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  1. @JohnJ a random discovery ..enjoy
  2. Our african white-bellied hedgehog. His Name is " Emil. " He´s six month young ...
  3. MicroMara

    Kids these days

    Well, I am almost 60 years young and have two teenagers , my son is 13 and my daughter 17 years old. They have owned and used digital media since they were 10 years old. I realize that the young people today live in parallel worlds, the use of digital media not only determines their everyday lives, much worse my children have become dependent on these media like an alcoholic who is not viable without his alcohol. Recently, my daughter's smartphone broke, she was totally irritated and nervous. She calmed down only when we got a new smartphone the same day and that had to be an Apple smartphone, standard like the tablet & laptop. Status symbols have become. My son can build his own computers, program servers, etc.etc. at the age of 13. I hope he will at least find a well-paid job in the IT industry. Both hardly do any sports, are getting fatter and fatter. We, my wife and I, are pretty much powerless. The children also have no interest in joint activities or excursions, unless the virtual trips. I think that in coming generations this development, with increasing worldwide digitalization, makes the biologically natural human to the human second class, the "hybrid human "of flesh and blood and implanted chips in the body will be superior to the biologically natural human in all areas. We are on the way to the cyborg age.....
  4. Well ..I don´t know wheather you´ll know something about a quiet interesting entry level turntable . It´s a Klipsch Debut Walnut TT designed by Pro-Ject from Austria .
  5. talking about entry level TT`S ..here´s a special One ...The Klipsch Debut Carbon Walnut TT manufactured by Pro-Ject in Austria
  6. Boron belongs to the rare earth elements and is an ideally suited material for the production of needle carriers. High stiffness is achieved at a particularly low density. The speed of sound propagation exceeds that of aluminum by about 2.6 times!
  7. The Klipsch designed TT is manufactured by Pro-Ject in Austria with a wallnut chassis
  8. Soft Machine is a British band that is one of the pioneers of the Canterbury Sound. It formed in 1966 in Canterbury, England, and initially played a central role in the music scene there. From the beginning, Soft Machine focused on their own artistic concept. They experimented with lightshows and tape collages. They made their first demo recordings, which were not released until 1981 on the album At the Beginning. The recordings made at that time were musically still very much in the compact format of usual pop songs. For a short time, guitarist Andy Summers also played, but he soon left the band again. When, after an engagement in France, Daevid Allen was refused re-entry to Great Britain, he stayed in France and founded Gong, Soft Machine recorded their first LP as a trio, The Soft Machine (1968). Soft Machine was one of the house bands at the legendary UFO Club in London in 1967 and 1968, where they often performed with Pink Floyd. After an extensive tour of the United States, during which they opened for Jimi Hendrix, Kevin Ayers left the band. A replacement was sought and found: Hugh Hopper, who had been the band's roadie. He was joined as saxophonist by his brother Brian, also a member of the Wilde Flowers. Hugh's expressive playing on the bass and his qualities as a composer shaped the band for a long time. In this line-up the second album was recorded in 1969: Volume Two. Characteristic compared to the previous album, typical jazz harmonies, odd meter and, through Hugh Hopper, a denser rhythm section now came to the fore. Around the same time, Soft Machine dropped the "The" in the band's name. The group was briefly reinforced by jazz pianist Keith Tippett and three musicians from his band: Mark Charig (trumpet), Nick Evans (slide trombone) and Elton Dean (alto saxophone), who became the fourth permanent member. In this formation some concerts were performed and a part of the third album Third was recorded. This double album was highly praised by critics and also shows the group's development towards more complex rhythms and extended instrumental pieces. Along with Miles Davis' ******* Brew, it is now considered one of the most important early documents of the fusion of jazz and rock, and the band's best record. In 2007, Sony BMG released a remastered CD version with revised sound and with a live bonus CD of BBC recordings previously released in 1988 titled Live at the Proms 1970.
  9. The Mahavishnu Orchestra is considered one of the most important jazz rock/fusion bands of the 1970s. It was founded in 1971 by John McLaughlin. In addition to McLaughlin (guitar), the band featured Jerry Goodman (violin), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Rick Laird (electric bass) and Billy Cobham (drums). Rolling Stone magazine ranked The Inner Mounting Flame #75 in its 2013 list The 100 Best Jazz Albums
  10. Dave ......I cought you , we see what you were doin ...the other side of your room ....
  11. I have a memory like an elephant 😁
  12. It´s Luc Ponty 😂 once you spun a record there , if I´m not wrong ...Carlos Santana And Mahawishnu..Love , Devotion, Surrender ... I do remember
  13. That record has blown my mind today ..... The Mahavishnu Orchestra is considered one of the most important jazz rock/fusion bands of the 1970s. It was founded in 1971 by John McLaughlin. In addition to McLaughlin (guitar), the band featured Jerry Goodman (violin), Jan Hammer (keyboards), Rick Laird (electric bass) and Billy Cobham (drums). John McLaughlin had adopted the name Mahavishnu under the influence of his guru Sri Chinmoy around 1970. He already had a good reputation as a jazz guitarist before founding the Mahavishnu Orchestra and had played with Miles Davis and Jimi Hendrix, among others. McLaughlin already knew bassist Laird and drummer Cobham from earlier projects. The Mahavishnu Orchestra, formed with them as well as violinist Goodman and keyboardist Hammer, already had great success with its first two releases The Inner Mounting Flame (1972) and Birds of Fire (1973). The band's first live performance in Europe was at the Jazz Now Festival as part of the Olympic Games cultural program in Munich on August 17, 1972. Rolling Stone magazine voted The Inner Mounting Flame #75 in its 2013 list The 100 Best Jazz Albums, and the group demonstrated its skills live on the album Between Nothingness & Eternity, which also received attention. As McLaughlin grew more and more distant from his fellow players, due in part to his orientation to the Indian religion and his ties to Sri Chinmoy, the original Mahavishnu Orchestra had already broken up in 1973 before the release of the live album. McLaughlin recorded the album Love Devotion Surrender in 1973 with Carlos Santana, another follower of Chinmoy. In 1974 he reformed the Mahavishnu Orchestra with Jean-Luc Ponty (violin), Narada Michael Walden (drums, percussion), Ralphe Armstrong (bass), Gayle Moran and Stu Goldberg (keyboards), respectively. For the first album in the new line-up, Apocalypse, George Martin could be won over as a producer, and musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Michael Tilson Thomas also participated. Two more albums were recorded, but the new band did not reach the level and success of the first lineup, so McLaughlin disbanded the Mahavishnu Orchestra again in 1975 to play acoustic music with Indian influences with his new band Shakti. In the 1980s there was another attempt to revive the Mahavishnu Orchestra, this time with Bill Evans (saxophone), Jim Beard (keyboard), Billy Cobham (drums) and Jonas Hellborg (bass), among others, but with moderate success.
  14. that´s true , you beat me with this 😂 How about my pimped W-Lan remote controlled lawn mower,...you like to get ?
  15. ....very underrated album ...so timeless ..think it was produced theses days ...
  16. Paul , coming back to yours and your friend´s 3 Way X-Over´s .......no resistors are used in such a three way network , can you explain what´s behind ?
  17. He is now also already 75 years old and thinks of his musical legacy, who knows how much time he still has, Freddy Mercury is now also gone 30 years ago. It's okay, he does nothing different than all other successful artists.Setting a last musical monument
  18. Brian May is making good on his promise. "Anyone up for a BM release with lots of juicy extras?" the legendary Queen guitarist asked his fans on Instagram some time ago - and announced, "We have a plan." Unsurprisingly, the fans' answer was a resounding "yes." Now May delivers. His solo debut album Back To The Light will be released on August 6, 2021 as a remastered edition with, as announced, plenty of extras. Those were turbulent times when Brian May released his solo debut Back To The Light in 1992. The year before, Queen frontman Freddie Mercury had passed away. On April 29, 1992, May had already introduced a new song to fans at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert, the track Too Much Love Will Kill You. A few months later, on September 28, 1992, May's solo debut Back To The Light was finally released (in the U.S. and Canada, the long player was not released until February 2, 1993). The album was well received and reached the sixth place in the album charts in Great Britain. Now Back To The Light is being re-released - and in several editions. The centerpiece of the release is undoubtedly the Collector's Edition box set. Included in it: an exclusive white vinyl LP, two CDs, a 32-page book, a 12″ art print, a download card and an enamel plaque. If you want it even more exclusive, grab the 1000-piece limited edition box set. This includes a signed 12-inch art print and is available in the Queen online store. If that's too extensive for you, you can also choose other formats. The album is also available af 1LP black 180g vinyl, 1CD, deluxe 2CD, cassette and digital formats. A bonus album of special versions and live tracks called Out Of The Light is available in the box set, 2CD edition and digital formats. In addition, vinyl fans can look forward to a picture disc, which will be released in limited edition in the Queen online store. Brian May has written new liner notes for the new edition. In them, May pens a tribute to the record's late drummer, Cozy Powell, and reflects on the album's era. The guitarist also hints at further releases, saying, "This is part of a series. The Brian May Gold Series. Every piece of it will have a little gold stamp on it. And each of them will give me the opportunity to rediscover the path I've been on." For the remaster they got prominent support: Grammy Award winner Bob Ludwig worked with the original, restored flat mixes - and brought the sound of Back To The Light into the present.
  19. @Full Range ^^^^^^^^^ That record is listed as one of the top hundred jazz records that were produced ever , got it as SACD , great choice my mate ....💪
  20. Want to introduce a famous german jazz trumpet player . Till Brönner (born May 6, 1971 in Viersen) is a trumpeter, composer, professor of jazz trumpet. He produced over 20 Jazz Records . In April 2016, Till Brönner was the only jazz artist from the German-speaking world to be invited to the White House by U.S. President Barack Obama to celebrate UNESCO's International Jazz Day (April 30) in concert with 45 international colleagues. The all-star ensemble included Aretha Franklin, Morgan Freeman, Herbie Hancock, Sting, Pat Metheny, Diana Krall, Marcus Miller, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Al Jarreau and Dianne Reeves.
  21. ...follwed by a " Masters at Work " Production . Never spun that here before . NUYORICAN SOUL , released in 1997 , Blue Thumb Records, Printed in USA , high Quality audible production., with an ensemble of brilliant Soul / Jazz Stars like shown below .....
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