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    Music and grandkids, seven currently
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    Yamaha CDC-585 disc player
    Yamaha C-60 pre amp
    Yamaha M-65 power amp
    Mac Mini music server
    Marantz 7004 Streamer/DAC
    1978 la Scala pair, refinished, and B&K A-4500 updates
    A set of Exodus Anarchy subwoofers powered by a Crown XLS 1002
    A set of 1980's Hereseys and an RC 52II for TV sound
    And a pair of Walnut Forte I, which Have just been delivered from my daughters house in Colorado.

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  1. I'm not a professional so I'm not inclined to speculate.
  2. And plague, if you got posted to Ft Carson.
  3. Your budget may accommodate any where from beater H1 to decent Forte/Chorus I or II if you're lucky. Not sure about the H3. The few I've noticed had been asking over a grand.
  4. Got Covid last year (an early adopter) got the J&J shot last week. The side effects of the shot were a bit more onerous than when I got the flu shot, but were a whole lot milder than the infection.
  5. No longer, it seems. The speakers have been renamed the Crites CS-1 and CS-1.5. (With versions A, B, C & D) All the pages referring to the speakers by the old name are in rewrite status. Perhaps to avoid any confusion as to the provenance of the speakers.
  6. @vuthecuongjapan if you type the symbol @ and then the persons screen name, that person is alerted that there is a message directed to them. @Dave A And welcome to the forum. As to your question: To my knowledge there is a LMAHL which will fit the La Scala I. Dave has also produced the horn lens from oak and walnut. These cost a bit more, but look beautiful. I do not own his product, but many forum members have used them and report favorably and enthusiastically about its efficacy. JBCODD


    Got my first Corona injection today.....
  8. That will certainly beat the heck out of dust collecting suspension cables. I too had looked for suitable brackets but didn't find a one. El Jefe comes through in the clutch.
  9. With all the "hard points" you could fly it from the ceiling using 3/8 eye bolts and chain or wire rope. This would allow for easier vertical changes/adjustments versus moving a shelf.
  10. JBCODD

    Leaving the Forum

    Happy New Year!
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