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  1. and i just have realized that I don´t have enough space for my audio gear ....
  2. My favor from STYX " Cornerstone " A&M Records 1979, printed in Germany
  3. @Dave1291 well Dave I like him , that nice grooving blues rock from the early 1970´s
  4. After the Avalon Sunset with Van Morrison I´m following Roxy Music´s Avalon , Deutsche Grammophon , 1982
  5. a great talent ..and a great voice, wow I did not expected that adult voice from him..you´re right he WILL ...
  6. early evening right now ...dreamin a little bit with Van Morrison´s " Avalon Sunset " 1989 Polydor Label, printed in germany
  7. a little masterpiece ..John Coltrane & Kenny Burell " The Blue Train Session " 1957 , re-issue on 180 gr. Vinyl, Label : Jazz Images 2019
  8. Had a break , walked a little bit in our forrest, sunset now at 4. 45 pm. One of his best ..George Benson with " Breezin " 1976 WB Label , printed in japan
  9. Sky Street is an album by guitarist Kenny Burrell recorded in 1975 and released on the Fantasy Records label in 1976.The album was released on CD combined with Stormy Monday (Fantasy, 1978) as Stormy Monday Blues in 2001.
  10. another nice jazzy soul record is spinning under the needle again ... Simply Red " Picture Book " released 1985 , Asylum Records, printed in UK
  11. We´re allready busy in this matter . I´ll agree as far as I know x-over schematics from actual models won´t be published , be patience , will report in a couple of weeks ....it´s not about the x-over alone....it´s a complete moddy project but not so elaborate as mine with the RF7 EvoTec
  12. Cold and sunny noon here ..while i had my integrated SS in operation yesterday, I thought to use the SS Pre-stage from my integrated and connected the monotubes today. Time to continue with the relaxin Sade " Diamond Life" Album , 1984
  13. My doctor told me 1 can of Heineken beer a day can not hurt
  14. Goodnight everybody ..it´s 1.48 am here , been awake since 19 hours ...enough now. Keep on having fun.....
  15. Continue with YES " Going for the One "
  16. YES Mike he´s a real gentleman and he loves hats ..I know ...
  17. His best ..Christopher Cross " Debut from 1979 ....the sound of california ...great
  18. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    Latitude 51.4046 / Longitude 7.2583
  19. continue with Marillions " Script for a jesters tear" .. awesome ...
  20. MicroMara

    The Other Discs

    depends on your Player a little bit ....
  21. @Full Range The Nice ..many albums can´t be embedded here
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