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  1. Thanks guys ........ it’s really hard to capture the true beauty of the veneer but I hope to try to post some better pictures in the near future. Klipsch’s redesign of the cabinet allowing Top and Bottom cabinet’s continues veneer matching on these as well as the Pair Matching is stunning in person IMHO. 🙂 miketn
  2. As DizRotus suggest.... or if you have easy access to your equipment swap Left and Right speaker wires at your receiver and if the problem stays with the same speaker it’s definitely in that speaker. If the problem swaps sides then check out the receiver. miketn
  3. mikebse2a3

    What I Got Today!

    Did you not see my guard dog Pancho in the picture he is looking right at you man..? Don’t Let size fool you..... this is when he is on guard duty which is all the time... 😄
  4. Thanks to everyone who signed these LaScala AL5 ME 🙂
  5. mikebse2a3

    What I Got Today!

    Klipsch LaScala AL-5 ME. 🙂
  6. Quick setup and the first sound heard through them was Muddy Waters...and then Leonard Cohen 🙂
  7. Well look what came today...😄 Awesome packing by Jim Hunter and Klipsch..!!!
  8. Erik you will probably need to readjust your Sub settings when you change the Jub settings I have suggested you try. If the suggestions lowers the peaks in the 30hz region then I would try to rebalance the Sub by turning up the sub channel level from the xilica and use more cuts than boost peqs or possible shelves adjustments. miketn
  9. Erik I understand and here is a couple of thoughts for you to try if you haven’t already. 🙂 If you still have the 32hz peq boost on the Jubilee try bypassing it and see what happens. I would also experiment with rolling the Jubilee off in the region that you are using the 1502 to see how that changes the response at the Listening position. miketn
  10. Question: If a person were standing in front of the sub on the ground outside with no reflection from near by structures would distance from the sub matter..? miketn
  11. Check out KEF’s comments on Bi-amping https://www.kefdirect.com/blog/bi-amping-101 miketn
  12. Yes it should be very close. Don’t be offended my friend.. 😄 Curious why would you feel symmetry is better off when a stereo amplifier in Horizontal Bi-amping is handling L and R signals that exhibit very little symmetry in a stereo recording? Vertical Bi-amping involves stereo amplifiers sharing a common power supply anytime I’ve seen it described. If you have true mono amplifiers (regardless of if they share a common chassis) then I wouldn’t consider that as Vertical Bi-amping but does have the potential to technically out perform Vertical Bi-amping with stereo amplifiers. miketn 🙂
  13. Vertical Bi-amping has the maximum db of channel separation which offers the best possibility for imaging also IMHO. miketn
  14. Actually the K402/K69 and K402/TAD4002 are up to 10db more efficient than the Jubilee LF and this is reflected in the reduction in power requirements demanded of the HF amplifier. Example: This is typical of what I see with Vertical Bi-amping: Left Meter is Jubilee LF ~.5 watts Right Meter is K402/TAD4002 ~.05 watts
  15. Should be fine but every few months I would suggest working the switch since this will clean the contacts of oxidation build up that can build up over time. It also helps to periodically work controls that might not see much use such as tone and balance controls for example to clean the wiper contact. miketn
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