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  1. NCAAF

    So one year and then declare himself eligible for the NFL draft assuming he's that good.. One year and done. Just beat tOSU and MSU for Harbaughs sake
  2. NCAAF

    "Patterson, who will be a junior in 2018, will have to apply for an individual waiver from the NCAA to avoid sitting out a year in Ann Arbor." He can be one year and done if no waiver.
  3. Lynrd Skynrd

    Amazon has a few https://www.amazon.com/Lynyrd-Skynyrd-Live-Freedom-Hall/dp/B003LS3PIC
  4. NCAAF

    So who wants to coach Tennessee?
  5. 105th Grey Cup

    Canadian football for American dummies http://www.13thman.com/cflvsnfl.html 3 downs, larger field and 20 seconds between plays? faster game for sure.
  6. NCAAF

    Big 10 Football standings by graduation rates. Interesting that Ohio State is the worst in the conference. Hmmmmm? I'm sure every university does its best and provides what is needed for their players to graduate. The question is was the player unwilling or just unable to do college material. http://www.mcall.com/sports/college/psu/mc-spt-penn-state-football-graduation-rates-20171108-story.html BIG TEN EAST Penn State: 84 percent Indiana: 84 percent Michigan: 82 percent Rutgers: 82 percent Maryland: 79 percent Michigan State: 72 percent Ohio State: 69 percent BIG TEN WEST Northwestern: 99 percent Nebraska: 85 percent Minnesota: 83 percent Purdue: 81 percent Illinois: 77 percent Iowa: 76 percent Wisconsin: 74 percent
  7. NCAAF

    he was correct http://time.com/4606863/college-football-top-25-2016-ranked-by-academics/
  8. NCAAF

    True, but Harbaugh will still be in the headlines. Is he a victim of overexposure/overhype or does he bring this upon himself?
  9. NCAAF

    fake news as per Harbaugh
  10. 105th Grey Cup

    Well that just turned my world upside down. Whats next? Wresting is fake? I dont think I could survive that.
  11. 105th Grey Cup

    Thats pretty cool. Sure does look cold. No chance of a "wardrobe malfunction" ala Janet jackson. Degenerates.
  12. 105th Grey Cup

    Richieb was correct then
  13. Tube Amp for newbie

    opps. Late to this party "Check is in the mail to Bob Latino for a VTA ST70 with all the upgrades" Quick search on Audiogon uncovered this beauty of an integrated for $775 If interested, ask if the tubes are self biasing. Biasing the tubes yourself is not something you want to deal with especially for a newbie. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/tube-stereo-tube-amplifier-2017-11-11-amplifiers
  14. 105th Grey Cup

    105th? Canadians have been playing football for 105 years?
  15. NCAAF

    Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! for you Brady Bunch Fans Harbaugh, Harbaugh, Harbaugh! Enough about him. What about James Franklin? Took a team devastated by sanctions and in 3 years beat Ohio State, won the Big 10 East, a Big 10 Championship, went to the Rose Bowl ( and lost) and is going to a New Years bowl this year. Many Wolverine fans must be scratching their heads. Cant help but compare the paths of both Harbaugh and Franklin