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  1. Looks like they were shipped air freight without a parachute.
  2. Was that a metric hammer?
  3. I like it. 90% of my music listening is nearfield at the computer through Klipsch ProMedia 2.1. You have not seen @wvu80's office setup. Perhaps he'll post a photo again.
  4. There are many who would agree with you regarding my mental status and that lucky basketball guesses don't prove otherwise. Exciting games. I look forward to Saturday's games.
  5. I said UNC was the team to beat on 2/19. The fact that our buddy Tarheel wants the Tarheels to prevail makes it even easier to root for UNC. In any case, I look forward to another exciting game.
  6. He travelled, but I'm glad SC won.
  7. As I watch the shows profiling the the remaining teams, I find myself wanting them all to win. Since I have no horse in the remaining races, I can sit back and enjoy the competition. May the best teams win.
  8. I'd be kind and go for a part he doesn't use anymore.
  9. If you're at all into DIY, I suggest a TDA7297 for less than the cost of lunch as your stand in. You will be amazed, as will friends and family. A search of this forum, espcially posts from @rhing, as well as a Google search, will provide all you need to know to get a stand in while you have a restoration done.
  10. My tube days are over. My h/k x30s rivaled, if not surpassed, my updated Dynaco SCA-35 to the point that it was no longer worth the hassle or heat to fuss with tubes. I traded it to my technician got work on my x30s. As mentioned above, some of the new Class D offerings are excellent. Several of the SURE offerings have proven worthy. One powers my DIY Fostex FE-103 based bass reflex boombox. My latest project is a Gmarsh "The Wiener" TPA 3118 chip amp that has the ability to receive balanced inputs from my Pono player. The SQ is outstanding. The TDA7297 amps at less than $10 from eBay are amazing. Most of my music listening is done at a computer via Spotify or Pandora through nearfield Klipsch ProMedia 2.1. TV and movies are through an Onkyo AVR, which sounds OK for music. When I want to seriously listen to 2-channel, it's through The Wiener or one of the h/k x30s. IMO, vintage gear, such as the h/k x30 receivers has the potential to rival amps costing many times more, but only after full restoration by a competent technician. YMMV
  11. From the listing. "Klipsch Herasy model, Sound awesome, originally sold for 5000.00" Not only does he/she not know what she/he has, but spelling is a challenge. Nonetheless, the price is in the ballpark. image.jp2
  12. Oh yeah? Then Fords suck.
  13. I remember that white Mackinaw, also the Woodbine buoy tender, but do you remember this health food stand? BTW, your Mighty Mac was more elegant looking.
  14. Take a deep breath @HiFi Heaven. No one criticized ALTEC in general, or that specific driver. The concern is the haphazard combination. If you put a Ferrari V-12 into a Pinto, it would still be an abomination. BTW, Dale Carnegie Training called, they want you to return the diploma.
  15. I'd buy those in a heartbeat if they weren't 4 hours away. Again, I'll repeat the joke PWK told me. We were discussing EV licensed Klipsch designs. PWK asked, "Do you know what a patrician is?" Before I could reply he said, "A patrician is someone who steps out of the shower to take a leak." His entourage rolled their eyes.