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  1. And once again the point is missed on what the network is supposed to do......
  2. So “flat” phase at the expensive of distortion and coverage? Ok. Low order filters cause so much lobing and nulling that the ear tends to “average” it. Kinda of like line arrays.
  3. What you are missing is the fact that Mr K moved on to steeper slopes (whatever was required) because of the coverage interfere band and the distortion the drivers would create because they did not have the proper filtering. Just because they do not create acoustic pressure does not mean that the diap is not moving.
  4. You are correct. Keep it on track and cut the crap out or risk having your posts moderated.
  5. It’s a vented design. You can either use a port or a passive radiator (drone).
  6. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are concerned about the problems with customer service. Here is the response I got from the head guy..... “we’re dealing with unprecedented traffic and are drastically increasing the size of the team to get back to world class service asap.“ We have more than doubled the customer service reps as of last week. We appreciate your patience. Thanks.
  7. Or or or....you could get original Klipsch TI diaps from Klipsch.....
  8. Henry. I did not mean to come off as obtuse as I did. Sorry for that. What is was curious about was how you were so sure about various statements on how Mr K designed networks. And why he did them the way he did.
  9. And you know this this about Mr k how? I talked a lot to Paul and your generalizations are way off
  10. It’s a little more complicated than that
  11. I saw the video. There a couple of misconceptions in his rant. First of all, it was the audio engineering society that change the spec and it was for some very valid reasons. First. Amps are constant voltage devices. Second drivers for most all cases do not have a constant impedance. In the real world when you switch speakers ons switcher, the speaker with the highest sensitivity spec will always sound louder. I was glad with the AES made this change. It is a real world spec for the real world. he does have some good points. Amplifiers have to be robust and be able to handle freq dependent impedances from as high as 50 ohms down to 4 ohms. sensitivity does not equal efficiency.
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