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  1. Heritage HP-3's

    Wow...... had no idea they were even going to be available yet. I'm a bit surprised more hasn't been shared with the forum about these since the orginal announcement and information shared earlier in the year. Will be interesting to read your listening impressions..... What if any other headphones will you be doing comparisons with...? I own Audeze LCD2 and would love to hear how these compare. miketn
  2. Moth Audio 45

    Could be ground or capacitor or design issues. If you can find a schematic and/or comfortable working with amplifiers you can take pictures of it's internal construction then we might can help more. CAUTION: Be careful it's possible if not designed with power supply bleeder resistors to have 250v to 400v stored in the pwr supply capacitors.
  3. Moth Audio 45

    2a3-40.pdf Here is the data sheet
  4. Moth Audio 45

    Link should work now.
  5. Moth Audio 45

    Been trying to fix.... anyway Google JJ 2A3-40 data sheet to learn about the tubes and you will find the 6 moon review as well.
  6. Moth Audio 45

  7. Moth Audio 45

    Some things you might try. If it has a Hum/Buzz control try adjusting it. If you remove the input cables to the amplifier do you still hear the buzz..? It's actually best to use RCA shorting plugs on the input for this test if you have any. Is all the equipment plugged into the same AC outlet ..? Any AC plugs that are non-polarzed (ie: 2 prongs of equal size) can be reversed in the ac receptacle to see if that reduces the buzz. Another thing to check for would be if you are using any light dimmers try turning them totally off and see if the buzz goes away. miketn
  8. Klipsch KP-600 Eye Candy

    KP-600 pictures cool.... Father and Son having fun and spending time together even better.... miketn
  9. RIP Tom Petty

  10. Jubs clones gets top hats

    K691 is the current offering for the K402 as HF for 2way operation. My understanding is it's a B&C with modification. miketn
  11. Jubs clones gets top hats

    This is were many have a misunderstanding. The K402 is not what requires the EQ for the most part it is the requirement of the driver driving the horn. The K402 on axis response is achieved by electrically EQing the driver either actively or passively to achieve a target response on axis and because of this particular horns excellent design the accuracy is maintained throughout it's constant coverage area. The need to EQ the driver is also true for horns that collapse their polars because you are manipulating(ie: EQing the polars) as well as electrically to compensate for the driver's response to achieve the target on axis response. The inaccuracy of this method is it's tonal balance changes much more abruptly as you move off axis and any listeners that are off axis will hear a different tonal balance versus the on-axis listener and there is no compensation possible to correct for this. Over it's designed bandwidth the K402 treats all frequencies equally more so than any horn I'm aware of. The proof of this fact is in the polar plots that have been posted many times on this forum and in the listening experience were as the listener moves around in the coverage field the tonal balance is maintained very close to the on axis sound. Horns that collapse their polar response with frequency are the very definition of coloring the sound whether intentionally or not and the proof of this fact can easily be demonstrated to the listener has he moves off axis. It should come as no surprise that these type of horns can sound pleasing as evidenced by many examples of past klipsch designed horns as well as other manufacture's horns. miketn
  12. Please support the KLIPSCH MUSEUM OF AUDIO HISTORY. ... Thanks, miketn These just arrived...
  13. Jubs clones gets top hats

    PWK explained it pretty well in the past.
  14. Jubs clones gets top hats

    Simple if it left the factory authorized by Klipsch with those drivers it's Klipsch because they said it was.
  15. Sub for Jubilee's

    If my memory is correct, I remember Roy saying during our conversations about the 1502 during the time of the pilgrimage was they had achieved an extremely close frequency response that extended as low as the 1802 with just 2db to 3db less max spl output. miketn