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  1. Class D

    Mr. Warren, The quote beneath your name in your icon iz prime, considering this discussion. Jfc
  2. SOLD McIntosh MC 275 MK VI

    "Virtue iz its own reward"
  3. Houston: The Eagle has landed. I say again, the eagle has landed. The lights turn on and it said hello. I will read the manual and begin integration on my weekend. Let me rate the whole experience: Easy Peasy. Article arrived early, as pictured and described. The only possible thing I could find to whine about was a chip out of one of the expanded polystyrene packing spacers (OEM, not after market or improvised) but this functionally irrelevant defect was more than covered by the liberal and judicious application of bubble wrap, in an assortment of calibers. The carrier had no chance of breaking this item. Well packed, my friend. Thank you Tidmack, a pleasure doing business with you. JBCODD
  4. Opinions on a few tools - plung saw

    But please don't use it on a ladder. That would be like begging for the nickname "Nubby" or "Lefty".
  5. I can't do it because I gave away all my Beatles albums years ago to a ***** shooting club. Note(for some reason the forum sotfware won't let me spell out the word to the type of club where they shoot clay pigeons. Wierd.) Grasshopper: The reasons you seek can be found on a journey "To the windows" or perhaps "To the walls". But you must journey no farther, for in the immortal words of Jerry Chick "That's gonna itch when it dries".
  6. Durn FedEx. They came a day early. And since SOMEBODY (me) insisted on a signature for delivery (since it is prime "porch shopping" season in Phoenix), now I gots to wait til tomorrow to play with the unit. Oh the humanity..........
  7. NCAAF

    Never doubt a man with a meat helmet.
  8. NCAAF

    Wry humor. All believe Army will win, but a solid blue circle iz boring.
  9. WTB empty Heresy cabs

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Heresy-cabinets-ONLY-grills/112612503201?hash=item1a383a6ea1:g:rncAAOSwiqtZj0g6 Dont know what version. No affiliation. In Riverside Ca.
  10. where have all the good guys gone ?

    Most perceptive.
  11. Horn loaded sub brands

    Sum uv the Tubas are BMF's
  12. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I had seen the pic, that prompted the reply. I was a chancre mechanic (91C), straight leg and a house at for over half my career. But I did get to play with some of the more enthusiastic members of the airborne community at Camp Frank D. Merrill in Dahlonega Ga. between 1978 and 1981. We even got a Florida vacation thrown in during a cycle break. Dedicated aircraft for transport (a C-7), and a luxurious poncho liner for bedding in the swamp.