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  1. And they say the world is going to hell in a hand basket.
  2. It's pretty disingenuous, isn't it? Wickard vs Filburn held a federal statute prohibiting growing crops on your own land, to be consumed by livestock on your own land, is a valid exercise of Congress's power to regulate interstate commerce. Once you make that leap, it's pretty clear how it really works.
  3. I recommend you look at endorsements by local bar associations. It's one step closer to people "in the know."
  4. No. What is an "unreasonable" search? What is "interstate commerce?" What is "speech?" Originalists live under a delusion that they aren't making stuff up as they go. Judges are, by definition, activists. They tell us what the legislature failed to express.
  5. I've been in litigation my entire career. I've had to appeal judges several times. I've had a good number of jury trials. Knowledge of the law (or at least the ability to grasp it pretty quickly from legal arguments of counsel) is very important. Also very important is demeanor. Some judges like to intimidate mere mortal attorneys. I dislike that very much when it happens. There is no reason for judges to get huffy and puffy when counsel are all being professional and courteous. All a litigant wants is to be heard by someone who will listen, act fair, and possess a good grasp of the problem. I have had to reverse judges who got it wrong and who I still very much respect. I've had to reverse judges who were jerks. Demeanor is half the game from my perspective. I don't need a jerk stressing me out and trying to ruin my day.
  6. The ones who ordered you to shut down.
  7. Oh, I see. I was under the impression you were saying you were paid-up and all is good. Yeah, this is a historic time, and it has taken a massive toll on a lot of people. I feel for you and wish you all the best.
  8. You are among the lucky. Many business owners are "paycheck to paycheck." Imagine owning a highly leveraged small restaurant chain, or similar. They had to wreck your livelihood literally to save the world.
  9. Is this based on an assumption that real estate owners don't have debts and expenses to pay? Or are you assuming they are all so rich that their debts are insignificant?
  10. Jeff Matthews


    So you're the source of the fake news and election interference!
  11. I don't know how they've lasted this long. The PPP must have been pretty good.
  12. For dry food, try DeliCat. The main ingredient is Brewer's Rice. Once I gave it to my cat, he would never eat anything else. Our dogs, too. They were hooked on cat food.
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