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  1. Which speaker is appropriate for my room??

    Somebody mentioned placing the speakers on each side of the fireplace. Question for those who have them placed in such a way - how do the speakers respond to the temperatures radiating from the fireplace? What is a safe margin?
  2. Help with Stylus Choice

    It seems to me like a pretty standard budget drect drive turntable from 1980s. (https://www.vinylengine.com/library/jvc/l-f66.shtml) If it is fitted with standard arm and shell you can put any decent moving magnet cart on it, even a moving coil cart should be ok but I doubt that you will go for such cost from what you mentioned in your firs post. What I am getting here is that finding only the original stylus could end up being more costly and more difficult than getting the whole new cart. Of course, the new cart will have to be fitted on the tonearm but you already know that.
  3. Class D

    I have recently participated in interesting evening, listening class D versus tube amps. It was Cyrus Audio One integrated amp (2x100 W - D class) vs. BK Audio KT120 (2x75W). Speakers were Harbeth Audio Ltd SHL5 plus 40th Anniversary Digital source Naim Audio CD5si. We have been through a lot of genres of music for three or four hours. Have not noticed too much difference in quality of sound. Class D was in some moments more clinical to my ears while KT120 was more rounded, but I would be happy with both of them.
  4. Show us your great photography thread!

    Restored Honda motorcycle, at the local club showing their recent restoration works. Taken on Kodak Colorplus 35mm film.
  5. The Sixes...Any feedback?

    Ok, take this with the following precaution: I listened the Sixes in dealer shop yesterday. They were hooked up with Roksan K3 cd-player BUT on a low audio shelve and in between a bunch of other speakers in the shop. Placed about two feets from rear wall and the listening position at about 6 feet from the speakers. So not egsactly an optimal listening setup. With that said, the highs were clear but overly bright. Bas was mostly boomy but showed signs of definition that could just be right with proper positioning of the speakers. But what striked me was the lack of mid frequencies, just as the body of the music was lacking. The good thing was that the Sixes clearly put out the Klipsch sound well, they were dynamic, enough of details for this class of speakers. I guess this just showed me how important is rear the placement of Sixes.
  6. the most relaxing song ever

    When I want relaxing, the album that often comes to mind is Trinity Sessions from Cowboy Junkies. I can pick almost any song from that album and be driven in relaxing mood.
  7. Klipsch vs Cerwin Vega?

    Never heard CV but they are readily available here. The most frequent comment about them is that the new line of speakers sound better than their previous line, and the previous was pretty bad. Anyway, CV speakers are placed in lower grade category with Magnat and such.
  8. The Hidden Fidelity of Classic Albums

    I admit to be no expert on the subject, which brings me to much more investigatong job to be done, of course whithin my time limitations. But i would have 1 album in my mind connected to the original post - Sgt. Peppers lonely heats club 50th anniversary temasteted by Giles Martin (son of the original master engineer). As probably known, the album was mastered originally in mono. This was the first time that original master tapes were drawn up from the drawers to do it properly in stereo. I had the privilege to hear the first release in mono (from '67 release) and bouht this new one in stereo. Won't describe my opinions here as I found myself unadeqate with wording, but the difeerencies are audible, and in my opinion both versions are worthwile to own ( unfortunately it is hard to acqire the original monp album on LP). What about this perspective?
  9. Good job, when you are satisfied with the sound the only thing left to do will be to make these things look more pretty I am certainly no expert here but several of my friends that make DIY speakers found it easier to fix bas back reflections (and I believe some mid-frequencies too) in the boxes by applying acoustic wool. I know this is entirely different type of construction and more easy to make (usually simple compression boxes). That is what make these speakers more appealing to DIY-ers. It is cheap and easy to make. Of course acoustic treatment will still be needed if aiming at maximum what the speakers can deliver, but at least it solves one part of the problem.
  10. RF-7II vs Heresy III

    It is not so difficult to try to rise the Heresies. Give it a try. I had my Infinities QB (which are similar to Heresies dimension wise) initially at 12 inches above the floor. They are supposed to be placed like that but I did not like how they sound. Then I made speaker stands in a way that hi frequency driver is at my ear level when I listen to music. Much better in terms of clarity and stereo separation. If I would do it again then I would make the stands a few inches lower but I guess it has to do with vertical dispersion of sound from ribbon tweeter as well as with the room acoustics.
  11. Forte III

    Very nice looking, with these bright colored grills.
  12. pulsating tinnitus

    What about these apps, for example https://tinnitus-off.com/
  13. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Do you use it? Sorry, just saw your post in What I got today thread, mods can erase this one.
  14. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Neil Young's Harvest Remaster from original master tapes, sounds very nice to me.
  15. Any experience with fixed gear bicycles?

    I know what you mean by going downhill. I am not planning on spining in lightning speed, breaks should do the trick. Since bike is equiped with flip-flop hub, it also has both brakes. But untill about 30 mph I should be able to spin. I found out that it is 46 front and 16 on the rear wheel. The second on the rear would be 18. That one should be enough for hills and single speed. And the frame is DeRosa . Last generation before todays modern steel frames. It can be adapted to geared bike with modern drivetrains.