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    Klipsch Heresy I (1972)
    Klipsch RP160M
    Marantz MP5005
    TubeCube 7 | Tube upgrade: Sovtek 12AX7-LPS (longplates) and Sovtek EL84-M
    Pro-Ject Essential III - George Harrison special edition

    a Amazon Fire 7 for streaming (cable-connected to the switch)
    a brandless cd/dvd player (it also has usb-in and a cardreader)
    Spotify Family

    Sovtek 12AX7-LPS - This is an entirely new design from Sovtek and a great step up in sound quality. They have very large ribbed plates and great sound reproduction. I found them very smooth and well balanced in terms of bass, mids and treble response. The large plates make them more prone to microphonics and in combo amps, so they can be a problem if you like to run things wide open. It is still the best thing Sovtek has produced in a 12AX7, with very good gain and low noise. I would advise against using them in compact high-powered combo amps where they will be subjected to lots of vibration. One other note about the construction of these tubes is they have filaments that are almost completely encased in the plate structure. They often don't "light up" when working properly. This is not a problem, it's normal for the LPS.

    Sovtek EL84-M - A military-spec version of the standard Sovtek EL84 - the Sovtek EL84M's extended voltage tolerance - improved plate dissipation - and rugged construction make it equivalent to the RCA 7189. Chosen by Matchless for their designs - the EL84M also features higher transconductance - more power - and longer life than the less expensive EL84 - making it perfect for hi-end audio applications. However - many musician's prefer the regular EL84's warm distortion to the EL84M's tighter - cleaner tone. For all Hi-Fi users - the EL84M is definitely the tube of choice.

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  1. Why don't you give it a try en then let us know? Seems pretty robust. You could wait until Macintosh puts their label on it and asks $1,640 for it...
  2. I want to thank you, and others, for not reacting in an aggressive way to me. After reading your answers, I have googled for 'large speakers in small room' and it seems you can't go wrong with (really) big speakers in small rooms. This was new to me, and counter-intuitive. I stand corrected. Enjoy the music!
  3. I've been reading your posts, this one, and the previous ones, with great interest and a great bit of jealosy as well, I must admit. And I have hesitated about reacting to it, because these days, any 'negative' reaction online is seldom tolerated, even if it is an honest one. Here's the thing: in my opinion, Klipsch Heritage speakers come in different sizes, proportional to the size of the room they are put in. Each model has its 'sweet spot' size of room. Put a pair of Heresy speakers in a large hall, and they won't sound right. Put La Scala speakers in the average teen's bedroom, and they won't sound right. If you put Heritage Jubelee speakers in a room that is too small, they won't sound right. They are truly mammoth in size, and according to the user manual (yes, I read it) they should be between 12 and 15 feet apart, and the MLP (main listening position) should be equally 12 to 15 feet distant, forming a triangle. My instinct also tells me there should be reasonable 'breathing space' behind the back of the MLP too, though this is not mentioned in the user manual. In other words, you need a really big room to do justice to these really big speakers. It is quite obvious you are aware of the fact that your listening room is small-ish for these speakers, and your observations and tweaks are certainly worthwhile, but often it reads like this analogy: you bought a marvelous muscle car, and you ride it on you driveway, while you should be taking it out to a race circuit and enjoy its full potential! I am aware you are not the only one putting these speakers in a small room: Compare the above with a still image from one of Klipsch's official youtube videos:
  4. Are Klipsch Pro speakers made in the US? (relevant question if you want to compare with the Heritage line)
  5. In my humble opinion, there will be very little difference. Keep it lean and simple.
  6. I enjoy both digital and analog. I say live and let live. The ritual and tactile experience of spinning vinyl is great, accessing millions of albums online is great too!
  7. It says 'space commander'! Must be a hand held device from Start Trek!
  8. Here's a nice list of idler turntables https://theanalogdept.com/idler_drives.htm
  9. Rather than to a/b my Heresies with my RP160Ms, I just hooked the latter on and enjoyed listening to them all morning. They are less room filling, and have less bass, but none the less very enjoyable.
  10. There shouldn't be white noise. Try to track down the cause and eliminate it, rather than filter it out. Check volume settings of your sources.
  11. Thinking of you, my friend. Hope you're doing fine!
  12. Quadrophonic sound It sure sounds very nice on my two channel system, but what were the required specs to play this? Does one need two needles? 😉😂
  13. Two big names in Europe for Bach and Baroque recordings.
  14. 3200sqf equals 300 sq m, which is 10mx30m. Pretty big space.
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