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  1. Threble adjustment on a preamp in my system does not help. Just makes the highs more thin. I leave all the knobs in neutral position. Only when listening at low volume, than the loudness knob gets to the right a notch or two. Subsonic buton (or whatever they call it, it is after the tone controls) is in off position, eventhough the manual says it should be on. It does no difference here. And it should not, based on measurements that I found in some old site.
  2. Thanks for your review. I have compared C1M1 with new modern gear that cost much more, and could hear minor improvements but those also do not justify the price difference. I also anticipate that rerfreshing will bring more ballance and detail to the sound. But even as it is, it is ok for not so critical listening. I wish to get more ballance in all of the frequency spectrum, a kind that I remember from Sony Esprit amps. Otherwise, this Kenwood is solid performer.
  3. I have not seen any reasonable tutorials for that other than "try and hear" method.
  4. I tried that with my Beyerdynamic DT990pro headphones plugged in the amp. These headphones have a bit accentuated highs. Various youtube tests showed that I start to loose the tone at approximately 12000 Hz, and it is completely gone at 13500-14500Hz.
  5. I am also interested regarding the drivers you use in these, and what impedance in the drivers.
  6. Was looking for AKG 240 out of curiosity. From what I could find, there were several models in the history of these cans. Except in differences in sensitivity (in the beginning they were 600 ohms), only the first model had 6 passive bass radiators. Later the AKG simplified them. These days they are 55 ohms. A man can buy two models: K240 studio and K240 II. Except some cosmetic differences between the two, 240 IIs are a bit pricier because they come with two sets of ear pads, one is fake leather and the other velour. Studio model is supposedly phasing out. Both are made in China, not Austria any more. But for the price, you can not beat them.
  7. Hi there... I bought a combination of Kenwood C1 preamp with M1 amp, hoping to use them as a part of my future fully active system that I am planning to build. It was a local found in decent shape, this system is from mid-1980s, checked by a local technician, everything works ok. Auditioned it with two pairs of speakers at a salesman house. Was attracted to them cause of specifications, extremely low distortion and clarity. Very flat curve, with THD 0,004 at 1 V output. What bothers me are the highest frequencies, they seem a bit subdued. Even tried new Hegel H80 as a preamp with Ken M1, hoping to hear a difference for the better in that department. There was a difference but not for much. Otherwise, this combo produces some nice music with plenty of details and separation of instruments and huge dynamics. Have any of the forum members had this combo or just a preamp to share their experiences? Both components are not so complicated, was thinking to recap them in a future with Nichicon capacitors kits that are around for sale. What are opinions on that?
  8. I suppose the sound dispersion will be ok if this will be used as center channel in home theater. Curious about using two of these for stereo.
  9. That is one interesting looking cabinet, unusual. I like it. So, are the two woofers still mounted in the sides of K402? Looking at the photo it seems like a very tight space.
  10. I had a talk with the pal that recently bought new LaScalas. And they are pretty rare here. According to him, he just had to try LaScalas at his home, and the only way to do it was to buy them. All he had ever in his room were Magnepans. Now, he kept LaScalas with him only for a very short time. The reason was the boxy sound from bass bins. Highs and mids to his ears were perfect. But that kicks out of bass bins he could not bear. Just went back to Magies. Was that the peak at 140 Hz that you mentioned?
  11. Just jumped in the local LP store, took a bite at "Exile on main street", "Its only rock and roll" and "Black and blue". Wanted to buy "Voodoo lounge" and "Tattoo you", but those were already sold. "Black and blue" seems ok on my setup, however after listening "Its only rock`nRoll", it seems a bit unlively. Did not have the time for listening the Exile. Comparing with some other LPs that I have, it appears that the engineer Miles Showell had it right when saying that improvements are likely to be heard in high and mid frequencies. My initial impressions confirm that.
  12. Has any of you tried new half-speed remasters of Rolling Stones albums? Any opinions on that? Meaning of May 2020.
  13. I see that you used additional support panels in Q-Pies to hold LaScalas. How far back those panels go into the Q-pies?
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