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  1. NBPK402, would you describe the sound characteristic of your first MEH attempt? I was following that project hoping to maybe one day do somethinng similar. How is it different to your ears than MEH made using K-402 horns, and what made you go further with MEH explorations?
  2. Canned Heat Vintage Original recording, you even get the sound of vinyl via youtube 🙂
  3. Just to confirm that approach with my RF42IIs. Tried that years ago, and it makes the difference. Still not quite right, but much more listenable speakers than placing them further in the room like most audiophiles with their mini monitors do. Boundary gain is noticeable.
  4. parlophone1

    Bicycle Tires

    Never rode on Michelin, but GatorSkin is plenty comfortable to me. Just adjust the tire pressure to your weight and it is very supple on your behind. Just for reference, on my fixed bicycle I ride on Conti GrandSport race. It is ranked below GatorSkin in Conti lineup and made in China. Bought them on a discount. Good tire, but more "rubbery". And to my opinion not as comfortable as GatorSkin, pretty close but not there exactly there.
  5. parlophone1

    Bicycle Tires

    On not so good roads I use Continental GatorSkin (or whatever a new iteration is called). They are harder to puncture, great tire for such roads and made in Germany. Never had a problem with mine. Just have in mind that Continental is making roughly a 1mm wider tires then the rest of manufacturers. So if they say 25mm they are more like 26mm. Not that it maters much, bit if you have a tight space in the fork you might consider this info useful.
  6. Nothing but concur with what ChrisA posted. I tried Klipsch towers RF line in my several small spaces, better to follow his advice.
  7. Everything was said above. Happy birthday 😀
  8. parlophone1

    Car Thread

    WRC rally started yesterday in our city. Here is a shakedown
  9. Of course. I have not heard yet of any low to medium priced amp with built in phono stage that is better than separate phono pre-amp.
  10. Hi Juan, I had the opportunity to listen to Tannoy Westminster Royal GR. It was displayed at local audio show few years ago before covid-19 by their official dealer. These are huge speakers and were placed in decent size hotel room with lots of heavy curtains on the walls, hooked up to the bast of Accuphase amplification and pricey sources. The sound was good but I could imagine them sound much better in some home environment, where more care is taken to positioning them and room acoustics. They certainly can sound big, loud an bold - that the dealer tried to show to us. But regardless how expensive they are, they will not solve all the issues you might have in your home.
  11. Great work, congratulations. I have seen the process on Australian forum, but never had the courage and resources to try it myself. Please do share information after they are finished 😊
  12. That is wise decision. Wait until your body develop decent immunity against the virus. That usually takes about 3 weeks after vaccination. Even better after the second shot.
  13. So is this the product that people have been expecting from Danley targeting the home hi-fi market? Obviously not advertised within Danley Sound Labs.
  14. http://www.cardas.com/room_setup_golden_trapagon.php
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