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  1. I always liked Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow for its mix of smooth jazz, funk and rock. I wonder what it could have been like with great vocals, too. https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_m4RIkO4KeNSHtAFD13dMT_ydhSJVb73Bc&playnext=1&index=1
  2. Duke, you know I used to say the same years ago. I had a Microtech 1200. I sold the old stuff a while back. I recently bought KHorns with an Onkyo M504 165 wpc amp. The amp has meters. I was surprised to learn what 20 watts sounds like. To put it in perspective, I play drums with the volume significantly lower than that. 20 watts will drown out my drums. Either that, or my amp's meters are wrong.
  3. Tweeters are fine. I turned it up to 10 watts with 20-watt peaks, and I think the sound improved a lot. Highs are pretty bright, but not as tinny as they are at lower levels. I have to say it's pretty darn loud at this point. I have false corners and did not place the speakers in actual corners. Are false corners inferior to the real thing? Has anyone compared before?
  4. Bass doesn't go as deep as I recall from prior KHorns. Squawkers sound kind of "tinny" kind of like distorted and scratchy. They are fatiguing. I had Khorns years ago that sounded better. Could be the wood floor. The old set up was carpeted. I'd say that's the only major difference between rooms from years ago and now. I don't have a rug yet, but it just now occurred to me that I can lay down some blankets.
  5. Interesting. I wish I can sample different versions.
  6. I feel like I need new crossovers. I remember using Bob years back to recap my old ones, and it was a huge improvement. Who's doing factory spec Xovers these days and how much do they cost?
  7. This is the first time I have used an amp with output meters. 2 watts with 5 watt peaks is loud enough where the neighbors might hear. A 30 watt amp is probably enough for most everyone. I used to believe differently, but the meters don't lie.
  8. I have some pictures to hang. They'll be a start.
  9. I can see the K55 and K77. Can't open the bass bin without lots of effort. Surely, it's a K33.
  10. Recap or no? Are these old? I can't find serial numbers on the speakers. They were rehabbed, and I think wood was replaced.
  11. Finally all connected! Getting the amp and preamp was touch and go. Even though both boxes were shipped together, they arrived at different times. Preamps were not delivered because my place was seen as vacant. Well, yeah. I was moving in the next day. Tracking said returned to sender. Yikes!!! Fortunately, I was able to intercept the box at the post office. And the amp... Was out for delivery today, and all of a sudden, tracking said, "No such address. Return to sender." I was able to intercept it, too. It was addressed properly, but whatever. Just glad I got it all in good condition.
  12. XOver is labeled tweeter, squawker, woofer and input. All, except input are wired. Input has 2 connections, numbered 1 and 2. Does it matter left or right?
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