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  1. My opinion currently is that ABX testing can have some benefits but doesn’t reveal everything we perceive in sound reproduction and like any test can be misleading if that isn’t taken into consideration. ABX testing can be very fatiguing and stressful and I believe it uses different aspects of our Brain versus when we are in a relaxed state listening to sound reproduction. It is the accuracy of sound reproduction in combination with the ability to emotionally connect me with the music that is my goal and is a more complex than I believe the ABX has the ability to reveal. miketn
  2. Well that is one aspect of this experiment and I definitely like both...…. As long as SPL/Distortion is maintained within the LS50 design limits.. What is also revealed in the experiment is just how beneficial a near field setup can be to minimize the perceived acoustical interference from the room and why if a listener (for whatever reason) doesn't have the ability to acoustically treat/balance the room then a near field setup can create sound reproduction that is low in listener fatigue with excellent clarity/inner detail and I would consider it a great option to consider. If a person is curious about the quality of their speakers and/or how much the room acoustics are influencing the sound reproduction I highly suggest a temporary near field setup experiment and I believe many might take more serious the need to up grade the room acoustics instead of their equipment. miketn
  3. Glad to see your having fun jc. 👍🙂
  4. For those interested here is a link with pictures and opinions from the Chief Bonehead Education Class. miketn
  5. Did you mean CW3’s instead of “The Forte 3’s on the other hand were terribly underwhelming”..? IMHO the CW3;s midrange wasn’t up to the quality of the Forte 3’s or CW4’s and the CW3 exhibited a noticeable bass resonance that was obvious in direct comparison to the Forte 3 or CW4’s.... miketn
  6. A little editing to see Klipschorn better..
  7. I wouldn't suggest using the 16ohm tap due to the large impedance mismatch for the loudspeaker.. I would expect the tonal balance between the bass and midrange to shift slightly between the 4ohm versus the 8ohm taps and I would use whichever sounds best in your unique system/room. miketn
  8. Hey Claude if you want to hear the full potential of the KEF LS50 set them up as seen in my picture in a near field well away from any boundary on stands with an amplifier having plenty of power. I’m using an Arcam SA20 (Class G with 90w @ 4ohm and 150w @ 8 ohm) and love the combination. miketn
  9. The main thing is you found what works best for your unique situation and taste...👍🙂
  10. Thanks I would definitely recommend a sub/subs paired with the LS50 if high spl and movie reproduction is desired. My daughter runs LS50 and Sub for movies and again I find it to be a very impressive system. miketn
  11. Within their design limitations I found the KEF LS50 performance very impressive when implemented as a near field setup where they would disappear as a sound source with excellent life size imaging and very musically involving reproduction. miketn
  12. System setup can make or break any loudspeaker..!!!! It would very informative if you post a picture of the setup so we can see the conditions for comparison...? miketn.
  13. More Info: https://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-notes-forte-iv-loudspeaker-q-a?fbclid=IwAR0g1faEzZpnMuVHx5_URPG0c9nqOTxytgkudqC0qKAmPtH8s4dgjytmB6E
  14. Here is the You Tube of the Live Stream of the Forte lV if you missed it but would like to learn more about the Forte history and even some interesting comments about PWK and his research being continued by Roy/Klipsch and the Klipsch Museum Of Audio History. https://www.klipschmuseum.org/ Note: I found it especially interesting about PWK researching Steep Slope Networks to minimize the “Interference Band Between Drivers”..!
  15. Listening Lounge was awesome...... and congratulations to the winner of the Hersey lV ME 👍🙂
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