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    Klipsch Cornwall IV - Audio Analogue Grand Maestro amplifier - Hiraga Amplifier - Kaneda Pre-amplifier - Onkyo DX-708/ DX-706 - Philips and Marantz CD Players - Vincent SP991-Plus Amplifiers + Vincent Pre - Proton AA-2120 Amplifiers - Musical Fidelity B200-x amplifier - JMLab Electra 920 + SW33 Speakers - Esoter Focus Time 1A Speakers and a lot of horns Vitavox CN481, Iwata , squawker ect and perhaps soon McIntosh MA7200 amplifier
    .. Klipsch La Scala clones

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  1. you know what, i will let my McIntosh amplifier arrive and plug it to the 220 volts sector, and connect the speakers, and then listen to what he has in the body ...
  2. And perhaps the damping factor of ma7200 is not very high due to the autoformers, don't you think so ?
  3. Do you think it will be a big problem with CW IV speakers. I have also read that the damping factor was not high on this McIntosh amp and that to handle bass frequencies, it is better if the poweramp has a higher damping factor.
  4. Please, no fight .. I only asked what amp for my CW IV. I have tried some, and each are different .. Valve amp or SS. It's a reality that our klipsch speakers do not need much power (because of a high efficiency) but sometimes, woofer (15 inch) need a little more power that some tubes (valves) can give. It's my opinion. I have tried SE 300B amp, push Pull EL34, those amp i have are not enough powered or better said, do not go to wide in the bass frequencies .. My integrated amp Audio Analogue Maestro Grand integre drive the CW iV much better. If i ordered a McIntosh MA7200, it's also to see the two big blue eyes and to test my first McIntosh .. I have listen here and there that Mc amps work fine with Klipsch speaker. I think, it can't be so much people that make bad experience with Mc Amps .. they are not all liers .. But please, no fight. Everybody has it's own ears .. and we do not all like the same sounds .. Someone i know has CW III with Air Tight tube amp, and another with KT88 Jolida, and it sound very good ..
  5. it will come by ship (it's too expensive by plane because too heavy). the dealer had only one left, i ordered one hour too late, he has to import one other for me.
  6. From France. I will get it in two month if not delayed. It will arrive near christmas day
  7. yes i have some amps ... collected during a few years (over 40 years). I also have Proton AA2120, Hiraga 8W class A Monster (DIY), Yves Cochet AL2 (EL34 PP - a french tube (or valve i do not know how you call it) amp maker). I tried Topping D Class amp, a little Musical Fidelity, a SAE 2200 power amp, a very old NAD 1020 preamp and some more. Over 40 years of trying to find the good sound .. In speakers, i had Onken with Iwata horn - jbl 2440 drivers, jbl 2405 tweeters, Fostex FT90h, T925, FT65, .. B&C drivers, Atlas sound pd-5vh when i tried to make La Scala clones, ect ect .. now i am trying to have a simple and good working hifi system .. with Cornwall IV speakers, McIntosh amp, an old Sony CDP-X7ESD cd, a little Logitech squeezebox Touch streamer, a Topping dx7s dac that i will not more use when i will receive my McIntosh MA7200 amp.
  8. i never had McIntosh amps .. it will be my first one .. and where i am living, no possibility to ear or try one in a shop near to me. So i decided to order one, and i will see or ear what it is able to reproduce sound on my Klipsch CW IV speakers ... Now, i have Hiraga 20 W Class A power amp with Kaneda preamp, or Audio Analogue Maestro Grand Intégré amp, or Vincent SP991 amp with Vincent Sa93 preamp .. or a very old 300B Pro (maison de l'audiophile) amp .. So i will check if the McIntosh is better than all the others. If not, i will have lost over 10000€, more than 11000 $ !!
  9. Do someone know the damping factor of a McIntosh MA7200 ? i wanted this kind of amp because they have output transtormers I also have 300B valve amp, sounds good but not in the bass section. I have a french EL34 PP valve amp, sound a little better in the bass. I know that speakers with high efficiency do not need much power .. all of my amps sounds differently. Now, i just wanted to try a McIntosh amp .. Have i made a bad thing by ordering such an amp ?
  10. Yes Shakeydeal ... i ordered a MCIntosh MC7200 .. i hope it will sound good with the CW IV .. even if i do not need 200W power amp.
  11. yes, it's expensive .. and i will receive it in end of november, begin december. it come by ship
  12. finally, I ordered an McIntosh MA7200 amplifier for my CW IV ... i do hope that it will fit
  13. hello ... two days ago, I ordered an McIntosh MA7200 amplifier for my CW IV .. Am I right ?
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