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  1. True auctions don’t end at a specific hour on a specific date; they end when the bidding stops and the auctioneer hammers the high bid after warning potential bidders that the existing high bid will take it. Online “auctions” are sales where potential buyers are given a specific time period to indicate their best offers, somewhat like a silent auction, except bidders may announce their bids while other bidders still have time to put in higher bids. It makes absolutely no sense to “bid” before the last moments of the “auction” when there is no time for other bidders to beat your offer. I have won several online “auctions” by entering my maximum offer in the closing seconds using a bid sniping service. Just enough of my maximum offer is used to beat the existing high offer. If my maximum offer is too low, the highest offer wins. I never get caught in a feeding frenzy at the end. Note the “Soft Close” feature (quoted below) of this auction goes a long way toward making this more like a true auction. It reduces the opportunity for a bidder to “steal” an item, as other bidders are given two additional minutes to make higher offers. This benefits sellers, but not bidders. It still makes no sense to bid, and run up the price, before the final two minutes. From the site: ”SOFT CLOSE The closing time of this lot will be extended by 2.0 minutes if a bid is placed on this lot in the last 2.0 minutes.”
  2. RIP Dusty Hill. One third of ZZT gone. The Rock world is a much poorer place today. It’s a sad day when another contemporary dies in his sleep in bed. At 72, Dusty was the same age as Chuck @Tarheel and me.
  3. @Ocalaman FWIW, in my opinion, eBay “auctions” are more like a silent auction than a true auction. I agree that a starting price has the effect of establishing a base reserve, and “NO RESERVE” accurately describes that anything greater than the opening bid will win the auction. Perhaps a lower opening bid at the minimum you would accept without a subsequent reserve would generate more interest and result in a bidding war to your advantage. GLWS
  4. I agree with Tim @teaman regarding the veneer. Beauty is in the eye . . .
  5. Apparently, since having my prostate enucleated not quite 4 weeks ago, I’ll be able to skip the digital exam at my yearly physical next Monday, and going forward. Can’t say that I’ll miss it. My internist will no longer get behind in his work, at least not on my account.
  6. So sorry for your loss.
  7. You don’t need no stinkin’ Duratex. If I had your woodworking skills and patience I wouldn’t use Duratex, but I don’t, so I do.
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  9. Suggests THE Ohio State University to this Spartan.
  10. DizRotus


    Nothing to carp about.
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