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    1 - Onkyo TX-8050, Klipsch RF42II, Philips 212 electronic with Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, TT pre-amp: Sound Carrier Phono7, Beyerdynamic DT990Pro
    2 - Hypex NC400 DIY monoblocks, Musical Fidelity M1SDAC, Opera Prima 2015, Sennheiser HD559
    Spare amplifiers: Kenwood C1M1 (pre-amp and amplifier), Sound Carrier KT88, AKAI AM2850

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  1. Turned out very well, congratulations. 😍 How is the sound at lower listening levels? I was planning a 2-way system, with only Faital LTH142 horn and their 1.4 driver, plus Q-pies. Then Claude designed SMWMs, then other thing happened including moving to a small apartment, and now I even can not squeeze QPies in that room. So I ended with some bookshelves. How things can go off 😔
  2. Depending on how big is your room, small speakers will most likely not be satisfactory for you, as Islander said above. RP160 or RP600 in the recent Klipsch offerings is the lowest I would go for a bookshelve. But then again, if you can find some of the earlier models (i.e. RB75) in good condition, that might be even better.
  3. You have a very good system. Thank you for sharing. Where did you found HIPs, locally in Italy or somewhere else? I ask because I am not that far away 🙂
  4. Good to hear that you are satisfied with the extra work and components you have invested in this.
  5. If you can add a preamp, Hypex monoblocks also could be the solution. They are relatively small dimensions, could be turned on all the time. I haven't heard them with LaScalas, but what ever Schu wrote above I can attest is valid playing NC400 monoblocks in my system. Yes, they can be clinical in sound presentation, but preamp might tame them a bit if needed. However, in my system they produce more heat than some class AB amps. They are not hot, but warm (105-120 F) depending on the temperature in the room. Many have reported they stay cool. That might be our grid (220V), but anyway they do not go beyond it.
  6. parlophone1


    Of all fast food I tried, and I tried a lot, McD tasted the worst by far. I don't know what exactly the put in that burgers and I don't want to know. But any child will probably put together a better tasted piece of minced meat together.
  7. Subaru looks and sounds mean, beautiful car and very well driven. Nice to see Dodge Viper still on the road. Of all electrical cars only Porsche 718 sounded a sort of nice. All others are too sterile.
  8. Is the REL TZero too far out of your reach? ELAC cost a bit less but I wonder how quick it is, meaning with REL you could get possibly better integration of bass with the Fives.
  9. parlophone1


    Many factors to take into account, metabolic imbalances, illness of various kinds, exhaustion... When I finished schooling my weight was 130 at 6'3". Haven't been eating regularly for years, not much sleeping etc. But even later I never got heavier than 160.
  10. By using sharp tiny screws. Just screw it in that dustcap and pull it all out.
  11. Workout for your system, information by clicking on the link https://www.hifisound.de/Do-it-yourself-Products/Software-Measuring/Isotek-Full-System-Enhancer-Rejuvenation-Disc-65-MIN.html
  12. Not sure if small Klipsch speakers (RF, RP...) count as horn speakers, although the do have one (HF) horn. Those frequently receive worse reviews than simple 2-way bookshelves. Not going into the differences of rooms they played in, the electronics associated and so on, direct radiating bookshelves in most instances played more naturally.
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