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  1. Bubo

    TT Pain

    Did Akai have any US sales other than the PX ?
  2. When I sample speakers, my quick test is Ronstadt Skylark CD quality, first 30 secs If the singer doesn't impart feeling, the speaker/system is losing something. When the girls turn the Wyles on, you should feel it at Emotional level. I had a friend who wanted to know the differences between various gear and source formats; I used a Sheryl Crow tack starting at Youtube Vevo , different encoding, first on headphones, then different amps, and different speakers. Ending on LaScalas + McIntosh + DTS 48K Hz DVD source Some of my Yamahas sound even better, but I didn't want to start moving Amps around. Each step he liked it more than the previous version When we got to the last version, I asked how does it sound now ? "Like she is sitting on my lap and blowing in my ear"
  3. Cornwall 4, Mid x-over Mid 700 Hz, High 5,000 34 Hz -20K Hz LaScala 2, Mid x-over Mid 450 Hz, High 4,500 50- 20K Hz 3db louder at 1W 1M Cornwall has better Mid Horn Design. Is it audible and can it be forced. LaScala captures more, most voice except for the lowest tones, on the mid driver with the lower crossover point. Same question, is it audible and can it be forced. The world of design trade offs, driver alignment, Horn geometry, crossover points, freq response, cabinet size and shapes ........ Voice frequencies, crossover points, drivers In Telephony the Networks are designed around 300-3,000 Hz ideal for male voice vs bandwidth trade offs, 4k would have been better for female voice. foundational science and engineering all male engineers with male voice test tapes, female voice oversight rolls them off at 3k First, one line per voice Second, Frequency division multiplexing of digitized voice Third, Time Division Multiplexing with significant over-speed and buffering Fourth, High speed asynchronous optical packet voice with buffering Frequency band " In telephony, the usable voice frequency band ranges from approximately 300 to 3400 Hz.[1] It is for this reason that the ultra low frequency band of the electromagnetic spectrum between 300 and 3000 Hz is also referred to as voice frequency, being the electromagnetic energy that represents acoustic energy at baseband. The bandwidth allocated for a single voice-frequency transmission channel is usually 4 kHz, including guard bands, allowing a sampling rate of 8 kHz to be used as the basis of the pulse code modulation system used for the digital PSTN. Per the Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem, the sampling frequency (8 kHz) must be at least twice the highest component of the voice frequency via appropriate filtering prior to sampling at discrete times (4 kHz) for effective reconstruction of the voice signal. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_frequency#:~:text=A voice frequency (VF) or voice band is,ranges from approximately 300 Hz to 3400 Hz. Great content from a Microphone manufacturer Important frequencies The important frequencies in non-tonal (Western) languages are illustrated by the diagram below. Here, the frequency band around 2 kHz is the most important frequency range regarding perceived intelligibility. Most consonants are found in this frequency band. A speech spectrum is either high-pass or low-pass filtered. Using an HP filter at 20 Hz (upper left) leaves the speech 100% understandable. (This is because the complete speech spectrum is there). An HP-filter cutting everything below 500 Hz still leaves the speech signal understandable. Even though most of the speech energy is cut out, the intelligibility is only reduced by 5%. However, applying a higher cut-off makes intelligibility drop.https://www.dpamicrophones.com/mic-university/facts-about-speech-intelligibility
  4. Any of the Heritage you will be happy Each is a different speaker philosophy with its own trade offs. Cabinet size wasn't a limitation for any of the Heritage designs, it is with all home theater designs. Basically same cabinet dimensions as Movie theaters, where sound is everything. Read the threads on the Forte 2 and 3s and you tube reviews, little placement sensitive but the best sleepers on the market. F3 appears to have been well received by critics and users in the market, who had forgotten one of the great designs. If you can score a pair of LaScalas you will never look back. Run great with a low power Class A amp, 20 watts is plenty .2 watts is loud listening, .5 watts screaming, 2 watts hearing loss. Best for vocals compared to any speaker.
  5. If it's under warranty send it back, blown speaker ?
  6. Power supply or amp problem Reverse the inputs to your Promedia amp and see if the problem moves to the other speaker If the problem remains the same, the system needs to go to the shop, est $150 for any repairs Currently 100 for a new system at Costco on sale now
  7. What is your budget, and size requirements What is the power of your amp How deep are your shelves ? If they will fit, Hersey 1s upright, and declare victory for $400 Synergy B3s sound great and can be had for $50-100 pair used 4 B3s with a C3 Center makes a good surround system for little $$ Get a good used surround amp that is AB, and supports direct mode. $100-200 Run it in stereo Direct for Hifi, some are as good as 120db SN in direct from the DAC to the Amp section Connect devices to it via glass tosslink for optical isolation, maybe a Bluetooth receiver with glass out for $30 Non direct, you can use a microphone to set up the internal EQ and room adjustments Pioneer Elites and Yamaha's come to mind, Yamaha's are unusually clear sound, why I own so many of them. Parts express sells good mics for not much, ask the guys on the forum for suggestions
  8. Easy Cabinets to make Have a local cabinet maker, make you a pair. Or a friend with a table saw, and decent wood working skills. Measure internal dimensions for copy. Existing motor board can be the template to trace onto the new motor board, to trace the cut outs for the drivers. Grill cloth available from Crites, canes are popular, Crites may offer new grills, ask, also offers slant risers, or make your own regular risers using the ones on the existing speakers for the template Parts Express, has a good choice of speaker terminals that are better than the ones provided in the H1s Stain, raw birch plywood or veneer is a cost consideration Check the Photos on line, but Canes and Cherry Stain or veneer might look nice. Ask on the forum, someone sells the klipsch logos for the grills If the metal horns were peed on, so were the woofers Horns can be cleaned, sanded with fine steel wool or fine sandpaper like 400 wet, and painted. Mid range drivers need a new gasket, or you can send them to Crites to get new diaphragms, test the magnets and send them back with new gaskets. The tweeters are probably OK, but better ones are available from Crites and others, tech has progressed. Woofers, Crites sells some, there are probably some on the forum used that someone will sell you if your ask, and there are low cost replacements on the market, but it takes some searching. I think Newark had one
  9. This zen ? https://www.decware.com/newsite/SE84CDIY.htm
  10. A B AB D T The world of trade offs on any engineering design With the Heritage - retro Klipsch the efficiency makes the A decision more affordable and a reasonable weight .5 watts on the LaScallas is screaming, 2 watts is unbearable in my space
  11. Bubo

    TT Pain

    Are you challenging me ?
  12. Thinking of building a kit FW After I finish my other projects, which will be in ......
  13. You have already done the tweeters, and banana plugs are nice to have Install new gaskets for the K 55 Crites replacement crossovers aren't much more than new capacitors I would just replace the crossovers with the cost so close. Maybe a piece of synthetic batting in the bottom of the speaker for damping. Something from a fabric store. Go over the cabinets with some Watco Natural Oil to freshen them up a bit Inspect the wiring and surround on the woofer. Stop, declare victory and open a beer. Every time I turn on my H1s, they sound great for 45 years running. They are an engineered product, some progress made in tweeter land since they were designed, so the upgrade may sound better. The next bump up for the money would be a pair of used Forte 2s or LaScala 1s
  14. If they are not connected to the source, do they still have static ? If you change the source is the static still there ? Could be bad on board amp Check the wiring twice, 90% of all failure are the wires and connectors.
  15. Bubo

    TT Pain

    These are the best deal going in new, 3 versions available but fully manual https://www.amazon.com/Audio-Technica-AT-LP120XUSB-Direct-Drive-Hi-Fidelity-Anti-Skate/dp/B07N3S4X3P/ref=sr_1_3?crid=CGEJ8GOBIIPJ&dchild=1&keywords=direct+drive+turntable&qid=1600816860&sprefix=direct+drive+%2Caps%2C192&sr=8-3
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