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  1. WMcD

    Heresy III

    I think you need LaScala's, stands to get them up high, and a big sub to get an impressive result. HIII are fine in a quiet living room where the noise floor may be 40 dB and loud music is up around 90 dB, the room is fairly live, and listening distance is 10 feet or so. What is impressive for a living room just does not cut it for larger noisy environments. Let me suggest you get a sound pressure meter such as the Radio Shack types. There are others which will not break the bank. Use it to measure the sound level at the type of bar you're contemplating. I think you'll find you're dealing with an 80 dB floor to begin with. WMcD
  2. WMcD


    No, certainly not any solid wood, most likely all Klipsch of that era is ply. We'll wait to hear from Andy. Sanding is always risky. My guess is that the black paint is actually an automotive lacquer. WMcD
  3. WMcD


    What I've read, probably here, is what Budman wrote. I also looked at various price lists and observe that there are model codes all of similar arrangements and coding. But none uses a B in the last position of a three-letter group. Therefore armchair guess #1 is that the B might actually be an R. (R is in the serial number and that B could be and R with slip of the pen, maybe). Armchair guess #2 follows Budman, assuming these are painted black as alluded to. When a veneer flaw is discovered and the boxes are painted, the craftsman (craftsperson) has to mark them as yours are for lack of anything else and this is not a conventional code which makes it to the price list as a regularly sold item. Andy will know for sure. Below is part of an old price list. The midrange horn looks to be a K-1000 and there are other options for drivers. WMcD
  4. WMcD

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

    A pirate was standing dockside with his peg leg and hook where his hand should be and an eye patch over his empty eye socket. A ruffian approached and said: Mr Pirate, Mr. :Pirate, how did you get that peg leg? The pirate says: I was swimming in the sea and a shark came along and bit off me foot. The sawbones gave me this peg leg. The ruffian says: Mr. Pirate Mr. Pirate, how did you get that hook on your arm? The pirate says: I was repelling a boarding party and a skirvy dog hacked off me hand. The sawbones gave me this hook. The ruffian says: Mr. Pirate, Mr. Pirate, how did you lose your eye? The pirate says: I was looking up to the yardarms and bird pooped in me eye. The ruffian says: That’s gross but bird poop wouldn’t do too much damage to your eye. The pirate says: True. But it was the first day with me hook. (From Tom and Ray.)
  5. WMcD


    My brother in law is an excellent cook. Pizza is part of the menu. We found a recipe on the Internet for dough where it is allowed to proof over night in the fridge. It is great but we have not done an A-B test. One of my gripes is that most toppings are salty and spicy. The BiL sometimes makes a scampi pizza for me. Mild cheese, plenty of small shrimp, a touch of garlic in olive oil. It is a real change from the usual. You should try it at home. WMcD
  6. WMcD

    Klipschorn AK6 Rollout?

    I believe it is a patent matter. The novelty in at least some claims relied on the room wall providing the structure rather than a part of the horn. This would explain why PWK suggested an artificial corner. We'd have to make a close analysis of the K-Horn patent claims. What is a bit odd is that PWK suggested the artificial corner well after the patent had expired. I think that continued until after his passing. WMcD
  7. WMcD

    A DIY Single Ended Class A Kit

    I wonder what Papa will bring to Burning Amp 2018.
  8. Darth Horns, the Dark Lord of Hiss. (Don't take the hiss part seriously. Smile) Use MS Paint to reduce size. WMcD
  9. PWK called this being able to hear "the inner voices" of the music. Not a mystic sort of thing. Rather that high distortion speakers obscure the inner voices and low distortion speakers allow them to be heard. Dynamics is another part of the picture. Klipsch speaker are excellent in this regard and soon you come to expect it. The stories are always the same. Excellent recordings sound excellent, good recordings sound good, and poor recordings sound poor. The poor ones might sound okay on other speakers because we're use to it. It could be that modern processing in the mix is the problem. See below. Heyser reported that sometimes you hear live music coming from another room and know it is not a recording. K-Horns we're like that he said. I think we don't get "in the same room" because the recordings have the sound of the recording room and when that is added to the listening room, it is not quite right. Same for any set up unless the recording room and / or listening room is anechoic. One more thing is worth mentioning. When the Internet was just starting I read a report about a fellow who had either actual '78s and maybe even digital preservations of '78s and Edison cylinders. Certainly not modern good recordings. A buddy of his set up a listening session with K-Horns and the historic recordings and the fellow wondered how this could be worthwhile. (I'd kind of agree given that such old media was noisy and limited in frequency range, perhaps.) Yet, the fellow was highly impressed with the results of the listening session and said, "Yes, yes, it is all worthwhile." I conclude that such recording media, lacking processing, does preserve the inner voices which the K-Horns reveal so well. WMcD =]]]
  10. WMcD

    New Khorns???

    Maybe Roy would accept the job of designing a resin form of a K-5. Its directional pattern is probably different than the K-400 and maybe better in some ways. I think PWK had a version of the metal throat to use larger format drivers. Using some modern manufacturing techniques a K-5 could be made and Roy's pledge to not alter Paul's original designs honored. WMcD
  11. WMcD

    Promedia 2.1 Question

    It is a bit strange that there is not more information on the forum about these systems. In an abundance of caution I'll say I don't know. Part of the problem is that if the bookshelf speakers have a low (4 ohm) impedance there could well be problems. WMcD
  12. WMcD

    La Scala LF build

    Years ago I drew out HDBR's plans full scale. They're perfect. Again there is a lot of chances for tweeking. A design with a collar would be a bit more beautiful. A little wider doghouse. Taller top hat for more recent tweeters. Tweeter at the side if you want to reduce height. Use what I'm calling battens to avoid the sharp angles (you can then build using a circular saw and a guide). You could use 1 inch MDF for the sides. I don't know the effects of using sandwiched ply like just adding 1/4 inch to 3/4. Of course just bracing too. There is a schematic on the forum for the last crossover before the LS-II. WMcD
  13. WMcD

    La Scala LF build

    The LS is a doable project since you have a table saw. I made "bigger belles" a few decades ago. Then gave them away. I used a flat piece in front like a Belle to avoid the pointy angle. There is also the matter of the "ramps:" in back having a similar pointy angle and I just used a square cross section batten in a similar way. The back edge of the sides of the dog house are pointy and because mine were more like Belles I didn't have to deal with that. But a batten would be helpful. The dog house and sides should be all the same height. You can rip a panel of ply without moving the fence. Back in the day I drew out everything (orthogonal views) on a very big roll of drawing paper. Expensive. I have seen that there is three-foot wide wrapping paper (?) with a one-inch grid on the back. Look for that. I would not hesitate to change some dimensions a little. E.g. the LS is just over 24 inches deep and therefore you can't just rip a 4 x 8 in half. Shortening it by 1/4 inch will not hurt anything and you'll have room for the kerf. People have pointed out that the interior of the dog house on the factory unit is just a tad too narrow to take alternate 15 inch woofers and have to grind down the metal. Therefore you should consider increasing that by 1/4 inch. In later projects I recalculated and cut to metric.. It is easier to cut to mm's than 32nds if your table saw has that. So, Mr. Blue Note, where are you located? Smile. WMcD