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  1. more RF-7III pics

    Look at the beginning of the post, Parasound A23.
  2. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    Very nice looking. How would that grills be to keeping them clean after a while?
  3. more RF-7III pics

    As for the looks, I like the RF7 II more with wood veneer all over. To my eyes it has a distinctive, bold and somewhat crude but classy look that mean business. On the other hand, RF7 III look nice all in black, but leaves that "silky" taste in my mind. RF7 II differentiated from other speakers in RF line, while RF7 III tries to blend with the current Klipsch lineup. To me it is not a desirable way to go.
  4. Inexpensive headphone amp

    Burson will do nicely. I use DT 990 Pro, it is open model, 250 ohms. It sounds good plugged in most of audio equipment I have. Like the sound of DT 880 more (more flat freq curve), but the money for that was also higher. However, when I plug my DT990 in smartphone, the degradation of sound is noticeable but not that much worse.
  5. The price is more than good. Cart only if new is worth money. A good combo, just tickles my imagination how would it look after a few parties in a man cave . May be put it on a wall shelf so it would be harder to do some damage. Turntables and parties usually do not go well.
  6. The Fifteens

    First I saw fifteens they were eye catcher. They simply look beautiful. Other than that, I am certainly not against going active if this is executed good. Manufacturer should be the first to know how to match amplifier to the speaker, so I tend to believe they do their best. Of course the money spent on extra electronics comes into equation. However, the whole package should be good enough for people wanting to buy it. Klipsch is experienced enough to to that well. As regards some kind of mini-DSP, also - why not implement it? There are speakers on the market with such usable features, there is no hot water to invent here.
  7. Forte III's and Rega Brio -R

    A couple of my friends use Rega Brio-R amps, and it serve them well. Of course, none of them use Klipsch speakers, mostly British, Dutch etc brands. They match well with Dali speakers or Monitor Audio.
  8. Sansui 9090db and Palladium P37f's

    Thanks for all the advice. Sansui has been in the repair shop and examined by the experienced technician. The main volume pot is kaput. Left channel is barely audible at minimum, but then drops and completely looses when pot turn to the right. Other than that receiver should be fine. I will look again for the pot at AudioKarma.
  9. Heresy III + sub or Cornwall III

    Hy there. I was reading all the way from begining of your post and must say my situation is almost like yours. Lately there are more forum members from Europe, I am from Croatia. Given our smaller rooms the Klipsch are one way of answering our demands for good sound. Most probably my wallet is thinner than yours, and chances to splash money for Fortes are for now nonexistent. However I have a nice KT 88 tubes really waiting for highly efficient speakers. Waitng how it ends up for you ...
  10. Sansui 9090db and Palladium P37f's

    I have 9090DB for almost 4 years now. Unfortunately the main pot is gone and until now I havent found replacement. So 9090 is quiet still. I regret it...
  11. Show us your great photography thread!

    I am interested to hear what old lenses have you tried with D850 that did not measure good. Because I have a few of old ones too, and have been thinking to switch from analog to digital. Was thinking about D750 or Df, or may be even a 610. I am curious how my 200mm f4 micro would behave, or 28mm f2,8 AiS and 50mm f1,4 AiS...and so on.
  12. Show us your great photography thread!

    Not boring at all , some great memories.
  13. Admire the matching of the house with the audio equipment. Thorens must be the icing on the cake. Nice, simple and very nice.
  14. Klipsch RF7 II amp

    I have read that many people are happy with solid state power amps and tube preamps or vice versa. They say it provides them smoother sound and they are quite happy with such combos.
  15. LaScala Grill Options

    Can I ask how did you connect grilles to the speakers? Magnets? It looks really nice, congratulations.