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  1. I would direct this question to Jim Hunter, curator of the Klipsch Museum of Audio History and associate of PWK for over 30 years. Dave
  2. Probably excessive...but probably didn't really dent your budget so what the heck. Might as well live large... Dave
  3. As PWK would suggest, insist on 100% copper. Accept no substitutes. If it carries current, it will work as well as well as anything at any price. That is what PWK told me and I run an all Heritage system with zip cord. Dave
  4. I presume those close enough will know whether "Seacoast" is a town or what. Dave
  5. Probably still around on EBay and such. Since the styli are still available, worth looking for if you want quality at a low price. Dave
  6. As mentioned in my post, the Stanton used permanent magnets to float the turntable, using a spindle with a hardened needle point to keep it centered. Turning was achieved by a metal one inch or so protrusion about six inches in diameter that was powered by a 32 pole (as I recall) electromagnet with sequenced charges. Price was 98.00 with 681EEE. Dave
  7. 2800 more than the Stanton GyroPoise which was the best bang for the buck TT I ever owned. Came with a 681EEE and levitated. Granted, there was mech contact via a spindle, but it was on a needlepoint. Loved that thing! Served me for years and can't recall what I did with it, but don't recall it failing. Probably gave it away at some point or traded it. Dave
  8. Listened to the classic rock pieces, Elvis, Fats Domino, and so many others on a 78 jukebox of this vintage that was in the cafe next door to my dad's business. I those days of no AC, the doors were usually open. Dave
  9. I wouldn't have worried over the pots. All Fraziers I have that feature them I run them in the middle, null mode anyway and the speakers are awesome. Dave
  10. Here you go. My opinion be better than Heresy. Not by much, but a bit more bass and somewhat smoother. At 96db/w/m efficiency, made for tubes or small class D. Great speaker and nice form factor, high WAF. Dave
  11. Hard to go wrong with Klipsch. I'd go with a sub, as even your present speakers will work well with more bottom. Properly matched, the sub will be inaudible and it all seamless. No need for fancy testing...if you know classical music well and what the "real thing" sounds like, just keep tweaking until you get to that perfect point where the sub disappears. Dave
  12. Pictures and a bit more info would help. Given the snarkiness (good natured, but snarky) here, someone is likely to answer "good chance it's copper." Dave
  13. That's the finest piano finish I've ever seen and one I'd love to be able to do. No time to see if you've revealed the precise steps in the finish, but hope you have...we'd all like to know. Dave
  14. No problem...but just leave those of us who have the 8 Commandments memorized and have absolute belief in Cord of Zip to our delusions. Dave
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