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    Article on SET Amplification

    Check out the Inspire amplifiers that Dennis Had, founder of Cary Audio, is selling on the big auction site. It's his retirement hobby. They are single ended pentode and some are triode strapped. Point to point wiring and use one pair of tubes. 6V6-KT150's can be used with different rectifiers and they are self biasing. Very affordable and a great match with Klipsch.
  2. Les Lammers

    Tube recommendations for Quicksilver Horn Monos

    I think you should try 6L6's. I just looked at the manual for you amp online. It states you should have matched pairs. 6L6G or GA's have the magic you are looking for but you need to call Quicksilver to see if they will work in you amp. The Tube Store preferred series 6L6GC is a fine tube and are $29.95 each and they will match them. The large bottle TungSol is labeled 6L6G but electrically a 6L6GC. They are more $$ than the preferred series. I would look for a pair of RCA , Hammond etc. 7247's that say made in England. There are relabeled Mullards. Look for seams on the top of the tube. That tells you they are Mullards.
  3. Les Lammers

    considering trying a tube amp

    The Dynaco ST70 is a classic tube amp. A perfect match for your Forte III"s. You can get it as a kit or assembled. You can easily sell it if you don't like it but....you won't want to. Bob Latino ST70: http://www.tubes4hifi.com/bob.htm
  4. Les Lammers

    Opinions On New Production Tubes....

    I've got about 60 hours on the 12AX7 Psvane Treasure Super tubes and it sounds awesome. They've got the 'authentic' NOS sound quality and man are they smooth. I believe the Preferred Series tubes are more rigorously tested and that is a good thing. Shuguang is the largest tube manufacturer in the world they made the original Treasure series. I bought one of the Sophia blue glass 6SN7's and it sounds better, in my rig, than any NOS I have and I've collected a lot of them over the past 20+ years.
  5. Les Lammers

    Opinions On New Production Tubes....

    New production tubes are getting much better. It is best to get them from a dealer that thoroughly tests them. Not all do. Look at the videos by Upscale Audio on you tube.