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  1. Good question and would be curious if anyone has done this? How expensive is a set up and how do you go about doing it?
  2. Good job! I can dig it. Word as they say.
  3. Fwiw, I don't consider myself a sinner. I can dig it!
  4. Just curious, why would you want to do that?
  5. My first Octoberfest was in Munich way back in 1985...
  6. Actually, we had a subforum kinda like that here which worked great for 15 years...
  7. Evidently as long as you don't use the "C" word it's appropriate on the Klipsch Forum. 😷
  8. All I can say is OMG, but not sure of the appropriate emoji...
  9. Ours is 51.31 Mbps and don't get much buffering.
  10. I have my RB-75s on simple wooden barstools.
  11. Of course it's not but when you have incumbents "to blame" while supporting different government it CAN'T HELP but get political. Those out of power always have complaints and some happen to like defending the status quo when they agree with policy. It is political. Fwiw, I think the problem is strawmen, incivility, and not discussing things in good faith. Of course, it's also against the TOS and when violated the thread gets locked, we get chastised by dwilawyer, along with inspirational commentary that gets THE LOUNGE back to Dude Discussions . Makes sense to me.
  12. Imo, it's the latter....
  13. Do you have the jumpers connecting the 2 terminals/posts (red&black) in the back in place?
  14. Fwiw, @wuzzzeris running Atmos. He didn't mention it in his original post but has in others as well as his sig.
  15. I understand completely what you are saying but given the RS-7s aren't a dipole (or bipole as you are now saying) and instead have horns directed towards the potential listener at that angle it may work for some and I wouldn't necessarily tell the op to buy new speakers because it can't work. Can I Use Dipole Speakers in a 7.1.4 Atmos Setup? | Sound & Vision (soundandvision.com) From the link: To, to adhere to Dolby recommendations, the answer is yes, you should replace your current dipolar surrounds with direct-radiating speakers installed at ear-height. That being said, some on our staff rather like the effect of dipole speakers on the sides in an Atmos setup. Since you already have dipole speakers in place, there’s no harm in upgrading the rest of your system for Atmos compatibility before determining if it’s time to replace your dipole surrounds. See how you like it, then decide. Gotcha. I only listen to multichannel material with a single MLP and have preached Direct radiating for almost 2 decades. That said, I was surprised how well RS-7s sounded on that same material when I had a 5.1 system and was moving around the living space doing chores. Again, I am not discounting your recommendation only the veracity countering others' opinions.
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