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  1. which radian 1,4" on the 1505 altec horns ?
  2. if you want to test the bass, just listen alva noto ( Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto Vrioon ) or Alva noto opiate opto file 2 or Alva Noto‎ - RA.276 electronic sound ..but you can ear bass
  3. At this price , i would directly buy .. but in Europe, no such good prices and i have just 2 gaskets to cut .. In France, there is a trademark Boehm that is very good quality but expensive (over 130-140 dollars to have just 2 rings and the hammer
  4. McIntosh mc2120 not bought. This used amp was not fresh. The chrome was oxidized, a corner was twisted, the price was too high. 1000 euros, something about 1200 dollars. Was too much for me. And the 2120 is not so beautiful than the 2125.
  5. Thanks mustang_flht but there is no reference of the transistor only part number (internal McIntosh refs)
  6. meanwhile, i have tested the SAE 2200 amp on an old pair of Elipson 4240 speakers and Kaneda DC1 preamp, it works fine. here some pictures of Elipson 4240 .. it's ugly, very old but sound preatty good for so old speakers.
  7. Tomorrow i am about to buy a McIntosh MC2120 if the seller decrease the selling price .. Do someone know the reference of the power transistors ? if i have these, i could see if this amp has been modified ..
  8. i should have come to your country last year but the covid disease decided otherly .. this year, it's even not possible, i hope next year i come to you .. Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California. I hope i can get some items .. like the Dave A tweeter horns (for the B&C De120) and other small pieces
  9. Yes i am on another continent, very very far .. in the indian ocean .. a very little island where it is not simple to find hi-fi electronics Sorry but i do not understand what mean " C zero zeroool looking unit that SAE... "
  10. Now i must find a preamp ... perhaps somethink like a Marantz 1060 using the pre-out outputs or a Optonica SM3000 .. or something else that sounds good ( i mean warm)
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