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  1. I picked this up to try more power with my H4s. However, I decided to get a 300B amp. The amp is as new and unmolested. (No upgrades) I ran it with EL34s biased, per Cary, at 50 ma. $2500, or the best reasonable offer plus shipping in the original Cary Double box. Pay Pal is fine. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or would like to speak on the phone. I misplaced the bias jack and assembled a new one. It's simply bell wire with a 1/4' jack with leads. The original EH tubes and a quad of EL34s are included.
  2. This has been around for years and is well received. https://www.musicalparadise.ca/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=54
  3. Be sure you can return whatever you buy/try.
  4. The sound is cleaner and they are easy to install and get nice and snug. The Klipsch provided jumpers are not copper.
  5. FYI, I bought a pair of these for my H4's 👍. A nice improvement over the stock pieces. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203960155659
  6. I see/hear like you and don't care about imaging at all.
  7. Inspire tube amps from Dennis Had are a great match with Heritage speakers. Do a search. 😉
  8. I have a room from audio hell. This may sound like heresy, but I think I will add a Schiit Loki Max to the rig. ttps://www.ecoustics.com/products/schiit-audio-loki-max-eq/
  9. They are Tam Radio/Tamura transformers from a Sony tube reel to reel tape deck.
  10. The H4's are much better than the H3's. The tractrix mid horn makes a big difference and you will immediately notice it. H-4's and an upgraded sub will make you smile. I drove H4's with a 2A3 amp and good sub and had no complaints.
  11. There are excellent 6SN7's coming from China. Unless you have heard them your opinion has no merit.
  12. You can get a B stock pair of American Walnut Heresy IV's on the auction site from a Klipsch dealer for $2200 shipped, no tax. They will work well with your amp and will be plug and play. They are excellent speakers. I drive mine easily with a 3.5 watt 2A3 amp. My 2 cents.
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