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  1. So, Epilogue to the Galveston trip. Turns out my DP, Darren Mercer, was holding out on me. He is an RN, MD candidate, licensed pilot, and former driver at thee 67 Speedway. Might have needed all three last night except for the Grace of God...who sent Darren to keep me alive. So, close to midnight we are headed north towards TXK and just south of Fouke on I-49. He's been driving us around since we left TXK on Friday as he was ecstatic about the car. I was worn out and decided to take a nap. He, like many, had decided I just didn't know how to drive and was delusional about the car trying to kill me on Supercruise. So, he engaged it at 80mph. A short time later I found myself being thrown from side to side in the car and the world spinning. After what seemed an eternity it stopped and Darren looked at me and said "It just tried to kill us and damn near did." I thank a merciful God for saving us and sending me Darren to ensure I not only survived but will be endowed to take care of His people. Orr will be picking me up very shortly to start the process. I strongly suggest that if you own a GM car, DO NOT engage Supercruise or adaptive cruise.
  2. Should have liver streaming up soon.
  3. Also, pretty sure this means the end of the gold standard for currencies...and probably currency itself since all these national currencies cost money to exchange. Jesus had this one right!
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/20/elon-musk-says-bitcoin-seems-high-after-surpassing-1-trillion-market-cap.html I did!
  5. https://www.facebook.com/Your-Four-States-Reporter-107971004569363 Don't know about you guys, but I get my news from a newspaper...
  6. You ain't from around here are you?
  7. The Pandemic of 2021 is officially over in Texas and Arkansas, and time to party. See https://www.facebook.com/Your-Four-States-Reporter-107971004569363. Be there or be square.
  8. Mallette

    Ozone Theatre

    They stole my phone number as well. Very thorough! New phone is 870 648 5741
  9. Mallette

    Ozone Theatre

    It was to the tune of my entire identity and at least 25k. Getting that back and then some...
  10. Mallette

    Ozone Theatre

    What else would I expect a turd to do....?
  11. Mallette

    Ozone Theatre

    Nov 7 is just when they screwed up and I discovered it. It's been going on since last July.
  12. Mallette

    Ozone Theatre

    Can't explain that. However, 2 months is well within the 7 November until a couple of weeks ago I had no control.
  13. Mallette

    Ozone Theatre

    Clinton lives down the street. That's a very old post and not related to the current situation.
  14. See my FB link for the "Texarkana Band" video. They'd never been in the US or to Texarkana until I brought them here 3 years ago. Great people and a fine band!
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