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Community Answers

  1. Have you checked your speaker connections? Sounds like it could also be a wire touching at the avr or the speaker.
  2. Fwiw, I think our biggest problem is people don't pay attention to REAL News if they don't agree with what's being reported from/about The people in the News.
  3. Our society doesn't and one can change the channel. Fwiw, I think people are frustrated that there's so much in the News the don't like. That's one of the the reasons they go to Social Media, to complain and/or try to spread disinformation..,"main stream" media cracked down on it and the main Social Media sites are doing the same so government doesn't get involved... Meanwhile, it's nice to see out-n-out fake media sites and those sprwading falsehoods going to court and having judgements against them. That's my take.
  4. Ha! It appears quite a few folks want that as their free speech. I still contend that's a minority whose business model can't survive.
  5. Dunno. That's why I didn't understand why it was brought up in this thread.
  6. Fwiw, I don't think an "anything goes" approach is going to make it because most folks don't want to sift through the garbage and propaganda to form an opinion--at some point it gets exposed.
  7. I think ego superseded financial sense....Just like the music mogul buying that other social media platform. That's my take.
  8. We have Free Speech AND can choose where we get the News. Fwiw, I chose not to join Twitter and I pay more attention to the Newsmakers and not the pundits.
  9. Fwiw, The Heimatdamisch ist Deutsch! 😎
  10. Fwiw, I think this portion of the post has merit...The inflation argument, not so much.
  11. My bad. (Note: I meant LPF on your sub and not HPF in the previous post. 125 Hz or full shouldn't make much difference if you set the crossover in the AVR) I'd leave the LPF on the sub where it is and crossover your RF7s to the sub @ 60 Hz on the AVR.
  12. I'd try setting the crossover on the AVR at 60 Hz and leave the sub's knobs (Low Pass Filter) at 120.
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