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  1. I am waiting for my AVR-4311ci to bite the dust before I get an Atmos AVR but really like what the Dolby PLIIz does with heights and rears in our setup given we have a high A-Frame ceiling in a smaller room (2,000 cu ft)...From what I gather is that the algorithm in the newer Dolby Surround is similar to the same effect with the current setup and would benefit with Atmos/ceiling speakers.....So far I'm cool with waiting cuz I have other hobbies that cost money.
  2. Zen Traveler

    New to Home Theater | Placement Question

    Nice pick up and welcome to the forum...When you hook up your speakers keep in mind your RF-3s are Front/Main Speakers and your RS-3s should be hooked up to the side surround terminals and not the rears.
  3. It depends on what mood I'm in and hard to imagine just appreciating that song (or any other Talking Heads) in 2 channel anymore...
  4. Put in the DVD-A (dualdisk) of the multichannel remake of Burning Down the House on Speaking in Tongues and report back what you think...In fact, I encourage everyone to do so.
  5. Zen Traveler

    Chili and Klipsch

    I'd be interested in Chili and shrimp more than catfish and oysters....this thread has been interesting.
  6. Zen Traveler

    Amsterdam Creep Cam

    There are various avenues of exploring the Van Gogh Museum on line then you can walk from there to Rembrandtplein via the Rijksmuseum in better weather:
  7. Zen Traveler

    Amsterdam Creep Cam

    Last weekend I realized you actually could walk through both Schiphol and Centraal in Amsterdam and it made me realize I could actually go by train from the airport to the city center. A few days ago I posted the train trip from Gasperplaas (campground outskirts) while today I took that trip in reverse imagining going to the campsite after taking the train in from the airport. I skipped the ride back in town but decided to take the Number 5 tram to the Van Gogh museum from Centraal, which is 20 minutes in on this video:
  8. Zen Traveler

    Amsterdam Creep Cam

    I absolutely love train travel. Again, YouTube has an amazing number of routes, including pretty much all of the routes into the Jungfrau region of Switzerland...In fact, you can get a drivers eyeview from Bern, to Interlaken, and Interlaken up the various routes into the Berner Oberland....Here is one of my favorite videos because it's going up to Schynige Platte during the spring whereas I hiked up that mountain in winter when it was closed and have some awesome pics. Ha! It was also when I had one of the scariest moments of my life when the guide I was hiking with almost misjudged my capabilities. 😳
  9. Zen Traveler

    Amsterdam Creep Cam

    That was an intercity train coming back from the outskirts of Amsterdam back to the city center. They also have that trip in reverse online...I never considered how fast it was going but my guess is between 40 to 60 MPH, The international trains go faster. Yep, Gotta love Western Europe's transportation system!
  10. That's not necessarily how multichannel music works. Granted some does, but the way I like to look at it is being in the middle of what was going around in the creative genius's head and sometimes that material isn't so linear....Talking Heads are excellent in this regard. If you like Steely Dan or Donald Fagen those are most excellent as well and it's not like being in the middle of the band as much as being on the inside of the music. I can dig it if that's not for some, but then again I no longer listen to 2 channel material for my critical listening.
  11. I think you have either a misconsception or limited experience with folks that value both sound quality in music and movies....For the record, I listen to multichannel music almost every night with an occasional movie on the weekends I appreciate with my wife. Yes, effective surround for movies is a must but music can also benefit and sound sublime on our Home Theater listed below.
  12. If you phrase it that way, then no, unless you are talking about only 2-channel. Otoh, if you are talking about a stream-lined multichannel system hooked up to great speakers I suggest it's easier now than ever before. You can get quality music AND movies in one system and that is where I think the market is going.
  13. Nor should it. Just buy the one that suits your needs and get on to enjoying your Home Theater System!
  14. ABX tests for differences, not preferences. For the record, the quote above is NOT mine even though I am attributed to it.
  15. I've experienced my journey and will let those who have now better hearing engage/enjoy theirs. That said, still can't imagine it getting too much better than what I heard tonight and now must make my lovely wife dinner! 😎