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  1. is it me or they have not the same colour ?
  2. i have two models of K77 tweeters. One with a round magnet, the second with a square one .. Are these tweeters very different ? Which is the better one? What is the difference between these ? year of product certainly but what other ? Which is the most recent product ? I have numbers on both .. one pair has 824 9946 743 on the other 824 0137
  3. oh sorry, i didn't know that the autoformer of an AL-3 crossover is already a T4a
  4. Please, could you tell me which horn you use with the de120 driver ?
  5. found on the web: Atlas Sound PD-5VH 40W Compression Driver Overview The 40W, 16 ohm Atlas Sound PD-5VH compression driver provides a powerful, intelligible, extended frequency response to large format horns. The 2" voice coil is machined to the optimum tolerances. Equipped with an Alnico V-DG magnet, the PD-5VH offers maximum temperature stability and optimizes output for yielding the lowest amplifier power requirements. The driver also provides terminals direct to the voice coil. The units are finished in gray, baked epoxy and mounts to large format horns that terminate in standard 1-3/8"-18 male coupling thread. Specifications: • Power rating: 40W @ 16 ohms • Plane wave frequency response: 110 - 4,100 Hz • Sensitivity: 110.7 • Impedance: 16 ohms • Voice coil: 2" • Dimensions: 5.125" H x 4.375" W. Highlights Powerful driver for large format horns to deliver powerful sound reproduction Extended frequency response to create the optimum intelligibility Great for indoor and outdoor use with environment resistant construction
  6. k-401 diy (wood horns with the same sizes) i also have the original k-401 - not better than my wooden self made horns
  7. Clones of La Scala, with Peavey FH-1 bass bins ( Eminence Kappa 15c inside), Atlas sound PD-5VH squawkers and B&C DE10 tweeters.
  8. Yes .. but the Atlas sound is given to go up to 4500 Hz if i remember..
  9. Yes a original AL-3. I had the same problem when i bought this crossover. Then, I only tried to change the condensators for new ones. And not better nor worse
  10. if the crossover frequency for the squawker on the ls3 (crossover filter) is about 6 kHz, the Atlas Sound only go to 4100-4500 Hz ..
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