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  1. To make matters worse recordings have a lot of variations which makes deciding the best balance by ear a challenge as well since the tap options are acting somewhat like tone controls. miketn
  2. Yes I purchased them from Parts Express. As you have probably read on the forum in the past of some individuals experiencing obvious Hum, Buzz, and Ground Loop issues especially when some were going with an Active DSP Crossover using Balanced IN/OUT connections with their existing Unbalanced Equipment (Amplifiers, Pre-Amps, etc....) and some of them had contacted me for help which can be challenging when trying to troubleshoot by phone and e-mail. So I have spent a considerable amount of time researching these issues and I have come away with a better understanding of the real world issues of Balanced Systems, Unbalanced Systems, and Mixed Balanced/Unbalanced Systems and why implementing High Quality Transformers like the Jensen Brand can offer obvious and not so obvious benefits. As far as myself I have not experienced any obvious issues with Hum and Buzz in my system which does use Balanced and Unbalanced Equipment as I had implemented them in my system over many years and one thing I was very careful about was to always use the same AC Circuit for all my equipment to minimize potential Ground Loop Issues. Recently however I wanted to experiment with different locations of my loudspeakers and equipment which means 20'ft Long Interconnects and Amplifiers being relocated next to the loudspeaker using different AC Circuits so I decided to implement the Jensen ISO-MAXX Transformers in the appropriate locations in my system to prevent and/or minimize any induced noise potential might lessen the quality of reproduction I want from my system. Except for the $$$...cost I see no negatives and some actual real world benefits when using high quality transformers implemented properly like these Jensen Transformers and that includes even in already actively balanced equipment like I currently have. miketn To make it easy for some who my be interested in this subject I wanted to add some relevant papers. Jensen ts_guide ISO-MAXX Troubleshooting Guide.pdfJensen ISO-MAXX PI-2XX_manual.pdfJensen ISO-MAXX PI-2XX_datasheet.pdfJensen ISO-MAXX PC-2XR_user_guide.pdfJensen ISO-MAXX PC-2XR_datasheet.pdfJensen an004 HUM AND BUZZ IN Unbalanced Systems.pdfJensen an003 Interconnection of Balanced and Unbalanced Equipment.pdfJensen an002 Answers To Common Questions About Audio Transformers.pdfJensen (William Whitlock) generic-seminar Ground Loops.pdfAES-Ground-Loops-Rest-of-Story-Whitlock-Fox-Generic-Version.pdf
  3. Definitly improved mid- horn but the mitigation of the box resonance coloration versus previous versions is a game changer IMHO which brings forth a clarity and detail in recordings thats very obvious. miketn
  4. No screwdriver needed for the color ring installation.
  5. Hey Bruce........ the 3rd picture down shows the outer shell unscrewed from the strain relief and new ring of the desired color installed. I use my thumb nail to remove the old ring and just push the new one in place then reinstall the shell.
  6. Started a cable management project to make system wiring easy and to prevent accidental miswiring which is especially important when you have an active multi-amplified loudspeaker system. Quick and Easy to add color coding to your Neutrik XX type XLR equipped interconnect cables. Neutrik has 10 color options to choose from. Takes about 5 minutes to change out both ends of an XLR Interconnect Cable. miketn Active DSP Crossover EV DC-ONE color coding completed. Jensen ISO-MAX and Right Channel Amplifier color coded connections completed.
  7. Chris I’m sorry if I’ve inconvenienced you and I didn’t realize my follow up questions would be a problem and I’ve meant no disrespect for what you have been doing. I wish I had more time to explore this and many other things on my mind but life has limited that for me at this time. Thanks for your time Chris, miketn
  8. Thanks Chris I would like to understand the relationship between the driver’s natural roll off due to excursion limitations, back chamber compression and the PEQs so that I can better understand what the compromises versus benefits are with this method. I’m especially concerned about the excursion limitations with this method. Can you share the PEQs your using with the K402/TAD in conjunction with the driver’s natural rolloff to achieve these results..? Thanks, Mike
  9. I’m afraid people would just find something else to speculate about and like you I don’t have time for extracurricular activities like “squashing the speculation going around “ although I did try this time and obviously in vain... miketn
  10. Instead of assumptions and speculations why didn’t you just ask @Chief bonehead to share information about the design changes...? If you had attended Chief Boneheads Class you would have learned that PWK was wanting to look at porting the Heresy and many other changes to the Heritage models like steeper slope crossovers. Roy told us members that attended the class that the changes we were seeing to these Heritage Models were the directions that he knew Paul wanted to go because they had discussions about them. Roy has said on more than one occasion that any changes he does to the Heritage models are in the direction that PWK wanted because they had discussions about them and he believes in what Paul taught him and that is how he honours his memory. miketn
  11. More like making ill-informed assumptions.
  12. You should attend a Chief Bonehead Class then you might understand how BS your posts are..
  13. I've been looking at the DEQX approach and would love to have one to experiment with (like I've got the time ) to see what is audible and preferable. Chris if you have the time can you explain/describe (or if you already have please give me a link) how you are limiting the excursion of the TAD4002 with the method your using now.? Thanks, Mike
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