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  1. Get well very soon Rudy... miketn
  2. Everyone has their own personal value system and I spend my hard earned money how I want and I hope others do the same.. πŸ™‚
  3. I’m so happy they found a loving home with my good friends Becky and Marion. πŸ‘πŸ™‚. Hey Becky less see a picture of the back with all the signatures of those at Klipsch who had a part in creating them. miketn
  4. Happy Birthday PWK …… Paul loved Mexican food, and usually followed it with vanilla ice cream. It was the morning after when Paul was in the bathroom of the old lab which had no door (now the museum). He was quite vocal about the burning pain from Montezuma's revenge, and was finally heard exclaiming: "Come on ice cream!" Source - Bob Moers via GG
  5. Some small speakers can reproduce a large image when setup properly in my experience. I think you would be surprised dtel πŸ˜„
  6. While it can’t help all recordings a well designed EQ appropriate for less than ideal recordings with Tonal balance issues can many times make the intolerable very enjoyable in my experience. miketn
  7. Unfortunately I will have to miss this year but I definitely wanted to support such a great event and to say a special thanks to all the volunteers who work so hard to make this happen every year..!!! Paypal funds sent and please use for the pilgrimage and museum as needed. miketn
  8. Doing a β€œNear Field System” can teach a person a lot about our rooms individual characteristics and how the room acoustics and system integration may be able to be improved.
  9. Lets see pictures or it didn't happen ….
  10. Interesting the grill cloth looks greenish so I remembered this brochure had some of the options shown.. Jim do you know by the code # on the back bottom right corner of the brochure what year it was from..? Anyway here was the Teak option and a Green Grill Cloth option as well shown.
  11. Disclaimer...!!! These are Edited Photos [Moderator edit; Thank you Mike! As explained below, actual speakers being sold, but with photo editing effects applied to better capture appearance]. Travis my phone has an auto edit feature that helps sometimes with less than ideal photos and I have found it to be pretty trustworthy so I have used it on your posted photos of the Museum Edition Cornwall lV to hopefully give everyone a better idea of how beautiful the African Black Limba wood veneer is... miketn
  12. Here you go Travis. Please feel free to edit as you need. [Moderatir edit: Theae are photos of rhe La Scala Museum Edition speakers taken by owner wirh his high quality equipment which better capture the wood and fabric]
  13. Thought adding pictures might help those interested. [Moderator edit: These are actual speakers, taken with low quality phone camera, before enhancement]
  14. Excellent review and presentation all around Steve πŸ‘πŸ™‚ Wait still you here the Cornwall IV .... I believe you will be shocked at how much they have been improved and refined versus earlier generations as I was when Roy demonstrated the difference in his Chief Bonehead Class. miketn
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