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  1. @Travis In Austin who do we need to contact to get you a pay upgrade… 👍🙂 miketn
  2. Mine is Gravy and Biscuits with Country Ham….. 😛
  3. Awesome achievement…!!! Thanks to everyone who played a part in this project 👍🙂 miketn
  4. @Flevoman Thanks for the pictures and your room/space is beautiful…!!! The pictures really help me to understand your situation and some of the acoustic nature of your setup/room that you are working with. It seems you have explored all the options of loudspeaker and listener locations and reached the best configuration for your situation. I’m curious if you tried the 4-ohm tap of your amplifier and what you experienced if so? As far as any other options (not in any order of priority) that come to my mind would be: (1) Different Amplifiers to explore any better synergy with the Cornwall lV as used in your unique situation. (2) Integration of a Subwoofer(s) to give more control of the LF Response in your space which would allow Bass Level and Tonal Balance adjustments to your system. (3) I’ll also mention some form of EQ adjustments in the system which I have available for example in my McIntosh C50 preamplifier can be of value not only for certain room/setup situations but also for the dramatically variable Recordings that we live with continuously in the real world. Definitely keep us updated as I have found this very interesting as you explore your options. miketn 🙂 Example of an excellent recording program equalizer IMHO
  5. The review assumes PP design and I own a Cary CAD 2A3i PP amplifier rated at about the same wattage. I doubt a Parallel SE 2A3 amplifier could produce 13 watts but I stand to be corrected. https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/amplifier-reviews/integrated-amplifier-reviews/melody-action-ultra-mda2-and-everest-211/2/ I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to try the 4 ohm tap since the Cornwall lV dips to 4 ohms in the bass region. I believe you will find the tonal balance will shift somewhat toward the bass but you might have a little less maximum volume. https://osirisaudio.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Stereoplay-Klipsch-Cornwall-Mk-4-stereoplay-2020-02_lowresTT-Standlautsprecher_pdf.pdf
  6. Link to Melody MDA2 which is a PP 2A3 with 13 watts. https://melodyhifi.eu/product/mda2/
  7. The Melody 2A3 Amp looks very nice…! Do you have the Cornwalls on the 4 ohm tap..? This would probably give you a better match in the low frequencies with the Cornwalls. If the dealer will let you try other amplifiers I would definitely try other options with more power either in Tube or solid state versions. miketn
  8. @Flevoman I will add depending on any of your restrictions as far as Cornwall lV locations and also taking in consideration your room size the addition of 1 or 2 quality subwoofers might be a good solution in your situation. miketn
  9. @Flevoman Have you tried moving the speakers closer together to see if you can find a (coupling between the speakers) that might bring out a more favorable bass and mid bass response in your room/setup…? You definitely have a large space and I assume you want to keep the loudspeakers on the 12M wall otherwise it might be worth trying the loudspeakers on the 5.3M wall as another option to bring them closer to the sidewall/corner boundaries which might give you more bass level. miketn
  10. @Flevoman Pictures would provide us with much more information about what you are working with and then we might be able to offer better ideas/suggestions for you. I understand some people might prefer not to share pictures for various reasons and thats OK but I’m not sure how to try to help you more without more details that pictures would provide us. I do hope you reach your goals for improvement. miketn🙂
  11. This description gives strong indications that you have strong early reflections which indicate poor speaker locations and possibly listener location issues as well. If you have any large cabinets or furniture between the loudspeakers look for those to be causing you issues. What are your rooms length, width and height dimensions …? Placing against a wall will increase bass but can also lead to increased modal issues as well as potential issues with a smooth balanced response in the 20Hz - 300Hz region so distances from boundaries needs to balance the bass extension along with the even more important frequency response smoothness in the 20Hz - 300Hz region which is the foundation and contains vital fundamentals of most all instruments and vocals. Even if you can’t leave the speakers located out into the room (several feet from boundaries if necessary to start with) it is well worth placing them there as an experiment until you get good imaging with a natural tonal balance and vocals that sound very realistic. You will know when you are getting close to these goals when the speakers on good stereo recordings totally disappear as the sound sources and actually appear to be silent within the soundstage. Once you achieve reasonably good imaging and soundstage then you can start moving the speakers closer to the boundaries while trying to maintain the imaging and tonal balance. When you get the smoothest response in the 20Hz - 300Hz region by proper loudspeaker distance to boundary placements required by your room dimensions and acoustical properties it can be surprising at times that you have the extended bass you originally thought would be lost if the loudspeaker is not against a boundary. We might could help more if you care to provide us with pictures of your setup/room otherwise its like we are working in the blind and deaf as well as we are not able to hear what you experience while we are giving our recommendations… 😄 miketn
  12. FYI… doing a CLAP TEST (clap test from listening position) as you described is not very helpful and can be misleading as to problem reflections and locations. If someone wants to perform a “CLAP TEST” It is a much better method to have someone “CLAP” from the speaker location while you are in the listening position or even better are with some TEST CDs that have a “CLAP TEST TRACK” which provides a consistent CLAP Sound and can be performed without any assistance from another person. miketn Here is a test CD with a CLAP TEST TRACK as an example.
  13. Look at PWK’s original DFH Paper on the issues of corner seal integration with the Klipschorn LF Horn and the results of an improper seal which leads to frequency variations in the upper portion of the LF Horn. PWK recommendation of some form of a rubber gasket at the tailboard was given as a solution. The current closed back design addresses this potential issue more effectively while also allowing the ability to give some toe-in adjustment which the original gasket seal method doesn’t supply. This Toe-In adjustment ability is a very important advancement in my experience. The need for corner installation(or false corner) although not requiring a tight seal due to enclosed back is still a requirement if you want the full low frequency balance/extension that the Klipschorn design is capable of. miketn
  14. I guess my first question is where do you intend to purchase the speakers from..? If your buying from a Heritage Dealer then maybe an in home trial would be a reasonable option so that you can try the Klipschorn AK6 first with the option to return and purchase the La Scala AL5 with high quality subwoofer(s). Ultimately your room’s acoustical quality/characteristics and your freedom or lack of freedom to locate and optimize the loudspeaker system integration will play a defining role in what will work best for you. By the way La Scala AL5 with high quality sub or subs can give you sound that many dream of when implemented properly…!!!🙂 miketn
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