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  1. To me the term "Closeout" suggests they no longer plan to stock the item, hence, they no longer need a "demo" pair. Many stores/sites have bargain sections where items are offered at a discount, due to open box, refurbished, dent & scratch, etc., but the term "closeout" typically ls reserved for something else entirely.
  2. Did, or do, you use it as a tow vehicle. What does it look like today?
  3. Bruce- I know that you knew that @Frzninvt knew that you knew that he knew that they knew Who's on first.
  4. I met the wizard one time. He was everything expected. He answered my questions and told a good joke.
  5. The Netflix documentary, Alive Inside, is powerful testimony to the important restorative powers of music. I strongly recommend it. https://www.netflix.com/title/70299276 https://musicandmemory.org/?gclid=CjwKEAjw1a3KBRCY9cfsmdmWgQ0SJAATUZ8bvTRskuhaahiUhcn4NXNMg6Tne9_5o7nl8-dFghHSjxoCmfbw_wcB
  6. This is right up Mike's alley. @DrWho Seriously, I enjoyed reading the posts, but let's not forget PWK was not able to heal the sick; he was able to provide the restorative powers of music.
  7. Good work!
  8. I always use gasket material to seal everything. It's one of those, "not a dime's worth of difference" things PWK frequently mentioned. While true from an engineering cost benefit anylsis in terms of mass production. It can only help in this situation. Do it.
  9. @justinsweber You might check out Forward Air. It was the most inexpensive way to ship the large, heavy, palletized Cornwall vault. -- may it RIP -- before it disappeared. Forward Air has idiosyncrasies. Feel free to send a PM if you'd like details. https://www.forwardair.com/
  10. If I were king, leaf blowers would be outlawed . . . but then, only outlaws would have leaf blowers. Seriously, they're NOISY and merely move the leaves. Typically, a lawn service guy blows them from the client's yard to the neighbor's yard. Wait, now it's becoming clear. A lawn service then charges the neighbor to blow the leaves back to the original yard. If we tag the leaves like pigeons, we'll see that the same leaves are blown back and forth all season. It's a form of job security. Personally, I don't hire a service, I can leaf well enough alone.
  11. Carl @CECAA850 were you wondering?
  12. I read that, through exercise and diet, in addition to a healthy weight loss, Carey "cured" his type II diabetes.
  13. @Mallette Dave, Have you tried that goop I sent on a 78? I don't know what material Marty's Presto record was made from, but it seemed closer to that of a 78 than a 45 or 33 1/3. I'm curious how it works. If it helps, I want to continue my envagelical promotion of Reg Williamson's fabulous cleaning and anti-static system. More important than personal use, musical archivists, such as yourself, The Library of Congress, etc. should use it. Unfortunately, people tend to dismiss praise for it as more hyperbolic exxageration of yet another record cleaning gimmick, which it is not. It pains me to think of the many missed opportunities to clean and then digitally preserve valuable recordings in the best possible condition. IMO and in my experience, if one doesn't start with a PVA facial, the result will be suboptimal.
  14. @Wardsweb Very cool car and story. Your use of a truck block reminds me of the days when Dale Coyne raced Chevy small blocks at Indy. He started with blocks from school buses, as he felt they were well seasoned. Hope he too went to the bigger valves. It was easy to tell when Coyne was approaching on the track; the whine of the smaller displacement higher revving dohc motors was replaced by the guttural rumble of the Chevy V8.
  15. Drew Carey then. Drew Carey now. Chris Farley then. Chris Farley now. @The Apex Best of luck with your purchase. Please share your impressions and photos. Your eagerness is understood.