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  1. Do you experience the same “low” sound from each of several Bluetooth devices when the volume is high on each one? My experience using phones, iPad, etc., is that volume is excellent from each Bluetooth device.
  2. That's the plan. This time I checked the rechargeable batteries immediately. They all showed ~3.5v before charging. I'll assemble the amp/control module and test it prior to the weekend. With good weather over the weekend I should get it Duratexed and playing this weekend.
  3. Epiphany! I was wondering how to test for left/right channel orientation without having to solder and possibly remove and re-solder the leads to the crossovers. Then it hit me, by putting the back on last, there is no top or bottom to this thing until I install the feet and the handle. With that in mind, I can pass the leads through the sidewalls, solder the leads to the crossovers, and play Take Five and a test program. I can flip it over until the percussion is on the left, and then put the handle on the top and the feet on the bottom and the back.
  4. That other biography was very poorly written and edited. I also agree with Andy @HDBRbuilder about the questionable accuracy, especially as to it’s treatment of Belle. PWK and Belle deserved better than that other biography.
  5. Someone else posted that in the Jokes thread a while back. I can't take the credit.
  6. Someone else posted this earlier, but it’s worth repeating. The inventor of auto-correct died. May he roast in piss.
  7. Auto-Correct failed me on “tryptophan.” I guess I should have Googled it.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Go easy on the triptophan.
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/153683837505? Seems like a fair price. $69.00 plus $19.00 shipping.
  10. The forthcoming 2020 mid-engine Corvette can not be had with 3 pedals. Only an automatic will be available. The cost to make a manual transaxle for that package was prohibitive.
  11. In college in the late 60s - early 70s, two buddies and I were hired to drive semis for a moving company (what were they thinking?). I was the only one who could drive a stick. To get experience, my friends practiced on my 67 Corvair 4-speed. I tried to warn them that the carry-over to a semi tractor would be minimal.
  12. I decided to deviate from the directions. Rather than glue the top on last as instructed, I will glue the back on last. That will make it easier to seal all the joints with Silicone RTV.
  13. Roger Ridley seems to have been the inspiration for Playing For Change. Unfortunately, the world lost a treasure on November 16, 2005 when he passed at 57. Fortunately, PFC carries on. Bruce, would you consider editing the subject line to alert members regarding the marvelous PFC? I know it’s always fun to poke fun at Marty, @thebes, for his bizarre dislike of the Beatles, but PFC is too important to be hidden behind a joke. That said, the occasional accordion seen in the PFC videos reminds of a comment I heard from a musician who described “perfect pitch” as tossing an accordion into a dumpster and hitting a banjo. My apologies to banjo and accordion fanciers. One thing the PFC videos demonstrate is that whatever the instrument it’s all music and it’s all good.
  14. This short PFC video is unlike the other excellent PFC videos in that Aussie, Kim Churchill, sings his original composition by himself. I encourage you to listen to the end where he explains the poignant story behind the song.
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