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  1. Were you hearing this resonance sound when using the AL crossover..?
  2. How does the splitter size compare to the one in the La Scala AL5...?
  3. I strongly disagree with this quoted statement. Roy's response stating four of Paul W Klipsch sound principles in order of importance was very important because they are the basis for the Klipschorn design since the beginning and have never changed and it should lead those not familiar with them and the science/physic behind them to begin educating themselves as soon as possible if accurate sound reproduction is important to them. I believe Roy's response was reaching past Stereophile and it's review/reviewer in an attempt to get people to think and wonder how a loudspeaker can have a design that has lasted over 70 years and is still very relevant as a sound reproducer to this day and with that understanding hopefully people will make all efforts possible to experience the Klipschorn. All anyone has to do is compare the Klipschorn review by Richard C Heyser in Audio versus this Stereophile review to understand how poorly and inadequate in implementation the Stereophile Review was performed in all respects. miketn
  4. Thanks for calling special attention to Roy’s comments in the review.
  5. Hope no one minds but I tried to take some pictures that would show off how great Klipsch did with the new design that allows the veneer grain pattern to flow continuesly on the cabinet. This is the right La Scala Right Side Top and Left Side Left Side Back Just like PWK intended πŸ™‚
  6. Hey that Roy dude in the review wrote on my La Scala AL5 -ME pair... πŸ‘πŸ˜„
  7. https://www.hifinews.com/content/klipsch-la-scala-al5-loudspeaker Couldn’t remember if this had been posted on the forum ...πŸ™‚ miketn
  8. Yes Roy made a very reasoned response to the review highlighting PWKs and his principles of sound reproduction to obtain live music reproduction. miketn
  9. This is a very live/reflective room and room modes causing overhang at several regions in the approximately 30hz to 300hz region is very likely. Another potential issue IMO is from the reviewers descriptions of the loudspeaker locations it sounds like they were on the short wall (12ft) which with the Klipschorns having such a small spread means audible constructive and destructive interference from the small spacing between the loudspeakers starts at a much higher frequency which leads to more tonal colorations that wider spacing reduces considerably when the spread is more in the 16ft to 25ft range based on my own experiences with the Klipschorns and the many rooms I have used them in. miketn
  10. Hard to take this review seriously with so many obvious mistakes it’s really worthless and actually misleading. Just another good example why people should take magazine reviews and reviewers with a grain of salt. I believe all so called professional reviews and reviewers of these magazines should be required to show pictures of the room and setup since it is as important as the speakers under review to understand why they get the results they often report about. If this is the room/setup the KHorns were reviewed in then no wonder it went the way it did. miketn
  11. Prayers for you both...πŸ™‚ miketn
  12. Very impressive work as usual Rudy81 miketn πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  13. When using the jumpers for LF and HF input then which ones you connect the amplifier to doesn’t matter because they would be in parallel electrically speaking. Which version of the MC275 does he have..? It has power sentry monitors so even if he has a shorted speaker cable its not supposed to damage the amplifier. I would suggest you inspect the speaker wires running from amplifier connection to the speakers for any loose strands of wire touching the wrong terminal or possible pinched or damaged insulation which might also lead to a somewhat resistive short (ie:not a dead short which would cause an instant shutdown) which could lead to premature shutdowns as volume is raised as you have described. miketn
  14. No way Travis πŸ˜„ I bought these very special LaScals AL-5 in part for my daughter and grandson to enjoy for many decades I hope.πŸ™‚ miketn
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