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  1. I´ll follow you Shiva ...
  2. Made this pic in the hospital two weeks ago . It shows Barbara of Nicomedia (Barbara, "the stranger") was a Christian virgin, martyr of the 3rd century. According to tradition, she was beheaded by her father because she refused to give up her Christian faith and virgin devotion to God.
  3. @JohnJ will do so ....". badas* system? " what´s that ? Haven´t you seen my 2 new Mono Tubeamplifiers in my the queen is dead .....thread ? L O L
  4. Mates .....need to now.....see ya tomorrow again.... Good night ....and regards ..........
  5. no no ..claypool is cool , but still toooooooooooo expensive in germany, that´s why I don´t have their albums ...( you´ll might remember over $ 70 for a record )
  6. Yes I know. You can be lucky with such different kinds of soccer ......German football is total boring .....My point of view ....
  7. got it now .......thought you ment this lausy german football team ....
  8. @baron167 Beatles are for Kids ....only ...L O L
  9. nice tt ...is it a Denon ? Which pic - up ? Which phono pre amp ?
  10. @JohnJ said : Good for a Saturday evening after your football team goes 5-0 in spectacular fashion 73-7 Did Germany play today ? I don't know ...and we should have won 5 : 0 ? Against whom? I haven't watch any games of the German soccer team for a long time. Only when they have a new coach.
  11. It was a beautiful funeral of my father, he would have liked it.I keep him in my innermost being in honor and remembrance. It is over with my strong pains, it is over with my grief, I want to live and laugh again, to listen to music, to enjoy the beautiful things in life. I am here again...............
  12. yummy yummy .....I had turntable pizza today
  13. Since a year I want them .....today I got them ........ my queen was crowned as empress
  14. My Cayin 929 D Mono Tubeamplifiers Tec Specs : 45WPC/ 8 Ohm Preamplifier 6DJ8, 12 AU7 ,12BH7A , Rectifier tube 5AR4 ( in combination with a 2 Heny filter inductor, electrolytic capacitors and resistors it provides 585 volts ) Power amplifier GU 29 with 2 tetrodes push-pull Frequency Response 10 Hz > 55 KHz Input Sensivity 1000mV S/N Ratio > 100 dB Input Impendance 50 KOhm THD 0,04 %
  15. @Full Range Don´t be sad my mate ....I think it will be better in a few days. I was extracted of some of the nerve fluid between the vertebrae. I have constant underpressure in my head, which causes tremendous pain. The doctors told me today that this condition lasts a few days. Therefore I have to take a lot of painkillers every day , approx. 8 gramm. That is not nice. Nice to be back ..I missed you ......
  16. of course ...the RF7 MK II´s can perform much better ...even without additional subs ......
  17. @grasshopper @KROCK thanx buddies ......... My mood doesn´t currently allow me to entertain myself with music. Every noise seems to me as if it´s over 120 dB . It´s simply unbearable ...unfortunately .....
  18. Dear mates........ just a little note for your information Today I was discharged from the hospital and now back home again together with my wife and my two children. I was not allowed to see them for 10 days. Because of Covid 19 even the nearest family members are not allowed to visit their relatives. I am fine according to the circumstances. The medication gives me a terrible headache, I feel tired all the time and the food does not taste good. In January 2021 I have to go to hospital again for 10 days for a check-up.Friday at noon my father will be buried in the immediate family circle. Because of Covid 19, a maximum of 20 people can attend the funeral. The year 2020 is really strange .......... ............................................................................see you , many greetings and stay healthy
  19. I am very happy that chemotherapy and / or radiation are not yet a major subject for me.
  20. maybe three or four weeks ago, Got the " Best of Steppenwolf " Collection on VINYL ....superb and timeless
  21. I am very happy to hear that you have beaten cancer. Please do not worry about me, I am fine, I have positive prognosis. How can I have fun with you from heaven? There is free Wlan but they don't have virtual laptops there yet. No, no, that will have to wait and for a very long time
  22. Well it´s 3.52 am on friday ....I continued to read in a book, watched a little bit tv ....had fun with some night nurses.....
  23. This video was produced when nobody had thought about the " Cororna Virus ". It was released in 2016 . You say that it is brilliant marketing, I say there is just a lot of truth and wisdom in that statement. And when the teacher says at the end " there is always time for a beer " I understand it as " don't forget your humor, there is always time to laugh. So you can interpret it so differently.
  24. @Full Range said : Frank Zappa : One size fits all King Crimson : Red Alice Cooper : Welcome to my nightmare Listened them by YouTube .......
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