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  1. Depends on your terminal itselfes , but mine had a cable length of 15 cm plus spades and bananas .
  2. @Shiva is our devin townsend expert here , he recommended this concert dvd as well . Here is another double cd / dvd album from devin. I bought both ..thanx again @Shiva
  3. still winterseason here in deep western germany ....too cold for middle of april , all the blossoms and fresh sprouts of the trees just freeze again looks like this arround my house .......
  4. The one and only Album ( CD ) I got from Jethro Tull , have forgotten that I bought it once , but it´s 26 years ago . May their last production ? This one is from 1995 ...." Roots to Branches "
  5. This is a well-known problem. There was a recall by Onkyo in Germany in 2012 because many AVR`S caused exactly this problem. Defective relays were stated as the fault. Since the models are no longer manufactured, it will be difficult to find an Onkyo workshop that can repair the unit. Perhaps a specialist workshop for audio equipment in your area can do this.
  6. before I redbuilt my RF7 II into the RF7 EvoTec I used this solution and it worked very well .
  7. @mustang_flht you´re my french HERO , thanx to remind me on the band " FAUST " . Just listening to another french Hero ...
  8. In no case have we used drugs here .........................
  9. Here @dirtmudd brand new ... $ 119 https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHARLY-ANTOLINI-CRASH-LP-RARE-JETON-HIGH-END-REMASTERED-VINYL-New-/122861415820
  10. I can see your mirror image on the cover , you´re wearing a black outfit .Pic is done with you tablet camera .....nice idea ......
  11. @MeloManiac giving you something to read about " Krautrock " ...Have fun...... From the end of the 1960s and beginning of the 1970s, the genre krautrock was used to describe the rock music of primarily West German bands, some of which became internationally known. In addition to their geographical origin, all classic Krautrock bands have in common a tendency toward experimental, improvisational rock music. The term goes back to the word "Sauerkraut" as well as the derogatory term "Krauts" for German soldiers in World War II. The origin of the word Krautrock, contrary to frequent claims, goes back to an advertisement by the German company Popo Music Management, which first used the word in the English magazine Billboard[1] to promote records by Bacillus Records. The term was picked up by the British press and used frequently. In addition, in May 1973, the Hamburg group Faust recorded their fourth LP for Virgin Records at "The Manor" studio in Oxfordshire, the first track of which was called "Krautrock". Virgin Records then adopted this term as a genre designation for rock music from Germany. In Germany, Krautrock was often used as a self-deprecating term for their own music, expressing the fact that Germany was considered a pop-cultural developing country. In the beginning, Krautrock was more of a collective term for music from Germany. There was neither a unified movement nor extensive stylistic commonalities. Apart from the use of the word "Kraut", which was not meant in a flattering way, this grouping of the most diverse styles and the reduction to their geographical or national origins also meant that the term Krautrock was often understood as a pejorative term. For example, Amon Düül and Agitation Free were committed to psychedelic rock, Tangerine Dream tended more to the realm of electronic music, Guru Guru initially practiced space rock à la Hawkwind, Birth Control could be assigned to hard rock, while Can chose an almost avant-garde compositional approach. Overall, the bands often distinguished themselves with their own interpretations of Anglo-American patterns, which also brought international recognition. Although there were bands early on that sang in German as a matter of course (Ihre Kinder, Prof. Wolfff), German lyrics were by no means considered a matter of course in rock music at the time, and instead of switching to English, some Krautrock bands chose to dispense with lyrics almost or entirely (Ash Ra Tempel, for example). The proximity of many bands to extra-parliamentary resistance and leftist groups (Floh de Cologne, Ton Steine Scherben, Lokomotive Kreuzberg) is remarkable. Agitation Free had their practice space in the K1 and often played at actions of the Haschrebellen. It is also worth noting that groups like Omega (Hungary) and Nektar (GB/USA) are often counted among the Krautrockers because of their success in the Federal Republic Germany . The only common basic tendency would be the tendency to more complex structures, which results in a close relationship to progressive rock/art rock and jazz rock. From today's point of view it is to be emphasized that here conspicuously many musicians experimented with the at that time new synthesizer technology. Apart from Can, this applies above all toTangerine Dream and their entourage (Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel), who thus possibly provided the basis for the later worldwide success of Kraftwerk (Autobahn, 1974). Enough now ....
  12. this song is spinning arround the globe since a couple of weeks .....must be a very old sea shanty.....
  13. You´re asking questions LoL ...no Idea whether these 3 A 400 M were the same you´ve mentioned . You better ask the CIA . Finally you´ve found out where I´m right now in Germany. My sister lives in the state of "Niedersachsen" and the City is of course ...WUNSTORF , where the air base is located. 👍
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