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  1. Sorry if someone posted this already. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/who-admits-china-never-reported-the-existence-of-coronavirus-outbreak
  2. St. George, Utah looks like a great small city. It has all kinds of new everything. Plus, great outdoor adventure in all directions.
  3. Maybe if he backs up and re-reads it. He'll get to the bottom of it.
  4. Straight outta Chapter 5 of the Anarchist's Cookbook!
  5. And God bless Tiny Tim, too!
  6. Speaking of re-writing history, it might not be long for Jeannie.
  7. I don't know. $1.29/lb., cleaned, butchered and ready to cook. Keep him as a pet.
  8. I thought you were referring to a different Nomad.
  9. Divisiveness is what the people want. You can criticize the press, the politicians, etc., but they are just reflections of the people. I read that several large companies are pulling advertising from Facebook because they think FB is too full of divisive, hateful material. Good luck with that! This isn't FB's fault. FB is just a medium. These advertisers are missing the boat. They don't know their own customers.
  10. I wonder if the courts would recognize a cause of action in tort for negligently spreading Covid.
  11. Been rainy for us. Houston is a tropical paradise... just without the paradise.
  12. One man's idiot is another man's "protester."
  13. The replacement has been named:
  14. It is kind of funny. You can see one of those comic bubbles pop out of their heads: "But you went to school for law..."
  15. Just another gaff. zzzzz. It kind of reminds me about the surprise some (especially younger) people get when they ask a legal question and I answer, "I don't know." You should see the surprise on their faces.
  16. I'll comment... But is the author aware of whether any professionals advised against protective face coverings? Something tells me the second statement was intended to be gratuitous. Not to mention... er... Califor (cough). Oh, yeah, it doesn't make the list because it doesn't have a Republican governor. Well duh!!! Who doesn't know this? I guess the 120 million Americans who've died so far from Covid probably don't. Certainly not any of those "Summer of Love" peaceniks over in Seattle. Just how valuable do you want gaffs to be? So, is the author ignorant, or did he just waste our time with bullshit?
  17. I've been trying to baffle my expulsion for 50 years.
  18. That describes me. I just read that here, in the Katy area (a suburb of Houston), the infection rate is less than 0.1%. That's almost negligible.
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