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  1. And how good would your Jubes sound with NON Pass amps/pre and quality cables?? ..Well, RC's $10K Amplifier challenge and the Guadalajara Audio Club A/B test suggests.. about the same. ..just sayin'. As they say - proof is in the pudding (once a modicum of science is applied and biases are reduced/eliminated).
  2. okay... and how good would those Jubes sound w/ non-Pass amps (say, Onkyo AVR) and generic cables?? ..Probably just as good. - just sayin'.
  3. Strawman Alert! ..No one, not me nor anyone else has said "Buy whatever. It all sounds the same anyway." Yet you continue to attribute this to me. Your strategy is pretty clear: It's way easier to assail the words you put in my mouth than those that actually came out of it. As for the other remark regarding boxes... utterly unintelligible. No idea what you're trying to say.
  4. Yes, it does. And when buying a sonos setup people aren't apt to hear nonsense from a salesperson about costly speaker cables, power cords/conditioners, and amps that have a magical topology. ..Or told to give the speakers and/or amp hundreds of hours of break-in time before any "critical listening".
  5. That's ridiculous. ..You express no less self-certainty in your beliefs than do I. From you, and most of the others in this thread, it's "I know the differences exist because I hear them.." and from me it's "you may believe you hear differences but are they real or just imagined?" We are both just as self confident in our positions. ..But one big differences b/w the two, aside from the obvious, is that I attempt to provide to beginners some degree of scientific rigor to support my advice. Advice which is basic, pragmatic, and affordable.
  6. While I am probably a fair bit younger than most of you I have spent many many years immersed in recorded (and live) music. ..I don't see other peoples credentials being challenged.
  7. Couldn't agree more and would urge beginners to give serious thought to this as well. Room setup contributes way more to a system's sound than some faint amplifier nuance that escapes both measurement and repeatable differentiation from other amplifiers. This (very interesting) departure from the amp debate also underscores the need for either tone controls or (better) an equalizer.
  8. Doing a DBT w/ pre-amps would be a pretty complicated affair. But considering every modern pre-amp (ie., those being sold today) that I could find on web-retailers has THD <.01% and S/N ratios that exceed our hearing, I'm totally fine with extrapolating the results of the Amplifier challenge to mean that differences b/w pre-amps, if audible at all, are also apt to be so small as to be meaningless. ..But you can draw your own conclusions Personally, I think pre-amps in a 2-channel system are an anachronism. In other words, "why??" When present day integrateds are so quiet, and have such incredible S/N ratios what is achieved by separating power and pre sections? That is, other than potentiating buzz/ hum issues by adding more interconnects, another power cord and possibly another outlet. Yes, i think separate 2-channel pre-amps these days are more or less pointless. And yes, my MDF-edition Cornwall III's are STILL upright and undamaged by rogue moisture. phew!
  9. c'mon dean follow the thread for god sakes. dizman made the comment that "A speaker that makes a crappy recording sound good is not a good speaker." Following that logic, I said that a speaker that make a fatiguing, shrill piccolo sound non-fatiguing is also NOT a good speaker. Follow?
  10. ODS123

    Heresy III’s on the way!

    Yes, you will love them... congrats I listened to them before buying my Cornwalls. ..If my room wasn't so large, I'd be an HIII owner for sure. ..They're awesome.
  11. Well, the goal of this hobby is, '''...A lot". There is a delta b/w real and recorded music. Isn't it the goal of hifi to decrease the delta?
  12. elaborate please ..Are you saying no musical instruments can begin to grate or cause fatigue? ..Trumpets, flutes, saxophones, even some string instruments can become fatiguing. Know anyone who plays in an orchestra? ..Ask him/her.
  13. I would agree. And would add that a speaker that makes potentially "fatiguing" instruments sound "never-fatiguing" is also NOT a good speaker. You'll read the comment from some audiophiles that their systems "never cause listener fatigue no matter how long I listen." ..Well, unless you're listening at a whisper volume your speakers aren't doing their job because some instruments, even when played by competent musicians, WILL cause fatigue after a while. ...Just sayin'
  14. tsk, tsk,... you should have held out for the MDF-editions.