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  1. Gonna sign a contract for a new apartment in my hometown where I was born on monday. Studied the local newspaper today . Found an offer which I thought that will meet my demands, called the owner and during our conversation he told me that he wants to see me a.s.a p. because we had a very nice conversation and felt sympathy for each other. So we met. I checked the apartment and it´s quiet nice , not big , but really beautiful. It has everything I need , incl. a fully equipped kitchen , a garden and a fantastique view into the landscape. During the next week I will pick up my most important apartment furnishings from the house into my new apartment. Than I will contact my laywer to start the war of divorce . It´s a start into a new life for me and I´m looking forward to live it . Pretty exciting 😂
  2. I really got other problems right now 🤣, I was looking for the KLF 30 many many years, not available w/in europe at all , now where I don´t know what will happen w/in the next few month it´s better to keep what I´ve got . I don´t sell the RF7 Evos not below 7,5 K€ .
  3. Very nice , I´m shure that you´ve saved at least one third or more of the end customers price. DIY is the best alternative to save a lot of money , there´re so much nonsense cable products like rca, power cords, Speakercables, etc. available in the world market and everybody is telling you " We´ve got the best " 😂 Spent 1K $ for a set rca and your gear sound better than ever bevore. 🤣
  4. @AndreG. Hi Buddy ...looking for a fourth pair of Klipsch Speakers ? 🤣 KLF 30 for 2,2 K€ BUCKS available in Germany https://www.kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/klipsch-legend-klf30/2551110503-172-9355
  5. Ja ..even if you´ve got a strong mentallity , like I have , there´s coming a point where you ( I ) give up. It makes no sense to invest anykind of energy into a failed marriage. It´s better to save that energy for yourself ( myselfe ) for the upcoming war from our lawers. The last two weeks I spent by a good friend mine , now i`m back in my house and living in the first floor apartment. She´s living with my son in the sec. floor . Good to have space and rooms enough in that house . You won't meet if you don't want to and my son comes to me when he wants to see me. Nevertheless, I'm looking for a new apartment in another city to really find distance, even from the house. Never would I have expected that it could affect me after 17 years of marriage , like many others. statistically I am as a normal man who has survived the average duration of a marriage in this day and age. 😂
  6. @Full Range , Hey Paul ! My doughter is in Sidney till Sunday, than she departs to Canberra , she´s keen to see the symetric city design , and lot´s of cultural sightseeing. She´s fine and didn´t miss her home at all. That´s the way it should be if a 19teen year girl is doing a trip around the globe.
  7. You see Ivan ..the little Mini Utopia were manufacured in 1999 and they´re vintage speakers now , at that time they cost 14.000 German Mark ( approx 7,5 K € today ) and they reproduce a soundimage and a stage three times bigger than their optical size. Those´re brilliant Speakers and we got so much fun with my electronic audio gear.
  8. @Full Range My doughter will travel to Brisbane in october , she will call you early enough that you´re able to be prepared for her visit in Brisbane. I´ll keep you updated . Once again , thanx a lot for your very kind invitation . She´s looking forward to see you , your wife and maybe your doughter as well .
  9. Another sign of life from me , have brought part of my equipment to my good friend with whom I currently live. To his Mini Utopia and his Transrotor " FatBob " we have connected my external MI / MM / MC Trichord phono stage, my DYNACO PAS 4 tube preamplifier, my Cayin tube monos, my Marantz PM11-S3 SS , my Marantz SA11-S3 CDP and optionally my GoldNote M 9 Class D monos. We have also wired the entire system with my power- rca as well as speaker cables . The French Mini Utopia sound really great and have even for this size a fantastic bass foundation. We have what the music listening is really fun 😊 We´re playing with the gear and listen to music a lot .
  10. Makes no sense JJ ...I tried it much more than twice allready ..it´s done, it´s over, I´m finished !
  11. Gonna let her know , thanx for your very kind invitation 🙂, please be so kind and send me your phonenumber again as I can´t find it in our long list of private pm´s .
  12. @Full Range , my doughter arrived in Sydney last night , she went to the sidney opera house and sent me a pic , it´s early springtime downunder now. She will stay a couple of weeks in australia , but I ´dont know her schedule . I´ll keep you updated
  13. Hey Dell for me it sound like that the polymer diafragm is damaged and needs to be changed . I´ve seen origin K 84 K spare drivers on ebay usa. Have a look there. BTW you be good advised to order two diafragms to prevent a further disfunction. As well I think that the caps on the board shall be exchanged as well. Don´t have the values from the caps in my mind . Order from JEM , the values are shown below the caps on the board.
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