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  1. Jeff Matthews


    This has been my experience. I gave it up before and stuck to whole foods. It worked. A few years later, I started indulging again, and there's no doubt that for me, refined sugar is great while you gulp it down, but it's so unsatisfying, that I gorge on it. I'm going back to whole foods. A couple of pieces of fruit beats a bag of chips. Fewer calories and more satisfying.
  2. https://youtu.be/t6gcxNFc1I0
  3. https://youtu.be/UVmNJzM6LB8
  4. https://youtu.be/xArmqniFiJ8
  5. https://youtu.be/BW-Vz6LCZss
  6. Glad to hear you're alright. Good luck to you, Christy!
  7. Jeff Matthews


    Hi, Everyone. It's been a while. My brother asked me to post to get information, including contact information, on anyone who can recap his LaScala xovers back to factory spec? Thanks.
  8. This used to be conventional thought.
  9. I am a Yes fan, but Close to the Edge doesn't do it for me. I think their best album is Album. Fragile is next. After those 2, there's not a whole lot left. Of course 90125 is in its own sphere. It, too, is a great album.
  10. A guy I knew had a stroke, and he said it is important to comply with therapy 100%, no matter how dumb or monotonous many of the exercises can seem. Good luck, Gil!
  11. Keep good records and pay your taxes. Trying to cheat the tax man simply isn't worth it.
  12. Does anyone recognize a pattern? I think we should just categorize this thread as, "Discussion #2," and rather than hash it out in long form every 2-4 weeks, somebody could just post a thread titled, "Discussion #2." We'd all know in advance where it was headed, so it could be closed before the first reply, and nobody would miss anything.
  13. Other people have tried to explain it to me, and I have read on it. Still, I cannot find that magic thing that says, "Here's the value." What it sounds like is a pyramid scheme. As long as people put their money into it, it has value. That much is true. On the other hand, stocks have constraints based on performance, measured by revenues, growth, margins, free cash flow, etc. Crypto has none of that. For that reason, stocks are something which are much easier to understand. However, even then, I have reservations on the ones which don't pay dividends. Sure, you can read up all about how well a company has performed, but it will pay you nothing, and it will keep paying nothing forever (I realize they can change dividend policy). What is the value of an income stream of $0? Still, people buy them and put their faith in them, giving them value. I just don't know anymore...
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