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  1. This will be my last post on the Klipsch Forum.
  2. Me too. They must be friends. Not true. The reason I was invited to spend less time on the forum was because I wanted to engage in serious discussion. Sadly, most of my content is no longer visible.
  3. Fwiw you are confusing me with someone else because it was the RF-7, although it may have been Hope instead of Indy. There also was no line but you were getting positive feedback from others.
  4. Oh, no--Consensus seems to be for serious dialogue so we've switched gears, except for the car guys.
  5. Fwiw, I also believe there is nothing wrong with Speaker/Equipment flipping. It's my choice whether to give someone a good deal or make a profit on the sale.
  6. On your own thread I agree. Yes. If most people who participate think so, then yes. Honesty, that sounds crazy. Imo, if you think it's junk I'd go on to the next thread. Otoh, one person's junk could be another man's gold and it's up to the seller and potential buyer to hash out the sale. That's my take over morning coffee.
  7. So far I feel you are in the minority on this one.
  8. Fwiw, I flew to Indianapolis and heard his crossovers in the RF-7 and didn't feel the need to upgrade and he told me that my hearing was probably lacking. 😀
  9. Now I have to wonder why you felt the need to "upgrade" the crossovers, but THAT is a whole 'nother can of worms. Lol. Fwiw, I have an extra pair of crossovers I bought on the internet for RB-75s and contemplated doing the same thing, but...
  10. uh-oh: There are alot of threads on AVS saying that my RF-7s with a 101 db/1 meter can't be true.
  11. Okay. First, I think you mean opinion instead of "option" in several of your posts along with speech instead of "speak." Second. I agree with you the RB-75s are a jewel but you are selling used RB-75 for more than I paid for either pair of mine bought NIB with a 5 year warranty from a retailer. I wheeled-n-dealed and bought the first pair for $1,000 and the second for $800. Third. I agree they are worth $1250 but others may feel that's a bit much and why you have no responses on your thread, regardless if I mentioned that or not in your FS thread. I guess that's the point. Folks who come to the Klipsch Forum looking for used shit usually know what they are looking for. That's my take.
  12. Me too. A couple of times and it was the OTHER guys fault! 😱 I saw that but feel you did go a little overboard. My suggestion would've been to point out it was for a single speaker and let others judge if it was too much, but that's me. Ha--I wish! I had a 30 page thread that disappeared! Anyway, for some reason I still like coming here and it may be because of the drama along with some of the interesting folks I've met through the years. Happy New Year everyone!
  13. Believe me I know. Unfortunately there was a thread in the Old BS Forum where I shared a story of my dad who died of Cancer and was in charge of Supply in Da Nang (1967) where alot of the Agent Orange was stored. He died at the age of 59 in Jacksonville Arkansas where we live... Not sure if it was because of his exposure in Vietnam, Jacksonville, or the 2 packs of Cigarettes he smoked until his death but I get your point. My guess is if he's over the age of 70 there could be other causes for a case of Dementia and why the neurologist said this. That said, if he's a veteran I thought the VA was the one who is responsible for his treatment.
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