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  1. Looks like a running start is needed. A sign that is posted, and it makes me wonder why it's needed: Really??
  2. It does seem that if these people were to watch Tombstone, they would be calling the Marshals the bad guys and the outlaws the victims.
  3. The same way to sample Vegan Bacon
  4. Same here. I was there waiting when the UPS driver rolled in. I had the driver watch as I opened it so he could see the damage too.
  5. In my case, I bought the speaker from someone on CL, then a former member of this forum shipped it to me. I was not going to involve the shipper in my claim of how it was damaged. I stayed on track of who was responsible for the damage. The outer box was caved in far enough that the padding and inner box and all the way to the corner of the speaker, and it was damaged. It took a high fall or was damaged by a forklift.
  6. I can understand and I don't agree. It's not going to happen. There are some very secured or isolated countries and they have the virus there too. Only China has numbers that looks like they have it contained.... if you want to believe their numbers.
  7. I agree. It is more and the typical fallacious statements that divides us all. There are the ones who see "may have" and "could have' as facts, especially when the media puts in the "according to a recent report." If there ever were any facts, those facts will suffer the telephone game through the medias before being released as news. "“This report isn’t science; it’s fiction. Under the guise of academic research,...." "She goes on to criticize the media for reporting on “this non-peer-reviewed model, built on incredibly faulty assumptions that do not reflect the actual facts and data here in South Dakota.”" "State epidemiologist Dr. Joshua Clayton said the paper is “white paper” which is not peer-reviewed." https://www.siouxlandproud.com/news/south-dakota-news/south-dakota-health-officials-dismiss-report-calling-sturgis-rally-a-super-spreading-event/
  8. Not sure about it all, and the C19 might have their people piled under. I received an RC64 that was damaged in transport. I saved the packing, boxes and everything. They denied my claim for the first two levels, but I went up the food chain enough that they agreed to send someone out to inspect the damage to the speaker and the shipping materials. They never did the inspection, but they did send me a check and picked the speaker up by the regular route driver. Write everything down (emails, phone calls, etc...), take pictures and keep your facts. I haven't shipped anything for a while. When I do, I take lots of pictures... all the way to showing the condition of the item or the box that it's in, while it is sitting on their counter, scales, with an employee in the picture or something that shows how it was when they got it.
  9. I do, but will admit when I am wrong. What I like about science is that it is constantly peer reviewed and corrections made.
  10. Something else that the chart 'might' be showing is an increase in testing. IDK. All I want are the facts. What seems to be a constant fact is that no one knows what to do. I am glad it hasn't hit as hard as they claimed it would.
  11. I am sure there are several out there who won't and don't wear one. Every place I have gone, such as Lowes, everyone is wearing a mask. In the beginning, it does seem like there were several who were not wearing them correctly, but that seems to have changed. As time goes on, and more people sees that there has been no curve flattening and the officials keep changing what they claim to know, there will be more push back. One national group I was a part of was promoting a 'mask burning' party. I voiced against it, for more than one reason. Two members had negative things to say, one stating that he claims, falsely, that he can't wear one due to medical conditions, but everyone else made favorable remarks. Although my wording of "everyone" was too strong of a word, the compliance will be in the 90% and maybe the high 90s. Still, the chart, which came from a ky.gov site, shows that something else is causing the numbers to plot a slope that went from ~30 degree angle to what looks like a 60 degree angle. It's been a while since I submerged myself to see what the global numbers are and what other countries are doing about it.
  12. Maybe. I will say that the couple of stores that I go does spray the carts with a Covid-b-gone juice before the carts are returned to service. Also, most people are distancing, using wipes, gloves, and squirting whatever nostrum that is offered at the doors at most business. It looked like less than 50% were wearing them before the mandate. I doubt much has changed, other than 99% are now wearing masks too.
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