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  1. Heh, heh, heh.....you said hard on......heh heh heh. Aside from the childish joke, I rather envy your mechanical skills in maintaining your machinery.
  2. My 1978 Scalas have grill fabric attached to the reverse surface of the upper motorboard, with the horn mounting screws through the fabric. See below.
  3. Went to the circus last night with some friends from High Prarie, Alberta. Captain Ron, RCMP, Ret, and his wife; Outfitter/electrician/ret schoolteacher Bob and his wife (Ret Principal); and my wife. The show was outstanding. Set up in a large, climate controlled tent in the parking lot of Cardinal stadium, held about 2-3k people. Live music with an exceptional sound system. The acrobats were impressive. If if it comes to a town near you, don't miss it. Well worth the price of admission. (And the 100 mile round trip drive)
  4. Married life has mellowed you.😀 Congrats on the wedding!
  5. K 77 tweeters are available all day long on e bay. Singles for around $100, pairs for as low as $170 delivered. Members here, who tend to acquire surplus stock, may give a better deal, all ya have to do is ask in the garage sale section of the forum: "WTB round magnet K 77 tweeter" put the tweeter in, rub on some Watco furniture oil, and have yourself a fine looking and sounding set of speakers. I do do not know what other gear you have, but I enjoy the heck out of my vintage (1978) La Scala set. in any event, give them a listen before dispositioning. Cheers.
  6. Once the weight of the Soul has been measured, we must next determine the weight of the Funk.
  7. @avguytx either the Tang Band W6-1139SI 6-1/2" driver, or the Anarchy-704 are suited to the 25 Hz tapped horn Anarchy box https://www.diysoundgroup.com/speaker-parts/speaker-components/woofers/anarchy7-4ohm.html
  8. I am Not a moderator, but your post does not seem to violate the rules. However the usual custom is to: Post here first, with lots of pix (fellers here love pix) and a caveat that slow interest will lead to an outside listing or "I have posted this item on site a, b, or c with an asking price of $XXX. It is available to forum members for price $YYY. Again, lots of pix help the sale. Good luck with your sale. JBCODD
  9. And now an entry for the fourth "C" The joy's of pet ownership: After the recent rains refreshed the "Bouquet" of our backyard, my wife decided that we needed to mine the vast, untapped stores of doggy dumplings, which had accumulated over the "winter" months. Oh,rapture! Not only had the "bouquet" been refreshed by the precipitation, but the "nougatty centers" had been restored also. I think I'll wear two pair of gloves........♨️💩♨️💩
  10. Spent the weekend in Colorado Springs for a granddaughters seventh birthday. Brought her cousin up from Phoenix to help. I got snow on the front range; The two cousins with snowmen; and apparently A New York mitten.
  11. I do not own Klipschorns, nor have I ever heard them. But I do have a nice set of La Scala speakers. I drive them with an old Yamaha set up: a C-60 preamp and an M-65 power amp. They sound superb. Members here who who do own the big boys are split between tube amps and solid state. The speakers are highly efficient and can be driven to excessively loud levels with low powered amps (>25 watts). In the solid state arena, members use class A; class AB and some use class D. All have pluses and minuses. It is a matter of which you personally prefer. (Which sounds best to you) Prices can range from a few hundred used to a second mortgage new. Due to the the age of the speakers, the crossover networks may need to have the capacitors replaced, as these components will degrade over time. More knowledgeable members will undoubtedly chime in soon with more details. As to the veneer, for me this would be the last step, after the network update. Welcome to the forum, and enjoy the fantastic speakers you have!
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    As you wish........
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