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  1. I’ve used the ASC products for over 20 years and they have excellent build quality and their performance specifications can be trusted. I have found the ability to easily adjust the absorption or diffusive option of the tube traps for liveness and envelopment in my listening room very valuable to me as well. I also love the ability to easily change the deployment and location of the Tube Traps as I experiment with the acoustics and setup of my listening room and my equipment. They of course are used in the corners for the most efficient bass damping but they are also valuable to use at first reflection control and SBIR control. You can see some pictures of one of my more recent setups using Tube Traps in this thread if interested.
  2. @Deang I’m not clear why you are pointing me to this. It is basically displaying PWR vs THD+n levels at different test frequencies. @Deang As you said if you go to Best Buy site information is limited to just a PWR Rating without Distortion or Bandwidth parameters specified but for example if you go to the manufacturer website like this Denton Model you will find the following specifications. Notice how they have given a valid PWR specification of 90w with 8-ohm Impedance, (20hz to 20kHz) Bandwidth and 0.08% T.H.D. Distortion specifications. Then they start playing games with the 125w with it being specified at 6-ohm, 1kHz, 0.7% T.H.D which is a clear indicator that the amplifier will not be capable of 125w from (20hz to 20kHz) bandwidth. This is clearly advertising meant to deceive the naive consumers. IMHO its Buyer beware when manufactures use these practices..!! I think I’ve spent about as much time on this as I care to on this subject.. 🙂 miketn Brochure: MANUAL:
  3. Hey Dean can you point to any examples please I’m really curious to see which manufactures are playing those games with consumers. I remember cheap auto amplifiers back in the 70s, 80s pulling that crap but power at one frequency rating is a cheap gimmick at best meant for misleading the consumer.
  4. I would have to disagree that output power rating at 1kHz is typical for tube amplifiers. I’m curious what tube amplifiers have you seen rated at 1kHz ..? That would be a ridiculous way of rating any high fidelity amplifier Tube or SS and any quality product will have a bandwidth specification.
  5. @kippy Love the Bozak with Durrough meters looks really cool… 🙂👍
  6. JC… I really like the small speaker system with the K510…!!! What driver are you using on the K510..?
  7. I agree with JC and highly recommend the Jensen ISO-MAX units and use them in my systems. FYI …. Jensen recommends the use of their PI (Input Transformer designs) whenever you have the option over their PO (Output Transformer designs). The Pl-2XX with input type transforms will give better performance than the PO-2XX unless you absolutely need to run an output transformer type. Some info for anyone interested…
  8. Very nice John… 👍🙂
  9. @Rudy81 I thought it would be nice to edit your photo so we could see more details of the speakers but if for any reason you would rather I didn’t just let me know and I will delete it.
  10. Based on my experiences with the Heritage Jubilee and the quality and extension of it’s bass reproduction I would start with no additional subs and if for some reason I felt the need for another sub due to room acoustics/setup limitations then I would personally only consider the appropriate sized (due to be introduced in the near(?) future) horn loaded Heritage Subs to maintain the quality of the system with the Heritage Jubilee.
  11. Sounds like a really nice space kippy with the potential for an amazing listening experience. The soundstage/imaging can be amazing with the Heritage Jubilee when installed into a good acoustical space and is a highly valued aspect of sound reproduction speaking for myself. I’m curious what loudspeakers have you been using and is your current system in the same space where the Heritage Jubilee will be installed?
  12. I’m curious… is this a multiple purpose space or dedicated listening room where you will have more freedom to integrate the loudspeakers and use acoustical treatments as needed…? Would love to see any pictures you care to share of the listening room. miketn🙂
  13. @kippy congratulations on your purchase of the Heritage Jubilee which are amazing…!!! Your MC252 will most likely be a very good match and well worth giving them a chance before trying anything different. Getting the loudspeaker/room integration optimized is where the magic happens… 🙂👍 miketn
  14. List Prices seem to need updating in the article… 🙂
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