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  1. Play the POLICE under the record sleeve , got all records from them and the Solo´s from Sting .......
  2. very nice .....where´s your topless SVS SB 3000 ?
  3. Decware tube concepts are really beautiful and sound amazing . Their ´re worth to have a deeper look into the range of products. IMO the answer is a push-pull KT 88 tube solution for your Heresy, because they controll the chassis in each level of volume and sound fantastic. YMTC ....
  4. agreed , it´s about 600 € here and affordable
  5. I know it and it´s really superb
  6. @oldtimer go back to school LOL
  7. A TT follows the laws of physics A turntable is a complex electromechanical spring mass oscillating circuit Consisting of five individual systems arranged in a row: 1) is the needle in the movable needle bearing 2) the tone arm in the chassis 3) form the two 1+2 together with the platter+platter bearing+chassis . In addition, the high frequency scanning for magnetic systems is indispensable: 4.+5.) the electrical resonant circuit of the pickup system and the supporting cantilever self-resonance. But these remain outside for the time being, since they only have an effect in the high frequencies >10Khz.
  8. @JohnJ said .....Wasn't aware of that they always have glowing reviews. Yes this is true and is always exactly the problem.Of course, this is all a question of the individual gear and your own listening demands. You read a good reviews about a product and believes automatically that it corresponds to the own requirements, thus one goes and buys it, but is annoying then if it is not as good as thought. Therefore I read reviews always in between the lines. This tells me if a product is interesting for me or not and whether I really need it. Who wants to impress us old rabbits with words ? BTW..the last Audio Magazine I bought ? ...can´t remember !
  9. You can send it to me if you want...or to these addresses in germany for retipping , they always find a soution ! I can support you in any case Paul http://www.nadelspezialist.de/oscommerce-2.3.4/oscommerce-2.3.4/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=946 https://www.phonophono.de/phono/ersatznadeln/retip-service.html
  10. Rush always have beautiful cover designs ....
  11. No disagreement between us, but as you allready mentioned ..they can´t rock , that´s what I ment ........
  12. You must know that I "only" own one record player and that I have owned it for 38 years now. Of course I have collected many cartridges over the years, if a needle was played I let it retipping, also with the MC's. The second MA 500 Tonearm Pipe..I bought from a Japanese distributor.
  13. @JohnJ sorry my friend , wasn´t in my attention to make you feel sad.....I really thought about whether I should publish this or not, I would rather not have done it... I´m a crazy nuts audioholic ..........
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