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  1. I plan to buy whatever I need. I'm not looking to fit existing equipment. My laptop is Windows. It would be great to be able to set up playlists and play them. I don't know what's what beyond CD players. I'm out of touch.
  2. What are some good separate amp/pre-amp combos that use this technology?
  3. What's the modern device used to play music over 2 channel? Can you plug a laptop into a preamp these days, or what?
  4. There is a checkbox for poll-only content in the vicinity of the poll title on my Android Mobile view. When I went to set up a new poll, it was unchecked by default. Did you check it? I'm not sure if that is the key or not.
  5. I had Chilean sea bass for the first time. It tasted great! It was sweet, like crab meat.
  6. What we learned from this pandemic is that you can either go out and get sick or stay home and get sick.
  7. No. Weed without ivermectin only cures cancer. Haven't you heard?
  8. One unanswered question is whether EUA may be given if there are other medicines which can be used off label and are effective. You guys danced around it
  9. Taking ivermectin with weed will make your speakers sound better.
  10. It's a big world out there. Find ways to help people (not necessarily for free), and your social credit score will rise. I like YouTube. It has been a boon to the Age of Information. Censorship is not always good, but it's not always bad. For example, there are things I'd like schools to censor when it comes to teaching kids about sex.
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