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    1978 la Scala pair, refinished, and B&K A-4500 updates
    A set of 1980's Hereseys and an RC 52II for TV sound
    And a pair of Forte I, which are stuck at my daughters house in Colorado. Can't wait!

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  1. Probably Duratex, https://www.acrytech.com/product-category/speaker-cabinet-coatings/ @Tony T
  2. Professionally run estate sales here in the Phoenix Az area which I have been to are as @Coytee and @jimjimbo have stated: tag sales. Exception: they run Fri-Sun, and all items are 50% off on Sunday. I benefitted from one in Colorado with a similar set of rules when my daughter got me a set of Forte I for $225 on a Sunday.
  3. A deal is out there if you are patient. The Phoenix/Tucson area does not seem to have a large amount of Klipsch Heritage speakers available, unlike say, Chicago. I spent eight months looking for a set of ForteII when I found a set of '78 la Scala. They came with Crites updates (crossovers and tweeters). The cabinets had some previous damage, but were well refinished. At $1200 they were not a "bargain" but were a fair price. In the past few years I have seen some minty sets in the $1800-$2400 range, and some distressed sets for under a grand. Depending on your price range, patience, and refinishing skills, you should find success. I am very pleased with the sound of my set.
  4. Got bored at the river exit waiting for my wife to return with the pickup so we could load the kayaks. So I stacked rocks again. Sometimes the simple pleasures are the best.
  5. Took my wife out for a kayak run down the lower Salt River. Last run before SRP turns off the water, but her first since a mitral valve replacement. Water was low, about 500 cfs, as opposed to >1100 at peak season. But the banks show signs of the recent flood. We got the tail end of a hurricane so SRP opened the floodgates and flow went up to 38k cfs. T shirts in trees to mark high water Wild Stallions Shoreline vegetation, showing high water effects.
  6. Here is a link to a post by Jason Stoddard, one of the founders of Schiit audio, addressing this issue. Apparently if all components of a product are not entirely made in the 🇺🇸, e.g. Trees for Baltic birch plywood, steel used for screws, copper for wires etc, then the FTC has decreed that the final product may not be labeled "Made in the USA" https://www.head-fi.org/threads/schiit-happened-the-story-of-the-worlds-most-improbable-start-up.701900/page-2884#post-14735246


    I work for Intel in their factories here in Az. The overall business unit is Arizona Fab, Sort, Manufacturing, or AzFSM. Employees were given windshield sunscreens with the AzFSM logo. My younger son saw them and said "Dad, I didn't know you worked for the Arizona Flying Spaghetti Monster" Many LOL's were had.
  8. Avast me hearties: The moon is near o'er the yardarm, signifyin' de end uv another Talk like a pirate day. Time ta weigh anchor and shove off fer another year.
  9. Ahoy mateys, Shiver me timbers! Prepare to be boarded, ye bilge rats. For 19 September is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. I'll be expecting full participation er ye'll Be keelhauled. So weigh anchor and, blow the man down for it be time to come about, else visit Dave Jones' locker. Arrrrrrrrrrrh. http://talklikeapirate.com/wordpress/sample-page/
  10. JBCODD


    Some off-color humor......
  11. JBCODD


  12. And if ya don't like the Weller 12, maybe stick with Burglary.
  13. It is a configuration which @Chris A recommended in a previous thread to bring the upper registers closer to ear height. According to Chris, the overhanging 402's do not interfere with bass delivery due to the longer wavelength of the lower frequencies. ( As long as certain parameters are complied with) About halfway down the second page are comments with his rationale and some pix.
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