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  1. Yes, I was out for a while. No time to expand right now as I need to catch up on work and don't want to push too hard. Thank you for asking.
  2. I cannot disagree more. I am all for giving, but you don't give away something that you desperately need. The Chinese people do not deserve to suffer but our medical workers are in serious trouble, go explain to them why more of their PPE should have been given away when the virus was already here.
  3. I have a really good reason to be pissed. More in a few days.
  4. That was very noble of you and I wish your nurse friend well. They are in an impossible situation. The Federal govt had reports of this virus hitting us hard from their 'deep state' intelligence department in January, and most likely sooner. We also already has cases in Washington state, so it was here. This should really piss you off. They sent almost 18 tons (yes, tons ) of PPE to China earlier this year. I guess they figured we would never need it for the 'flu' 😡 https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/us-tons-ppe-china/ Read all the way down, this is well documented and detailed. I am furious about this.
  5. Well of course, we will run out of people. But think about it, people can barely understand exponential growth, you want them to grasp this? When I was studying engineering I thought that English and communications were silly. Then when I started practicing engineering I grew to understand that communication is as important than the science, maybe even more, because if people cannot understand what you are trying to explain, it is worthless if the idea needs to be shared. I always drafted my studies very clearly in plan English and I generally was able to obtain approvals more quickly than others. Most engineers are very poor at writing (most, not all). I now do the same with my contracts and negotiations go smoother.
  6. Are we still #1? Doesn't look that way.
  7. This can happen very easily. Sorry to hear this.
  8. I tried to watch '60 Minutes' Australia but the dubbed in ominous music makes it seem like a tabloid show. You are from Germany so do not know this. Americans do not eat squirrel and possum, 'Mericans eat squirrel and possum. Need to drop the "A". I am joking but this is a very large country and very different depending where you are. Imagine if all or Europe were all one country, we would blame Germany for Greece's banking corruption. 🤕
  9. South Korea and Taiwan have each done an excellent job on this. Nobody is perfect, but they were prepared. In engineering there is the $1 / $10 / $100 Rule regarding changes at concept phase, design phase and construction phase. $1B spent before the fact can save hundreds of billions after the fact. Subtitled but great video.
  10. Got it. I have a P95 respirator that has a rubber seal around your face. It has N95 filters over charcoal filters. Great mask, too bad I was too stupid to use it in public.
  11. N95 filters are 3 micron, the virus is 1 micron. But, they tend to get stuck and filtered out by the filter as several cannot make it through the filter at once. Remember, a N95 only filters out 95% of the stuff in the air. New Orleans, New York and LA have been hit hard due to their tourists/travelers. Same for northern Italy. Had they not shut down the Las Vegas strip we would be another epicenter. I commend them for taking this step before it got too bad. Things will still get crazy here at some point, but out hospitals are still functioning right now. Thank you MGM/Mirage! You were the first to take the big step.
  12. That is great to hear and happy that she was treated. So I guess you like your healthcare system. I have insurance and that trip to the emergency room would cost me $4,000, which I know from personal experience.
  13. Butter? What are you, a caveman? 🤣 I recently discovered making popcorn in sesame oil. Sooooo good!
  14. Put your clothes right in the washer, If not, use a separate basket, be careful with it and clean it with alcohol or bleach, aw jeeze, just put your clothes right in the washer.
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