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  1. I have been to charbuggie place as well and he is a very nice person with a very well cared for collection of audio equipment if anyone has an interest in what he is selling. miketn
  2. New = Design and Performance verified by a highly trained and experienced engineer (Chief Bonehead) using testing facilities capable of measuring and verifying the design goals of the Cornwall IV. miketn
  3. Actually it’s has a polimide diaphragm not Mylar. https://pslc.ws/macrog/imide.htm
  4. Instead of assumptions, speculations and declarations why didn’t some of you just ask Roy to share information about the design changes...? Wouldn’t this have been a much better thread if instead some would have asked....... “Hey Roy would you tell us please what the many changes in the Cornwall IV have achieved by your Measurements Data and how does that correlate to what we may expect to experience when we have a chance to actually listen to the new design.” miketn
  5. If your looking for something to listen to tonight I suggest giving this recording a try. Was listening to this on my La Scala AL5 setup the other night and it is one of the best sounding recordings by him and I especially enjoyed the personal memories he shared before each song and the simplicity of these versions of his songs.
  6. Which generation of the K402 (there are 3 generations) do you have and do you have a picture of the crack..? @rigma @ClaudeJ1 If I remember correctly rigma and Claude both did some repairs to the 1st generation type (if that is what you have) so maybe they can give some advice on how they repaired some they had. miketn
  7. I know this video is about higher frequencies but the Tractrix or modified tractrix ports might offer the best airflow with least distortion at the port frequencies as well and not just cosmetics.
  8. Not the impression I got from Roy when it was first introduced 🙂
  9. I’m not so sure of that.... not the best picture for that determination since the chair arm is blocking the view of one brace and it could be a visual illusion caused from that and the camera angle. miketn
  10. No I wish ... grabbed it off Facebook for you 🙂
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