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  1. I bet the center chanel speaker help to bring most out of the setup. Have you tried to do 2-chanel listening with only 7s? If yes, how do you think about it?
  2. Asking that since several poeple I know having LS50s reported back how these speakers need a lot of clean power. 100,150 watts minimum. The better the amp the better they play. One of them recently copled them with 150 watts KT150 tube amp and he is very happy. This is also his second system, for main listening he has some expensive floorstanders. Changes gear a lot.
  3. Just intetested, how would you compare LS50s with what you have now? What amp did you use on LS50s? How much power?
  4. What does the letter "J" stands for on the iscriptions on capacitors? Just curious.
  5. Most of them what I heard were a bit bright. Paired well with more mellow British speakers.
  6. The connections are clean, checked 😀. However, that does make a slight positive change in midrange presentation in my RF42s. I know these are not the same speakers, but it does not hurt to try. Also, if Dave Ritchie's data are true the front parts if the speakers could be raised up a bit to fire more up. That should lower the acoustical gap in freq response where tweeter and woofer meet. If true, that would confirm Ritchies data.
  7. I am looking to this and wonder if any forum members now of alternative drivers comparable to Kappa C that are more efficient and made in EU? May be from B&C, Faital or others? I am also interested. Prices of imported US products go way high in the EU, enough to kill DIY projects.
  8. Your first post is comming just in the right time and on a hot subject 😀😀. Wellcome to the forum.
  9. Also, try to connect speaker cables to upper pair of connectors on the back of the speakers. That might change sound to your liking. If you loose some bass just move the speakers closer to the walls.
  10. I would suggest experimenting with positioning of the speakers in the room. Try to place them at equal distances from adjacent walls, as equally as you can get. Then experiment with toeing in or out. Keep the space between the speakers empty if you can. Then try to tame the sound reflections near the front of the speakers, you can try something simple as a shirt on a hanger and see if it helps. Also carpet in front of the speaker could help.
  11. Is that a stirofoam acoustic absorbers or something else? Anyway, a very nice looking room.
  12. Zero if I can get by. Other vise a pill for alerghia only. Simethimes I get a hard headache and then a pill for that. In any other case a glass of wine is ok, or a home brewed schnapss.
  13. Everything what said above. 😁 I have been using as pure coper wire as I could find in my 2-way listening rig. To this point, I have Knukonzeptz thicker wire as I could get. And they run fine. On my other system I run VanDenHull cheepest cabel I could buy locally. It is just fine. If I could advice anything beside that, it would be to experiment with your speakers placement and soundproofing of your listening room. Those things might surprise you more tha speaker wires. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Hy there. I will try to answer your question about K69A driver, although I do not have direct and personal experience with it. It should support 2-way operation as you mentioned, and it should be enough to serve as a starting point doing that. I have recently been in a position to almost buy a second hand K-402 horn with that driver but did not manage to get them. If you find that K69A does not do it for you, then upgrade to a better driver later.
  15. I would pick a pair for my self If I were in the US. Only customs duties and VAT cost more than double the asking price. And then there is shipping. I hope someone sees the opportunity here.
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