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    No longer in a constant state of flux. Music is enjoyed using a Texas Instruments TPA3255EVM Class-D chip amp in a case with a Mean Well power supply. Several Pono players serve as DAP, DAC, & preamp delivering balanced output to Superized HIPs with Crites 120 tweeters. The balanced signal also feeds a pair of Behringer iNuke 1000dsp amps, each powering a pair of DIY Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs. A technics TT with Denon MC cartridge is used only to rip vinyl to FLAC files. A Dual 1229 is used for 78s.

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  1. DizRotus


    Is this the firmware I keep hearing about?
  2. I admit that foiling catamarans, as used in America’s Cup are exciting, but comparing that to dinghy sailing is a bit of a stretch.
  3. Watching B1G wrestling tournament on mute while working out and listening to music. It’s ironic that two sports I enjoyed and excelled in, wrestling and dinghy sailing, are such god-awful spectator sports. Even understanding what’s going on does not prevent them from being deadly dull to me. To the uninitiated, it must be torture to watch them.
  4. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Arrived just just in time for spring. My neighbor can get a deal on the mower below which uses the same batteries and charger as the snowblower. His brother works for EGO. I saved $200 off a Lowe’s sale price on the snowblower. Hopefully, the savings on the mower will be similar.
  5. DizRotus


    Or, perhaps they did.
  6. So far only one response, a PM inviting me to email some newbie’s friend . . . sure, I’m going to take that bait.
  7. I must vigorously disagree. He’s not OK, and he’s annoying constantly. Even as a Spartan, it is tiresome to hear him constantly ramble on about Izzo, Magic and Kelser. How many times must we be reminded that he has monocular vision and lives in Lakeland Ranch, Florida? The only thing worse would be teaming him with Bill Walton. Even my wife finally asked me to mute the sound.
  8. If my wife, a huge Spartan basketball fan, would let me, I’d mute Vitale and listen to music. The Spartans are holding their own so far. And before the punsters attack, my petite wife is a huge fan, not a huge woman.
  9. Get Pfizer #2 two weeks from yesterday (Wednesday).
  10. Spartans play Wolverines tonight in Ann Arbor. Michigan is one of the best teams in the country. The Wolverines are favored by 12. If U of M wins, they are regular season conference champs. If the Spartans win, they are probably in the NCAA tournament. Irrespective of the results tonight, both team tee it up again on Sunday in East Lansing. It promises to be entertaining.
  11. Austin36 sent me a PM also. I hit the “Report” button. The PM is quoted below: “Well if u are still interested in getting TEC TC-778 RIAA I have a friend who can help u with that. Not sure if it’s still available but you can try. Here’s his mail xxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com”
  12. Spartans need to beat Wolverines at least once in the next two games before March Madness gets my attention.
  13. Congratulations Baylor. First regular season conference championship in 71 years.
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