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  1. IIRC this fellow reviewed the LaScala and called the K-401 the Eiffel Tower horn. Mouth down on a surface there is some resemblance. WMcD
  2. I think you should gather information. It is my understanding that at the factory they made, of course, walnut veneered H1 and if there was a flaw in the veneer (probably even a small one) they'd spray them with black lacquer. OTOH some H1 were birch raw. IIRC these had butt joint and the ends of the ply was not covered with a band of veneer. The previous owner might have started with these. It is quite possible that he used a latex paint. If there is still a serial number sticker it reflect how the speaker box started life. The point is that the underlying veneer might be birch or it might be walnut. The paint might be lacquer or or it might be latex or something else. What can you tell us, please. What you have will dictate what advice you get here. I hope others will comment. WMcD
  3. I had my Forte II in an office of about the same size. Sounded great. WMcD
  4. You might need a sewing needle or very small screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit or computer repair kit (jewelers screwdrivers). BTW, these are plugged because of some European Union regulation. in some countries over there the connections to the power mains are the same spacing and size as our banana plugs. I have never seen a report of anyone boloxing up the connection sceme, though I suppose you'd get 50 hz bass for a fraction of second before a voice coil blows. OTOH there was a story on the internet long ago about how a fellow in the USA used standard extension cords and blade connectors as speaker feed wires. (It must have seemed like a good idea at the time.) Eventually the inevitable happened and he inadertently fed 115 volts mains into the output connectors of an amp. "Burnt parts rained from the sky for several day." Or so is the tale. WMcD o
  5. WMcD

    Lest we forget

    A friend from college was headed to NJ from Brooklyn after dropping off her son at school. Her husband and son were able to calculate where she was driving at the critical moment. She reports being just at WTC and there was a terrific explosion and a landing gear boggie crashed a few feet from her van. She threw open the doors of the van and shouted, "Is anyone going to Brooklyn? People piled in. It took about 8 hours to get back to Brooklyn. Her husband and son didn't know if she was okay until she got home. I think she deserves a medal for evacuating survivors. There are doubtlessly many similar stories. God bless all these people. WMcD
  6. WMcD

    Pineapple on Pizza?

    Nope, you guys are nutzo. Pineapple will never match with the earthy tones of wheat pasta. No one has done pinapple and spaghetti. No fricken way. Ugg. The best 'unknown' way is shrimp, a mild cheese, olive oil,and a bit of garlic. WMcD
  7. A very very long time ago I used tissue paper and Duco cement. Dupont Corporation's glue was advanced stuff back then. Now I'd use contact cement aka rubber cement from HD, or bathtub caulk aka RTV, or the glues for speakers as sold by Parts Express. But let me suggest that a cloth patch to reinforce would be good. I'm thinking a small piece from a retired necktie or a lady's slip. Incidentally. I bought a small bottle of rubber cement at Walgreens. It is a bit gelatinous and can be thinned in the bottle with naptha. HD will only sell a pint of naptha. So I went to the local headshop and bought a little can of Zippo lighter fluid. I still felt like a criminal and/or someone from a Cheech and Chong movie. Smile. WMcD
  8. Agreed; this is the wrong section of the forum. But before you select a section of the forum let me suggest you describe the issue. 1) If you have the tweeter (actually the driver and horn as a unit) and it is not working you might want to replace the diaphragm/voice coil assembly. Try the technical section. You'll get advice in large amounts. 2) If for some reason you don't have the tweeter as a whole (with driver and horn), and want a new or used assembly as a whole, go to the garage section. WMcD WMcD
  9. I was thinking about a test to compair matching by ear in real time without additional expense. You could put the boxes next to each other and then use amp's balance control to pan back and forth. The problem with this is that you're hearing left versus right program (which are not identical) and so if you have a choice of mono, that would be best. Another way. If your amp has A-B speaker swich you could hook up one speaker to 'A' left output and the other to 'B' left output. Then switch between A and B speaker sets. and listen Again with the boxes next to each other. Of course there is nothing magic about 'left' and you could use 'right.' My guess is that they will sound just about identical in either test. These tests would certainly reveal a blown driver in one box. BTW, that is a nice photo of the innards. Perhaps a potential buyer would question why the Heresy commands a higher price than speakers which appear similar on the outside and have inferior sonic quality What we see in the Heresy picture is very serious engineering, cost be danged. WMcD
  10. I had a similar problem with the Volvo. The filter would not budge and it was slippery with oil. So I drove a big screwdriver though it thinking it would create two handles to twist. It did but twisting it only shreded the sheetmetal housing of the filter. I thought I should have left the filter in place and could at least drive the car. But then I wrapped a cloth towel around the remains and it gripped the shreded housing very nicely indeed. WMcD
  11. Yeah, I agree with most of the advice above. The issue is that even though the system on the disk got messed up, the data is still on the drive. It is not too difficult to take out the drive and use an outboard cable system. Microcenter is my favorite source for such hardware. Connect the old drive to your other computer to look at the content of the messed up drive. Very likely it is there. WMcD
  12. There were some humorous comments on the forum about Roy owning an airplane. IIRC, PWK owned a Twin Bonanza. Per Wikipedia the back seats are accessed though a door on the right side. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beechcraft_Twin_Bonanza Could it be that PWK favored this aircraft because he could load speakers into the back seat area? WMcD
  13. Is that correct that the Forte II had a rubber surround? I don't recall that on mine. I had to sell them, which after all was not really necessary. WMcD
  14. You might consider the Fletcher-Munson curves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal-loudness_contour These show that even average ears need a higher acoustic level (phons) to perceive low freqs. Therefore by these standards everyone is hard of hearing at low freqs. Let me suggest you try some in-ear headphones, I have a pair from a cell phone purchase, to try the tones on the link which was posted. I can hear 30 Hz without problem on my laptop in a quiet room. OTOH this is where many big speakers are rolling off in acoustic output rather quickly. Therefore speakers have falling output and ears have falling sensitivity. It is a losing battle down there.
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