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  1. ODS123

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    Wow, thanks for an informative and thoughtful post. ..Not much to disagree with. And if I could, I'd like to point to another (if a bit tangential) inconvenient truth.. Which is, some instruments ARE harsh sounding when heard live if heard too long and from too close. Hence, these instruments can and will fatigue a listener when played on an accurate audio system. I mention this b/c I've heard it said of Klipsch Khorns and Cornwalls that they cause listening fatigue. From years of playing and listening to live music I can attest that live trumpets, flutes, violins, etc.. can and will begin to grate even in the best of venues played by the best of musicians, so to seek an audio system that NEVER causes listening fatigue is so seek an audio system than is not wholly accurate.
  2. ODS123

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    That comment about the Khorns sure hIghtens my interest in hearing a pair But I don't understand the remark: "Choosing the correct ancillary components is a must with the Heresy" Why?!! Given their very high efficiency, I can't imagine ANY modern day amplifier having difficulty cleanly driving them to ear-damaging levels. Though I generally use my McIntosh MA6600 to drive my cornwalls, I did - just for fun - listen to them with the $100 50w AudioSource AMP 100 integrated I use for my deck speakers. ..And they sounded just as terrific - clean, clear, smooth, and to insane volume levels. AudioSource AMP 100
  3. ODS123

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    I don’t believe that measurements are everything, but I do believe that if the differences people claim to hear between speakers, cables, amplifiers, cd players, etc. can’t be reliably identified while blinded, then the differences aren’t really there.. just mho
  4. ODS123

    Forte III

    I am using a Mcintosh MA6600 to drive my new Cornwall iii’s. It sounds great While my amp is 100 W more powerful than the 5300 I very much doubt that will matter. The fortes are so efficient that they won’t need much more than 20 or 30 Watts at the very most . While my speakers are a little more efficient I seldom see the wattage meters go beyond 5 W. And it is crazy loud at that point.
  5. ODS123

    Forte III

    I think if you were blindfolded you would have a very hard time hearing any difference between Mcintosh tube or solid-state gear. Mac engineers ALL their amps to be ruler-flat at all audible frequencies. A few years ago I spent quite a bit of time comparing a new Mac tube and solid-state amp and I could not reliably distinguish between the two. Nor could the sales person at the dealer.
  6. Listened extensively to both, in the same room, on the same day. To my ears, the Cornwall III’s sounded better. Better resolution, greater dynamics, greater bass extension, and the added bonus of higher efficiency. I also felt the Cornwall’s look better - specifically, the way the grills are recessed rather than stick out - but that is also quite subjective. The Cornwall’s are also significantly more expensive so keep that in mind. I can’t imagine anyone being disappointed with either. The forte iiis Are great speakers. If you are space constrained or budget constrained, they are probably the better choice.
  7. ODS123

    Stereophile on the Heresy III

    The review was largely positive which certainly jibes w/ my own impressions of the Heresy III's. ..Still there's much about the review that annoys. It seems strange that one reviewer (Guttenberg) would tell another about to review a pair of speakers " (exclaiming) ..Those aren't audiophile speakers. Those are party speakers!" For one, what the hell does that that mean and why would "party" and "audiophile" being mutually exclusive? I'm an audiophile (of sorts) and I like music at parties, so...??? And two, how about one reviewer caring enough about his craft and enough about the reader to NOT taint a fellow reviewer with expectation bias by making such a strong and prejudicing statement? Wouldn't it be nice if reviewers were forced to share their initial judgements of speakers before knowing what they look like, their size, who makes them, what kind of drivers they employ or what has been said of them by other reviewers?? Perhaps hear them from behind a visually opaque but sonically transparent screen before being allowed to take them home for an extended listen? Do you think this would affect what we read? I sure believe so.. ...Hey, an audiophile can dream, can't he??
  8. ODS123

    Forte III

    I very much doubt that different amps or additional break-in time is going to change a speaker from hate it to love it. And Swapping out drivers on brand new speakers strikes me as a bad idea. Seems to me you keep buying speakers that you don’t like. Perhaps you need to spend a little more time listening to the speakers before buying them.
  9. ODS123

    Dollies for Big Box Heritage Klipsch

    Love the dollies! Thankfully, I don’t have to regularly move my speakers. If I did, I’d build a set:) To get my Cornwall iii’s into positions are used these....
  10. ODS123

    Amplifier Selection Forte III

    I have Cornwall III's which are just a bit more efficient. Still, I have the benefit of a wattage meter on my integrated (McIntosh MA6600). I have yet to get the volume cranked to where the peaks are even 20 watts. ..Cruising along at 5 watts is freakin' LOUD!!! My hunch is your ears will start to clip before your speakers do.
  11. ODS123

    Hello forum Klipsch Cornwall

    Love it! Nice to see there are American products that are so well liked by our friends in France. Enjoy them in good health!
  12. ODS123

    Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    A mistake? Heck no, you'll be happy w/ any of those mentioned. ..It's just that by going w/ a Mac Integrated (like the MA5300, not the tube one above as it does not have home theater pass through) you can use just the Mac when you're listening to 2-channel audio. ..By getting the amp only, you'll have to use your AVR. As for wattage, I'd be very surprised if you ever get near 20-30 watts, let alone 100. ..And I love cranking my music and movies. ..Your speakers are incredibly efficient. Maybe a dealer would allow you to bring a demo unit home to try in your system?
  13. ODS123

    Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    Hi OP, ..what did you decide?
  14. ODS123

    Cornwall III distressed oak

    My hunch is that if the veneer is offered on another Heritage speaker, then why not?? Of course, it may cost extra and will probably have to wait until their next production run of CW's
  15. ODS123

    Klipsch & Mcintosh overkill?

    I have excellent hearing, and a keen sense of musical nuance that has been honed by a lifetime obsession w/ music. ..Still, I can not hear one iota of difference b/w my Mac MA6600 and my NAD 375Bee. ..One has autoformers, the other doesn't. ..I'm all for buying Mac gear, but I don't believe that it sounds any better (or worse) than any other modern day gear. In fact, I don't think their tube gear sounds audibly different either! ..Once THD and S/N ratios approach a certain threshold, our ability to discern differences disappears. I was at a Audio dealer some time ago and even the salesperson confided that he could not reliably distinguish Mac S/S gear from their tube gear, which is engineered to low distortion and linear. So I wouldn't get hung up on autoformers, etc.. just go and listen, and bring a healthy amount of skepticism.