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  1. Where in Colorado are you moving to? The state has high plains to the east, real mountains to the west, and both in the middle. All are quite beautiful. I lived there for 14 yrs, and will retire there. I think you may enjoy your new location, especially if you like outdoor activities. Beware the winter, as it does get quite cold. Good luck with your sales. JBCODD "It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing"


    I have a physical coming up. I should get my son to print me one.
  3. Pix 4 & 7 show what looks like an amp in the right side of the top section.
  4. My wife at Bishops Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, Colorado. A remarkable structure, built by one man (The castle, not my wife. She is remarkable as well, but required one man and one woman to build) on private property within the forest. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bishop_Castle
  5. It has been my experience that this philosophy does not work unless the chief is entirely committed to the program. A factory I worked in was failing. We had cycled through five factory manager in five years. Our unit costs were over $1100 dollars and we lost $400 dollars per unit, but corporate maintained us to stay in the market. Our throughput numbers averaged 2.5 , consistent with other factories in the company, but below others in the industry.The sixth manager instituted a combined TQM and HPM program, based heavily on Demmings principles. He also told us that corporate was looking at us with a hairy eyeball, and if we did not improve we would all be out of work. He then flogged his management team and drove the ideas that the techs were the cause of all evil out of them. He was committed to the program, provided training, and by stringently quashing any of the above mentioned shenanigans, won the trust of the proletariat. He did this by regarding mistakes as learning experiences and instituting programs to prevent them in the future. I made an expensive mistake. I was required to rewrite a repair procedure to prevent a similar occuracne and present it to all four shifts so that no one else would make a similar mistake. For this I was given a bonus, instead of a disciplinary write up. I bought into the program. We had three months of hardship when throughput suffered due to production tools being down while being truly fixed, as opposed to patched. But then things started rolling. Unplanned downtime was vastly reduced as planned preventive maintenance was emphasized. Downtime overall went from over 35% to less than 10%. Throughput went from 2.5 to over 5, a best in class, industry wide. And unit cost dropped to just less than $600 per. We were profitable! Unfortunately this was a smaller factory and economy of scale was against us. Also the market for our product, being cyclical in nature, hit a downturn. We were closed, and the workers mostly sent to other facilities within the same company. (Thank goodness for that) The factory I was sent to purported to embrace the same manufacturing principles, but as Edgar has stated, does not really "Drink the Cool-Aid" thus there is distrust between the "bourgeoisie" and the proletariat. Therefore, while we still make a healthy profit, due to a skilled workforce and excellent engineering, the system could function a whole lot better if the upper management would truly employ these principles, learn to trust, and earn the trust of the line workers. This concludes my rant. Carry on.
  6. @Md5150 has a set of Jubes for sale, but it would be quite a drive for you, as he is "down east".

    What I Got Today!

    My daughter purchased a set of Forte I speakers for me from an estate sale in Colorado Springs. My wife saw the on the last day of her visit for (Thursday) for $450. For logistics reasons I passed. (I'm in Phoenix, Az.) However they were still available today for $250, so I had my daughter pick them up. This is unheard, and only saw one texted picture. Looks like Oak veneer and no gross gouges, so a pretTy good deal. May be used in my garage. Now I am stuck like @WillyBob was when he was waiting for his La Scalas. Gots to find a reason for a road trip. We usually fly up to visit the grandkids, but maybe around Christmas........ Wife just told me they were $225, not $250. Not @Youthman, but not bad. (Even a blind dog finds a 🍖 now and then)
  8. I'll say it. Since they were designed and produced before the era of solid state. QED. But this does not mean that they cannot sound "most excellent" with solid state amps.


    Bah hah hah hah
  10. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    A pot O' Garden gravy. Inna bout tree ta fo hours it'll be ready. I'm thinking ravioli. Yum.
  11. Also listed in Garage Sale by a member.
  12. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    Enough veggies from de garden to build Mr. Pepperhead, 2019. Hot Santa Fe Grande, mild Poblano (green), tasty black cherry tomatoes, and plum tomatoes for sauce. Yum.
  13. JBCODD


    True storey, but amusing.... Had the most amusing con today. After going ISO a fuel line for da kids car, (O'Reilly's, Auto Zone and two NAPAs) ; I found the Hose Master. Toyota wanted $250 and three days. The Hose Master cut the fittings from the old line, brazed them to threaded fittings and fitted a hose between them. For $45.00. In 60 minutes. The Hose Store, 302 East Baseline, Mesa Az, 487-5800. Great service, and comedy too. Hose Master: " I can give ya another inch on that hose if ya want." Me: "Better make it two; ya can never have too much hose." Master: " Yeah, we can do that."
  14. Indeed. They would be a sweet set for the garage or rear surrounds. Then I would be getting all @Youthman up in here. Great price, wish I was closer.
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