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  1. Kodak ColorPlus200 35mm film Nikon F90X, Nikkor AF28-85mm
  2. Only now I found this post. I am interested to hear of that Akai AM2800. I have the next in line model - AM2850. The peculiar thing I have noticed is that volume knob need just a bit turn to go very loud, i.e. from zero just a few klicks and it gets very loud. Have you noticed the same in your amp? Otherwise, the amp performs well. This is photo from net and it is 2950, but my 2850 is visually the same.
  3. Very nice setup. What made yo sell Clearaudio turntable over Denon? Is it going towards the vintage direction or something else?
  4. I think you made the right decision. I rushed and purchased Sansui DB9090. Same problem, no right channel. Later I find out that main pot need replacing and that thing proves to be very hard to find. May be there would be the chance to repair it, but I am still awaiting the offer from the repair shop about that. I have no illusion that repair if possible will be expensive. My understanding is that AU 717 is better built than 9090, but still...
  5. NIce job, for the build and for veneer. I like the speakers as they are. Black horns go well with parts of cabinets that are painted in black. Would not change a thing regading color. Maybe a silly quiestion, but are drawings for these available somewhere?
  6. Agree with Oppo. Just a reminder, do have a look at Denon CD players. They are also known for warmer sound that might go well with tubes.
  7. I second that. I have LP The Kinks ‎– Lola from 1971 (HMA 201) Terribly thin recording.
  8. From my limited experience the above mentioned advice could work. I have Philips 212 and tried to upgrade old Philips cart (lower grade GP400) with ortofon 2M Red. It did seem to lead to improvement although compliance is a bit off (Philips has ultra low mass arm). In the meantime I met a guy with plenty of NOS Philips carts. I took his advice and just went with new old stock GP 400. Sonically this is better cart in my tonearm then 2M Red
  9. After mechanical cleaning I use a mixture for the wooden weneer cabinets. The recipee used by one of local builder of wooden instruments (if it is good for the violin it will be good for speaker ): - 250 ml of turpentine (obtainable in an art supply store) - 250 ml olive oil - 250 ml of white wine vinegar - 10 ml of ethyl alcohol - 2-3 drops of dishwashing detergent Mix it and rub it into a cabinet every coople of months with a soft cloth.
  10. My be try some other source, may be a CD player. Just to eliminate the turntable issue. Stupid one, but have you checked that speaker cables are connected properly? Is polarity ok?
  11. I have been playing with speaker placement in my room for quite some time. Out of many diffrent theories, this one worked best in my room ( It is easy to implement. In your case it may have one drawback - you will have to pull the speakers out of tose niches. But it is worth a try. As regard Luxman+Ortofon, I have been listening the OM10 cart in a R-15PM turntable pack and it is not bad at all. But one step up the range - Ortofon2M red would be an improvement here in my opinion. Do you have the phono pre-amp, this can be other way of experimenting in that respect.
  12. Winter time... on Kodak Gold
  13. That was actualy my first thought when I entered into the room :-)
  14. I treated myself with a demonstration on how to set up a Kuzma turntables. The workshop was guided by Mr. Franc Kuzma and his son. Initially it was Stabi S with Stogi arm with Denon MC cart. In the second part of the workshop it was setup of the Stabi Reference turntable with 4Point arm and Fuuga cartridge. Now that combination really played well. Very enjoyable afternoon. Interesting part was how to adjust the angle of needle under the microscope and adjusting the azimuth of the cartridge with Feickert software. It was also an opportunity to audition somewhat different type of speakers.
  15. From our Chrismas fair