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  1. Yes i would have prefered exotic woods but on my little island, wood is very expensive. This is why i did make them with MDF. and i was no sure to be able to make them 😀
  2. i have read that, i have never eard la Scala speakers, so i do not know if what i have read on forums is real or not. oh, oh ... those are my first horns .. and perhaps the last ones. I have no place to work finely. I make that outside my house, near my garage. I have to carry my tools from up to down my flat .. really not easy and simple. i will do the throats and listen if the horns sounds good with the atlas sound drivers .. if not, i will wait until i find a pair of k-401, or k-400 or speakerlab h350 horns.
  3. Thank you RandyH000, my girl friend just painted them .. just the outside. but i am not so proud about my horns. They are not specially well done. i hope it will make the work. Now i have to build the throats
  4. if i build the La Scala, perhaps i will buy a pair of Eminence 15C and the B&C DE120or DE10, if i remermber, i have read that they are better working in a clone of the La Scala. but i have also read that the la Scala have a really sound of horn in the basses, something like "nasal" sound ..
  5. No, mustang_flht, it is for another pair of speakers .. i wanted to try the La Scala. I have already the AL-3 crossovers, i have the pd-5vh atlas sound driver, a pair of b&c de250, a pair of Eminence 15" woofer (kappa 15A), i know it's not the best replacement speakers but perhaps i will try with activ crossover. I would have like to find a pair of k-401 horns but i only see ones in the USA and to ship them to Reunion Island, it is over than 3 times the cost of the parts. in the same time ... i have advanced on my horns
  6. The horns are dry, well rather the glue. I removed the clamps. It remains to cut the sides of the horns in excess and to sand. Afterwards, it will be necessary to make the part to connect the driver to the horn.
  7. it easier to bend 3mm MDF i let the glue be dry and will see what it get
  8. very hard to bend 6 mm MDF and then maintain in place .. I think i will try with 3 mm MDF for the first layer
  9. Yes, i should begin with thinner piece of MDF or plywood ..
  10. Thank's , it's interesting .. i didn't know that.
  11. Hello jorjen Do you know how much it would cost to ship them to France ?
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