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  1. Tonight I'm really enjoying this DVD-A. It really sounds phenomenal with 5.1 being converted to 9.2!
  2. Thank you for everyone that responded! I'm surprised the Home Theater section hasn't had too much traffic given the newer formats getting more mainstream.....I also wonder how many people are buying sound bars for Home Theater compared to HT speaker systems. That said, I have RB-5IIs I am using as Heights in a Dolby PLIIz configuration and would move those to "Front Heights," along with putting 2 speakers directly above the MLP in a 7.2.4 configuration when I upgrade (or my AVR-4311ci breaks).
  3. Zen Traveler


    There's always excitement brewing around here.
  4. Zen Traveler

    It's On

    Alright. Just ordered PizzaHut for lunch so I'll be breaking out the Stomp and the Tiki!
  5. Live everyday to the fullest!
  6. I Homebrewed for years until I discovered Belhaven Scottish Ale...I then donated my cases of Grolsch bottles (and even more brown pint bottles) to the local Homebrew club....My favorite was using Muntons Nutbrown Ale and fresh strawberries.
  7. I think that one pretty much stuck...
  8. Treat others like you want to be treated.
  9. I've been listening to this SACD in multichannel and feel it's a very good one to have. Of course Money for nothing is excellent but Ride Across the River and The Man's too strong really ROCK the house on the system in my signature.
  10. It's great to see so many people pour a nice ale into a glass but surprising so many would drink from the bottle and NONE from the can...
  11. Anyone who hasn't voted has until tomorrow at Midnight to do so!
  12. Zen Traveler

    It's On

    I imagine being on a Greek island and they serve me that I would say the same thing. Fwiw, I think Roctoberfest would be nice on that one with the Orange Stomp for pizza. Btw, I bought the hotter Goblin and Death Spiral for my buddy and he took it to his morning brunch taco crew who enjoyed the HEAT and said it was tasty--I may have to try one to see what real men experience.
  13. Sending good karma your way and Godspeed in their recovery.
  14. It just occurred to me the media is reporting that Covid-19 numbers are climbing all over the US but not anything from government officials except the ones who are getting the virus. I havent seen an updated from our governor either.
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