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  1. parlophone1

    Earphones or Headphones

    Welcome to new member. To shortly answer your question: I have the ears that rarely hold most of the earphones in place, so from reason of pure physical nature I use headphones. I know that there are earphones that provide for better placing in the ear and probably the sound is good also, but I do not use them frequently enough to investigate this further.
  2. parlophone1

    Show us your great photography thread!

    What do you mean by better? If you meant sharper, I doubt that more than 1/3200 shutter would make any difference. 300mm is a long shoot, vibration reduction should have nothing to do or help with moving object, at least that is my knowledge about that. I suppose that you did not used the tripod. That could make things better regarding sharpness. Autofocus is another thing to consider. Just a few things...
  3. parlophone1

    Klipsch Sixes vs Klipsch R15PM and RP160M ?

    I heard all of them for a short time. R15M to my ears had most balanced sound altogether than the rest. RP160 sounded a little thin in the midrange but had a decent soundstage. May be things would be better after careful placement in the room and after letting them play for awhile. Sixes sounded like they are trying to play way more than they really are. I liked it in the beginning but after awhile it become tiresome. In short, more fun than 160s.
  4. parlophone1

    Cartridge Question-Beware Scary Photos!

    If you have a stylus that is glued to the base, than an alcohol based cleaners may be harmful meaning they can dissolve the bondage between the two. What some people prefer for cleaning is this https://www.analogplanet.com/content/flux-hi-fi-electronic-stylus-cleaner.
  5. parlophone1

    Finally get to listen...

    For that kind of money its a treat.
  6. parlophone1

    Cartridge Question-Beware Scary Photos!

    Without a microscopic picture of the stylus I think you can hardly see what is going on. But from what I am seeing here, everything is full of dust. I would first go with the carbon brush over the stylus and take another photo like you already did to see if there is any difference (pardon me if you already did it ) . Carbon brush would not clean the dust on cantilever but it should clean the stylus itself. To me it looks like accumulated dust mostly.
  7. parlophone1

    New in my Life Raising Chickens

    In our experience, concrete foundations help with big carnivore predators like foxes preventing them to dig holes under the fence. Fence all arround help against hawks etc. The problem are snakes and smaler animals that can enter through the fence. Denser fence might be a solution to most of them, but not all.
  8. parlophone1

    New in my Life Raising Chickens

    Last week we have left our chickens in the open, forgot to close them for the night. Although we have a loose dog during the night, we lost half of chickens. It must have been foxes from the woods. Fence all around is a good thing, especially for lighter hens that tend to fly over the fence. But for predators it is wise to close the chickens in the closet during the night. And watch for holes in the cabinet occasionally.
  9. parlophone1

    shrinking cornwall

    Very nice looking. How are a pair of these comparing to CornScala D?
  10. parlophone1

    New in my Life Raising Chickens

    Are they small chickens? If so, the diet is somewhat different than for the grown ups. You have small number of them, so if you have a chance give them a space to run around and eat some grass, sand etc. they like it and it is good for them. Clean the hen house regularly. Good for the chickens and for yours and theirs health. The manure from chickens is also a very good fertilizer. If you live in the country beware of predators (foxes, hawks etc). You may loose more of the chickens. If so, keep them inside (closed) during the night. It is also a good thing to have a dog around in the yard.
  11. parlophone1

    MCM 1900 set up

    Where are you placing them? What will be the amplification and setup? Interesting to see...
  12. parlophone1

    Show us your great photography thread!

    Totally agree with you. In my few hobbies I never get enough money to fulfill several desires, including photography. For me it would be very nice to have capable digital body, presumably with do-it-all zoom nice glass. But these things cost still too much, plus there are other issues like dependability etc. That is why I settled with old Nikon 35mm and some mid-format film cameras. Cheap to buy and I do not shoot to much to keep film development and scanning cost at acceptable levels. It is a lot of fun and not too costly. Most of the time i have around 1,5 - 2 kilos on my shoulder, which is acceptable. I see how Nikon F2 and several prime lenses of that era can be a burden, put in the bag spare body and a couple of other things and you are done for that day . But I do not have a need for that sort of things. For example, recently I have been for a few days walking around the Lisbon with just Nikon F80+battery pack and a 28-85mm zoom and Nikon sb30 small flash. Camera was in the holster and a flash on my belt. Easy to walk around and never tiresome. This one is from the deck of a sightseeing bus. No need for VR. For occasional snap smartphone camera is enough.
  13. parlophone1

    Turntable Recommendations

    Congratulations on your new TT. Looking very nice.
  14. parlophone1


    That is a nice looking Seiko. And classic 5. I was looking to get something like that. My eyes are not that good any more, so I like the clean display, only numbers. Used to like chronos, but now I have a hard time seeing what the time is with all that mess on a watch.
  15. If you can figure something out of data published, here is the link http://www.ortofon.com/om-series-p-550 Beside small differences in internal inductance and impedance, there are no big differences in OM line of cartridges. Of course, OM 20 has a nude stylus, in its time it was well regarded cartridge. Comparable to 2M blue today. I tried to find one for my old Philips turntable but it is to difficult these days. So I ended up with 2M Red.