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  1. ODS123

    RP-600 Review in Stereophile

    Perhaps... and it is also true that Atkinson seems to always measure speakers to be less efficient than specified by the manufacturer. ...But NEVER to the degree that this particular speaker came up short on its efficiency rating.
  2. ODS123

    RP-600 Review in Stereophile

    I don't follow. ..So who is misrepresenting the truth?? ..I wouldn't like a Klipsch speaker less to learn that it is less efficient than it's rated. But it would reflect poorly on Klipsch and make me less likely to believe other specs. So what is the right number??
  3. ODS123

    RP-600 Review in Stereophile

    Yes, it is indeed positive but it raises some questions about Klipsch's efficiency ratings. ..I don't have the review in front of me but Atkinson measured it to be something like 4 or 5 db lower than Klipch's stated rating. So who is right? ..I looked in the back of the issue for a response from Klipsch in the Manufactures' Comments section but... nothing. I would have expected Klipsch to reply if they wished to defend the accuracy of their efficient ratings.
  4. ODS123

    Inexpensive Integrated Amplifiers

    This would be my go to. Review with (more importantly) measurements: https://www.kenrockwell.com/audio/audiosource/amp-100.htm Just $119. AND it has a Balance And Tone Controls (on back, which is a bit unusual): https://www.crutchfield.com/p_021AMP100V/AudioSource-AMP100VS.html
  5. ODS123

    Heresy III are here!!

    Now THAT's the way to have Klipsch Speakers shipped. ..Though Klipsch Heritage speakers are great, their boxes a bit flimsy. ..But having them shipped wrapped on a pallet makes it a non-issue. Enjoy them... They're great!
  6. ODS123

    Heresy III w/ integrated amp?

    The likelihood of hearing any differences in audio quality b/w these amps is nil, IMHO. Todays solid-state amps are engineered to be sonically linear while driving any typical loudspeaker, and the Klipsch is a very easy speaker to drive. 50 watts is more than enough unless you're interested in causing long-term hearing loss. So, with that in mind, I'd consider the amps feature set and form factor. Several of these amps (the Peachtree, and Sprout for example) lack a balance control, would that be a problem (it sure would for me but not for everyone)? ...And tone controls (for me a must-have, but not for others)? ..How about the digital display on the NAD C 368? ..In my experience, these displays and touch-screens can deteriorate with time, but my one experience might not be representative. ..And how about having an internal DAC? Some believe that DAC technology is apt to change so you might believe it better to keep this "outboard" (I do not share this view). Are you ok with a "push & scroll" control knob that you use for both volume AND to chose inputs and access other settings? Some prefer this for it's simplicity/ tidiness, Others, like me, prefer separate, faceplate mounted controls for these purposes? If it were me, I'd probably pick the Marantz or the Cambridge Audio, but only because of their feature set and form-factor. ..But sound-wise, I think they will all do just fine. ods
  7. ODS123

    KG4 to Forte III?

    Thanks! ..My wife and I came to an understanding. She'd allow my big 2-channel system to be set up in our great room so long as I did everything possible to make it look nice. I consider myself lucky - most of our friends and family think it's kinda ostentatious and more than one said they'd say "no way". ..But it really has been a blessing. But setting it up in our great-room it has made music a family bonding activity.
  8. ODS123

    KG4 to Forte III?

    I'm sure you're right - the Forte's probably would sound terrific in my room as well. Not that I should be over influence by appearance but I also preferred the way the Cherry CW3's matched my cabinets and floors. The Cherry veneer on the Forte seemed wayyy lighter. Also, visually I think the Fortes wouldn't have filled the space b/w the cabinets and wall quite as nicely. But this is subjective of course. Yes, I was able to play with placement at the dealer but only so much.
  9. ODS123

    Why vinyl is kind of a miracle

    The delta between recorded music played through speakers and real live music is so huge that the few extra steps digital gets us to real music is almost meaningless. It's like instead of being 50 miles away, you're 49.9 miles. People loved recorded music just as much when I was a kid when ALL we had was analog playback (vinyl and tape). The clicks, pops, vinyl surface noise, tape hiss, etc... are all gone today yet recorded music is no more AND no less effective and helping us through pain when things are bad or enhancing our joy when all is right. So trashing either format is rather silly and misses the whole point of recorded music.
  10. ODS123

    Why vinyl is kind of a miracle

    All great points. I will add this gripe about Digital Music.... When all we had was vinyl people would generally hear a whole album side before either changing the record or flipping it. ..Advancing the stylus to the next song or finding the lead-in grove to a favorite track was such a pain that people were more apt to listen to the whole album side. This would lead to becoming better acquainted and maybe even growing to love lesser known tracks. Case in point: If I was given Springsteen's "Greetings From Asbury Park" in digital-file format today I'd probably listen ONLY to Blinded By The Light, but having been introduced the LP on vinyl, I grew to love almost EVERY track on that album. "Blinded" grabbed me immediately, but others - for instance "Lost In The Flood" - took several listens to enjoy. They were less accessible but are now cherished tracks that today I might not ever listen to. Witness how kids listen to music today.. The idea of buying, much less listening to, an entire album is anathema to them. The convenience of Digital music has given them a form of musical ADD. Heck, my kids will often not even wait until a song has mostly finished before moving on to the next. Can you imagine constantly doing that with a turntable? ..Just another reason why to appreciate vinyl even if it doesn't really sound better.
  11. ODS123

    Why vinyl is kind of a miracle

    Agreed. That a piece of rock being dragged around a vinyl disc can sound so good is indeed a miracle. And though I don't share the view that vinyl sounds better than digital I do believe it sounds good enough to be very very enjoyable, particularly when played on a high quality table (ie. inaudible wow & flutter, accurate speed) that is properly set up. To those trashing the format I would ask: So what does one do with the hundreds and hundreds of records they acquired prior to digital? Throw them away simply because they suffer by comparison to digital? ..Not everyone has the $ resources to replace all their vinyl w/ digital and in some cases it's not available. So what then? If you're truly a music lover and not just a gear-geek, I'd think you'd find ways to enjoy vinyl despite it's shortcomings.
  12. ODS123

    KG4 to Forte III?

    Thanks!! ...Yes, Buddy Holly was incredible. ..To think of how much incredible music he made in his short life is just staggering. "True Love Ways" sounds absolutely magical on my Cornwalls, and probably on any Klipsch speaker.
  13. ODS123

    KG4 to Forte III?

    I preferred how the Cornwall III's sounded but they are extremely large and imposing looking. They are passably attractive in our great room - my wife was ok with getting them. However, if this room was smaller, they would be visually overwhelming, in which case she wouldn't have been and I would have had to make do with the F3's. As for sound, the CW's sounded more expansive and open, and they extend deeper - though not by much and thus noticeable only on a sub-set of my music But again, the F3's sounded very good as well. I think the CW's are also a bit easier to place because they don't have a rear-firing passive-radiator. ..The F3's might have had to stick out further in the room. ..But that's a guess.
  14. I'd personally look for an integrated amp. As far as I'm concerned separate pre-amp & amps offer no audible advantage. So why deal with extra boxes and cable clutter if there isn't a performance upside? Separates also add expense AND they CAN present more hiss/hum problems b/c they introduce more connection & grounding points. If you plan on incorporating a sub be sure your integrated has provisions for that. Onkyo, Yamaha, NAD, Emotiva..(and others) all have reasonably affordable offerings. ($300-$500). All of these (I believe) also have tone and balance controls, something I feel are essential to enjoying as much of your music library as possible. ..But you may not care for these features, which is fine of course. There are even cheaper offerings on Amazon that may work well but the brands are so obscure that you may have challenges getting them serviced. As for wattage requirement, take a look at this wattage calculator. ..Thanks to your speakers high efficiency, it's hard to imagine ANY amplifier or AVR being unable to meet your SPL requirements. https://geoffthegreygeek.com/calculator-amp-speaker-spl/
  15. Well, what are you using now? And if you’re not happy with it, why?