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    No longer in a constant state of flux. Music is enjoyed using a Texas Instruments TPA3255EVM Class-D chip amp in a case with a Mean Well power supply. Several Pono players serve as DAP, DAC, & preamp delivering balanced output to Superized HIPs with Crites 120 tweeters. The balanced signal also feeds a pair of Behringer iNuke 1000dsp amps, each powering a pair of DIY Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs. A technics TT with Denon MC cartridge is used only to rip vinyl to FLAC files. A Dual 1229 is used for 78s.

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  1. DizRotus


    Took me a while before I noticed high sticking. Tributes to MIke Bossy and Guy LaFleur?
  2. We had to have repairs done to our sewer pipes under the basement floor in the laundry area. The cement patch over the repair lacks the smooth finish of the original floor. Amazon has a plethora of “indoor concrete sealers” with many favorable reviews. Any first hand experience with such a product? Sealing the porous patch is the primary goal. Cosmetics in that section of the basement are secondary to sealing the area to prevent constant shedding of dust and grit. Recommendations of products to use, or products to avoid, is much appreciated.
  3. Congratulations To Kansas, condolences to Chuck @Tarheel. I was pulling for the Tarheels. Note to self, rock chalk Jayhawk.
  4. You do realize @OBAS you could be in trouble for exhuming a dead thread without a court order. OBTW, I agree with @Schu. I’d take La Scalas with horn loaded subs over Khorns any day. YYMV
  5. What Gary said, plus many amplifiers generate their lowest distortion at lowest output. As the output increases, so does the distortion.
  6. Too bad about Moore’s torn Achille’s. Villanova will miss him, but, more important, he will miss playing.
  7. Can UNC beat Duke again? I certainly hope so.
  8. It seems to be midnight and the carriage has again become a pumpkin.
  9. I agree with @Shakeydeal regarding AVRs and quality speakers. La Scalas deserve better. The dilemma is that the features available in AVRs to enhance TV watching, such as multi-channel, make it problematic to use the same speakers for TV and 2-channel. After trying to watch movies using our 2-channel Klipsch Heritage setup with 4 Exodus Anarchy subs, we grew tired of no center channel for dialogue, and no rear speakers for 5.0. Our solution was to use five DIY Fostex FE103 bass reflex for TV/movies and a separate system for 2-channel. To accomplish, this I ordered a basic Yamaha AVR from Accessories4Less (A4L). The “open box” unit was less than $250. Unfortunately, the center channel did not work. A customer service person at A4L was very helpful. He quickly agreed that my diagnostic efforts confirmed the dead center channel. He asked what kind of speakers I was using. When I told him about the Fostex drivers he hemmed and hawed before asking me, “Why are you using such a shitty AVR with audiophile speakers?” He went on to say that true audiophiles never use an AVR for music. Ultimately, he seemed satisfied regarding my plan to use the “shitty” Yamaha AVR for TV viewing, and to use a dedicated 2-channel system for music. The replacement “shitty” Yamaha AVR works perfectly and provides 5.0 when available. BTW, several dealings with A4L have been excellent. I highly recommend them for any “shitty” AVR you might need.
  10. St Peters is punching well above its weight class. Nonetheless, I expect @Tarheel‘s UNC team to take them seriously, and to take them out. The B1G sure strengthened the arguments of the small schools with 20+ victories that don’t make the tournament unless they win a conference championship tournament. Nine B1G teams qualified, but none made it into the Elite Eight. At this point it’s ABD (Anybody But Duke). IMO, Coach K’s farewell tour is unseemly. I don’t want it to turn into a victory lap.
  11. It’s a cliche, but if someone had told me at the beginning of the season that my Spartans would lose to Duke in the second round of the Dance, I’d have said hell yeah sign me up. Now we’ll see if Texas Tech can spoil the Coach K farewell tour. The B1G has not fared well. Only Michigan and Purdue made it to the sweet 16.
  12. Some great games. Several upsets. Iowa and Kentucky have done serious damage to my bracket. Tomorrow Izzo and the Spartans take on Krzyzewski and the Blue Devils. Duke is favored, so we’ve got them right where we want them. GO GREEN!
  13. That appears to be an excellent opportunity for someone. GLWS
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