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    No longer in a constant state of flux. Music is enjoyed using a Texas Instruments TPA3255EVM Class-D chip amp in a case with a Mean Well power supply. Several Pono players serve as DAP, DAC, & preamp delivering balanced output to Superized HIPs with Crites 120 tweeters. The balanced signal also feeds a pair of Behringer iNuke 1000dsp amps, each powering a pair of DIY Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs. A technics TT with Denon MC cartridge is used only to rip vinyl to FLAC files. A Dual 1229 is used for 78s.

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  1. You’ll have better luck searching for “Dual.”
  2. DizRotus


    I heard a musician define “perfect pitch” as throwing an accordion into a dumpster where it lands on a banjo.
  3. I join the chorus advising the employment of a licensed electrician. What say you Brett @bhenry?
  4. I’m still curious about the configuration of the cavity, or cavities, inside. Even a rough drawing would be welcomed.
  5. When I showed one of my “Minis” to a nephew, he described the appearance as Georgia O’Keefe-like. I said the form goes back to the 30’s. His deadpan reply, “It’s older than that.”
  6. Do the upper and lower chambers communicate with each other? From the photo it’s unclear whether the central horizontal board is just a brace or a full shelf. Do you have, or could you please draw, a cross section view? The “Mini Karlsonators” I was inspired by a diyaudio forum thread to build look like this on the inside. I’m curious about yours.
  7. The Home Depot near me doesn’t know what Baltic birch is. The last 4 x 8 sheet of 3/4 BB I ordered from the local lumberyard cost me just under $100.
  8. I agree with reinforcing the attachment holes. The H2s shown below do not have passive radiators, so no T-nuts needed there. Given the low ply count motorboards, I used toothpicks and Titebond to give all of the mounting screws something to bite into. One of the benefits of DIY is the opportunity to make changes that would be prohibitively expensive during mass production. One example is the 13 ply Baltic birch used to fabricate a pair of “Super Heresy” cabinets compared to the plywood used in these H2s. Another example is four machine screws into T-nuts used to mount La Scala woofers. If I’ve taken the trouble to open the dog house, I’ll use all eight mounting holes to secure the woofers before closing the doghouse. Again, an extra step that is costly at the production stage, but relatively easy to do as DIY. When I refurbished a pair of beater La Scalas, I found loose screws regarding each woofer. OBTW, the plywood in the Chorus II shown above appears to be superior to the plywood in the H2s I repaired. And yes, the grey foam is in there loose, as shown in the photos.
  9. No. I too was making light of the photo, not criticizing your funny remark. As you know, nuance available through spoken words is lost in the keyboard.
  10. I know your post is nearly a year old, but the content is still accurate. Although my personal experience with Klipsch electronics has been excellent, the number of credible horror stories prevents me from acquiring more or recommending their electronics to others. An old Klipsch iPad dock purchased used off eBay years ago still performs flawlessly when fed a Bluetooth signal. Two older pair of ProMedia 2.1 are without problems, as are a pair of the Sixes. I’ve been lucky, but I’d still be reluctant to roll the dice again.
  11. Damn auto correct. Did you mean ditto or dildo?
  12. Is there a photo that shows kitty urine no longer in the cat?
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