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  1. Welcome to the Forum, John. I wouldn't worry about the wpc/power situation as much as what you want in the preamp. Regardless, I've been running mid-upper level Denon AVRs for Movies and Multichannel audio for over 2 decades, with this last one going on 12 years of almost nightly usage. 😎 I hope someone gives you some recommendations, but my advice is find a slightly discontinued mid level Marantz and enjoy. {Note: Several reasons you don't need to worry about power: 1) You have efficient speakers. 2) The lowerend taxing frequencies you'll be sending to the subwoofer. }
  2. I'm not sure why you always seem to feel offended, but...carry on.
  3. Sorry woofy I thought @babadono made the comment above. A couple decades ago when the Klipsch Forums started many of us also got together in local gatherings and it became the community fabric along with the Pilgrimages.
  4. I thought playing Music was the average requirement. 🤔
  5. In our heyday there were a lot of us conversing in the forum about ALOT before there was social media so we enjoyed meeting up with each other...By 2016 considerable things had changed including us not conversing every day on non-hobby issues in the Forum. My take? It all started as @babadono suggested and lookin at the attendance mentioned, it appears most of us now are now content hangin' online and it's more like a generational thing which has limited appeal. In particular, mostly old-school Heritage owners actually want to make the "Pilgrimage" and not very many folks just purchasing speakers.
  6. Fwiw, I don't think this is true. Regardless, I'm not sure what model our Bosch is but it accommodates our dishes, bowls, and everything but our pilsner glasses and we live in Texas. 😊
  7. Those look nice and if the RSW 12 still rocks a Heck of a deal. GLWS.
  8. Welcome to the Klipsch Forum and hope you get a reply! At some point I'm going from a 9.2 Dolby Pl IIz setup to something similar to what you are considering when my Denon AVR-4311ci breaks down...Btw, do you live in Germany?
  9. My favorite is listening to my 5.1 mix SACD's with my RF7/RC7/RS7 HT system. Ha! I never listen to 2 channel. Up until last year I was like the Southern gentleman for almost 2 decades with multichannel concert videos thrown in...That said, lately I've been watching YouTube videos matrixed into 9.2 using Dolby PLIIz and am impressed how it works.
  10. That used to be me--My favorite trip was a solo 5 week adventure that started with my first night of camping (ever) in Berlin where I stayed for 5 days. I then took a night train to Amsterdam where I stayed another week and then made my way to Mainz along the Rhine in a Northface Tadpole tent for the remaining 3 weeks or so...
  11. Ha! Welcome to the Forum. I hope someone can help you but for Motorhome enthusiasts, as well as Forum Members who will definitely be remembered, you should google @HornEd and various subjects. One of those is an interesting (reported) motorhome setup--Wow! this forum has been around a long time! 🙈😱😬
  12. Ha! I did an in-store comparison using an SPL meter to level-match them when I was using the former as surrounds with RF-7s up front. I couldn't tell them apart so I stuck with the 3s until I found a second pair of RB-75s to use as surrounds and back speakers in a 7.1 (2) configuration. 😊
  13. Thanks for posting this @Paducah Home Theater. There are no frequencies that dip below 4 Ohms so I don't understand where the Fortes would struggle using a quality, mid-grade AVR... Impressive and that's with a lower end AVR. 😮 Did you hear any clipping?
  14. Interesting...Where are the impedance dips on the Fortes that cause the most problems? 🤔 I actually thought they could be classified as "8 Ohm" speakers because they didn't have the jagged Frequency Response Curve that affected the RF-7s (and assumed others in the Reference line and below).
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