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  1. The needle I use now came with my SL DL1 and I don't know what quality it is. It sounds amazing, compared to my other turntables. It must be old because the stylus and diamond are black: most likely a coating of vinyl dust. Dire Straits sounds amazing. 😁
  2. I read great reviews about these Jico needles. There are SAS Jico needles which cost 159 euro up to 350 euro for my SL DL1, depending on the material used for the stylus, going from boron to ruby.... I hesitate to buy one because I'm not sure if I would hear the difference.
  3. I placed an order so I have a cheap backup needle in the house. The choice for my Technics SL DL1 is limited, so I ordered this one: https://www.thakker.eu/replacement-stylus/ The other option was 'Japanese made'.
  4. That's an amazing write up! When I Google for them, I mostly find 'replacement needles' or 'ersatz nadel'. I guess you're writing about the originals, right?
  5. Weather is messed up on global scale. Here in Belgium, we haven't had a drop of rain for 3 months, until yesterday. This will be the driest spring since the beginning of keeping weather statistics.
  6. I have three, one of his best of albums going back to the Cosmos period, and 'The friends of Mr Cairo', with Jon Anderson.
  7. RIP Vangelis, 79, died in Paris. He was in hospital for treatment for corona. He's most famous for soundtracks: Chariots of Fire, Blade Runner, Conquest of Paradise, and, of course, the theme and soundtrack of Carl Sagan's Cosmos documentary series. 😭😔
  8. I've been wondering for a while when I see your pictures... You're using a lot of granite in your setup. In your experience, how much does it affect sound quality?
  9. Thank you for your post! Comparing set ups like that can drive people crazy... Personally, my 1972 Heresy speakers hooked on my Leben CS300 is my personal reference system. I'm not saying this is the best system in the world, but for me, it works best and is 'easy listening', while I'm totally 'zen' with the fact that there are better amps and speakers out there.
  10. Interesting article for vinyl record lovers: https://parttimeaudiophile.com/2020/10/17/hi-fi-why-do-records-sound-better-the-ivory-tower/
  11. I watched the 1993 movie Philadelphia tonight. The pivotal scene in the movie is when Tom Hanks listens to La mama morta and breaks down emotionally. Not so long ago I bought a Maria Callas album at the local thriftstore, and guess what, there it is, on side C! A hidden treasure in my collection!
  12. PROBLEM SOLVED ! After careful listening and feeling the cabinet with my hand, I concluded it wasn't the horns that made the 'ziiing' sound, but the cabinet. So I re-opened the cabinet and checked all the screws holding the cabinet together (and the front panel and the back panel). There are quite a lot of them actually, and some of the could be fastened with a half or even a full turn. Maybe the extreme dry weather is working the wood? I don't know. See hydrometer image attached. Anyhow, after screwing back the back panel, the ziiing is completely gone and all is fine! Thank you for all your input! It helped a lot in figuring out what was going on with my 50 year old speakers!
  13. Yes, I did, and it is the same speaker giving the problem. Also different amps give the same problem. My SS Marantz more than my tube amp (which has more of a roll-off in high frequencies). Thank you for doing the suggestion.
  14. I'll check the gaskets this week. As I have checked all the rest, I hope this is to blame. I've noticed the screws are very tight and go deep into the wood, so those old gaskets must be very much compressed and they are 50 years old... This is one of the tracks where I hear the 'ziing' often, btw:
  15. I must admit it sounds as if something loose is vibrating when a particular note is played.
  16. What are the symptoms of a diaphragm gone bad?
  17. Up to now, I haven't touched the horns (I did replace the caps of the crossovers).
  18. I have a question about my 1972 Heresy speakers. Hope someone can help me. Of late, one of the speakers produces a 'ziiing' sound when I listen to a particular CD (with oud music ). When a particular note is played, there seems to be interference and a metallic 'ziiiing' sound is produced in the tweeter or squawker. Can't tell which one. It only affects one speaker, the other one is fine. For most of the other music that I listen to, the speaker is fine. I opened the speakers and noticed two things: The K-77 was covered with a yellowish corrosive powder (see pictures) which easily rubbed off, and it also had a loose screw (to fix to the wood panel). I'm wondering if the diaphragm needs to be replaced, or if it is caused by something else, like a loose screw or perhaps the extremely dry weather which we have here right now... Or perhaps a good clean would do the trick? Help will be appreciated!
  19. I have just ordered my own collection according to value. Quite interesting...
  20. From his written review: "I was hoping to listen to the amp but forgot and took it all apart for the review. When I get a chance, I will give it a listen." He's the kind of reviewer that looks at numbers only and excludes the human ears and brains. That's where the magic happens, in my opinion! Don't let the b*st*rds grind you down, enjoy the music!
  21. This is a high-end amplifier of the Yamaha stable and will be amazing with the Fortes!
  22. Last week 20 degrees celcius This week -1 and blossoming Japanese cherry tree in the snow...
  23. In the past year I bought these two albums at a local thriftstore. I'm currently watching Steven Spielberg 's version of it on Disney+. I like it a lot!
  24. Many here will enjoy this list. Apologies for the avalanche of ads, however... https://whatculture.com/music/10-essential-1970s-progressive-rock-albums
  25. Sorry to spoil the fun, but this is tragic news... RIP Taylor Hawkins https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/foo-fighters-drummer-taylor-hawkins-obituary-1327112/
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