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  1. No problem. My system is 7.1 as well...but two of them are Klipsch but not Heritage. Dave
  2. No. You need some real speakers. "No highs, no lows...must be Bose." And welcome to the Forum and home of REAL speakers.
  3. Unless you have rather crappy PC, the motherboard audio is going to be much cleaner than a 40.00 soundcard. I am also a computer expert, as well as one who listens on a 5.1 Heritage system with sub good to C0, 21.5hz. MB onboard sound is as good as the most expensive ADACs which are the same shame as speaker wire and such. My heritage is all zip cord. Dave
  4. Got two folks "confused." I'll be happy to handle your confusion via PM if you wish. Dave
  5. Wish I'd been there. Fate intervened. Maybe better luck next year. Appears to have been awesome. Dave
  6. Drivel like this is completely unacceptable here. As a high risk individual under doctor's orders to stay quarantined and wear an N-95 mask when I must be exposed, and who has lost dear friends who drowned with a tube down their throats I find this unacceptable. I've not gone through all the comments as I don't want to be made angry by science deniers and those who somehow are deluded into thinking that it is their constitutional right to spread death as they see fit. This thread will be locked and left as a warning to others who wish to spread dangerous lies. You all know me as a moderate moderator...but don't push it. Dave
  7. Good point. I've learned so much here over the years, and a big one is that there are two distinct, 180 degree opposed, divided by a common language groups that are both audiophiles. The gearhead, and the music head. The music head doesn't say "Those are GREAT sounding loudspeakers!" as that's an insult to them. "That is an incredible piece of music" is what he will say. Actually, even if the playback is audibly less than optimum the music head is not going to point it out. To illustrate, when I still had my Frazier Model Elevens I had a shoot out between them and my k'horns. Same amp, preamp, and recording with A/B split to two different rooms. The recording was one of my finest, a recording I made of "Claire de Lune" on a concert grand that has been lauded many golden ears as the best they've ever heard of a piano. In my case, I was trying to figure out why a preferred some things on the Frazier's, but most on the K'horns. The returns on most pieces played had the K'horns first in most cases. Except for the piano, which was won by the Elevens. Took me a couple of days and it hit me...the Frazier's are flat to A0 while the K'horns are flat to C1. Silly couple of notes, but a good ear will detect it. When PWK designed the K'horns to perfectly meet his cardinal points, he chose C1 because it is the lowest note on a 16' organ pipe and, at the time, almost non-existent to the extent that PWK said the K'horn was designed to play back 98% of all available recordings accurately. However, the majority of listeners would never hear the difference in these two sets of speakers. That is why I realized I cannot know what others are hearing unless I hear it as well, no matter how well they describe it. So, in yowing about how good an amp, a tube, a TT, a whatever is in audio half the time you are wasting your breath no matter how stunned you are they can't seem to get it. I can understand and tolerate this yowing but it's a waste of breath on me. Dave
  8. Certainly hope to be there. I'll have to take leave but I'll do that. Dave
  9. One person's inferior is another person's superior. He, or anyone, can say what they will about the equipment...as long as they do not claim to know what I hear. The only time I listen to equipment is when I suspect a malfunction and am trying to pin it down. Dave
  10. No clue what you mean. I only know what I hear. Dave
  11. My experience is that I've never had an issue with 20.00 PC CD players. I rarely play a CD, preferring to rip them files I can store on my server. I find most of the best ADACs in motherboards these days equal to other DACs at any price. Loading a spread sheet from a high dollar CD reader doesn't make it more accurate. It's all ones and zeros and they are either decoded correctly or not at all. Just my humble opinion. Your mileage and pocketbook may vary. If you believe throwing more money at something will ensure better sound, spend all you want. Dave
  12. In both Jeff and your case, bear in mind it is metaphysically absurd to think you know what another hears. In my early days here before I realized that I engaged in the speaker wire, judder, and other wars. I don't engage in any of that anymore unless I say something like "...in my experience..." or other phrase that ensures it is stated as personal opinion. For instance, I have a 150.00 Parts Express Class D amp that sounds better than any SS amp I've every heard at any price, and just as good as most tube amps. It's certainly virtually free compared to the high end in the conventional amps. But many say I am nuts or deaf. Doesn't matter, as I know what I hear. That is sound advice, other than I'd do more listening and less research. Dave
  13. Hear! Hear! See my signature line... Dave
  14. Mallette


    Maybe I wasn't clear. That was Ike. This one was a dud, but only by about 35 miles. Dave
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