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  1. I am - there is a hum coming from the mid horn when the speaker is close to that wall. I figured it's due to some interference with what's inside the wall. Trying to figure out if there's a solution to this.
  2. I imagine it has something to do with what's in or outside the wall. The breaker box is on the other side of the wall, so either that or the wires flowing through. When I move it away from that wall, the buzzing stops. Nothing else in the vicinity.
  3. I've got a set of Chorus IIs. One of the mids was constantly buzzing, and I realized it's related to being close to an exterior wall in my room. Is there anything that can be done to fix this? I don't have a lot of options for placement.
  4. One of my Chorus IIs are disappearing at 10 kHz according to measurements. I just recently had them recapped, I'm trying to figure out if this could be simply a loose wire or if the tweeter itself is bad. Before I go through the process of opening up the speaker, does anyone have any input? Thank you.
  5. Let me clarify: horizontal imaging is exceptional. When I heard them where I bought them, the gentleman had a center speaker and I asked if he was playing through it, and he wasn't. A wall of sound, the speakers definitely disappear. In this way, and in almost every other way, the Chorus IIs are far superior to the KG4s. But the depth isn't there. It wasn't there when I tested them, and it's not there in my room. I assumed that the imperfect setup was the reason I wasn't getting the immersion, but I've driven myself crazy moving these things all around my room. I agree with you on the above, which is why I'm hunting for the culprit. I may eventually come to the conclusion that I'm trying to shoehorn a huge speaker into a room that would rather have a pair of Heresys or Quartets and a sub. In the meantime, I'm sticking with them and am now moving on to room treatment and will update the thread if anything changes.
  6. Seems like a good price. Does anyone have any input on this particular variant of the K-Horns?
  7. Got the crossovers back from @Deang and hooked up the McCormack. Sounds a lot better, crossovers looked good and turnaround was quick. Still not the soundstage the KG4s had. Next step is room treatment before I look into moving on from the Chorus II.
  8. My Yamaha receiver is quiet, but the more systems I hear, the more I realize a hiss is pretty common. What’s your amp/speaker pairing and how loud are your speakers when nothing is playing?
  9. I have available to me locally a McCormack DNA-1 Rev A, a Krell Vanguard Integrated (non-digital) for a little more $, & a Cayin A50t for a lot less $. I’m leaning toward the McCormack but wondering if the Krell is a better option. Anyone have any input? Is the age of the McCormack something to be concerned about? Ruled out the Adcom I was considering before and leaning toward high power based on a lot of feedback from here. Btw sent the Chorus crossovers to @Deang
  10. I’ve been curious if crossovers could be the culprit. Best to send to Crites or seek out someone locally?
  11. Are you referring to placing them on opposite sides of a corner and placing my listening position in the opposite corner? I haven't considered this, but I don't think it's possible with the room layout.
  12. There's a McCormack DNA-1 Revision A locally for $1300. Don't know much about them, not sure if this is a good price. Why are Crowns so cheap and recommended less than other amps? Is it because they're not very attractive and rack mountable?
  13. I have them near corners, have tried between 10"-1.5' from the front wall, tried toe-in from zero to too far in and even pointed away just to see what would happen. Still feels like the sound is all out in front of me. The horizontal soundstage is pretty nice, it just doesn't feel like it reaches my ears. There's a GFA-535 paired with a GFA-555II Preamp locally for $600 together, unable to separate them. Seems a little pricey. Also a GFA-6000 for $250, which is Class H? You're saying the GFA-535 is the way to go? Seems like a lot of people are recommending huge power for the Chorus, though I know the Adcoms have a high damping factor.
  14. I appreciate all of the replies. I am going from a pair of KG4s to Chorus IIs. Small room (12x12). Crappy receiver (Yamaha HTR-5240). Equilateral triangle with 10' sides. The soundstage of the Chorus II is seriously lacking, and I felt that way since I heard them from the house I bought them where the person was running a Parasound amp. I have A/B'd the KG4s and the Chorus IIs, and it's not close - the KG4s hit me in the ears, the Chorus IIs hit about 10' in front of me, directly in between the two speakers. I'm working on placement and room conditioning. Working to upgrade to an Adcom amp. Does anyone have any input on what could cause this discrepancy? The Chorus IIs are all original. They have great bass, fuller sound, just not engulfing me like the KG4s are.
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