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  1. R-15m sound "boomy" after reposition

    I am no expert on R-15m, however the RP160m that I have been listening lately also benefits with pulling them out a bit from the rear wall. That also works for my RF 42IIs. Give them a little space to breath if you can, and try to keep the same distance from rear wall for both speakers. And try to put them on some rigid stands. Point them (angle them) more towards your listening position. I would try 10 degrees toe-in and play further on angles as per your room acoustics.
  2. The Latest in High End Audio

    Croatia Klipsch heritage speakers are rare as zebras on the road.
  3. The Latest in High End Audio

    I don't know, if I would have to pick something of the above I would say that room acoustics would have the major role. They were driven by better Acuphases, cabling was very fine etc. Room is shaped ok, although with not much furniture. But it was acoustically treated. I believe the recording was good enough to reveal all the layout of the orchestra and the instruments that were there. I could hear less resolving recordings very easily. Dont know how to describe it, but there was something better in playing orchestration with tall multi driver speakers than the Tannoys. It is like the sound is omnipresent. Tannoy excelled playing at low volumes and they can be listened very close, I guess that is why people with small rooms love them. Their tonal characteristics are very appealing to the ears. They play effortlessly and lively, with that special character that drive a man to extended listening sessions. Of all speakers that I could audition in a hifi shops, the dual-concentric Tannoys left the best impression to me. I have not heard heritage Klipsch because no one nearby has any.
  4. The Latest in High End Audio

    I have listened DIY speakers at my friends place , that are much like these Dunlavy SC-VI. Very coherent and lifelike sound, was amazed that with all that drivers the sound is like it is coming from one source. The sound was huge yet detailed and very lifelike. My RF 42II sound like bluetooth toys compared with these. I have listened GR Tannoy line of speakers too, and these big boxes with lot of drivers sounded better than Tannoys. A little more lifelike to my ears although Tannyos are very good at that. May expectation was that point source of Tannoys should be in advantage here, but I was wrong. Tannoys could struggle with big orchestral pieces, while these big boxes were detailed and every instrument was distinguishable from the others in the orchestra.
  5. CD player question

    May be rare and in the verge of extinction, but we are still here
  6. imaging ?

    Yes, a I have experienced that. Funny thing it was in non-treated room and with DIY speakers. The builder knows what he was doing, his family had Philips dealership for decades along with authorized repair shop for issues that should be dealt within the warranty. The speakers were driven with nothing too fancy, Sony Esprit amp with Sony Esprit CD player. And old analog equiliser for just one minor part of frequency range that should have been attenuated -3dB. Some recordings sounded just marvelous, Dire Straits, Bjork, so I guess it is up to recorded material.
  7. Can someone translate this for me, please?

    Hard to correctly read the letters. It is definitely German. However, Google translates this: Life and suffering of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ According to the reports of the A.K. Emmerich.
  8. I guess it depends on reproduction device. I plugged in my Beyerdynamic DT990pro into a laptop which can drive the headphones pretty good. To my ears the RF7 had best highs and lows, but taking into consideration that DT990 have coloration in high frequencies and accentuated bass, I would say Hasty is more close to reality regarding the sound of all three speakers.
  9. Yes, the SMs were not highly regarded. Unlike some better Infinities, just not in the same league.
  10. For long time I just played original conical Philips GP401. Then upgraded to Ortophone 2M Red. Mostly because it was the only one available localy at decent price an in compliance with the tonearm. Lost some detail of philips but as you said, somehow musicality improved. Then bought a decent turntable and the producer of the TT recommended micro ridge diamond, mostly because of record wear. So got Benz micro SM cartcart. Noticable improvement in every way plus in musicality. Additionally, we had a chance to compare Denon 103 with much more expensive cart in the same system. There were diferences in more detail, but in my opinion not woth the extra money.
  11. I am inclined to concur on RP160m plus a sub-woofer route. I also have old Infinities Qb, but not planning to part with them, at least in the near future. Plan is to recap the crossovers and then to decide. They have their distinctive sound, which is different from Klipsch but very appealing at low to moderate volume listening.
  12. Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ

    Will the Xillica make a difference over other active crossovers (namely Yamaha) in 2-way stereo setup as regards quiet background. I mean the difference that you can hear.
  13. Forte III or RF-7 II/III

    Very nice speakers. Like the color and veneer. The price is a bit high on them, but if they sound well this is a good investment. Happy to see opinion 82s vs F3s.
  14. Building an amp (for those who are curious!)

    And what would be the cure for cheep solder stations without adjustable temperature? Getting a decent one?
  15. anyone know about jbl k2 9800 ?

    Nothing to be sorry about, in my opinion. I also don't mind raising up older threads if there is a point to it. Always wanted to hear these JBLs, never had a chance. And happy to see that PWK design inspire other people to build good looking and nice sounding speakers.