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  1. Actually more up Thebes alley...never forget the trip he took us on into the Mississippi Delta by bus in the night. Dave
  2. The young man followed the wizard into his laboratory. Using various means, the wizard had prepared the young man carefully. The young man had listened attentively and trustingly as the wizard explained his theories of how to transform electrum into waves that could reduce the most resistive person into a slave dependent constantly requiring more. Some very non-threatening or unnerving demonstrations had been used, but nothing to inspire any suspicion about what was to come. He’d been shut inside a room for a few moments and primordial fears of isolation and self-awareness had begun to grow, but the wizard had opened the vault door to the light before these really became alarming. In fact, he’d been gentle, disarming, and quite humorous in fact. The day had begun when the young man’s priest of the auld religion had offered to introduce him to the wizard. The young man had often served this priest at the weekly rites and trusted him. The priest had told him of this might wizard and his great works, and the stories were mesmerizing. When the priest told the young man that he was a devotee and confidant of the wizard and could get him an audience, he gladly accepted. The wizard had a fearsome but also disarming visage. However, the eyes pierced and sparkled as if powerful reactions were going on just behind them. However, while a mystery, the eyes only seem to command attention in a non-threatening way. The young man found out later this had been thoroughly rehearsed and practiced successfully on thousands of innocents. Finally, the wizard bade the young man sit in a lone chair curiously placed in the midst of the laboratory. Without a further word, the wizard stepped to a large console and began adjusting nobs. Moving to other equipment nearby that clearly showed the craft of the ancients, he made a few adjustments there. Then, he activated the system. The first assault on the young man instantly fixated him and rendered him both unable and uninterested in resisting. While there was something of sadness in the waves that enveloped him, there was also a promise of a joy and satisfaction to come. The waves came in 4 distinct segments, and each took the young man on a journey of love, joy, peace, sadness, self-exploration, and expansion of various centers of the mind. But the final assault was transformative. The moment it started he knew he’d never be the same but could do nothing but sit, transfixed. Over the next few minutes it seemed to almost toy with him like a woman, moving him so very, very close to a mental climax of some sort then suddenly backing off and coming at him again from another angle. However, eventually the end came. It came in the form of a mighty descending C major scale, but not the same old C major scale the young man had played and heard so many times. And certainly not the most natural and non-threatening C major scale so many engaging and harmless tunes were written in. This one started as though the young man were hearing the voice of God from on high. Transfixed, he listened as this omnipotent and irresistible voice descended towards him one massive step at a time arriving finally at the fundamental C0 that few had heard before and represented the limit of human ability to perceive. Then, it was over. 8 notes, and they died away what remained were the 8 points the wizard had explained to him patiently during the day which had interested him, but now became his gateway to the world of sonic magic. In his stupor, he asked the wizard how much power he’d been subjected to and the wizard, glancing over at his instruments said “Oh, about 5 watts.” Well, thought the young man, "I suppose no harm was done" and went on his way imprinted as forever a disciple of the great wizard of Hope. Nearly 50 years later, still in in the service of the wizard, the same man labored to preserve the works of his master. Wonderful things he felt was his duty to ensure remained for the future. Then he read on a box in the master’s hand: “Saint-Saens Organ Symphony. Copied from the tape sent me by my ‘slightly dishonest friend.’ This dub made 700823” And it all came rushing back. The careful preparation and reduction of any resistance to the wizard followed by this “tape” that had been made by the wizard just before my arrival. And now, right here in my hands. Before you dismiss my story as an old man’s fantasy examine your own past. For many of you have likely at some point been subject to this transformative magic spell by one of the wizard’s secretive disciples. Think on it, and tell your story if you dare.
  3. Could hardly bear to mention that. What a noble man of peace and grace! Dave
  4. Steve, no matter what this grows into I'll never forget year one and the band of brothers taking the Super 8 by force. Too many great memories to go into, but it was inspirational and without your leadership in saying "Let's just DO IT!" this wouldn't have grown into what it is. Have a cigar. Dave
  5. It's the lawyer in you, Travis. Let me say once more, and succinctly: I was referring only to the current spring gathering as the first of THIS series and started with no help, or even communication with, KGI. No "help" from them other than permission to feed the employees and an unsolicited offer of plant tours year 2. It's emerged into a wonderful synergy, especially with the emergence of KHMA as a third party. Loosing succinctness, but I'd add we didn't use the term "Pilgrimage" in deference to KGI's official "Pilgrimages" either the first year, or at least in the organizers (myself being one of the principals) the second. However, by the third the members had identified it as such and KGI had as well. That's wonderful. Dave
  6. Your bolded sentences says "Approached the hosts..." We did not approach Klipsch at all on the first Forum pilgrimage. We just organized and went. That is what I meant. On the second, we asked for nothing except permission the feed the employees. They offered the tours on their own. We didn't use the term "Pilgrimage" for the first couple of years in "official" communications between Forum organizers as we considered it a Klipsch term and didn't want to usurp it. However, as it's evolved towards a Forum-driven but Klipsch supported event, the term has stuck. Dave
  7. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. . But that is a masterpiece however it happened. Carl should print and frame it. It says a lot about Carl and Pilgrimage as well. Dave
  8. Had a rather glaring error in the first line fixed. 2014 was NOT the first Pilgrimage as implied, just the first Forum sponsored one. I'd been to a couple before then. Apologies to Klipsch. Dave
  9. Looking forward to it. Hasn't really been a lean, mean Windows since 98SE. Dave
  10. Took a look at the "howtogeek" link. They offer a "workaround" that, at least when that article was published, appears to provide a path to LTSB except for nag screens. It would be worth if for a DAW if they only appear a boot up...and if MS hasn't plugged this hole. Dav
  11. Keep me posted. Sounds too good to be true... Dave
  12. Thanks to all who contributed! Dave
  13. I might add that I think "Creator's" version is a bit of a stretch. Our Creator's version has been running for eons and still hibernates every night and boots every morning with only an occasional upgrade every few 100k years. Dave
  14. I fully agree. It's faster both boot and shut down. Tell about this LTSB Windows. Not familiar with it, but if it has your attention it has mine... Dave
  15. Watch for a photo essay I put together with the permission of the photographers on in July. PF has a wide following and this will get the Klipsch and Pilgrimage message out to a lot of folks who otherwise would not know about our group, activities, and Klipsch. Thanks to all those who provided permission to use their work. Dave