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  1. I have never seen that. It should be okay to wash the foam.
  2. Why not? Just curious as to why you know me so well….🤔 and I don’t eat bass….
  3. If you have serial numbers then you can purchase the horns.
  4. Because I don’t like it when you stomp on others with your supposed knowledge when I know that what you said is questionable or just flat out wrong. Like I said….this isn’t audio karma brother.
  5. Your statement? Im sure it is But it’s been a while since I ran those kind of curves.
  6. Lol! Just remember bro. This isn’t audio karma. I’m going to have to find out where you got them cameras and mics…..🤓
  7. Ask Claude to post a curve from his large data base to show this….🤓
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