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  1. This leads on to another question. Are we all a little crazy? Just a few weeks ago I spent 20 minutes playing my wife the same piece of music over and over again to show her the distortion in my right speaker. Each time it happened, I'd say "there, hear it?", and each time she looked at me as if I was mad. She finally heard it, or at least, she pretended too. 20 minutes later she walked back into the lounge to ask me if I was coming to bed to find me with the parts of the Heresy arranged on the carpet... All bar one of my friends have basic systems, and they'd be as happy listening to an amazon echo as they would anything else. Sometimes I wish I could be that way, sometimes I feel cursed, almost like I have an illness 😄
  2. Its been a great read, some varying opinions, and from my own experience, finally swapping amps yesterday, I've heard a pretty significant improvement. Not a fair comparison by any means, but having read about low powered valve amps and Klipsch speakers I purchased a 6 watt amp and some quality KT88s a few months ago. Whilst it sounded good, it never completely satisfied me. The issue I believe to be was headroom, and whilst it sounded great with acoustic music, anything remotely more difficult generated a little distortion and more complex music sounded very muddied. An old SS 80w receiver returned and the bass had a lot more depth and control, 70s and 80s heavy rock was listenable again. I'm listening at the same volume, but I believe it was too much for the flea watt amp. The room is 20x35ft and I listen 15ft away. I'm still not sure that I would hear a difference between 2 amps of the same power output though, but in time I will try.
  3. Yes, I noticed that. Its been fine since too. @panelhead Yesterday I returned my old solid state 80w amp back into the system.
  4. There is strong belief that any half decent amp will sound pretty much identical to any other amplifier played within limits. All amps strive for neutrality, and if this is achieved, you shouldn't really hear a difference, which begs the question why do we keep chasing the impossible? Why do some of us keep flipping amps? If you believe you've experienced a massive improvement switching from one amp to another, what amps were involved and what was the improvement?
  5. Great news, I've dismantled the driver, given it all a blow out with air and put it back together and so far its fine. Hopefully thats it. I emailed Henley Audio and they're contacting klipsch, so I'll let them know irs all now okay. Happy again, thanks for all of the advice, much appreciated.
  6. This has been fine until recently, so I think it was aligned correctly, unless it can potentially move? I'll try this tomorrow if thats the case, cheers.
  7. Cheers for the replies. I took the driver and the attached horn out and played the music without, and the distortion was gone, so its definitely the mid driver. The horn is tight on the driver so that can be eliminated I think? I bought these used from a dealer about a year ago. The driver is dated 2017. Is the guarantee transferrable I wonder? I'll investigate now.
  8. I've just managed to locate the source of a distortion coming from one of my Heresy 3 speakers as the midrange driver. On inspection its a K53ti which I can't seem to locate in the UK, so its looking like I'll need to get one sent over the pond. How common is this problem? I'm a little disappointed to be honest, these are 3 year old speakers, not an insignificant sum and were bought to replace an apparently fragile speaker in the classic Spendor BC1. Ive been driving them with a 6 watt valve amp, but never going as far as halfway and was under the impression that valve amps are a safer bet than solid state? I bought these as I imagined they would be good solid speakers. Half of the frustration is the delay in getting it sorted as I listen to music almost everyday, and getting something shipped over is probably going to take a while, but the main annoyance is that these were a significant financial commitment to me over previous hifi gear expenditure. I thought i was buying the toyota hilux of speakers. If anyones reading this in the UK, can you recommend a supplier as my search so far has given me nothing.
  9. Well, over the last couple of evenings I've spent quite a few hours listening to the new amp at levels I'm very happy with and there is no distortion, only silky smooth and airy sounds. Listening to Daniel Lanois's "Heavy Sun" and Jon Batiste's "We Are" was literally music to my ears. I'm no longer concerned, this is definitely not just a headphone amp as suggested. I will at some stage use the link to determine my watt useage provided by Maynard as I'm still curious. Cheers
  10. I'll have a go at that in the next couple of days. Cheers
  11. So now I'm back to square one. Some say yes, some no? Is there an easy way to accurately measure the wattage I'm using at the volume I like? Edit: no by the look of it.
  12. Thanks, I'm now listening to Herbie Hancock's "Head Hunters", the evening sun is shining through the window and all is good.
  13. Cheers guys, that's put my mind at rest. Good to hear positive thoughts on the amp Tarheel. I ordered some Gold Lion KT88s ahead of delivery so popped those straight in yesterday.
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