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  1. I don't really see it, except in the news and in social media. I'm really lucky to live where I do. Regarding all the radicalization that seems to go on in other places, the demographics of those places probably has something to do with it. (soft-peddling, you know)
  2. Would you say "dangerous" enough to warrant decrees concerning their medical treatment?
  3. No line crossed by me. Stew's point is good. I don't think it refutes mine, and he even agrees about there being signs of dictatorship everywhere. You seem to want to believe that willful ignorance by the masses justifies dictatorship over them.
  4. Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play... Ok, I'll throw in my 2 cents. After 9-11 coverage began to wane and it started becoming part of our past, I couldn't stand to watch any footage of it anymore. That footage just tends to make sick, and it sours my attitude for a while. A few of you mentioned how the younger generations just sort-of shrug it off. That's because they are not us and don't have our experience. They don't know what life was like for us before 9-11, so we shouldn't blame them. We're definitely in a different world these days. Between work and pleasure, I just don't feel I have enough energy left to listen to people bombard me with exposes on everything that's wrong in this world, along with whose fault it is. I get bits and pieces, so I guess you can count me as uninformed (and probably misinformed, too). I think the biggest threat to our nation, if there really is one, is the extraordinary actions that are commanded by mere decree, which now are becoming routine. Just like 9-11, when I was younger, I could never dream of a day when we'd see widespread decrees, shutting down millions of lawful businesses, churches and schools, along with mandates to wear masks everywhere you go. This "pandemic" has been a very similar and tragic eye-opener. The only saving's grace was that the "leaders" whitewashed their overreach with lots of "free" money. If it wasn't for that, I don't know that our nation would have survived. We really do live under benevolent dictators, now.
  5. "How to Wean Yourself from Books in 3 Easy Steps." I couldn't wait to buy it.
  6. I never understood this one:
  7. Yeah, expletives masked by asterisks and acronyms, too. All on a speaker forum, to boot. If somebody doesn't want your prescription for a better life, they're idiots who need to be called out in public. There are many like you out there. That's what the world is becoming.
  8. Yeah. I mean, we gave them all the means for democracy, and look! Serves them right, don't it? (sarc)
  9. Nope. I know only a little. What I DO know is that if I knew a lot about (like you claim to do), I would not turn into an ******* and deride people in an effort to persuade them. That shit is for boot camp, and even these days, boot camp is becoming a little more compassionate.
  10. My point is that the patient deserves more kindness than the attitude of a righteous ******* to tell him how he ruined his own life.
  11. You said it; not me. Now, you are backpedaling. I suspected you would one way or another.
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