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  1. It is a small number (I think the number increased to 8 people) but how doctors treat these clots are different than others and Fouci has talked about this on his interviews.
  2. No. We have a big interest. That's why it's important we remain a big influence and build coalitions with our allies inside the organization.
  3. When you consider the odds it appears you have more of a chance of winning the lottery AND getting struck by lightning. From the link: About 20 people have filed Covid-19 vaccine-related petitions with the HHS’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) between January 2020 and Feb. 16, 2021, according to a Freedom of Information Act document obtained by Bloomberg Law. Roughly 58 million vaccine doses were administered in the U.S. within that timeline, starting in mid-December.
  4. My wife and I got our 2nd shot of Pfizer yesterday and both have a sore arm today to the touch--that's it. It really is a game changer for us personally and for our business.
  5. Interesting, maybe. Scientifically justifiable, not really. Interim Estimates of Vaccine Effectiveness of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 Vaccines in Preventing SARS-CoV-2 Infection Among Health Care Personnel, First Responders, and Other Essential and Frontline Workers — Eight U.S. Locations, December 2020–March 2021 | MMWR (cdc.gov) From the link: Prospective cohorts of health care personnel, first responders, and other essential and frontline workers over 13 weeks in eight U.S. locations confirmed that authorized mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech’s BNT162b2 and Moderna’s mRNA-1273) are highly effective in real-world conditions. Vaccine effectiveness of full immunization with two doses of mRNA vaccines was 90% (95% CI = 68%–97%) against RT-PCR–confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection. These findings are consistent with those from the mRNA vaccines’ Phase III trials (1,2) and recent observational studies of the mRNA vaccine effectiveness against severe COVID-19 (3). The findings complement and expand upon these preceding reports by demonstrating that the vaccines can also reduce the risk for infection regardless of COVID-19–associated illness symptom status (4,5). Reducing the risk for transmissible infection, which can occur among persons with asymptomatic infection or among persons several days before symptoms onset (6), is especially important among health care personnel, first responders, and other essential and frontline workers given their potential to transmit the virus through frequent close contact with patients and the public.
  6. Anybody who is environmentally conscientious will dispose of their mask properly and those that don't are already polluters. My guess is until there is a Covid Passport or we get a majority of the population vaccinated it's better to have everyone wearing masks so businesses don't need to card everyone. So far we only have about 20% of our patriots that are vaccinated.
  7. I saw the description and couldn't decide if they were what I posted above or these: I didn't see the "open back" category but now I gather they are the above since they are partially (or Semi-open). If so, these look like what I would want to have with my laptop and occasionally plugged into my AVR.
  8. So I gather the above are these kind of headphones?
  9. From the Link: Reaching this level of population immunity is important to protect people who can't be vaccinated or whose immune system is too weak to produce a good, protective response. In Israel, more than half (5.3 million) its residents have been vaccinated and an additional 830,000 people have tested positive for the virus in the past, which should give them some natural immunity. That works out as roughly 68% of the population who are likely to have antibodies in their blood which can fight off the virus. Prof Eyal Leshem, a director at Israel's largest hospital, the Sheba Medical Center, said herd immunity was the "only explanation" for the fact that cases continued to fall even as more restrictions were lifted. "There is a continuous decline despite returning to near normalcy," he said. "This tells us that even if a person is infected, most people they meet walking around won't be infected by them."
  10. I appreciate the link. I had Sennheiser before and liked them. I put them in my shopping cart and will decide if I'm going to get them within the next day or two.
  11. I like to think of myself as a truth seeker or at least a consensus builder on things that affect us as Americans or human beings. I also have had too much fun in my life to run for public office. Fwiw, I invite people to bring up previous comments because I don't contradict myself and try to stay consistent in my reasoning. I totally agree with this although I like pointing out when it seems a person forgot what they said in the past. I respect people when confronted who can say they changed their mind and give a good reason for doing so.... Btw, I was wrong predicting our Covid numbers would go up because of them rescinding the mask ordinance but happy to see so many people wearing their masks at the grocery store.
  12. remember that time you said .... Just stirring the pot. Hope you are well. Of course I do! I think before I type. I hope you are well too.
  13. @MicroMara Thanks for posting that synopsis because it gives me several things to consider. I wasn't planning on doing any critical listening with them so in turn I didn't want to spend too much money. Otoh, @Schu made me curious what the upper-end market could offer and what he would recommend.
  14. Meaning exactly what? I edited that out before you posted but I meant you spend more time in the lounge, and in turn on the forum than I do. I'm really not good at small talk and enjoy discussing things that effect us all. I also have a good memory and the search function easily let's me find what I'm looking for. Not a problem. Glad to give you someone to be sanctimonious over. I am sorry I hit a nerve. And no, I don't feel morally superior but do feel bringing up past contradictions adds to the discussion. That is why I enjoy a written forum and have no problem people bringing up my past comments because if I said something contrary I definitely want to be able to address it.
  15. I do. Cool. I appreciate you being part of the discussion. Going from recollection as I don't spend hours pouring over old threads to make irrelevant points. I believe the vaccine I was hoping for was to cure stupidity or maybe it was TDS, I honestly don't recall. It seems like they haven't found a cure for either. Fwiw, you can tell by post count you spend WAY more time on this forum than I do and for the record the quotes above you were talking about Covid-19.{Edited} Again, thanks for playing because I DO think this discussion is the most important one we've had in a long time on the Klipsch Forum. I'll just point out in the beginning you and other were hoping for a vaccine and achieving Herd Immunity and now that we are here I definitely want to promote what WE thought was important.
  16. When i read about anything and everything coming from any source, Covid related, my feeling is always "we'll see." Cool. I am a fan of researching the important things and we are VERY fortunate to live in the Information Age. I'm still not sure what Charlie's War" has to do with anything but alot has changed since the 1980s.
  17. The reason I am asking when you are considering getting the vaccine is because you said this on 3/17/2020 and you also said this on April 29, 2020 on a locked thread: "From what I understand, everyone is susceptible if exposed until you have either immunity from previously getting it or a vaccine is developed to keep you from getting it."
  18. Yes. I posted a link earlier stating that vaccinated people wouldn't contract the virus so that means they can't spread it. Well, how far down the road until you consider taking the vaccine for yourself, if you don't mind me asking? What percentage of folks taking the vaccine and not dying because of it do you think a relative number?
  19. Okay. Can we agree that the more people vaccinated the closer to Herd Immunity we will get and if the vaccination works we will have fewer cases of Covid-19? Maybe so but my 70% comes from the Mayo clinic and the more people the better to curb spread of Covid-19?
  20. To clarify, I posted several links the consensus is 70% for Herd Immunity. I used the lower benchmark of 50% to at least get our hospitals out of the danger zone. Imo, sometime within the next year I feel quite a few of the people on the fence will come around to getting the vaccine.
  21. Btw, this seems extremely cynical. I just had Hip Surgery and because of Covid there are ALOT of people who were put on hold so there are waiting lists for different surgeries that people put off because of Covid. Our hospital is at 80% capacity so I don't think anyone is "milking the covid" and those being admitted are truly in need of hospitalization. Folks don't like going to the hospital and my guess is alot of people recovered at home with the really sick being admitted.
  22. I found this for Denton County. @Trey Cannon Denton County Adds 410 New COVID-19 Cases Monday; ICU Capacity Expands, 10 Beds Available (msn.com) From the link: The county health department also reported a record 224 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Denton County, up 31 from New Year's Day. Of those hospitalized with COVID-19, 41 are in ICUs and account for 43% of the patients in intensive care. As of Monday afternoon, Denton County ICUs are 90% occupied. The county's COVID-19 dashboard listed 105 total ICU beds, which is an increase of 17 beds compared to New Year's Day. With the added capacity, Denton County ICUs occupancy dropped from 95% to 90%
  23. Do you have a link? I never took the flu vaccine as well but am reconsidering with what I'm learning about covid. The situation with Covie-19 and I am now considering with the flu is that we can be healthy and neither affect us much but if we carry the virus we could spread it to people that are in a higher risk group. I can't comment on Indiana but they added quite a few ICU beds and have a wing in the hospital devoted to Covid patients. I learned this from one of my students that is a nurse in the ICU.
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