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    No longer in a constant state of flux. Music is enjoyed using a Texas Instruments TPA3255EVM Class-D chip amp in a case with a Mean Well power supply. Several Pono players serve as DAP, DAC, & preamp delivering balanced output to Superized HIPs with Crites 120 tweeters. The balanced signal also feeds a pair of Behringer iNuke 1000dsp amps, each powering a pair of DIY Exodus Anarchy tapped horn subs. A technics TT with Denon MC cartridge is used only to rip vinyl to FLAC files. A Dual 1229 is used for 78s.

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  1. Guilty. Five DIY Fostex FE103 bass reflex single drivers are for TV only. The HIPs and four DIY Exodus Anarchy L’l Mike tapped horn subs do the music.
  2. Nice of you Dave to gift your tickets to your mail carrier.
  3. The California Honeydrops are a fantastic rhythm & blues band. The eight of us in our group heartily agreed it was the best live show we’d ever seen. The tickets were $25; a tremendous bargain. If they are playing anywhere close to you, go see and hear them. You will not be disappointed. Mods. Please move this to the appropriate forum. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_California_Honeydrops
  4. Update. I quickly decided that a straight razor would be too Sweeney Todd. Instead, I took a chance on an aluminum double-edge razor advertised on Neil deGrasse Tyson’s podcast, Startalk. After about six months, I am pleased with the product, The machined aluminum handle system clamps the blade securely. The shave is good and the blades are inexpensive and 100% recyclable. https://hensonshaving.com
  5. Glad to hear you’re doing well Bruce, but will it stand up in court?
  6. I heard the author on NPR’s “Fresh Air.” So far so good.
  7. Those EV DIY “Cornwalls” were a bargain at $150.
  8. I found This short video to be very enjoyable.
  9. I’ve mentioned it before, but I highly recommend the documentary, Alive Inside. It’s right on topic. The documentary is mentioned and linked, “2014 documentary” in the article linked in @billybob‘s original post.
  10. You can in Michigan, but it’s highly unlikely unless you were the catalyst of a serious accident.
  11. I suggest getting both woofers re-coned or replaced. On the recommendation of Claude, @ClaudeJ1, I had both EV woofers in my HIPs re-coned locally. If you’re not lucky enough to get a similar recommendation, ask local professional guitar players for recommendations.
  12. IMO, no continuity across the woofer terminals means the woofer has failed.
  13. They look like this. Now the thread won’t become irrelevant as soon as the listing is removed. I guess distance is relative. The Marketplace listing says, “This listing is far from your current location.” I don’t consider less than two hours of driving “far” if I were in the market for these.
  14. I agree with the excerpted quote above. As I get older, the quality of the music is paramount, followed by the quality of the recording, and then followed by the quality of the equipment. Excellent music from a clock radio is more enjoyable than crappy music and/or a bad recording played through a SOTA system. YMMV
  15. I have seen the occasional steel screw through an inductor in what were, presumably, unmolested networks just as they were when they left the Klipsch factory. I always replaced them with nonferrous screws, figuring it couldn’t hurt, but I can’t honestly say I noticed a difference. i’m assuming that brass or stainless screws were the specification and that steel was a production error, Does anyone, @HDBRbuilder or @JRH, know if Klipsch ever intentionally used steel screws to anchor inductors? FYI Speakerlab avoided the issue by gluing inductors to the network board; not an elegant looking solution, but it worked.
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