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  1. Elon's "BFR"

    Started watching him with Tesla. I'd really love to be a 20 year old engineering major right now. I'd start out sweeping floors to work for this giant. That video of a rocket touching done on Earth is something I would have bet 15 years ago I'd never live to see...but there it is, thanks to the "Iron Man." Dave
  2. Elon's "BFR"

    Wouldn't help. It's the air resistance that is the issue. As to whether it is a serious issue, that remains to be seen. Failure of spacecraft or submarine hulls are equally disastrous...but we've overcome that. Dave
  3. Elon's "BFR"

    No idea where you get your information. Google for the past year and found a variety of info...none saying with any scientific backing that it was anything like a failure. Wiki is reasonably objective. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperloop But there are a LOT more citations. I am not getting into a debate about Musk's genius. It's well enough demonstrated not to need me. Besides, the Hyperloop (other than on Mars, where no tube would be needed in the thin atmosphere) is a red herring. You want to argue that his BFR will be a total failure, go to it. As for me, I shall wait and watch this guy reshape the future. He has refocused the world on all electric cars by tripling the efficiency (they said it couldn't be done), implementing the most advanced autonomous tech (also wasn't going to happen for 20 years), and has developed rocket technology that no one else has. If I had money, it would be on him. Dave
  4. Elon's "BFR"

    Yep, I get that. But no signs of him freaking out yet. Dave
  5. Elon's "BFR"

    He was right about PayPal and nobody noticed. Predictions were that Tesla would fail, and that hasn't happened. SpaceX was supposed to fail years ago and is now by far the most advanced space technology on the planet, bar none (known). The Hyperloop wasn't funded, so you only have the word of the skeptics who made the above predictions for it. Rest my case. He has a LOT of ideas not tested...but none are as important to him as personally visiting Mars...and Hyperloop and the others he isn't pursuing are distractions unless someone wants to fund them. Dave
  6. Elon's "BFR"

    I've been touting Musk to be considered the Father of Space and the greatest mind of the 21rst century for several years. He hasn't been proven wrong yet. He's landing his boosters with pinpoint accuracy on a regular basis and will be transporting crews via the Dragon multi-purpose ship next year. Dragon is capable of landing under power as well, but not sure when that will be implemented. Point is he is WAY ahead of NASA or anyone else. Now comes the "BFR," apply named being larger than Saturn V and capable of carrying a hundred passengers to Shanghai in 39 minutes...or to Mars. He says it will be flying in 10 years. I believe him...because he hasn't been wrong yet. As he says that the thing will be about the same price to ride as a full fare economy ticket, I may live to ride a rocket. Stay tuned... Dave
  7. Hurricane Irma 2017

    From the morning paper no so sure that's the case in the Keys. Dave
  8. Hurricane Irma 2017

    So "Irma" has reached Texarkana. Sort of expected it in spite of the forecast. Barometer dropping, clouds moving in but no sign of rain yet. Dave
  9. Hurricane Irma 2017

    There you go... Dave
  10. Hurricane Irma 2017

    Good enough. I think I opened a 15 year old single malt by kerosene lighting about this time. Dave
  11. Hurricane Irma 2017

    Keep us informed as conditions allow. It's about to get busy there and we'll all be on pins and needles awaiting your status. Dave
  12. Hurricane Irma 2017

    Yeah. No fun anytime but worse at night. However, it has it's charms if you are in the eye path. Hearing the winds and rain rapidly die off and going out to see the stars above with a HARD circular delineation point where the eyewall is, and hearing dead silence and zero lights in the 4th largest city in the US was pretty remarkable during Ike. But feeling the wind picking up and seeing a blackout line approaching from the south reminds you that you're only half done. Dave
  13. SSH Hope Trip

    Hope to have the building renovated and open for listening sessions on the Klipsch Heritage system by first quarter. Work on the bid now. Dave
  14. SSH Hope Trip

    Posting this for SSH (Steve) who had the idea that developed into the current member-driven Pilgrimage. Like so many, his storage has been used up. Dave PappyIII and I left the Mustang behind and set out in the Yukon on a less-than-ninety mile drive to the Klipsch Museum. If you're not picking up something at the plant, the roads are great for a sports car or motorcycle. At the Museum, we had a fantastic visit with Historian Jim Hunter. If you haven't utilized the "Ask the Historian" section of the Forum, shame on you. He greets and entertains visitors with a friendly, but encyclopedic knowledge of Paul and all. We talked Jim into a lunch break at the Williams Tavern Resturant a short drive away. The three of us recommend it. The Old Washington Historical State Park is a great place to visit (with kids, too). Since we had an ulterior motive, Jim helped us with it. This is the second pair of speakers loaded. With help from a dolly and my neighbor, Early, they are about to take the place of a pair of LaS that I bought from Dee a few years ago. They look much better out of the boxes. Awesome! Hooked to a pair of top-of-the-line Marantz separates, the Cornwall IIIs seem to be as happy as I am. End of chapter, beginning of chapter. SSH
  15. Hurricane Irma 2017

    Did so on your first post about it as well. Seems the experts agree. It's counter intuitive, as strong tape like flight tape SHOULD increase the flex resistance. But if so many say it doesn't I suppose I'd defer to experts. I never lost one that was taped...but I also never saw pink elephants when I burned the right incense, either. Dave