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  1. Perhaps Jim @JRH, Andy @HDBRbuilder or Claude @ClaudeJ1 can speak to this.
  2. If one goes the other is always left.
  3. The wife is still on a death watch across town. Watching her 96 yo mother wither away before her eyes must be difficult. My situational bachelorhood seems trivial in comparison. I manage to pass the time watching Castaway and re-reading Robinson Crusoe. Did you say something Wilson? This is only Wednesday, can’t wait for Friday to get here.
  4. Good luck. I was told that if you didn't have a pre-existing relationship with the lender, you were SOL.
  5. I recall PWK saying that when discussing Speakerlab’s comments about its Klipschorn knock-off in its catalog. It struck me as confusing at the time, as Speakerlab originally used a fiberglass squawker horn, which they eventually replaced with an aluminum copy of a K-400.
  6. The Internet seems to be overwhelmed by everyone being home and online.
  7. It’s hard not to feel the process is designed to frustrate and discourage applications. I must have started the application a dozen times before completing it successfully, I hope. Since applications are through specific banks, I suspect each application platform is unique. Repeatedly, I was timed out before completing the application. There is no way to save your progress. The best I could do was take screenshots as I went along. Each time an error message popped up, I took a screenshot. It was then necessary to start again at square one. Repeated error messages repeatedly stalled the process. There was no way to speak to a human for assistance. An email on Friday to tech support received an automated reply that promised a response “soon.” I’ve not yet received a response. It was repeatedly necessary to “trick” the system to complete the application. For example, the platform did not like zeros when contained in fields asking for dollar amounts. My address is 2509; that zero worked fine, but try to enter $2,509.19 and you got “$259.19” Without any guidance, I was left to experiment to get the field to accept a monetary amount that contained a zero. Eventually, I discovered that the the cursor could be placed between the “5” and “9” and the “0” could then be inserted after typing the rest of the number. I’m sure that flaw, and others, are a reflection of the urgency with which banks and the SBA were compelled to act. My business banker at the local branch continued to stay in email contact with me over the weekend, on his personal time. He advised me the application site would be down for maintenance for at least 2 hours starting at 3:00 pm EST on Saturday. Changes and improvements in the application process were obvious when I resumed the application after 7:00 pm. The zero glitch remained, however. I was resigned to getting stuck until being contacted by tech support. I started again at square one and worked past prior hurdles. I got to the place where monthly payroll expenses were entered and needed to be supported by attached documentation. I expected to get another error message that I could screenshot and eventually share with tech support, but, surprisingly, it worked. At the end it spoke of “e-initialing” and “e-signing” the completed application, but reading the instructions multiple times did not indicate how that was possible. Instead, I printed the application, initialed and signed the old fashioned way, scanned application and attached it to the online application. JC and I, and other small business owners, went through this to help our employees, not to help ourselves. Without this “loan” we would be compelled to lay-off our employees and they would be compelled to draw unemployment. It’s disheartening to think that the financially sophisticated are abusing the spirit, if not the letter, of the Payroll Protection Program. Something is wrong when hedge fund managers can get low interest loans that dry up a fund intended to help individuals avoid unemployment. The local banker followed up by email on Saturday evening to see how things went and to offer what little help he could. He seemed genuinely pleased to receive an email from me Saturday evening that contained a screenshot of an application confirmation. @jwc
  8. Thanks JC. Now that the application process is completed, the wait begins to see whether they find some flaw in our application or the funds run out. I hope your efforts were successful too. Part of me understands how my brother’s accountant would suggest that his thriving small business apply for PPP despite no need to lay-off employees. I guess the accountant feels a fiduciary responsibility to alert his client to a “legal” low interest loan. The other part of me thinks my bother needs to find an accountant who respects the spirit of the PPP and doesn’t see it as another way to help the rich get richer.
  9. I have never owned an iPhone.
  10. I would not describe a LS3/5a enclosure as live. Claude @ClaudeJ1 would you describe those enclosures as “live.”
  11. FWIW the specifications for BBC LS3/5a monitors require birch plywood, beech battens, and bituminized felt; not a speck of MDF. The BBC. Could have spec’d MDF if they thought it provided sonic superiority.
  12. Too many variables for me to make a valid qualitative comparison of sound quality. The only MDF Klipsch I’ve auditioned in my home are H2s. That said, my favorite speakers in my system are plywood HIPs that have DE-120 tweeters and a “Super Heresy” network with Crites 3636 autotransformers. I (and my wife) prefer them slightly to my DIY Baltic birch Supers. I add egg crate foam to the interiors of all my plywood enclosures. I can not imagine that taking all the components from a plywood enclosure and installing them in an MDF enclosure would result in an observable difference in sound quality.
  13. FYI I was able to submit PPP application. A friend needs help filling out PPP application, but his understanding of computers is extremely limited. He asked if I use FaceTime. I don’t have grandkids so I’ve never needed FaceTime.
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