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  1. Man I've heard, haven't been lucky enough to hear them in person yet. But for sure excited for the cornwalls! Ah haven't seen it yet but it's on the list.
  2. I might be getting ahead of myself but I've also read that some people prefer to have them raised a bit to get them to the optimal ear level, has that been anyone's experience here as well?
  3. Oh yes, I watched one of my best friends go through it, I will be inching everything daily, marking off the perfect spot with floor tape and then readjusting it again in no time. I also have a parametric room acoustic optimizer on my current receiver, I'll obviously be buying a proper amp but I wonder if it can be useful for that. And you don't have to remind me about the manual, my soon to be father in laws and engineer and his motto is RTFM, read the ******* manual.
  4. Yes! This is why I'm leaning towards the cornwalls. Thanks for the welcome! I am very excited to start this obsessive, expensive, maddening journey with Klipsch, I'm sure my partner's going to love it too😅
  5. Hmm I see what you guys mean, and it is something I've gone back and forth on. I also do like the idea of starting stock and letting my ears decide where to go from there. In terms of changing the crossover I do think I am leaning towards that modification though, just based off my listening preferences and what I've heard so far. Also I don't know what you mean by lock down but if I didn't post this in the right place or properly....honest mistake, let me know and I can change it.
  6. Hello, new to the community. The fiancee and I are finally able to move out of our cramped 1 bedroom apartment to a proper home, which means I will finally have room for a proper audio experience. I have been looking at Klipsch's heritage line and believe it would be the best way to go. Coming from others in my audio social circles it is quite popular to buy the vintage Klipsch forte's and modify the crossover for a better sound profile. I have been looking for used online and have found 3 solid options for speakers that would be well suited for my situation. I originally looked for forte II's and these two were are my options: forte II great condition, stock. Price, $1100 for the pair. 1 hour 10 min drive one way. forte II basically mint condition. Crossover already modified, Crites titaniam tweeters(something I had planned to do as well), $1500. 4 hour one way, willing to make a day trip out of it if worth it. And then I stumbled on the cornwall II's: From the pictures, it looks like its also near mint condition, stock. Price also $1500. On the way to where I will be traveling in a week so no commute factor. Color better matches our living room style(Fiancee's input). I am leaning towards the cornwall's as they seem to have a great reputation within the lineup in general and I figure I can take time to swap things around as I see fit as I go. I also have a contact who puts together and does crossover changes often(but would have to ship it to me as he lives across the boarder) so access to that would be pretty smooth as well. If it helps I also attached the blueprint of the living room space it would be in. Where it's marked TV is where we have our TV wall mounted now so it would be on either side of it at least for now. We wouldn't have two table areas shown in the blueprint so the couch area would be able to be pushed back to make room for more speaker clearance from the wall. So a lot of room to play around with speaker location wise. Any input and recommendations you guys have would be very much appreciated!
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