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  1. Beef and trusty women days this man be all you losin'
  2. I had the same thoughts while at the store. It seems futile.
  3. Looked for corroboration, and I can't find any other than in sources widely known to spew alternative facts.
  4. If you save it or invest it, it is still returned to the economy.
  5. ... and get rid of that mustache and beard!
  6. Jeff Matthews


    Are those even real? I'm 52 and too young to remember.
  7. I don't think exhaled breath goes back to the ventilator.
  8. I bet a day's work by you would cost me similar!
  9. Don't know what the fed has done so far, but as regards stimulus, no, the bill is being passed today - we hope.
  10. Maybe we'll get 2 bears for the price of 1. Have you looked at the Shanghai Composite as a possible lead indicator?
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