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  1. Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated. Will the Roxul/Green glue in any way deaden the room response or livin it do you think?
  2. Hello all, I am building a room above my garage (which is attached to my house) that is going to be 22x23. I am planning on putting a pair of klipschorns in the corners (outside wall away from the rest of the house). The ceilings are 9' for four feet around the edge of the room and they extend to 10' in the middle. This room partially sits over our bedroom as well (just a little) How do I best dampen the sound from traveling along the joists and walls to the rest of the house? I am planning on double studding the wall(s) that the K horns are using to help with bass extension. Would insulating with sound damping insulation hurt the bass. I'm thinking thick insulation between the first and second floor? Thank you so much for your thoughts.
  3. I have a set of Chorus I's with a restored 2270 and it sounds fantastic...I hope you do it
  4. I haven't heard back from klipsch yet. A few questions... I went ahead and tried to pull some extra string and was able to re solder it to the terminal. I am reading continuity now, which I wasn't before. It is readin 15 ohms ish....is this an appropriate number? Also when I attach the probes to the terminal i got a little "chatter" through the Voice coil...is this normal? Thanks for the help. I have not attached the horn back yet.
  5. Do you by any chance still have the k61's? Thanks for the info!
  6. I messaged Klipsch and everything went well....but they sent the tweeter diaphragms instead...:( Trying to get it sorted out
  7. Thanks for the info Randy! I pulled it apart and sure enough one of the wires to the terminal was broken. Can this be soldered back together? There isn't much slack to play with at all.
  8. Hello all, have a pair of quartets but 1 has a mid horn that is no longer functioning. It reads as OL on an ohms test but everything physically looks great. Where would I find a replacement diaphragm ? Thanks !
  9. I have been using a rebuilt Marantz 2245 with really good results. I have used an HK 430 as well but like the Marantz better with these speakers.
  10. Khornbred - That is really neat. I would love to see a picture of it for comparison sake. Very interesting. The date code on the wooden horn is marked out with marker on one and scratched out intentionally on the second....is yours like that as well? Thanks for the info!
  11. Thank you all so much for the info! They come with the original Type I crossovers...does this narrow down the dating at all? Are these considered good networks?
  12. Hi there, My father and I picked up a pair of 63 k horns in Texas back in June. The original thread is here. The serials are 1b867 and 1b868 and the label says KDFR. I was wondering who the original purchaser was? Are we also correct in that these left the factory as decorators with no grill and the top hats were added later and not done by klipsch? Would the front veneer have been original or added? Thanks for the info! Kind of a fascinating puzzle... they sound really good! My father added some edgebanding and refinished/oiled the very dry cabs. Thanks for the help!
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