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  1. Some sort of ego sets in at auctions. I've seen many people run bids up where they would have save money buying it new.
  2. The thick Walnut planks are for him, too.
  3. Thanks. Good eye. Yes, those are Dave A's Walnut S-MAHL.
  4. Last Monday, I had a V Strom 1050 follow me home.
  5. Those look great. The veneer mill where I work buys only logs from the north. It's a lot tighter grain and makes for a lot better product.
  6. I agree. I had a set in 2013 and like how balanced they are.
  7. IIRC, he and his brother are flippers. He gets some nice equipment and is making a living on the profits. I like these Khorns.
  8. More pictures would make them more tempting.
  9. As, I believe @willland said, those are the best three way sounding two way speakers. I agree with that and I would buy those if I were close. Nice find. Didn't you have some like these?
  10. I thought about posting these last week. The seller is a bit of a unhinged nut. I have only tried one time to deal with him and have avoided him since. If I have to say something nice,, he's not as bad as Chuck.
  11. This Listing Isn't Available Anymore It may have been sold or expired. Take a look at these other items below.
  12. Fact ^ Nope, it's not okay and you're not alone in the pushback.
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