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  1. Got to thinking about the discomforts of some PPE. Spent a lot of years in the oilfield, none of which was more uncomfortable than the last year when fire retardant clothing was required on most west Texas rigs. Usually brand new, stiff, long sleeved and worn over most of your regular clothing. In the summer, I've worn these in 115 degree direct west Texas sun. How we stayed conscious is beyond me, but frequent breaks and lots of water were necessary. Worse, no whining or signs of discomfort allowed in the "he man" environment. Dave
  2. Won't approve your post unless you remove the link. Can't see what it point to and we don't approve first posts with links unless we can read clearly what they point to. To dangerous to follow them. Once your first post is approved, review the Terms of Service and then repost the link if you are certain it meets the TOS and you are in no way connected with it. Regards, Dave
  3. Mallette

    Essential Audio

    And all Bose products. Dave
  4. Unable to visually verify where your link pointed and we don't have time to follow them all. Please remove it and I will approve your post. After the first one you may restore the link if you are certain that it does not violate the TOS. Regards, Dave
  5. Your going to be a bit disappointed, but they will sell for more than he paid for them. Dave
  6. Edited your post as the link to a service you work for is not allowed. Read the TOS. However, your info IS important and you are free to contact anyone by Private Message and provide links or services there. Good luck and good to have you. I am a Crown lover having purchased a pair of Crown 800 R2R decks in the 70s at my first job. Lord, I'd love to have that thing now! Dave
  7. Man. M-80s, cherry bombs, Texas busters...such fun in my youth. We learned about danger the same way soldiers learn about surviving...by doing. Yes, even as a kid I knew an M-80 was a quarter stick of dynamite and treated it accordingly. I recall a friend of mine thinking it would be good fun to put one under a tin can. I said it was probably not a good idea, but he insisted. I move WAY off, and he about 10 feet. It totally blew the can to pieces and one bit of shrapnel gave him about a one inch slash just above the eye. We also had firecracker wars. A cherry bomb went down one of my friends shirt. He jumped up and by luck his shirt hung on a barbed wire fence and the bomb fell out. Could have severely injured him or worse. Life was different then. We had the freedom to learn the hard way. Dave
  8. When I started crowing about Fraziers here I didn't realize what I'd started. I was buying Mark IVs for 35.00 a pair in superb condition. Eventually got a pristine pair of Eleven's for 400.00 along with vintage Soundcraftsman amp, preamp and tuner. Since then, more have caught on the the prices, while still bargains, have really gone up a lot. Wish I'd kept my mouth shut. Anyway, this group was very active until a few years ago the group decided to move to FB. It's quite active. Dave
  9. You may get quicker info from the Frazier Users FB group which many belong to and follow. Dave
  10. Old enough to be historic rather than political. I have often said that ALL the states lost the Civil War as Abe totally trampled the Constitution and it never recovered. His response to the Supreme Court: "They've made their decision. Now let them enforce it." Dave
  11. Even though it is not, "ignorant" is generally considered a pejorative. Elementary school students are ignorant of calculus, but that doesn't mean they are mentally deficient. And, yes, uninformed would be a better choice as it implies nothing except the individual has not been exposed to something (aside than Covid 😁). Dave
  12. Good job. All that is required. Adding that, if everyone took this action against a personal attack, we'd have a MUCH easier time. If one cannot contain it, take it to PM. Dave
  13. Should have said "quoted." Dave
  14. I think everyone has been pretty cordial after being called out on crossing a very wide line that has been offered, given the current circumstance we're dealing with. We're lucky that we can complain and object with different points of views on this here. I do not lock a thread unless the OP started it in violation of TOS. If necessary, posts will be hidden and action taken against individual contributors, but I won't lock it. In this, I do not necessarily reflect all mods, but I have tried to influence them to act the same way as I feel locking a thread reflects poorly on the original poster and those who follow the TOS in their posts. Dave
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