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  1. Thank you very very much mboxler, i will measure the resistance across the 100 ohm resistor next week-end. the 100 ohms resistor and the rde050 in parallel is on the tweeter and not on the squawker. i will try to find a polyswitch (what value has rde 050?) if it is broken. I have bought my al-3 crossover second hand.
  2. thank you mboxler i am lost with all klipsch drivers used for la Scala or other klipshorn .. The k-55m is an EV driver, isnt' it ? 16 ohms or 8 ohms ? The k-55v is an Atlas sound or not ? or perhaps the k-55x ? On the high pass filter, there is a rde 050 .. what is it ? a variable resistor ? I have seen that the rde 050 is in parallel with an 100 ohms resistor, is it to safe the tweeter ? What is the value of the rde 050 ? Perhaps on my klipch al-3 crossover are the rde 050 out of order and it's because this that my tweeters are weak .. don't you think so ?
  3. Hello could someone tell me what is the impedance of the speakers used with the AL-3 crossover. i recently build a pair of clones of la Scala with Peavey FH-1 cabinet, Eminence kappa 15C, Atlas sound pd-5vh and B&C de10-8 drivers. It doesn't sound good. It seams that the crossover is not good between the squawker and the tweeter. Something is missing in this range. The Eminence woofer is 4 Ohms, atlas sound pd-5vh is 16 Ohms and DE10-8 in 8 Ohms. The crossover is the klipsch original AL-3. Do you think this crossover can work with these drivers ? Should i replace the diaphragm of the B&C DE10 with 16 ohms ones ? Best regards
  4. Yes i could switch the 2 upper box (squawker and tweeter) but i just made a rapid test with an activ crossover ( Daytona DSP-408 ) and 3 power amps. For my test, i have put 18 dB/oct slope for each cross ( 459 Hz and 4000 Hz ) . It sound much better and we can hear the tweeter now. i think the AL-3 is not good for the speakers ( particularely the squawker and the tweeter) i have choosed for my clone scala. Or the AL-3 has a too big attenuation for the tweeter
  5. Hello here are my Scala clones Inside there is : Eminence Kappa 15C (4 ohms) woofer Atlas sound PD-5VH squawker ( 16 ohms) B&C DE10 tweeter (8 ohms) Klipsch AL-3 original crossover The horn is a clone of K-401 made with wood At listening, it seems that the high frequencies are a little weak Where do you think can be the problem ?
  6. Could someone tell me the price of the k-401 horns in USA ?
  7. Hello I am looking for a pair of K-401 horns. I have already been offered but from the USA and the shipping and tax costs are too high for it to be profitable. Also, I am looking for a seller who would have these horns and who would sell them from a country of the European Union or better from France. Thank you for making me your best offers by private message. Best regards
  8. Mine ... i am building clones with peavey FH-1 the Peavey FH-1 are a little bigger than the La Scala cabinets
  9. ok i'm still thinking about whether to switch to tubes (valve amp) or not ..
  10. Is there someone in Europe or even better in France that selling k-401 horns ?
  11. I never have had valve amp. I want to try but with a little money . Do you think a PP of EL34 like the Line Magnetic LM-34ia will work with my CW IV ?
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