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  1. He was also claiming to be a foreign national at his draft age! I don't think this is true but part of the now debunked "Birther" conspiracy....I won't go further as not to get political but THIS is how disinformation is spread on the internet.
  2. Fwiw, I think you need to look at the older Americans who may not realize they exhibit those negative traits and blaming younger people is just what some old people do....
  3. I do believe there are options in between. I guess that I lean towards "a sacrosanct audio shrine," but don't spend anywhere near that kinda money on cables and have never changed a fuse.😎 That said, I have been to 3 pilgrimages and hope everyone had a good time at this one.
  4. Zen Traveler


    It appears quite a few interties are lining up to help foot the bill.
  5. Zen Traveler


    Thanks. Taking the bait means the phisher attempts to set it. Best response is NO response. Some are phishing, some are honestly commenting on practices that bug them, others are just being snarky. If it's OT, let it be. I think both of you are being overly judgmental and one of you doth protest too much...
  6. Zen Traveler


    You got me thinkin'... I researched this a little bit and found this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/apr/13/steve-bannon-matteo-salvini-pope-francis-is-the-enemy. You don't think one of those Steve Bannon kooks did anything to Notre Dame do ya?
  7. Zen Traveler


    Fwiw, I mentioned Government's "Budget" in this and other threads and for 8 Billion Dollars and no insurance it is/should be a consideration when citizens are being asked to foot the bill....Evidently more people are willing to donate money to rebuild Notre Dame (dunno if t's close to what is needed) keep in mind it's more than to fix hurricane damage over here and in both incidents folks are looking for government for the answer/solution...Fwiw, @Mallette I appreciate your cause more than most, but like with the other things you wanted the UN to do there is a budget and we aren't willing to fund as much as we used to as a country....
  8. Zen Traveler


    LOL, it don't take long once those shoeflies start buzzing their tune. 😂 Must have gotten interesting after I left last night... Anyway, I also agree it was sad but am glad it wasn't a total loss, as was being reported early-on. Fwiw, I proposed to my wife on the Pont des Arts bridge and then honeymooned Paris again a year later. It is a beautiful city and reminds me we have some nice pics of Notre Dame that I need to dig up.
  9. Zen Traveler


    If official report are that a welder's torch set off the fire will you believe it?
  10. Zen Traveler


    I liked Cronkite but we can gather more facts on our personal computers and tablets in an hour than he could in several days...That said, I agree about factbased discussions and why I distain these politically driven conspiracy theories. Fwiw, those can be easily debunked using factual sources as well.
  11. Zen Traveler


    I don't understand what's so funny about CNN but in case you missed it, FoxNews seems to be reporting pretty much the same thing and no one is talking about arson.
  12. Zen Traveler


    Well...I was just pointing out you seem to share the same conspiracy POV as the ones I mentioned. Anyway,if what you say is true we live in the Information age and the truth will come out in the end. Btw, I was less than 1,000 miles away from Moscow during the Cuban Missile Crisis outside of Istanbul, Turkey and spent the years 1968 to 1972 outside of Bonn, Germany in Bad Godesberg. I spent weeks and months on end traveling Europe from 1986 to 2003 and shared those stories on here in the past so I can dig reminiscing about old time.
  13. Zen Traveler


    I saw that article and notice it didn't mention Muslims and said there are a lot of different groups in France that have historically damaged Catholic Churches...Knowing how propaganda and false conspiracy threads are spread I knew this was coming and why those right-wing sights propagate drawing conclusions without looking at the evidence. That's my take....Like was said, we should find out in all of these incident what happened. EDIT: I searched FoxNews and found no conspiracy theory but thought this was pretty informative. https://www.foxnews.com/world/notre-dames-destruction-bound-to-happen
  14. Zen Traveler


    This definitely makes the most sense and speculating it was arson seems WAY off base given where the fire started.
  15. Zen Traveler


    When you google this story it appears to be the same kind of outlets reporting it as something more sinister...Fwiw, Breitbart has been severely discredited and was one of the conduits of "Fake News" during the election and their mission is to stoke racial tension. I wouldn't buy into that conspiracy theory given where it originate and my guess it will turn out to have been the fault of the construction/renovating people like is being reported.
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