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  1. Any screw that magnetic will not work. And no pwk did not design it that way. Use a non magnetic screw.
  2. Bottom line, if you want to talk about mods and your own “upgrades” then please go somewhere else. There are plenty of other sites. By the way I read the posts on other sites so I see the complaining. there should have never been a “modification” section on the forum. Back when a forum was being discussed, I strongly opposed it. Paul W Klipsch was NOT in favor of modding his speakers and I wanted to make sure that a forum bearing his name would not have a “modification” section. I know that the forum went ahead with the “modification” section but here recently, this has gotten out of hand. So if you don’t agree with this, sorry. Mods and so called upgrades are not allowed on the klipsch forum anymore. I’m locking the thread and please don’t start other threads on this.
  3. Yes I did. The network was redone for no screen.
  4. They have to be in close proximity to a corner. Not in a corner. That’s correct.
  5. If these original Klipsch, then just get the k33 from Klipsch.
  6. Actually it is in the system and the kits are being assembled. Stay tuned.
  7. The mumped 510 and the horn on the kpt904 hf are the same. The 691 driver and bnc 75 are basically the same. Should not require any net changes.
  8. Just like our other upgrade kits, it will have an instruction sheet and can be done with simple tools.
  9. You a tweeter assy consisting of the horn, wide dispersion phase plug, tweeter driver, a midrange driver and network. There will be an instruction sheet as well just like all the upgrade kits we offer.
  10. In the spirit of Paul W Klipsch, we are offering an upgrade kit for forte iii’s to forte iv’s. Each kit will cost $399 so $798 to do a pair. The part number is 1070334. Use this part number when calling customer service to order the kit.
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