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  1. +1 with a room as large as your Forte's or Corny's would be the ticket.
  2. It's a efficient 15 inch full range driver that needs more than fleawatts to get a grip on the bass. What is the size of your room?
  3. +1 the Inspire line is excellent and affordable.
  4. Just curious, why do you think you will never see it? Klipsch Heritage speakers and tubes are 👍 Here is an interesting integrated amp with tone controls and a phono preamp. http://www.erhard-audio.com/Basie.html It's more than you want to spend at the moment but may be a much better option in the long run and has enough power to make your Cornwalls get up and dance. I have been using his Aretha preamp for a year and it's quite good. I stream Tidal and the treble control really tames poorly recorded CD's.
  5. There are a lot of quality kit tube amps. Personally, I'd pass on the inexpensive Chinese offerings. Here is a good place to start. https://www.vkmusic.ca/ and https://bottlehead.com/
  6. Here is a link to the Tube Substitution Handbook http://www.smcelectronics.com/DOWNLOADS/TUBE SUB 1980.PDF You could use a 5R4GYS instead of a 5U4G. The CV378 in an indirectly heated tube. You should check with the manufacturer before using something else. It's a very long life tube and if you could have it tested it may be fine. If you have to buy one Upscale is a trusted seller. https://upscaleaudio.com/products/mullard-gz37-cv378
  7. +1 A quality American amp but by an audio legend that can use quite a few different tubes.
  8. Cables are all about synergy with your system. Wire sounds different. A high priced cable is not always better.
  9. Recommending a DAC is very difficult, if not impossible. Personal preference plays a large part, so YOU need to listen to a few and decide. Personally I prefer non-oversampling DAC's. I have a MHDT Labs Orchid and really like it. I was using their Havana DAC for 9 years and then got the Orchid. http://www.mhdtlab.com/ Here is a review of the Pagoda with balanced output. https://www.tnt-audio.com/sorgenti/mhdt_pagoda_e.html
  10. Thanks Jeff. It is an interesting design. I am considering it for use in a small streaming system. I know it's not SOTA 300 B but likely better than many inexpensive amps.
  11. This is a completley revised version of the original. It's not the same amp. I had an original years ago and it did not do it for me either. I had there excellent Model 4 phono preamp and still have the Model 3 transport. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/softone-300b-set-amplifier BTW Richie, I posted this here a few years ago and read your comment on the original. 😉 Review on a Chilean audio site: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=es&sp=nmt4&u=https://www.hifichile.cl/index.php%3F/topic/18595-el-amplificador-300b-single-ended-hecho-en-jap%C3%B3n-m%C3%A1s-barato-el-softone-model8-300b/&xid=17259,1500000,15700021,15700186,15700191,15700259,15700271,15700302&usg=ALkJrhi3yCmB-L79uc4JVyL0hBFRP--FJw You Tube: Driving 4 inch single driver speakers.
  12. I have been looking at this amp for a few years. http://softone.a.la9.jp/english/Model8/M8-eng-1.htm The circuit looks interesting and unique. Thoughts?
  13. The OP should consider the Inspire gear, it's a great match, designed by an audio legend, with Heritage speakers.
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