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  1. DizRotus

    Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    Agreed. They did port the original Heresy, it's known as HIP. Since HIP is a "Professional" model, it was not competing with Cornwall. I still plan to port my HIPs in the rear panels and use foam plugs to block the front slot ports, or the rear round ports, or both, to experiment. The ability to have the networks external permits further experimentation. They have K-77s, 55s and EV woofers. I have CT120s and APT 50s (CT125s w/o the T35 lookalike lens) to compare to the K-77s. Now, If I could just steal the time to coordinate our schedules, we could attack the many variables, as well as some IPAs.
  2. DizRotus

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    There was a radio quiz show in the 40s (?) where the object was to listen to music played in reverse and guess the tune. After extensive testing they determined it to be a high degree of difficulty and set the prize amount accordingly. During the first episode they called a listener and played the song, whereupon the contestant correctly guessed, I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles. The show was dead in the water.
  3. DizRotus

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I can take it Dave. FWIW, we enjoyed a Mr.Coffee prior to buying the BUNN BXB. The Mr. Coffee was replaced because it was our son’s and he wanted it back, not due to any problem with the Mr. Coffee. Our initial disappointment with the BUNN was based upon it not measuring up to the Mr. Coffee.
  4. DizRotus

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good Saturday morning. The switch to a “reduced spray” spray-head supplied by BUNN at no cost continues to be a success. The brewing process is slower (seems all processes are slower at my age), but the results are consistent and good. The coffee is strong enough without wasting coffee. The grounds do not overflow the filters. If you feel that your BUNN makes weak coffee, wastes coffee, or overwhelms the filter, enabling grounds to get past the filter, I strongly recommend a call to BUNN customer service at 800-352-2866.
  5. DizRotus

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I met and spoke with the man who was the Principal at Zappa's middle school in Maryland. He was not surprised at what Frank became.
  6. I agree about the DL-110's ability to extract info from "less than mint LP's," which us why I use it to rip old records to FLAC files. I disagree regarding the efficacy of any cleaning system other than Reg Williamson's PVA peel and anti-static cleaning system (search my posts). Any cleaning system that doesn't address static is inferior, IMO and experience. Ask Dave @Mallette.
  7. DizRotus

    Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    Now I’m especially sad I wasn’t able to join you and @Treyphan. My DIY scratch-built “Super” cabinets with KP-201 tweeters (Crites’ titanium) and mids, and Delta Pro 12A woofers could benefit from testing and comparison. My HIP with K77s, K55s and EV woofers are begging to be properly “Supered.” Both have temporary leads out the ports to permit network changes quickly and externally. I’ve experimented with Crites’ CT120 and APT50 tweeters on top of the cabinets, as advocated by Bruce, @Marvel Too many variables to get a real handle on the situation without testing.
  8. DizRotus

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    I think not.
  9. DizRotus

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    It is an unusual market. My brother-in-law recently sold a small home in Birmingham so that he could buy a larger home, in nearby Bloomfield Hills, on a larger lot for less money and with lower property taxes. But enough about location, location, location, our BUNN BXB is no longer looking for a new home. The reduced flow spray-head has solved the problems. Although a bit slower, the coffee is consistently good, it doesn’t require an excessive amount of coffee to water, and, best of all, it doesn’t overwhelm the filter. With the original spray-head, trying to make 8 cups or more would cause the grounds to overflow the filter. I can’t abide grounds in my cup. Now we can brew 10 cups with no problems. Thank you BUNN customer service.
  10. DizRotus

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Carl, I respectfully disagree. The empty lots are worth more to builders than the lot with our house. A house similar to ours on the next block sold for $100k more than the nearby market value for houses similar to the existing house, due to the unavailability of vacant buildable lots. After paying that $100k premium, the builder promptly demolished the existing home, which included updated kitchen and baths. The existing home, including “improvements” is a liability. Builders routinely expend thousands of dollars to demolish existing homes. If you were in the market for a small home with updated kitchen and baths, you could find one nearby for $100k less, why would you not do that rather than competing with builders for buildable lots?
  11. DizRotus

    Happy Birthday Dave!

    According to Facebook, today is Dave @Mallette's birthday. Happy Birthday Dave.
  12. DizRotus

    Super Heresy 1 (Baby Cornwalls Mod.)

    Sorry I couldn’t join you. Still hope to get a chance to get together with you, Claude and my two pairs of SH and sundry tweeter options. That aluminum tweeter lens sure looks great. Glad it sounds as good as it looks.
  13. Wise decision. My only reservation about my DL-110 is that it does not have a replaceable stylus, but at my age and the way I use it, that shouldn’t be a problem.
  14. DizRotus

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Pardon the ratty laundry room view of the basement lav plumbing. Much to my wife’s chagrin, we are living in a “tear-down.” Improvements are made to enhance our enjoyment, not as an investment. The house is a liability on the lot. We plan to live here until hauled out horizontally. The 1948 house and I are the same age. In this neighborhood, our 1,000 sq. ft. house will be torn down when we’re done with it. The summer shot shows the front the day the Frankensmurfs were delivered. The winter scene shows the view across the street. Of the four houses visible, 1 and 3 are new larger homes, 2 and 4 are original smaller homes. Most of the new builds are many times larger than the houses they replaced. We’re in the process of remodeling the tiny galley, I mean kitchen. My wife doesn’t understand that doing so does NOT enhance the resale value of the house. I love the reality that our lot is worth more without the house. A rising tide lifts all boats, but the value is lifted whether or not it has granite counters. My wife can’t get it out of her head that updating kitchens and baths does not always enhance value.
  15. DizRotus

    What I Got Today!

    Now I can look forward to snow, but first football.