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    Music and grandkids, seven currently
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    Yamaha CDC-585 disc player
    Yamaha C-60 pre amp
    Yamaha M-65 power amp
    Mac Mini music server
    Marantz 7004 Streamer/DAC
    1978 la Scala pair, refinished, and B&K A-4500 updates
    A set of Exodus Anarchy subwoofers powered by a Crown XLS 1002
    A set of 1980's Hereseys and an RC 52II for TV sound
    And a pair of Forte I, which are stuck at my daughters house in Colorado. Can't wait!

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  1. Try a residential type vacuum with the brush attachment.
  2. Was just going thru it. Got to the end of a page, hit next and it disappeared 👻. Wondered if my network went down, then found this thread. You are the David Blaine uv Mods 😂.
  3. My mid-America son reports that the Governor of Kansas has closed all public schools for the remainder of the school year. Fortunately both he and his wife are on mandatory work from home. (He codes and his wife does heavy duty data analysis)
  4. Ramen Squirrel LRRP's Snake Rats-a-Roni (Not a typo)
  5. Took a trip to the Grand Canyon this weekend with my wife and my son and his family. My first winter visit and the first visit ever for my daughter in law and the grandkids. Still very impressive. Sculpture in the visitor center. Either a squirrel doing a handstand, or a native with Dietary issues. Vishnu's Temple, in the mist. High angle view of the Bright Angel Trail, including Indian Garden and Plateau Point. Close set up of the same. About a twelve mile round trip on the hoof, five of it uphill. Did the hike in September (three yrs ago) Bring lots of water and protein. ) View with a rainbow Cabin in we stayed in at Fort Tutthill, just outside Flagstaff.
  6. The NBA has just announced that after tonight's games, the rest of the season has been indefinitely suspended. One player has tested positive. Shizzle just got real.
  7. I use the Crown XLS1002 to drive two Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs, which keep up with my laScala at relatively loud levels. Crown claims 700 watts into 8 ohms bridged, or 215 dual. It has a high pass filter at 80 Hz and rudimentary DSP. Remote power trigger. This amp is available for around $340 retail. I got mine for $250 from the Amazon warehouse (open box return) with a full warranty. So far a year of service with no issues.
  8. Forum member @MetropolisLakeOutfitters of Paducah Home Theater is an authorized Klipsch dealer, and highly recommended by those who have done business with him. He handles most, if not all of the Klipsch home and Pro lines and can provide quotes for the purchase and delivery of these products. (I can't seem to get the @ function to work for Cory. Can another member help me out?)
  9. Here is some info on the software/hardware required to play this format: https://dsd-guide.com/how-to-play-dsd#.XmOnq9FlChA https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/dsd-playback-on-the-computer.638709/ These were written in 2017. I haven't found any more recent info.
  10. Got the garden put in today. Five termaters varieties , two squash, and two new chilis. Had three chilis survive the winter, so I pruned those back a bit. Should have some salsa by June.
  11. Xhttps://www.ispot.tv/ad/AfjA/snapple-telegraph
  12. The "Burninator" strikes again.....it's called the Trogdor effect.
  13. JBCODD


    Techniques I used as a medic:
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