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  1. Bubo

    Legal Round Up

    Should students interrupt the teacher and classroom by standing and screaming Seig Heil, NO But not all students should be in classrooms or schools, this goes back to the warehousing of people to keep them off of the job market. This also goes to people having children to turn on the Govt cash flow, then dumping them on the schools for baby sitting. I know people who run and have run school systems. Agree, however Govt and the courts have largely disabled and replaced the parents, try disciplining your kid and watch the govt reaction. Any kind of disciple. The govt has taken on the role of the parents. It's not my intent to get the thread locked But much of what the Courts are doing is simply applying band aids on top of band aids For problems in many cases of their own making. Laws are subjective and transitory, depending...... They serve policy goals of those who wrote them.
  2. Bubo

    Legal Round Up

    Setting aside everything else Shouldn't the question be "can schools regulate or limit speech outside of schools"? The answer should be NO If it's outside the school and not a Criminal or Civil code violation, what right does the State have to inject itself ? Make no mistake, Schools represent the State. The purpose of the schools is to produce obedient citizens with little to no critical thought, rhetoric or reasoning skills. All of which would require, mandate, questioning what is coming out of the teacher's mouth and the textbooks. The State of Mass had higher literacy rates when almost everyone was home schooled Public Schools as the norm are nowhere near the original US education system. If I recall correctly Public Schools were created to assimilate millions of non English speaking European immigrants Into English Speaking, an understanding of US Political and Legal Systems and skills for self-sufficiency and earning a living. Many or most leaving school when they turned 13 to enter a trade or other employment Child Labor Laws were championed by Unions, cutting off the supply of people ready, willing and able to join the workforce in entry level positions. At this point, public schools transitioned into warehouses for people who should have already joined the workforce, or gone on the pursue advanced studies and professions. Essentially wasting people's time for 4 years to keep them off of the labor market.
  3. Actually, the wall in the back could be 6ft book shelves side to side covering the window with closed shades. This would add to the storage in the room increase damping, platform for the R speakers and allow you to clear out the rest of the room All of the furniture between your viewing chairs and the front of the TV should go the hard surfaces cause reflections The recliner could be moved opposite to the fireplace, since it will absorb sound. Two speakers on the shelves for the rear
  4. Agree with BB 5.1 would be easy and work fine You would need to clear out the front of the room for a Center speaker platform RF7s in the corners TV mounted center slightly above eye level Rear book shelf speakers at ear level or a little higher Carpet on the floor in center of room for damping Bookshelves behind work great for damping
  5. Paris by Night The gritty underbelly of Paris https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2122518/
  6. All parts that are engineered and guaranteed for the vehicle, if you are running stock it's why you can run to any store and buy the stock replacement parts.
  7. Point taken Perhaps a good, low cost and easily reversible start would be getting a few new back wood covers for the Heresys and experiment with port tubes, sizes and lengths If he's interested in Bass.....
  8. What features are you looking for ? Front ending your pre amp with an EQ and time and phase adjustments, room correction ? There are at least 10 players in this space
  9. There are probably 100 threads on tweeters every side of the argument for every available tweeter. Apparently, the factory originals, the best in their day, have a finite life span alnico magnets, diodes and diaphrams then there is the metal vs phenolic arguments Age will fix any problems you may be experiencing with high freqs...... You may want to scan the threads for the top 5 contenders if you have the time and bucks you can sample all of them....
  10. Nice looking speakers good luck with your sale ...
  11. If they aren't broken, don't fix them H1s converted to Crites sound good, essentially the same price as new caps so why not. I didn't do a side by side new vs old. If they aren't broken, don't fix them. Heresy bass is in spec and an engineered product. If you like a lot of bump, add a sub. If you want to get into speaker design and build then have a cnc wood shop make some cabinets to your specs and experiment away. Designs are full of trade offs Klipsch was very good at delivering optimized cost-performance products If you can't hear the difference, does it really matter If the product is good enough for 99% of the customers is it really worth trying to get the fringe 1% ? You'll be lucky if they sound as good; if the cones or surrounds are damaged, then they are broken Carefully, with a vacuum with a brush attachment that is 2in long in the soft bristles. Open the port on the vacuum to reduce suction and stay off of the coil covers. You could also use a new soft bristle paint brush to dust them off, and stop there. The only thing I would add to stock speakers is some batting from the fabric store in the bottom for some damping. Others would have more to say on this than me.
  12. If there is an unlimited supply of NOS anything There is an unlimited supply of FAKES
  13. Popping = bad capacitors
  14. Get a tester, and test every electric outlet in the house to see if they are installed correctly. Listen to determine if the hum is 60Hz or a different freq. Use test tones on your phone to compare. Can you post a drawing of your components and their connections to each other and to the power ? Are all of the components plugged into the same power strip ? What else is connected to the same circuit breaker ? Are there any other electrical devices of any kind inc lights on the same circuit and close to the equipment or on top of a speaker ? Do you have a PC connected to the system ? Does your phono have a ground wire installed ? Disconnect the phono and other components leaving just the amp, is there hum ? Add one component at a time and see when the hum starts with no music playing Photos are always helpful
  15. When I worked in high tech electronics that went into refrigerated bunkers, every unit had it's own fan, plus the fans the customers would mount on racks blowing into the gear, all solid state.
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