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  1. Well since I on the forum now......it is an updated woofer. The part number is #1067961
  2. You can have your older networks brought up to klipsch spec by contacting Jim at Jim Moorhouse JEM Performance Audio 412-401-6915
  3. This post, like many others I read, just really amuses me. It’s funny to read about the impressions and guesses of those that HAVENT heard this speaker by the so called experts vs those that HAVE heard them. By the way......I am on the marketing side......lol!!!!
  4. Didn’t change a thing. What I have is what is in the xilica.....
  5. No man! I troll for ideas! Lol!!
  6. I saw the Cornwall iv me cabs in the plant. They look ok.......
  7. Just to clarify, this will still be pilgrim driven. It is amazing to think that fans of klipsch would go to the trouble of gathering together and coming to Hope. What we intend to do is provide what has happened in the past and provide more options. As many of you know, Paul was very fond of audio pieces that were relevant to audio history. That is why he created the klipsch audio museum. Recently, in keeping with Paul’s love of keeping a museum, we have created a non profit museum to keep that dream alive and well. So the museum is going to offer options of doing other events in addition to has happened in the past. After we figure out the particulars, we will post how the registration will be handled and what other things you might want to attend. Stay tuned.
  8. Lol! Yep. That’s what I do. I troll to find ways to get ideas on the next klipsch speakers. That’s why I am the chief bonehead......
  9. Your belles, as Paul would say, have been polluted. They are no longer klipsch. Maybe call them the allhart4.......
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