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    Bah hah hah hah

    What I Got Today!

    A pot O' Garden gravy. Inna bout tree ta fo hours it'll be ready. I'm thinking ravioli. Yum.
  3. Also listed in Garage Sale by a member.

    What I Got Today!

    Enough veggies from de garden to build Mr. Pepperhead, 2019. Hot Santa Fe Grande, mild Poblano (green), tasty black cherry tomatoes, and plum tomatoes for sauce. Yum.


    True storey, but amusing.... Had the most amusing con today. After going ISO a fuel line for da kids car, (O'Reilly's, Auto Zone and two NAPAs) ; I found the Hose Master. Toyota wanted $250 and three days. The Hose Master cut the fittings from the old line, brazed them to threaded fittings and fitted a hose between them. For $45.00. In 60 minutes. The Hose Store, 302 East Baseline, Mesa Az, 487-5800. Great service, and comedy too. Hose Master: " I can give ya another inch on that hose if ya want." Me: "Better make it two; ya can never have too much hose." Master: " Yeah, we can do that."
  6. Indeed. They would be a sweet set for the garage or rear surrounds. Then I would be getting all @Youthman up in here. Great price, wish I was closer.

    What I Got Today!

    A pair of "mostly finished" Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs and a Crown 1002 XLS amp to power them. Since my wife left me (to visit grandkids in Co. she got me the amp for Christmas) I decided to bring them in from the garage and test them out. After the Berlin Philharmonic played Brandenburg Concertos 2 and 5, Steppenwolf played The Pusher and Magic Carpet Ride, then Creedence played their greatest hits. Quite a difference with the enhanced bottom end. Me Gusta! Next, back to the garage for final sanding and stain, then they come to live inside.

    What I Got Today!

    First fruits from the fig tree. The lighter is for scale. The first fruiting is typically small, ~3-4 dozen, but the new growth harvest will be measured in dozens of pounds..
  9. I'm about two weeks from some ripeness here in Az. We can plant the first week in March. I've grown them in New York and Maryland with good results. Colorado was a challenge. Rabbits, birds, hail and a short season stunted production. But here in Az. I get a big crop May through July. The plants won't set fruit if the temp doesn't drop below 90 so they go dormant for two to three months, then produce again for a fall crop in Oct and early Nov.
  10. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    Finished the garden: upper braces in place and net installed. Now the feathered freeloaders will have to work for supper.
  11. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    I chip the larger ones for that, but most are 1/8" - 1/4" whips.
  12. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    More built than got. My wife was tired of my "ghetto garden". The old frame was made of weathered, cracked peelers, 1x2's and baling wire, to support the bird netting. Tore that down and raised another. Just finished the staining. Tomorrow the upper braces go in then the new netting. Should have ripe maters and Peppers 🌶 in about three weeks. (Figs, too) Yum. Also trimmed the mesquite canopy, thus the piles of foliage onna ground. Off to the dump tomorrow.
  13. That was what my wife said as well. But after our younger twins graduated and moved out, I got a set of La Scala speakers. Only took 30 years. She is a stubborn woman and insisted I feed the kids before spending on "giant, ugly speakers". After 2 years in the house she now thinks they look pretty good.
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