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  1. Hi, I live in Oregon (36 miles south of Portland) and looking for a pair in clean and excellent working condition. Looks like in the picture. I prefer the red cabinet (which is this color). Pick up or ship it to me and I'll pay for everything. If you have it let me know and thanks. CCG
  2. Hi, This might be a hit and miss. Do you still have those ksf-8.5 tower speakers? Thanks, CCG
  3. There's nothing like buying your very first mid or hifi in a store back 'like in the 80's. Bought my very first Nakamichi BX-125 in 1983 saving money for 5 months off of my 2 part time jobs and a college student. Maybe the internet nowadays have lots more selection. But the missing ingredients is being there and sharing it with people you know, friends and family. By earning and purchasing my first deck, I was able to learn so much techniques in recording and up to know I still do and own lots of analog music library that became a holy grail in sound collections. Really memorable and like something that money cant buy. Today I still get that old school excitement being in a hi-end hi fi store while enjoying with family and friends. Me and the wife are heading to Japan in October for the hi fidelity districts and the mecca food bazaar. It should be a fun trip!
  4. Very nice pictures. Have you been there before? If you haven't and your'e planning to go, you can visit Adelphi and you're in for a treat on Hi Fidelity.
  5. I am so truly sorry for your lost. Its a family and it will never go away. Just remember, you did everything you can and most important he knows you love him. That's the best gift you can ever have. My condolences.
  6. That will give me wider view on my next approach of future speaker cab in my home outside the states. I just want to use the simplest like 1 cabinet per channel and no subs. In my living room its 625 sq. ft. and I'm using a klipsch 8 inch tower and its just perfect for my listening. I like the speakers to work at its full potential so it works out on low and high volumes. In my home overseas my listening area is 985 sq ft. its kind of long ways. I'm not so sure if its a toss between a 12 or 15 inch speakers. The reason why I said 15 inch, because in my younger days, I use to make custom boxes and install car stereo. I have made maybe over 400 boxes. The one that I really like the sound the most is either 8 or a 15". I was thinking if the the 15 inch is too big for a 1000 sq ft, I might have to design a band pass box or a different order. I think I remember now the sound of a passive radiator. I just havent made one since the late 80's. Anyways thank you for the follow-up. CCG
  7. Love the selections. The time when Kool and the Gang are making real classic albums. #3 song brings out the 300b sound.
  8. I read pretty much all your postings. I want to ask you what is your room size? Is your forte has passive radiator? Just want to get an idea on referring to my future purchase. Thanks CCG.
  9. I use this on my car. It rocks! https://rumble.com/embed/v29n2ja/?pub=1kdc9m
  10. That's one of my favorite playback deck. The 480 series are the most analog on on the nakamichi's 3 decade series. But they are all excellent in their own way. My recent recording technique is transferring from 2nd master reel, to nakamichi DR-2. Then playback in LX-3 which is pretty much a 480 series with a slight difference in features. Anyways they sound really nice with the early maxell tapes. I been recording on TDK since '81 and pretty much I've learned so many techniques in laying down tracks. This is the first few moments I found myself listening more to maxell tapes. But when I play the same tape on the later models lets say CR-2A or DR-3, I'm not really enthusiastic about the sound production. The dragon in the other hand is a different story. I have one but I'm not well versed with that deck besides it'll playback almost any tapes sounding like a dream.
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