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  1. When I was young, many of my friends and I were allowed to run the streets and play in the fields, etc. Most parents seem too nervous to allow that these days. So, what's a kid left to do?
  2. Speaking of her, I was recently watching some episodes, and it occurred to me that Frazier's character is based on hers. Compare how they speak.
  3. Speaking of punks... Hey, punk. Remember this gal?
  4. I had some really good snack bar treats which used almond butter. But when I made an AB&J, instead of a PB&J, sandwich, it wasn't that good. Kind of "yuck!"
  5. I thought Peter Pan was the best until I was challenged to a blind taste test. Jif won. I was convinced.
  6. I agree. That's true in life for everyone.
  7. For those who are clinging to their guns and Bibles...
  8. Next up... "12,000 Haitians under a Del Rio bridge is good."
  9. Tell me you're not serious. LOL! That's the way laws are generally made.
  10. Try practicing without a license, and see how far that gets you.
  11. Somehow, you've changed. You strike me now as a defeatist without an opinion (other than everyone else's opinion is hypocritical or uninformed).
  12. Well, we could start with one simple change. "Thou shalt not fire an employee for refusing to take the jab."
  13. Right. The ACLU used to champion that approach. Not anymore. The ACLU is for the collective.
  14. Correct! That's a lot different - in fact, totally different - than, "Take this or else..."
  15. Ah! Now, we're getting to the crux of the issue. You are correct as regards "the law." What you fail to observe in your accusation that I am a hypocrite is that some of the greatest advances in civil rights have come about from changes in the law from people who said basically, "The way it's working is unfair."
  16. What I was told by a self-proclaimed communist.
  17. I only heard she's opposed. Didn't know she had a personal acquaintance experience bad luck. What happened?
  18. If 1984 wasn't happening here, I'd concur with you. I realize life could be worse, but just take a look at the clampdown that's going on. Opposition is silenced. Fact: My sister's best friend from High School days was on a transplant list. They told her take the jab or no transplant. She took the jab and died within 2 weeks. No transplant. My niece's son took the jab on advice from her. She's an RN. Very shortly, he went into renal failure and fought for his life. He's recovering ok, but she regrets the whole affair and has changed her mind. Anyone who knows these things are happening has to be pretty cruel to still carry the torch for the vaccine by force agenda. If you want it for you, have at it. But at least show some respect for the dissidents. 100% of those who died from the vaccine didn't think it would kill them.
  19. There's a subtle admission in your post. Good for you! Not in America! Right, Oldie?
  20. Just imagine if your wives forced you to submit selfies on demand to prove where you are. If you wouldn't accept that from your spouse, why would you embrace it from the government?
  21. "Live and Let Die." It's the foundation of freedom.
  22. Twist it as you will. It all comes down to mob rule versus human rights. It's up to you whether you care about the rest of us. Maybe you don't.
  23. Coming soon to your town: Forced selfies. https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/australias-two-largest-states-trial-facial-recognition-software-police-pandemic-2021-09-16/
  24. Most of you have been shamed so much for your logic that you've learned to suppress it. Groupthink is very strong these days.
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