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  1. FWIW: It seems that one of Crites woofers will fit in an official LaScala but the other one is too big. Guys wind up grinding the edge of the basket to make it fit. So let me suggest you increase the width of the doghouse by 1/8 to 1/4 inch to allow use of aftermarket woofers of unpredictable dimensions. OT: It seems to me that the value of the pound is taking a beating over Brexit and this is driving up cost of importing just about anything. WMcD
  2. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/165124-turning-an-al-into-an-aa-or-an-al-3-or/
  3. Let me second Marvel's good comments. I recently bought a used K500. Examined while numounted it sounds like a cast iron skillet when tapping it with a finger nail. But the refrigerator magnet test shows it is not iron. I think aluminum is much easier than iron to machine when creating the threaded hole for the screw-on driver. WMcD
  4. And we don't have to discuss the B side.
  5. The goat, I can't stop laughing. Did they put it in a black dress and blonde wig?
  6. Looks like a K-1000 in this advertisement.
  7. I would use a brush attachment, crevice tool (around the grill), and vacuum to get dust off. Then use "lemon" furniture oil on a Walgreen's facial buff pad on the walnut followed by a paper towel. Be careful not to get the oil on the fabric or black paint. I did some Internet Quartets and this was a good first step. I never got to the next step which would be a varnish. The buff puff can't hurt anything. WMcD
  8. There was a publication by PWK regarding the LaScala in 1965 and I can only think that the birch raw version became available about that time. The LaScala II replaced the LaScala about a decade ago though others here might have better info. The birch raw plywood has a top veneer of birch and therefore it is technically a veneer but not the furniture-type walnut or cherry. The raw birch were, I think, the lowest cost versions -- and not rare at all. They were available in black at some point. Please give us more information on the condition of the cabinet with pictures and also your goals. They will take a light sanding with a sanding block and fine or very fine paper without much of a threat to sanding through the top veneer. Every one will tell you to be careful -- which is always good advice. Lacquer will darken or warm the appearance the least. There are various wipe on "oil" finishes which will give good results but will darken or warm. You must experiment on an incospicuous spot, like the bottom hatch. "Tung" oil is one of them. What is sold as Tung oil deserves a very thoughtful reading of the label. Some is "Tung oil finish" which means it contains some oil from the tung nut but also contains regular varnish. My pet peave. It is too big a subject to discuss the various modern wipe on finishes such as Watco and Minwax poly. WMcD
  9. What you describe might be an Electro Voice T350 tweeter. It is somewhat rare and expensive. Please, what do you mean by 3 way mono? Do you have one speaker running ? I'm a bit concerned that you might be describing running the tweeter (and midrange) without a crossover -- which is dangerous to the tweeter particularly. At the very least you need a capacitor in series with the tweeter. An A type crossover or replacement from Crites is a better minimum. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GKLB_enUS688US688&sxsrf=ACYBGNQxldxO5zREC9TSBEnsBiq-87KoeA:1571559451960&q=t-350+EV&tbm=isch&source=univ&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwialoKXs6rlAhUGd6wKHZpOCoUQ7Al6BAgIECQ&biw=1280&bih=579 WMcD
  10. Assuming you have Windows. Open the pix using MS Paint. Use the resize function on the home tab to shrink it. Probably 25% is a good start. Then save the file using a .jpeg format. "save as" You can thus resize it so that it just fills you computer screen or a little smaller. WMcD
  11. Prayers for your dad, your family, and you.
  12. Xmax 2.5 mm. Is that correct?
  13. Use the forum search function for "polycyliner" for articles. WMcD
  14. I searched and did not find this review having been posted here before. https://www.tonepublications.com/old-school/the-klipsch-lascala/ Enjoy. WMcD
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