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    Music and grandkids, seven currently
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    Yamaha CDC-585 disc player
    Yamaha C-60 pre amp
    Yamaha M-65 power amp
    Mac Mini music server
    Marantz 7004 Streamer/DAC
    1978 la Scala pair, refinished, and B&K A-4500 updates
    A set of Exodus Anarchy subwoofers powered by a Crown XLS 1002
    A set of 1980's Hereseys and an RC 52II for TV sound
    And a pair of Forte I, which are stuck at my daughters house in Colorado. Can't wait!

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    Took the grandkids to check out the Amish Christmas lights......
  2. I've got a Victrola...... And a few crates of 78's
  3. I have been living for the past 25 years in two states with low property taxes: Colorado and Arizona. These low taxes have been reflected in shamefully low education funding. The tax rates have been well under 1% of market value. I have a sister in Orange County New York who pays over 20k per year. I don't think her schools are 10x better.
  4. @Rudy81 has a pair of them for sale in the Garage sale section. The price he quoted me for the used one is very good. I would have gotten it but I do not have the extra amps I would have needed to tri-amp my Scalas, so it would have collected dust for too long.
  5. Being told that the warranty on my 20 year old Volvo S-70 might be expiring.
  6. Thanksgiving is coming early to CAndler, Az. My daUghter and family are coming down from Colorado and she and her husband have volunteered to cook. My Mom is coming in from Jersey as well. The menu will be: -Turkey with stuffing -Yams and mashed taters -Green beans -Home made cranberry sauce - My scratch made pumpkin pies, famed throughout Colorado Springs, and my block here in Chandler, Az. With fresh whipped cream. Festivities will happen this weekend, and will be attended by 80% of my children (4), two spouses, two significant others, four grandkids and my mom (The Great grandma) will be a noisy house, but fun.
  7. Many of the softball league I've played in, both in and out of the service, had a "Ten run Rule". If after five innings a team was up by more than ten runs, the game was over. This was less about mercy and more about time. Games were allotted one hour to complete, and new games started on the hour.

    World Series?

    The umpiring has been rather uneven in this series. The game five ump had a variable strike zone. Different from pitch to pitch. Last nights ump was consistent: he gave 1 inch on the high side, two inches outside, but squeezed the pitchers low and inside. Not ideal, but consistent. The interference call at first was justified by the letter of the rule, but I didn't like it. Almost put Davey Martinez in the ICU. All that aside this is another great series. Not too sloppy, great pitching and clutch hitting. Too bad the Mets are not in it!
  9. Indeed. When I had to have a water heater replaced in Co. Springs, I had to have a double wall vent stack installed as well, due to code change.
  10. $700 for the speakers alone is a very attractive price.
  11. Probably Duratex, https://www.acrytech.com/product-category/speaker-cabinet-coatings/ @Tony T
  12. Professionally run estate sales here in the Phoenix Az area which I have been to are as @Coytee and @jimjimbo have stated: tag sales. Exception: they run Fri-Sun, and all items are 50% off on Sunday. I benefitted from one in Colorado with a similar set of rules when my daughter got me a set of Forte I for $225 on a Sunday.
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