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  1. I spent some time listening to my friends Evo 400 again recently using all the stock tubes including EL34's. When we first tried it, it was almost unlistenable on its own with the Heresy IV and Heresy II because it was just so bright and brittle sounding at first. For that reason, he was using a separate solid state preamp to add some roll-off. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical about break-in but now I'm a believer. Since he been breaking it in for many hours over the past few months, the Evo 400 sounds amazing on its own now. It doesn't sound bright and brittle anymore. Soundstage is big, wide and beautiful.
  2. Limberpine, sorry so late here. I came back and said omg 6 pages! What happened? Then I read along. I've been through everything you are going through and then some. You wouldn't believe the things I've tried to remove buzz. Made some interesting discoveries along the way the past couple of years. Here's the issue with the ST70 I have as well as most amps. THEY DON'T HAVE ATTENUATORS and the ST70 is one of them. I tried Bob Latino's attenuator for the ST70 but it was horrible. It totally ruined the sound of the bass and only worked from the 3 o'clock to 4 o'clock position. I just had the whole thing removed and didn't even want it in the circuit anymore. The gain on the ST70 is insane no matter what it's coupled with! I can't believe others don't even talk about this. You have all that gain combined with a highly efficient speakers like the heritage line and it's a bad combo. My Decware SE84UFO has a built in attenuator and it works like a charm. Even the Parasound A23 Halo has attenuators and my Aretha played nicely with both. Then you have these guys that are OCD about noise. Not referring to you! Your situation is totally justified, but these other guys who put their ears up to the speakers and listen for anything they can find are seriously OCD. If it bothers them that much, then just add an attenuator to calm things down some. Even the McIntosh MC30 tube amps had attenuators. I realize if the buzz is excessive, there's only so much you can attenuate out of it. Here's something that recently happened for reasons my friend is investigating as of last night. Currently I'm running my Heresy II's with two preamps. One is the Funtastic Dynakit PAS-M which is insanely good and the Erhard Aretha which is also insanely good. I've compared all sorts of amps and preamps. I even spoke to Will Vincent on the phone last year. For some reason still unknown to my friends and I, when the Aretha is coupled to the new Dynakit ST120 solid state, it goes completely quiet and it sound absolutely incredible. Out comes this beautiful, open airy sound stage like all the instruments are floating in space. Even when I turn the ST120's attenuator all the way up, the Aretha is still completely quiet. I recently ordered another Dynakit ST120 solid state from Kenny at Funtastic Vintronics for my second system which with replace my ST70. My friend Luigi is reading up on the stats of the newer Dynakit ST120 solid state that Kenny makes at Funtastic to see if he can find out why the Aretha is so quiet by comparison with it and we are going to talk more tonight.
  3. Shakey, it seems like you raised a good point there. That makes sense to me when I think about it too, so maybe my thoughts are off.
  4. Maybe it's just me, but this idea about break in seems a bit much to swallow in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I believe the bass drivers break in makes total sense. The more that flex material around the woofer moves, the more flexible or effortless it becomes over time. That seems almost common sense to me. What makes no sense to me are the tweeters and midrange. I can't fathom how a small diaphragm is going to change sound. It's such a small, low mass object. I think a lot of it is placebo. For example, complaints about the highs and mids get mentioned then someone is arguing about the bass breaking in. They're two different areas of break in. Klipsch heritage speakers are my favorite speakers. I absolutely love the way the present music. In my opinion if a listener finds the highs and mids a bit too bright, they can counter that with a solids state integrated amp. For example, the Yamaha S501 sounds more rolled off compared to any tubes I've listened to so far. It also has excellent bass, so maybe that's a better way to warm and smooth out the top end a bit. I think it's more important to match the amp to the speaker and that will have a far greater impact than break in.
  5. The one I wonder about is golden ears mainly in the sense that there are things I didn't and still don't fully understand. For example, when someone says something sounds balanced. What does that mean? What am I listening for if I'm critiquing something? I was told that when something sounds balanced, it basically means nothing stands out more over the rest. The other way I could do this is just say heck with it, I'm enjoying the music and it doesn't matter. But, if someone is evaluating something, in my opinion, I think it can sometimes be helpful if a reliable source tells you something isn't balanced and that's just one of many subjects regarding the sound of something yes? If a sound engineer understand sound, then doesn't that help them record music?
  6. I have a Schiit SYS. It's only $49, but IMO it sounds very sterile like and lifeless. The gain or volume is quite low when coupled to the ST70 I have and I mainly use it sometimes as an attenuator. I get the idea of the placebo effect it has on one's conscience because it's a simple unit. I think the internals are even made in Japan of all places too, but a dedicated preamp like the Erhard will absolutely blow it away. It's no contest when I compare the two and my Aretha has tone control. Obviously the Erhard is many times the price of a Schiit SYS but you'll definitely hear your money's worth with the Erhard. For me, Holger has been great to work with and answers many of my questions and his products are top notch. The phono stage in my Aretha is fantastic too. Great clarity and punch. There's some pics of my Aretha here.
  7. I'm curious to hear others impressions as well on the EL34 vs 120's.
  8. The Evo400 has a big soundstage presence to it. The only thing is it does sound a bit too brittle and bright on its own. Tried it in two different rooms with three different sets of Klipsch speakers with the same results. Maybe a tube change would be needed to roll the Evo off a bit.
  9. This is a wonderful amplifier and I heard it on my friend's Heresy IV and loved it. I also played it with my Magnepan .7's and was impressed at how well it drove them. The only odd thing was pairing it with my Heresy II, which my friend Mirko and I agreed, seemed to produce a more harsh, brittle sound which was quite perplexing. I'm sure it's a wonderful amp with the right match or synergy as audiophiles like to call it. Interestingly, when we paired the Evo 400 with my vintage Dynaco PAS II, it produced a more beautiful, warm, lush sound with my Heresy II.
  10. I think marketing has a lot to do with newer gear, but I haven't heard any sound advantages to it. For most of my experiences, just the opposite.
  11. This has turned out to be the best regardless of price for my Heresy and Magnepan .7's. I've compared all sorts of amps from tube to solid state and this really impressed me the most.
  12. Correct, and the Yamaha S501 was a better match with my Heresy II than with his B&W. I sold him the S501 in this video and told him about the more muffled sound which he prefers. When I heard it on his B&W it sounded okay. IMO, it wasn't as good a match or as you guys would call synergy. So, I encouraged him on the S1200 because I believed it would have more detail and it did compared the the S501. I decided to bring my Dynakit over to his place to compare it to the S1200 and I could tell right away, from a relative perspective, it had more detail than the S501 but still had that same 2D presentation but just with more detail than the S501. It was like the tweeters finally started working on his speakers. Yes, it's a different room, but it's clearly obvious of that the modern Yamaha's have a more 2D sound. I would love to hear a vintage Yamaha equivalent instead. In fairness to others here though, my comments with regard to the OP tend to also be more of a SS vs tube discussion but for me, I'm happy that older vintage gear can sound so amazing.
  13. BTW, I love the sound of my friends system with the S1200 compared to what it was with the S501. The S50 just sounds too muffled like the sound can't breath.
  14. At my friends house. He actually likes that sound very muffled and closed, dark sound. Like a towel thrown over a speaker and has all these reasons for it that are more over my head. It just doesn't sound realistic. I remember hearing these Elac Debut people rave about, testing them here at home which he likes as well, but I thought they were absolute crap. Muffled sounding. I can't stand that sound.
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