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  1. Klipsch RF7 II and Denon AVR-X7200WA question

    Congratulations! Now you just need to go buy some additional speakers. Btw, as being mentioned in this thread--If you are running two sets of wires from the AVR without doing anything to the speakers (I.e., changing the internal crossover) then you won't be getting any actual benefit from doing this. If you run one set of wires to each speaker and then run audyssey correctly you should be good to go. That said, I own the AVR-4311ci and feel the processing in the X-7200 is where you got your biggest gain. I've heard the Dolby Surround processor is excellent for multichannel music and I happen to like converting that material to "9.2" using Dolby PLIIz in our Library HT listed below...Btw, your English is excellent considering I've been to Amsterdam well over a dozen time and my Dutch sucks!
  2. Klipsch RF7 II and Denon AVR-X7200WA question

    A belated welcome to the forum, @dubs and I hope you don't take some of us chiming in on issues that have been well debated as being "called out." I admit to being uncomfortable before finding out I was wrong about something, but in the end realized I had learned in the process. What makes this forum GREAT is the shared knowledge and friendships developed when these things are hashed out. Fwiw, there are lot of things that seem like common sense but in fact are marketing tools to try to get you to spend more money.

    I have to wonder about this as well...
  4. Klipsch RF7 II and Denon AVR-X7200WA question

    If you aren't going Atmos then I wouldn't change AVRs and only possibly get a two channel amp to add to the denon if you can't get it loud enough without it clipping. If you aren't using an external crossover then running two sets of wires to your speakers really doesn't add anything--Nothing wrong with it, but.....
  5. Klipsch RF7 II and Denon AVR-X7200WA question

    The Denon X7200 appears to be a really solid unit and would be my first choice if I were to go Dolby Atmos with my Home Theater listed below.
  6. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I think you’re right. When being advised as to how to be more engaging, i’ve been told, “Talk about yourself.” I’m better at asking others questions about them. If we were having a beer right now, i’d be asking you all kinds of questions about your travels in Switzerland -- that place is on my bucket list. Good morning and hope everyone is enjoying their coffee. I am not sure how long I will be posting but really have enjoyed my time here. In the beginning I learned more about audio and Klipsch products, as well as share my thoughts over the years.Then along came the BS Forum where I learned the value of written debate and discussions and really is where I met actual friends and others who made me think but could tell we were different individuals and we wouldn't be friends in the real world. Big stew asked me some questions to better to get to know me and shared some things as well. If he or anyone else wanted to talk to me about Switzerland I would go into an impassioned state and share as many travel stories as he would want to hear and I would desperately try to convince him to go! To this day it's still a major hobby but I really don't have too many things on my "Bucket list" that I haven't done. The reason I came here almost 18 years ago was to talk about substantive issues and not mine or anyone else's stupid shit....Otoh, when I've met Klipsters at the local get-togethers or the 3 pilgrimages I enjoyed those very much! Anyway, I hope @BigStewMan and everyone else reading this post has a great week and don't worry I won't be boring you guys with thoughts about myself in the Lounge.
  7. What Happened to Vasubandu?

  8. Thinkers and Malcontents

    I completely forgot this discussion on this thread but, YES! Not really collusion but feel they were making sure I wasn't a bot generated account. Given what we know about FaceBook,I gotta believe at the time they were scrutinizing new accounts given what the were being question by both Congress and the Mueller team. I posted political links trying to discuss the obvious and it brought up a red flag....I've noticed since then there doesn't really appear to be any real political discussion among friends going on....Every once in a while a shared meme.
  9. Thinkers and Malcontents

    Something caught my attention in the news today and I did a search for it on the forum and came up with some brilliant words and thoughts by one of our most prolific Klipsch Gurus. I did not bring this up for political reasons and PLEASE don't say anything to get either thread closed. My intention is to go back and read the thread in it's entirety because it is a time capsule of valuable, important conversation! Alot of history is in it and sadly one person had his comments removed and I can't believe I haven't come up on it before. It is MUST reading for anyone who misses access to the BS Forum.
  10. Emotiva vs. Denon

    Sure. The key point is not how the amp behaves (unless it's clipping) but how much current one needs to drive their speakers (with appropriate headroom) at the volume they want to listen. Once those needs are met anything else won't be used or beneficial. Btw, I am not trying to talk anyone out of buying an external amp, just giving a second opinion on the need to have one.
  11. Emotiva vs. Denon

    I also googled the Verus Grand speaker and they appear to be 8 to 10 dB less sensitive than Klipsch Speakers and are rated at 6 Ohm, which means they require more power to drive...That said, Tom still seems think the Denon 4311ci will drive them and there doesn't appear to be enough information on room size and seating distance which also could determine if an external amp would be beneficial.
  12. Emotiva vs. Denon

    @willland Thanks for posting the pics and those do look nice. :} That said, here is a good thread I started on AVS back in the day and had quite a few knowledgeable people post in regard to my speaker situation: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/91-audio-theory-setup-chat/1532635-would-i-benefit-external-amp.html Btw, I am sure any of those amps would drive our speakers quite well, but there is a point of diminishing returns and the upper end Denons (as mentioned in your link) provide enough current to drive pretty much any speaker that Klipsch makes efficiently and to their full potential. Good luck. Also remember to level match the amps if you want an accurate comparison and it would help if someone else would do the switching, but most people don't care about actually doing all of this once they have found something they like.
  13. Emotiva vs. Denon

    I saw this thread and wasn't going to respond until I saw that it seemed to be a unanimous conclusion on a much discussed topic. I can't argue that purchasing an external amp coul enhance your Home Theater, but the title is somewhat deceptive because you are considering amps in a mid-level Denon AVR to an external amp and calling a hands down winner between "Emotive and Denon." Fwiw, I have driven the rig below with upper-end Denons and am currently. On paper the Emotiva is not delivering more current than the Denons I've been using and that is the science behind what drives the speakers.
  14. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Thanks and I would do the same for you. That said, I am friendly enough and everyday put myself in situations where I have to appear as you suggest...Sometimes it is real and sometimes it is not. That said, I am comfortable being who I am and am fortunate that I'm not easily manipulated nor appear to be in person or on the internet. I also am not good at small talk or talking about myself and understand that is an art in it's own. You guys have a good one and thanks for letting me participate.