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  1. There is a pinned section for klipsch crossovers in this section. Why not post it there?
  2. I tried that with you but it never works. 🙂
  3. I have. And you are using networks that I designed. Does that bear any weight with you? Just curious where this antagonist tone comes fro.
  4. Randy and I don’t know each but it does seem very weird to me how people seem to get irritated when randy recommends jem. From the moment jem was approved to provide components for heritage klipsch networks, some boneheads just totally rebelled. Weird. Why does it bother you that he recommends jem knowing that jem is klipsch approved?
  5. I also give plugs for JEM because they are the only authorized klipsch crossover guy. Guess I’m shameless too…….
  6. If you are using the 335 and 325 networks, those are meant to have an exaggerated mid because they go behind a screen in a cinema. the 396 networks are essentially flat but do allow for an exaggerated low end when played on the floor. Typically 396’s are flown and don’t have much of a plane to load the bass. just thought I’d give you a little more insight on how the networks are designed for these particular speakers.
  7. Or the klipsch authorized crossover guy….. https://jemperformanceaudio.com
  8. Clean up the personal stuff or I will. and no political crap either.
  9. So what “cent” are you up to now?
  10. We also do an acid test break in. In production. As every compression driver is 100 percent tested. This is get it to natural state but not fully broken in. It helps us maintain consistency in the drivers freq and imp response. In other words, bad drivers tend to stand out very easily in the test.
  11. I have done them and others as well. I don’t ever like to speak much about things without first hand knowledge
  12. See islander’s post. There is some break in to hope built klipsch speakers.
  13. Pat……thank you for paying attention and having an open mind to absorb it all. Yes. You are correct.
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