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  1. Dave- I pretty much agree.
  2. Are these the speakers? I see no speakers when I follow the link.
  3. Excellent first effort then.
  4. Be safe and Happy.
  5. Now I have a project for Memorial Day weekend.
  6. Marty, I would clean it with Reg Williamson facial -- ask Dave @Mallette about that -- and burn it to CDs. If you want, mail it to me, I could return it to you or forward it to your customer and send you a CD. Send me a PM if interested, so we can exchange contact info.
  7. Yesterday we drove three hours to Grand Haven to see nephew Nick's new house and to visit with his brother Sam and his family, on their way to his new posting in Rio Vista, CA. Sam is a USCG CPO. Sorry @BigStewMan, time and weather prevented the promised selfie in front of the USCG station. The attached photo is from 2014 USCG Festival. During the trip, We listened to the 50th reunion playlist using Pono player into AUX input. My wife's assignment was to use printout to record the order in which each of 218 songs played. We want to see how random Pono's "shuffle" mode is. After more than 50 songs, not a single repeat. Unfortunately, a technical glitch forced a restart. Within the next 4 songs there were two repeats from the prior 50. Apparently, the Pono algorithm keeps track of songs recently played to avoid repeats. The restart seems to have lost that memory, which resulted in repeats. The first reunion at which the playlist will be used through La Scalas is July 29. The only work to be done is to figure out why a few bars of Surf City by Jan & Dean precede, or follow, another song occasionally. Although a classic song, Surf City is not in the playlist. Hearing "Two girls for every boy" and then another song is disappointing. I suspect it's always the same song(s) that have the Surf City intro attached to it, at the end or the beginning.
  8. Looks like you've done this sort of thing before. Eager to hear how they sound.
  9. That damn auto "correct" has confused prospective buyers with perspective buyers, at least that's one way to look at it.
  10. I'm betting on Rampal & Bolling, but you might also audition Alexander Zonjic
  11. I thought leaving OC was considered a sign of sanity, rather than a scam.
  12. That looks great. You need to adopt Michael J. Fox's philosophy. He strives for excellence, but leaves perfection to God. You've achieved excellence.
  13. Ram drivers are in a hurry to get home before the vehicle rusts completely away.
  14. It would take more than software for me to ". . . already have that . . . "