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  1. I would go back to hooking them up to the AVR and take the external amp out of the system.
  2. Fwiw, I didn't contact the seller, only speculating on the Klipsch Forum.
  3. His Facebook profile still looks suspect to me. You're right. Otoh, the reviews seem to be for pretty inexpensive items (most less than $100) and none except these speakers over $400...Maybe a reseller doing it for a Klipsch employee? Dunno, but (slightly) interesting. Lol.
  4. Okay. I gotta admit today I have too much time on my hands--after going to the guy's Facebook profile my guess is this sale isn't legit. Of course, I could be wrong, but he only has 1 profile pic that has comments and those don't seem to know who he is. The other 15 or so don't have any likes or comments.
  5. Agreed. Otoh, I have to think (if legit) Ceptorman's correct because who purchases or keeps a pair of speakers for 20 years and never plays them?
  6. Yeah....This! Good call! Dunno, but that would be interesting to know.
  7. Hmmm...I'm always intrigued by 20 year discontinued "NIB" items. 🤔
  8. Sorry for your loss. That's gotta be tough, but welcome back Cal.
  9. My guess that's not the main reason. The Forum is less crowded as well.
  10. Aw, man! I'm enjoying the "Roarin' Reaper" on leftover pizza right now and wondering if you are making any other batches for Christmas season? Thanks.
  11. No. It's been over 25 years since they've been discontinued so my guess is no one remembers what they sold for.
  12. I'd find a slightly discontinued mid to upper-end Denon or Marantz AVR (with a good rep) that has been discounted with the features you want. At least that's what I'm gonna do when my AVR-4311CI craps out. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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