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  1. Might help control a problem until a permanent fix is done.
  2. There is a history to about the seller and the price. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/198038-klipsch-professional-kpt-315-lf-n-2-in-dayton-oh/&tab=comments#comment-2586116
  3. I have a pair of the EV TS9040D with the DH1A drivers. Pictures don't really show how large the drivers really are. GLWS
  4. Cherry changes very quickly in the Sun. Cherry will darken and Walnut will 'bleach' out. If you put a piece of Cherry wood in the Sun with an object (Ex: poker card) on the board, within a week, it will show a large difference.
  5. I forget. Do you have singles or doubles? Been a few great deals posted in the Alert section that would let you finish getting the full MCM1900 Grands pit together. Those have been listed long enough that the seller might be motivated... and they're not too far.
  6. What woofer(s) are in the KPT-1515 and 1502?
  7. I am honored. Nothing political, but, hey, it's your call.
  8. The subject of moderation, rules, who is p!ssed and such should not be hijacking a lighthearted / fun thread....IMHO. I know that some moderators will listen to what the inmates have to say, some won't.
  9. I had my BA/CA2000 combo recapped. I like the amp, but the preamp did not sound as well as the Sansui AU7700 that I was and still am using for the preamp. I am running the CA2000 on a different system to see if it mellows to sound right. I bought a Sansui AU919, but I will have it recapped before I use it. I like the sound of the older amps better than newer ones, but I might not have heard what others have. If you have not had the Marantz or Sansui recapped, I would do that before passing judgement on their sound.
  10. I finished that one last night.
  11. I bought a pair of L-MAHL for the MCM1900 and really like them. There are several other members on here who have them too for their KLF, Khorn and others. They really make a large difference in the quality of the sound and the dispersion in top-shelf. I have ordered another pair of them to try them out on my KLF30.
  12. Doing that is overrated and bad for one's health.
  13. Do it, then worry about where to put them. 😎
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