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  1. Dance dance dance by Steve Miller Band
  2. I like Duals, almost picked up 1019 a few years ago, but it was not in a good shape. As well as 701 and CS505 and CS7000 Golden One. Almost got that Golden but we could not agree on price, the owner asked too much.
  3. Klipsch in China, Infinities in USA, all other gear from European countries or Japan.
  4. The stated price is for what they are going over here in Europe market, if you can find them at all. Wish you luck on that pair...
  5. VanDenHul is a Dutch company specialized in variety of hi-fi products. One of them are cables, which they produce in many variations and for various purposes (speaker cables, interconnects…). The prices of cables vary from low (like Clearwater cable, for which I paid 50$ for 4 meters) to high (i.e. 3T The CUMULUS Limited Edition Hybrid – 2 meter pair is 4.700$) and they have more expensive cables than that. Their interconnects are very good. They also have very good turntable cartridges, but their mid-level Frog is 2,000$). I would not go that far and say that difference between my KnuKonzeptz and VandenHul is impressive, but is audible to me. I do not know what causes that effect but suspect that it might be connected with low capacitance and resistance of the wires, which is why I mentioned it. After all, we all tend to use some measurable data that are relevant and documented on the subject. Since the price for VanDenHuls was acceptable to me (as was with KnuKonzeptz) I gave them a try. In 32blownhemi’s case that might be different. He mentioned acquiring the Karma Knukonzeptz and I have Kord Ultraflex. Might do some difference. His LaScalas are much more sensitive and altogether different speakers. And so on... P.S. it is always amusing for me to go to speaker cable manufacturers site and read about the the terms the use, for example Hulliflex (
  6. Just go for Cables - Speaker cables. There are a few categories, but I suspect you might go for twin lead. Many of them are sold in bulk 100m, you can have them cut to your measurements.
  7. Do you have panels only on the ceiling or they are installed on the walls as well?
  8. Knu - go for Home theatre - Speaker wire. You have 5 categories of wires. Mine are Kord. Maybe other types of wires are different ...10 gauge is a thick wire, that is why i terminated them. For old type speaker connection that has just a tiny holes even 12/14 gauge probably wont fit.
  9. Whose website? Knu?
  10. I don't know. I chose the wires based on many good reviews on the internet. I know 10 gauge is overkill but was going to try out of curiosity. Clerwaters are about the same money and they came up better for me. I did not see any measurements for Knu but Clearwaters are low capacitance ( 17.5 pF/m ) and resistance wires ( 0.9 Ohm/100m). Maybe that is what makes a difference here.
  11. I have Knu Kord ultraflex 10 gauges. So they are not Karma wires. Terminated them with forks on one end and banana plugs on other. Have tried them with my Klipsch RF42II and Infinities Qb. Mid and high frequencies were ok on both speakers but low freqs were muddy. Replaced them with VanDenHul Clerwater and they are better in both my systems. High frequencies become more clear (Cristal clear ), mids are more articulated and lows are much more defined than with Knus, wich are now in the closet. Just my 2 coins.
  12. Any pictures?
  13. If not used, then maybe some cheaper entry level new. What kind of a console do you have? I am asking just with regard any possible restrictions to mount a TT. Want any automation? A lot of my friends are happy with entry level ProJects and Regas. ProJect maybe before Rega because they seem to be better made at that price point. ProjJect Carbon Debut comes to my mind. You have maybe more choices in there in USA, U-Turn?. That is entry level and many owners are happy with them. If direct-drives are in the picture, than Audio-Technicas?
  14. I also visit such shops occasionally. Have listened to the same equipment in acoustically treated rooms, and more than just occasionally left the place with mixed feelings and disappointment. The detail was there but something was missing, not sure exactly what. I heard more music from DIY speakers made by my friend listening better recordings from youtube. And his speakers are in the living room without any care for room treatment and speaker positioning. Big Sonus Fabers are often just too thin to my ears, may be it is a matter of matching.
  15. I am completing their works, this is next in line after Tusk which I have first issue. All new ones (remastered) sound pretty good to me.