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  1. Ron isn't much for any online site. However, he comes to Pilgrimage when he can. Dave
  2. BTW, going to do it on unfinished scrap so as to make it at least look nerdy... Dave
  3. Definitely going to do this as soon as I can. Sounds marvelous! Thanks fort the heads up. This is not remotely a nerd project. Just follow the instructions and look up nerdy terms like hard drive and OS if you have to. If you can handle Ikea instructions you can do this. Dave
  4. Looking forward to it. Going to CA leaving in the AM tomorrow, but don't expect to be there very long. Inprocessing to Beltsville is mostly by snail mail. Dave
  5. All sounds great and looking forward to it. Thanks. Dave
  6. So you don't have to look it up, he is asking "What year were the 508 Altec speakers made, more or less, thanks." Dave
  7. You should be able to post at will now. Your link was removed as they are not allowed on first posts, but you can do it now. OK, maybe "pretty lame" as well but I don't make the rules. :-). Dave
  8. Outstanding! I will be looking forward to it. Dave
  9. Hear, hear! Let me know where you are. Took a job with the FDA in Beltsville and will be traveling light...Klipschless. Going to need a fix at some point. Dave
  10. Yes, not looking forward to the cold...but at these rates I can afford to stay warm. Heck, might lookup @thebes. Not sure who else is around there where I might get a Klipsch fix. Dave
  11. As I mentioned above, since they seem very anxious to get me on board and no clearance is involved, should be a month or less. Dave
  12. Won't cancel Beale until I have a firm offer. However, they seem very anxious to get me on board as I just interviewed last week, heard from my boss this morning, his boss about an hour later, and HR shortly thereafter. Pretty sure it is solid...but won't cut the ropes on my main parachute until I am sure the reserve is good. Dave
  13. Here's one for the books...got an 18k raise without ever showing up for work. Now, it's the FDA in Beltsville, MD. Cold, yes, but I can afford to stay warm and it's only half as far as the CA job so I can come home a lot more often. Dave
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