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  1. Extremely unlikely that your amplifier is having any difficulty due to the loudspeakers. It has most likely developed an intermittent internal failure if you have isolated the problem to the amplifier versus upstream components. miketn
  2. Very bad advise based on information the OP has posted so far and simply because he is experiencing intermittent crackling and pops doesn't automatically equate to amplifier overload or overheating and he hasn't reported any overheating of the amplifier. miketn
  3. Your amplifier could have an intermittent bad connection or intermittent component failure like transistor, resistor, etc... hard to say without more troubleshooting. miketn
  4. Have you tried both the 4ohm and 8ohm taps of your amplifier to see which sounds best in your situation…? Never underestimate the importance of moving the speaker positions even a few inches can make significant differences and it’s free. Pictures of your room/system setup would help us understand your situation better if you care to post them. I do agree with some break in time for new loudspeakers especially for the bass. miketn🙂
  5. The magic of the La Scala AL5 and Tubes sometimes things just come together if your open minded. They appear about 1:45 in the video and you can tell they are still like little kids having fun with this audio stuff after decades in this hobby. miketn
  6. They benefit from a well implemented sub just as a Klipschorn would but “need” is more a situation and taste dependent factor IMHO. Dang and here I’ve been enjoying my Cary CAD2a3 SE mono-blocs on my La Scala AL5…. 🙂 miketn
  7. Just because the La Scala was first utilized for sound reinforcement doesn’t mean it wasn’t for HiFi utilization and as a matter of fact PWK advocated it’s use between his Klipschorns in a 3 speaker array where it was used in the most critical position as a center channel speaker in a HiFi System for the home. miketn
  8. Received my copies..🙂 I’m absolutely blown away by the Quality, Feel and Beauty of the “DOPE FROM HOPE” book…!!! Packaging was 1st class all the way..!!! miketn
  9. I use to wonder the same things especially with my UG Jubs but after I added the KPT-1502-HLS prototype to the system I was amazed at the amount of realism it added to many recordings that you would never expect. For example I love a lot of the older acoustic blues recordings and when the sub was added I was shocked at the increased sense of the acoustical space of the recordings with an increased spaciousness/envelopment with the musicians clearly more defined/realistic within that space. There is also a perception of increased clarity in the rest of the spectrum with an improved overall tonal balance which is especially and easily audible when you turn the sub off and on. After experiencing this sub with my La Scala AL5s and my UG Jubs I really don’t consider it an option but actually an essential part of the systems which brings the systems to another level that IMHO isn’t possible with any electronic improvements someone could add to their system if they already have descent equipment. IMHO Roy’s vented horn loaded subs are the absolute cutting edge designs with shocking clarity that makes someone feel as if you can actually count the frequency cycles being reproduced which I have never experienced with any other sub design types. The clarity/definition is incredible with Roy’s horn/vent sub design. IMHO Subs of these qualities when added to your systems will connect you with the musical performance in such vital ways to realism that until you have experienced it most listeners simply can’t imagine. miketn 🙂
  10. The black HJs are beautiful and I felt the same way Heinz…the irony 😄 Thorens TD124 /ll SME 3009 series ll audio-technica VM 95SH/H
  11. There are (5) Klipsch UG Jubilees total {ie: (3) behind the screen and (2) for rear surround} + the Heritage Jubilee pair for L + R channels in the home theater room. You can see (2) of the UG Jubilee-K402 elevated somewhat above the screen in the picture I posted.
  12. They are like many of us who have been dedicated Klipsch enthusiasts for many decades when it comes to our music…. 🙂
  13. I wanted to share some pictures with those here who enjoy viewing music rooms with great equipment. The pictures were taken during our visit with some dear friends who truly love sharing their music through their Klipsch Collection as well as sharing some of the most enjoyable meals a person could experience. miketn 🙂 This is their Underground Jubilee clones with retro equipment collection that they restore and enjoy in all their systems. Heritage Jubilee in their living room with McIntosh MC30s and a Custom 45 single ended tube amplifiers. Theater Room which can be switched between Home Theater duty as well as 2-channel Music with again his custom built Tube Preamplifier and 300B Amplifiers. Heritage Jubilee and UG Jubilees for surround and center duty with a KPT-1802-HLS sub as well. Pictures just cannot do justice to these Klipschorn AK6 “Teak with Lambs Wool” which serve as a bedroom system again driven with great tube equipment he has restored.
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