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  1. Many times I have had to sit on my hands at jiggly bars the whole time I was there, but those times pale in comparison to the past couple of weeks. Happy for you both.
  2. Label say Oak, that's what I'm going with. Probably the think layer is stuff they rubbed on them has almost completely covered the grain.
  3. Good for you. You might start a WTB thread in the Garage Sale section to see who has what you need. I almost needed a woofer for mine a few years ago and there was at least one person who had one.
  4. Ribbed and goes deeper. We can call these woofers the Trojan series.
  5. SMH.. Pictures of Jill's Khorns.....we need pictures? 😎
  6. When I was designing my house, I spaced and placed windows and walls to have corners to accommodate Khorns. The contractor I hired to nail the sticks together thought I was a bit crazy for worrying about that. Good thing it was built before buying the MCM1900, it would confirm his thought of me.
  7. Nothing a lawyer can't fix. 🤪 Hate it for anyone who wanted these and missed them. Best thing about is that there are more, hang in there.
  8. +1 on the outside. I suspect it sounds a lot better due to less echo, the sound travels away in the ultimate sound trap... but I'm not sure of that. I agree that outside listening is great. I want to move my MCM outside for a listen.
  9. And rotated the background 😉 I keep meaning to put mine back in rotation. Haven't heard them in 2 years.
  10. They do look good.
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