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  1. Not sure about the Heresy being a center for HT, but, from my understanding, the Heresy, then the Cornwall were made to be centers for the Khorn. I have had a pair of Heresy mated with a pair of Cornwall. The two pair played nicely together, it was like what one was missing, the other made up for it.
  2. I have have (had) the RF83 and RF63, but not the RF7. The Forte II might be better for 2 channel listening. As Ceptorman pointed out, the center will match the RF7 and that's another reason that they might be better for HT.
  3. Moving the Forte might bring out what's inside of them: magic. The Forte are very balanced and can present a sound stage that lets the speakers disappear. Them being trapped between cabinets might be a factor. As far as the db difference, I am not surprised. The 2 ten inch have more cone area for moving air and the Fortes are trapped. If you moved the RF7s out of the way and moved the Forte in / out / toe in / then out and tinker with their placement, you might get to experience their magic.
  4. I would have to eat something else.
  5. I thought about stopping to pick that receiver up when I was passing through STL about 6 weeks ago. It was cold, the rain was pouring down, was ~ 11:30 pm and I was riding a motorcycle I had just bought in Salt Lake City.... Don't give up on me yet, I'll get out there again, some day. Okay, uncle, I yield ... I'm going to have to build a pair of these. Your setup looks great and I bet that it sounds just as good.
  6. Nope. Missed out on a little bit of the good ones keeping the trolls out and a lot of knowledge that was being freely shared.
  7. BTW, I said something very similar to that a few years ago.
  8. To me, they're not. @wvu80 might tell us what the averages for each are.
  9. If someone here gets it, he or she might try for the Yamahas too, if they're not the MM. If they are the NS1000, they hold their value pretty well.
  10. Yes, I have seen them both ways. The ones I seen with 12" were EV coax.
  11. I can't believe that, has scam written all over it. A 10 year wedding anniversary, yes, that's believable.
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