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Community Answers

  1. I thought he was talking about the ployextra whatever thing / JJ Weaver and the new 6 finger club.
  2. Funny how the people with similar mindsets who flame Gruden praise Netflix's "Cuties" and support other hate group identities that hate others. Haters hating other haters.
  3. One of my daughter's cheerleader coach staged all 12 of the girls for a picture. After 6 or so pictures of the same pose (using her digital camera), I asked why so many of the same shot. She said that she was taking one for each of the girls.
  4. Lol, Sorry, mumps are not included. No sorry needed. Have them fix the shortcoming.... @Chief bonehead is ahead of us, but he better stay there.
  5. opusk helped me spend a lot of my money. He used to post several GREAT deals all of the time.
  6. Yes, a little more than a bump in the night.
  7. If the veneer matched and they were closer, and and and .. I might have. But they're gone... hopefully to a good home.
  8. This good advice for every post…… Every time, sometimes.... maybe. It's unbelievable that anyone can't post something FS without uncultured comments by ones who should be companions in this hobby.
  9. Walnut color gets lighter in time, Sun light makes fading happen faster. I like natural finish (oil), but a lacquer is more durable. Next time that you need Walnut, Cherry or Oak, let me know.
  10. Someone's going to be ticked when he finds out his p!ssed off gf sold his speakers.
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