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  1. Ok...I have it at a speaker repair shop here in San Antonio....they said they could do the recone.....we'll see what happens when it comes back. Would a standard K33E re cone kit work for this? Assuming that is what they will try and find. Thanks for the info everyone!
  2. Ok pulled the woofer and it looks like a mouse ate away at the surround. Would this cause why i'm not reading anything at the woofer terminals....would a re cone solve this? Thanks as always.
  3. Hello all....looking for advice Just recently got a set of '63 K Horns...they both have the k33J woofer. 1 speaker works great....the other's woofer is not functioning. I was not getting any resistance on the wire from the woofer to the terminal so I changed it out to see if it was a bad wire and re soldered everything... Still nothing. Switched the crossover (Type 1) from the working speaker to the non working one...still no woofer so I think that should rule out the crossover. Is there any chance of fixing this? Will any K33 woofer work to possibly replace this? Or should they be bought in pairs? Thanks a bunch for the info!
  4. Thanks for the input everyone! Hope to get Craigslist lucky soon...:) Are Fortes worth looking at?
  5. Cool!....do you think the Chorus would sound better than the two together or comparable? Trying to get a feel here...Its a fairly small space...12x10 listening room but I can open the doors and can fill the house pretty well
  6. Currently have a system with Heresy II's from my dad and Kg4's stacked on top of that I found on the side of the road. They sound good together....they kind of help each other out so to speak...but am looking for just one unit instead of two that could possibly be an upgrade....
  7. I did! Not really a fan of the black....do you think 1100 is overkill for that or reasonable?
  8. Looking to purchase a pair of Chorus I's or II's. Willing to consider anything but preferably not black....live in Texas and willing to drive. Willing to consider the forte I or II as well. Thanks
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