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  1. Belles for center channel

    +1......... but I would suggest trying both 4 ohm and 8 ohm taps since each will create a slight difference in tonal balance from the loudspeakers and depending on your system components synergy and room acoustics you might prefer one over the other miketn
  2. Belles for center channel

    I have run 2 Belles placed very similar to how you have described between Klipschorns and it can sound extremely close to using a single Belle for a center which I also have done. The 2 Belles comb filtering issue was never an audible problem in my situation and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it as a valid option when a single speaker can't be placed in the center of the flanking loudspeakers. Comb filtering is something to be aware of and is always a part of any reproduction system in a room even if it is mono but it depends on the situation if or how audible of an issue it is. miketn
  3. Belles for center channel

    Just to clarify are you talking about the output power level of the 2 amplifiers or the sound level output of the center Belles versus the Klipschorns? miketn

    Please tell Roy I'm thinking about him and wish him and his family peace. Lost my brother going on 2 years ago soon and still feels like yesterday. Mike
  5. Maybe the dealer can check/repair the mid-horn mounting of the first pair you returned and take these back if that is an option for you. miketn
  6. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    Great measurement example RoboKlipsch...! For those not familiar with using and setting time delay as Roy pointed out when he said "your favorite listening position" it's important to understand when you have multiple spaced sources reproducing the same frequencies that by optimizing delay for one listening location can often degrade another listening location if multiple listening positions are being used. In the case of multiple listening positions all positions need to be evaluated and weighted as to importance and a best overall compromise delay setting chosen. miketn
  7. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

    Yes More important in a room as it relates to constructive or destructive interference. Hmmm.... Our ear/brain perception or lack of perception is sensitive to amplitude, time and direction of arrivals from sources. The sources can be the actual loudspeakers or their room boundary reflections as perceived at the listener's location. So time alignment and our sensitivity to and how we will perceive it will be affected by the location of the sources relative to the listeners ears. miketn
  8. Which corners for Khorns in a 16x23 room??

    My experience with all things being equal the 23ft wall would be my preference.
  9. Review Klipsch Heritage HP-3 Headphones & Photos

    Yes... thanks for the pictures and your impressions....!!! miketn
  10. My Mc275 quit working!

    @dwilawyer what happened to the orginal thread that most of us have already posted in ..? miketn
  11. My Mc275 quit working!

    Have you done and verified everything is correct for your setup On/Off sequence..? INPUT SWITCH in correct position..? Is Sentry Monitor activated. ...?
  12. My Mc275 quit working!

    Don't you have serial number and a matching bill of sale that will show which dealer...?
  13. Heritage HP-3's

    Wow...... had no idea they were even going to be available yet. I'm a bit surprised more hasn't been shared with the forum about these since the orginal announcement and information shared earlier in the year. Will be interesting to read your listening impressions..... What if any other headphones will you be doing comparisons with...? I own Audeze LCD2 and would love to hear how these compare. miketn
  14. Moth Audio 45

    Could be ground or capacitor or design issues. If you can find a schematic and/or comfortable working with amplifiers you can take pictures of it's internal construction then we might can help more. CAUTION: Be careful it's possible if not designed with power supply bleeder resistors to have 250v to 400v stored in the pwr supply capacitors.