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  1. Congratulations. I suspect the HF drivers will behave a bit better after some houres of playing. At least few poeple reported such behaviour with new drivers, so this might be the case here. How long have you been waiting for horns to arrive?
  2. Concure on Cambridge. Check also better phonos from ProJect. I was told they are pretty good for the money.
  3. parlophone1


    Congratulations, it is a very nice looking wristwatch. I would hesitate to buy a watch that has to go to Japan (if I understood correctly) for servicing. But then again, who can get them nicely ticking if not the maker itself. Would worry though it does not get lost in transport. My 4R36 movement would have to go for servicing every 3 years, but the salesman said that even 5 years would be ok.
  4. But why would you have to scrap them? Do them right the first time, and if you do not like them, just sell them.
  5. Claude, what would you say are the most improvements comparing the first usable generations of digital cameras and today's cameras? Of course except the count of pixels. Is it dynamic range, focusing...or something else? For example, in DSLRs I find very usable to be able to fine-adjust focus of a particular lens, which is a negative design issue with all SLR cameras and probably one of important reasons for designing mirrorless.
  6. So, now you are Sony guy 😊 I was thinking to get me one of these smaller mirrorless alphas, been thinking to buy the adapter for Nikkor lenses. But then again, things in photo world are going fast and I am no professional. My old equipment satisfy my needs and unless something radically changes, I will not go for new.
  7. Well the DOF appears shallow for sure on these photos ☺️ Almost as with my old manual Nikkor 135 f2,8
  8. Beware, some of them (I mean banana plugs) can be of a peculiar dimensions. I had Cambridge Audio on one of my cables sets and almost ruined a connector on my receiver because the banana was a bit too thick. Trusted a reputable company and got a lemon. It should go smoothly in and sit tight in the connector.
  9. If you would go for the look, then black should be as much as possible similar to the texture of the horns. Probably some kind of satin black. Or the opposite, paint in black (nothing to do with the Stones πŸ˜„) and put glass on horizontal surfaces. I never had such beasts, but would glass rattle in these?
  10. I do not see cleaning to be a problem. What ever finish on the speakers, just do not use wet cloth because that way you are producing mud on the surfaces. I would first vacuum clean and then dry clothed, preferably with cheap microfiber cloth. Do it every so often and the boxes should be clean enough.
  11. Maggie Reilly love her collaboration with Mike Oldfield.
  12. Excuse me for hopping in, but if by " leave it or black in the openings" you mean to paint openings of bass bins in black and leave the rest of the boxes intact, I would go for that. Having a two color combination, black 402s and black openings in bass horn would make a hansom combination.
  13. Yes, now is a great time to buy CDs. In 10-15 years we will probably face the situation that we have now with vinyl, the resurrection of CDs πŸ™‚
  14. Very windy, we remember such wind a decade ago. Downed trees, roads are full of branches, garbage containers and all the junk that wind pick up and toss around. Hope it will calm until the evening. Electricity breaks, public transportation works only in parts of the town.
  15. It was a dome shaped hall made of concrete that serves as a venue for smaller concerts and bigger parties. There is not much furniture. Only a DJ bridge at one part of the hall and the stage at the opposite. Walls are covered with wood panels. The diameter of a hall is about 140 feet and the height at the apex of a dome was at around16-20 feet. The rectangular console with synergy horn speakers was at 1/4 of a room. TH subs were in front of SH speakers, maybe a few feet. The audio rack with all the controls was placed at about 3/4 of a room opposite to the speakers. We were listening one SH at a time, then with added TH sub(s). All sorts of music. Visitors had a chance to play their own music from whatever source. In short, SH 96 sounded the best and was most tonally accurate. SH96 needed a sub only occasionally with deepest bass. All other SHs benefited the sub. SH 46 sounded very sweet but not necessarily most accurate. All SHs sounded a bit hot in the treble. If I had to choose to use or not to use the sub, I would play without it.
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