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  1. Entirely true. Not hyperbolic...that is precisely the lecture we were given before boarding the freedom bird home. But it IS a true description of my feelings from your treatment of me, Chad. As I said, you are a friend and nothing your superiors tell you to do will ever change that. Also note I did NOT say this in the main forum...just to my friends here. I would never say that in public.
  2. I've nothing to hide and in 20 years never got a call from a Forum friend that was not welcome.
  3. Well, it was worth a try.
  4. 😎 Have that and more Marx brothers movies on Laserdisc.
  5. You already had my number so certainly no good byes for you, my friend! We'll see each other at Hope...though, since I am persona non grata at Klipsch events only at Forum sponsored events.
  6. Stay up to date my tenderfoot friend. I did NOT say I was leaving. Just not logging in after a week or so from today unless someone texts me.
  7. I am NOT leaving the Forums but will no longer log in except to respond to text messages to do so for PMs. All I did here was Moderate given my 26k posts had pretty well covered everything I know about audio and I didn't have much more to say given the BS sections demise (where about 5k of my posts disappeared). I PM'd my thoughts to Chad and one other that I really felt like the returning Vietnam vet that I am returning from that war with a Vietnam service medal with campaign device and the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry...and being told to make sure I didn't wear my uniform in public unless I wished to be spat on. If you wish to PM me after a week from today text your question to 870 648 5147 and I will log in and respond by PM. Farewell, and thanks for all the fish!
  8. Elden is as good as people come. Love the man!
  9. Moderator is a VERY tedious, thankless task. Stay away, far away. And I mean even if you are a bad person and a bully. No fun for anyone...
  10. That's history. Really mainly Eldon and Travis and subjectivity has been replaced with absolute and merciless application of the TOS. Both nice guys but totally in sync with the TOS. Beware if you care.
  11. See my response. You guys have NO idea what Moderators deal with behind the scenes. What I went through with so many...including some on this thread...is why I am not at all unhappy being drummed out in disgrace. However, the ones left will not operate as I did so watch yourselves as I can't help you now.
  12. Absolutely! So much fun! Newbies needed protection from him and as Moderator I gave it to them and warned him off. But you know I HATE safe zones and people need to toughen up. He was, in fact, a really nice guy. There are some internet bullies right in this thread...but they are actually nice guys in real life. Not my job to judge why they are different here. As moderator, my job was to simply keep the peace.
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