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  1. Scandinavian 40s period spy movie reminds me of Scandanavia, extra points 6-7 THE SPY, Sonja weigert https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/amzn1.dv.gti.83aaaa99-3144-4cc7-9dc3-05a1097df587?ref=imdb_web&autoplay=1&ref_=imdbref_tt_wbr_fdv&tag=imdbtag_tt_wbr_fdv-20
  2. Draw a diagram of your current set up include the connections and types laptop is your best dac, a c- at best. get an inexpensive usb dac for $100 or less connected to the pc Emotiva big ego is good check amazon, there are many good ones. I haven't studied blutooth, but suspect it is bandwidth limited. get a wireless keyboard connect pc to tv hdmi can also buy an hdmi upscaler later for better pic if needed
  3. If hiss is constant and steady then it may be DC could be induced harmonic frequency at say 2x 60hz from power cable crossing speaker cable ? Could be DC leakage from a capacitor if cap coupled, maybe replace the caps with lower leakage caps nichicon fg ?
  4. Took the words right out of my keyboard
  5. The coder sw and decoder sw results can vary substantially by protocol. IF you take the same bit stream and code and decode it, the differences by protocol and bit rate can be dramatic. We evaluated 8 protocols years ago, mp3 was beta quality. As to the competing services, lots of database features, catalog and quality. Some record labels put out better Quality consistently Some remasters are loudness wars dogs A service could curate all of catalog, would be a herculean effort. Approx 30% of the CDs I listen to get donated. The rest I rip 200 every winter
  6. coopers hawk puts road runner in the rear view mirror no fat, slow or dumb critters in my yard for long m
  7. Nice set of videos from Ortofon, Denmark Mine is 45 years old and still works perfectly as does my Dual turn table
  8. Bubo


    Vinyl records surpassed CD sales this year Every pop artist now published on vinyl You can't stream vinyl Record players are selling like hot cakes.
  9. Bubo


    Your 6 transistor mono radio was high tech at the time. Almost everything we take for granted was magic before 1900 My grandfather remembered seeing the first car in his town, then the space shuttle in his lifetime.
  10. Post some pics, and city TX is a big place It's not RI
  11. Bubo


    According to findings from Statista Consumer Insights, DVD and Blu-ray are quickly spinning out of fashion across the globe, with the share of respondents who watched video from a physical format declining, sometimes significantly, in all major markets. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/dvd-blu-ray-are-quickly-spinning-out-fashion
  12. Common Linets, country and western band, formed by Dutch pop star Ilse de Lange to compete in the Euro music contest. Radio cover of First aid kit song.
  13. Emily the criminal, 2022 Shows what can be done with a plot, a decent script and acting. No big ticket car chases, explosions etc. More like a 1940s movie. Though the director makes no effort to emulate a 1940s movie. Good effort, and the director's first time out. Much better than most of this batch of current releases from my library. Most don't make it 10 mins in my player. There are lots of big names in trope laden lecturing movies aka garbage. Budget $1.5–2 million[1][2] Box office $2.2 million
  14. Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is home to the oldest trees in the world, bristlecone pines. Some of these living trees exceed 4000 years of age and exhibit spectacular growth forms of twisted and beautifully colored wood. https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/inyo/specialplaces/?cid=stelprdb5129900 Check out this photo blog I believe this woman works for the State Water Board or an inspector One great shot after another of CA https://mavensphotoblog.com
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