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  1. Saw him perform live on PBS. I was surprised and how good the band was. Not a garage and at all.
  2. I've seen other Chicago covers by them. They really are spectacular!
  3. ... and you do the Hokey-Pokey and you turn yourself around.
  4. What an odd conversation to erupt in an argument. You'd think they were married or something...
  5. Plus, money's all good until you let getting it interfere with your life.
  6. No, but the Adcom 555 sure sounds familiar. My friend years ago in the 1990's bought a new Adcom, and I think it might have been a 555. It was a stout amp. While still under warranty, it had (transformer/power supply?) issues, and I forgot how it was resolved - I think with a replacement amp of the same model. I don't know if the problem was a one-off or not, but I will confirm it was a very stout amp. He drove Klipsch Chorus I's with it.
  7. Sweet Home Alabama! That's too bad. There's really no need for it to take that long - at least that's what we think in Texas.
  8. I think hegemony produces real value which is substantial but hard to quantify. Vacant shopping malls, not so much.
  9. Right! They've built entire ghost cities capable of housing 2 million people, and they just sit there empty. Can you imagine that? Non income-producing, depreciating real estate as an investment? It's really bizarre, and I think it's destined to fail.
  10. You might be right. I just checked, and it showed Texas has fully vaccinated only 10% of its population.
  11. They've certainly made a lot of progress, but the value of our real estate is vastly higher.
  12. I don't know. I'm glad we're at a point where we are going to try and find out.
  13. Yep. China is its own empire in a sense. It invests a lot in Africa.
  14. Masks are finally going away around here... slowly.
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