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  1. Ha! One warning point in 20 years and my posts still need to be approved by a moderator...Crazy world! Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. He SUCKED as a movie actor just like Mick Jagger but their musical accomplishments will go down in history as VERY successful.
  3. Looks like fun. I've always wanted to go to California. I have friends and family there.:)
  4. I apologize. I just don't feel sorry for the group you said was harmed and if I have time I will try and watch the video...EDIT
  5. They need to get better at it because I still see some of it getting through. 🙃
  6. Zen Traveler


    Honestly, I think auto accidents are hard to judge insofar as the responsibility of the drug verses driver error...Smoking marijuana doesn't have the same effect as driving after consuming alcohol because they are two different drugs.
  7. I would use the towers for side surrounds and the bookshelf speakers for rears and you should be okay. You may be correct but my guess a lot of people wouldn't be able to tell and if they use an EQ program that may tame them as well.
  8. Zen Traveler


    Ha! I love this anecdote but CAN'T believe it to be true! 🙃 I have done the google and couldn't really find anything except possible COPD effects but decided I would wait before giving my definitive opinion and thinking how great it would be if true...That said, I do believe it kills brain cells in younger individuals so again I think that is a decision a person needs to make after becoming an adult and doing their own research.
  9. It is the law of the land and has been since 2010. Since then elected officials have said were going to "repeal and replace it," and they did neither. The alternative was to actually convince states to accept the Medicaid Expansion mandate and try to make the system work in a For Profit framework with Government oversight on Insurance costs...The former didn't happen...{Deleted as not to get too political.} and the pendulum has swung back towards Single Payer.
  10. Zen Traveler


    I appreciating you sharing your views but these are two statements that I wish you would reconsider...Other countries' healthcare systems don't "suck" and we already have a "good" system if our citizens don't give up expecting more. Fwiw, I think we can have a better system and it DOES matter who you vote for. That's not a partisan/political statement and there have been choices all along, regardless who you voted for to keep it in historical context.
  11. Zen Traveler


    I have never really rehearsed it but it seems like the waiting time and limit on some services can be crazy, if they had the money many travel here to get treated. But this is just from what I was led to think, many not be true in the real world? No system is perfect...They may have wait times on certain things but for the most part people posting in forums from Europe and Canada like their system compared to what we have to pay and go through. Insofar as costs go a lot more Americans are going to other countries for their operations and if you don't have insurance it is cheaper from my research on Hip and Knee replacement... I wouldn't be, it's proven almost everywhere to suck. Again, we all have a right to our opinion but I think what you wrote above has more to do with media influence/propaganda than "real world," scrutiny. I live a fairly healthy lifestyle, didn't need to see the doctor much, and by 2006 our premiums were pricing us out of the Healthcare market....I wish we had access to the Healthcare discussions we had in the BS Forum--Ironically it seems we were closer to consensus on that subject than most we debated in there--I miss that place!
  12. Zen Traveler


    I agree but I wouldn't recommend doing without Health Insurance. I appreciate not preachin' to folks but are you also saying you aren't going to sign up for Medicare when you get of age?
  13. Zen Traveler


    I happen to support a buy-in to a {Medicare for all} Single Payer system to start off with but am definitely NOT for Government controlling our lives when it comes to what we put in our bodies except to give warnings on the harmful things and promote the healthy. I wouldn't be, it's proven almost everywhere to suck. 😕 You do realize that pretty much everyone who lives out of the United States who has posted on this forum about their Healthcare System would disagree with you, don't you? I realize that is a small subset of people, but on Facebook you will find the same thing among those friends as well. Just sayin'.
  14. Zen Traveler


    It seems you may be for a universal healthcare system if the government can control everyone who wants to participate...That said, it's a slippery slope given how many things are bad for you INCLUDING those who are athletically inclined and put their body through tortuous training--those people suffer injuries that couch potatoes don't and usually the ramifications show up when they get older.
  15. Zen Traveler


    I can dig healthy living has numerous benefits including chances at a longer life but otoh, Keith Richards and Ron Wood are still alive and feel there is middle ground between "boring" and those two fella's....That said, it makes all of the sense in the world to pay attention to the various research before enjoying/experimenting with "sin" and they should be adults before being promoted to partake. That is where Adult Role Models should enter the picture as parents' teachers, coaches, and anyone else who interacts with the next generation of soon-to-be adults. That's my take.
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