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  1. Yeah! Thanks, everyone! Your input helped me get to the bottom of it. It's been a long-standing issue.
  2. Welp.... The roof jack is okay. It was clogged after all. It had a wire mesh that collected lint and turned it into paper mache. It felt pretty solid like it was all metal. Anyway, I cleared it and removed the mesh. There aren't trees, etc. around, so I'm not too worried about rodents, etc. getting in. Problem should be solved.
  3. Probably. What are you thinking? Know of a product?
  4. By the way, is there such a thing as a roof jack which will couple to a 4" duct that can be installed from within the attic? If it requires getting up on the roof, I'm hiring it out. It's 2 stories up a ladder, and I don't climb ladders more than 1 story.
  5. Did a load with lots of towels and some jeans. Dried quickly! The roof jack is the issue. Now to replace it...
  6. Sounds like a great excursion at a minimum, with a killer upside! Good luck with everything!
  7. Welcome! All the guys with oscilloscopes left long ago. You'll fit in fine.
  8. It never worked as far as I know. It's not clogged. I disconnected the duct at the roof jack. Put my hand up in there to feel around. No lint at all. There is a slit around the circumference for the air to vent, and it is so thin, I can't even stick my finger through it.
  9. I just got a hair cut 2 days ago. 😜
  10. I think so; I want to test a few more loads. The guy on the appliance website, Rick, told me to use a meat thermometer to measure the exhaust temp. It measured fine. So, the issue has to be in the exhaust duct. Bottom line.... The duct is clean, but the roof jack's opening for air to exit is a thin slit. It doesn't allow enough volume to pass. I disconnected the duct from the roof jack, and it seems to be okay. When I conclude I'm certain, I will have to get a new roof jack.
  11. Happy birthday, Steve! The Big 6-0! Wow!
  12. Jeff Matthews


    Certainly, this violates the TOS. 🤪
  13. 1. You don't have to read it. 2. You can create a more popular thread. Problem solved!
  14. I don't think this is correct.
  15. I don't think so. I looked briefly at the general exclusions in a BCBS policy. Notably excluded are medical care expenses required as a result of an accident from DWI, treatment required due to use of illegal narcotics or controlled substances, and taking part in a riot.
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