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  1. Quindar Tones and Apollo

    Beep. And before. Beep.
  2. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    Another anecdote. Sometime in the ‘80’s I was travelling and got into a brief conversation at an airport with a businessman. Essentially he said: “So, you’re from Chicago. I was travelling there for a business meeting just before the Democratic National Convention. We landed at O’Hare and during de-boarding had to walk between rows of military aircraft.” I’d have thought that ORD had Jet-Bridge’s back then but it is possible some governmental agency shut them down. It is probably true that there were military aircraft at ORD back then and it wouldn’t take much to taxi them over to the commercial area. My conclusion is that this was a show of force by the government against citizens. Further, some agency might have been filming the passengers as they walked on the tarmac, maybe even from the military aircraft. Given the history of the time this is no paranoia. WMcD
  3. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    No, not that school. I feel like I've said too much as it is. My thought is that the Chicago 7 episode was the most publicized but many other protesters in Grant Park were being hunted down to one extent or another. The zeitgeist presented by the government was that if you protest the war, you're a communist sympathizer. It is by no means an overstatement that the government tuned the military on protestors, killing them and charging them with crimes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kent_State_shootings Younger people here might not be aware of the extent of it. WMcD
  4. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    A brief story from one of my professors here in Chicago. There was a police riot (it is sometimes described) during the protests in Grant Park outside of the Democratic National Convention. He went to the park the next day and reports the smell of tear gas was still in the air. Somehow, the police had the name of a young woman and info that she attended the college. They hounded the college for more information. The college refused. The woman never returned to classes and disappeared. Essentially she lost the opportunity to get her degree out of fear. I thought this should be told. WMcD
  5. "The Vietnam War" on PBS

    This is a hideous horror movie, reporting an even more monstrous, hideous, and horrible reality. WMcD
  6. Forte III bi wire

    I agree with Ski Bum. There are a lot of stereo receivers historically with A and B speaker output. You can use the front panel switch to select A or B or A and B. There are only left and right amps (i.e two amps) inside the box and not A stereo pair and B pair amps (which would be four amps). Some modern home theater boxes may have many amplifiers but that is not what we're discussing. There is a theory out there that biwiring solves a problem which really does not exist. It is that the bass signal and treble signal in the speaker feed wire somehow interfere and separate wire pairs prevent this. It is non-sense because bass and treble signals have been using one wire pair (of a stereo pair) all the way from the microphone, to mixing board, to recorder (be it digital or analog), to playback. And also going through transistors and tubes and transformers with no problems. WMcD PS by edit. You can't make things better by solving a problem which does not exist.
  7. My thoughts are: It is bad business for a manufacturer to offer a product to one retailer (say general retailer in the USA) at one price and then offer the same product to another (say military PX system) at a lower price. The retailers argue for equal lower pricing. My guess is that Klipsch made the Tangent series to sell to the PX system saying that they are a different product even though they are quite similar. Small differences might be needed to support the argument. Hence we have Tangents in the PX. Regarding the resistor. I think it is there to prevent problems if the driver burns out. As one moderator pointed out, if the load is burned out, the crossover components form an LC series circuit to ground which could be a big problem. But if you’re not going to failure mode of drive level, you don’t need it. It has no appreciable affect on normal performance. Why not use it in the Tangent? I don’t know except that wholesale price as established by the bean counters is sensitive to every little extra manufacturing cost. Therefore an extra 50 cents in parts translates to $20 in retail price, IMHO. Some buyers will use that in purchase decision making. As far as the value of the inductor. It should not make a difference and might have been changed to address small variations in the overall design and something which shows up in sophisticated acoustic measurements. I doubt the variation can be heard in any case. The bottom line is: Don't worry. WMcD
  8. Let me recommend an excellent book. There is a lot of information about historical hurricanes and the nascent art of prediction. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac's_Storm WMcD
  9. Original La Scala vs. La Scala II's?

    The crossover in the LS-II is close to the crossover used in the K-Horn (the AK-4 version). I was studying the modern crossovers in the K-Horn, LS, and Belle and made notes regarding the AL-4. See attached. In the midrange we get a real passband design. PWK would let the mid run up as high as it would go. The tweeter is steeper than ever before. Therefore any interference between the mid and tweeter should be reduced. AL-4 in 5 pages.docx
  10. This is by no means a fault in the speaker. The passive radiator, and the main woofer which drives it, can not oscillate for a long time as describe unless the amp is sending it a corresponding signal. it is not entirely clear what the situation is. If this oscillation is occurring while you have the stylus is in a seemingly silent groove and the disk is turning, it is possible that the source is "rumble" from the turntable motor. Otherwise, it is coming from the amp. Under some circumstances the amp can oscillate and this was in the old days called motor-boating because of the low freq growl. Another possibility is an acoustic feedback loop between the speaker and the stylus. We hear this as a high freq howl when a microphone is too close to a speaker. But it is possible to get a low freq equivalent with a turntable. This is why people use isolation pads under their turntables. Tell us more. WMcD
  11. Forte or Heresy?

    I agree about the K-Horns. I first heard them decades ago. In the first 30 seconds my perception of what good sound reproduction was all about changed forever. The Heresy has merits. They use a sealed box bass radiator and they have that limitation. Basically they have no bass below 50 Hz or maybe higher. The Forte (I) on the other hand goes down to 32 Hz in advertisements and maybe that is a little, just a little, optimistic. Still. You're getting about one (1) octave of more bass. This is because of the larger box and the passive radiator. It is taller than the Heresy of any vintage and you really need that height to put the mid and tweeter up to ear level when you're sitting. A review of the Forte is here. It may be true that K-Horns need a big room. The Forte does not. You'll be very happy with them if you can find a set in your area. WMcD
  12. Cancer and Klipsch?

    See: https://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancer-causes/general-info/cancer-warning-labels-based-on-californias-proposition-65.html
  13. La Scala Splits Restoration

    Something must be going on that I don't understand. Does the lettering on the fuse holder in your units match what you ordered? and what you received? WMcD
  14. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs published a gold plated version of The Who’s “Tommy.” They advertised that their CD’s were from the original master tapes. Hopefully not a tape that had the RIAA equalization used to cut vinyl. There was a story that Daltry and Townshend each walked out of the studio with their own versions of the master tape(s). The MFSL version reportedly had a version of “Eyesight to the Blind” with the Daltry vocals. My conclusion it that the MFSL CD was made from Daltry’s tape. That song cut is certainly is different than the original vinyl and caught my ear at first playing. I don't have the ear to comment on overall quality except to say I like it. MFSL made many other gold CD's and if Chris has run into them I'd love to hear comments. WMcD
  15. La Scala Splits Restoration

    Again, I believe if you check the lettering on the unit you'll see it corresponds to what I recommended. By the way, that is a bayonet type locking system named after a similar twist and lock on the knife fitted to the end of a military rifle. Let us all know how things worked out. WMcD