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  1. Shakey, IMO, this probably has more to do with what components you are mating with these speakers. Many describe tubes as being warm. Quite frankly, I find solid state often to be warm and more rolled off. Mirko who posts here and I have been comparing a lot of different preamps, amps and components and I'm shocked at how the sound signatures and sound stages can differ greatly compared to these topics of break-in which I think are subtle at best. It may have more to do with the components you are using with these particular speakers.
  2. I finally just had a chance to compare the Yamaha a1200 to my Bob Latino Dynaco ST70 using KT88 tubes and my restored PAS2. The 1200 is a very noticeable improvement over the s501. The bass is excellent and it sounds pretty balanced but it still lacks that beautiful, airy separation and clarity that I get from the Dynakit. Bummer because I was really hoping it would sound like what was described in the Stereo Police youtube channel. The a1200 is still an excellent integrated amp but it just lacks that open sound. Just a bit to too flat for my tastes. It has good detail but it still has that sort of muffled sound like quality to it compared to the tubes. It's difficult to put into words.
  3. Not trying to cause waves here but I spent and entire evening with my friend comparing a McIntosh MHA100 headphone amp to a Primaluna Evo400 on a pair of Heresy IV. See my video below. The MHA100 is just 50 watts a channel and is not even a dedicated speaker amp and even so, was really challenging comparing the two so I'm having a hard time taking in the idea that the differences between an MA252 and Primaluna Evo400 are night and day apart considering that the MA252 is even more suited for floor standing speakers like our Heresy IV's in this video. A lot of this audio stuff gets pretty blown out of proportion IMO. MA252 has twice the power than this little headphone amp, a tube preamp! and tone controls. What am I missing here?
  4. I forgot to mention to give a serious look at Decware. I have their little Zen and it's amazing. The Torri Jr is a nice push pull integrated amp. Check this guy out. He's never steered me wrong. http://www.glowinthedarkaudio.com/amps.html
  5. We've been comparing a pretty good number of amps, preamps and integrated amps with the Heresy II and Heresy IV. I have four other friends and we borrow each-others amps to compare them and we compare our 2 channel systems. I'm amazed at the difference these components can really make. One of my friends just ordered the Yamaha S1200 and it's expected this Friday or possibly Monday as it has already shipped, so I will be happy to report back on its sound quality compared to others we plan to shoot it out with. I love Yamaha but there's one thing I'm still not sure about. When I started out, I purchased a Yamaha integrated S501 from Crutchfield about 3 years ago which is more entry level integrated but something I learned is that it has a very warm, rolled off sound. At first I really liked this integrated amp but never had anything else to compare it to, so I didn't really know. Later I had read a ton about tubes and was very curious, so I decided to contact tubes4hifi and decided to purchase an Dynaco VTA ST-70 with KT88 tubes by Bob Latino and they commissioned a technician to build it for me. I also pulled the trigger on an Erhard Audio Aretha tube preamp to run it. When I compared this new tube setup to the S501 I dropped my jaw in disbelief. The tubes were shockingly superior in every regard, I mean it wasn't even remotely close. It was if a towel had been removed from the front of the Heresy. It was more open, airy, holographic, whatever you want to call it. One day I found this video to best describes the difference in sound. If you skip to about 2 minutes into this video and listen to the drum symbols you will hear how even harmonics sound more muffled while the odd sound more open IMO. I'm just using this video as a frame of reference to give an idea what I heard. The yamaha S501 sounds like a towel is placed over the speaker. It doesn't sound alive or real like the tubes do. My friend then decided to bring over a Parrasound A23 Halo solid state amp to compare to the VTA ST-70 tube amp which we plugged into the Aretha to compare to the VTA. As my friends and I listened, we all could easily, immediately tell within just 5 seconds of listening that the Parrasound A23 Halo also had a similar muffled sound. I then began to wonder...do all solid state amps sound this way? muffled? It's like the music doesn't breath. Even the bass was more impactful in the VTA, go figure. So, my friend loaned me his MacIntosh MHA150 solid state headphone amp of all things. It costs about 5 grand and has 50 watts a channel which is plenty for the Heresy. For the first time, I heard a solid state amp that did not have a muffled sound. I listen mainly to jazz and all the musical instruments sounded clear and separated unlike the other two solid state amps. But, once again, compared to the Dynaco, the MHA150 sounded to clean in the sense that it just didn't have a real soundlike quality to it. It didn't have that lively, realistic punch like the VTA. I don't know what it is about solid state, it just doesn't connect me emotionally to jazz in the same way as the tubes sound. I just can't go back to it. We have since compared a number of things but I will be very curious if the Yamaha S1200 has that muffled sound signature. I'll know very quickly. I also may pick up a Primaluna Evo100 this Friday from upscale audio. My friend may get one too. These integrated amps have a tremendous following, but I have not yet heard one, so maybe this Friday we will see and compare more.
  6. Thank you for the feedback, I enjoy your reviews. I agree with you regarding the room but nobody seems to address the idea that the IV appears to sound unquestionably less efficient. I highly doubt they are 99db efficient as claimed and that is still being ignored. They sound more like 96db. As such, my little 2.6 watt a channel Decware integrated amp, which works sensational with my Klipsch II has to work harder with the IV and it was audible. You can also hear the relative differences in volume In the comparison video. The volume is set the same with both speakers, yet, one video is noticeably louder than the other. The other thing is the room acoustics are certainly important as you stated, but I'm talking about the "relative" differences. Another thing you mentioned which is not what I experienced is that the II's sound muffled compared to the IV's, yet I get slightly the opposite. Isn't that interesting how you indicate the sound is more muffled in the II compared to the IV? I ask myself, why is that? I feel almost compelled to wonder if maybe the issue in the II might have been an old crossover or a tweeter? Not sure, I'm not experienced compared to you guys. I can only go based on what I heard while comparing the two speakers in the exact same position. The II's just seemed so airy and effortless. I honestly think the II sounds a little nicer. I don't care for muffled speakers either but that's not how my II's sound. Reminds me why I sold my Yamaha S501 integrated amp and went to tubes. It was like a whole new emotion to the music opened up. To me, if anything was muffled, that S501 integrated amp was from a "relative" point of view. I checked out that Naim Atom, but for that kind of money and all that digital stuff, it will be worthless in several years, where-is good tube amps will remain timeless investments, yes?
  7. I also do woodwork as a profession. You'll be fine with that choice of oil. The Forte 1 is my favorite Forte but impossible to find in walnut in mint condition. I struggled for a year looking for a pair but could never find one that didn't have some sort of dings or damage. I hate the way people abuse these absolutely beautiful speakers. Some day I hope to find a pair. My Heresy II are absolutely mint! no dings and they are extremely rare because it's nearly impossible find in sapele or ribbon mahogany as they are. Oh well, maybe someday I'll locate a pair of mint walnut forte 1's too.
  8. This is amazing! This is exactly what I was talking about. Never even knew there was such a thing as a Klipsch "shorthorn" speaker. Awesome. Sure would kill to find a pair just for their history alone. Can't even believe the prices they were selling for being so low! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Interesting! Is there a picture of it or a way to see the article? Thanks guys.
  10. I Googled everywhere without success. Did anyone ever build a scaled down Klipschorn like a 1/2 scale or 1/3 scale?
  11. Thanks for the feedback guys. Yes, I will discuss it in further depth with them. Those Paul W Klipsch essays are amazing sources. The man was quite a genius.
  12. I think I see what you are saying. It may sound a little overwhelming.
  13. I suppose if I was hearing sensitive, I would just lower the volume. The reason I spent more money on better amps is to hear more details so the music is more enjoyable. I want to hear all the details in the music as clearly as possible. The impression of the music when I toe out is I'm defeating that. What baffles me is why pay for that and then position the speaker in such a manner that defeats it. Do others argue that the dynamics are actually better toe out or are they just not after dynamics? I'm a total novice.
  14. Wow, I've never seen that paper. I'm gonna print that out, thanks for sharing. That's another thing I forgot to mention which is stereo imaging too which Paul K mentions in this paper. For me I just don't get the toe out thing. For me personally it's like a waste of the dynamics I paid a lot of money for unless I'm having a party with guests over I suppose. Certainly others are entitled to their opinions, but I just don't understand the advantage of the sound using toe out.
  15. Certainly it's all subjective. What I'm trying to understand is do others feel the details of the music are better toe out than toe in? I just don't understand what the listener is striving for.
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