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  1. parlophone1

    Sit on it! (need office chair advice)

    Few of my buddies that work in IT sector modified the seats from sports cars, usually from ones they are familiar with and know those chairs fit them nicely. Usually these seats have all sorts of adjustment options, so you should be good to go. Attach the car seat to a generic adjustable chair base and enjoy.
  2. DeanG, can I safely buy the capacitors from links that you have posted above? I notice that Daytons from PartsExpress are 250V, while my original 6,8 µF capacitor is rated 100V. Could you put the link for the replacement resistor in case I decide to change it? Thanks...
  3. Any other measurements in capacitors that I should care for beside microfarads and volts? Why resistor? Just curious, did not investigate this issue...
  4. Thank you all for replies. Regarding the capacitor for the tweeter, several poeple have done that and were not happy. They claim that the sound changed to the worse. Do not know what capacitors they used but it seem weard to me. I was also thinking about replacing the internal wires from drivers to crossover. The factory wires look OK but they are so thin. Any advices on that?
  5. I have speakers that are now 40 years old (Infinity Qb). They are sealed enclosure, 3-way with ribbon tweeter. Sound is acceptable in most recordings. However, I have a strong feeling that mid frequencies are subdued and sound in that area is not as detailed as I wish. On the internet there seems to be unanimous agreement that after such a long service the capacitor on mid-driver (12,5 µF) should be replaced with the new one. I had a plan to take out the crossovers and to replace capacitors for mid-drivers. While there, I plan to replace clip-on binding posts/terminals with a modern one, to seal speaker boxes with silicone glue and brace them. Here is the crossover scheme: Now to the point: the only way to access the inside of a speaker box is through the woofer opening at the front panel. Taking the woofer out enables the access to the crossover, since the crossover is placed directly behind the woofer on the speaker rear panel. I unscrewed the woofer and put the polyfill aside. The internal wires are attached to the speakers with crimps and soldered on the crossover side. It seems that nobody has been inside the speakers until now. Everything is intact and look fresh as the first day the speakers left the factory. This is a look at the crossover from the inside: 1 - Now here is the problem for me, the crossover is glued to the back panel with a sticky elastic glue and additionally densely stapled with narrow staples. It is flush with the chipboard. Any suggestions on how to remove the crossover from the chipboard? I would like to leave the speakers as intact and original as possible. I suppose that it is possible to do the job with the crossover attached but it would me much more difficult. 2 - Capacitors replacement. I cannot find single 12,5 µF capacitor online. I will do some more search, but that leaves me with the option of putting two in parallel (5,6 and 6,8) which together would make 12,4 µF. Any suggestions what capacitors I should use keeping in mind price/quality ratio? 3 – While bracing the cabinets, I have to remove the polyfill which seems to be loosely attached to the cabinet walls. I suppose that I would have to use some kind of glue when putting polyfil back again. What glue is that? Spray? I am doing that for the first time, so bear with me here.
  6. Definitely some room issues. I have auditioned most of Tritons in their lineup, to me the bas integration is the crucial issue to do right. Otherwise the will sound off.
  7. I use Benz Micro Glider. Have heard DL103R and it was fine. But Glider was a bit more rafined and detailed. And you can buy them in 3 different loads and ease your search for a phono pre.
  8. parlophone1

    improve look for forte 1

    I know this is nor the direct answer that you are looking for, but I sugest some search through this forum. Key words would be veneering etc. You will get valuable information. Wellcome to the forum😀😀😀😀
  9. I only have 1969 regular LP and new remastered record. Between these two records I can concur with you on how they sound.
  10. parlophone1

    How would these sound?

    I do not know if the recording technique has been the same for all the examples above, but to me the Altec 817 HP9040 (the first one) sounds best, certainly the cleanest of them all here. I would put Cornwalls to the second place. In last example it seems that something is wrong with the recording process, the sound is generally smeared. Tonality in Altecs (the first) and Cornwalls are somehow correct. However, in my opinion neither of them plays high piano notes correct. They seem too bright. Cornwall is the best here.
  11. parlophone1

    Really impressed with the Heresy III

    I have been listening the Monitor Audio silver 100 several times. On paper, the bas on these goes lower than the Heresies. It is bas-reflex, which I do not particularly like, but it is well integrated. Out of all standmounters that are similarly priced, they sounded best to my ears. If I have to buy speakers on a price/value ratio, I would pick them up. Great to read about your satisfaction with Heresies III. But unless heavily discounted, they are much pricier than Monitor Audio.
  12. parlophone1

    CornScala Type D cabinet building expertise

    Convert the measures from imperial into metric if required. If you go to thicker plywood, add that extra thickness to the outer side of the cabinet walls and that should do it, more or less.
  13. parlophone1

    Show us your great photography thread!

    How is the sound from that amp? What did you have before this hybrid? As regard the lenses, a scratch or two on the front lens element shold do nothing to afect the quality of the photo. But a scratch on the rear lens element usualy does influence more.
  14. parlophone1

    Cornwall placement in weird room

    Thanks for bringing that threads to the atention again. Useful information...