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  1. The main difference that I heard is the bass is higher / up closer to the ears.
  2. I had to take the sliding door off to get mine in.. and move the a lot of other things too. I have moved mine (by myself) more than once. I used 2 wheel and 4 wheel dollies straps and...... and my MWM have handles too, so there's that. I have had mine stood upright, but not angled like that. I'm sure that the LS horns and Xover are creating smiles.
  3. I want to make a cabinet with a flat top that will hold mine upright, put both mid bass ans horn on top and the tweeters on the flsts inside the MWMs. I have tall ceilings upstairs from where they are now.
  4. I have had all of the Heritage and extended Heritage, except for the Quartet. That changed a couple of days ago when I, finally, scored some Walnut Quartet. I agree with what you're saying, similarly to the Forte can't keep up with the KLF30 or CF, have those too. At the end of relentlessly searching day, I still stand by my statement that the stock Forte II will win the majority: Quality of sound, Loudness, WAF, Cost, Footprint race than anything that is normally offered. I will be checking what the Quartet offer soon.
  5. After a few pair of Heresy, one pair of CW and one pair of CF 3, I'll chime in - There might not be much need to AB HIP to CW, but I might be wrong, again. Some have ABed CW to CF3 and favored CF3.... I didn't have the same thought when I did that. CF3 ~ = to CW... and in matching oak for 700 clams might be the way to go.
  6. Never heard of anyone doing that before 😁
  7. Thus the Cornwall is likely to be the world's second commercially produced center channel speaker.
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