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  1. Woofers and Tweeters

    Step in here smart guys

    I didn't read all of the posts. Has this been solved, yet? If not, then I have a question or five. Do you have a shaft with cable pulleys that lift the door using cables and assisted by torsional springs? If yes, is the cable pulleys cone shaped? If yes, then the 1" shaft ( you mentioned the 3.14159265.. circumference ) has nothing to do with the rate of travel of the door in that the travel rate is changing as the pulley meters the cable…it is non=linear… not 1:1 or 3:1 or… it’s sloped ~ L = Y2-Y1/X2-X1 Regardless of the door travel, cable pulleys, diameter of the shaft or the phase of the moon, you want the ball held by the string to move from Y1 to Y2, right? You will need to know how many revs the shaft turns from start to finish, then you can determine what size pulley diameter is needed to meter the linear distance of the ball.
  2. Woofers and Tweeters


  3. Woofers and Tweeters

    Greatest Orchesteral Works of All Time

    Yes, and the other Struess' I like a lot of Classical music. It can become too heavy, dark and can be what Heavy Metal tries to be. I like to lighten it up a little by switching it up with a Waltz or two, once in a while.
  4. Woofers and Tweeters

    Greatest Orchesteral Works of All Time

    No Strauss fans?
  5. Woofers and Tweeters

    Went Klipsch crazy

  6. Woofers and Tweeters

    A Room Acoustics Issue?

    This ^^ might be one of the problems. I didn't know it when I was designing and building my house: A square room sucks for sound. I have one room that is 20 x 20 with a 12' ceiling. The room is drywall with two large areas of glass. Tried a lot of speakers in the room, all the way up to the Khorn, still sucks. One day I hope to condition the room and hopefully trap some of the tramp sounds.
  7. Woofers and Tweeters

    Went Klipsch crazy

    I have enjoyed the ride. A lot of friends made, great conversationd and to AB speakers along with other equipment. I started with the Heresy and have slowed down with the MCM.....Have to admit that, after hearing one in Hope this past spring, I am hoping to get an 1802, or two.
  8. Woofers and Tweeters

    Went Klipsch crazy

    Not sure what you're using to drive the speakers, I like the SS stuff. When you place the Forte just right, and that, most likely, won't happen the first place they land, there is magic that lets them blend into the room and make a sound stage. They are supposed to have been one of the, if not the, most ballanced speaker Klipsch made. If you feel that you don't have enough space for LaScala, you should get a bigger house.
  9. Woofers and Tweeters

    Would you upgrade KG4s to Forte 11's for about $200?

    You now know for the next time. Someone said the Forte is the most ballanced of the lineup. I can't argue against that.
  10. Woofers and Tweeters

    KLF-30 instead of CF-4. Win or lose?

    A few things that might make a difference is the KLF are to be off the wall X amount for the porting to work right and the CF4 has the spread advantage and the corner advantage. When I AB mine, I mixed that up a little, such as KLF, CF......KLF, CF so that neither had the spread advantage. Great looking setup.
  11. Woofers and Tweeters

    Current Events

    A lot of people will lie to a mirror.
  12. Woofers and Tweeters

    Site SUCKS

    You can buy a powerband. Does yours have a cam? If not, you might add one of those too.
  13. Woofers and Tweeters


  14. Woofers and Tweeters

    HK 730 Twin Power Stereo Receiver - $350 (Littleton)

    Looks great.
  15. Woofers and Tweeters

    HD closes KC manufacturing plant

    I agree. I can't claim that I have stopped riding on the street, totally. I used to ride too aggressively on the street, so I took it to the track where I could push it a lot further in every way and be safer doing it. I still ride once in a while, but my alertness has changed. My family still ride. They agree that I was a lot safer on the track knee dragging and braking after jebus and when I seen Elvis than they are riding on the street.