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  1. To make it easier to see two of Evan’s photos. GLWS
  2. If Fields is not 100% OSU will be more vulnerable.
  3. If we wait until everyone is DONE with their systems, we’ll never have another gathering. When we discuss a Genesee County gathering, we should also ping the rest of the Oakland County attendees. @picky, @Picky's_Son_1974, @Dave1290, and @Skelt. Am I forgetting anyone, like I forgot to put out the chips?
  4. DizRotus


    Do you mean near a train bridge? At first I thought you were suggesting that he was killed by the bridge and/or a train on the bridge. I’m not being facetious or playing on words, I’m genuinely interested. Good luck with your fascinating investigation.
  5. I look forward to seeing and hearing the results at next summer’s Genesee County gathering. @kevinmi @Escher @ClaudeJ1 @NOS Valves
  6. You’ve gotten good advice from Chris @Chris A, Jim @JRH, and Dave @Mallette I’m glad they saw and replied to your post. My only contribution is to remind you that, while you want the best possible recordings in the future, your recording is the best recording available of that performance. The fact that those who missed the performance are able to enjoy it is tremendous, as well as the ability to enjoy it again and again. If you can’t Handel success, you might end up baroque.
  7. Bah bah humbug, he said sheepishly. I had hoped you posted here to report success. I agree regarding the aesthetics of the Forte III grille fabric. It’s worth the effort and some wait. How much is up to ewe.
  8. Are they in phase? Before opening the bass bin I’d confirm all connections at the crossovers. I’d also try the suggestions above regarding swapping networks side to side, as well as swapping the speakers side to side, changing one variable at a time.
  9. Thanks for the warning. When I go to audition speakers I come prepared to play them. I never rely on the seller.
  10. Has anyone who posted so far actually tried the djk mod? I have, and I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who has neither the space, finances, or desire to add a sub or subs. Personally, I would add multiple subs (horn or tapped horn) to domesticated La Scalas, which would make the mod unnecessary. I performed the mod on the La Scalas I refurbished for the local high school band. That application was never going to add a sub, so any bass enhancement was a welcomed improvement. The following are my thoughts and observations: La Scalas, without the mod, are NOT horn-loaded below ~ 100Hz; Without the mod, below ~ 100Hz, La Scalas are direct radiators; With the mod, La Scalas are still horn-loaded above ~ 100Hz; With the mod, La Scalas are bass reflex below ~ 100Hz; The mod reduces the efficiency ever so slightly; With the mod, a tiny chip amp can power the La Scalas to loud and clear levels so that Back In The USSR can be heard throughout the two-story school from the basement band room; The mod is easily and completely reversible; TTBOMK, no one who has done the mod, without sub(s), has reversed it; djk, Dennis (RIP), the author of the mod, knew what he was doing; Follow Dennis’s recipe, including crossover modifications, for best results; The perceptible and useful bass extension provided by the mod in a residential environment is into the mid 30Hz range; If you want useable bass below ~ 35Hz, sub(s) are required; IMO, the “tight” low distortion dynamic bass that I love about La Scalas is not diminished a bit by the mod; and YMMV. The details of the mod are searchable. IMO, an unwillingness or inability to search old threads and posts to follow Dennis’s excellent modification exactly act as a filter. It’s a hobby. If you need, or prefer, to snap your fingers to get lower bass from La Scalas, add subs.
  11. I have to remind my barber to hand me my glasses if he wants me to evaluate my haircut.
  12. This is why I attach a photo from such a listing to survive the death of the listing.
  13. Your knees, the Super Heresys, or the doctors?
  14. You know your day’s not going well when you get stuck behind a price check at the Dollar Store.
  15. Dave, Good luck matching that fabric. I’m not being sarcastic or facetious. It is worth some research and effort to get that look. Is it available from Klipsch, Crites or Metropolis Lakes Outfitters? If not, they might be able to point you in the right direction. I look forward to seeing and hearing them when you’re done. What motor is in your father’s Chevelle?
  16. OK about the IVs, but what about those boxes of rotary woofers in the background?
  17. I'm surprised there is so much interest in a movie about a woman named Carroll and her dislike of Italian enzymes.
  18. That does it. I need to turn up the heat and remove the mittens.
  19. DizRotus


    Amazon reminded me today of a lawyer joke. A little old lady consulted a young attorney to have a simple will prepared to disburse he meager estate among charities. He told her it would be $300. She pulled some bills from a purse and handed him $300. After she left, he discovered that two bills were stuck together, making $400, rather than the $300 owed. This created a terrible dilemma for the struggling young attorney. … … … … … Should he share the windfall with his partner, or keep it to and for himself? Amazon reminded of this joke when they sent an email advising me of a refund for an item I had not returned. I called and told them the refund was an error, but I also told my partner.
  20. Did you mean to say, “ The characters voting no . . . .”?
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