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  1. The K402 has such a smooth even polar angle versus SPL over a very wide frequency range that toe-in doesn’t interact with the sweet spot to as high of a degree of change as past Klipsch horn designs. I find using Toe-in of the K402 is more about changing how the early reflections from the side, back and front walls interact with the sweet spot to be the main benefit to enhance imaging and tonal balance in typical reflective room conditions many seem to have. miketn
  2. Yes but the cabin gain would be equal for all. The air is being acted upon and doesn’t discriminate based on type of system causing the action.
  3. so the laws of physics change..... The way I see it any cabin gain available will be applied regardless of which type system is used (ie: sealed, ported, or horn systems) and they all can take advantage of it. miketn
  4. Love my Cary CAD 2A3i It’s a 2A3 PP designed by Dennis Had 🙂
  5. No... adds volume to back chamber for driver.
  6. Check to make sure your bi-wire / bi-amp jumpers are in place and connected properly if only using one amplifier. Edit: Caution...!!!! These pictures I posted from the web to show the Bi-Wire/Bi-Amp Jumpers may have been taken with the Midrange and Tweeter wires connected incorrectly at the terminal panel based on observation of the yellow and green wires connections in these photos so verify which color of wires are on your drivers and their proper connection to the midrange and tweeter terminals of the connection plate.
  7. Are you lowering the gain by -9.5 so that you can drive the Xilica’s Input at a good level as read on the Xilica’s Input Meters..? If the above is the case then even if you can adjust the Mute level of the Xilica it sure looks to me like you would benefit from attenuators on the amplifiers inputs due to the input sensitivity and gain of the amplifier. miketn
  8. Except for the initial direct sound heard from the loudspeaker all the rest of the acoustical energy heard is via room reflections and room modes and these can easily swamp/degrade any loudspeaker and is why PWK long ago suggested as much attention be paid to the room as was given to the loudspeaker chosen if accurate sound reproduction is your goal. miketn
  9. Sorry but you are wrong. I have experienced Klipschorns in a really good room image more realistically including depth than Quad 63US models and JBL 250 ti as well back in the day so while it isn’t common in my experience to hear this capability from Klipschorns (or most any loudspeaker due to inadequate setup and lack of attention to the Listening rooms acoustics) it is possible. I currently own the Klipschorn Jubilee and with a reasonably good setup and room acoustics has imaging including depth that can equal or exceed the KEF LS50 (which is often reported in reviews to exhibit excellent imaging). miketn
  10. Part of the dues we pay to play with the “Big Horns”. 😄👍
  11. Within their design limits they are very impressive and by using them in a near field setup they along with my Audeze LCD2(fazor version) headphones have been great Tools in helping me to make real improvements in the setup/integration/acoustical room treatments for the Jubilee/1502 sub systems in my listening room. miketn
  12. Well when I saw the full size tractor trailer I said you were supposed to have a smaller truck with a lift gate he said " I don't know anything about that they just loaded me up to deliver them" So he had to block the road at the bottom of my drive way while I took my S10 and made 3 trips down the drive way to off load the Jubes so I could drive them back to the garage to unload them. By the way that little S10 is about to turn 300,000 miles this week..
  13. It’s hard to describe how happy I am with these McIntosh amps and especially the C50 preamp with the 8 band Tone controls which was a must have option for less than ideal recordings.
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