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  1. High End Audio

    This Royal Oak, MI audio boutique sells Audio Research, Spendor, Magnepan, Vandersteen, and the like, and yet their window to the traffic on Woodward Ave. has a crappy aluminum mini-blind in the window. The least expensive cartridge they offer costs more than $300, more than the cost of a nice stained wood blind. The subliminal message the owner sends to customers is, "Come on in, sit on some aluminum folding chairs and listen to speakers on cinder blocks." The alternative would be an elegant wood blind or, even shutters, to welcome customers to the elegant comfort of their audio salon and to encourage them to part with thousands of dollars. A cheap blind from Home Depot sends the wrong message, IMO. I had this discussion with the owner years ago, but no change. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.
  2. Duratex Warning!

    It also occurred to me. If you plan to buy Duratex to use over the winter, do so now. Neither Duratex nor Parts Express will ship to a cold climate during the winter.
  3. Duratex Warning!

    Unused Duratex is destroyed if allowed to freeze. If you have unused Duratex in an unheated garage in a climate that has below freezing temperatures, now is the time to store it in a heated space. If exposed to 32F, or below, unused Duratex takes on the consistency and texture of crumbling styrofoam. I lost most of a gallon that way winter before last. Once applied and cured, 32F and below doesn't faze Duratex. It's a great product, just don't let it freeze in the can..
  4. Seem to be a good deal.
  5. La Scala Pittsburgh CL $300

    Those look way better than these did when I bought them.
  6. JBL Paragon

    The ultimate sound bar.
  7. Let's Go Yankees.....

    What is it about the Dodgers @BigStewMan and @joshnich to cause such animosity? I'm not suggesting you aren't entitled to hate the Dodgers, just curious about why. I can take 'em or leave 'em. The two things that pop to mind are Kirk Gibson's homer off Dennis Eckersley, who then coined the term "walk-off" and Magic Johnson's ownership interest. Those are two prominent Spartans. Nevertheless, I'll be pulling for the Colt 45s, I mean the Astros.
  8. NCAAF

    TCU continues to impress. Granted, Kansas is not too scary, but TCU held the Jayhawks to just 21 yards of total offense. Next week Iowa State should provide a better challenge.
  9. Let's Go Yankees.....

    It's the butterfly effect. But for a Japanese sniper in the Philippines in 1945, my father would not have married a young war widow, and my son and I would not have been in that van. It just occurred to me; that widow, my mother, would have been 95 today on her birthday.
  10. LS Bass Reflex Mod Passive EQ Details

    No wonder Dennis, @djk, is now a man of few words, he used his allotment in that description.
  11. NCAAF

    That didn't happen. Michigan needs a QB. O'Korn looked better at times, but then he would get sacked again. It's puzzling that ex-QB Harbaugh has not been able to find, or develop, a better solution at QB. The next three weeks against Rutgers, Minnesota & Maryland should allow UM to regroup before facing Wisconsin and Ohio State. And yes, the Spartans were underwhelming in their defeat of Indiana. They better play better next week against Northwestern.
  12. Class D

    Thank you. You didn't order enough parts for two did you? Failing that, I'll follow your progress closely. According to TI, mine won't ship until 12/29/2017.
  13. Let's Go Yankees.....

    The young Yankees overachieved at least a year ahead of their rebuilding schedule. I'm glad the Astros won. I suspect the TV people would have preferred Dodgers and Yankees.
  14. What a high pressure salesperson you're not Dave, @wvu80. There's no real hurry. NOLA won't need a cartridge until he receives the Cyastat SN I'm sending, and then mixes up a batch of Reg Williamson PVA facial. This is is not a thread hi-jack, but more of a slight diversion, as NOLA did just request some Cyastat. Dave do you spin vinyl? If so, would you like some Cyastat? If so, I'll send some as repayment for those banana plug adapters you sent me for my friend's h/k 730.
  15. Class D

    Rich- Where is that explained?