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  1. Hey Chris I’ll check things out some more but this was in the HF output channel gain section not in the mixer section.
  2. I have been playing with an XD4080 since last week and my first impressions was it wasn’t as intuitive to use compared to the EV DC-One but I have to say it has really grown on me and I find the front panel operation to be very handy as well as the XConsole editor. I have noticed that the XConsole graph does not register changes in output channel gain (example: -3db for the K402/TAD HF) while I was creating a program that resulted in Output responses that duplicate Roy’s EV DX38 or EV DC-One ( Jub/K402/TAD4002 program.) This was easy to get around but should be accounted for when duplicating programs designed using the EV DSP models as well as other Brands I suspect as well. miketn
  3. 😄 it’s all good 👍
  4. No ... She is the #1 most awesome part my friend...🙂
  5. New addition to the “BB King Room” My sweet Linda had this framed for my birthday and I thought.... BB King and La Scala were an awesome combination.....👍😄
  6. The African Limba veneer and Brown Grille Cloth are so beautiful in person and pictures are hard to take that captures the true beauty of them. Here are pictures of my Museum LaScala to try to give anyone interested a better representation of the color of the veneer and grille cloth which is Brown if its the same as mine which I believe it is. Travis ... I don’t want to distract from your thread so please feel free to remove this post later if you like since I’m just trying to give others interested in these Museum Edition Cornwall lV a good representation of what they can expect until better pictures of them can be posted by you. miketn
  7. Finally got it installed next to my other one from seeing BB King and Buddy Guy at the Ryman ... 🙂 It’s has officially become the BB King Room 😄
  8. There really aren’t any industry standards that satisfy all the variables that result into a sensitivity figure that is universally valid...!!! The best we can hope for is a list of the conditions and assumptions made that result into a manufacture’s stated/advertised sensitivity specs. Then we might be able to make reasonable assumptions when we compare one manufactures specs to another’s which uses different methods and assumptions. For example subtract -4db from Klipsch’s stated sensitivity value if room gain wasn’t used in another manufacturer’s stated value if all other variables are identical (which in the real world is very unlikely because the variables are many and there are no accepted standards industry wide from what I’ve been able to see so far). Some other things to consider when sensitivity measurements are taken. https://peavey.com/support/technotes/concepts/THE_LOUDSPEAKER_SPEC_SHEET_GAME_2005.pdf miketn
  9. Funny how time flies .... almost 18 years ago....😄 miketn
  10. How many here listen in an anechoic chamber 😄 A loudspeaker sensitivity measurement/claim that doesn’t take into account the real world environment (ie: Listening rooms) is extremely lacking and still doesn’t place all loudspeakers on an even playing field as some seem to believe. Room gain, loudspeaker polar response, loudspeaker power response are not accounted for in an on-axis measurement for sensitivity in an anechoic or quasi anechoic measurements yet all these factors are at play in how we perceive the sensitivity of a loudspeaker. All advertised loudspeaker sensitivity measurements should come with a disclaimer of how they were arrived at otherwise they are all of limited use and should be used with some caution. Klipsch’s method is a reasonable attempt IMHO to account for the way most of us use a loudspeaker in our rooms. Yes every room is different but to ignore the room influence and other aspects of the loudspeaker’s performance (ie: polars for example) isn’t the answer for sensitivity measurements.!!! So for those saying Klipsch is being deceptive in their Sensitivity Claims what is your idea for an accurate and reliable way to perform the measurements that is directly related to what we actually perceive in our listening rooms..? miketn
  11. Happy Birthday Christy...🙂
  12. I was blessed to see BB King live twice. Once was at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville with Linda and my special friends Becky and Marion. The second time was with Linda at the Tennessee Theatre on January 8, 2010 and until recently I had forgotten I had this numbered print 198/1000 from the event. For Christmas my sweet Linda had it professionally framed for my music room. Sure brings back a wonderful memory of spending an evening with BB King and Linda..! Would love to see and hear of others memorabilia of concerts you attended...🙂 miketn
  13. Room full of “Boneheads” are probably very diffusive 😄
  14. To make matters worse recordings have a lot of variations which makes deciding the best balance by ear a challenge as well since the tap options are acting somewhat like tone controls. miketn
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