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  1. This is a wonderful amplifier and I heard it on my friend's Heresy IV and loved it. I also played it with my Magnepan .7's and was impressed at how well it drove them. The only odd thing was pairing it with my Heresy II, which my friend Mirko and I agreed, seemed to produce a more harsh, brittle sound which was quite perplexing. I'm sure it's a wonderful amp with the right match or synergy as audiophiles like to call it. Interestingly, when we paired the Evo 400 with my vintage Dynaco PAS II, it produced a more beautiful, warm, lush sound with my Heresy II.
  2. I think marketing has a lot to do with newer gear, but I haven't heard any sound advantages to it. For most of my experiences, just the opposite.
  3. This has turned out to be the best regardless of price for my Heresy and Magnepan .7's. I've compared all sorts of amps from tube to solid state and this really impressed me the most.
  4. Correct, and the Yamaha S501 was a better match with my Heresy II than with his B&W. I sold him the S501 in this video and told him about the more muffled sound which he prefers. When I heard it on his B&W it sounded okay. IMO, it wasn't as good a match or as you guys would call synergy. So, I encouraged him on the S1200 because I believed it would have more detail and it did compared the the S501. I decided to bring my Dynakit over to his place to compare it to the S1200 and I could tell right away, from a relative perspective, it had more detail than the S501 but still had that same 2D presentation but just with more detail than the S501. It was like the tweeters finally started working on his speakers. Yes, it's a different room, but it's clearly obvious of that the modern Yamaha's have a more 2D sound. I would love to hear a vintage Yamaha equivalent instead. In fairness to others here though, my comments with regard to the OP tend to also be more of a SS vs tube discussion but for me, I'm happy that older vintage gear can sound so amazing.
  5. BTW, I love the sound of my friends system with the S1200 compared to what it was with the S501. The S50 just sounds too muffled like the sound can't breath.
  6. At my friends house. He actually likes that sound very muffled and closed, dark sound. Like a towel thrown over a speaker and has all these reasons for it that are more over my head. It just doesn't sound realistic. I remember hearing these Elac Debut people rave about, testing them here at home which he likes as well, but I thought they were absolute crap. Muffled sounding. I can't stand that sound.
  7. With regard to the newer Yamaha A-S1200, it's a big improvement over the S501 but it's dry and lacks spatial separation. It sounds two dimensional IMO.
  8. In my opinion, companies continuously strive to find cheaper ways to manufacture products and will cut corners where they can. Certainly that's a pretty general statement but it applies to almost everything made today. My recently acquired Dynakit Stereo 120 NG solid state amp is my favorite. It has provided the most impressive spatial separation I've ever heard in any solid state device and even competes with all my tube gear and these are all generally old designs. My guess is that it's probably because the Stereo 120 SS doesn't have all that noise reduction electronics in it. I don't care about a bit of noise as long as the music sounds good but you get these weird OCD people who spend more time listening to noise with their ears pressed up next to the tweeters than they do listening to music. I don't think those kind of people can enjoy themselves. Here's my video on them
  9. For me personally, I'm more interested in the sound rather than fancy features and quite frankly, the less gadgets, the better. I've been comparing a lot of components and I think direct listening is the best experience.
  10. I don't think new gear sounds better than vintage gear, granted some new features are available, but as far as sound is concerned, I don't hear any advantages to newer gear.
  11. Shakey, IMO, this probably has more to do with what components you are mating with these speakers. Many describe tubes as being warm. Quite frankly, I find solid state often to be warm and more rolled off. Mirko who posts here and I have been comparing a lot of different preamps, amps and components and I'm shocked at how the sound signatures and sound stages can differ greatly compared to these topics of break-in which I think are subtle at best. It may have more to do with the components you are using with these particular speakers.
  12. I finally just had a chance to compare the Yamaha a1200 to my Bob Latino Dynaco ST70 using KT88 tubes and my restored PAS2. The 1200 is a very noticeable improvement over the s501. The bass is excellent and it sounds pretty balanced but it still lacks that beautiful, airy separation and clarity that I get from the Dynakit. Bummer because I was really hoping it would sound like what was described in the Stereo Police youtube channel. The a1200 is still an excellent integrated amp but it just lacks that open sound. Just a bit to too flat for my tastes. It has good detail but it still has that sort of muffled sound like quality to it compared to the tubes. It's difficult to put into words.
  13. Not trying to cause waves here but I spent and entire evening with my friend comparing a McIntosh MHA100 headphone amp to a Primaluna Evo400 on a pair of Heresy IV. See my video below. The MHA100 is just 50 watts a channel and is not even a dedicated speaker amp and even so, was really challenging comparing the two so I'm having a hard time taking in the idea that the differences between an MA252 and Primaluna Evo400 are night and day apart considering that the MA252 is even more suited for floor standing speakers like our Heresy IV's in this video. A lot of this audio stuff gets pretty blown out of proportion IMO. MA252 has twice the power than this little headphone amp, a tube preamp! and tone controls. What am I missing here?
  14. I forgot to mention to give a serious look at Decware. I have their little Zen and it's amazing. The Torri Jr is a nice push pull integrated amp. Check this guy out. He's never steered me wrong. http://www.glowinthedarkaudio.com/amps.html
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