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  1. And you mean the last lascala? There is quite a difference between the current version and the one from the 90s I think.
  2. Agree on that. Nothing wrong with this video (although I don't fully agree on some points, but that's fine) And no one is saying there is a problem with his opinion of the CW4. My reaction was to a group of youtubers who are making reviews. A number of things I find striking and remarkable and raise some questions in my mind, which makes me a bit skeptical about the sincerity of the reviewers.
  3. I don't know. I personally find it striking how many you tubers "suddenly" give the Heritage speakers a review and how remarkably many find these speakers the best they have heard. So good in fact, that most keep this speaker as a main speaker. Is this a coincidence? Are they genuine reviews?... Or is this a very smart move by Klipsch. I don't know, but I find some reviews contradictory, which makes me a bit skeptical about the sincerity of the reviewers.
  4. Nice video, I just can't agree with his comparison of the CW4 with the Forte 4 With a listening demo at the hi-fi shop I was able to compare these speakers next to each other and I found the difference between these two speakers quite big.
  5. When I had the CW3 together with the Dynaco ST70 I found the basses to sound absolutely boomy at times. When I first heard the CW4 at the hi-fi store during a demo, I was disappointed in the CW4. A very fat dominant bass, which is why I thought the Forte 4 sounded better than the CW4. More punch in the low end and it seemed more balanced. A second demo of the CW4 at another hi-fi shop gave me a completely different experience. The sound sounded a bit less lively, but the basses were fine. Now that the CW 4 is at my house with the Melody MDA2, they sound different again. The low end is balanced (perhaps still a bit too thin), the music is snappy and dynamic, but I would like a little more punch in the low end. This is my experience with the CW where I do believe that the CW can sound very boomy
  6. Indeed this is a very nice amplifier This review only makes a mistake, it is not a Push Pull but a PSET amp. Unfortunately, I don't know the McIntosh. My experience with various brands and types is quite limited (yet) But I share your opinion that an amplifier that amplifies the basses will not be a good match with the CW. I've also heard the CW4 and the CW3 sound like boomy speakers. And I don't like that at all.
  7. A Tube amp (Melody MDA2-2A3 tubes) and the Cambridge Cxn-v2 with Tidal
  8. I totally agree with what you're saying here. It's about the right combination of gear and your personal preference, everyone will choose a different speaker as a favorite. Exactly for this reason I started my reaction with "funny".. Approximately the same setups, different experiences
  9. OK, because the funny thing is that my experience is just the opposite. I've traded in my Lascalas for the Cornwall 4, and the Lascalas have never impressed me to the same extent as the CW4. Although I have to say that I had the lascala in the garage for 12 years and so it was also 12 years ago that I last heard them play 😉
  10. Just curious, What version of Cornwalls do you own?
  11. For some reason the lascala never really impressed me that much. It may well be that this was because I had not optimally tuned my audio equipment
  12. Agree on that. But what would you advise outside of the Heritage 4 line?
  13. 🤣🤣🤣... OK, I didn't expect this reason
  14. Chorus 1 above the Chorus 2?? Can you explain this perhaps? If money is not an issue then go for a Heritage 4 speaker. The bigger the speaker the better, although the lascala can be not your cup of thea because of the bass. If you prefer a more affordable speaker, give Chorus (1 or 2) a try. Since you're talking about bass, I think the Chorus 2 is the better choice for you. Basing my suggestion on: I have owned the RF3, RF3 II, lascala, heresy 2,chorus 1,CW3 Have heared at a demo the Forte 4,Heresy 4 Owning the CW4 atm.
  15. Just curious, have you ever heard the Dynaco ST70? And if so, how do the amplifiers sound compared to each other?
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