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  1. just a quick update. I'm about to finish my project with the external crossover for my RF7 MK II Queen. I have already carried out a first test setup. I have to make some internal crossover wireing changes before the whole concept can be completed. You will find out more details in two or three days.This is a picture of the first test setup, the crossovers are located on the left under the tape machine and on the right under the turntable.Further details coming a.s.a.p. Best regards MicroMara
  2. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    I actually wanted to sleep for a long time, but by chance I found this new CD that was released in Germany .. Christone "Kingfish" & Buddy Guy with "fresh out". John Lee Hooker would be jealous. I bought this CD immediately .....I LOVE THE BLUES .....By for now ......
  3. I have to break up again ..... time to sleep in germany ....see you at the weekend until then and stay healthy
  4. Hi John J ... I just wanted to listen to some good music and thought to myself .. I invite you to
  5. Then the solo career of Fleedwoods frontman Peter Green
  6. and finally the fantastic ones Fleewood Mac´s Album " Rumours " and the outstanding Steve Nicks on Vocals with " Dreams "
  7. rainy night in georgia .....my beloved Randy Crawford ...you might need somebody
  8. Grover Washington Jr. .......died in December 1999😢
  9. My very first encounter with American soul music.....Floaters with " Float on "......... a declaration of love
  10. Temptations ...a real masterpiece
  11. Carlos Santana ......Samba Pa Ti & Aqua Marine fantastically beautiful.
  12. ......and than Christopher Cross ..".ride like the wind " with Michael McDonald ..dreamlike
  13. What about " a horse with no name " from America in 1975 , you can feel the heat of the desert as they sing
  14. Donald Fagen´s " Nightfly " ...still one of my beloved records , beside Steely Dan´s " Gaucho" & " AJA " together with Walter Becker ...Great !
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