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  1. Cursive writing and stick shift cars, we could cripple an entire generation.
  2. The right placement will release the magic they have. They sound great just about anywhere, but placed right, they are more awesomer.
  3. Yes, you're in for a treat. Your LaScalas will make nice little centers for the MCM stacks.
  4. From when I was 11yo until I thought I was ready for my own bills, I grew up in an ol farm house. One night, while listening to some, probably pothead, music, I heard a hum / buzzing noise similar to a transformer. I finally found that the noise preceded a puff of smoke from under some crown moulding in the dining room. The paramount excitement was red trucks with flashing light, power turned off, battle axes and chainsaws to dig into where it was smoldering. Similar to yours: there was a nail and a hot wire that did the hot dance. When my dad would tell the story, he would chuckle at what I said when I woke him up: "Dad, you might want to get up, the house is on fire." Glad you were so lucky. Like Dave said: ^^
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum. You'll fit in just fine.
  6. I have one KP 301 with the roadshow corner and edge protectors and handles.
  7. Been there: Most of the time I have had something for tunes in my office. Picture the setting of me and a fellow Engineer / Addict in my office, a Luxman R1050 and Klipsch Heresy doing a HF test. The first time through, the wattage lights were lighting, but i didn't hear a thing, so I turned it WAY up and played that Hz again. I thought that he was messing with me by holding his ears.....until several others scrambled to my office door asking what that noise was. 😑 I'm enjoying what I can, while I can. 😎
  8. I have some MCM1900 4 way and the quality of sound is great and the large sound without them really having to be loud makes them that much better. I want to know how do the MCM1900 and the KP600 do in a sound shootout? I can see that the 600 are easier to move and are a smaller footprint. I want to know which one sounds better and does one do better indoors vs outside. If there is a thread or three where this has been tossed around more than Cornwall vs Chorus vs KLF30 vs... please link it / them. I did a search on here and Google but found nothing about a this vs that.
  9. I was reading a thread where he and Daddy Dee were joking with the OP.
  10. OMG, yes. Remember dragging my feet on carpet to get charged up so that I could zap someone or make a balloon cling to me due to the walking capacitor. I have set off many charges using ox / ac mix. Some steel tubing: spacer to make room for the mix can send a Pepsi can filled with water close to out of sight, the same with the old round Quaker State bottles. A small sandwich bag in a room will damage one's hearing. Due to fears of a static charge, when charging a larger volume, I would use a hose, a wire with a remote broken bulb in the bag and a battery to set off shockwaves that was heard miles away.
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