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    McIntosh MA6600 Integrated; Technics SL-1210GAE Table; Audio Technica VM760SLC Cartridge; Sweet Vinyl SC-1 Click/Pop removal pre-amp; Klipsch Cornwall III Speakers; a beautiful wife and two dogs as only room treatments.

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  1. I'd send them back. ..I had to go through two defective pairs of CWIII's before getting a perfect pair. The first had a blemish similar to yours, and the second had a mid-horn that was not perfectly flush-mounted against the baffle. It was slightly tilted because the recess wasn't properly routed out. ..Very frustrating. My retailer was very nice about out though; they never once suggested I just "accept" them.
  2. I'll take the former, thanks. ...Hearing vocals only from one channel and guitar only from the the other is totally redic. ..Not realistic at all.
  3. I feel like it only matters in home audio simply because it can only be accomplished in home audio. But does it really contribute much to the visceral enjoyment of music? ..Not so much, imho.
  4. Do the the people at the mixing board send different signals to the left and right bank of speakers, with the hopes of creating a stereo image? ..Or are all speaker fed same signal (w/ perhaps some dividing of frequency ranges via a external crossover, etc.) In any case, it's led me to rethink the importance of imaging. ...Which is perhaps one of the reasons why I love my Cornwall III's more than others I've had which do a much better job of imaging. For example, small-ish stand-mounted 2-ways like PSB stratus Minis, and Spica TC-50's. ..These speakers created incredible images, but ...meh.
  5. Saw two concerts quite recently here in Phila: Norah Jones a week ago at the Mann Music Center and last night I saw Lyle Lovett and His Large Band at The City Winery. Both were fabulous shows, particuly LL and HLB. The audio at both shows was terrific. ..Acoustics weren't overly reverberant and the volume was low enough that my ears weren't buzzing by the end. But in both cases there wasn't a bit of discernible stereo imaging even though my location would lend itself to hearing it. When I'd close my eyes I couldn't for the life of me place the vocals or instruments - they all seemed to be coming from the same place. Yet, I thought the sound was fabulous and the performances incredibly compelling. Which leads me to wonder why we we so obsess on this particular aspect of audio playback at home?? Seems to me that imaging is mostly a mixing board trick for in-studio recordings that has little relevance to actual music, unless one is listening to a tiny, unamplified ensemble in the tiniest of settings. Even if both of these artists used unamplified acoustic instruments, I very much doubt I would be able to locate there instruments/voices w/ my eyes closed at these venues or any other even a fraction of their size. ..Just wonderin'
  6. Huh?? They lost me with this "Typical loudspeaker cabinets have pronounced structural resonances which are very audible and reduce the speaker’s ‘signal-to-noise ratio’" Speaker S/N ratio?? Yes, resonances need to be kept below the threshold of audibility. ..But solving the problem does not necessitate an inordinately complex cabinet design. But since this is high-end audio - where fetishizing power cords, speaker cables, turntable plinth thickness, etc.. looms large - I'm not surprised by claims that it does.
  7. Don't agree. My CW III are made from MDF and sound as hollow as a shoebox when you knock on them. ...As do the latest iteration of LaScalas and Klipschorns. Yet these three speakers sound much better to my ears than many speakers I have heard that have enclosures that are as solid as granite. ..Some composite, some aluminum. IMHO, enclosure integrity needs to meet a certain minimum, but beyond that it become superfluous. My Vandersteen 3A sigs and Paradigm S8 V2's felt like bricks when you knocked on them. ..Yet I don't like them nearly as much as my CW's. ..So there's gotta be more to speaker design than just enclosure rigidity.
  8. I've never owned one of these... and don't know how well it measures, etc.. But still, audio was more fun back in those days. ..Yes, the buttons, sliders, knobs, etc.. got rather scratchy rather quickly, but the flexibility and adjustability was great. compare that with today... ...There are high dollar integrateds that don't even have balance control. Ugh..
  9. I've been saying this for years. ..Modern day amps/ integrateds and receivers that are engineered to be linear will sound pretty much alike so long as they aren't driven into distortion and these days that would include pretty much ALL such components.. Nowadays THD, S/R, Channel Separation, etc - even in cheap AVRs - is cheaply accomplished and exceeds the threshold of our ability to hear differences. My guess? ..A vintage Onkyo Receiver? Feature you'll never go w/o? ..Tone controls Personally, I'll NEVER again buy an integrated that lacks tone controls or a Mono switch. Maybe this?? EDIT: oops, I shoulda read the whole thread. I see you’ve already revealed your answer.
  10. I think this is largely true. ..Deeper bass extension and greater SPL before distorting.
  11. I'm thinking ZERO difference in sound performance, but point taken.
  12. Fair enough... ..So let the question be: Would the CW4's sound better if they were made from BB?
  13. I'm not trying to be difficult. Remember, this thread is about "myths" so you'll have to forgive people for expressing stubborn skepticism. ..References others have made to stradivarius violins, etc.. don't apply. Speakers (as Edgar pointed out) are not suppose to color the sound. Moreover most of the major speaker companies, that uses wood, seem to prefer MDF - even in their cost-no-object designs. So, I'll ask again, do you think Roy chose a sub-optimum material for the CW4's?
  14. Sorry but still unconvinced. So are you saying Roy chose an inferior material for the Cornwall IV's? ..That the speakers would sound better if made from BB?? Also, while MDF may be less expensive, it's harder on tooling and it's heavier so more costly to ship a finished speaker.
  15. You said baltic sounds better. Please explain. Roy, if you're still reading this thread, what are your thoughts? Would the new CW4 sound better if it was made from BB? I'll acknowledge that it makes a cabinet more resistant to water damage but it's hard to worry about that risk when none of my other gear is water-resistant.
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