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    1978 la Scala pair, refinished, and B&K A-4500 updates
    A set of Exodus Anarchy subwoofers powered by a Crown XLS 1002
    A set of 1980's Hereseys and an RC 52II for TV sound
    And a pair of Walnut Forte I, which Have just been delivered from my daughters house in Colorado.

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  1. @jorjen you have a message.
  2. Spent the summer remodeling our retirement house in Colorado. New paint, floors, molding, all plumbing fixtures and shut off valves, new windows, and a full demo and re-do of the kitchen. (The last two were contracted out) Before the countertops were installed in the kitchen, I put Billy Bones in a “Dead Space”. Playing the long game here. My wife put a note in the rib cage with our kids telephone numbers, so that whoever next remodels (after we’re gone…) can let the kids in on the joke.

    World Series

    Well, @oldtimer congrats to yer boys, the Rangers on their first championship. The Snakes had chances, but the Rangers outplayed them. I’ve got a cousin in Dallas who is a big supporter of the team, and I’ll bet he is pleased as well. I’m happy cause the local team is worth watching again. (And I got to go to a WORLD SERIES game two of my sons, one of whom bought the tickets)

    World Series

    Boys got pounded. Texas opened a can in the second and third inning. Mostly coasted til the eighth and ninth. Then things got exciting. Pasteboard airplanes filled the air! Prolly didn’t make network, but some made fair territory. All during pitching changes, or between innings. If ya noticed any odd cheers, it was because of one hitting the screen. Close, but no cigars. Somewhat more civil than snowballs in Buffalo or Philly, or batteries in NYC. These planes elicited the loudest cheers til the eighth inning. And it was the World Series. Like new K-horns to a fan. If they win, new Jubes.

    World Series

    Am I the only muldoon who likes accurate sound reproduction AND baseball? Been watching the end of the season and beginning of the playoffs up in Colorado. Got back to the valley of the sun in time to see the “Serpientes” polish off the Phillies. Too bad about last night, but hope the 🐍 come back tonight. Going to game 4, which will be a first. (A friend of mine had tix in ‘85, and I was going to fly back from Germany to go, but the Cardinal beat the Mets in the NLCS. Boo hoo)
  6. The Combat Support Hospital I was assigned to in Ft. Carson was tasked to provide med support for the 1993 version and I got to lead the circus. Six five ton trucks, two treatment tents, two sleep tents, (we were there for the whole show, 24/7) fuel, chow, and med supplies. Had a great time, met the drivers, and ran a rotation for the troops to watch the qualifying from a perch near a hairpin. The organizers gave all the medics and support folks free passes for families. A very nice touch. We also treated a bunch of drunks, some oxygen starved folks from sea level, and one driver with a broken foot. And threw snowballs on the Fourth of July. Your tax dollars at work.
  7. Vintage heritage has increased in value due to the general inflation, so they may sell for multiples of their new price of 30-50 yrs ago. New speakers are like cars, and lose value after leaving the showroom. But if they survive they regain their original value in inflated dollars. So keep ‘em for the kids.
  8. Guessing raw birch with a Duratex type finish.
  9. Siri is more up to date than I. Asked her three times to find “Peterson Air Force Base”. Came up blank. Reason? This facility is now “Peterson Space Force Base”. Alla dat to say that the ID card section there is Prime. Pats ID card had expired and mine was short time. Got in and out in less than an hour. Technology is great. Either the imaging is way better, or I have finally gotten as ugly as a gummint photo. The pic on the card looks like me!
  10. Anyhow, to add another “C”: cochlea. Just got a set of hearing aids to compensate for DAAP (Deaf As A Post). Never realized how noisy I was just lurching about the house. Also I now understand what people on this forum have meant about reflected sound. Sounds like people are following me down the hall. The audiologist advised that most of his stereo heads listen without the aids for better fidelity. The DSP in the device has a limited range: 125-16k Hz. Have to do some research to find the specs on the driver. But I may be able to use the hearing test results to develop a personalized program with my Xilica. But this must wait til fall/ winter after I retire and finish getting the snowbird house set up.
  11. Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey.
  12. https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/msg/d/albuquerque-klipsch-la-scala-industrial/7638905586.html Garage grade finish, great price. Not affiliated.
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