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  1. early sunday evening here ...91 F and very high humidity outside, so it was better to listen to some music this afternoon I started with Roy Eldridge tha a bit of blues with Jimmy Witherspoon followed by Milt Jackson changed to the sec. album from YES " T>ime and a word " from 1970 finally the Band Brand X " Product " where Phil Collins plays his drums Now it´s time for dinner 😁
  2. Spun some live records today and yesterday .. Tull " Bursting out " Golden Earring Roxy Music " Viva " Journey " Captured " right this minute .....The Billy Cobham-George Duke Band " Live " on tour in europe
  3. @Wardsweb nice tt collection as well as a good choice of vinyl. Welcome here .....hope that you stay for a while , if so you can be sure to end up like we do ....
  4. European football championship is over , the winner were the spanish team, no surprise to me , they´re one of the best teams worldwide. However , the olympic games in paris will start july 26th. So there was a bit time to listen to some records today ...... Kansas " Leftoverture " ELP " Trilogy " after a quick change of carts on the tonearms ( Grace F 8E & Sonus Gold Blue ) YES " Tormato " YES " Relayer " and finally ELP " Brain Salat Surgery "
  5. Well buddies ...bad weather in good old germany , sunday the final match between england vs spain , bet the spanish team will get the cup . und ja ..I spun some records during the week Love Devotion Surrender by Santana and McLoughlin ELP Debut ELP Tarkus see you soon 😉
  6. Glad to hear that you parents are fine ...you may concider a download instead of trying to get the origin, even at discogs there isn´t anyone available , but as far as I understood you can download here for $ 5 ... https://www.otrcat.com/p/land-of-the-lost
  7. Btw ..I spun some records during the week as there were YES " 90125 " the british ProgRock Band Van der Graaf Generator " Still Life " Kansas " Audio Vision " and REO Speedwagon " Wheels are turnin´"
  8. Hi everybody , the german footbal team lost against spain as forecasted by myself, so they´re out. The last four teams are fighting for the cup as they is Spain, France, England and the Netherlands. Let´s see which team will be in the final match, I guess it´s Spain vs England . However it´s just a game , after the european football championship the Olympic games will be held in Paris. Another big european sports event for the folks. It seems to me like 2000 years ago when the Romans had gladiators fight in their arenas, as they used to say "bread and games for the folks".
  9. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    May I´m wrong in my mind but it´s the first time that I see a part of your cd collection. I knew that you´ve got a cdp but haven´t seen any software so far ...thanx for that .
  10. Looks nice JJ ...tell me more about , whose the manufacturer ? What´s your Preamp now ? Didn´t you bought some sec. hand prof.Klipsch Speakers a while ago ? Can´t remember so far ...
  11. I´m quiet busy with watching the european football championship which takes place in germany. My favour is the spanish team , the last cup winner were the italiens but they lost against switzerland yesterday , so they´re out . The german team isn´t bad but I don´t think they will have a chance to reach the final game as their next opponent is probably the spanish team. However it´s a very entertaining and peaceful event here in germany . My audio gear isn´t in operation so far... See you soon......
  12. looks like a typical french dinner 😁
  13. 😂 the next autumn and winter is coming for sure , they don´t run away 😁
  14. Tja buddies ..got a further new cartridge in my collection 😇Couldn´t resist It´s a japanese Glanz MC cart , 0,3 mV output with a fine line needle grind , not in operation now, as I´m still waiting for the new headshell that I ordered for this cart as well, an original Micro Seiki H 77N , ordered both in Japan and will take a while till arrival Btw ..we have summertime here , I don´t listen a lot to music or spin some vinyl at the moment . Got lot´s of daily things to manage keeping me busy and I´m still waiting to be scheduled for the first surgery in my back in the hospital . Have a nice day everybody !
  15. Watching your fm tuner reminds me to tell you that I have an analogue fm tuner in my set up as well . I took out my Marantz Networkplayer from my set-up and put the fm tuner into it . As I´ve been always a fan of vintage tuners I bought a couple of weeks ago a fully revised Kenwood KT 1100 . What a soundmachine !
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