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  1. The forecasted rain front that should finally bring the precious water doesn´t reach Germany ...still no rain in sight, but heavy clouds all over
  2. pretty nice car has the old Alfa Romeo Style .Haven´t seen that once in my life before
  3. It is 9.pm , we have 75 F , it was again expectedly hot today. I'm still sitting on the high terrace in front of my music room , have just made preparations for the shipment of speaker cables tomorrow ,. What is gone is gone I always say ...then I have more time tomorrow for other things. There is always something to do at the house, in the garden, on the vehicles...We are waiting for the big rain........
  4. the difference between boys and men is the price difference of their toys
  5. Traffic in Germany is the ... After my wife, doughter and son had recovered from CoVid 19 they were in De Haan and Ostende to breath some fresh seaside air as well as tripping around the beaches.On their way back they made a day visit in Brugge. Just for a few days they left but spent a good time there. Belgium is so nice .....
  6. Got both , I found the vinyl again by luck, it had disappeared in my collection for years. Tubelar Bells is also nice ..but AMAROK has the better sound effects.
  7. lot´s of tomatosauce and pepperoni not too hot, turkish spicy salami, red bell peppers , garlic, onions,chester cheese, spices for pizza, pizza dough....
  8. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    I´m streaming Radio Paradise right now ...allways nice for backround music .
  9. you can not miss the parallels
  10. @dirtmudd gives us new riddles ....
  11. Just finished another speaker cable works ...LoL ...LoL ....LoL ... I picked plums in the garden yesterday and directly baked a fresh plum cake. My wife was thrilled. Got hold of a piece earlier, as a dessert to the Diabolo Pizza
  12. Yeah I do remember your annual " Bratwurst Festival " @Dave1291 . sure you didn´t had an origin " thüringer bratwurst " there ! ( ? ) Have a lot of fun and Heineken ......
  13. Finally ...the heat wave is over, we have currently at 6.55 pm. around the 73F, it is slightly windy as well as cloudy. A relief after these days of heat paralysis. Finally oxygen again in the forest air around the house. Wonderful. Unfortunately, however, thunderstorms were announced, in 2 days it should go off. Hopefully it comes thereby not again to catastrophes like the flooding of the Ahtal Vally with over 140 dead, like last year.
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