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  1. sIf you go up to your original post, look for edit, then you can edit the title. But only the original author can do this. Using the Klipsch system here you can only put one photo in a post. I encourage everyone to reduce the file size of photos by using MS Paint. Reduce so the photo fills that screen. Usually this can be by a factor of 4 depending on setting on your cell phone or camera. WMcD
  2. WMcD

    Which is it?

    Part of the problem might be that the separates crowd ran down receivers so persistently that the receiver manufacturers had to call them something else. It is intresting that there are few receivers in stock and you attach an inference that they are not popular. Heck, TP is not in stock. WMcD
  3. Long ago I made a set of very similar horns. Working with wood for most of the unit is workable but I didn't find a way of threading wood to take the driver. OTOH bringing the throat down to a 1.0 inch (or so) diameter is not a problem and I used a plywood disk about 3 inch diameter with a 1.0 inch hole glued and screwed on the end. The the adapter can be bolted to it. Very hand for any design using that type of screw-on driver. It is necessary to design for the bolt heads of course. The link for this version is in my earlier post. WMcD
  4. https://www.parts-express.com/eminence-s2b-a-aluminum-1-3-8-18-tpi-screw-on-to-2-3-bolt-horn-adapter--290-561 There are other versions from other manufacturers. Nice work on the wooden K-400 varient. WMcD
  5. What song uses thruppence and sixpence. (Vaguely related to bread crumbs being sold for tuppence a bag.)
  6. The River Mersey is the river through Liverpool. Mome of the fab four. You'd thumb down a Diesel, wouldn't you.
  7. My parents had an old player for 78s and then later a simple player of 33 rpm LPs for Christmas. Along with it was an LP, How to Conduct Your Own Orchestra (baton included). It contained catchy tunes from classical music. I might have been six years old. I'm with dtel in spirit. AM in the NYC area was very much WABC and top 40. Then FM started up. It was sea change with for rock, intelligent DJs and a thoughtful selection of Album Oriented Rock (AOR). WNEW was tops. Their most fabulous DJ was The Nightbird. This was the mid-1960s. .https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alison_Steele I don't recall any other female DJ and she would be a tough act to compete with. The wiki is worth reading. Classical on FM in stereo was also a big hit. I recall an honorary uncle of mine trying to convince his wife he needed an outboard FM decoder. In vintage mono FM receivers you'll often find a MPX output for multiplex stereo.
  8. Often the wedges are made of metal screening which is acoustically transparent and stuffed with fiberglass insulation which is absorptive. The wedge shap prevents the creation of standing waves at any one frequency and inceases the effective surface area. There is no reason for anyone to be inside during a test because a body could affect the meaurement. The possibility of hearing damage should be a concern, always.
  9. With a grain of salt? Of course. None the less I believe this enthusiastic review reflects a very extensive redesign of the crossovers by Roy based on science and perception. Let me point out.I First time hearing a K-Horn. As said elsewhere, almost a religious experience. The Forte I with a passive got excellent reviews. The tractrix. History shows that Klipsch liked it so much it was put into the Forte II, Cornwall II, and Quartet. Yup, my Forte II had something grand. I had go sell them but the Quartets have much of it. My point is that some designs and re-desgns are worthy of gushing about and reviews are justified.. WMcD WMcD
  10. This should get you there. http://www.itishifi.com/2009/03/plexiglass-klipschorn-and-pwk.html I'm guessing that was taken at the museum. WMcD
  11. We should find the photograph of PWK standing next to the plexiglas K-Horn. He is wearing socks with sandals. I guess it is okay if you're the boss . . . and in Arkansas. WMcD
  12. Fred Flintstone feet? I love it. That must be my problem. I have only three toes! WMcD
  13. Yup, everyone is being helpful in tell us to wash our hands. When I go from the kitchen to the couch I must wash my hands. Nuts. I've seen suggestions to sing The Birthday Song as a measure of duration. I've heard some suggestions to use The Alphabet Song. No need to invoke Zeppelin - Wha Wha -Wha WHA, wha. Smile. This is a good time to investigate musical history. The Alphabet Song; Ba Ba Black Sheep; and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are all the same melody as memorialize by Mozart from an ancient French song. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twelve_Variations_on_"Ah_vous_dirai-je,_Maman" Therefore, let me suggest you sing Mozart and astound your friends. WMcD
  14. I have very wide feet and so wear New Balance high end walking shoes in black. These pass business casual requirements so far. In thepast I wore less than black athletic shoes with business atire and a street person mocked me. A mendicant fashion authority. For socks I like Thorlos. There is a lot of padding. Under them I've worn mostly cotton booties. I don't quite believe the Thorlo's claim that they wick moisture. The cotton helps. The combination is particularly good in winter. My theory is that keeping the outside of the shoes cold prevents snow from melting and getting them wet. Good in summer too. In college it was always Frye boots. Later in business I had Florscheim double welt wingtips which my wife called gunboats. I learned, upon purchase, to have a cobbler put on rubber half soles and a rubber heel peg. I later bought two pair and they are flexible as iron. Story: I worked in a carpeted office and wore boots for the commute and then Florscheim penny loafers at work. They only saw carpet and no pavement After six months the stitching at the instep pulled out (probably a width issue). I brought them back to the Florscheim store and asked whether they could repair them at my cost. The salesman got very excited looking them over and said, "This is terrible, you've hardly worn them at all (looking at the soles). I'll give you a new pair." He would not take my money. WMcD WMcD
  15. WMcD

    More on.Corona Virus

    FWIW. Here in Chicago the streets are pretty much empty. We have some fog which contibutes to the effect. Like Sherlock and Watson. My employer has finally gotten the work at home system working after some exasperating problems. The person writing instructions really mess up. IT response is very delayed. I'm told that having a working work at home system up and running for our crew attracts enterprise customers. I visited the local Walmart grocery. Yes there are voids in some staples. Only generic tuna is left. But canned chicken, bread, peanut butter, and jelly are on the shelf. There seems to be no problem with milk. I'm going back tomorrow to see if I can buy a sack of potatoes. Walgreens is similar but there is no lack of milk, beer and wine. I suppose people could survive for weeks on a few cases of beer. I'm cynical about the politicos using this as an excuse to get their pusses on the tube. WMcD
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