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  1. Yes, Ignatius is a riot, thanks for sharing. Toole left the ending open for a sequel. Too bad that it didn't happen.
  2. No. To me it looks more like they were edited on something similar to a MS Office Word picture format and stretched, then saved.
  3. No, I don't think so, mine are pretty muchthe same size. The pictures are not right.
  4. Right now, I am following an industrial auction that's in Ohio. The site shows it will charge 7.25% tax, plus 18% BP. If I spend $100,000 for things I need, I will pay an extra ~ $25,000....unless $100,000 x 0.2525 = $57
  5. Rejuvenating eyesight reveals how old we really look. Rejuvenating our hearing will show that our selective hearing has dwindled. JK
  6. Local to me, there are two HPB stores.... I go there ~ once a week. They do ship, so you can order online. They also have lots of CDs and LPs, some new, most are used. I went to HPB yesterday and scored a Delbert McClinton to add to the collection along with a Dr. John, a Rolling Stones, and a few others. The book seems to shoot straight, like it or not. Being born after the book's release and ~ 100 miles away, I have been insulated from what the book reports, except for the blanketed stigma. Combining the landscape, mindset, business practices and time period, it was the perfect storm which had devastating results. https://hpb.com/products/night-comes-to-the-cumberlands-9781931672009
  7. Night Comes to the Cumberlands. I wish that I would have read it long ago.
  8. The other day I suffered through American Fix. The author blames everyone for his addiction except for his dealer. Besides him being dishonest to the doctor about needing the drugs, he then visits other places to get more pills. He blames the pharmaceutical industry for developing a pill that can be crushed that allows the user to have a quicker and more intense high. Claims discrimination because companies won't hire addicts and wants reparations and free healthcare. Rather than owning his addiction, he claims addiction to be the same as someone having cancer or diabetes. Victimhood is another addiction that he has.
  9. I have a pair of Walnut HII for sale. They are in great condition, have new seals and new capacitors for all of the drivers. They are the best looking and best sounding Heresy that I've owned. I hate to let them go, I just have too many projects. @opusk2k9is a lot closer to where you are and he might have what you're looking to buy.
  10. Same here. There were several who left and for the same reasons. Jerry, TH, Pete, Chris and several others didn't leave for no good reason. It's too bad, except a little less for Carl.
  11. You're too late.. BSM, OT, Carl, USNRET, and several other good members stopped visiting and or posting several months ago......all about the same time.
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