn't read where anyone said anything like that. I have read where the CDV, Mayo Clinic, and Hopkinsmedical all agree how the flus and colds are spread.
  3. Might be that a lot of people have stayed in, distanced and finally started washing their paws.
  4. Glad to hear that, I didn't know. I had to backspace out of a comment I almost posted.
  5. Yes and sorry for contributing to the thread drift.
  6. Let me know the next time you have a . for sale. Dots are the bomb. 🤪
  7. I sent him a link that was of someone who was banned, and you see his reaction. Sometimes I just have to lol.
  8. So much for trying to help... no good deed goes unpunished lol. All I did was politely relay to you what the consensus is about commenting in the Garage Sale section and provided this link. At no time did I tell you what to think or say, did I? Please keep posing, it helps members to get to know you.
  9. Agreed. A lot of noise about people being required to show vaccination papers to enter public. There is not a lot of information about how well people who have antibodies due to already recovered are fairing with the polymutants. From what little I read, it seems that most who have recovered are having less severe reactions.
  10. It seems that, as the good Dr. F said, most people are going to get this variant, including the fully vaccinated. Im glad that it doesn't seem to have the resulting number of deaths and hopefully will help with everyone's natural immune systems. A mandate that allows fully vaccinated people to blindly go to work, unchecked and requiring unvaccinated to be tested weekly and sent home for a positive result sounds like a half baked plan.
  11. And it was fun. 😎 <edited> Without changing the caps for each different tweeter, the results would not let each tweeter sound like it could & should. I can say that I like how smooth and detailed Dave's tweeters sound, including on the 250s. I have some L MAHL on the MCM1900.
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