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  1. parlophone1

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Thanks for these information. Already been on Bert's site πŸ˜‡.
  2. That is similar to my experience when auditioning B&W CM1 driven with modern Marantz. Finesse - yes, but not quite good enough for me. Beautiful small speakers, not hard to drive despite their sensitivity rating, silky smooth but too bright sounding for my taste, a kind of artificial sound. And not to mention 40% higher price than RP160s when I looked at them.
  3. parlophone1

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Congratulations πŸ‘. I have one more question: how close (or far) Oris horns have to be placed to the wall behind them? I have limited space and would like to place them as close as possible to the rear wall. But I can play within 3-4 feet front to back. And that lounge of mine is not a straight extension to the room. It is 3 feet to the left of the main room. How are the compared to Cornscalas?
  4. parlophone1

    Oris 150 Horns. SOLD........SOLD..........SOLD

    Any idea how these 150s would sound in 13 x 17 room which extends to 13 x 13 lounge? Brick and concrete, no wood except doors and few shelves on the walls. It is ratter long and narrow space, what could be isues here? I auditioned a smaller Oris recently, was very pleasantly surprised by them. Bass integration seemed crucial.
  5. parlophone1

    Everyone but thebes should be interested

    Bought a CD last week. Never had a chance to listen early recordings. This remaster sound fine.
  6. 2 things: - you have really an entry level Ortofon cartridge. Although it should do fine when properly adjusted, do not expect miracles out of it. - Cart adjustment; I would not take that adjustment from the factory as 100% truth. My advice would be to invest some time with the turntable manual, get some basic equipment for setting up a turntable (i.e. cart alignment tool, stylus pressure gauge ) and do it yourself. Cheap magnifying glass would also help. Be very careful. Then try to listen once more. After proper alignment, I would try better phono pramplifier.
  7. I am no expert here but I can offer my modest experience. I would try with better interconnect cables from DacMagic to the receiver. I once got the cheap Cambridge Audio :-) interconnects with my CD player. Wondered if I made a mistake with that player until I changed interconnects (just better, not some expensive stuff). Much better sound after that.
  8. parlophone1

    Bookshelf vs floorstanding

    NAD is good amp usually providing for slightly warmer sound with still enough detail. So Klipsch and NAD should pair fairly well. 30 square meters is a proper sized space for average speakers. You should not have problems with both sets (bookshelves or floorstanders). If you are going to use them for 2-chanel I suppose they will be placed on your north wall between the balcony and the kitchen. It would be beneficial to think about room acoustics. On your left side you can put some denser curtains where that big window and doors are to absorb the first reflections. But I am not sure what you can do to your right side toward the kitchen. You can also think about placing a carpet between the speakers and a listening position. Try to audition both sets of speakers before buying. If possible, auditioning should be done in a room similar to the size of your living room.
  9. parlophone1

    Replica Badges for my K-Horns - score!

    Should not be hard to do the badges with 3D printer. ☺️
  10. parlophone1

    KnuKoncept speaker wire

    Exactly. I like KnuKoncepts because of their flexibility, good insulation and robustness. When compared to my other cables (i.e. VanDenHul), I can hear slight difference in bass. Knu gives a bit muddier bass compared to Huls.
  11. parlophone1

    KnuKoncept speaker wire

    A have thickest Kord cables for my stereo. Terminated with monster forks. Good cables for the money. Heavy though.
  12. parlophone1


    Sorry for not being clear enough, but I did not want to go into many details about that. Of course there is no connection between tweeter and bedroom (other than the bedroom is smaller that my main listening room). Just wanted to say that I did not want to spend too much time to adjust these speakers to my liking, so I placed them into my bedroom and listen to them occasionally as my second system. As regards the tweeter, I can not say it is bad. On the contrary, I believe this is the best part of the speaker. Detailed enough, it can excite emotions. However, in most recordings it is on the edge of being too bright. I tried speakers with transistor and tube amplification, no significant change in sound. HF driver+horn combo in RP line of speakers are supposed be more polite that RF line, so you probably have less to worry about. I was also pleasantly surprised with clarity of the speakers when I first listened to them. At that time I did not know much better, so these were my faithful companions for a year or two. As we all grow with time, we notice many other things in sound. Occasionally I visit live concerts, meaning classical and acoustic music. So I have a good idea how many musical instruments should sound. After a period of time the speakers in my system sounded tonally a kind of wrong. I have a strong feeling that I mixed clarity of sound against speakers being too bright and slightly clinical. Also, other issues surfaced, like difficult integration of bas, some frequencies are subdued or missing (I still am convinced that is partly connected with room acoustics), etc. But for the money, it is a good speaker. Playing with their placement in a room was beneficial. However, my speakers proved to be pretty difficult to get it right. It is a floorstander but a small one, so they are not a good companions with big spaces. Bas-reflex took some time to adjust it right. After a lot of time, I found a position that I am a sort of satisfied. It is about 8 inches to the rear and side walls. Also the speaker cables are connected to the bottom jumpers at the rear of the speakers. Toed in so that the tweeter lines intersect a bit behind my ears. Moving a speaker just a fraction of an inch left or right messed up the imaging.
  13. parlophone1


    Welcome Good advice from SkiBum, play with speakers as adviced and soon you should be more familiar with them. I had similar questions with my RF line, and playing with placement was beneficial. However, that tweeter was sharp on many tunes, so the speakers went to bedroom.
  14. So you have survived the first encounter with wife 😲, I reckon that second one would be pushing your luck 😊
  15. parlophone1

    domes of silence

    It is all about vibrations 😊. My floor is wooden parquet on a concrete. I have my speakers (40 lbs each) on spikes that lie on metal pads. Under the pads is self adhesive felt. That way I can move the speakers around a bit to the right place every time I want to listen music. Now, that just was not right, I felt the speakers can do better. So I experimented with vibrapods, they improved some issues in the mid-to higher frequencies but still not quite what I was hoping for. So I cut rubber pieces of various dimensions and put 5 of them under each speaker until I found the dimensions that tames vibrations to the most and that suits my needs the best. Evaluation only by ear. That was pretty good. And final touch was making my copy of what Barry Diament calls hip-joints, which should tackle vibrations in a horizontal plane (http://www.barrydiamentaudio.com/vibration.htm). Had to be careful to adjust the spikes so the speaker is really horizontal. Otherwise hip-joints do not function properly. At the end, it is functional.