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  1. Thus the Cornwall is likely to be the world's second commercially produced center channel speaker.
  2. A lot of want, but I don't use the pair of Khorns that I have....or my Belle, or... Looked at the ad every day, now they're gone. Anyone here get them?
  3. Thanks. Is there anything you need brought that way? If there is nothing on Craigslist that you've treed, I have some Heresy and some amps that I'm not using 😆
  4. Other than Cornwall, what info do we have? Asking price, pictures, a great deal, condition....?
  5. The crazy ceiling and green chairs says LSD, the price proves that he's tripping. Probably wouldn't hurt to see if the neighbors will chip in on the final price.
  6. The best things that I have is due to different directions. Since the day she left, I have played with many <that's a lot) others... Although I wasn't at the time, I am glad she left.
  7. In 1977, I was 12 years old. The only report I would have gotten from a manager is that if I did that again he would throw me out. Thank you for the information. I will try to find someone who might know more about the theater to see if there was more. I do know that it is a very small theater and did not have any type of surround sound. So far, one correction I have to make is that it's not a 12" woofer. I have the original woofer that was part of the package I bought. It was in a Realistic box that said 12" but that speaker must have fit something else. The one I have says it's a 515 on the tag. The 8 cell horn is a tar filled 805 with what I think is a 288 driver. Thanks again
  8. Unless something changes, I will be dragging a 19' flatbed trailer from Lexington Ky to Northampton, MA and back, soon. Not sure what rout I will be coming back. Have someone to see in Altoona PA, so I might be going that way. If anyone knows of someone who can haul a ~4,100 lb CNC mill from MA to KY, it is worth money to me. 😎 It is not on a pallet and would have to be secured and tarped, so a common carrier will not touch it.
  9. Usually I capture them and put them outside with a warning to not come back in...they only get one warning.
  10. 1977, I saw Star Wars in a movie theater.. The speaker used to fill the theater was a single 12" 15" loaded VOTT with an eight cell horn Altec horn perched on top. FF and RW to a couple of years ago when I bought some EV loaded Khorn design bass bins, a pair of Karlson speakers and scored the very same VOTT that I enjoyed at the movies as a kid. Yesterday, I traded off the Khorn bass units, went on to move the Karlsons and the VOTT out of the man's storage. The VOTT woofer, that came with the deal, was shot and an unRealistic woofer took its place. Was the same VOTT cabinet used for the 12" and 15" woofers?
  11. Hi Jason. Glad to see you back.
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