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  1. Fortes in MN

    That was still a good price, but there will be more. Good luck
  2. HK 630

    A HK730 is played in my office M-F. At a very super ultra low wattage, it plays at a very full and balanced output that sounds great...and it gets better as the volume knob it rotated clockwise. I blame the praises about the 730 from @Rivernuggets and others on here for me having one. Thanks
  3. (2) Black RF7 , K.C. $500

    File says it's a pdf pf RF7II
  4. Khorns in VA 4 days out

    $2210. Not a bad deal for their condition
  5. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I've been conned! should have used google
  6. Forte II oak clear

    UV sunglasses? Most of the claims is that the the finish will protect the surface from other oils such as from someone's hands and maybe from a sweaty glass for a short time (it keeps the wood from soaking into the pores other stuff...for a short time). It can darken the surface. I am a natural man and I don't like very many stains.
  7. Forte II oak clear

    Cherry darkens for the same reason as maple darkens...high iron content in the wood fibers. It has nothing to do with sunlight I am all for learning what I don't know and accepting something different that what I thought I knew. I have had several years in the hardwood veneer slicing industry (machinery design and machinery building), so I have been around several conversations about woods. I am familiar with wood quality due to where it grew such as in the north vs the south and if it grew in a moist area vs dry that can change the density, sap, heart, pith and such. I have read several articles about wood finishing. Several reputable publications claim UV and oxygen are the catalysts that causes the darkening. Popular Woodworking Magazine Wood Magazine.com And the reference that I have posted b4 Please share some reading material that says UV has nothing to do with making Cherry dark and that heat is what makes it dark.
  8. Khorns in VA 4 days out

    And those were Walnut stained too Sad
  9. Fortes in MN

    Good price so far

    happy Birthday
  11. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    I was looking at the SW10 II, not the Rsw10. I can see that there is a Hz and watt difference and such. Figured that the R was tuned to play with the Reference series. Just curious what the SW10II's playground was designed for.
  12. Setup for sale in St Louis area

    What was the SW10 II tuned to play with?
  13. Klipsch MWM/MCM System - CL VT - $4500

    Still cheaper in the long run
  14. Khorns in VA 4 days out

    Let's put this with those https://www.ebth.com/items/6758568-stereo-equipment-with-rolling-cabinet