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  1. WMcD


    Okay on Win 7 laptop running Chrome. (What analyser is that? BTW) I had to paste the link, though. WMcD
  2. WMcD

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (They are here)

    The video should be of interest to home builders because it shows two extra pieces which make assembly easier IMHO. It appears to me that the doghouse is pre-assembled before being inserted in the bottom box. There are “home plate” shaped pieces at the top and at the bottom. Must make it easier to get a good seal inside the box. The driver is set in place before assembly. The bottom home plate piece has a rounded home plate cut-out about ¾ inches smaller all around to allow driver replacement and the bottom hatch is screwed into the bottom home plate of the dog house. The bottom hatch corresponds to the cut-out in the bottom board of the box, so it is flush. The photo above and the assembly video are better than my description.. I don’t see any glue to hold the doghouse and first flare into place and it is just screwed. ??? Maybe the ramps get a bit of glue before the back goes on??? They’re using doubled up feed wire to the drivers? Seems like overkill to me.
  3. WMcD

    70V rated speakers

    I believe you will need an amp with a 70 volt output or a transformer which will step up the voltage. WMcD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constant-voltage_speaker_system
  4. WMcD


    I said a prayer for your mom, you, and your family, WMcD
  5. WMcD

    LaScala woes

    I see, that R is in the Zobel. Okay, probably the crossover is original. WMcD
  6. WMcD

    LaScala woes

    Nice looking receiver. I'll guess they can be made to sound similar to other LS. One thought is that speakers, like other stuff, get put on the market because they have a problem. Hopefully a repairable problem. And like I pointed out, it looks like someone has been messing with the crossovers. Let me suggest that you place them next to each other and use that nice balance control to pan back and forth. This is just to see if one has a problem and the other doesn't. Its a start. Then, use a paper towel roller as an improvised stethoscope to determine whether all the horns are sounding (balance over to that side of course). WMcD
  7. WMcD

    LaScala woes

    Is that a non-factory resistor I see?
  8. WMcD

    La Scala I updates

    It seems to me that if you do #2 and then decide you want #3 you will be ruining a lot of your earlier work. So why not go for #3.
  9. WMcD

    Onkyo tx-nr636 Pre-outs options

  10. WMcD

    What's the weather like where you're at?

    We in ORDland had a big thaw recently and as a result there was a still air temperature swing of 70° F and a wind chill temperature swing of 100° F over the last five days. In the real cold I stayed home and was a couch potato. Cable went out for a couple of days and internet for a few minutes. I watched a lot of YouTube.
  11. WMcD

    La Scala wood restoration/cleaning?

    Here is another video. Apparently lacquer does darken the wood, at least from what we see here. Sorry. OTOH we see that water based varnish is indeed very clear, what they call "water white." Taking these two videos as a whole there is not much difference in applying any wipe on finish. I'll also take some issue with comments that one or another takes too long to dry or requires too many coats. IMHO you can put down a coat of wipe on to a pair of speakers is a half hour or less. Let it dry for 12 hours. Doing one application in the morning and one application at night you'll be done in 3 days and have 6 coats down. Total time invested is 3 hours. Best, WMcD
  12. WMcD

    La Scala wood restoration/cleaning?

    Here is a very good video comparing different finishes. I read in other Internet articles that tung oil type finish don't color as much as others. However in this video pure tung oil colors (warms /toward yellow) more than most others. (Edit: I see there is a change in the grain in the tung oil section and a blemish and these make it a bit ambiguous. Still, if we observe the change from raw wood (species?) there is a dramatic difference in all cases. ) I was using pure tung as in the video which leaves a sightly rubbery finish. FWIW, much of the stuff on the shelf is call a "tung oil finish" which is not pure tung oil Best, WMcD
  13. WMcD

    Sound without Computer ON

    https://www.parts-express.com/ferrite-core-1-2-cord-noise-suppressor--110-454 I think you should buy four of these. They're cheap and you may want to buy something else PE in view of shipping charges. Of course you put the speaker wire pair though the hole and close (at the control panel end). It will work better if you first wind a second loop through. Three loops are even better. You might need to put another on the speaker side of the wire run. You've seen a version of this on some computer wires, usually encapsulated. They suppress radio frequency noise but also other r.f. WMcD
  14. WMcD

    La Scala wood restoration/cleaning?

    FWIW: I think the wax will have to be removed. I really think steel wool is dangerous because shards might eventually get into the voice coil gap. So, try some no-scratch Scotch Brite well dampened with mineral spirits (outdoors). Rinse the pad frequently. Mineral spirits should result in a warm color but will evaporate. My recall is that Tung oil will darken the wood, if slightly. The same for most any oil or varnish The only way to tell for sure is test on an inconspicuous area (the wisdom of ages). The bottom hatch or the areas covered by it or inside the top hat are good candidates. You seem to want the color of freshly sanded wood but with some protection. IIRC, the only finishes which will not color (warm up) the raw wood are clear lacquer (edit: apparently what read is not true, see below) or water-based varnish. You should read about the latter. You have to use some water spray to raise the grain, sand lightly, and apply the stuff. In the can it is the color of milk but sets clear. (Some woodworkers are use to the warming by a traditional finish. They put down a coat to varnish first. I think you don't want that.) Best, WMcD