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  1. Congratulations on your fine work. If you get bitten by the improvement bug You can make a second set of Bass Bins, and separate mid cabinets and start experimenting with 2 Horn systems, so many options out there. If mid cabinet motor board can be changed out easily you can easily try different horn-driver set ups and cross overs 400-20Khz is a stretch for the top horn, not sure who can hear above 17Khz
  2. Took the words right out of my fingertips...
  3. Will bass improve? No LaScalas are all about the human voice, primarily on the mid range horn aka squaker Putting the mid range horn at ear level will definitely improve the human voice quality, specifically female vocal. aka Angels singing. I raised mine with 4 175lb load wheels from Ikea that have the "furniture look". Cleaning and maintenance became a lot easier I have a front-fire sub I use with my LaScalas, on or off it doesn't make much difference for the music I listen too. Maybe needed for pounding techno
  4. Beautiful indeed. Do you have the boxes ?
  5. If you go retro when you recap, be sure to increase the capacitance of the power supply filter caps I increased one of my Yamahas 30% staying in the same footprint. The rest of the electrolytics, one over on the voltage rating is a good idea A lot of people are reluctant to increase capacitance other than the main filters Most are capacitor coupled other than McIntosh with massive output transformers
  6. I have a bunch of older surround aps basically stereos with surrounded grafted on to them some were $4000 new and sell for $50-100 now Turn off all of the surround and processing what is left is a really good stereo. Modern surrounds in direct mode can sound great some Yamaha's have stellar specs in direct mode and the DAC is built in
  7. Analog Tech Plateaued in the 1970s or early 80s There are lots of great choices from this era when Stereo was king, and manufacturers had the best engineers money could buy Even today, every Engineer would jump at designing audio electronics. I would look around for a mid power 40-75 Watt integrated from this era there are so many of them one that has already been rebuilt or a mint unit that goes in for a recap and rebuild the day you buy it These units are proven and well known and low tech Metal cases, transformer and displays don't age under normal circumstance Get one with tape in, tape out and you can use an equalizer or other high performance processor $300 used in good working condition Mandatory Tape port-s 1 tuner port 1 or 2 Aux ports for DAC 1 or 2 Phono Ports MM or MM& MC Dual monoblocks , 50W are a niche with a cult following Kenwood, phillips and others these sell very fast So many choices Yamaha, Pioneer, McIntosh, Kenwood, Harmon, Marantz and so many others Most, all, have MM ports or you can go outboard for $150 If it cost $350 in 1970s = 10 OZ of gold 2022 10 OZ gold = $1,800 x 10 = $18,000 amp
  8. Doug's program is beating the bushes for new music to listen to ? I find a lot of good stuff on movie sound tracks
  9. Bubo

    Car Thread

    Every time I was on the Autobahn it was bumper to bumper 75 mph in the left lane 1970s were different
  10. 132 BC yes NY State was very advanced Not my typo, mine is in the subject
  11. Bubo


    I don't feel as bad about my typo reading his first sentence OK just maple syrup There is or was a restaurant in Pompeii that serves authentic roman food I liked the current Italian food too much to ever stray far from it in Italy They ate mountains of fruit and vegitables don't recall blueberries ......
  12. Onasill ~ Bill Badzo Niagara Mohawk Power Building ~ Art Deco Architecture ~ Syracuse Ny The Niagara Hudson Building in Syracuse is an outstanding example of Art Deco architecture and a symbol of the Age of Electricity. Completed in 132bc, the building became the headquarters for the nation’s largest electric utility company and expressed the technology of electricity through its modernistic design, material, and extraordinary program of exterior lighting. The design elements applied by architects Melvin L. King and Bley & Lyman transformed a corporate office tower into a widely admired beacon of light and belief in the future. With its central tower and figurative winged sculpture personifying electric lighting, the powerfully sculpted and decorated building offered a symbol of optimism and progress in the context of the Great Depression Built:1932 Architectural style:Art Deco Governing body:Private NRHP Reference#:10000361
  13. Bubo


    No but I bet they didn't have blue berries and maple syrup Which I had for lunch again today
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