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  1. You and Ron Paul. DOOMSAYERS! One day, a COMET will HIT the earth. NOBODY will care about the debt anymore. Get it? Bone up on ASTRONOMY! Here's my prediction, and you can bank on this: You WILL go to your GRAVE, and the debt will still not be paid. I hope all your WORRY will seem WORTH IT when you're lying on your DEATH BED! (All caps, lol)
  2. Not you. The debt only grows. Nobody is paying it.
  3. Just to be clear, I was only being sarcastic to show that your argument that government workers are a waste of tax dollars is wrong.
  4. Well, you know how government is. Wouldn't want to waste our tax dollars on a bunch of inept government workers.
  5. What's your opinion of your socialist military? Do our men and women in uniform suck eggs, too?
  6. How about this for a guarantee: You won't be paying it. I call that a bargain... the best I ever had!
  7. Flood insurance is cheap. It's underwritten by FEMA.
  8. This sounds fine in concept if you could get everyone to go along, but you can't. What inevitably happens is the reverse of the freeloader problem. Many people WILL NOT or CANNOT fix their stuff up. They will leave it in shambles, while the rest of the neighborhood is trying to restore decency. It is a bad deal overall. It would be similar to leaving all the sick, contagious people without hospital/nursing home care so that they can wander the streets, beg for money, and infect everyone else. There are millenia of experience behind our current policies. Those who fail to appreciate history are doomed to repeat it. P.S. Zen, this is how you discuss politics without having to resort to parties and candidates.
  9. That's because you don't realize just how rich our nation is. That kind of stuff is peanuts to our budget.
  10. I'm late to the discussion, but I looked pretty carefully, and I could not see where TT's player touched that ball. It just didn't look "100% conclusive," as they said. Oh, well... It was a hell of a tournament!
  11. Now that you also know the lengths of all 3 sides, you better be sure your drivers and any other stuff can fit into the enclosure. You didn't really say where the back would be. Just be careful to know that you need to plan to where there is enough depth to install the components.
  12. Anyone remember geometry? Do I win a toaster?
  13. I have a personal FB account. I want to advertise on it. It seems FB will allow me to advertise a business via my personal account by simply entering the business name. I can also create a page in my personal account. My question is this: Am I understanding the above correctly? Is there a requirement, or is it better practice, to have a separate FB business account?
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