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  1. Sp what sort of libation, if any, did PWK drink? I recall Tony gave him some Irish whiskey, as seen on the museum site. Bush?
  2. Good point. This requires some rethinking. Chewbacca was 6'4" tall . . . . .
  3. PWK was not there, you say. PWK was 6'4" tall and Darth Vader was 6'4" tall. Vader kept his face covered with his evil mask. No one has ever seen PWK and Vader in the same location at the same time. Makes you think. WMcD
  4. WMcD

    D-Day Question

    It was not very well known that James was Canadian. There was a hint in the question in that Juno Beach was mentioned. The Canadian Army took Juno. Diz gave a hint by adding "eh" which often used by Canadians (and UPers) when a sentence solicits a positive response. Isn't that true of Bob and Doug McKenzie, you hoser, eh? WMcD
  5. WMcD

    D-Day Question

    I thought it interesting that James was a member of the Greatest Generation including a decorated war hero. Further, in watching TOS before this finger information got my attention I never had a inkling that it was missing. After the information it is not obvious that it is being hidden. You can read his bio on Wikipedia.
  6. So what kind of driver do you think the Palladium uses and what kind of driver do you think the rp280f uses? WMcD
  7. WMcD

    D-Day Question

    Had I posted this before? I don't find it. - ---- - - -- - Who am I? I was commissioned as a Lieutenant in WWII and was wounded during the invasion of Normandy. I shot two snipers and I received wounds from six bullets at Juno beach. One wound required amputation of the middle finger on my right hand. I later served as a pilot during the war and received many decorations. After the war I became an actor and appeared in many productions including TV and movies. Filming was done so as not to show my right hand and missing finger. You have very likely seen my work. I have passed away. WMcD
  8. Time is the wisest counselor of all. - Pericles 495 – 429 BC Greece. Almost the same thought.
  9. I have made an error in the spelling of heebie-jeebies above. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heebie-jeebies_(idiom) The error is regretted and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  10. What Deang wrote gives me the heebee-jeebees (sp?). The single phase plug is like the WE-555. It must be that Deang talking about just the phase plug. The drivers overall are by no means a clone of the WE-555. I have seen the "clone" word used elsewhere and not restricted to the phase plug. The WE 555 has a field coil instead of a permanent magnet. The early ones at least had an aluminum diaphragm. The surrounds are different. Looking around the Internet I see that an original 555 commands very high prices including up to $7000 (asking price ?). There is mention of businesses who will make you a clone of a 555 but I'll estimate one will cost $5000. http://www.audioanthology.com/audio1.html and the first page of one of WE's patents attached. 1707544.pdf
  11. I like to tell the story of pre-HT days. There had been advertisements re an animated hour-long (or so) Batman coming up on a UHF channel which had adopted the then new stereo broadcast system. I had come by a 15 inch Trinitron which had the decoder and RCA outputs. I hooked it up to a budget JVC receiver and two speakers I'd built. They were the EV Wolverine (budget) three-way which was kinda like a CW. That Batman was dark and intellectual and the sound was excellent. It just shows how big an improvement you get with a mid class stereo system. WMcD
  12. Thanks for adding the early history before they were adopted into a good home. Often speaker with problems get sold off. Failures of Klipsch crossovers are quite rare although sometimes suspected. OTOH if the K-77 is not properly hooked up to the crossover board so it has the benefit of the high pass filtering it is likely to blow because mid and bass freqs might be getting into it. The K-55 mid is a lot more robust and failures are rare. K-33 woofers are even more robust but with 100 watt amps, bass control knobs, and loudness switches (which boost bass) there can be problems. So, what to do. (Some pedantry follows. It is mostly common sense. What I'm suggesting is probably more than is necessary but it is good practice to get to a point where you know everything is in good order rather than go poking around little-by-little. This is particularly so if you can't have confidence in the initial condition.) Please record the present status of things and make notes. My rule is that my smart self today has to take notes to explain things to my stupid self tomorrow. The main purpose here is to know where you're starting. Things may have been messed up by the previous owner and it is good to know that. Take pictures of both crossover board connections, i.e. the collection of three pair of wires which go to the woofer, mid, and tweeter (the fourth is to the amplifier of course). We here would like to see the model number marked there, which is something like AK-3. Trace the wires to the drivers, though you don't have to go into the woofer box. You'll see the terminals are marked at a plate at the side of the plyboard crossover board. Check which wires go where including the white with a red stipe. Once you get the model number of the cross over board you can find the schematic in the technical section of the forum or someone will put it up here. Now that we know where we're at . . . disconnect the wires from the screw down terminals on the crossover board and test for continuity. [Edit: meaning measure with your ohm meter between the white and white - red wire to each driver. I'm not talking about the screws on the crossover board to which they were attached.] The woofer will be a bit under 4 ohms and the other two up about 10 ohms. (ballpark). If one is "open" check again at the terminals of the driver. If open the diaphragm will have to be replaced. While we're here, use a pencil eraser to buff the u-shaped spade lugs which go under the screws on the crossover. I think it is not worth backing out the screws and buffing the metal underneath -- at least unless you see a corrosion problem. Put the wires back as they should be (rather than were) and snug down the screws. Lack of good electrical contact at the screw down is very often the cause of unexplained, mysterious problems. Backing the screw off and snugging it down often cures things. Do check the drivers for acoustic output with an improvised stethoscope, a paper towel roller. Test one box at a time by disconnecting the amp connection or using the balance control. Let us know. A final matter. Depending on the circuit, running the crossover with no driver or an open driver attached can cause big problems. Essentially, a second order high pass or second order low pass filter without a driver resistance attached turns into an LC series filter across the amp. This creates a short circuit at the electrical resonance frequency. WMcD b
  13. I was looking for the video sent from Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve where they read from Genesis. It is on YouTube of course. But also there are several 10 and 11 hour videos from the SELENE probe. You can find info on the project on Wikipedia. Specifically, on YouTube are videos created from shorter sessions. Use the slider and you can advance to several earth-rises and earth-sets as seen from the forward-looking camera and aft-looking camera. Just so beautiful.
  14. You can resize using MS Paint. That is, if you're equipped for Windows. Yes, the tweeter motors are the same but I'll leave a full explanation to others here who are more informed. I don't quite understand the issue with continuity. Are you saying that testing at the terminals of the K-77's the voice coils are open? The tweeters (all tweeters) are the most delicate of all the drivers. The diaphragm and windings must be very light in mass and thus very thin wires are used. They can only stand, at best, five watts continuous power. OTOH, there is no reason for them (both?) to fail while they're sitting in storage and not being played. I expect there is more to the story. WMcD
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