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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and advice. It is really important to me to read any opinion, but eventually, I know it will be up to my ears to decide I will definitely try to get demos, not easy in my case given the distance. I know I will have to spend time and money for this, but I think it is well spent when you are trying to put together, what I would define 'a dream' for me. Many of you seem to agree that the guys at Audio Classics are great. They are about 700 miles away from me, but I am used to travel, especially driving. Reading in this forum as well as in others, about their level of expertise and general approach to help their clients and/or prospects, it is something that encourages me to go and see them. Also, they are authorized dealers for both brands, so there shouldn't be any issue to arrange the demos I need, and anything else they would recommend. I see they also have a trade-in program, which does help too. To me, interpersonal relationships are very important, I want to meet people in person and build a long term communication that goes beyond the single transaction. It sounds that the guys at Audio Classics are very good at this, so I have high expectations. My journey is about to start, it may take months to complete this process, like many of us, I will have to find the right balance between family, time and work. The motivation is strong, and I am not alone, my wife has always been supporting my passion for music and sound reproduction. 🥰 Our kids enjoy music, and the good news is... not only on their phone... ☺️ As I move forward, I will post on this forum my next steps, and share my experience. Thank you! Best, Alex
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forum, and I am excited to be part of this community. I am currently evaluating the purchase of a pair of Cornwalls IV and my wish is to power them with a McIntosh pre-power + power amp. First some background: My source is mainly vinyl and I listen to mostly progressive, hard-rock and heavy metal, but I also enjoy blues, jazz and Gershwin! My room is: 28' x 14' x 7.2' For me it is a total change in the listening experience, as I have been using British equipment for 30 years, which basically means a totally different approach to music listening. I have been lucky enough in my life to be able to attend dozens of wonderful live concerts, and I want to get as closest as possible to that sound in my little room. I have no doubt that the components I want to buy, will satisfy my needs, however I would like to read your experience when it comes to the McIntosh pre-power+amp combo. Ideally, I would love to have tubes on both pre and power amp. However aesthetics is also important to me, as many other people, I love the blue meters and I know that I do not need 300W to drive the Cornwalls IV. So what are my options? Here is what I was thinking: C2700 + MC152 C2700 + MC275 I read everywhere that C22+MC275 is excellent, but I am not a fun of the C22 retro look, so I was wondering how would those two power amps play with a C2700. How different do they sound? I have no dealers close to where I live, so before driving 500 miles away, I want to be sure to make the right selection to be auditioned. I could not find any review of the above combo, therefore I was hoping to read the experience of someone in this forum, who perhaps has a similar gear, maybe a C2600 rather than a C2700. Anyways, I hope I did not forget anything, the table is open for discussion! Thank you all, Alex
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