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    Klipsch Heresy I (1972)
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    TubeCube 7 | Tube upgrade: Sovtek 12AX7-LPS (longplates) and Sovtek EL84-M
    Pro-Ject Essential III - George Harrison special edition

    a Amazon Fire 7 for streaming (cable-connected to the switch)
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    Sovtek 12AX7-LPS - This is an entirely new design from Sovtek and a great step up in sound quality. They have very large ribbed plates and great sound reproduction. I found them very smooth and well balanced in terms of bass, mids and treble response. The large plates make them more prone to microphonics and in combo amps, so they can be a problem if you like to run things wide open. It is still the best thing Sovtek has produced in a 12AX7, with very good gain and low noise. I would advise against using them in compact high-powered combo amps where they will be subjected to lots of vibration. One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They often don't "light up" when working properly. This is not a problem, it's normal for the LPS.

    Sovtek EL84-M - A military-spec version of the standard Sovtek EL84 - the Sovtek EL84M's extended voltage tolerance - improved plate dissipation - and rugged construction make it equivalent to the RCA 7189. Chosen by Matchless for their designs - the EL84M also features higher transconductance - more power - and longer life than the less expensive EL84 - making it perfect for hi-end audio applications. However - many musician's prefer the regular EL84's warm distortion to the EL84M's tighter - cleaner tone. For all Hi-Fi users - the EL84M is definitely the tube of choice.

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  1. Welcome to the forum! I own a set of 1972 Heresies. I was lucky: they were visually in good shape and only some oil and beewax was needed to bring them back into a shiny state. I was advised here to recap the crossovers. This is an easy job to do yourself, even if, like me, you are inexpirienced in soldering. The cost of new capacitors is really low, in fact, I paid more for the postage than I paid for the capacitors themselves. I kept the original caps. You never know... One of the decisions you'll have to make is this: do you go for a 'purist' restoration, your goal being sticking close to the original design and sound, using original components (as much as possible), or do your follow the upgrade path (improving the crossover etc with Bob Crites components, for instance). It's your set of speakers, so you are the boss. You decide. Sometimes, emotions run high on this forum, but there is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience as well, and kind people reaching out too. So don't be intimidated! It is always a good idea to post some pictures as well, to document your progress.
  2. I think my Leben CS300 is pretty old school, not? But it is not a receiver....
  3. One of the advantages fo the H/K630 compared to the H/K 430 is that one can use it as a preamp.
  4. That Marantz hurts my ears now, I can no longer listen to it...
  5. After moving some equipment around, I hooked up the Rp160m + Harman Kardon 430's twin engine for the first time: this is a low frequency monster that needs contour (loudness) turned off...
  6. The Beatles' iconic white album...
  7. Gear used? Cartridge?
  8. I remember reading about the limitations of Windows when sending audio files over to an external amp. Depending on the type of connection, the version of Windows, and the application on Windows used to send it to the amp, your amp may receive a scaled down data stream, not a 320 file. Can't remember the details, though. There is more about this here: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/how-does-windows-handle-audio-device-sample-rate-and-bit-depth.9587/ So perhaps your pc does some nasty things with your 320 k files, while it leaves the 128kb file alone.
  9. Qobus.com magazine publishes gear reviews from time to time, and they tell it the way it is... Here is a clip about the low frequencies of The Fives: https://www.qobuz.com/be-nl/info/Hi-Fi/Bancs-d-essai/Klipsch-The-Fives-A-pair-of-active183344
  10. https://critesspeakers.com/ I've never done business with Bob Crites, being relatively new to the audio world myself, but I 've seen so many references to Bob's expertise here on the forum, with the greatest respect to his business and to him as a person. RIP Bob.
  11. I want to share this, though only partly relevant. Even if you buy digital files, you can have unpleasant surprises. A while ago, I bought Podger's Four Seasons recording as a dsd file from a reputed online provider. In the first track, there was a skip. I couldn't imagine this was normal, so I contacted that company. I got a ticket and they said they would look into it. I never heard from them. I then contacted the Dutch record label itself and asked if they could help me - I also sent them my invoice, of course. That same day, I got a link where I could download their own digital files. These were absolutely fine. They explained that there are quite some cowbows in the digital market who will upscale or downscale the same file to the format that was ordered. And when you do this with unprofessional gear, you get really bad files sometimes. The company where I bought the corrupted files is nativedsd.com: https://www.nativedsd.com/catalogue/nativedsd-selections/vivaldi-highlights/40318-le-quattro-stagioni/ The record company that helped me was channel.nl https://channelclassics.com/catalogue/40318-Vivaldi-Le-Quattro-Stagioni-The-Four-Seasons/
  12. Today, I have been listening to Klara, the Belgian Klassikal Radio station, using the Advance Acoustic WTX Microstreamer. This little wifi streaming device is connected to my Leben CS300 directly and streams in the highest available quality. The speakers are the RP160M. I must say that the sound quality is absolutely wonderful. Not just the music, but I'm hearing all kinds of ambient sounds too, which are also recorded, like a deep rumble, or a truck passing by outside the recording venue, or a distant door slamming, or in case of a live recording, all kinds of distant, ambient sounds from the orchestra and the public. This really puts you as a listener really close to the music...
  13. A bit like the TubeCube7, but probably much better.
  14. In fact, of you just look at the number of transformers etc that is crammed inside, the cost of it barely equals the cost the parts. Nothing you'd ever find a commercial brand for that price, if you understand what I mean..
  15. No hostility intended, sir! Now that you explained that the amp is upside down, it makes a bit more sense. 😁
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