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  1. Very different than my distortion data so obviously I did something wrong....
  2. And what about room gain? When you put the door back on did you make sure it sealed correctly? One huge misconception about vented systems is that they don’t have to air tight. The best way to take advanatage of the low end of a vented system and do it efficiently is to boost at the tuning frequency. With a horn sub this large and in your specific room, it will be dry different than say in the lab. Best way is to run an impedance curve to find the tuning of your sub.
  3. And no room gain? I would like to see your distortion data since you say it is approaching diminishing returns. I large cinema auditoriums with no boost, the 1802 easily digs into the midto upper teens. Dual drivers is a step in the wrong direction. The kpt1515 is the 1802 cabinet with dual 15’s and goes down to about 35. A sealed box is not as efficient as a vented box.
  4. Is a room half space? Does tuning change with air mass loading? Also the 1802/1502 are not sealed horn loaded subs. They are vented systems that are hornloaded.
  5. Correction.....he was the FIRST jubilee owner and became a very dear friend of mine.
  6. Actually it’s about 97.3765”......approximately.
  7. I do good to just be able to type a message with my fat fingers.
  8. I think that this should be pinned to the top on this section. Chris. Not bad. I like.
  9. What a bonehead....the guy in the video, that is.
  10. I really think we are totally forgetting what we are talking about in this post. First hornloading vs direct radiator. Boosted response vs non boosted. Isn’t the goal to get clean bass? A director radiator to 10hz? How big is the box? What sensitivity, never mind efficiency? Is it boosted? Is distortion a desired attribute? Or lack of? Just wondering. Remember it’s a compromise.......but take the good while reducing the bad. Definitions may vary....
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