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  1. PS Once your room is built, tuning in or finding the sweet spot for the speaker will take some experimentation. Consider changing materials behind them once you find the sweet spot for them, If the wall is hard, you can experiment with wood panels, stained but not sealed plywood etc. It should have an effect on the sound, something to play with once you are all set up like tube rolling.
  2. Hit Craigslist for a quality used surround amp about 10 years old for $100-200 with good specs and turn off all of the surround features, and use it as a DAC and integrated amp. It's a buyers market, especially if there are no HDMI ports. Get first owner with the remote and books 100 WPC should be easy to score, Pioneer, Yamaha, Harmon Kardon, others.
  3. Always the question is how much to spend. Minimize hard surfaces, carpet at least in the middle, wood or sound absorbing material on the back wall I prefer a finished ceiling, in a basement it can be difficult if you need access to the utilities, so hanging tiles are frequently used. I don't like them and prefer to build in access panels where needed. I would smooth and seal the cement walls, and paint them with bright white. Paint the floor battleship grey. Low cost option stop there. If you build one partition, and leave the entertainment room at 36x36, this would be a nice space you could work with. The rest of the space could be for the appliances, storage, work shops etc. You will need a high volume dehumidifier and a way to heat the space, the sky is the limit if you want to spend. The speakers will need to be off of the floor so they don't rot from wicking. A small platform that is ventilated. You didn't mention ceiling height, more is better, 10ft, there is something to be learned from the raised ranch design with 4-6ft in the ground and the rest above ground, this might allow for a walk out patio if the yard slopes away, maybe a 2ft retaining wall and sunken patio that ends at ground level? beer and Beethoven. Also windows that open to the outside solve many problems when open. There are choices for acoustic panels for the walls, I think you can make your own and use 4x8 sheets of plywood and carpet, or foam and fabric covering. How to attach them to the walls you need someone smarter than me on the subject. You can price out DIY vs buy. Panels can become wall art. Heat is the electronics killer, if the gear is vertically racked or in a cabinet, you will need quiet cooling fans. You could also buy or build something with two shelf levels that is 8-9ft wide and approx 24in tall and open. Another option is buying a very wide China Cabinet, and throwing away the top, the bottoms are popular for TV stands, A top can be made, and attached, and the drawers taken out and made into shelves for equipment or a mix. If you can score a large TV to hang over the table centered slightly above eye level, stereo sounds great with a video, some of the best recordings are concert videos. Enjoy
  4. I have had several different cameras, and it's always been hard to argue with Nikon.
  5. Denise H, c 1980 Large Xerox Copier Machine Cleaned up, slightly, using Roxio Photosuite
  6. What does the scanner work out to in terms of MB Is it fair to think of the glass as the aperture, quite large, with a single focal length? What have you experienced as the depth of field, 1 or 2 inches ?
  7. If capacitors are too old (over 20-30) they sound like your favorite amp and or speakers blowing up and creating expensive repairs. I had two amps blow recently, fortunately didn't take the Heresys with them but it didn't sound good. In addition to electrical testing, I took the speakers apart to examine them. Fortunately I couldn't find any damage, hopefully a coil was not burned. TBD PS I love Berlin, only regret that I wasn't there more often. Great City with great people....
  8. The Bureau French TV Series: I give it a 10 Follows one Dept in the DGSE French Intelligence Services Really well done, and as the Series Succeeded, the Budget for the Field work scenes also grew. Reminds me of my Francophone Friends from the old days. Interesting study in French Personality stereotypes, and values, intellectualism, philosopher, romantic, lovers, old guard, sexy etc.... and their views on other nationalities and stereotypes.....
  9. A couple of years ago, sites put out the number of complaints and flags it required for them to drop content or contributors It turned into an organized Cancel fest, most of those sites lost at least half of the people who went there. The primary site where I go for news, they put up with this nonsense for a short time, then drop off the non contributors who only want to silence other people or make antagonizing posts where they are looking to sour the discussion. Recently with the big freeze in TX, the site was blitzed with Pro Windmill nonsense with no facts, maybe they were paid, or were worried about their stock values, in a day or two they all lost their posting privileges since they had nothing to contribute. For any site, are you better off to blow off the disruptors who only complain and antagonize or lose half or more of the contributors. They can still read the contributions and content of other people, they just can't post anything, since their contribution is negative and drives people away, it's a turn off. My local HS caved into less than 10 people who called in and wrote letters I believe several thousand times, claiming to be hundreds of people. I think it was a giant mistake to cave in to this tactic. My two cents.......
  10. Is there any aspect of CV-19 that isn't political at this point ?
  11. Spring.... Nikon Coolpix S6500 auto everything turned on... That said, this is the exact shot I wanted....
  12. Carefully unscrew the backs and post some pics so people can see the labels on the drivers same for the front, carefully take the grills off and post pics of the drivers, esp the woofer. I'm not a wood worker, so the upper limit for me would be $50 since I would have to take them to a cabinet maker for cleanup and possible veneer I'm guessing they have flood damage too. If flooded, value may be zero if mid drivers are rotted..... I won't be bidding, good luck with your sale.
  13. [Deleted, not even remotely related to Covid-19]
  14. Bubo

    Gas bait and switch

    Went to the Grocery Store at 5Pm Two gas stations, across the street from each other, had Regular for $2.70 a gal Left the Grocery Store at 6pm Once gas station had increased their price to $2.85 a gal Electronic Bill Board with the pricing must be an advantage in inflationary times.
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