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  1. Closing a hole in the top of the doghouse is not difficult; more difficult than merely replacing the bottom cover, but not tricky. Of course, the scar will always be visible inside the top hat.
  2. Yes indeed the mod is easily reversed leaving no external cosmetic traces. TTBOMK, no one has reversed the mod, which is not to say it’s everyone’s cup of tea, or that it has never been reversed. Of those I know of who have actually experienced the mod, no one has gone back to unmodified. IMO, too much emphasis is placed on preserving the originality of decades old Klipsch speakers. Modifying a Klipsch speaker is not like putting a Chevy V8 into a rare Duesenberg (which would be sacrilege, not to be confused with heresy). Restoring a tired old Klipsch speaker to perform better in your space (such as a large band practice room) makes sense, if not cents, and helps to keep the venerable Klipsch brand relevant. Since I placed the modified and refurbished La Scalas and refurbished KP250s in the band practice rooms at Birmingham Seaholm high school and Birmingham Derby middle school, respectively, hundreds, if not thousands, of musically inclined students have been exposed to the dynamic low distortion sound of Klipsch horn-loaded speakers. To those who say these speakers are no longer Klipsch and should not proudly display Klipsch badges, I say humbug. Who knows how many students, or their parents, saw the name Klipsch on the great sounding speakers as their first introduction to the brand? A shoutout to Mike @MookieStl for supplying at no charge a copper plate Klipsch badge for one of the La Scalas. If my geriatric memory fails me regarding Mike as the source of the badge, I invite correction, but still thank whichever forum member donated the badge.
  3. At 61, too young to go. I enjoyed his timing and delivery also.
  4. Yes. The volume of the sealed top hat approximates the volume of the box. With the box, the bottom panel is removed to vent the doghouse into the box. The top hat method I used requires cutting an opening in the top of the doghouse. Reversing the top hat method requires closing the hole in the top of the doghouse, which is more complicated than removing the box and replacing the bottom panel.
  5. @ClaudeJ1 Claude, perhaps @saibabaalso speaks French and you two can converse that way.
  6. DizRotus


    No horizontal stripes for the guy on their Reich, I mean right.
  7. The references to Mary Ann and Bailey Quarters seem to veer slightly away from Steve’s @BigStewMan original question regarding favorite fictional character to favorite portrayal of a female fictional character. With that modification, my favorite portrayal of a fictional female character is Julie Christie as Lara Antipova,
  8. IMO, La Scalas need a subwoofer, or more, in most situations, which makes the djk mod a lot of effort for a stopgap fix. That said, there are situations where sub(s) are not practical or desired. The La Scalas I refurbished for a high school band practice room benefitted from the djk mod done by closing in the tops. There was no way a sub would be considered. One of the attributes of the djk mod is the easy and total reversibility. I would encourage hobbyist tinkerers to try the djk mod. To the impatient and/or unhandy, if La Scalas alone don’t have enough bass, then skip the djk mod and get a sub, or subs.
  9. Spartans weathered the fowl play of the Penguins better than the Buckeyes did with the Ducks.
  10. IMO, your time would be better spent experimenting with placement and/or room treatments. That opinion is based on the subtle, but discernible differences observed after doing the djk bass reflex mod; I can’t imagine that any human could discern any difference based solely on the presence or absence of a plug. That said, it’s a hobby, and it’s your time spent. If you experiment with or without plugs, please report your conclusions.
  11. Other than to post photos of the networks.
  12. Hockey fan, redundant. Shouldn’t that be sweater of the year?
  13. There’s this thing called Google.
  14. I would try switching the Heresys left for right so that the same channels are on the diagonal. You might like it; if not, switch it back. In any case, enjoy.
  15. I’m in a similar position with an older Onkyo. I’ll probably get something from https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/brand_category/DENON/1.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3ITv0pbt8gIVz2tvBB1pwwKBEAAYASAAEgLJV_D_BwE
  16. I thought Willie Mays said it.
  17. Imagine if they’d actually won.
  18. I’m so sorry for your loss Elden and Christy. @dtel @dtel's wife
  19. When he sang Great Balls of Fire, it was autobiographical.
  20. Before gouging up the cabinet or the panel with metal tools, after removing all the screws, I would put a large screw into one of the back corners, and pull on that (use slide hammer, if available). Even if you end up drilling a hole large enough to accept a toggle bolt, it can be easily filled, more easily than cleaning up putty knife, or screwdriver, gouges. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.
  21. You did well. Please keep the photos and impressions of sonic quality coming. Just a thought, you could spin off the K-55 from one of your Khorns to make a comparison with the Heppner, or vice versa, try a Heppner on your Khorn, assuming they have Atlas/K-55 drivers.
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