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  1. I was thinking about a test to compair matching by ear in real time without additional expense. You could put the boxes next to each other and then use amp's balance control to pan back and forth. The problem with this is that you're hearing left versus right program (which are not identical) and so if you have a choice of mono, that would be best. Another way. If your amp has A-B speaker swich you could hook up one speaker to 'A' left output and the other to 'B' left output. Then switch between A and B speaker sets. and listen Again with the boxes next to each other. Of course there is nothing magic about 'left' and you could use 'right.' My guess is that they will sound just about identical in either test. These tests would certainly reveal a blown driver in one box. BTW, that is a nice photo of the innards. Perhaps a potential buyer would question why the Heresy commands a higher price than speakers which appear similar on the outside and have inferior sonic quality What we see in the Heresy picture is very serious engineering, cost be danged. WMcD
  2. I had a similar problem with the Volvo. The filter would not budge and it was slippery with oil. So I drove a big screwdriver though it thinking it would create two handles to twist. It did but twisting it only shreded the sheetmetal housing of the filter. I thought I should have left the filter in place and could at least drive the car. But then I wrapped a cloth towel around the remains and it gripped the shreded housing very nicely indeed. WMcD
  3. Yeah, I agree with most of the advice above. The issue is that even though the system on the disk got messed up, the data is still on the drive. It is not too difficult to take out the drive and use an outboard cable system. Microcenter is my favorite source for such hardware. Connect the old drive to your other computer to look at the content of the messed up drive. Very likely it is there. WMcD
  4. There were some humorous comments on the forum about Roy owning an airplane. IIRC, PWK owned a Twin Bonanza. Per Wikipedia the back seats are accessed though a door on the right side. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beechcraft_Twin_Bonanza Could it be that PWK favored this aircraft because he could load speakers into the back seat area? WMcD
  5. Is that correct that the Forte II had a rubber surround? I don't recall that on mine. I had to sell them, which after all was not really necessary. WMcD
  6. You might consider the Fletcher-Munson curves. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal-loudness_contour These show that even average ears need a higher acoustic level (phons) to perceive low freqs. Therefore by these standards everyone is hard of hearing at low freqs. Let me suggest you try some in-ear headphones, I have a pair from a cell phone purchase, to try the tones on the link which was posted. I can hear 30 Hz without problem on my laptop in a quiet room. OTOH this is where many big speakers are rolling off in acoustic output rather quickly. Therefore speakers have falling output and ears have falling sensitivity. It is a losing battle down there.
  7. I certainly agree with lamp cord (zip cord) maybe 16 gauge. This is PWK's wisdom. I'll suggest a new receiver from Fry's or the like particularly what you have nearby. Check out the store return policy. Fry's in Dallas was good to me years ago. You get a warranty. I don't want to spend your money for you. But as you go up in price from $150, to $200 and $250. you get a lot more features including sophisticated equalization which could really help the Heresy bass. In all things I avoid the rock-bottom priced units with limited features because in the future I wind up moaning that I should have spent just a little bit more. Penny wise and pound foolish. Or as Car Talk said, "It's the stingy man who pays the most." You should give some thought about what you will use to feed the system. You can start with a Bluetooth link from a cell or laptop. That is basically free. If you have a big screen, or not very big screen, you owe it to yourself to hook up your rig to the screen. You'll never go back to the dinky speakers in the screen. WMcD
  8. WMcD

    New phone suggestions?

    I'm glad to hear that people like Motorola. The Galvins have done a lot for IIT, one of my schools. I had lost faith in Moto a bit. My niece has a Moto on a discount carrier and probably poor signal strength and it might have have be drowned a few times. The system is a muffled mumble machine. For good or bad I'm her telephone caretaker and have to work with it from afar. But so now I know it is not inherent in the phone. Thanks again to the Galvins and excellent Moto products and support of IIT here in Chicago. By way of background: I enjoyed the HP200LX pocket DOS computer very much decades ago. Half a CGA screeen in LCD and a fabulous QUERTY keyboard. It folds like a laptop. I'd love a cell like that. So I've got my eye on the LG dual screen. It is marketed for multitasking and gaming. It seems to have a setting for QUERTY keyboard on one sceen which is good for a fat fingered guy like me and the high rez OLED screens. One reviewer mentioned they're viewable in sunlight when goosed up. I dunno. Funny story there. One time I was at the shadeless lakefront promenade when an important call came in. I had to make excuses for delay, take off my backpack, and put my jacket over my head backwards to see the cell phone screen. I got the assignment but looked like an idiot to onlookers. Anyway, the LG looks like a winner and less expensive than similar units on the market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdOKV4AhiW0 WMcD
  9. WMcD

    Sunday Morning Blues

    Okay. We've all had tragedy, and we all need sympathy. It is good for you to share with us. But in the end we have to strap on a pair and be a man. Ann Landers had some correspondent who was moaning. Ann replied: Count your blessing and quityerbitchen. King James Bible Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest. I take that as advice that our work is the solution to loss and frustration. Sorry if I'm preachy. WMcD
  10. Yellow Jackets. They're miniature one-fanged flying rattle snakes. I was stung just under my eye when in 8th grade and swelled up like a pumpkin face; and it hurt a lot. The problem was fruit trees in the back yard. I'd think the problem is finding the nest. In any event there are several YouTubes about using a shop vac. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytMcIpIRL3w I would think they'll be back unless you can kill the queen. There does not seem to be info on whether UV will attract them into a zapper. In any event, this was a marvelous commercial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClwwP9cYK6A WMcD
  11. Is that Schwartzman replying? A "3" in "2" land? Hi there fellow Ham. Back to the original issue. If you're looking for more bass Belle and LaScala really are not deep bass performeres but would make a good center between the EV versions. There are dimensions here if you hunt around. Maybe someone will point you. Andy showed a very accurate LaScala. You should look at the Klipsch.com video of the LS II. Getting the doghouse right is difficult for the LS. If you look you'll see that Klipsch used plywood plates at the top and bottom to allow the doghouse to be constructed as a unit before it is slided into the box for the LS II. Re the Belle. Very beautiful. It is 18 inches deep and is built to use the K-500 mid which is very rare on the market. Therefore you might be better off building the LS type which is about 24 inches deep and takes the less rare K-400. OTOH, the front point on the LS is the result of two very difficult to cut angles. I've used an element on the front like the Belle which eliminates that issue and you'll have an LS which looks like a Belle in this regard WMcD
  12. From the title I really thought you were talking about the base partof the box rather than the low frequency bass. Gentle grammer correction and welcome to this happy place. Some will help you. In my view, it is better to use a bit of equalization rather than modifying the speaker. WMcD Long ago I saw a guy on the bus reading a magazine call Bass Master and actually thought it might be about speakers. Hmm, maybe Roy reads it. Smile.
  13. Prayers for you and your family. Never too late, right? WMcD
  14. The Bangles rather than Bananarama.
  15. I like my Quartets. Circumstances forced me to sell my Forte II. As things turned out my circumstanes were not that bad but at the time it had to be done. My favorite experience with the Quartets was to drag the not so big, big screen up to the couch and put the Quartets on either side. StarTrek TNG is my secret enjoyment. It was ear opening to hear the sound of the engines in the background from scene to scene. No one should hesitate to purchase the Quartets, IMHO. WMcD
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