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  1. I will bet dinner (your choice where) that it was for reasons other than sound improvement.
  2. I totally agree and I did not mean to advocate moving the highs forward. That would help the time alignment, but not enough to help to improve the sound. Here is one thread about that change To be clear: Placing the highs towards the rear will help, but the placement has to be more than fractions of one inch.
  3. They moved the Heresy mounts to the front too. IMHO, the largest improvement in sound quality had nothing to do with moving the horns. Replacing the cowbell-sounding metal horns with a plastic (composite) was what helped.
  4. That would help the time alignment, but not enough to help to improve the sound. Here is one thread about that change Damping (not dampening) the K400 will make a difference worth doing. Lots of threads about that. Refreshing the crossovers would be the first and most noticeable thing to do, replacing the tweeter with a SMAHL is the larges improvement, but the others cost less.
  5. @Zim. has a pair of CF-4 for sale on here.
  6. Your receiver looks great. If I didn't have a Sansui 990 (black face 9090), I would be very interested in this one. GLWYT
  7. Yep. I have two AU717 and an AU919 that need to be restored due to the glue. I have an AU719 and one AU717 that have been gone through. I have the G8000, 9090db and the AU7700 that didn't get the corrosive glue.
  8. Sansui sounds great with Klipsch speakers. GLWYS
  9. Well, okay he didn't and your replying to what I said is either ignoring or an attempt to adulterate what I typed. FYI, we are still getting together in smaller groups. BUT, one get-together is, also, one of the bales of straw on the camel's back that has gotten us here: so many members departed. Forum members being put in the forum jail for correcting misinformation from our double 0 special agent, planning the SWAG, mentioning Bob C's name (one that I have been placed in the forum jail for spelling his full name), and being condemned for using mid bracing in LaScala and such despotism has jilted loyal members and this is the results: no Pilgrimage, low attendance to the classes and PWK BB. Here, reread what I said. I don't like complainers who have no so solutions. To be transparent, I have no solutions to how to make this forum a great place again, less cacti and more tropical again for the ones who made it a great place. IDK, maybe removing the Moderated Postes punishment that was imposed on the one who did not agree with 00; the ability to mention Bob C without punishment; and some sort of other olive branch that helps, rather than hurts.
  10. Okay, I am going to have to get my ST70 in the queue. I have an Audio Research SP8 preamp that might go well with it. @Audio Flynn, do you still have your Audio Research SP12?
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