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  1. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Uh-oh. To be honest I am not a praying kinda guy but will definitely try to send good Karma yours and Keith's way. I consider you guys good friends and conversations we've had here have been WAY to profound to have on just/pretty much any Speaker Forum. I really am trying to make my way to T-town and please email me if you want to talk or come by prior to then.
  2. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Not me. Just pointing out where these ideas come from and I edited my post as you were typing this. That said, I just got off work and am about to enjoy some Talking Heads on my wonderful Klipsch Home Theater. Have a good one Jeff and hope everyone is around tomorrow.
  3. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Cute, but too bad that trite, meaningless phrase ever took hold. The reason it didn't take hold is because it represented what everyone knew was a lie and obviously a false statement. It seems like old home week and I really miss having discussions with you, Jeff. That said, I will once again point out your emphasis is on "the press," Imo, misses the point and we should expect more out of our elected leaders. As I pointed out above, the term "Alternative fact" was floated by the same people trying to circumvent the term "Fake News," and the press had nothing to do with that. {EDIT :Btw, along with the press comment I don't believe we are as stoic as you suggest and life in general is extremely full of events that have meaning and ramifications on life going forward.}
  4. Ballistic Missile Threat

    I actually think the danger is conflating the two.
  5. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Same here. My wife gets bored closer to the hour and 15 min mark and demands I make her dinner....Chicks! I miss you bud and agree with our friend Jeff below: I'll PM you my email address in case one of us gets banned here. I like Oprah but NO WAY I would vote for her. Actually not me. I' rather see more serious qualified folks in office. Fwiw, discussing politics and seeing the ramifications isn't entertainment for me.
  6. Ballistic Missile Threat

    I understand where you are coming from and won't deny where your opinion comes from...While others may agree with you I feel contemporary uses of the words "Fake News" came from here: https://www.c-span.org/video/?426227-1/senate-intelligence-panel-warned-russians-play-sides It was from the Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing back in March when Clint Watts explained what they were seeing insofar as Russian interference is concerned during the 2016 Election. {Note: It is a long non-partisan clip, but very informative from a Homeland Security point of view.} Again, not arguing what anyone's interpretation of the words mean, but this is the first time I heard that exact term used and now it seems to be a catch-phrase for what Jeff describes above. As quite a few folks know I rally against propaganda and it seems some folks use the term to describe news they don't agree with--Facts are facts regardless who is giving the delivery.
  7. Ballistic Missile Threat

    I am really glad it was the wrong button because you would surely be missed. Don't worry about that guy--He evidently has a small button.
  8. Ballistic Missile Threat

    Umm. No comment because I fear more than one person fits that description and I too hope the Olympic go off without a hitch...That said, any deal between North and South Korea could be reached without a Nuclear Deal and that could be bad for us in the long run. I for one want to see the Nuclear Arms Race go in the opposite direction...
  9. Gonna Be A Really Great, Great, Hugely Successful New Year

    Challenge? I'll tell you a challenge--Getting 5,000 posts on a speaker forum only discussing speakers! {emoticon omitted} Argh--Dammit!
  10. Gonna Be A Really Great, Great, Hugely Successful New Year

    Not me. Gotta admit I'm not a fan but feel it does give us a window into a person's personality if not their soul. I started a thread a while back that I may try again in the Lounge section about Do Words matter? I say yes and with folks devolving attention span Twitter seems to be the easiest place to point someone in the direction to see what is actually wrong with our country--In others, Twitter has seemed to have an influence for the good and people should be held accountable for what they tweet. I personally am not a member, but was surprised/shocked how many Americans seem to get their *news* from there.
  11. Gonna Be A Really Great, Great, Hugely Successful New Year

    Mine too...What you have to watch out for are the folks who trade for a living and on a large basis. With the market this high they are waiting for just the right time to start selling and realizing profits while the rest of us usually react too late. As mentioned, when the market dropped so fast at the end of 2008 there were a lot of people in bad shape and none more so than the mid-level investor. Keep in mind if the Government didn't bail out AIG and the Banks there would be a lot of poor former rich people and foreign investment from the Middle East and Eastern block/ex soviet countries would have increase substantially. {Note: I am not advocating the Government bailing out private companies but the idea of unregulated Credit Default Swaps is what actually brought down the economy and I don't trust Wall Street to be self-policing. On that note, I blame elected officials whom I voted for not keeping to their promise. I understand, but saw what transpired earlier in the thread so I hope the moderators grade with the same leniency as those with opposing views. If it closes on on page 2 I am going to say it was rigged!
  12. Gonna Be A Really Great, Great, Hugely Successful New Year

    Sure. If it happens let's see how that goes for you.
  13. Gonna Be A Really Great, Great, Hugely Successful New Year

    I'm not going to engage in a "real America" conversation because most who use that kind of language seem to think others aren't real Americans....Been there, done that and embarrassed a few folks in the process.
  14. Gonna Be A Really Great, Great, Hugely Successful New Year

    I can't argue the "biggly" part but there are quite a few places we could draw trends from but thinking something dramatic happened 11 years ago seems short sighted to me. Otoh, it was September of 2008 when the Global Crises became apparent and our Government needed to rectify the situation. It did and whatever "economic numbers,' you are talking about had to be manipulated or the Western world would have fallen.That was also the time the Stock Market dropped more than it had in history. Believe it or not even more than it did on 9/11, which btw I think should have been the major turning point in our Foreign Policy. All of that was trending in the right direction as I mentioned earlier. I actually am not complaining about Healthcare for myself but recognize others are in a worse position this year than they were last--I still want to see that fixed and am in favor of a Public Option because I don't think it will ever become socialized.
  15. Ballistic Missile Threat

    I really don't understand what you're driving at. I made an admittedly sarcastic comment, and now I'm an unenlightened, polarizing force? I also get my news from a variety of sources but think folks should watch the actual players/elected and appointed officials to get their facts--Too much of what we see on the "News" are opinions that becomes internet propaganda....Heck, if you pay attention to the Intelligence Community you will find that a considerable amount of internet traffic was being spread by bots and didn't even have a real person associated with them.