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  1. The comments on Slickdeals are funny. They have no idea what these are.
  2. tigerwoodKhorns

    The "Russian Guy" is now putting out... (Badges)

    Let us know how these turn out. I have them saved in my watch list.
  3. tigerwoodKhorns

    wtb... a decent tube tester.

    This looks sweet https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/ele/d/riverside-rca-wt-100a-laboratory-mutual/6825908192.html
  4. tigerwoodKhorns

    The "Russian Guy" is now putting out... (Badges)

    Nice, how Much were the Chorus II badges? I could use a set of those and Forte II badges.
  5. tigerwoodKhorns

    How to Re-Veneer curved surfaces

    The curves are not that extreme, do you think that I can do it? I am a novice but very patient and detail orientated.
  6. tigerwoodKhorns

    Deal of the century

    I think he will get his asking price. It is obvious that his negotiating a deal making skills have made him very successful.
  7. tigerwoodKhorns

    Hand Truck Recommendations

    Good ideas. I checked my dolly, I need to take the stair rollers off and maybe replace the belts. Definitely need to lube and make sure that it works and rolls well.
  8. OK, I bought a pair of B&W 805s in black ash. They are in great condition, not scratches or dents, but I hate black ash. I can sand them down and stain them or re-veneer them. Here is the issue with r-veneering them. The sides are one big curve, but continuous and only curved in one direction. This may be tricky, but not impossible. The top is curved, but curved in two directions. Here is a picture from the internets to give you an idea (not my speakers). Curved side to side and front to back on the tops. Can this be done without driving myself crazy? I'd like to use an exotic veneer like burl.
  9. tigerwoodKhorns

    Hand Truck Recommendations

    I have one of these but have been afraid to use on the stone stairs. I have had it for almost 30 years so I should check the condition of the belts. I was thinking of maybe a hand truck with rubber wheels that inflate would be better on the stairs.
  10. tigerwoodKhorns

    Hand Truck Recommendations

    I have a few hand trucks, but need a good one for going up stairs (the stairs have stone on them, no carpet, so I must be careful to no chip any stair). I need to haul, no surprise here) speakers up and down stairs. Big ones. Any recommendations?
  11. tigerwoodKhorns

    Type A Rebuild Input Needed

    Is the woofer the same impedance as the K33? I seem to remember the Speakerlab being 4 ohms? I have a pair in storage and cannot check. Is the mid range 8 or 16 ohms?
  12. tigerwoodKhorns

    JBL L250Ti's - Whatare they worth? (Duke? Anyone?)

    Very nice. Have you done any mods? I know that the tweeters probably need a new piece of foam under the diaphragm and I'd like to build charge couples crossovers for them.
  13. tigerwoodKhorns

    JBL L250Ti's - Whatare they worth? (Duke? Anyone?)

    No, the deal from 13 years ago didn't happen so I got my first pair yesterday. But I have wanted a pair since I first saw and heard them as a kid at a stereo store. My first speakers were JBL L60T's. Bought new at age 19. Should never have sold them.
  14. tigerwoodKhorns

    JBL L250Ti's - Whatare they worth? (Duke? Anyone?)

    Thanks. They are tall. my wife is not much taller than the speakers. I am excited to get these going. I actually wanted a pair for about 37 years and these are mint specimens that are local.