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  1. Any easy reading books on room treatments besides O'Tool's book?
  2. There was a thread on using the AL parts to build a Type A. I have it in my server. I can try to look for it later. So we have it in one place, what is the issue with the AL? Was it trying for a really flat response? How does the AL-3 improve this?
  3. My favorite toy when I was a kid. None now though.
  4. A quick reply in case anyone is in my situation with a Sony based CD player. I just finished the laser swap and it is playing beautify. Listening to Pink Floyd played by a symphony. If you have a CD player with a Sony KSS laser, if the laser is bad, the disc will not spin up, it doesn't mean something else is bad (at least the KSS 213). A KSS 213C replaced a KSS 213B laser, no problem. The laser just gets installed, no adjusting the pot, as a matter of fact, mark the preset position of the pot in case it ever gets moved. Make sure you de-solder the short out that protects the laser from static. I also used a little (very little) lithium grease on the parts that were greased before.
  5. I think I remember when you were selling this stuff. In my situation, my wife knows because I tell her, but she doesn't remember the actual amounts. She does encourage or at least just watch me and she does like the equipment and the music even more. We were watching a YouTube video on some Wilson speakers that were a lot and she asked me if I was going to buy some. I told her the price and she said, oh, are you buying them? [my answer was no 😬] I need to make sure she has a nice two channel and surround system to keep, she likes those, sell the rest. I need to make a list for her when I am getting long in the tooth. Now my power tools, gotta think about those.
  6. I saw it at 8 minutes and thought that is said 'sold.' I read more carefully and say they were available. I wasn't feeling well during the week and this was the first time that my wife and I were having a talk over coffee in a few days. ALso the first time that I was on the internet in several days. I had to risk my life stop the conversation, read about the cutoff frequency, measure speakers, look up sizes and shipping. My wife was annoyed but got over it. Whew! I almost didn't make it so I earned these. 😁
  7. I watched some videos on the Hantek 5102 scope. Looks relatively easy to use and well priced. I was originally looking at handheld scopes like the Hantek 2D72 or Owon HDS 272S, but for $100 more this seems like a real bargain. Is a model with a signal generator a good idea? https://www.amazon.com/Hantek-DSO4102C-Multimeter-Oscilloscope-Generator/dp/B0784BB8Q6#customerReviews
  8. I risked my life to say I want them, my wife was talking to me and I had to cut her off to send a PM and look at shipping. Yikes!!
  9. Wow, the PE one is really down. If Klispsch still sells them that looks like the way to go.
  10. Some companies ride and enormous success from people buying their products and modifying them (Chevy, Ford, Harley Davidson). I can understand how it can be annoying for an engineer to hear from some person who has no real skills claiming that they have done better, but that will always happen. On the flip side, modifiers are probably the biggest following of the Heritage line. Seems short sighted to just stop it here rather than use it for market advantage. I do like the technical discussions, and even though this seems to have REALLY diminished lately, the answers to other technical questions on this forum (woodworking, fabrication, etc.). This was always my go to because we had so many skilled people here.
  11. Yea, I am updating my electronic tools lately as I have several amps that are due for caps and refresh and I need to brush up on my skills with these. So any scope?
  12. Any recommendations for a particular oscilloscope?
  13. I watched his other video the other day on making a TT plinth. Very interesting
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