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  1. Jeff Matthews

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Looks good! I'll take some with some broccoli and rice casserole, please.
  2. Jeff Matthews

    Need mattress choice help

    The mattress industry isn't much different than the pillow industry. The My Pillow has been very successful based on the hypothesis that the best sleep is motionless sleep. This idea has been sold over and over, and My Pillow is just the latest to capitalize on it. I'm an active sleeper and turn from side, to back, to side all through the night. I've never felt sleep-deprived. I've lived long enough to have had many different mattresses, from low-end mattresses up to Stearns & Foster. I'm an active sleeper on all of them. Selling better sleep is like selling snake oil. It's a huge industry.
  3. Jeff Matthews

    Need mattress choice help

    They're all the same.
  4. Jeff Matthews

    What's on your Black Friday list for 2018?

    Ebukam! Oops! Meant for the NFL thread.
  5. Jeff Matthews

    NFL - 2018

    Just tuned in. Looks like we have a game!
  6. Jeff Matthews

    Lung cancer

    Oh, I thought you were already out. 21 days is a long time. Keep us posted.
  7. Jeff Matthews

    Lung cancer

    What options are there? Also, like the others, I'm glad you are now doing better. Stay well!
  8. Jeff Matthews

    Shingles vaccine...

    I can become faint if a shot hurts too much. I always tell them about this before they proceed.
  9. Jeff Matthews

    Shingles vaccine...

    I never had chicken pox as far as I know. Sure would hate to find out the hard way I did have them, but for $1,100, I'll take my chances.
  10. Jeff Matthews

    Shingles vaccine...

    Oh, no!!!!! Only half the vaccine causes irreversible mental disorders. It's too late!
  11. Jeff Matthews

    NFL - 2018

    They haven't had to play against a top-ranked team in a long time.
  12. Jeff Matthews

    The Last Reply Wins

  13. Jeff Matthews

    The Last Reply Wins

    I'm trying to get this airplane off the air...
  14. Jeff Matthews

    The Last Reply Wins

    What is it?
  15. Jeff Matthews

    The Last Reply Wins

    No, that's, "It's just the normal noises in here."