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  1. Lye as in Murphys is the major ingredient in Easy Off oven cleaner. I have not checked for its use on wood. smile.
  2. https://www.popularwoodworking.com/woodworking-blogs/murphys-oil-soap-a-most-unusual-story/ This gives you a solution of lye and water.
  3. It is possibly okay as long as neither the water nor the soap reach the wood. WMcD
  4. One of our members found that it ruined speakers. DO NOT USE!!!!
  5. After the second Pfizer I had a little ache while reaching for a bottle of ketchup. That is all. "Doctors and scintists can't tell you the long term effect. " Ridicule is not sufficient to address this. The scientists didn't use the flux capacitor Delorian to go ten years to the future and check the results? Gasp. They didn't even use the Sherman-Peabuddy Way-back to go to the past, jab a few people and then see the effect in the present. Double gasp. People who harp on this lack of information as if they have seen through a magnificent deception do not have the sense that God gave a goose. They are dangerously sophmoric (wise fool). Being vaxed is not a matter of whimsical or political personal choice -- that crabby refusal kills our fellow citizens. (Daddy, why did grandma have to die? Was it because you refused to get a jab?) They should be forced to go to a nursing home or hospital or even India where people are attempting to breath their last breath, and can't. In India the funeral pyres are located in the hospital parking lots. The anti-vaxers should go and help chop wood. WMcD
  6. In my view that is how it works, to the extent it works. I've never seen a Klipsch design with this technique BTW. WMcD
  7. I don't know. Maybe it allows the lamp to light after you've blown out your tweeter. !!! I suppose there is some sense to this because some people might assume the tweeter is still good and continue to crank the power. Though I'll admit it seems like the resister will not allow much current. BTW, incandescent bulbs have a low resistance when not getting hot enough (current) to illuminate. Then when there is sufficient current, i.e. temperature, to glow the resistance increases and thus supply some protection to the tweeter by current reduction.
  8. The T-35 (K-77) tweeter is rated at 5 watts long term and IMHO that can be assumed for other tweeters as a ballpark figure. Therefore long term current is about 0.8 amps. Obviously the tweeter is the most delicate part of the system. WMcD
  9. I had only hear about it.
  10. I can't quite make out the picture on the wall of the drawing. It could be people worshiping the golden cow.
  11. Ha. The story begins in modern times when it was found that infecting people with cowpox prevented smallpox (which of course was deadly). Brilliant medical work. Smallpox it mostly eradicated now of course and millions, and millions of lives have been saved. The term "vaccine" derives for the word for cow, naturally. Journalists, then, of course lost no time in creating propaganda that patients would start looking like cows. Had NPR been around it would have been stirring this pot. These sorts of people should get a new angle.
  12. I was looking for info on the H-Bomb and the atoll.. Where does that show up? I thouht I'd get flack about Svengoolie.
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