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  1. Yes, two subs are firing into each corner. I tried a few other configurations. So far, in this small space, this seems to work best. Now that the gathering is past, I'll tweak some more, but I doubt I'll find another arrangement that works as well without taking up more of the scarce space.
  2. On the deck deck we’re HIPs powered by a Wiener class D chip amp. The Crites 120s (shown on top) and networks were installed at the time of the gathering.
  3. Here is the downstairs system heard by the gathering. DIY Super Heresys and four DIY EATH subs. The two iNuke 1000dsp amps power the four subs. The black box above the iNukes holds the TI TPA3255EVM class D chip amp that powers the Supers. The naked 3255 and power supply are also shown. The DIY Fostex FE103 single driver TV speakers were played briefly powered by a $5 TDA7297 chip amp just to demonstrate how good a minimalist system can sound. The 7297 is below to the left of the barrier strip.
  4. I miss the talkers and phone addicts.
  5. True enough in my case. Losing one's hearing does not cause one to lose his/her mind.
  6. I vote to retain crap shoot, including its pun-ishing aspect.
  7. Travis- Please put us out of our misery! This forum has standards like the other audio forums that yanked the welcome mat. Reminds me of that Paul McCartney song, Ban[ne]d On The Run.
  8. I’m no expert, but I offer a few observations. Intuitively, matching a driver to a throat that is smaller than the driver seems like a bad idea, but what about the following: Klipschorn 15” driver attached to ~13x6 slot; Edgar horn described in Speaker Builder; and MEH as implemented by Tom Danley and discussed in the thread started by Chris A? Go to Chris A’s thread to see the sizes of the drivers attached to small throats. Perhaps the “mismatch” is OK at lower frequencies, but problematic at mid to high frequencies. Others, such as @Chris A can offer more technically supported answers.
  9. Without photos, I too have a problem conceptualizing the issue. It seems that sliding it so that length is perpendicular to the front should work. What about upside down to the underside of the top? That’s how I mounted the AAs in La Scalas after the networks interfered with the port tubes in a djk bass mod. The attached photos don’t show the network actually attached to the underside of the top, but you can see where the positions of the tubes would prevent returning them to the original locations.
  10. Good for street names.
  11. Dave @Dave1290, Tell Steve the bowl was a hit. Rather than wait almost a year, I gave it to her today. I’m coming to the realization that, at my age, things to avoid include: green bananas, magazine subscriptions and deferred pleasure. Tomorrow might not get here.
  12. Shakespeare pun of the day. The Bard would be flattered.
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