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    Music and grandkids, seven currently
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    Yamaha CDC-585 disc player
    Yamaha C-60 pre amp
    Yamaha M-65 power amp
    Mac Mini music server
    Marantz 7004 Streamer/DAC
    1978 la Scala pair, refinished, and B&K A-4500 updates
    A set of Exodus Anarchy subwoofers powered by a Crown XLS 1002
    A set of 1980's Hereseys and an RC 52II for TV sound
    And a pair of Walnut Forte I, which Have just been delivered from my daughters house in Colorado.

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    What I Got Today!

    This week I got a "new to me" set of shelves for my kit. Looks a lot neater than the old stack on a converted sewing machine table. It had two empty shelves, so I bid on a public surplus site for a lot of electronics from the Yuma courthouse and won. Included in the lot were two Crown XLS 2000 and two Crown D 45 amps. Now to integrate these into the system. Also included were six JAVS (Jefferson Audio Visual Systems) Recorder 7's. The hard drives have been removed. Can't find much info on these and do not know what I can do with them. May donate them to the East Valley Institute of Technology, a local High School level tech school. (Unless anyone here has a use for some of them) Also two dbx AFS 224 units. The auction ad just said dbx boxes. I hoped they were the electronic crossover units, to use for bi/tri amping the la Scalas, but alas, they were not. These will prolly go to the church, or for sale if the church can't use them. In any event I got four useful amps for less than a Benjamin a piece, not counting the round trip to Yuma, so a good week after all.
  2. It's official:July 2020 is the hottest month ever recorded in the Phoenix area. Overall average temp of 99 degrees. NOTE: This is not the average high temp, but the average temp, 24/7 for 31 days. Thank goodness for kayaks and the Salt River.....
  3. Toasty in Phoenix this week: 115 yesterday, 118 today. Shoot, the sun is down now, and a warm breeze is blowing at 110. Ahhhhhhh, blessed relief. Makes me appreciate spending last week in Colorado Springs fixing my daughters deck.

    Mug Shots

    Two choices: my wife and I at the bottom of Niagra Falls, and Silent Bob, Mary and I in the ER of the 97th Gen Hosp, Frankfurt, West Germany, about 1984.


    As you wish...........
  6. I live in Phoenix. 90 degrees in the mountains is a break.
  7. My wife farmed me out to Co. to do some chores for my daughter. A bit of landscaping (3 tons of pea gravel) and a set of stairs for the deck.
  8. The Oakland Athletics and at least one other MLB club are offering season ticket holders a golden opportunity. For about $600, they will make a corplast cutout of your uploaded image, and place it in your seat. If that image gets hit with a foul ball, said ball is mailed to you.

    What I Got Today!

    Some more figs, about three pounds. With my wife home more, due to her hours being cut because of Covid, there will be some Newtons baked soon.
  10. I would like all the ZZ Top, Ship Arriving too late etc and Sheik Yerbouti. PM to follow.
  11. Official temp 117 in my area. It was noticeable. Tomatos and fig tree are stressed. Did about 1.5 hrs of yard work in divided doses: 20 minutes of work to 1 hr cooling off and hydration. Wife bought two rolls of artificial turf and wants it installed in the backyard. It may wait for winter......
  12. And deleted. Must have been swamped with buyers and reconsidered price point. Or someone got quite a bargain.
  13. JBCODD


    What was the cutoff for entry. 5k posts? At my rate I'd have been eligible in just 27 more years...... I'd have been talking smack at 88 years old........."Matlock!"
  14. Summer is here. Was 112 today, could reach 115-118 this weekend. 7-Day Forecast Tomorrow Jul 8 H 110 ° L 86 ° Thursday Jul 9 H 111 ° L 87 ° Friday Jul 10 H 113 ° L 89 ° Saturday Jul 11 H 115 ° L 89 ° Sunday Jul 12 H 117 ° L 91 ° Monday Jul 13 H 114 ° L 89 ° Tuesday Jul 14 H 110 ° L 87 °
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