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  1. I tried the country life before. That's when I learned I was built for city life. You indicated you're a people person, so if you aren't getting out and making some friends, that's at least what you should be doing.
  2. Too secluded? Not enough hustle and bustle? What keeps you from moving again (or back to where you were)?
  3. Yeah, these sorts of problems were discussed regularly in a law school elective I took called "Legal Philosophy" or something like that. I had to click to read your link and see how it describes you as a utilitarian. Most of us would tend to be as long as we aren't the ones facing the train. It's when you're lying on the track that opinions begin to diverge.
  4. Even if that evidence was obtained in violation of our Constitution? That would certainly encourage police to ignore Constitutional rights in order to get the best evidence they can.
  5. Your comments can be summarized as: (1) the evidence should be excluded due to the 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination, and (2) the evidence should be admitted, even though it should be excluded, because it is more important to "get it right" than it is to protect a person's Constitutional right. Certainly, both of those can't be right. I didn't spend much time doing a lot of reading, but it did occur to me that these facts seem comparable to forcing a suspect to give blood to be tested for alcohol content. The S Ct held forced blood tests require a warrant.
  6. Glad to hear everyone's okay. Be sure and make a written inventory of everything with their values... all the way down to spoons, bread and unused toilet paper. Know your insurance policy when it comes to contents. Does it cover "replacement" value? Replacement value is not necessarily "used" value. Nobody replaces underwear with used underwear. Klipschorns, fine. Undies, new. Good luck!
  7. DCI is really cool! I especially like snare competition.
  8. Nothing which topped my all-time faves of many years, but I did like Barock Project's Skyline album. I also liked various Transatlantic and Kaepa, as well as some others.
  9. There's no perfect choice. I consider Led Zeppelin the greatest rock and roll band there ever was. These are among my favorites: Thank You The Rain Song Night Flight Down by the Seaside Ten Years Gone All of My Love
  10. I figured out the problem. My laptop has a fingerprint reader I use to log in. The Win update corrupted the driver. I downloaded and re-installed the driver from HP's website, and it's fixed. Also, I had forgotten that it also corrupted my sound driver. The volume was low. It also did this when I originally went from 7 to 10 as well. Again, I downloaded and re-installed the Beats Audio driver from HP's site, and it was fixed.
  11. I upgraded. So far, I don't see any positive improvements. On the negative side, it seems to stall for a handful of seconds before the password textBox appears when starting up or activating from sleep mode. It used to not have that delay.
  12. Golden State is too stacked.
  13. aw
  14. Irving, OMG!
  15. Go Cavs!