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  1. Keep in mind they need some break in time first. They can sound thin in the beginning. After that they are amazing speakers.
  2. If you like the Klipsch Heritage sound.. If you have a decent sized room. WAF is not a problem for you. And if the price is right (not new, then i would listen to them first) And if you have a good amp, yes... I still own a pair of CW4, and although I listen to the AL-5 I don't think I will sell them. I just like them to much.
  3. Can I make a completely different suggestion? Because I believe this one hasn't been mentioned yet. Try improving your acoustics with acoustic panels. I recently got the Lascala AL-5 and also had an issue with the midrange. It turned out to be due to poor acoustics. I borrowed some acoustic panels for testing and hung them behind and in front of me. I can already hear a clear difference in the midrange, placement, and overall sound of the music. I would strongly recommend considering this option in your search for the right solution. Edit: lol.. now I see this is a very old post 🙄
  4. Smaller models? Is this wishful thinking or a fact?
  5. Ahhh... I see.. I thought it was already for sale.
  6. You are talking about the promedia 2.1 Heritage subwoofer, correct? This is the only I can find when I use Google.
  7. He advised me to try the Trends audio TA10.2. Due to certain factors, I ended up making a different choice, partly because I thought everything was fairly similar. All of them D class, affordable, and sounding very good for the money. Now I'm wondering, did I simply make the wrong choice in terms of a D amp, or is this just how a D amp is supposed to sound?
  8. The reason why I would like to try this amplifier myself is as follows. Recently, someone from the forum visited my home. He also listened to a full horn system and used a T-amp (I think that's the designation for Class D amps?) to drive his speakers, and he was very positive about these amps. As a test, he brought one along, briefly listened to it with my speakers, and I found the initial impression to be quite good. Considering the low cost and still impressive performance, I thought it would be nice to experience this myself as well. In a PM conversation with Henry about the Class D amp, Henry pointed me to this topic where other users were very positive about the Topping. I hope this has provided some more clarity about the how and why.
  9. Curious to know how a class D amp can sound, I did some research and inquiries and the Tpa3255 board seemed like the best choice. I found a very affordable one on Amazon. Fosi Audio TB10D 600Watt TPA3255 Mini Amplifier HiFi Stereo Class D Amplifier Integrated 2 Channel Digital Audio Receiver for Passive Home Speakers with Treble and Bass Control https://amzn.eu/d/0DF2Cst I received it yesterday and tested it on the Lascala with my brother. We had been listening to a SET 300B for a while before trying this D class amp. It doesn't sound bad, especially considering its price and size, let me be clear about that! But... If we judge the amplifier with an audiophile's perspective, it falls a bit short. The sound lacks body, has a slightly harsh tone, and isn't very musical. I find it hard to believe that this would sound as good as a decent SS amp (I have no experience with SS amps). Now, I'm not entirely sure if my initial impression of a D amp is accurate. Could it be that I bought a too inexpensive amplifier and the PA5 will sound better? Given the price difference, one might think so. However, on the other hand, there's nothing particularly exceptional in such an amplifier that could make a significant difference, in my opinion. It consists of a power supply and a board. Does anyone have thoughts on this?
  10. Yesterday, I sent the person a message that I'd like to buy the speakers from him. He has decided to keep them for himself 🙄 Can't blame him, but it's a pity.
  11. I was thinking about doing this. I guess 1000,- euro should not be a problem to get my money back when I want to sell them
  12. He also owns a SS amp, I think it is a Denon with 80 wpc. But he prefers the sound of a tubeamp.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Chorus known for being a bit thin in the low end? And the CF-3, on the other hand, was known for having a fuller low end?
  14. Thank you He will be using a tubeamp. The Dynaco ST70II.. Can't recall the Watt output, if I remember it correctly it was around the 35 Watts
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