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  1. I can assure you that some amplifiers like the First Watt F3 takes from 30 minutes to an hour (yes I have measured this)to reach a stable temperature and this is very audible as a shift in tonal balance, clarity and imaging especially.. IMHO the F3 is one of the best amplifiers within its power range once it reaches its stable operating temperature. miketn
  2. This was from a Klipsch Brochure I believe from 8/83
  3. Not interested in buying your home but “A picture is like a thousand words”….. 🙂 What I too often see is a member comes on the forum wanting to share their thoughts/impressions and without anyone here having a real context of their setup (which is just as important as the speakers they are using). Then everyone here starts guessing why the person is hearing what they do and guessing what the problems and solutions might be all from no real context of the systems setup and room conditions. Anyway I hope you find the sound your looking for.. 🙂 miketn
  4. Pictures of the Listening Room and Setup would help everyone here to understand somewhat the conditions leading to your listening impressions. What is your ceiling height and is it flat, cathedral, …etc? What is the listening distance from the speakers…? Is the 6.5ft separation of the loudspeakers measured from tweeter to tweeter…? IMHO unless you are doing a near field setup this is not enough of a spread to develop a more natural life size image reproduction. In my experience horns systems having better polar control often sound better and image better when they subtend listening angles larger than the often recommended angle of 60 degrees and my preference has often been between 70 to 80 degrees. miketn
  5. I think Paul is a good person and seriously lacks experience with good horn loudspeakers.. 😄 Did you use his “The Audiophile Reference Disc Vol. 1” I have found it useful as part of setting up my system. miketn
  6. Higher Impedance Ratios are fine and if anything the noise floor of the system due to the preamp to amp impedance ratio might be slightly improved. The issue with lower impedance ratios is the possibility that the preamp want have enough current drive capability for lower amplifier input impedances. miketn
  7. Imaging is very important for me and horns can have excellent imaging if setup properly. I remember comparing three very well setup systems using Klipschorns, JBL250ti and Quad 63 (USA) and while all had excellent imaging the Klipschorn system setup had the best sense of life size scale imaging and dynamics IMHO. Here was an experiment for imaging I ran comparing the KEF LS50 (near field listening setup) versus the Underground Jubilee setup. Both systems gave very similar results in all aspects of imaging and was so close that I believe most people who think small near field setups can’t give life size imaging or that horn systems can’t image with depth or instrumental/vocal specificity would be shocked. miketn
  8. I’ve pulled dust caps like that out with with a vacuum cleaner…. I control the suction strength with a hose that has an adjustable vent hole and works great. miketn
  9. Perceived bass level, smoothness, punch and tightness can be dramatically different for any loudspeaker in any room depending on loudspeaker and listener locations relative to room modes. Attention to this should be the first fundamental step taken when installing a loudspeaker and making judgments on it’s performance capabilities in the listening room. Based on your reported dimensions and considering just one of the basic axial modes of your room the front wall to back wall axial modes (below 300Hz) fall around: 31.26 Hz 62.5 Hz 94.1 Hz 125.04 Hz 156.3 Hz 187.56 Hz 218.82 Hz 250.08 Hz 281.34 Hz Since the Fundamentals and Harmonics of Bass Instrument among others along with Male and Female Vocals it is critical to find the best locations of the loudspeakers and listener in any given room to maximize the potential of the Loudspeaker/Room Setup. Another important observation I have made over many times of setting up a system is how getting this frequency region correct leads to better perceived mid and high frequencies resulting in an overall presentation that now you find yourself forgetting your listening to the system and instead you have been drawn into the musical performance. System/Room setup is an art and skill that can lead to the magical illusions of real live performances in our listening rooms. miketn This site can help with anyone wanting to explore the visualization and understanding of the importance of dealing with your room modes.
  10. Just a thought but have you or do you have other amplifiers you can use or borrow to see if that might help you achieve the sound you are looking for..? miketn
  11. Perhaps but I can tell you in my dedicated listening room I can hear the difference in leaving the entry door open because it affects the rooms modal response so I’ve optimized my system with the door in the closed position. Your room/setup is very beautiful and since it is an open concept multi purpose room/listening room your setup options are necessarily limited so I wish you good fortune in finding the loudspeakers that work best in that beautiful space. miketn🙂
  12. Thanks for the picture and certainly we would have a more complete understanding of your room/setup conditions if you included pictures of the rest of the room. I also understand if you would rather not share for privacy reasons. I do see from your first post that your room/setup is probably much larger than the typical listening room many have. 12m x 5.5m (39.37ft x 18ft) and I didn’t see stated the ceiling height/details but I assume it has a volume of over 5669 cubic feet (estimated by using a ceiling height of 8ft) or more if the ceiling is taller or vaulted. Also if large openings to other rooms or open concept style then even more volume would be involved acoustically speaking. Basically I guess it just reaffirms what should be well understood that the perceived response/balance of any loudspeaker will be influenced by the size, shape, construction material and furnishing in the room as well as the loudspeakers placement in the room and its good to have your experience based on the context of your unique room/setup with the CWlV added to the many others we have seen. miketn
  13. I wouldn’t state it as the CWlV lacks bass since there appear to be many more reports of plenty of bass from the CWlV. Maybe it would be more accurate to say in some listening rooms some users report the CWlV lacks a bit of bass. When it comes to typical sized listening/living rooms perceived frequencies below ~300Hz can be heavily altered by the room’s acoustics and it often swamps the smooth and balanced response of an otherwise excellent loudspeaker. miketn
  14. I’m surprised as well. I had owned the original Chorus and always experienced that the original Forte was more extended in the low end and I also perceived the Forte as better balanced. miketn
  15. Funny … I ordered two doors with installation in October 2021 and was told the factory wouldn’t deliver to Lowes until mid January 2022 and a month to schedule the installation after that. Door arrived in mid January and actual installation wasn’t completed until mid March and don’t even get started on the total lack of communication from all parties involved in the process. Crazy Times we are living in currently.🙃 miketn
  16. Please post pictures of your setup to help us understand the conditions you are doing the comparisons under otherwise it is really hard to offer suggestions if that is what you would like from members trying to help you. Also if you have other unused loudspeakers near the Main ones you are listening too its generally a good idea to remove them or at least either short out their input connections if not still connected to an amplifier (or if they are connected to an amplifier make sure it is turned on and volume turned all the way down). The helps to reduce them from acting like Helmholtz Resonators and interfering with the Main Loudspeaker your listening to. miketn🙂
  17. Think of the Loudspeaker Cabinet Box just like a Rectangular Listening Room. They both will have Acoustical Standing Wave Resonate Modes with high/low pressure zones that result in the coloration of the sound reproduction at parts of the frequency spectrum where they develop. For the worst offending ones we have a few options to minimize there development strengths and two of those options Source Location (placement) in the enclosed space and Bass Traps/ Helmholtz Resonators placed in the proper locations. miketn Here is another manufactures method of dealing with the problem; see attached white paper also..! Concept500_white_paper.pdf
  18. It’s not panel resonance you hear…. think more like acoustical standing wave resonance that is suppressed in the new design. miketn
  19. He also doesn’t know that it was a Chief Bonehead Education Class sponsored by the Klipsch Museum of Audio History that we all paid to participate in. It wasn’t Klipsch trying to sell us on any particular model but instead to give us first hand experience of the work and advancements that Roy has done. miketn
  20. This is you projecting your thoughts/ideas onto how you think you or others might behave. This is also an excellent example of why if you had actually been there and met the people and actually knew Roy you would know Roy encourages honest feedback and opinions. miketn
  21. I understand what you are saying but do you understand that just because the evaluation wasn’t performed in the blind it doesn’t mean the opinions expressed were wrong either or worthless..? miketn
  22. Yes and I hope most people that have been in this hobby have learned to account for it. What do you think is the reason why a person that makes assumptions about an event they didn’t attend or assumptions about people they haven’t met and haven’t even done a side by side comparison and yet he concludes those who did are unjustified in their opinions..??? miketn
  23. Hey Richie I could tell more but I’ll let this shocker settle down first. miketn😄
  24. 👍😄 Seems a couple on here just can’t except others having different opinions from theirs and if you do your just a gullible “Fanboy”…. miketn
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