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  1. With you all the way on this one. Amen brother.
  2. I would want to use a hand truck to move either Khorns or La Scalas. My experience with each is that it is easier to maneuver heavier and taller Khorns using a hand truck than shorter and wider, although lighter, La Scalas.
  3. I understand what you meant and agree with you. PWK was an excellent engineer, which means he designed a product that could be built and sold at a profit, that could fit through a standard door, and that could “. . . get solid response to C1.” That said, when taken out of context, your quote above contributes to the, IMO, incorrect almost religious belief that PWK could walk on water and that nothing he designed could be improved. I asked him myself why the tweeter and squawker horns were mounted to the rear of the motorboards, rather than flush mounted to the fronts, as they are today. He replied, “Doesn’t make a dime’s worth of difference.” While his often repeated comment was true from a production cost standpoint, it did not mean, nor did he state, that flush mounting was not an improvement, merely that any improvement was not justified by the cost. Dave, I haven’t forgotten about the batch of Reg Williamson cleaner I promised. As soon as I can steal the time to cook up a batch, I’ll send it you as my small contribution to the good music preservation work you’re doing in Texarkana.
  4. Yes, you got my attention @glens. My experience and opinions are as follow. In the 70s I used four Speakerlab factory built plywood SKhorns in a mobile DJ biz. I used the plywood crates they were shipped in from Seattle to Detroit to enclose the backs similar to how Khorns are made today. The bass was improved, but still best when situated in proper corners, which were seldom available in the gymnasiums, cafeterias, etc., which were the venues. Although primarily setup in large indoor spaces, when they were occasionally used outdoors for wedding receptions, and the like, they did provide better bass than would a La Scala or Khorn without an enclosed back. With all due respect, I disagree with Dave @Mallette that alternatives to PWK's proper "False" corners do not exist, or PWK would have built them. Heritage did not have flush mounted horns, nor did Khorns have enclosed backs under PWK, but they do today. Even with PWK's proper false corners as described in Dope From Hope, the bass outdoors will never equal that available indoors. IMO, Khorns outdoors, even without enclosed backs, would be superior to La Scalas. While the bass would only be marginally better, raising the relative elevation of the squawkers and tweeters would be a worthwhile improvement. In summary, enclosed back Khorns are, IM0, a worthwhile modification alternative, even though not a true substitute for indoor use in real corners, or indoor use with PWK's proper false corners. YMMV
  5. Hand built Klipsch have historically been anything but consistent. Logos were not consistently located, inductors were not consistently attached with non-ferrous screws, and it was not unheard of to find that your speakers left Hope with one or more drivers connected backward.
  6. Perhaps Jim Hunter @JRH can answer your question about the combination of Klipsch bass bins with Vitavox drivers and networks. Welcome.
  7. Yes. They’re in Maine with the speakers.
  8. Photos enhance an alert thread.
  9. Yes. My small LS3/5a monitors sound extremely good in near-field, but they require lots of quality power. They are not party speakers. They are politely British with their BBC design and KEF drivers. They are “audiophile” classics. My horn loaded Klipsch Heritage (I’ve owned Khorns, Cornwalls, La Scalas, Heresys, etc.) also sound excellent at low volume near-field, but they can rock an outdoor party. The dynamics and power cannot be matched by the BBC monitors. The efficiency of Klipsch makes it unnecessary to spend a lot of money on quality high power; it does not eliminate the need for clean low distortion power, just the need for expensive amplification. Your inference that Klipsch owners don’t care about the quality of the amps, I feel, is incorrect. In order to get the best out of efficient Klipsch Heritage, you need an amp that delivers low distortion at low output. I currently satisfy that requirement using two small DIY class D chip amps that most audiophools would sneer at. As was said earlier by others, part of thrill I get from the hobby is to get the most bang for the buck. I enjoy listening to music, not dollars. Few things are more enjoyable than having someone comment that they like the sound of my system better than their more expensive system. Audiophile (from the Greek), literally means one who is attracted to sound. In that sense, we are all audiophiles. The negative implication that an audiophile is one who is concerned more about brand names and invoices does not fit most on this forum.
  10. That’s surprising. I figured a deer was good for about 35 tops, but then only for short bursts.
  11. Back in the day (~1970) two friends went to pick up their dates at a sorority house. One friend neglected to remind the other to remove the bits of toilet paper from his face before greeting his blind date. She wasn’t actually blind; if she were, the paper bits wouldn’t have been a problem. OBTW, bumped (literally) into Gloria Steinem (85) at the airport. She looked pretty good to this septuagenarian. She’s tall and trim and was wearing black jeans and a black denim jacket. I should look so good in 15 years.
  12. I just re-read the old thread below. Given your available space, I agree with Carl’s, @CECAA850, suggestion to go with a pair of Cinema F-20s. Here is a link to a post from the designer of F 20. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1329971-lilmike-s-cinema-f-20-a.html
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