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  1. In any balanced design pre-amp or amp it would be very important that both +/- phase have well matched tubes for optimum performance. I believe 1,2,4,5 should be a matched quad when replaced so if you only have a matched pair then that leaves 3&6 Input Buffers or 7&8 Headphone Amplifiers if you use that feature IMHO. I would contact Cary for recommendations when you only have a matched pair and I believe you will find them in agreement as far as a matched quad for 1,2,4,5 positions. miketn
  2. @Fido Was this comparison made in the same room with the same equipment..? The only reason I ask this is the room/setup is second to if not equal to the loudspeaker in importance in what we experience. Note: My comment isn’t about the Perlisten or Forte lV but instead a caution about making comparisons under different conditions regardless of loudspeaker brand or model. miketn🙂
  3. It just takes a little thinking outside of the box… 🙂 I’ve used PVC “T”s and “Y”s to create an adjustable vacuum suction hose where I could use tape or fingers over the created bypass opening of the “T” or “Y” to tweak the strength of the suction.
  4. Just you tube “how to fix dented speaker dust caps for some video examples of repairs. Depending on severity I have used various sticky tapes with great results. I have also used the vacuum cleaner method but the key here is to somehow control the amount of suction which is easy with my particular vacuum cleaners hose because it has an adjustable opening on the hose to adjust the vacuum pressure. miketn
  5. As always beautiful work and verification of performance afterwards…👍 miketn
  6. I suggest you look into Series-Mode type surge suppressors which from my research indicate a superior power surge protection technology design versus the more common types available. All these companies use the Series-Mode Surge Suppression design and actually Zero Surge is a company from the Inventor of this design technology: SurgeX https://www.ametekesp.com/surgex FYI: Technical Information under Resource Tab available Brick Wall Surge Protection https://www.brickwall.com/collections/audiophile Torus Power https://www.toruspower.com/product-ranges/ ZeroSurge https://zerosurge.com/products-2/ FYI: Technical Information under Resources Tab available I use a SurgeX XR315 bought from Cory/Mark at Paducah Home Theater at a very reasonable price when I contacted them a few years ago. It offered other features I wanted also like Inrush Current Elimination and programmable Low Voltage Shutdown, High Voltage Shutdown and Power Fail Restore. Here is the patent and a couple of other papers for anyone interested in Series-Mode Surge Suppression; US4870534.pdf power_quality_conf_2002-1.pdf power_quality_conf_2005-1.pdf Edit: I wanted to alert to one important requirement with the SurgeX XR315 thats in the manual thats not obvious in most of the available reading on the unit and that is the need for the electrical outlet used for the SurgeX XR315 needs to be at least 30ft from the electrical service panel. I believe the resistance/inductance of the 30ft of wire is needed for the proper safe operation of the surge suppression unit. The SPD Type 3’s 30ft distance requirement between electrical outlet and the electrical service panel had me curious as to why and often when looking at these SPD (Surge Protection Devices) I found it isn’t always easily found in the information when looking on line at these devices if they are SPD Type 3 unless you find the warning caution in the owners manual. Here is a good video explaining that the Installation Requirement of some SPD Type 3 are based on the units design performance to meet NEC 285 article and UL 1449 3rd Edition standards/testing requirements. Basically I’ve become more aware that its important to understand what the location requirements of your SPD are before purchasing to make sure they will work with your installation requirements. miketn
  7. I suggest before you buy anything that you try the r-15m bookshelves in the area you want to setup your system to see how good you can get the imaging/soundstage and tonal balance of the setup. If you have a subwoofer to test with as well that would be even better to give you an idea of what you can expect and an understanding of where you would like to improve the system once you get this baseline experience. Heresy lll (F3 ~58Hz) and Heresy lV (F3 ~48Hz) Forte lll (F3 ~38Hz) and Forte lV (F3 ~38Hz) Cornwall ? Depending on model version the (F3 is approximately 34Hz to 38Hz) Chorus ll (F3 ~39Hz) La Scala (F3 ~51Hz) Since you stated that room treatments aren’t likely to be an option and also your setup locations are pretty limited that really only leaves the option of which speakers gives you the most versatility in placement and any (visual concerns like physical size of the speakers come into play which is a personal taste factor as well as placement option factor). When it comes to dealing with room/setup acoustical issues the options are room treatments and possibly increasing the direct to reflective ratio (ie: moving the speakers closer to the listener and farther away from the room boundaries (ie: corners and walls). Physically smaller speakers tend to have advantages in being less visually obtrusive and physically less placement limited which can help with challenging acoustical room issues. A separate subwoofer crossed higher with the mains can also allow more freedom to find the best main loudspeakers and subwoofer setup locations acoustically speaking in a room where setup and room treatments options are very limited. Another option I have seen used is to have a setup where the main loudspeakers are placed for best visual appeal most of the time but when serious higher quality listening is desired they can be moved into less compromised positions to enjoy. I’m mostly trying to give you some ideas for options that you might want to explore to make the best personal choices for your unique situation. miketn🙂
  8. Are you a casual listener or someone who listens from the sweet spot and values imaging and soundstage from your recordings..? As your drawing depicts the setup with one speaker in a corner and another along the wall well away from a corner will result in significant tonal differences between the two loudspeakers and skewed/smeared vague imaging and soundstage especially for any of the models that reach down to the lower frequencies (with F3 in the 32Hz-40Hz range). Klipsch models having a (higher F3 around 45Hz-55Hz) matched with a subwoofer has a better versatility/chance of maintaining tonal balance and imaging with your proposed setup arrangement in my experience. miketn
  9. @babadono Your right Life is to short and you have nothing to apologize for and IMHO you are always trying to share knowledge and help others on this forum. miketn🙂
  10. Location can make some difference but I would estimate between $2000 to $3000 depending on actual condition. miketn
  11. Looks like an awesome exhibit experience. Steve Gutenberg has done several videos with Devon Turnbull who seems to be a very interesting person with a real passion for audio and sound reproduction as well as sharing the experience with others.
  12. Prayers for Craig and his loved ones…. miketn
  13. I’m in 🙂 Thanks to everyone at Klipsch and the Museum and “A Special Thanks” to those who have been performing the amazing work for the renovations at the Klipsch Museum Visitor Center. miketn
  14. Boys this isn’t the way I choose to spend my time so I’ve expressed my opinions and will leave it there.. 🙂 Take Care, miketn
  15. It’s simple if I own the home and pay the bills it’s my home but I do invite people in if they behave.. 😉 Klipsch owns and pays the bills for this home/space and they do invite people in within certain guidelines to enjoy sharing this place. As far as anyone from Klipsch being here is irrelevant and not required to enjoy this space.
  16. This is simply wrong and looks like you are just trying to stir up problems now.
  17. It’s Klipsch’s house not ours but we have been invited if we stay within their guidelines. If we are being honest we all have guidelines for anyone who we invite to enter our own homes..?
  18. While the First Amendment has its place who here would let anyone enter their house and say anything they wanted…? miketn
  19. When I had Khorns the grills had L-Brackets and Wing Nuts as well so just remove 2 Wing Nuts per grill.
  20. @KT88 If it is similar to this one I found the HF section is held on to the LF section by 2-L Brackets and Wing Nuts (one on each side) and is easily disassembled by removing the Wing Nuts.
  21. I’ve used the ASC products for over 20 years and they have excellent build quality and their performance specifications can be trusted. I have found the ability to easily adjust the absorption or diffusive option of the tube traps for liveness and envelopment in my listening room very valuable to me as well. I also love the ability to easily change the deployment and location of the Tube Traps as I experiment with the acoustics and setup of my listening room and my equipment. They of course are used in the corners for the most efficient bass damping but they are also valuable to use at first reflection control and SBIR control. You can see some pictures of one of my more recent setups using Tube Traps in this thread if interested.
  22. @Deang I’m not clear why you are pointing me to this. It is basically displaying PWR vs THD+n levels at different test frequencies. @Deang As you said if you go to Best Buy site information is limited to just a PWR Rating without Distortion or Bandwidth parameters specified but for example if you go to the manufacturer website like this Denton Model you will find the following specifications. Notice how they have given a valid PWR specification of 90w with 8-ohm Impedance, (20hz to 20kHz) Bandwidth and 0.08% T.H.D. Distortion specifications. Then they start playing games with the 125w with it being specified at 6-ohm, 1kHz, 0.7% T.H.D which is a clear indicator that the amplifier will not be capable of 125w from (20hz to 20kHz) bandwidth. This is clearly advertising meant to deceive the naive consumers. IMHO its Buyer beware when manufactures use these practices..!! I think I’ve spent about as much time on this as I care to on this subject.. 🙂 miketn Brochure: MANUAL:
  23. Hey Dean can you point to any examples please I’m really curious to see which manufactures are playing those games with consumers. I remember cheap auto amplifiers back in the 70s, 80s pulling that crap but power at one frequency rating is a cheap gimmick at best meant for misleading the consumer.
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