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  1. Free empty LaScala cabs - Minneapolis Craigslist

    That is a good price.
  2. NOS Valves VRD hot-rodded amps (Magnequest Iron)

    If these amps are that special, it sounds like you will not replace them for anywhere near the ask price. If you can swing it, keep them. I have chased down gear to replace the exact gear that I sold and it is not fun. These are a custom and special build, why set them free?
  3. NOS Valves VRD hot-rodded amps (Magnequest Iron)

    Then you need to keep them. You will regret selling some day.
  4. Wire upgrde

    Wire size causes a voltage drop over a distance. I wired outdoor lighting a few years ago and even though the lights (LEDs) only pull about 20 watts, I had to use 12 gauge wire because of the distance to the lights. Once at the lights, the 18 gauge or whatever it was inside of the lights works just fine because it is only traveling about 10". The wire from the transformer is also only 14 gage or maybe smaller, but the long run needs the large wire . Once at the speakers, the small gauge wire should be just fine inside of the speaker and whatever is used outside of the speaker is most likely overkill anyway.
  5. The Latest in High End Audio

    A friend had the MAXX speakers and all VTL gear and set up right, room treatment and all dialed in. He id it right and they did exactly what they were supposed to do and had great imaging, bass, etc. I can only describe it as stripping away all distortion and colorations, even distortion that you did not know was there. But the sound was unusual and I can't say that I liked it or would want to listen to it all of the time. I did not sell my speakers and go down that path, the end result was just different. I would say the exact opposite of a Sonus Faber. If you ever get a chance to hear them properly set up, do it, but don't expect to hear them at their best (or the way that they are intended) at a show.
  6. Klipsch Forte Speakers

    They are really nice. I would keep them if you like them.
  7. Klipsch Forte Speakers

    Maybe ask $1699 each for them?
  8. Pizza

    We threw some cilantro on that one. No cheese, dairy does not agree with me. I do not pre-bake. Just put in the oven. I use the convection. After the crust is firm enough, I take it off of the cookie sheet and put right on the rack. It browns up just fine. The dough taste great.
  9. Pizza

    Here is a picture. I cannot get it to flip correctly. I just use white flour. I should try whole wheat.
  10. Pizza

    We know! It is insanely good. My wife always steals the crust. The yeast flavor and some olive oil and seasoned salt make it really good. I try not to make pizza too often because it is made of one of the white powders that we all should avoid.
  11. Pizza

    I make the dough from scratch. It needs to age for several days, be pushed down, raise again, etc. to get a great yeast flavor. The crust is better than the middle. I'll try to post a pic later.
  12. Wanted: pair of Klipsch P27 S Palladium

    Reputable seller. He might make a better deal if you call him.
  13. Audio Mags: Impressions

    Last time I was at an audio show they had free copies of TAS and Stereophile. I did not bother to grab copies.
  14. Chorus for $300 in Tampa, FL

    For $100 less you can get KG 2.2s. They are just pulling prices from the sky.
  15. Anyone here cook - Pots and Pans discussion

    I have just been wiping them with a quarter of a paper towel and then spraying some olive oil on it while it is still warm. Pretty easy to do. I just received an 8" Lodge pan today and a nylon brush to clean it. 10" will be here later in the week. I like these but am looking forward to the SS layered pans to compare. Don't know if I want to brown in them though, and might skip the cast iron in the summer as a big hot heat sink in the summer will not be that smart.