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  1. Headphones, I was thinking about grabbing them then realized I have B&W N805s for computer monitors. I am getting old. Good video and sound.
  2. OK, here we go, I am in the middle of rebuilding x overs in Forte II and Chorus II. I checked some old threads and Roy said to just use an electrolyte on the Woofer sections (68 and 100 uf).
  3. These look overpriced but are close to you https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/ele/d/upland-klipsch-belles-one-owner-minty/7382250149.html
  4. Build a second set of Type As to compare. Keep both and enjoy. Use Banana plugs for quick swap out. Yea but doesn't the resistor just burn up some of that low power?
  5. Does anyone here have experience with obtaining internet service where there is no provder? Satellite, cell phone? 40 mb up and 10 mb down is preferred as a baseline.
  6. He is thinking 'Why do they want $50 to giver my white paper back.' To the Wilson bashers, if you have ever heard them set up properly, Wilson has accomplished something impressive with low distortion. It is almost eerie how they sound. I would not buy them, but they do accomplish a unique sound with so much distortion gone that you didn't even realize was there.
  7. Cheech and Chong high. High as a witch doctor.
  8. No, I would not buy the RF7s. I don't have the room and have too many speakers. And I am sure that all of my current speakers would also sound bad with that harsh early CD player. If I didn't have speakers then yes, I would consider the RF7s.
  9. Is there enough veneer to sand the damage out and is someone willing to spend the time to restore these?
  10. Grew up with Bose 601 series 1 in the house. Never realized how bad they were until I bought new JBL L60T's in 1989. They imaged! Bough RF7's in the late 90s and then took them back. Too harsh but I now realize that it was my CD Player. Second real speakers, Tigerwood Klipschorns about 13 years after buying the JBLs. Ye ha!
  11. So I have the nice high quality and I think sealed caps in a paid of JBL Centuries. At 50 years old I think they need to be replaced even if they can last long. I need to replace the L Pads anyway.
  12. Wow, nice equipment. McIntosh seeks to be a favorite and might be what the dealer had.
  13. There was a maniac on this forum back in about 2004 who bought brand new K Horns and then replaced everything. Wonder whatever happened to him....
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