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  1. I like those L20s. I just bought a pair. I should have contacted you first. Nice audio rack too.
  2. It is $30 off list price. They did not include this: Definition of superstition. 1a : a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation. b : an irrational abject attitude of mind toward the supernatural, nature, or God resulting from superstition.
  3. These are a special version released in 2004 (ad says they are 15 years old). He might throw in a Christmas stuffed animal,extension cords and some lights, and if you press, he can tech you some of his photography know how, he is good with the tight shots.
  4. Try offering him $3000, he might take it.
  5. $50 per pair, from the K Horns and Palladiums down to the Quintets ($125 because there are 5). Come get 'em.
  6. Ok, that's it. All of my Klipsch Speakers are for sale. First come first served, and if it ain't gone by Sunday its all going to the curb.
  7. Now we are talkin! Its only 3000 miles from Delaware to Los Angeles. Someone on the west cost is going to get a screaming deal.
  8. You need to keep up. The speakers are in Germany, but took a trip to a field in the Netherlands, they they had their photo taken in Delaware by a guy who wanted to show off his silver certificate, but it actually was a reserve note but the guy didn't notice because he was distracted by a huge booger on his finger. The price is $5500 (or maybe $6032) delivered to Delaware, or maybe your door. If you cannot follow this simple offering perhaps it time to issue you some warning points by the mods. To the OP, please continue with this veracious offering, we are fascinated.
  9. I'm starting to think this might be questionable. You will have to honor your previous price to do business around here. That has to be why Emile has not replied.
  10. You better move quickly! Are we talking US time or London time? Might be too late. The OP might want to invest in a box of tissues.
  11. Wow, what an idiot. His feelings are hurt because they yelled at him to get out of the burning car so he plays tough guy with the safety crew. They should have told him that his car is on fire, its against the rules and they he needs to get it out of there. Let Darwin take care of this moron.
  12. QSC PLX - I like the look of the original series.
  13. Looks like I screwed this one up! 😲 I would have not guessed that taking the passive or ports out would help.
  14. I just googled Goodman fan motor and they are around $100. Why is the Lennox motor so expensive?
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