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  1. Reasonable price shouldn't last long
  2. Top 50 could be reduced to top 10 if that many Tied for #1 on their list Otis Redding & Fleetwood Mac Dreams Perhaps they need two lists 1. Rap, auto tune, and punk 2. Everything else that isn't ugly Astounding amount of Garbage in bottom and top 50, assume the rest is a sandwich of the dreck At least half of the songs are so bad or irritating they are unlistenable. Is rap music ? Is auto-tune singing ? Just because a band has a following, doesn't mean that they don't suck.. As to their Judges, haven't heard of most of them probably a bunch of weirdos........
  3. I considered building my own dollies decided the risk of falling off was greater then a few well placed screws into the bottom.
  4. 2 watts is screaming 1-100th of a watt is a typical volume on my LaScalas I would focus on a good performing Class A, for at least the first few watts
  5. Roundup of La Scala mods I did a few years ago I was trying to decide what to with mine https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/159419-lascala-update-upgrade/&tab=comments#comment-1926784
  6. Put 4 casters from Ikea screwed into the bottom Think their capacity is 125-175 lbs each Lifted the speakers 4 in Putting the mid driver at ear level sounds great. I seldom use the direct fire 12 sub I have connected. If on a hard floor, I like the casters. Also makes cleaning and servicing much easier
  7. Bottom covers should be easy to replace when you feel like it.
  8. If the Poly is a mat finish I would just ignore it If you want to veneer them or oil them then it has to come off As stated above, smoked glass tops with rounded edges and corners are mandatory Someone will always put a cold can or plant on the top when you are not watching As stated, take pics of everything inc the drivers and post them I put mine up on 3 inch casters from IKEA placing the mid driver at ear level and allowing me to roll them out for cleaning or maintenance As to the $2,000 everything is moving up which appears to be accelerating be glad you have them PS Put a general location in your avatar
  9. TODAY IS A GOOD DAY TO BUY Sat.. Went West (old man) into the country to BBQ with a friend weather and temp are beautiful. Farmers have begun harvesting the corn, regret not bringing my camera Something about the harvest is magic. Lots of very dry days, increases the sell price of corn with lower moisture content. We started discussing the price of commodities we checked the Gold price and decided today is a good day to buy So lunch was put on hold and we headed off to Rockford Formerly a high value add aerospace manufacturing center now suffering a slow death, with the increase in potholes marking the decline in commerce and employment. Near the coin shop is a Audio restoration and repair shop, that does beautiful work. They have lots of museum quality rebuilds for sale. Sound Classic https://soundsclassic.com/ Manufacturer: PIONEER Model: SX-1980 Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent Price $ 5995 Description: WOW! THE HOLY GRAIL!!! 1979 Pioneer SX-1980 Stereo Receiver. Rated at 270 Watts RMS/ch into 8 Ohms. It has been Fully Recertified, Recapped and Restored w/ all LED Lamp Mods and New Power Supply Board, Comes with our One Year Restoration Parts and Labor Warranty and Certificate of Recertification that it meets or exceeds the Manufactures Original Specs. Requires Special Shipping. Ex.Cond 8.9
  10. Hardly ever watch games, pros never Watched most of the Bama v Florida game today So much more enjoyable with the sound off. We use to turn off the TV sound for the Redskins games when I was a kid and listen to the totally biased AM radio coverage, it was great.....
  11. User friendly software and this won't get you pregnant the check is in the mail........
  12. Ask the artist what the standard terms are for logos do your own research first. I would think a simple hand written bill of sale for the "logo and design work" would be sufficient, and paid in full on the check, important words. Save a copy of the cancelled check stapled to the bill The Logo can be registered as a trademark, a standard practice at least back to the Romans, and probably earlier
  13. $200-300 $100 seems low, on the other hand he is probably not looking to retire from your job. My 2 cents
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