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  1. Fwiw, the RB-75 is the most sought after speaker in the reference line because of it's uniqueness and limited production.
  2. I found out about pineapple on pizza in something called a Hawaiian Pizza. It was good for a second selection but for breakfast it's ...muy bueno!
  3. I agree and after the cheese Hot Sauce is a must....This with salad is a well balanced meal, imo.
  4. Speaking of which, NO ONE (read, most people ;)) regardless of "Break in time," given what @Trey Cannon expressed in the link I shared could tell the difference in how the speaker sounds from 1st day to the 100th hour. I appreciate those who do tests to prove their theories for the art of the hobby, but most people asking this question want to know if they are going to harm their speakers if they don't "Break them in." That's my take.
  5. Keith was okay, that poor dude endured a lot of pain and had been through a lot. I liked him. I knew about DaddyDee and realized that Keith was no longer with us but never read of his passing. RIP my friend and Gilbert thanks for posting this.
  6. Fwiw, I purchased 3 sony players for multichannel music and all 3 are up and running. The upconverting Sony UHP-H1 and the 4K UPB-X800 have been solid for me and I play alot of multichannel music. Of course, YMMV. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/blu-ray-dvd-audio-player.1486422/post-47815201 Wow. After 3 years I finally found one: After owning the Sony UHP-H1 for 3 months we are still happy.
  7. Zen Traveler

    It's On

    My hot sauce journey has left me with these 5 from the last 2 batches...I feel like I'm on one of those "get it while supplies last" deals. đŸ¤  I like how each batch is different and sorry to see the Death Spiral go... Oh yeah, I understand the Hawaiian Farmers Market is closed but let me know when the Tropical Tiki gets back on line.
  8. Imo and as others have said, I imagine anything longer than what Trey describes is the owner becoming accustomed to the sound of the speaker.
  9. No. If you look closely at the graphs they have coloration that denotes covid patients...The reason our county is downgrading from the "Red Zone" is because covid patients are down (still high comparatively speaking) but I noticed that total hospital capacity is as high as I've ever seen it. They haven't been able to do elective surgeries in our county and just removed that restrictions. Yesterday, I decided it was time to get on the list for my *elective* surgery thinking I may be towards the end but was informed by the assistant that the instructions from the Hospital were for the Surgeon was to schedule the more healthy individuals as of now because they don't want ICU beds being taken from these surgeries if they can help it.
  10. I haven't posted this link in a while and they say the actual Covid numbers are skewed because of disruptions due to the winter storm but as Hospital Covid cases decline under the Code Red guidelines, ALL hospitalization numbers are at 78% capacity while the ICU Beds are at 96% with only 4 Beds available and 119 Ventilators in use which is high. Denton County GIS - COVID-19 Information - COVID-19Cases (arcgis.com) Does anyone else follow dashboards in your communities?
  11. If it works for you then go with it. The counter to that argument is the way you have them set up spaced apart playing the same material is Comb Filtering that messes with the sound. Fwiw, I too have my RB-75s in the rear laid on their sides with the horns pointing to the MLP...If you want to try 2 bookshelf speakers as a center (still don't think that's the way to go but YMMV) laying on their side I've red that putting them together on their side with the horn tweeters in the middle touching each other counters some of the Comb Filtering mentioned above. Anyway, good luck!
  12. Here is what Trey Cannon a Klipsch engineer said on the subject: @Fido
  13. How about a third Heresy? I would think that would be considerably better than the 2 centers you are looking at especially if you had Martin Logans before. I would not use two bookshelf speakers as a single center channel, if that's what you are describing....If anything try one of those first.
  14. I agree but it has been a major, ongoing event that we are still living under. We are still under a facemask and social distance ordinance while our hospitals are at capacity in our county.
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