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  1. Hi, no doubt about it.. 🥵 😁 But I was referring to the power they can handle, not me.. According to published specs.
  2. Hi, thanks to both. WCD, yes it's what the guy liked, but my impression is not only based on that single listening sessions but on the fact that the Heresy are a sealed box design and that they can sustain up to 400W of power; this seems to suggest a loudspeaker system with an optimal volume level higher than that of more 'domestic' units. But yes, I am aware that the PrimaLuna is a very good amp and that is why I am extremely reluctant to consider a replacement. My question was about the experience of people with a solid state, powerful amp with the HIIIs. best, Max
  3. Hi. I drive my Heresy IIIs with a PrimaLuna EVO 100 integrated, a 42W, push-pull tube amp. The room is about 40 square mt. A guy came visiting a few weeks ago to demo them, brought a few CDs along; all music was rich in texture, bass and ambience. He liked it to be played louder than I am used to, so I could appreciate the Heresys' powerful rendition. Anyway, my feeling is that the Heresys can digest many more watts than their declared sensitivity suggests are enough; and that a powerful SS amp would make them flourish better than my more domestic valves. Anyone with personal experience of Heresys powered by powerful solid states please? Thanks, Max
  4. Westcoastdrums, when I got the stands I feared the Heresys would become 'lean', but they are as full-bodied and have as much bass as their specs allow and as can be desired. I must say that I only regret the original plinths on the grounds of aesthetics. I sincerely feel no need for a sub. I am aware that the use of 'full' stands is often recommended here, but in all honesty I have been a member of the Naim Audio forum for years and I think I have learned to think with my own head and listen with my own ears. 🙃 Thanks for your contribution, Max
  5. Hi, my Heresy IIIs are my first Klipsch loudspeaker ever. I've had stands built for them to raise their voice to ear level, but aesthetically I like them with their original slanted bases more. They are paired to: an Esoteric K-07Xs CD player and a PrimaLuna Evo 100 amp. In comparison to the picture they are now more distant from the wall and slightly toed-in. After years of solid state, mainly British audio this system surely is a full immersion into another sonic culture, which I love. My personal impressions on the Klipsch/PL match are to be posted in a dedicated thread. Thanks, Max
  6. This really got me thinking... I've worked in music for 40 years and to select one's preferred genre is not easy. I'd say piano solo (classical and jazz) and full orchestra; but since piano solo is relatively easy to reproduce while orchestra is an ordeal for any system, I's say that I preferably play piano music. Lately Mozart Sonatas and/or players like Keith Jarrett, Martial Solal, Gonzalo Rubalcaba.. Thoughtful players rather than dazzling ones.
  7. ricktate, thanks for the many suggestions. I am also considering having two very simple iron stands made for me by a friend who's a decent ironmonger. But I'd prefer wooden ones. I'll post my final choice. Max
  8. Hi, I haven't watched this forum for a while so apologies for not having replied. @macHewson, your solution is fine and elegant, cheers! I wish I could find a couple of those too, because of their minimal visual impact. My Heresy IIIs are still on their tilting bases but I'll take a look at something. Thanks for the replies, Max
  9. Hi, I am Italian. I don't think buying good plywood for such a design would be very expensive.. And I presently live near a very large DIY store. Thanks again, Max
  10. @PrestonTom hi, thanks. Actually, it is not so much the desire to have tweeters at ear level as it is a feeling that the scene is a bit low. I am not missing detail. It must largely be a psychological effect from seeing the Heresy on the floor though, because if I close my eyes all very centred musical data seem to come from a reasonable height between the speakers. I am aware that the Heresy was designed to sit on the floor. A mock up might be a good idea. Max @John A Hi, this is the kind of simple, effective design I was uselessly after... Thanks. If I should decide to intervene on what, after all, is the natural placement of the Heresy, this could be a feasible solution even for my very average skills in woodworking. This design would also allow applying the criterium as per 001's suggestion. Max @001 Thanks, I had considered this. As I might have already written, I wonder whether the tilt is thought to project the sound a little higher only, or phase alignment was a factor too. M.
  11. I am now thinking of a solid wood, 8 inches riser. In case I'll post a picture and a few impressions. Thanks Max
  12. billybob, yes I am abroad. I have waited for a number of replies to give me a range of opinions and options. I have also watched an apparently accurate and sensible review of the Heresy on youTube: where the guy definitely suggests rising them about 10 to 14 inches. I am wondering whether anyone has both risen them and retained the tilted proprietary riser to save the possible phase alignment of the drivers? Thanks, Max
  13. I am using a PrimaLuna EVO 100 integrated with Heresy IIIs, and can confirm that the amp is very well built, full of clever solutions and sounds a delight.
  14. Very nice! This is a great idea. Thanks. M.
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