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  1. Oldtimer's Hot Sauce

    I need to order for the holidays and wonder if you have any of the special varieties in stock? Fwiw, I surprisingly liked the Holy Habanero which seemed quite hot compared to the Green Tropical Tiki, which is my favorite.
  2. @ Members / Posters You Miss

    Great people..... miss Allan too. Yup.
  3. So, what do you know? (audio expertise)

    LOL. Me too and me neither.
  4. Receiver suggestions for the RF7?

    Don't believe everything you've read on the internet--It'll have you spending ALL kinds of money on equipment when you could be investing in source material or on another hobby. If you have a smaller room or don't listen at loud levels you should be fine with a mid-level avr and if you decide you want it louder purchase an external amp to go with it. Otoh, if you are going to be running more than/as many as 5 speakers and/or listen loud you may want to consider an AVR that is rated to drive 4 Ohm speakers, at least as mains--Some mid-models do and I always consider a slightly discontinued upper-end avr if it can be had at a considerably lower price--As an example we purchased the Denon AVR-4311ci for about 40% off of what it originally sold for and have been extremely happy for 5 years....My 2 cents a good luck. We have also owned the speakers listed below (including the RF-7) for going on 15 years and feel no need to upgrade (If that's even possible. :)) Good luck!
  5. So, what do you know? (audio expertise)

    I have found myself pretty good at debating fact from fiction and choose to rely on expert and scientific testimony to use as resources. I also think I'm good at paying attention to what a person actually types and give a thoughtful, well thought out response.
  6. What is the difference between the R7II and the R7III

    I would be more interested in actually hearing them---Folks make up all sorts of things on the internet.
  7. The End

    I don't wish to get your thread closed for political reasons but my wife came in crying last night because we got the new premium notice for Blue Cross and Blue Shield....Not good news and I can't help but think Republicans and Democrats (as well as anyone outside of the political spectrum) care about this issue regardless who wins the "World Series." Ironically, I could purchase a new Klipsch 5.1 Home Theater and have it paid for in less than 4 month's worth of additional premiums for 2018. Yep. my first Home Theater cost less than what my insurance premium has been raised for that time period and is worth more...
  8. The End

    Whew! That's good to know! We've been friends a long time and my money that your demise has to deal with your wife shooting you (only for statistical reasons and what you keep in your bedside) and Gilbert having to come on and argue why it was justified. It is a pretty crazy time in which we live.... And back to you Keith! I miss the ruckus and thought-proving nature of the last forum and it's threads like this that make me miss the old days--Good thing I have the Klipsch listed below to still make me a member of the club. Nothing better than to hear you are doing well and my best to all of the others. Fwiw, I;m listening to a little Donald Fagen in multichannel right now--Morph the Cat,
  9. The End

    Yup and I hope Keith was just having a bad day and is now contemplating happier material...
  10. Elon's "BFR"

    Yup. Government is going to be talking bout everything from who is going to pay to rebuild from climate disasters to what steps to do about it. No easy answers and no 'free money." I will also add that in Dave's comment above, Government spending/investing on infrastructure was at the top of everyone's list, regardless of party.
  11. Elon's "BFR"

    Very inspirational Dave, but given their reaction to Climate Change and deficit spending on contemporary issues I feel your vision of Government investing (as much as in the past) will never be on the drawing board again...
  12. Elon's "BFR"

    I agree with you on infrastructure and energy but Space was where we disagreed. I also don't think you have popular support for the latter. Agreed. There is a lot to unpack in the above but I agree that Government will be there but I'm not so sure they will need to "catch up."
  13. Elon's "BFR"

    I feel equating the two is misguided. In the midst of WWII the country knew it was at war and what it was up against. What you seem to be proposing I can assure you the VAST majority of taxpayers wouldn't be for funding and as you and others have mentioned, there is the private route that some are pursuing. And a great many of our population have religious beliefs that think everything has been preordained and others who want moral and infrastructure issues dealt with financially. Hey. We may be on the same page but arguing different things. I am all for space exploration but insofar as Government is concerned it needs to be considered part of the Budget.

    Weirdest thing that happened on me in regard to the forum happened when I googled my screen name and klipsch forum just to see what would pop up--The first thing on the list was an obscure thread from 2012 that was on the regular forum entitled "9/11." That was really freaky.
  15. Elon's "BFR"

    TRVTH You got it, Billy. I'm telling you guys the budget restraints makes all of this a moot issue.