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  1. That's not saying a lot. I had some Monitor 4 that did fine. The Monitor 5 I have do a lot better. The highs are super high and the bass is deep and tight. I have some monitor 7, but haven't heard them yet.. bought them on their reputation. I have had the SDA 2, loved how they sounded and staged as well as any that I have had. The largest I has were the SDA SRS, wish that I would have kept them, then again, I can say that about a lot of equipment that I have had.
  2. I have enjoyed several pair of Polk. I found that they match with some Klipsch nicely.
  3. I hate to see the speakers in this condition..... I really hate that someone lost so much that was more valuable than speakers. I bought a pair of LaScala from someone who cleaned up / cleaned out a place that had burned. I cleaned them up some and played them, they played just fine.
  4. I thought it was the RP5's amp that was didn't hold up.
  5. None of the extended Heritage series have risers that step in like the ones in the picture. So, not even a camera trick will make them look like anything other than what they are: Cornwall.
  6. I am curious... Does anyone know if the driver needs to be removed from the horn on the RB-81? ***** I didn't buy the RB-76 75, but if someone on here did, the shipper NEEDS to remove the driver off of the horn or there will a real chance the speaker will arrive broken and there are no replacement parts.
  7. I misread what you wrote.... carry on 😏
  8. Yeah, they all had the same chew place on the side, so I looked at the serial numbers. I am old school and avoid using my phone to look at anything, unless I am away from a computer. I still don't know how you phone users surf porn on your phones.... 😁
  9. Are you sure that price is for a pair, not each?
  10. Looking at all 3 ads, they look to have the same damage, except for the scratched top picture. The serial # is the same for all 3 ads.
  11. If you want, I'll give you your money back for the speaker and let you keep the amp, just because I like you. Looks like you got a good deal, hopefully better that what was listed. The one that I have has the metal grill, which might have other differences from the one you bought. @Dave A had some and might chime in to say if or what the difference might be.
  12. I have a pair of KG5.5, they sound great. Being a black finish, the serial number being one off has no bearing on the finishes. If the worse damage is shown in your pictures, I agree that they are in great condition and would be very easily touched up. GLWS
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