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  1. Casio Duro / Marlin. I had the gold face for 20 years and have the black for ten. Just ordered the two tone and will order the blue when it is back in stock. I have a GMT that I never wear because I like these CASIOS so much.
  2. I had considered the Philippines, but it is a no go at this point. Extrajudicial killings sponsored by a government and approved by the masses is a very bad sign. Perfect environment for a dictatorship to pop up.
  3. Use the varying thickness wood on accent walls or maybe a sunken cove in ceilings. I had solid maple flooring and sold it when I saw scratched up walnut in someone's home from their dogs. I put in porcelain tile that looks like wood. 3' length, the 2' stuff looks wrong. 3' was hard to get but I bought it as a leftover lot from the City Center hotel. I put it in about 10 years ago, still looks like the day I put it in, the 3' stuff is now readily available.
  4. tigerwoodKhorns


    Good to see you Amy, we are all just getting older here...
  5. Good idea. How is the coverage and can it be spread out thin?
  6. I am fixing a washing machine and need some paint to paint some rusty parts that are exposed to water. I have cleaned the rust and intend to spray with rust treatment. I need to cover about 1/2 of a square foot and need something cheap. Any recommendations?
  7. Bugs are going to be an issue for me. Mosquitoes love me and I hate them. You can leave your windows open here and and no bugs. Big advantage of the desert. Also, when it is really hot, like 108 to 110, as soon as the sun goes behind the mountains, it is still hot, but feel really nice to go outside in the evenings. I grew up with snow where there was no relief fro the cold.
  8. I'd like to live in a place that meets the following: small town - Maybe up to 100K but less is OK a home depot (must have) Good internet (must have) supermarkets a strip mall or two a farmers market that has good produce Other farming such as chickens, beef etc available from farmers Hopefully decent weather. I like the dry heat of the desert, but know that winters will be worse. low taxes (hopefully) Plenty of water
  9. Considering the work and that I am only looking at about 300 or so feet for several walls, this might work better: https://www.flooranddecor.com/solid-hardwood-wood/natural-brazilian-pecan-solid-hardwood-100505858.html I just need to be able to cut a 45 degree corner to wrap around the exterior of some pop outs and be able to deal with expansion.
  10. Wood workers. I keep seeing rough redwood for sale on Craigslist. I like the look but want something with a smooth and glossy or semigloss finish for a more contemporary look. What does redwood look like if run through a planer and sanded? Is this tough on blades and a lot of work?
  11. Very nice audio rack. GLWS. I have a VTI rack and love it.
  12. Cheap is emery paper, very fine sand paper or steel wool. If they don't clean up, paint to match or complement the color of the capacitors and inductors.
  13. Run conduit if you need to do so so you can change to any new standards in the future. Did you use thinset to attach the Hardibacker to the drywall or just screws?
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