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  1. NFL 2017

    Ha ha! If only...
  2. NFL 2017

    There were 10 seconds on the clock and no time-outs. Only a quick, long pass to the sideline or a penalty could set the Vikings up for a field goal. Look at 52 seconds in the video, and you can see the Saints' safety flinch out of the way to avoid contact with the Vikings' receiver. Otherwise, it could have been pass interference, which would put the Vikings in field goal range and stop the clock. So, he falls to the ground, and there's nobody left between the receiver and the end-zone. If you notice, the Saints' safety totally played the wrong side of the receiver. He should have played the inside since he was coming up from behind. He blew it. Also, the Saints didn't need 4 people on the line to pressure Keenum. They could have put 2 on the line and let everyone else cover the pass. The Vikings needed something like 20 yards, and that's a long way down the sidelines. The middle wouldn't have gotten it. The clock would have run out. Bad defensive call and bad defense by the safety.
  3. Ballistic Missile Threat

  4. Rok Blok

    He does now! Shark Tanker, Robert Herjavec, bought the rights to it for $500,000, a 2-year 6-figure salary, and a $5 royalty on every unit sold. It was on TV last night. https://www.business2community.com/entertainment/shark-tank-rokblok-portable-record-player-accepts-500000-offer-robert-herjavec-01969684
  5. Rok Blok

  6. Stand alone backups. Who's doing it and how?

    I like keeping all my legal files on the cloud. If my computer breaks or is stolen, I can get a new computer, and I am right back in business. That's consideration "numero uno." On that same front, I use gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar. They work well together, and again, it's all in the cloud. They also work very well with Android phones. I am up-to-date at all times via my cell phone. Google also syncs all my Chrome bookmarks and settings. Google has a "Download Your Data" feature which allows you to press a button to zip and download all things "Google." I do this pretty much weekly. At the same time, I download all my MS Word legal files in a big zip file. I keep 4 sets of backups in weekly rotation, for a month's worth in total. At the same time, I put it all on a flash drive and keep the 4 sets there as well. Some people think if they have their data synced in the cloud with all their devices, it's the same as having a back-up. It's not. If you delete something (or everything) from one device, it's gone from all devices. That's syncing. It is not a substitute for back-ups.
  7. Poll & Prediction: Autonomous Car Equipment at 5k by 2019

    Ha ha! They should get rid of all those government stop light, stop signs, etc. People do much better in chaos.
  8. Orchestra/Symphony

    That was exactly my impression, too. He has phenomenal "touch." The right force, the right duration, etc. He is far beyond "mechanical."
  9. Orchestra/Symphony

    Some are saying we might witness a new pinnacle.
  10. Orchestra/Symphony

    LarryC and I were catching up in a PM about symphonies. At his suggestion, I attended one locally featuring a Shostakovich symphony, co-featuring a young, Russian pianist named Trifonov. It was an unexpected treat to say the least, and what topped it off is I had the best seats in the house. 1st row at the inside edge of the right balcony. I don't know if anyone else here has seen a live performance of this caliber, but I encourage anyone interested to put on some headphones, relax, forget about everything else for 30 minutes and just watch this amazing performer. He is world-renowned. This is not the show I attended, but I assure you he played just as well here.
  11. RIP: Mel Tillis

    R-r-r-rest in p-p-p-peace! I get so little news these days, but I can always get the major obits right here in the lounge.
  12. Inflammation, Longevity and Chronic Illness

    Example: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/27/science/ilaris-heart-disease-cancer-study.html
  13. Inflammation, Longevity and Chronic Illness

    Right. That's almost rhetorical. I know we have a few medical professionals around here and probably a few others who have some interest in the topic. I was interested in the specific science described. Namely, the claim that chronic inflammation is a sign of myriad degenerative illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, muscular dystrophy, atherosclerosis, heart disease, cancer, etc. Next, the claim that the amount of chronic inflammation observed in very old people (longevity) is reduced, compared to the average population. Next, the claim that elevated inflammation is associated with high levels of cytokines in the blood. Next, the claim that muscular contraction produces/secretes myokines, which bond with cytokines and eliminate them. Finally, the claim that the source of inflammation is free radicals, which come from oils and refined sugars, including carbohydrates. It is really interesting, and from what I can gather, this explains why so many new drugs on the market come with side effects, such as muscle and joint pain, cancer, etc. From what I can gather so far, these drugs are designed to target the inflammatory process and regulate it. If this is so, it tends to at least show the pharmaceutical industry surely believes it's not bunk. But I am still reading on this topic... Wiki has a nice discussion on inflammation here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inflammation I admit it is slow reading, with all the jargon, but I think I have described the claims reasonably well.
  14. Inflammation, Longevity and Chronic Illness

    I realize it's an ad, but I was more interested in the science. For instance, checking the sources. Looking at other sources. Anyway, I agree a fair amount of research is involved, and it's not a topic of much interest to most people.
  15. Inflammation, Longevity and Chronic Illness

    This article came up during a Google search, and I read it. I looked to some of its sources as well as third-party sources. Anyone familiar with this? What say you? Bullshit or the real deal?