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  1. Mallette

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Never said otherwise. I used HDMI for video. Just don't care one way or the other when it's audio which is my main concern. Dave
  2. Mallette

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Okies. I think we are sort of talking past each other. My point was I don't really care whether it's SCSI, SATA, coax, HDMI or whatever that carries my data as long as it gets there in one piece. Dave
  3. Mallette

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Out of my league on that. I am about audio. The best video I've ever seen wouldn't fool my cat. All flat as a pancake and I don't spend a lot of money on it. Quite happy with a 600.00 Epson projector...and all Heritage surround system with horn loaded sub. The audio fools my cat... Dave
  4. Mallette

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Why any different than optical or coax? And, if you use the Oppo on board DAC, simple line out. Digital signals are either transported intact or not at all. Bits don't have qualitative differences...either on or off, there or not. If I recall correctly, the first Oppo I purchased was 375.00...more than I usually paid but it was a universal (no BluRay at the time, of course, but everything else) and I felt it worth it. Frankly, I wouldn't spend much more now as construction costs have remained the same or gone down. I use PC based transports for all my digital audio and video and outboard stuff for the rest. For a stand alone unit to be competitive it needs to be competitive, and I think the record shows that Oppo was not in the end. A cost conscious person is not going to spend 800.00 or more for something that neither sounds nor looks any better than a few hundred dollars in separates that do multiple duties. JMHO...YMMV. Dave
  5. Mallette

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Totally agree, though I certainly have no idea what HDMI has to do with it as I hear nothing from it that is any better than any other method of sending a signal. When they first came out, Oppo was the best build and sound at the price...but they got greedy. Anybody who has been around for a while has seen it with a variety of companies and products. Dave
  6. Mallette

    La Scala value?

    Welcome to the madness. Asking price, unknown. Quality, priceless! Dave
  7. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    I have a 3BX, but it appears to have an issue in that one band stays red. I didn't toss it yet, even though I figured the likelihood of being able to diagnose and fix it was pretty small. Hope springs eternal... I believe it rather highly regarded by the analog crowd. Dave
  8. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    While I originally developed this saying for my photography class years ago, it applies to audio chains as well: Your picture will look precisely as good as the crappiest piece of glass it went through. Same applies to the sound of an audio chain. The sound will be that of the weakest link. Dave
  9. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    By the way, your monicker suggests drums. Later dbx units had variable impact restoration that put a lot of punch into drums and other impacts. Can work very well, but it also does the same for all impacts...like record pops! Unless the recording is pristine I rarely use it on LPs for that reason. Dave
  10. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    As mentioned above, I've been using dbx in my systems since the late 70's and I don't hear anything except better dynamic range. Of course, I might be deaf as I also hear no difference in high dollar interconnects or power cords. However, one of my best know quotes is "You can't fix crap." Some stuff is so mushed and compressed that improving the dynamics makes the crap louder as well. That sort of things goes in the trash, virtual or real can. Dave
  11. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    Certainly "colorless," IMHO. I suppose one might argue that realistic dynamics are more colorful, as that's a variable term depending on who uses it. Dave
  12. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    Rather pointless if it didn't, wouldn't it? However, restoration to original dynamic range means better fidelity by definition. No offense, but might as well listen to MP3 as a lot of vinyl given the compression. It becomes painfully obvious once you've used a great dynamic range restoration device just how compressed it is. Plus, you get that nice silent "blackness" between cuts known only to digital users and those with high end R2R. Dave
  13. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    Not at all familiar with that. Tell more, maybe some pictures. Dave
  14. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    DBX has none IF you have a good ear and learn to set it just right. Some find it easy, some take a while. In my case I've used them so long if an adjustment is needed it's a matter of no thought and just doing it. In most cases I already know what I want and when it's off I recognize it immediately. Dave
  15. Mallette

    DBX 4BX Mods

    I still have my original 117 and it still works great. 4BX in my main system. I can hardly listen to LPs without one unless they are in the top couple of percent of pressings, and even then they will be compressed unless it's chamber music or something of limited dynamic range to start with. As mentioned, I think it sad no one has brought this wonderful tech back for the modern resurgence. Once you have one and learn to set it properly, there is no going back. I keep hoping someone will duplicate the functions in realtime software. It would be nice for stuff on music servers. Dave