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  1. Internet slowing down on several sites

    I remember when the above was FAST! I started on BITNET before the WWW existed and when CompuServe came along thought it was a dream come true. Dave
  2. Perfect Price/Performance Roaster...FOUND

    Yes. Lot's of choice and prices on the web for green beans and given this method is hands off easy, little point in having to make a trip. Plus, these things are great as portable convection ovens and with temps as low as 140 degrees as food warmers or dryers for various things. I don't care for one trick ponies. I like machines that are versatile. Dave
  3. Perfect Price/Performance Roaster...FOUND

    Crap. Can't move to a thread. Good enough here, I guess. Dave
  4. Perfect Price/Performance Roaster...FOUND

    Moving it to Coffee, Cables, etc...that's where I intended to post in the first place. Dave
  5. Secura...if you can get one. I found this one on Ebay and got it for 80.00 delivered. Worth that as a coffee roaster, which I knew it might work for give the agitator and ability to fry potatoes. And, indeed it did. 40 minutes, outside, no smoke, almost free of chaff due to the fans. Rest blew off easily. Looking forward to fresh roasted Columbian Supremo in the AM! Dave
  6. Elon's "BFR"

    Blue Origin's New Shepherd performed a pretty spectacular flight. Bezos is dead serious about space and the competition is great. Dave
  7. Elon's "BFR"

    One supercharger...all I need. Part of the benefits of living in a city big enough to have an excellent symphony and everything else I need, but nothing more that 10 minutes away. Dave
  8. Elon's "BFR"

    Set my sights on an S3. By the time I can get it superchargers will be available pretty much anywhere I want to go. This is the auto of the future and I intend to have one. First time ever we've been able to purchase a car with software upgradable to the latest. Dave
  9. 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

    Any time, my friend. Dave
  10. 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

    Yeah, I need to head over there myself. Would be better if ZT came along as well. Miss the old discussions with you perpetually wrong guys... Dave
  11. 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

    As to debates about it, I really think this is one moment in history where the record speaks for itself if you study it. It really doesn't matter if FDR had intel alerting him to the impending attack or not. He, and anyone else, could have seen it coming with or without intel. It had to happen as the public wasn't ready for war. Certainly the British should be thankful the Japanese acted as and when they did. Interestingly, I recall my first conversation with my mother (who was an adult when it occurred) following 9/11 and I said it was almost as bad as Pearl Harbor. She said "No, it's worse." Really hit me just how horrific that was when a "Greatest Generation" member said 9/11 was worse than Pearl Harbor. Dave
  12. Elon's "BFR"

    Indeed. "Based on Musk's history and the reported capabilities of his new rocket, there's good reason to believe him." Dave
  13. I am in violent agreement with you... Dave
  14. Sounds like solid grounds for a lawsuit, JJK. How about paying cops for the number of arrests they make? Dave
  15. Having taught forklift operations to some 4k or more roughnecks and reviewed accidents in my own company and nationwide in developing training, I can say with authority that the human operated forklift is responsible for more accidents than any other vehicle in industry. Last year I checked in excess of 100k. I have zero doubts that autonomous or semi-autonomous forklifts would decrease this dramatically. Greatest number of fatalities is due to failure to consult the load chart (autonomous would NEVER fail to do that) followed by pinch points...also something an autonomous machine would check in all directions. We had one operator die when he stepped into a pinch point from the forklift after failing to set the brake and switch it off. Very dumb, very dead. Dave