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  1. After taking a hiatus from work for about 4-5 years, I jumped back in. It did me good to get away from it for a while. Now, I take it less for granted.
  2. Doing okay. Just been real busy and occasionally lurking (reading the Jokes thread). How about you? You been alright?
  3. I remember when we bought Snicker's bars for a dime, plus a penny tax. $0.11. We're all still alive and kicking despite the fact prices have risen over 1500%. I have a pretty strong feeling society will still be fine when those candy bars cost $3.00. Inflation is just a means to get people off their arses, producing and/or investing.
  4. If the parent, and not the student, made the offensive post, would there be a case?
  5. Speech causing disruption... Who'd a ever thunk?
  6. Might be the best time. Inflation means you pay back the loan with cheaper dollars.
  7. Jeff Matthews


    I tried the Incredible Whopper. It was good! I couldn't tell it was not beef. It's possible that if I compared both at the same time, I might be able to discern something. Regardless, the Impossible Whopper was every bit as enjoyable as the Whopper.
  8. Corporation or LLC?
  9. For some reason, everyone seems to be getting along around here. Am I missing something?
  10. Yes, if by "improved," you mean it helped the company make bucks. We old geezers refuse to realize that big box speakers are a pimple on an elephant's arse when it comes to the market for audio. I don't know, but I have a hunch that Klipsch is only alive because it moved to computer speakers, earbuds and car audio.
  11. I already agreed it had value. I just believe that its value is too unstable to predict whether I can profit from it.
  12. At the moment, but not necessarily as an investment.
  13. Not correct. Many assets that are acquired for investment purposes either produce something or can be used to produce something useful.
  14. The interesting thing about crypto is that it is perfectly legal to create counterfeits using the open source code. How can the value of a dollar be sustained when counterfeiting is legal?
  15. If you can create a cryptocurrency in 3 hours, why would you buy Bitcoin at $60k? Is there something special about its being "the original" cryptocurrency? You've got Doge going up 4,000% in a month or so. Why wouldn't people be bailing out of BTC big-time to go into Doge? Or Ethereum? Or Poody-toin?
  16. What happened when Dogecoin was created as a joke?
  17. Compare to this: "The drop appears to coincide with reports that the US Treasury is planning to tackle financial institutions for money laundering carried out through digital assets." Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bitcoin-price-sunday-18-april-us-treasury-digital-assets-ethereum-litecoin-coinbase-doge-094926937.html Once government controls the flow, the product is as useless/useful as a dollar, and the game is over (IMO).
  18. That's a rhetorical question. Everyone dies in the long run. I'm not into Bitcoin, but I sure wish I bought a few grand worth 10 years ago... back when people were likewise claiming how great it would be.
  19. https://www.cnet.com/news/dogecoin-the-meme-that-somehow-became-a-real-cryptocurrency/#:~:text=Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency%2C a,Bitcoin is ground-breaking. From the creator of Dogecoin: "Dogecoin," says Markus, "from 'that seems like it's funny' to actually doing it, took about three hours. It's almost trivial to create a new cryptocurrency." It was a find-and-replace job. Ctrl+F 'Bitcoin,' replace with 'Dogecoin.' Markus freely admits to finding large chunks of bitcoin's source code completely incomprehensible, but knew enough to change a few core elements for Dogecoin. For example, Markus created 100 billion dogecoins (as opposed to bitcoin's 21 million) and made them easier to mine. (Dogecoin is already close to being mined out, while bitcoin's final coin will be mined in 2140.) He changed the font (to comic sans of course) and changed every mention of the word 'mine' to 'dig' (because dogs don't mine, they dig...). And then, during his lunch break, Markus set Dogecoin live. "Cryptocurrency is a solution in search of a problem," he says. What problem did Dogecoin solve? "I don't think it solves anything," he says. "If anything, it exists as an educational tool. It's a reminder that we can't take this stuff seriously.
  20. There's so many of them, now. Why not Poody-toin?
  21. Right. "Currency" is a misnomer. Now, it's just a concept to which people have acribed value. It's really interesting. When it was a loophole to be used to export wealth from nations like China, I could see a purpose. Now that the loophole is closed, I wonder what its purpose is - other than "to grow in value."
  22. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-18/bitcoin-falls-as-much-as-15-biggest-intraday-drop-since-feb?utm_source=url_link It's this kind of volatility that makes Bitcoin unsuitable as a medium of exchange. Sure, it might go up, up and away over the longer term, but you can't count on it tomorrow morning. If you need to buy a new car tomorrow, or close on a house, or loan a family member a chunk of dough, you're at the mercy of a fickle market.
  23. Saw him perform live on PBS. I was surprised and how good the band was. Not a garage and at all.
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