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  1. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    So you left before you would be So, you left before you would be . . .
  2. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    What kind of weather determined whether you stayed?
  3. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Not sure if this qualifies as a dream or a nightmare. Last night I dreamt I was in a car with my bride on a snow covered road when an oncoming Volvo wagon forced us off the road. As it passed, I distinctly saw Chuck, @Tarheel, and his LF in the Volvo. I know Chuck's Volvo is black; the car in the dream was gold, but dreams often have bits of fact mixed with bits of fantasy. The question is, can I send Chuck the bill for getting towed out of the ditch? The correct response has to be, "In your dreams."
  4. Forte III

    In my business, I was explaining an unforeseen delay to a customer when she put up her hand to stop me and said, "I'm a cancer survivor, this is merely an inconvenience." I wish all of my customers could put things in the proper perspective. I too am curious about the explanation for the cabinet separation that occurred.
  5. Austin - La Scalas

    Holding out for better photos is a recipe for losing.
  6. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Good morning. Enjoying a cup of McCafe Colombian Medium-Dark, which is almost gone. When the McD’s ground is gone it will be time to grind 8 O’Clock whole bean. While the rest of the house still slumbers, I’m listening to Dolores O’Riordan and the Cranberries. Now I wonder why I never listened to her/them before.
  7. Forte III

    Your patience @Ro60 is admirable.
  8. NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Michigan is , IMO, underrated at #23, while Sparty is lucky to still be in top ten at #9. MSU’s road to a B1G Championship is now problematic, as it would lose the tiebreaker with Ohio State or Michigan. Just getting into the championship game against, presumably, Purdue will be difficult.
  9. Heresy w/SUB

    I’ve built five of these. Four of them augment the bass for my DIY Super Heresys in my small space. The first four were easily built DIY Sound Group flat packs. Unfortunately, flat packs are no longer available.
  10. NFL 2017

    I’m a Vikings fan until further notice.
  11. "Fool proof" is not the standard to replace proven fools.
  12. Occupants do not equal drivers. Autonomous cars will operate empty, if necessary.
  13. NFL 2017

    He must feel pretty bad.
  14. Momentum and inertia are emotional, as well as physical, forces. Home is where the heart is; what you know.
  15. Look around at the morons allowed to drive now. The technology exists right now to do a better job of observing, analyzing, and reacting than any human. Now add those “driving” while on the phone; many lives will be saved. People will need to grasp the paradigm shift involved. Your classic ‘57 Chevy will not be fitted with AV hardware.