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  1. Constant coverage...chhhhh....oops. Not a klipsch designed horn so not the same.
  2. The crossover points are chosen to match each driver along with other parameters.
  3. Officially 700 but acoustically it’s around 660hz.
  4. I’ll make the change to the bill of materials tomorrow. Anything else you want changed?
  5. I guess I better go with your experience and just throw out my data.......
  6. The hersey mid horn does not need mumps. It’s not cosmetic. It’s functional. Depending on the acoustic parameters of the horn, it either needs them or doesn’t. The tweeter horn does not need them either.
  7. You can experiment all you. But when you do, you change the intent. When klipsch does, inherently it a Klipsch designed model........pretty simple.
  8. The HIP and the kp250 used a higher spl woofer. It was ported to have a higher sensitivity rating; not to go lower. HIP and 250 were about 101 sensitivity.
  9. Ummm. The pic is here and no where else......
  10. They are actually the same height. In the old spec sheet, the riser was not taken into account.
  11. Lol!! That’s my boy!! Remember. I would use Michaels. Never mine. 🤓
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