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  1. I blame age and an enlarged prostate . . . me, not you. Or is that enraged?
  2. Photos preserve the memories after the listing goes away.
  3. Wait! The stars are realigning. Scheduled to meet @Escher tomorrow afternoon in Royal Oak to close a deal on the La Scalas. Now I just need to turn the electronics into cash.
  4. The stars didn’t align for @Escher, so I now own these. As I told Escher, I’m not worried about getting back my “investment.” First I’ll clean the Crown amp and preamp to see what they can fetch on eBay. Then I’ll try to move the La Scalas to their next custodian. First I’ll try to find a buyer who wants them as they are to restore. Failing that, I might restore them as a summer project before selling them. “As is,” finds all drivers work and they sound OK, despite antique AA networks. Please don’t be shy about expressing an interest in the La Scalas or the electronics. I can always find other projects.
  5. Upon further reflection, it seems to have been professionally made to look homemade; probably purchased at a truck stop. Another indication that he isn’t the author is the absence of misspellings.
  6. I look forward to the experience.
  7. Claude, Do you have the drivers? Is there a substitute? When will sawdust fly? Thanks for pointing me to Spiral reconing. Alan is reconing both woofers in my HIPs.
  8. FWIW, I purchased a pair of The Sixes from @McBlueMeter. Deal with him in complete confidence.
  9. I can imagine PayPal, come to think of it, I’ve used PayPal for such transactions. You’re much more likely to be given a counterfeit Benjamin than a bogus PayPal transaction. FWIW, this gentleman seems honest. I’ve no serious concerns should we consummate a deal.
  10. Good deal. If they were mine, after enjoying them as they are for several months, I'd confirm the integrity of the enclosure joints, add some bracing and refresh the balancing networks. Welcome to the forum.
  11. It disappeared more than three years ago. It was great while it lasted. I’m amazed it survived as long as it did. RIP.
  12. Hazeltucky replied, “Can you do $1,100?” He’s listed them for more than 20 days. He can buy a lot of beer and bacon for $1,000. If any of you three metro-Detroit La Scala fanciers is interested, let me know. He’ll probably take $1,000, but $1,100 is OK too. How about this for a proposal? You pay the total acquisition fee ($1,000 or $1100) for the La Scalas, and I sell the rest, we split the net proceeds 60/40. For example, if I sell the Crown and Nikko for net $500, I keep $300 and you get $200, which lowers your net cost on the La Scalas by that amount. Why would I do that you might ask, because it’s a hobby and I’d like to help someone get the La Scalas. If I can get a little cash to offset the time, so much the better. @kevinmi @Escher @djcindc
  13. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/ https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/contact-us Madison is a beautiful town.
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