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  1. Please translate to English before posting. Few here can even recognize Romanian much less read it. I've done so for you this time. Bine ați venit la forum! Dave
  2. We really try to keep this both an open space and one free of spam and drama. Dave
  3. No. You can post product links but but if you do mainly that and for only one or a couple of sites you may be monitored to determine whether you are touting something you have an interest in. You may post freely now... We just don't have time to check every link on first post, so most of us delete them. You may repost those links now if you wish. Dave
  4. No links in first post to anything commercial. You may post now but review the TOS first. Dave
  5. Sorry Master Wordsmith. I've been busy and missed it somehow. See below...
  6. Sorry Master Wordsmith. I've been busy and missed it somehow. See below...
  7. Mallette

    Classical music?

    OUTSTANDING! Truly the king of instruments. The most complex machines built by humans before the computer. But unlike computers good forever when maintained. Looking forward to hearing this one, @Dave A. As to performances of the T&F in D minor, agreed on Biggs but must add the completely differnent and stunning performance by Virgil Fox on the legendary Crystal Clear direct to disc. If I bring a TT I may bring that one. Have it in DSF I recorded as well so it will be there if I am. Dave
  8. I will keep that in mind. I have a decent one that travels well. Dave
  9. While I have a couple of things to share on LP I am not sure I wish to do so to the point of bringing one in hopes someone has a preamp. I'll give it some thought... Dave
  10. Every speaker spaced out means more expertise has to be brought to bear to ensure that the amplified sound arrives with maximum timing correction to each location. Otherwise, you make the situation worse by having those with compromised hearing further confused by timing errors. One of the first Heresy ads featured a single Heresy mounted high above about a 350 reverberant sanctuary and the headline was "everybody thought the minister was just speaking louder." It is my parish, and the speaker still hangs there and is still acoustically invisible. Point is, it is NOT the number of speakers...which can make things worse, but their location and certainly their absolute accuracy that makes the difference. If you immediately detect the speakers as the source of what you are hearing, you need a better engineer. Dave
  11. Really only have some sample sets which I downloaded for a project some years back. Love those things! However, if I remember I'll dig up my old LP "Sublime Harmony," British pressing of vintage music boxes. Mind blowing fidelity! Thad and Carl will love it... Maybe start a whole new tradition. Dave
  12. Old Pilgrimage joke. It was actually a 19th century band organ LP by Audio Fidelity recorded in the very early days. Incredible recording and no calliope involved, but I got a lot of ribbing about it. Music is really pretty good, but the recording and pressing are truly incredible. Rather listen to a band organ of this quality of recording than Pink Floyd on 8 track any day of the week.... Dave
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