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  1. Scott Joplin Regional Music Celebration

    Very proud, methinks. We'll be doing the closing of "Treemonisha" as he intended with the Texarkana Ragtime Orchestra, soloists, and the choir of Lonoke Baptist Church where Joplin's grand niece, 98 year old LaErma White, is a member. She will be a "Guest of Honor," as it were. We are planning a repertory company to perform Treemonisha annually. Today's feature article in the Texarkana Gazette attached. Dave Gazette180323.pdf
  2. Scott Joplin Regional Music Celebration

    Need folks to attend, not send regrets. However, all sentiments appreciated. It really will be a very special show in an acoustic environment of extraordinary greatness. Dave
  3. Klipsch will be with us via KI-396s and an 1802 sub. They'll be featured at intermission as they will play a PWK recording of the great John Eargle at the Morton Theater organ that now resides in storage in the basement of the Perot Theatre, where the event will be held. Last year, a number of folks commented that it was like the instrument was restored and in the building. Of course, no surprise here. If you are anywhere near Texarkana, join us Friday night for the "Gala Preview" party for the main even Saturday night. Special rates with half-price tickets from Hilton Garden Inn if you want a room. Look me up if you come! Dave
  4. New chapter in my life

    It ain't what you make. It's all about what you have to do to get it. Dave
  5. New Listening Room, and New House

    Well, talking about a listening room is like looking about music. Anyway, i'll get a decent picture of its current state in the next day or so... Dave
  6. RIP Stephen Hawking

    He not only dealt with it, but always appeared to be happy as a clam. The greatest physical theorist since Einstein. Dave
  7. New Listening Room, and New House

    Lived out west and have been stung by scorpions more than once. Momentarily very painful, like sticking a needle in the tip of your finger. However, the first time it was rather interesting after that fact as I had mild and pleasant hallucinations for a while. Tarantulas? Played with them as a kid. Quite harmless...unless you threaten them by squeezing or something. Then they will bite and they have LARGE and powerful mandibles so it will be most unpleasant and you will certainly turn loose. But you really have to go out of your way to get bitten. I never got bitten...though I have been by praying mantis's. They are quick to bite even if you don't squeeze them and hurt pretty bad as well. Spending a lot of time in the woods growing up one learns about good snakes, bad snakes, poisonous and non-poisonous plants, what to locate to make a fire when everything is soaked, how to skin and cook almost anything (including snakes...very tasty roasted on a stick), what water to drink and what not to, how to orient yourself when lost, and such. I was, an remain, at home in the woods. My dad would take a friend and I well out into the Arkansas backwoods on the Cossatot River and leave us for a week or so by the time I was 12. One of my friends parents wouldn't let him go and told my dad it was too dangerous to leave us there. My dad said "Seriously? What's dangerous there? They know how to eat, build fires, make shelter, and swim. They are safer there than on the streets here with pool halls, hoodlums, broken glass, and all sorts of trouble to get into. It's the one time I don't worry over him in the summer." He fully believed that, and I've taught my son the same skills, supplemented with Scouting, and have no concerns about his ability to survive...and thrive...in the wilds. Dave
  8. The collective of all consciousness. That which brings what we observe into existence as we observe. The universe working itself out...again. Look at the sine wave, and the symbol for infinity. Both closed loops, infinite loops. What do you think? Dave
  9. Anti- Intellectualism

    Yes. And that "The bow that does not bend is soon broken." As opposed to purely religious texts, Lao Tzu is clear, concise, and more physics than metaphysics. Dave
  10. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    None. Leaves a smooth, oil film finish that looks like black Teflon. WARNING: Open the windows and take the batteries out of your smoke detectors before roasting coffee. Smokes up the place big time. Do it outside over a propane burner if possible. Dave
  11. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    Ah...got it. However, I've learned to avoid it by other means. Dave
  12. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    That's why. I just don't keep any metal scrubbers around and my comments were more aimed at "newbies" to cast iron care...and you definitely aren't one. "To the extent that it works, it's a good thing." I have done my seasoning by roasting coffee beans in new or old cast iron needing reseasoning for years now even though it's a bit labor intensive. You get a great seasoning...and fresh roasted coffee to boot. Dave
  13. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    No idea how that would work. I have good quality tongs, but certainly none that would handle the weight of cast iron. Besides that, I know how to handle it and have had no misadventures in decades. Dave
  14. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    I never have to re-season after this process, and don't recall ever needing to. Don't have to scour, either...which would certainly wreak havoc with the seasoning. Those green fine plastic thin plastic scrubbers don't hurt...but they are THIN and you must be careful not to get burned. Also, coarse or kosher salt under a thicker scrubber works well. And, it should go without saying, NEVER use any detergent. You WANT that fine layer of oil to remain. It's been sterilized, and will be sterilized next use. Dave
  15. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    The process being to reheat it to a sizzle before quenching again. I have rarely had to do this if I ensure it's hot enough coming straight off the heat. Dave