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  1. I will have to watch the Prime video. I saw a documentary on Youtube years ago and then read the book.
  2. I read a book about this years ago. Another feature is that if power to the reactor goes out, a 'frozen' metal plug melts, the fuel goes into a larger chamber and passively stops the reaction. The USA built one in Oak Ridge in the 1960s. It was tested and passively shut itself down when power was cut. You can go see it. The Chinese already went and got all of the records. A brilliant decision was made in the 60s, a general at the US Army said no way to this technology, we had to use the same technology in power plants as they use in bombs. So Oak Ridge was boarded up and as our bonus gift we were given Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. The world would be a different place had this very bad decision not been made. These reactors can also use up all of the existing nuclear waster getting rid of that problem. I think the problem to be solved is that these are molten salt reactors, which means corrosion must be dealt with.
  3. Keep your house and live in an apartment or rent a casita in a nice neighborhood in LA. Just don't be shocked when you make your quarterly tax payments. Some advice, create a separate bank account to link to the IRS for payments and deposit the appropriate amount of cash in there every month. The cash will be sitting there for the payments and you will not be shocked when you have to pay.
  4. That is tough. Multiple moves. You make new friends, places to visit, restaurants, lifestyle, then leave all of it behind in your 60s. If this is a 5 year plan to live very cheaply and sack away as much cash as possible and invest and move on, I can see it if the numbers play out, even with the taxes. I just hate moving but that does make sense.
  5. Sure it is, when you consider the whole picture. I assume the OP is in his 50s as we are all old farts here. Maybe lives in a $500K house in Indiana and owes $200K. Move to LA and a replacement house is $2M for something similar but with a much smaller yard. Much higher property tax I assume. Int rates are low, but he doesn't have 30 years to pay it off, he has maybe 10. So you now need to make up about $1.7M to own the house free and clear in 10 years. Then there is retirement income. He may now need $150K or more with a paid off house to have the same retirement standard of living as $75K would have provided in Indiana. So another $2M or more for investments for passive income if he plans to stay. Factor in the crime, fires, population density and it gets hard to justify unless he really loves it there. Consider that he is also in a much higher tax bracket, and 1099 so he also pays all of his SS tax, high income earner tax, health insurance, etc. This all adds up very quickly. Make quarterly payments and you really get to see how much you are paying. I am guessing about $15K per month in income taxes. I do need to say that I do believe in paying taxes as we need to pay for govt services. My accountant always get mad at me but its true. Can't get something for nothing. He may very likely be better off where he is making a few hundred thousand less each year as it probably will provide a higher standard of living. Like I said, tough decision.
  6. Consider your take home pay and increased expenses for housing, etc. Then factor in your age, you will want to retire and need to create income if you are self employed. Will you be comfortable retiring in CA on your retirement income or will you need to move yet again? Is the increase in income enough to put away enough money to retire? Will your standard of living go down? Then consider the traffic, crime, etc. Tough decision.
  7. I am not saying not to flip gear. Just is it worth it? If you buy, enjoy and then sell is makes sense as it is a hobby. If you buy and then immediately sell for a little more it becomes a low paying job if you actually look at the numbers. How can it be worth it?
  8. Not to be an ***, but isn't anyone's time worth anything? If the is buying them for $700 and planning on making $200, maybe less, how much time will he have into this 'business venture'? He will easily have ten hours probably much more into this by the time he sells them as he wants top dollar. Plus gas to drive out to get them. Plus dealing with Craigslist weirdos. I can understand buying these, playing with them for a few months, maybe years them reselling, but buying strictly for a profit makes no sense.
  9. Congrats. What is going on with La Scalas? The price is going through the roof.
  10. Pineapple on pizza, I would never order it but have had good Hawaiian pizza. How about a pineapple burger? According to church canon, Catholics over the age of 14 are required to abstain from meat on Fridays. Kroc had high hopes for his non-meat option called "The Hula Burger" -- grilled pineapple with cheese on a bun. He positioned his burger to compete against the Filet-o-Fish sandwich, which was invented by a Catholic franchisee. The Filet-o-Fish won hands down while the Hula tanked.
  11. My mother bought a $2000 Maytag TOTL set. Nice set but the washer died of a bad bearing in about 4 years. I could have bought the exact same set, mint condition with a bad washer bearing for $200 on CL and could have fixed it for $65. I kept the old Kenmore instead. Look, another enthusiast. I never though of saving my old water. Seems like a really good idea. He'd be jealous, mine are way nicer looking.
  12. I have a 30 year old Kenmore / Whirlpool set. I bought these a few years old in about 1992. Lady Kenmore Model 110 Series 90. TOTL back then. Replaced some wheels and belts on the dryer about 3 years ago for about $25. Just went through the washer. Replaced the springs, tub, tub mount, clutch, pads and went through the transmission and cleaned everything up like brand new. Really easy to work on, they thought this out very well. I bought genuine Whirlpool parts from Sears and spent about $125. Ready for another 20 to 40 years. I got the tub and a trans core from a tech on Craiglist that sells a bunch of used ones and he said that many are sold to people who buy a new one, it dies and then they look for another one of the old ones that last forever. If I had replaced the clutch sooner the trans would have been OK. It probably would have worked but I went through the transmission anyway. I love these units. No need for a muscle car, these are my middle aged hot rods.
  13. When you feel like spending time on other hobbies.
  14. $15,000 for 18 of them. So $833 each but you have to buy all of them. Seems steep if buying in bulk.
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