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  1. New tweeters from @Dave A made a large improvement to my system. They made the highs sound a lot cleaner, so much so that I bought a second set for some other speakers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224152702930?hash=item34308acfd2:g:6jcAAOSwBF5d5TWS
  2. My first and favorite, at the time, was a 1977 280Z. It handled great and had a top speed that was only surpassed by the idiot who was driving.
  3. The KLF30 are some real rockers... maybe refreshing them might be all that's needed. No room for Khorn. Since you have subs, how about LaScala? I would like some Cornwall 4.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/BULLET22/videos/10220080228928963 ^ Must have sound ^
  5. Bought a motorcycle out west on ebay, flew out and rode her home. My longest push was from eastern Kansas to home. Left in a lot of light rain and heavy Kansas cross winds to heavy rain through STL, both took a lot more time. Left at 7am and got home at 3am, but at least it wasn't a Jeep. 🤪
  6. Not likely, and if I don't stop taking on more work I'll not even get to listen to them. The veneer on the cabinets is not perfect, but there isn't any any deep damage. They are candidates for restoring if I had time... and I would have more time if I stopped buying more lol. I just now agreed to move and set up some machinery for a veneer mill, so I have access to the materials and at the right price.
  7. Yeah, I remember you telling about you talking about taking your LaScala with you to your retreat and how well they sound outside. These and the CII were both BR, until someone painted them. I have never had cane grills before, but now I do, except they fell victim to a rattle can paint job.... and, on one, the badge was glued on the wrong end of the grill.
  8. Glad I don't have that problem. Inside, I can rock the MCM1900 for all I can stand without anyone hearing them, they are that far away. Outside, the LaScala will be heard by the the neighbors, I hope they enjoy it. If I can ever build a detached garage, where I can put the MCM, they will be rolled to the doorways so I can hear them outside.
  9. They sounded okay in the mancave from where I got them. Just now got home and placed the Cornwall in my main listening room, hooked them up to the Luxman R117 and put on some Supertramp. The LaScala will be ones to wheel outside, where they are free to sing, while I do outside projects.
  10. I couldn't help it. I sold some Heresy and needed to fill the void. And put 'em one on top the other Had to, to conserve space. Not really, I have casters under the LaScala so I can move them inside and the CII get to ride.
  11. Picked these up today.
  12. That's a great deal. Someone will be happy, but not their neighbors, or their neighbor's neighbor. GLWS
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