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    WTB Chorus II

    If ya could "settle" for Forte II, there are some in Scottsdale. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/ele/d/audiophile-delight-barely/6695632775.html

    4 Lascalas for $1500.00 / Phoenix area

    Price is now up to $2000. Not near as attractive now, but still a good deal if they are fully functional. The residue on the finish may degrade the value. Muldoon seems to be bumping the price based on the number of frantic calls by peeps who recognized a great deal. Has evolved into an almost E-Bay situation.

    4 Lascalas for $1500.00 / Phoenix area

    A great deal and only about ten miles from my house. But I lack the space and electronics to set up another pair, let alone four more. I'll not buy them to stack in my garage against the possibility of future use so I must pass. Now if an inexpensive set of Forte II speakers show up I'd be all over them, as space could be made for them. They would replace my I Pod dock in the garage.

    A wise man once told me....

    Married man who spend night in Cat house, end up in dog house..... and man who go thru airport turnstile sideways, going to Bangkok.

    SOLD: Zu Ibis Cables/Jumpers

    Bah hah hah hah! The "meddling kids". Most amusing.

    Another diamond from Arkansas

    Same here. I was disappointed.



    College football 2018

    But then I couldn't feed my ego by being the "Voice in the Wilderness" All mooing aside, I grew up a Norte Dame and Noo Yawk Giants fan, but the way football damages the best athletes the nation produces kind of took some of the pleasure out of the spectacle. 🤕 I still watch the Giants when I can, but lately they disappoint. Knock, Knock Who's there? Owen...... Owen who? 0 and two! And after my first son went to Ohio State for his post grad work, I don't mind if the once hated Buckeyes succeed. -So long as they don't beat Norte Dame. 😂


  10. JBCODD

    College football 2018

    It's baseball season! One game left inna regular season, Brewers and Cubs tied for division. Dodgers and Rockies tied for division. Playoff possibilities are endless. There's only one October!
  11. JBCODD

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Some friends and family on the Book uv Faces have noticed that the far stack resembles me in my hat. Quite gratifying, as that is the effect I was shooting for. We artists are very narcissistic.
  12. JBCODD

    Show us your great photography thread!

    The sit in kayaks we have are the "recreational" type. Quite stable. When they do turn over they are quite easy to un-a$$. (Exit)
  13. JBCODD

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Also saw a lot of wild horses on the river.
  14. JBCODD

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Went six and a half miles down the Salt River in kayaks with my wife. I got bored waiting as my wife drove back to the launch point to switch vehicles. Ended up stacking rocks on wood pilings. Wife sez I'm odd, but she still loves me.
  15. JBCODD

    Teacher Question about Netiquette

    I second this motion. Bu I would say don't post it if you wouldn't say it to the principal. Are emoticons Available? They can help convey a "tone of voice" which is absent in some text, and can help avoid misinterpretation. But over use can stunt the development of written expression skills. On second thought, since it is a Language Arts class, emoticons should probably be suppressed. JBCODD