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  1. Kodak ektar 100 35mm film Lens: Nikkor 105mm F2 Defocus control https://ibb.co/D5nxGbP
  2. Very nice bike. I don't have anything as fancy as that. Few years ago I found a fixed bike built around a frame from Swiss manufacturer by the name of Titan i na local bike shop. Brand new Columbus Aelle frame from 1990s, never used with original chrome fork. The lugs have a DeRosa heart marks. It is a big frame so Aelle is good for me, stronger than heavily butted tubes. Frame geometry is pretty sharp so the bike is very responsive.
  3. parlophone1

    Any Knife guys?

    Any decent knives have the ability to be sharp enough to cut nicely. It is up to the owner to learn how to sharpen them and keep them sharp and in good shape. Our local butchers often used German Solingen knifes that have a treated blades, but any other brand with a quality blade will suffice. In recent years Japanese knives became more frequent in kitchens. Plastic/composite handle is better for hygienic reasons.
  4. Which do you have, there are many iFi DACs? For example, micro iDSD BlackLabel is very good.
  5. parlophone1


    You got the technical part all right. Change the sister 😊
  6. Could very much be so. And if you have a rectangular room and the speakers could be placed more or less in the corners, try placing them like PWK recommended. https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/pwks-dope-from-hope-speaker-placement-guide.147798/ I confirm it works with my RF42IIs. Paul recommends flanking the speakers at 45 degree angle. Regarding that, I have mine speakers in long and narrow room placed on short wall. They play better when pointed to the diagonal opposite corners of the room. You can play with that. My workflow was to point the speakers (toe-in) and then try to determine the distance from the rear wall by listening what happens with bass. With that approximately set, then play with positioning in left-right direction. The speakers should always be placed symmetrically with respect to each other. It helps if tweeter is close to the height of your ears when listening. Do not be afraid to experiment with left-right positioning and keep them at equal distances from rear and side walls. At one point you should reach the sweet spot when music is just right. With speakers positioned right, there should be no significant difference in sound throughout the room. A note: your current aluminum speaker stands could work as a desktop setup, but not so much when listening at longer distances in your room.
  7. You are right, it does sound decent to me 😂. Never mind that, if you hear significant difference between listening from your CD or any other source compared to the turntable, it must be something in the TT analog chain. From my experience, when amplifier and speakers (in this case in one package) are new and function properly, the TT is set up as it should, then it would be the phono preamp. I have Ortofon 2M red on my TT and I can attest that it is a solid performer as indicated above in this thread. I often do hear a difference in comparison to my CD player, but not so many same albums on vinyl/CD here. Playing from CD could have more details in highs than from records, bass usually sound somewhat different but I address it to technicalities of records mastering process. But I do notice a difference when including a good phono amplifier. This was almost a revelation when I first connected a phono amp instead of one being included in my new Onkyo stereo receiver. A big difference for the better. And just one more thing: adjusting the downforce of the cartridge/tonearm. For Ortofon 2MRed it should be 1,8 grams, at least per specification. My experience with that cart is that it responds very much to slight differences in downforce adjustments. I mounted it to old Philips turntable which has lighter tonearm than recommended for 2MRed. So my first try was exactly at 1,8 grams. It sounded a bit wailed, muffled. Than I tried 0,05 grams up and down and settled for 1,75 g. This resulted with more clear sound. Now, I bet that ProJect would not recommend 1,8g for nothing, but this is my experience.
  8. I would not like to introduce even more confusion, but are you sure the cartridge is properly installed on the turntable? If I remember correctly, there were customers complaints regarding preinstalled cartridges to their new turntables.
  9. Try playing with positioning of the Fives until you get more pleasing results from them. Be careful that both speakers are at equal distance from the back wall and toed in equally.
  10. It certainly is...😎
  11. Not trying to hijack this, but a question is connected. What would be the usual cause of hiss in old receivers and amps? I have a 40 year old Akai that works good enough sonically. Two issues, one is occasional louder clics in switches, tried the spray cleaning and it did not go away completely. The other is the slight hiss when the thing is ON, all sources. If put wrongly, admin can delete or I will post in another theme.
  12. Considering the severeness of your allergy, I can understand why you hesitate to give them little creatures a chance to live. It`s you or them. However, the bees are most benign of all stinger insects out there. A bee usually will not bite you unless really threatened. If a bee puts a stinger to your body, it dies because of the anatomy. Unlike wasps, hornets etc. The professional beekeepers might offer to relocate the bee colony for you to another location. They can do that, just not sure if that can be done during the winter.
  13. If you can cut/move that tree in the winter when the bees are in the hive (in that tree) and usually do not go out much, then do it. If you are afraid some might come out and bite you, just have a smoke ready close to you. They are afraid of smoke because they think there is a fire nearby and fly away from it. Alternatively, plug the hole where bees can get out if you can. You should not do them any harm that way because they are sort of hibernating in cold temperatures. Later, in the spring when it gets warmer, if they do not like what you did to their home, they will just move out and find another home. That is what bees usually do in the nature, if they do not like where hey are, they just move on to another location.
  14. My vote for Bic also. I abandoned Gillette long ago. They went low on quality and up in price.
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