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  1. Heresy III tweeks

    I found the use of closed cell foam wedges to be inexpensive and effective. The speakers are tilted back just enough to aim them at the seating position on the couch a few feet away. The photo of the loaded car shows the wedge shape as they are being used to protect speakers during travel. A local foam shop cut a block into two wedges.
  2. Marty, Don’t quit until it is clear the opportunity is dead.
  3. False corners screwed into K horns?

    Why am I not shocked by this? FWIW, 42 years ago I used the 1/2” plywood from the shipping crates to enclose the backs of the four Speakerlab SKhorns used in a mobile DJ biz. Was it as effective as PWK’s Dope From Hope false corners? Not on your life. Was it effective and worth the effort? You bet. A table saw and tape measure were used to to cut the crates into proper sized panels that were then screwed to the backs of the plywood SKhorns. It ain’t rocket science. Even with the added backs, the bass was always improved when tucked into proper corners, which were seldom available. More often, the four were spread out in a gym or cafeteria. The bass was still tight and palpable. As I’ve frequently said, one customer, when booking a repeat engagement, asked, “Does that include the drummer?” It was all I could do to convince her there had not been a drummer at the earlier gig.
  4. Horn adaptor for K-77 replacement

    I agree. One Chinese vendor makes the best products I sell. Other sources are Lowery quality and cost more; a bad combination. I visited the factory just outside Hong Kong. It’s a clean, safe, and pleasant work environment. They did not have observable air pollution. But, I admit the threads on the adaptor on the PE site look pitiful.
  5. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Nevada wins.
  6. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    I would like to see a Loyola - Cincinnati game, but Nevada is showing remarkable grit in a comeback effort against the Bearcats after being down 22 at 10:50. It’s now tied at 0:47.
  7. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    It will be interesting to see how the Syracuse zone works against Duke. Chuck, @Tarheel, and I are now experiencing March Sadness.
  8. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Loyola-Chicago is the team I’m rooting for now. Go Ramblers. You gotta love a team that has a BAD car as a mascot.
  9. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    I think he will, and he should.
  10. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    At least former mayor Bing and Derrick Coleman are happy.
  11. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    So much for the home court advantage. Sparty couldn’t make a shot. Syracuse deserved to win.
  12. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    What he said.
  13. Used Klipschorns for sale

    Welcome @1spontaner0 There were two pair of Khorns posted here recently. One pair in Livonia and the other in Grand Rapids. Try a search. They could still be available. What are using to power the Heresys? As to terminals, I ditch the barrier strips for Neutrik Speakons. I dislike binding posts. The intermittent “off” sound is a puzzle. Were they mine, I would update the caps and be certain that all drivers work and are securely mounted. Stop by the crib Brett, @bhenry, referred to. I’m presently listening to H2s powered by a lowly chip amp, as I work on rehabbing a 90 year-old Royal Oak duplex. There are also a pair of KP-201 and a pair of HIP that could be hooked up. Heck, bring over your “off” Heresys and we could investigate this. Send a PM.
  14. March Madness NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    I’m pleased to see Michigan held on to beat Houston 64 - 63. I have U of M in the Final Four, which could happen, but losing to Virginia, which can’t happen. The Loyola game against Cincinnati will be interesting. Read about their clashes in the 60s, especially the 1963 championship game. Sister Jean was a youthful 45 in 63. Go Ramblers.
  15. What I Got Today!

    Looks like gifts to me. Put on those shades and go move incognito among the regular folk . . . after coffee, of course.