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  1. Chief bonehead

    Chorus II Drivers

    Call Klipsch again. Tell them that the k48st is the replacement woofer. Make sure you have your serial numbers handy.
  2. Chief bonehead

    Best Cornwall....?

    Definitely not helping to make your point. It’s obvious that you did not understand what I wrote. In case you don’t know, Paul’s four points; high efficiency, low distortion, controlled directivity, and controlled freq response. That’s what I am for and as long as I can help it, that will be the case. Will a Cornwall sound good in a typical living room? Yep. Will a ki396, 904 or even a grand system......you betcha. You gain headroom, headroom, headroom. Did I mention headroom? There is no compromise on the acoustic goals but only with what physics and economics limits us. Like bass extension and price points. So before you categorically decide that pro speakers are lacking the attributes of a home system, go listen to one. And now I really hope you get it.......meanwhile back to bass fishing.
  3. Chief bonehead

    Best Cornwall....?

    I had to log on to answer this. You can think that about Klipsch pro speakers but you are thinking wrong. Every speaker that is designed, is designed for ALL of Paul’s goals. As he once told me, it should not matter if you plug in a turntable or a live band, it has to sound very good and true to the input. The fact that it has to provide higher max spls is an added spec; not to replace the other specs.
  4. Chief bonehead

    New Khorns???

    i have said that i would not touch pauls designs. but having the honor and opportunity to work and develop a friendship with mr k, i also know what he ultimately wanted to do with his babies. and of course, i can wish he was still around to guide me, i mean, look at the original jub. so many things that mr k wanted were in that; but not all of them. that is why i hesitate these days to do anything. i dont want to do anything that he would not approve of. its that simple. i have incorporated what else mr k wanted. and i think (and hope) that mr k would approve of what has been done to his pinnacle product... the klipschorn ak6. i hope you all get a chance to listen to it and can imagine mr k smiling.
  5. you kinda of made my point. you want to have as resistive a load over as large a bandwidth as possible. but it just seems that you suggest we should just have a woofer flopping in the wind with no loading because that makes the woofer not work so hard. the horn presents an impedance matching device in order to help the woofer work more efficiently; not work harder. the mechanical stresses are very evident when the woofer moves more. but we will have to agree to disagree.
  6. "Recapping, there's nothing intrinsically "low distortion" associated with a woofer cone working hard into the radiation resistance of the Klipschorn throat. The net effect is higher sensitivity over that narrow range at the expense of a whole lot of other parameters equally important to good sound." this statement. working hard into a radiation resistance.....maybe it would be better if it was working hard into imaginary part of radiation resistance. i think it works the other way....because of the radiation resistance, the woofer doesnt have to move much and thus doesnt have to work hard. and it seems that we are totally ignoring the impedance matching that a good, well designed horn offers.
  7. Chief bonehead

    Do Klipsch subs sound better ?

    no but i have done direct comparisons to the 1802 and it is different.
  8. Chief bonehead

    What happened to the “KP” Line?

    back then, musical instrument, MI, was a good market to be in. but that changed when other companies lowered prices in order to dominate the market. with the current KI, you can get "bedliner" finish, handles, different connectors and socket cups as a special order.
  9. Chief bonehead

    Do Klipsch subs sound better ?

    You’d be surprised.
  10. Chief bonehead

    Any shot at Klipschorns in this room? Or Jubes?

    I would use the short wall. And you would be surprised at how big your sweet spot might be.
  11. 200 Watts 40-400. AES. 800 Watts peak.
  12. That’s not been my experience.
  13. Chief bonehead


    thank you everyone. the bonehead is losing calcium with age.....
  14. Chief bonehead


    that you are still a bonehead....
  15. Chief bonehead

    forte II w/ A-55G Mids?

    speculate all you want.....just dont assume you are right. i dont.