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  1. This fellow is not making a logical statement that I can follow. He does seem to be saying he likes very much the Klipsch powered by by a lot of high end electronics. Then he backtracks and says he is not suggesting that anyone do it. Huh? There is praise for dynamics and microdynamics. Just like PWK says about inner voices. Yet he is not admitting that this is phenomenon of the speaker. There is the implication that the Klipsch speaker and maybe others, benefit from high quality sources. Okay, we knew that. Note that his is using Pass equipment. He does not credit Pappa though. Is he saying that it takes $4000 to get a good source? Not quite but that is the implication. As if the cost of the electronics should match to cost of the speaker. Please, please, I ask, find us some low cost electronics you can recommend. I'd think anyone can cob together some triodes and get excellent results. It is revealing, and perhaps honest (so ya gotta like him) about the showroom ruse. WMcD
  2. WMcD

    Veneer surface order

    I think you are saying that 5,, is the large left panel, 6 is the large top panel, and 7 is the large right panel. The 1, 2, 3, and 4 are the banding to applied to the 3/4 inch edges.
  3. WMcD

    Sound without Computer ON

    Equipment will sometimes act as a receiver for nearby AM broadcast stations. You could confirm this by listening to AM stations in your area and compare the music. Is there a large broadcast antenna nearby? If you don't have an AM receiver (your automobile probably does) you might check the Internet to investigate whether a local station has an audio feed to compare. WMcD
  4. WMcD

    domes of silence

    The actual cone of silence refers to an artifact of the early radio navigation system which was really magnificent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-frequency_radio_range#Approaches_and_holds At a distance from the dual antennae, there were two signals which overlapped. The antenna did not radiate straight up and this region was called "the cone of silence." There is not much about this system in movies. However in the musical "South Pacific" there is a song "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair." Boyfriend - Girlfriend incompatibility is described as "if you fly on separate beams." Likely those are the beams of the aforesaid navigation system. WMcD
  5. WMcD

    Blueberry Extreme pre-amp issues

    Maybe: Turn off the lights and let your eyes become acclimated. See if you can see the heaters glowing. WMcD
  6. WMcD

    domes of silence

    I suggest you look around the Internet for some small rugs. AKA prayer rugs for about $20 apiece. They'll look classy and allow you to slide the boxes to new positions. If you don't like the results the rugs can be used elsewhere. Maybe sound absorbers on walls with some fiberglass behind. The is a camp which suggests the use of spikes particularly in a situation of carpets. By one theory the bass vibrations are coupled to the underlying floor. By another there are small rocking motions induced to the box by the woofer moving and a mechanical connection to the floor prevents this. The domes are a lesser version of spikes. I don't put much faith in either theory. WMcD
  7. You can see PS1 in the picture on the right side of the board about half way down. Polyswitch 1 looks like a very small disk capacitor. Edit: As Mike points out below, I should have written "pictures." WMcD
  8. thYou should think about removing the tweeters from the speaker box to ship them, alone, for repair. In that case, it might be dangerous to the amp to run the units with the tweeter removed unless you substitute a 10 ohm resister (or close to it). This is because the network may form a short circuit at certain frequencies without a resistive load. WMcD
  9. WMcD

    Crown Molding Speakers

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the dimensions. It seems to me that large molding is at best six inches while even small speakers would be about ten inches. Perhaps you can sketch something out for us. OTOH, I'm not aware of any speaker boxes which would fit. WMcD
  10. WMcD


    I've said a little prayer for continued progress and good health. WMcD
  11. WMcD

    Name the pre-amp, amp and speaker

    There was a similar photo in an add for AR-2. But it didn't mention AR components. WMcD
  12. I think all is right with the universe. The 500 Hz high pass will make anything sound tinny. You could try listening with earphones and probably they will sound tinny too. Let me suggest you use the other channel of our system with a 500 Hz low pass filter feeding the Forte. When playing alone it will sound muffled and tubby. Then place the midrange horn set to 500 Hz high pass on top of it. Music should sound very good. It would be nice to read your impressions. WMcD
  13. WMcD

    1950s khorns

    https://2d73e25b29782b6d6766-9c8af5cbfef16739445bc76457060528.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/KhornTimeline_635116436015580000.pdf is of some help.
  14. WMcD

    I can’t do Khorns in this room, right?

    Looking at the picture . .is it possible that the K-Horns can be shoehorned in there? I'm not sure that you're saying they will not fit (1) or worried that if they do, the performance will be terribly compromised (2). K-Horns are so magnificent that they will outshine anything else even in compromised situations. WMcD
  15. WMcD

    Camera Recommendations

    I would think the the hiking thing indicates you don't want to get involved with multiple lenses. The modern zooms work from mild wide angle to mild telephoto and even mild macro unless you really need pro performance. Also, my guess is that you need something which does not rely only on the display on the back which will wash out in direct sunlight. Therefore a small DSLR might be needed. OT: A few years ago I was taking long walks along the Lake Michigan esplinade (no shade) and had to use my cell phone. This required taking off my backpack, and the windbreaker. Then putting the windbreaker reversed over my head to form a little tent to view the screen in shade. I must have looked ridiculous. Next time I'll find a two-foot by two-foot piece of cloth like used in the old days to focus large cameras. Buy your wife a nice camera and a big babushca scarf.