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  1. DizRotus

    Klipschhorns in a pretty nice room.

    I watched a few more interesting videos, but saw no clue to the shaft. When guessing, I forgot Alfa. Perhaps a hint as to which videos.
  2. DizRotus

    Klipschhorns in a pretty nice room.

    Trying to figure out what that crankshaft table came from. If Italy, probably Ferrari or Lamboghini.
  3. DizRotus

    The BEST way to clean & preserve vinyl

    Thanks Dave- The recordings sound great. Are they on a loop? They seem to go on forever. @Mallette
  4. DizRotus

    The BEST way to clean & preserve vinyl

    Dave @Mallette I have an opportunity to get a Dual 1229 for the cost of shipping. Hard to go wrong there, but I only want it if it will enable me to play 78s. In addition to a table that spins at 78rpm, what do I need in terms of a cartridge and phono preamp? Thanks for sharing your expertise.
  5. DizRotus

    College football 2018

    It certainly seems the B1G was overrated . . . again, but Alabama wasn’t.
  6. DizRotus

    College football 2018

    I’m not looking forward to Sparty playing the Boilermakers next week.
  7. DizRotus

    College football 2018

    How could they have lost to Eastern Michigan? They are impressive tonight. Tyler has them motivated. What a heartbreaking story.
  8. DizRotus

    College football 2018

    Patterson is playing well; Lewerke is not.
  9. DizRotus

    College football 2018

    Go White!
  10. DizRotus

    College football 2018

    Actually, I think it was his thumb. At least, I hope it was his thumb. Whatever it was, it was huge.
  11. DizRotus

    College football 2018

    It's in East Lansing. My fist Michigan State vs Michigan game was in 1966 during my senior year in high school. The game was in Spartan Stadium. A friend of mine, from our high school football team, got student tickets through his cousin. More than 78,000 watched MSU defeat Michigan 20-7. We sat on the field in the area now frequently filled with photographers. The most memorable part was meeting Bubba in the locker room after the game. Our running back was being recruited by MSU. He and our coach were being given the royal treatment. Our coach was kind enough to invite my friend (who later played football at NAVY) and me to tag along. The MSU staff assumed we were being recruited also; we didn't disabuse them of that notion. The image of Tody Smith sitting on Bubba's knee, with both wearing nothing more than jock straps, is etched in my brain. As we were introduced, I shook Bubba's huge hand. GO GREEN!
  12. DizRotus

    Klipsch Belles

    Congratulations to you and the buyer.
  13. DizRotus

    Klipsch Belles

    Thanks for the reply. Your Belles will make someone very happy.
  14. DizRotus

    Maybe the 2nd best way to clean vinyl

    Does anyone have experience combining CYASTAT SN (or similar anti-static agent) with an ultrasonic, or other liquid based, cleaning system? My suspicions is that it would act on static the same way it does in the Reg Williamson PVA peel system. My curiosity does not tempt me to experiment with my precious supply CYASTAT SN, when the PVA peel system works so well for me.