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  1. Question about Distressed Oak finish

    Shakey Welcome back to horns
  2. Passive attenuator...

    $349 $300 more than the SYS but aren't you worth it? Ordering mine later today http://www.schiit.com/products/saga
  3. Hey Jimbo Try branching out a bit. I've had good luck with these free sites. http://www.usaudiomart.com/ http://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/index.html http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=109.0
  4. Flea Watt Amp Recommendations

    What you need is a pair of Quicksilver 300B amps that I'm contemplating selling. Yeah, thats exactly what you need Contact me if interestd
  5. Welborne Laurel IIX 300B Amps. SOLD

    If you're handy with the iron http://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Amplifier-Tube/Welborne-Labs/Laurel-II-amps/184025 I MAY be putting up my 300B Quicksilvers if anyone is interested
  6. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Yes! 79-75
  7. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    St Johns 81 Duke 77 What a way to break an 11 game losing streak A Red Storm is a brewing. Next victim? Villanova . Imagine?
  8. sold

  9. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Is ESPN covering the Izzo and Dantonio situations fairly in your opinion?
  10. sold

  11. sold

    $450 shipped cont US/paypal http://www.placetteaudio.com/remote_control.htm https://www.stereophile.com/solidpreamps/604placette/index.html
  12. Sold

    Flexible on price.
  13. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    and my St John's Red Storm lose again this time to Butler 70 to 45
  14. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Way worse? Not even close. There was no coverup Izzo and Dantonio will be gone even if innocent. Anything to get the media spotlight off of MSU. They have already been convicted in the court of public opinion. I feel for the students who will have to deal with the taunts just like PSU students had and still have to.
  15. Sold

    $2500 shipped continental US/paypal Have boxes and manual Batteries for remote included at asking price Pick up OK. Long Island, NY http://www.dehavillandhifi.com/MERCURY_PRE.htm