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  1. Ha ha! I need a $7.05 emblem for my car through Amazon. Just sitting here, thinking about what I might need for another $18.00 to get me to free shipping.
  2. This sentiment is nothing modern. We used to have slave labor, right here in the good, old USA! So much for decent jobs disappearing. If you want those poor kids working in foreign factories to do well, don't feel guilty buying their cheap stuff. They wish you'd buy more; I can assure you that. IMO, the decent jobs of today blow away the decent jobs of bygone years, as does the standard of living. Back in the 1970's, I'd have never imagined in my wildest dreams we'd be chunking a 55" flat screen TV in the garbage because a power supply went bad in it. Ha ha! Those were the good, old days!
  3. https://www.theverge.com/2020/1/15/21067715/bose-shutting-down-retail-stores-layoffs-north-america-europe-japan-australia
  4. Jeff Matthews

    NFL 2019

    Why, oh why? There's no need for trick plays like that.
  5. Jeff Matthews

    NFL 2019

    If we had D. Henry.
  6. Wow! I was just listening to the Signals album a while ago and had no idea at the time. Hemispheres is my favorite of their albums. We're losing so many great ones these days. Ugh!
  7. Jeff Matthews

    NFL 2019

    Let's just say it was a ticky tack foul that likely was a game winner. Without that foul, the defending player might have prevented the reception. It was very obvious, but oh well. Lots of fouls don't get called.
  8. Jeff Matthews

    NFL 2019

    Yeah, I was confused at the end because it looked like even though they didn't call it, their review of the scoring play would certainly result in a reversal. The push was not flagrant, but it was clear, and it did make a difference.
  9. Clicking the "Home" link in the forum unselects my forum choices, making it to where ALL forum topics begin appearing. Then, I have to refilter them again.
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