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  1. Pva’s is what is used on cloth surrounds.
  2. That’s what I call him. El Don. Either that or sir!!
  3. Some “trash/particle” could gotten between the diap and phase plug. Doing exactly what you did will solve that problem.
  4. i really was trying to answer your questions. i did truncate it because honestly, i can talk alot but i dont write alot. weird i know. i think we have been open to quite a few developments that have happened in my 35 years at klipsch and of course, much further than that with paul. i mean, gary gillum brought the drone idea to paul and since it did not contradict pauls acoustic philosophy, he very much embraced it. i will say, some of those concepts we looked at just didnt seem to fit but i guarantee you, we studied it. sometimes its better to come in from stands than from left field to see a concept in a different light.
  5. actually some of these existed as concepts quite a long time ago. one particular noteworthy event was richard heyser's method of looking at data in the time domain; time energy frequency. paul was good friends with mr heyser and i remember paul and i talking about how that kind of "evaluation of data" could help push a little farther forward.
  6. First off, Paul klipsch once said, if I can see farther then those before me, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants. You mentioned specific designed items that have been introduced as products. Paul and I hardly ever discussed individual significant ideas. We did talk a lot about concepts. Everyone of the specific items you mention has some predecessor. Looking ahead by using conceptual ideas makes one ask a lot of what if’s. Taking a look at your list (and I know you can more specific items), I can tell you that whether it was available or not, we discussed every single item on your list and others. By taking a look at what was going on around us, seeing where the state of art was heading (remember Paul read a lot) and conceptualizing what that might lead too, put me behind in a lot of product designs I was working at the time!! Lol!! That truly was the fun part for me. I had/have a lot of latitude to “play”. That was the second greatest thing I treasure in working with Paul klipsch. The first is that he was my friend. Honestly I don’t think I will because of way he taught me to think about acoustics, projects, ideas, etc. it was not specific items. It was concepts. I understand Paul’s philosophy and adopted it as my own. Because it made sense. And because Paul understood that he and I were on the same wavelength, he encouraged me to “conceptualize” and see what direction that would lead us to. So you see, their is some “Delgado” in klipsch. But that is only because I stood on the shoulders of a giant.....Paul Wilbur klipsch.
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