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  1. Creep Cam

  2. So Long BS Forum

    You still haven't won me over--Those guys were a caricature of what real partying was.
  3. So Long BS Forum

    Gotta admit, that one was funny.
  4. So Long BS Forum

    Ha! Not too much misspelling except by those who were doing the moronic drivel.
  5. So Long BS Forum

    Okay.....This has officially turned into a Lounge Thread, and no, the No Bullshit Forum was NOTHING like this. .. I really can't comment on this but it seems DizRotus would've like the old place.
  6. this robbery stuff is getting dangerous

    I noticed you bolded certain words above but on the face of it I'm not as comfortable with everyone packin' as you and the thought frightens me. McDonalds? Walmart? The local swimming pool? I probably wouldn't have had that on my radar except for this thread....On that note, my guess is that ANY Taco Bell would have as much cash as the local crack house, so surely corporate America has a plan to protect their cash other than promoting a "Concealed carry" policy unless it was done with actual security in mind. I for one don't want having to be in the middle of a shootout while enjoying my burrito...Otoh, I also won't feel comfortable if the guy bussing my table has an obvious 'hidden' firearm as well.... That's my take.
  7. So Long BS Forum

    Wow your right, it didn't end. Son of a gun. Gun? Jeez dude keep bringing up these political topics and all I have are memories!
  8. So Long BS Forum

    That does not look like it was made in USA, UK maybe? I saw Keith's post first, thought I understood and was going to make a comment, then Travis threw this wonderful curveball and: It reminded me why any of us come to this forum but the part I enjoyed most were the little unexpected gems that came about when we knew each other but didn't always agree.... I actually was going to post something else and will come back later if the thread is around because.....It is all about Travis. On that note I must get ready for work. Hope all of you going through withdrawals are having a good day. Thank god nothing's happening in The News. {Emoticon omitted realizing I was one over for some folks considering this a serious post.}
  9. So Long BS Forum

    Not gonna happen. Why not? After all, to be blunt about it you ARE posting in the Klipsch Joint.
  10. So Long BS Forum

    Smoke and mirrors. It all comes down to budget and public consensus. Given the cost of Harvey and potentially Irma in FLA, my guess is that both states are reconsidering legalization for the tax revenue and they realize their states are being flooded with the 'legal' pot coming into their market from other states.
  11. So Long BS Forum

    I have to laugh because out of all the political topics you could choose, this one probably has the most consensus....That said, it's all about the timing because 8 years ago this would be akin to one of those heated tube/SS debates.
  12. So Long BS Forum

    Uh-oh....This is how it starts. I know. Now help me with Bart please. No, REALLY!!!! Btw, not offended just love talking about those kinda things.
  13. So Long BS Forum

    All good points, but I agree with our mutual friend, Mallette. That said, when I thought the line was getting close admit I thought it was time, but was glad it was still open this morning.
  14. So Long BS Forum

    No. Making a disparaging remark about a view is different than making one about a person. The great thing about the No BS section is that we could explore these disagreements further and bring up facts to bolster our argument.
  15. So Long BS Forum

    Ha! I almost made a similar comment but decided not to....Since you brought it up, I actually thought the danger of those threads would come about after the storm is over and people really start discussing who and how the damage done should be paid for and who the recipients would be...Then again, I also thought the thread on "Planned Parenthood," started in the main forum was going to get political and.....Wait. Not a good example.