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  1. We're all getting older
  2. Schools with top-10 football and basketball teams: -Penn State -No one else Well, for now anyway :^)
  3. EmilC


    https://babylonbee.com/news/woman-swoons-at-brave-man-who-is-standing-up-to-the-corporate-greed-of-valentines-day-by-not-getting-her-anything My hero
  4. Penn State has a basketball team? When did this happen?😀
  5. EmilC

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

    His 13 year old daughter was killed also
  6. What's Rollo up to? Still living in Paris with his hot Princess of a wife? I bet he's getting soft and fat living the life.
  7. Being a Penn State fan, my world revolves around the Big 10. Watching how both teams played last night made me reflect on how my 9th ranked Lions look like a high school team in comparison😁
  8. EmilC


    WARNING: Language first 25 seconds of the clip
  9. PSU did hire a new OC / QB coach and is looking for a new offensive line coach so maybe we will see Sean Clifford's full potential next year or at least an improvement I'm sure
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