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  1. I resuscitate an old thread, but in the light of all the opinions what conclusions are to be drawn from Klipsch's own suggestion of 100W minimum for the Heresys?
  2. I 'solved' this problem using this: I only need 6 ft per side, so I join two opposite colors at the amp end and connect all four at the speaker's bi-wire end. It's solid core OFC copper for special electrical installments; no complains whatsoever about the sound and I don't have to mentally fiddle with jumpers anymore. €30 5 mt. shipped from Germany.
  3. In my case, it's a very weird opposite... My wife never discourages me from audio experiments, it's me having all sorts of reasons for not buying.
  4. Thanks, if my H3s had an impedance pattern as the 1s, they would be a great match with valve amps. Nothing below 10 Ohms is as rare today as a loudness control...
  5. @jcn3 I am not sure that the two cabinets sounded different; it would have been a very long shot to assume I had aural memory of one noise of months and months before. Let's say that I knocked on the second pair, I had a certain feeling of hollowness and wondered if the first pair also sounded that way - since I am sure I had knocked on them too. But I also think that having bought a second pair because I had sold the first one, and feeling a little silly about it, I had more expectations from this new purchase, and was more ill at ease about any possible flaw in the speakers... When I had my first pair and a PrimaLuna EVO 100, which is rated at 42 watts/8ohm, a guy came by to hear them, bringing some CDs along; he played loud electronic music and the Heresys produced deep, sonorous and non resonating bass; I suspect that my otherwise honest TEAC amp is not controlling the 12" woofer as it should. BTW, has anybody seen a graph for the Heresy IIIs' impedance anywhere? The only review discussing their impedance is that by Dick Olsher on The Absolute Sound, which essentially says that they can be considered 8 Ohm speakers. I don't care much about it safe that tube amps must be chosen considering the impedance/phase pattern of the speakers too. Thanks to all M.
  6. @jcn3 Thanks, this possibly answers my question about damping material. As for power, I am aware of the infinite variety of amp responses to drivers and crossovers.. I have somehow given up finding the ideal pairing; having tried a PrimaLuna already with good results, I may end up with one again. @Joe Carter, I think that my 3s' crossover is a dual-layered PCB fixed to the inside of the binding posts' pit. Suffice it for me that everyone else's Heresys behave more or less like mine.. @001, Who said I can't..? 🙂 M.
  7. Hi, thanks. I sort of thought as much, basing on my previous experience - the Pass, the PL. It's probably something with the TEAC amp. I'm still amazed at how someone claims that the H3s' woofer is ok with a 5W tube amp, and others that it takes lots of solid state watts... I guess in the end it's all down to getting lucky with the right amp and to personal preferences, letting objective science alone.. 🤫 M
  8. Thanks. The recordings may surely account for some resonating bass, but I hardly think that they may be the culprit of some hollow sounding knocks.. Speaking of recordings, they are absurdly variable in quality; also, keeping the speakers close to the ground doesn't sometimes help with transparency and clarity. I don't remember having ever heard boomy bass with the PrimaLuna, so I might as well check the TEAC's true capacities. M.
  9. Thanks anyway. I'm still asking somebody if the Heresy IIIs have damping stuff inside. I have not, and will never, open my pair. M.
  10. Hello, I now have my second pair of Heresy IIIs - I stupidly sold the first one - bought last year, Spring 2021. Since I bought them I have a weird feeling that this second set, when knocking on top or sides, sounds more 'hollow' than the first pair, which was scarcely two years older. Also, the bass in some recordings seems a little less controlled and a little 'boomy'. It could be the amp - was a PrimaLuna EVO 100 and now is a TEAC A-H500i - but the feeling of a certain 'emptiness' from the sealed boxes is still present. Does anybody know if there is any absorbent inside? I now keep my IIIs on their slanted bases. Thanks for opinions, suggestions or plain reassurances. Max
  11. @ the original poster: I have owned both - a Pass Labs INT-25 and a PrimaLuna EVO 100 integrated, with my Klipsch Heresy III. In short, I preferred the PL. The INT-25 sounded a but too 'meaty', not transparent enough, it seemed to fill the speakers too much with sound - if that makes sense. The PL was a little rounded off at extremes, but provided an average more pleasant voice, with enough dynamics and an enjoyable old-fashioned timbre. I also drove the H3s for a few days with a Bow Technologies Wazoo - not so dissimilar to a Pass - and the result was the same: a feeling of 'too much-ness'. Hope it helps, just my opinion.
  12. Large toroidal, full dual mono circuit and 4 transistors per side. Decent phono stage. 50W RMS. If one can get past its 'commercial' looks and pretend it's a boutique amp, a successful buy.. 😉
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