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  1. tigerwoodKhorns

    Any TV repair techs here?

    If you look on Youtube, these TV's are very easy to fix if you know what part is bad. There are only 3 or 4 boards and they are inexpensive on ebay. Mine has the classic symptoms of a bad T Con board, but that did not work. But i think that the replacement T Con board is bad. If the LED's are out, that is another matter. And the TV is only a few years old and a higher end model. I really like it, especially the remote, and do no want to replace.
  2. tigerwoodKhorns

    Any TV repair techs here?

    OK, so anyone have something constructive to add?
  3. tigerwoodKhorns

    Any TV repair techs here?

    I have a 2.5 year old Samsung UN55-JS8500 and the picture stopped working. I have sound and the back lights work. I got a T Con board from Ebay and when I put it in, the backlights stopped, so maybe it is bad (two bad boards?) The backlights work with the old board, and if I disconnect the output to the LEDs the backlights work with the new board. I also checked the main board output to the T Con board and there are about 20 or so nodes. Only the first cluster of 8 are showing voltages. The rest are at zero with the TV on. Where can I get a service manual or can anyone help me through this? I am assuming that it is either the T Con board or the main board, or both.
  4. tigerwoodKhorns

    A wise man once told me....

    It could have been six lefts.
  5. tigerwoodKhorns

    A wise man once told me....

    Two wrongs do not make a right, but three rights do make a left.
  6. tigerwoodKhorns

    OT: OBDII Scanner

    I don't have an ABS light on, juts the engine light. When we take a trip, if it does not go off, I will look into this. This does not look too bad: https://www.amazon.com/iCarsoft-Mercedes-Sprinter-Professional-Diagnostic/dp/B015DNAMT2
  7. tigerwoodKhorns

    FYI For Palladium Owners and Klipsch

    Winner winner, chicken dinner!
  8. tigerwoodKhorns

    Approximate valuation of 2009 Khorns

    The Wolff likes oak: Not me. I stained by oak railings walnut, they look great. Pretty easy to do.
  9. tigerwoodKhorns

    FYI For Palladium Owners and Klipsch

    I just checked mine - all 14 woofers look good.
  10. tigerwoodKhorns

    OT: OBDII Scanner

    Original topic I need to clear a code on a diesel that was just snogged on a dyno. The computer did not like the rear tires moving while the front remained stationary. Scanners have gotten really cheap. Any recommendations? I'd rather just do it right rather than try to reset with the battery and have it run bad for a while.
  11. tigerwoodKhorns

    WTB-McIntosh ML 1C speakers

    I went through this years a go with B&W's 800 series, wound up spending gobs of money and finally back to Klipsch with Palladiums. Just keep the Palladiums. If you sell to fund the replacements, you might find yourself looking for a replacement pair at a higher price.
  12. tigerwoodKhorns

    GREAT K-Horn Project for 1200.00 near Sea World, Ca.

    Just the front of one of them. The sides and the backs look good.
  13. tigerwoodKhorns

    F'ing mosquitos

    That is weird. Were you in Carson City? I remember taking a turn at Lake Tahoe in the woods and the mosquitoes were so thick it was unbelievable. Not that bad everywhere but in some places just awful. Basically none in Las Vegas. We were in Grants Pass and loved the City, but the mosquitoes made it unbearable for me. Beautiful trail at the park, but could not walk it at dusk, same for the river. Same fro Crater lake. OK at the lake, but the trail had a lot of them. Where in Oregon are you?
  14. tigerwoodKhorns

    Those ugly Estate Sale Klipschorns ended up on auction

    So he has $600 to $800 too much in to them. Refinishing these is going to be a lot of work. Much better off buying a set for $2500 in good shape than these for $750.
  15. tigerwoodKhorns

    F'ing mosquitos

    We have no mosquitoes in Las Vegas. I have only encountered them at the lake. You can leave your door open without a screen. I cannot live anywhere where there are mosquitoes. I went to Oregon and loved it but the Mosquitoes were awful. I remember at Crater Lake, we could not stop moving the entire hike and even then they kept on us. We couldn't go to the park or the Rogue River for any length of time either.