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  1. thanx @Full Range .....she´s a very strong woman , she will manage .....
  2. You do not treat me lovingly brother @dirtmudd
  3. for all of you....................
  4. He has too high price expectations for the TT equipment, for European prospective customers this is completely uninteresting, because to the selling prices still transport insurance duty and import taxes come. This is an additional expense of at least 2 K€ , yet great plant. Good luck !
  5. It is a tragedy as he plans a new life as a " 4 States Reporter " sells house and all the Klipsch stuff , wants to buy a new boat . A few weeks later then such a message. It is upsetting. I thank Dave for his benevolent support when I was new here. We communicated a lot internally. Dave was a wise but confrontational man who stood very much for his beliefs. Rest in peace Dave Mallette.
  6. I know, I know, I know.....I am very rarely with you at the moment. I'm really sorry, but I hardly have time for my hobbies at the moment. On the one hand I'm back at work , then I additionally build a lot of audio cable for my german HiFi friends. One could already speak of a flood of orders in recent weeks. On the other hand , my beloved wife has a tumor in the spinal cord , she is since 2 weeks in the hospital and comes tomorrow in a special clinic. This means for me even more work and daily efforts with my two teenage children. So you can imagine that everything is very turbulent. I´ve got an 18 hours working day. Nevertheless, I have always found a little time in between to read in the Klipsch Community. As soon as everything has improved, you will hear more from me. With my very best wishes to all .........
  7. ......for audioholics ....
  8. My children also have a real african white-bellied hedgehog, his name is Emil
  9. sorry for beeing of topic , that´s darn beautiful @RandyH000, would love to play a few games against you, of course with such a nice backgammon
  10. While you all had fun at the weekend, I had to work again , there wasn´t any time to spin some records . I played the cableguy yesterday and have built 5 cable sets for my German circle of HiFi friends.These were ordered from me last week . Gonna ship them out tomorrow . These are made for a Furman Power Conditioner @JohnJ This a a low coast standard cable and this one is a higher class power cord, they all´re AWG 14 You had fun and I made money ...............
  11. Well @billybob you make me think and surprise me with your record collection very good please continue ......
  12. We got so much in commen, shall we gamble online ?
  13. MicroMara

    Set up

    True , up to + 6 dB influence if you place them into the corners .
  14. People who can afford this luxury naturally have the best opportunities to pay as little taxes as possible, or even no taxes at all. In contrast, the average household in Germany has to pay more than half (52.1 percent) of its income to the state in taxes and social security contributions. Of every euro earned, only 47.9 cents remain.
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