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  1. Jamo C109

    Jamos are nice sounding speakers. Of course it depends on the actual model , but whan comparing with the speakers of similar build and price, the owner can be satisfied with them. C109 are nice towers. Solid drivers.
  2. Accessing RP-160m Tweeter

    I don't know if I understand your post well, but if you try to enter into a speaker which is new (and I suppose in the warranty), you could easily loose the warranty rights. If after re-connecting the tweeter does not work my suggestion is to try to consume your warranty, be it a new speaker or repair. Without opening the speaker itself. Contact your seller and see what is possible to do.
  3. Klipsch turntable?

    Project entry level turntables are reputable to be one of the best bang for money, they are usually without flaws, but as in this case there could always be an exception. I suspect that Klipsch also knows that and would not partner with Pro-ject if this would be a bad product. Hope everything ends up well for you. And I would not so easily reject Pro-ject unless you have something else and probably more expensive in your mind already.
  4. Tweed Heresy grills

    How is the sound with speaker grills on? It looks to me like the cloth material that could affect the transparency of sound reproduction.
  5. Led Zeppelin remaster

    I have first 4 original albums on LP, and I have purchased the new remasters on LPs (2014 - the first album deluxe edition with extra tracks Paris Olympia, II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti). All new remasters sound better to my ears, but I do not have very revealing speakers for the time being, so I can not give meaningful opinion on some sound details in recordings. Bonhams drums on Moby Dick sound fantastic on reissue.
  6. Brief review of Pro-ject VCS record cleaner

    Good decision. I have been using Oki Noki for a few years. Similar specs, work good. Not mine but in local record shop that provided the record cleaning service for very little money. Now they closed and thinking of getting my own record cleaning device. Will be looking at the prices of this...
  7. RP160-M compatible receiver question

    I run my RF42 II with Onkyo TX8050 also in 6 ohm mode for a few years now. All OK with the speakers and the receiver. You should not have any problem with your combo, just play and enjoy.
  8. You have probably found solution for your problem - room acoustics. I am in a similar situation, also have room nodes in the bas region and will do some traps soon.
  9. I do not know about waiting up for them to open up. Never heard of such thing. My tubes were working A-ok from the second they were turned on. But then, I may be wrong...
  10. I can confirm from my own experience what pzannucci says about tube amp and bass, although it seems to me that you could count in some other issues here. First, you have pretty large room for that speaker. Remember that you are talking with the audience that usually is not so familiar with metric measures. Then it could be that you are expecting too much of bas from 160s. But they should not sound dull in any case. So try to play with speaker positioning.
  11. Show us your great photography thread!

    Something completely different
  12. Plastidipping horns?

    I dunno how will Plastidip work with horns, but is sure is working well on cars Should not be much different than other elastic spray lacquers. Waiting for results.
  13. Youthman, how far from the wall are your RF7II? Are they really that close as they appear on the picture in your first post? Apart for me leaning more towards the heritage sound, my limited living space does permit placing the speakers on the rear wall or max. foot from that wall.
  14. I have been extremely bad

    Very nice, congratulations. BTW, I like the dog on top of the right speaker .
  15. Recommendation for bookshelf speaker?

    I was not to happy with any of those bookshelves regardless of the producer in this price range, at least what I have heard. The best so far to my ears were Monitor Audio Silver 2 (or silver 100 as they changed the names in their new lineup from 2017). In that camp can also be Tannoy XT6. If thinking between RP-150 and 160, I would go for the 160.