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  1. Senheisser HD 590 and 600's. I have have both and they each use without an amp.
  2. Went to Sedona recently and it was in the 30's at night. We were in our RV and I had the heat set at 67 or so. Chilly, but nice with a few blankets. That is our limit.
  3. Upset over a Craigslist ad. Hope this helps. 🤣
  4. Because I already own the JBLs and want to use the JBL speakers.
  5. Did you have to drill a hole in the bottom of the speaker for the insert?
  6. Title says it all. How to hang a Heresy size speaker on a wall?? I have a pair of JBls that are about the same size and want to hang high on a wall. Hard to find a decent mount.
  7. I think that I need to take a trip out there. If Shu goes that will be three families from Las Vegas. Where is a good place to vacation in San Miguel?
  8. I keep looking at this ad. I cannot use another set of speakers. This looks like a good deal and he has had this for sale for a while. https://lasvegas.craigslist.org/ele/d/the-lakes-jbl-speakers/6969742170.html
  9. I bought a couple of THTs from this guy. Great seller and he does nice woodwork. I really like the guy. Jump on this if you want them. Also found a great tamale store on the way back to the highway.
  10. Discount Tires matched the Wal Mart price on the Yokomas.
  11. There is also the this sentence: me eat meat at tea mat
  12. Where did you find them for that price? I'd jump on that if I can find it.
  13. I used Pirellis and then continentals on my car. I recently went to Yokomas on a friends recommendation and really like them. How does the Wal Mart thing work? Do I order them and then they install and balance at Wal Mart?
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