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  1. Actually if Mr K wanted to call the jubilee a khorn (which is what he wanted in the first place; a klipschorn II), then it’s him and only him that can call it whatever he wants. It’s kinda his baby....🙂
  2. That’s not a klipschorn anymore. Mod it all you want but it’s not a klipschorn.....by the way fishing is awesome!!
  3. And that keeps you up at night deano?
  4. Headlights??? Come on man!!! Lol!
  5. So why exactly does that bother you?
  6. You can have your opinion but not your facts. You guys better be glad mr K aint around to hear how some people chop up his babies.
  7. What’s your point deano? Here’s mine and oh mr k’s too. Mod all you want. But it’s not a klipsch speaker anymore. Comprende? Stupid simple bro.
  8. Actually I call it an extended wide dispersion phase plug but what do I know.....🙂
  9. Randy’s right. It ain’t a klipsch. But you go enjoy. It’s just not a klipsch anymore. Enjoy!!
  10. And no one should be judged by large number of posts either. Right Jim?
  11. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that....🙂
  12. If you were given a price for a preorder then that’s the price. I don’t think you will be disappointed with these jubs.
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