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  1. NCAAF

    Yes I will. Should be easy to spot
  2. NCAAF

    Who's got two thumbs and is going to the PSU v UM game? Wooohooo
  3. NCAAF

    http://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/honeymoon-over-harbaugh-now-1-4-vs-michigans-top-rivals/ar-AAt4fdF?ocid=U452DHP Most likely will be 1-5 after this season. The honeymoon may well be over for Harbaugh. This is not why Michigan made him the 2nd highest paid coach in college football. How long will Michigan fans be patient. Not sure what their expectations were for this season but a win over Sparty was expected. Frustration is already mounting over at the Michigan boards https://scout.com/college/michigan/Board/103320/Contents/Venting-Thread-108596608 Fans are a fickle bunch. PSU fans wearing scream for James Franklin's head two years ago. After last years Big10 Championships, he is now the in the top 10 highest paid coach and loved by all
  4. The Wussification of college students

    Berkeley.....of course University professors reaping what they sow At least the professor stood firm. Students cant handle the stress of midterms. Oh boy " University of California, Berkeley students recently protested their midterm exam, demanding a take-home essay instead. A Youtube video of the scene shows the Berkeley students commanding the in-class exam to be replaced with a “take-home essay with significant time to prepare,” but Professor Harley Shaiken declines their demands." https://www.turningpoint.news/berkeley-students-protest-exam/?utm_content=buffer977c7&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  5. Las Vegas

    Still curious on how he got his hands on a fully automatic weapon
  6. NCAAF

    Go Blue Saved you the trouble jimbo
  7. NCAAF

    New top 10 is out:BIG drop for Ohio State.I guess AP see going 2-0 against lesser teams carries more weight than 1-1 with a loss to a top 5 team ( Oklahoma)1) Alabama2) Oklahoma3) Clemson4) USC5) Penn State 6) Washington7) Michigan8 ) Ohio State9) Oklahoma State10) Wisconsin
  8. The Wussification of college students

    Not always. I know plenty of parents who find their kids " unrecognizable" after a year or two away at college. My daughter was exposed to this crap will at school but fortunately she placed more valued inwhat her old man had to say then some academic who couldn't survive outside the cocoon of the university walls
  9. NCAAF

    PSU still has offensive line troubles. We're still seeing plays being blown up in the backfield just like last year. Fortunately they have a QB that can run and Barkley that can make something out of nothing. PITT had their way with the PSU defense all game until where it really counted. To PSU defense credit, gave up only one touchdown, 2 picks , 5 sacks and held in the red zone. PSU defense is being praised today but it sure didnt look like it to me IMHO. Spent way too much time on the field. OSU lost to a ranked team. Both USC and Oklahoma beat ranked teams. PSU beat Pitt but looked like crap doing it. I see PSU dropping to 6. tOSU dropping to 5 with USC and Ok moving up into the top 5. Michigan staying put at 8....barely Jimbo Whats you take on the Wolverine game? Ugly win IMHO
  10. NCAAF

    Well since the last time Michigan beat tOSU was 2011, I would take that bet.......with mushrooms
  11. try here http://scout.com/college/michigan/Board/The-Exchange-103313
  12. NCAAF

    Hey Jimjimbo! Derrick has already predicted tOSU will be in the final four after one game Then again, Derrick may be right but there's still 11 games to play. Still questionable whether tOSU deserved to be in the playoffs over PSU last year.
  13. NCAAF

    Want intensity? Go to a Penn State White Out. Had the pleasure of witnessing my Lions taking down Ohio State Last year. Jimjimbo's Wolverines will pay us a visit this year. Looking for revenge after the beatdown we took from them in week 4. Went on to win 9 straight games to win the Big10 Championship only to lose the Rose Bowel against USC And to think PSU fan base would have been happy with just a winning season
  14. First Watt M2 SOLD

    $1300 includes shipping with cont US and paypal http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/firstwatt11/m2.html Cord and copy of manual included. NO ORIGINAL BOX Pictures can be found here: http://www.audioasylumtrader.com/ca/listing/Amplifier-SS/First-Watt/M2/166278