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    1 - Onkyo TX-8050, Klipsch RF42II, Philips 212 electronic with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, TT pre-amp: Sound Carrier Phono7, Beyerdynamic DT990Pro
    2 - Hypex NC400 DIY monoblocks, Musical Fidelity M1SDAC, Infinity Qb, Sennheiser HD559
    Spare amplifiers: Kenwood C1M1 (pre-amp and amplifier), Sound Carrier KT88, AKAI AM2850

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  1. I jumped and got me the DIY NC400 monoblocks two months ago, figured if I am going for them than it better be fast before prices go up. So far so good. I could be imagining but after some time they got a bit more polite overall, not so edgy as they were at the beginning. Will have to try them with some more efficient speakers. They seem to be somewhat brighter sounding than my other AB class amps.
  2. I do not see what is exactly your problem from the description. If the floor is not completely flat and your speakers wobble on it, than you might consider some sort of adjusting feet under your speakers. Hight adjusting spikes work for me. If your intention is to raise the speakers and prevent them to wobble, you could build riser that is closed from four sides and the top. Again, adjusting feet could be build in underneath such riser, so you can have both. I have used rubber math under my speakers with mixed results sound wise. They usually muddied the sound.
  3. @MicroMara; how would you elaborate the differences between ordinary power cable that usually comes with newly purchased devices and the power cables that are sold separately? What are benefits when buying a separate power cable in general? Can you share your thoughts about that?
  4. My vintage Akai AM 2850 also has mid control. On the other hand Kenwood C1 preamp does not, but its bass and treble controls are very usable so I do not have a need for mid control in that unit.
  5. I auditioned a system with one of these two days ago. Interesting streamer. Nice to look at and easy to operate.
  6. I have not heard XLI800, which measured bad on that forum. Nor I have heard XLS1502, which measured noticeably better. Dave A has badly measured amps in a well dialed highly sensitive system. And knowing his craftsmanship from this forum, I just value the opinion he has to offer.
  7. DaveA, what about not so good measurements of Crown XLI800, like the ones posted in audiosciencereview? Key words being distortion and noise.
  8. Mike thank you for posting this. How are you judging the results? Is some measurement involved in the process? For example, I am thinking of REW that many here use already.
  9. Indeed he is very well known in Europe, especially to a bit older audience who watched his films.
  10. I guess I could confirm that. If a person is persistent dialing-in to a room could be done with more or less success, as I have experienced. When I purchased one set of used speakers, I have auditioned them first in the room of the person selling them. They sounded very good there. Then I brought the same speakers to my much smaller room, and speakers being fairly large for my smallish square space, did not sound so good. I did not want to part with them, so I spent a few years changing their positions, experimenting with absorption and dispersion on the walls, bracing the cabinets and even updating crossovers. But with all that experimentation I have found that experimenting with positioning is worth the effort. I may not have the soundstage I would like to, but at least the speakers are now much clearer in their presentation and do not change much with the change in volume.
  11. I never quite understood the first question "What exactly do you listen to (i.e., albums/tracks) if making speaker comparisons?". The reason is that to my understanding the speaker have to spill out the recording as accurate as possible. And that goes to all music, not just some genres, albums, tracks etc.
  12. Private messaging to other members do not work from smartphone. I write the message normally, click send, but then nothing happens. It is an old Android 5, but still it worked before. Thanks.
  13. Could just be so. A year and a half ago I bought new XP3060. It was just to be discontinued.
  14. Well, most of the gear I bought was on discount, not B-stock. With a few exceptions that I payed full price 🙂 For example, my Beyers DT990Pro (250 ohm) were regular item on a local retailer shelf. Since it was sitting there for a long time, the shop decided to lower the price. I usually seek such opportunities locally, where I ca try the item I am interested in. I don't have the nerve for shipping back and all the fuss.
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