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    Photography, movies, art history, literature
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    Klipsch Heresy I (1972)
    Klipsch RP160M
    Marantz MP5005
    TubeCube 7 | Tube upgrade: Sovtek 12AX7-LPS (longplates) and Sovtek EL84-M
    Pro-Ject Essential III - George Harrison special edition

    a Amazon Fire 7 for streaming (cable-connected to the switch)
    a brandless cd/dvd player (it also has usb-in and a cardreader)
    Spotify Family

    Sovtek 12AX7-LPS - This is an entirely new design from Sovtek and a great step up in sound quality. They have very large ribbed plates and great sound reproduction. I found them very smooth and well balanced in terms of bass, mids and treble response. The large plates make them more prone to microphonics and in combo amps, so they can be a problem if you like to run things wide open. It is still the best thing Sovtek has produced in a 12AX7, with very good gain and low noise. I would advise against using them in compact high-powered combo amps where they will be subjected to lots of vibration. One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They often don't "light up" when working properly. This is not a problem, it's normal for the LPS.

    Sovtek EL84-M - A military-spec version of the standard Sovtek EL84 - the Sovtek EL84M's extended voltage tolerance - improved plate dissipation - and rugged construction make it equivalent to the RCA 7189. Chosen by Matchless for their designs - the EL84M also features higher transconductance - more power - and longer life than the less expensive EL84 - making it perfect for hi-end audio applications. However - many musician's prefer the regular EL84's warm distortion to the EL84M's tighter - cleaner tone. For all Hi-Fi users - the EL84M is definitely the tube of choice.

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  1. Delivery to Belgium was FedEx. Needed to pay extra 28 cents import. Plus 5 euro admin costs... Thieves
  2. It's been a while - very busy for work, and a bit down due to winter, but this package, delivered today, put a smile on my face! Dope from Hope!
  3. I got mine just now. I'm very proud because I'm Belgian and the book was Made In Belgium!!!! It looks fantastic!
  4. Sitting next to my wood burning stove, enjoying a glass of Leffe Blond and playing some great music!
  5. Today I went grocery shopping across the border, in Leclerc Bailleul, France, which is only 30km from my home. I treated myself to goat cheese, Camenbert, pain flute etc. But hey, I also bought two vinyl records! Jean Michel Jarre's 1979 Oxygene and The Scorpions' Tokyo Tapes, which I consider their best live album.
  6. Well, I think you deserve a prize for your new listening room... But a punishment for not hooking up your turntable first! 😜 That will teach you for being a granite junkie. 😁
  7. My €65 stylus for my SL DL1 tangential sounded off this week, and this morning, spinning a Bill Frisell record, there was huge distortion so I replaced the stylus with an old one costing €25. Blown away by the better sound. Can't see anything wrong with a loupe, though. End of life cycle? Less than a year old. But spinning a lot of old albums....
  8. My main system is the Leben CS300 with 1972 Heresies. For me, they fill up my living room (L-shaped, both legs 10m long, 4.5m wide and 2.4m high) but I don't play my music at concert level. The cs300 is 12wpc and should be enough. I have other amps (Denon and a vintage H/K430) that are around 35wpc, and they 'open up' the Heresies even more, so that the neighbours can join in listening 😉I play vinyl most of the time too, btw. I use the iFi Zen Phono (first edition). So I think the heresies will do fine. Also, consider other aspects like size and available space. ps I live in Belgium, and here, of late, used Klipsch Heritage gear, I mean vintage, has become very rare too. Especially the Heresies.
  9. Here's a piece I love to listen to on a Sunday morning: Schuberts Trout Quintet. (For the more religious audiomaniacs, I'd advise Vivaldi's Gloria)
  10. Them Frenchies know one or two things about music too! 😂
  11. I'm humbled... I brought my €260 Denon micro system downstairs and hooked it up to my 1972 Heresies. Thought my €3,000 Leben CS300 tube amp would be the easy winner of this 'battle', but the Denon holds firm ground! The Denon's 40 wpc made my son come downstairs to turn down the volume. It wasn't even half open. He said his bed was shaking!!!! 😂😂😂 Of course, the Heresies are the shining stars here! PS The Denon is soooo much better than my similarly priced Marantz PM5005 entry level amplifier. So now, let's spin some vinyl!
  12. I bought a h/K 430 because of its rep here on the forum. It is in original state. It's the best SS amp in my house. I guess recapping it would make it even better. The previous owner was planning to do this, but I think it is fine. It is indeed great on the lows, and it also has a great Phono Pre amp. And of course, the design is very nice too! It currently drives a set of old Onkyo speakers.
  13. If you have the chance, watch this docu about Syd Barrett. A lot of original footage and first witness accounts.
  14. Today, out of nothing, I changed the gain setting of my iFi Zen Phono preamp to mm (see Pic). It had been on Mc high ever since I bought it. Although I have an mm cartridge, back then, I thought the Mc high setting sounded louder and therefore better. But today, after setting it to mm, I realise I was wrong all along. Set to mm, it sounds slightly less loud, but it is so much more well balanced, the highs and the lows I mean, and there is so much more subtleness to the recordings. I listened to Daft Punk's RAM, side 1 up to 4, Charly Hunter's Bing Bing Bing (jazz), and some obscure but excellent JS Bach harmonia Mundi record by Kuijken/Leonhardt, and the subtleness increase is present in all genres.
  15. Well I did, first with my vintage Onkyo TT with a generic €24 stylus, and then - see Pic with my Project tt with a OM10 stylus. This one is much better sounding. The album I'm listening to is Dire Straits, Communiqué. This simple setup is excellent for close listening to vinyl! Note: the TubeCube is loaded with a Gold Lion preamp tube and the power tubes are NOS Sovtek EL84 tubes. These are high-end tubes...
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