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  1. EmilC

    Klipschorn driver upgrades

    Then this is what you want http://www.klipschupgrades.com/khornupgrades3.shtml beyma tweeter, BMS mid driver and V Trac horn will set you back $2897. save a few bucks and go with these mid drivers https://www.parts-express.com/bc-dcm50-2-neodymium-midrange-compression-driver-8-ohm-4-bolt--294-5907 On the warmer side of things. Not as transparent as the BMS It's easy spending other people's money😁
  2. EmilC

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Well, just a minor setback last night. 😃
  3. EmilC

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    My Johnnies are ranked 24th! Unranked Villanova tonight. How the mighty have fallen.
  4. EmilC

    Dean Wescott's Super X crossover pair SOLD

    Sold. Thanks Dean for a wonderful. product. Enjoyed my time with them but it's time to move on
  5. EmilC

    Dean Wescott's Super X crossover pair SOLD

    I believe they should work like any other universal crossover such as the one by ALK Eng. I've used them in the Cornsacala as mentioned in the thread. I've also used them in my Khornwall. What's a Khornwall? I Pretty much gutted the cornscala leaving nothing but the bass driver. I then purchased Volti Audios V Trac Horn http://www.klipschupgrades.com/vtrac.shtml along with the BMD mid driver and beyma tweeter using the Super X as the crossover without any issues
  6. $625 with Paypal includes shipping in the continental US https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/155029-deans-superx/&
  7. EmilC

    F/S BMS 4592-Mid pair $1150 shipped.

    Cornman Don't hold your breath. He wont be selling them. Excellent drivers
  8. EmilC

    Baby it's Cold Outside Yet Again

    Here in the US, the ban was lifted once Snoop Dog did a cover of the song with a hip hop twist and called it "yo, b#tch it's freezin out" It's all good now
  9. EmilC

    Favorite Christmas Tune

    Merry Christmas Joey
  10. EmilC

    College football 2018

    Army Navy today Watching these young men and women always chokes me up with pride. The best of the best.
  11. EmilC

    College football 2018

    Urban leaving may be the only thing keeping Harbaugh at Michigan and not fleeing to the NFL. Think Harbaugh is begging Shea Patterson not to declare for the draft?
  12. EmilC

    College football 2018

    A bit premature Jimmah. Doncha think?
  13. EmilC

    College football 2018

    Twenty Two bucks at Dicks Sorting Goods yesterday Worthless today
  14. EmilC

    College football 2018

    Jimbo Keep your eye on the pasta I hate overcooked pasta.