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  1. Mallette


    Got some "on the scene" from a French friend, Domique Anglares, who is an international known expert in early rock and general music lover. He confirms that his sources say the Grand Orgue has substantially survived but will require dismantling, cleaning, and restoration. While it could have been replaced it could not have been duplicated so I am thrilled to hear this. It's hard to believe when one looks at the aerial images of the North Transept and I hope to see some photos of that area soon. Dave
  2. Mallette


    Those Paris firefighters! The fire totally outclassed the weapons they had to fight it, but their human spirit totally outclassed the fire. I am reminded of Winston Churchill's famous statement as he emerged from a bunker towards the end of the Battle of Britain: "Never in the history of mankind has so much been owed by so many to so few." Dave
  3. Mallette


    As I said above, just say "no" to bait, especially when it's so far OT as to verge on the incredible. Dave
  4. As I've always preferred cast iron or steel I have only a few non-magnetic pots. As mentioned above, when I look at cookware now I carry a small magnet as it isn't always clear what is magnetic and what is not. Dave
  5. Mallette


    Thanks. Taking the bait means the phisher attempts to set it. Best response is NO response. Some are phishing, some are honestly commenting on practices that bug them, others are just being snarky. If it's OT, let it be. Dave
  6. Not too late, but unfortunate there are no "day pass" options available. I think we should look at that. Dave
  7. Mallette


    Leave it out, please. None of these people are relevant to this event. Dave
  8. Mallette


    Yes, mentioned the UN as logical body to administer a world wide World Heritage preservation effort but forgot about "who," it's about "what." The expectation of the French for their government to act is precisely what democracy is all about. It is THEIR government and THEIR money in the same way that if our Capitol were destroyed we'd all expect OUR money to be used to restore it. 750,000.000 pledged already from various NGOs and the government hasn't even gotten started. This is people talking! My own concept was international "insurance" by which some entity is created and risks shared by the willing to create technology to ameliorate the potential losses of recognized World Heritage sites. Compared to what is lost and what it costs to replace these things it would be a bargain. What "we" are willing to fund is not relevant. My own opinion may be that of a minority and most may be of the "let'er burn" variety and we'll replace it with beer joints. My opinion doesn't reach into current reality at all, and represents only my own beliefs and what I am will to support in a multi-national cause aimed at protecting and preserving the human inheritance. I don't think I am alone as I've heard others make a call to action world wide. Notre Dame will be largely rebuilt by the French for whom she is ground center of their culture, regardless of their religion or lack thereof, and certainly regardless of their political leanings. It's the epitome of apolitical. And non-French from around the world will join in to support because it is of great important to all civilized people. The outpouring of international support is one of the more encouraging things I've observed in a long time. Dave
  9. Go for it. You'll be glad you did if you like to cook. First thing I've ever used that's better than gas. I carry a magnet in my car in case I see pots and pans that appear to be a good deal. If the magnet sticks, they're good... Dave
  10. Mallette


    Yeah. Where's the beef? Dave
  11. Mallette


    Matter of scale, JJ. Rather unlikely any ozone damage could be measurable from the rare fires in the few such places world wide where such protection would be used. Dave
  12. Mallette


    Thought further. Halon would be better. Yes, banned due to ozone depletion but I think we'd all trade a bit of ozone for a St. Pauls, a Notre Dame, or the US Capitol. Delivery means would need to be developed to get it to the right places but that's probably not all that hard. Just a matter of how many pieces of our inheritance we are willing to lose before we are willing to take steps to fight. Dave
  13. Mallette


    Lots of good brains here. Discuss amongst yourselves. It was stated that aerial water or chemical bombardment wasn't possible due to the weight of the stuff. What about carbon tetrachloride? Lighter than water, incredible fire suppression abilities, and reasonably safe. Dave
  14. Mallette


    3D digitized to incredible accuracy several years ago. Better than architecturals. Sometimes we are prepared, and this is one of them. She can be duplicated in every aspect. However, she can be improved with what we've learned in the past 1000 years so she lasts another thousand or more with much less worry. Sad to lose those ancient timbers, but modern ones can be treated against fire, imbued with fire suppression equipment that cannot be seen, and sensors that tell us what's going on the moment anything changes. And this can be done in ways that cannot be seen from the floor. As to those getting into OT areas STOP. Just stick with Notre Dame. There are no politics involved here or national issues, only human ones that have nothing to do with race, religion, political orientation, gender, national origin, or ANY of those things. If you don't recognize World Heritage, simply stay away. Nothing to see here. Dave
  15. Mallette


    Ah, the Roman hypocaust that followed them even to the extremes of northern Britain and Germany. Probably the most comfortable form of heating ever designed. Living there must have been quite stimulating. Certainly would have been for me. Dave
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