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  1. Come on Klipsch, don't keep us waiting any longer. Give us a guideline of when all this goodness will be available. 😇
  2. I'm curious about so much that's coming up. I can't wait until some more official information about the new subs and La Scala upgrade finally comes out.
  3. This is exactly my experience with more expensive "better" DACs as well. I couldn't hear any difference myself, no matter how much I wanted to hear it.
  4. But why would you need to saw the La Scala in half? You just need to remove the bottom and then place that base with bass ports on the bottom, right? As I understand it, this is a mod that can easily be reversed.
  5. That's definitely true. And I'm also eagerly waiting for them to be released. But we have no idea what the asking price will be. And the expectations are that they won't be particularly cheap 😏. Perhaps for some, this port mod could then be a good alternative.
  6. Am I the only one who finds the explanation above insanely interesting but really doesn't understand a thing about it? 😅
  7. @MmurgDe foto's zien er veelbelovend uit. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar de ervaringen met de Heritage sub en alle details over de LaScala. Ik ben erg geïnteresseerd in beide.
  8. I don't know if my experience is the right one to use, but I still want to share it. I own the AL5 myself and, like you, was hesitant about acquiring someone else's AK6. I went to listen to his speakers twice, and both times I had the same experience. I found the AK6 to have a much tamer, maybe even somewhat dull, sound. The AL5, as it sounds in my home, has much more dynamics and punch. Also, I found the placement at my home better than at his. I'm not sure if this is due to the speakers, the setup, or the acoustics, but this is what I noticed. The bass went a little deeper, but I didn't find the difference, with the tracks I listened to, noticeably large. If I had to describe it briefly, I would say the AL5 (as I know it) is dynamic and lively, while the AK6 (as it sounded there) is more laid-back and grander. Note: he had his Khorns placed against the long wall, not in the corners. And this person likes a laid-back sound. It is likely that he has tailored his setup to this preference. I personally prefer a dynamic and lively sound. By the way, this person is in a position to listen to different Khorns daily, which are placed well in the corners, and according to him, the audible difference between the set tightly placed in the corners and his set is minimal.
  9. Then I was mistaken, I thought I had read somewhere that with this meeting the Heritage sub was shown and discussed again.
  10. I thought I read somewhere some time ago that the Heritage subwoofers would also be discussed or shown here. Is this correct or did I remember this incorrectly?
  11. Such amazing speakers and then to tightly integrate them into a large wall unit without angling them even a bit, and then placing a big desk right in front of the speakers? Such speakers deserve better.
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