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  1. These speakers are worth maybe $300 max so do you know of any vinyl to stick over the laminate and is it hard to do?
  2. I have a relatively cheap pair of JBLs in black ash that is laminate. I hate the black finish. How do I refinish them? Is vinyl laminate (wood contact paper) my option?
  3. All else being equal, the increased efficiency should result in less distortion and more detail.
  4. Title says it all. What is your solution to hang a pair of Heresys high up on a wall?
  5. You can't lightly sand the maple speakers ans stain them?
  6. Relisted: https://www.ebay.com/itm/333904778345?ViewItem=&item=333904778345 How good are these? I keep hearing that they are special.
  7. Got it, you should be fine. I learned this lesson installing granite countertops in the bath of my old house. I was going to use GE Silicone and my friend who owns a granite shop told me to use painter's latex in case the sink ever cracked. If I used the silicone you could never remove it from the granite.
  8. Nice job. Is JB Weld the right stuff? Don't you want something that you can cut with an exacto knife in case you need to service the driver?
  9. I saw these already. Are they worth $950 in that kind of shape?
  10. Offer him $40 and maybe split the baby for $45.... For $50 go get them. If they are a bad build, trash the cabs, keep the drivers and the tweeters alone are worth $50.
  11. I got me a mut, she is not fancy but the most lovable dog you can imagine and she likes to play catch instead of fetch. A talented girl and we both give her lots of love and attention. Her tail never seems to stop wagging, that is what I call a dog that you want to have.
  12. On a similar topic, we recently adopted a three year old. Bu coincidence, she looks almost exactly like the dog in my avatar and has the same personality. The previous owner fed her something like pedigree or some other really cheap dog food. I switched her to Blue Buffalo grain free, then after reading that some of the ingredients in grain free can cause heart problems, switched her to chicken and brown rice. https://bluebuffalo.com/dry-dog-food/life-protection-formula/chicken-brown-rice-recipe/ Her coat looks great and she does not itch anymore, but she licks the floor or cement when she gets excited. This can be a deficiency. Any recommendations as to what to feed her? My wife or I exercise her every day so she is really fit and trim.
  13. Fine looking dog. Since I am eating while reading this, how was his poop today?
  14. Those Speakerlabs, if well made, are worth a few hundred. If factory made Speakerlabs, definitely grab them.
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