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  1. I got a pair of 1’s last weekend and finally hooked them up today, I’m running 6.5 watts per channel. It’s actually plenty of power for me but I tend to listen to music a little softer nowadays.
  2. I had thought about this. I guess eventually I would need to for the XO’s. I understand certain speakers have a “squawker” that is important or what people look for? I need to do a little research, I wouldn’t know what to look at or for really.
  3. Just wanted to share, I had been searching for any Heritage stuff just to change things up at home and it seemed like I was never going to find anything - between sellers playing games trying to get bids, and other unfortunate mishaps / misconnections I had all but given up. I posted on a Facebook group I'm in as a last ditch effort and I got a hit. Story goes, these were in the original owners wall unit for 40 years. Serial has a "W" in it and from what I can decipher from the date code post these might be a 1981? I'm making a few changes to my layout so pardon the background mess.
  4. Guys - I seem to have run out of “likes” for the day. I appreciate all the info and guidance you’ve sent my way.
  5. Maybe its the horn that is throwing me off? I measured the other day for the La Scala dimensions, I may have to move my "retro" gaming setup which is in the corner along the Stereo wall. If I moved the Games I could fit Khorns in both corners.
  6. Those are nice, but I don't know if I have the space for something like that.
  7. I had thought about upgrading the ones I have but they are mint and original so I'm gonna leave them as is and possibly sell once I find new ones. The La Scala's near Baltimore would be perfect if I can find a transport vehicle I didn't have to pay more than gas. I'm still looking into that.
  8. I will dig a little deeper on the JBL stuff. Im sure there are plenty of options available that would blow me away, maybe the few models I listened to were either not in the right space, like the L100's I sat with for a bit were in a store not a home. Its also possible I need to sit with a few more models in better listening areas.
  9. Im gonna check out the Cornscalas and maybe the newer Heresy option you mentioned. I know a lot of guys like JBL's I'm not sure what it is but they just didn't work for me when I listened to them. Thanks for the info on the other Klipsch options!
  10. I saw them, I would like to pick up a set that do not need anything, specifically the finish. I personally do not like the color, a little too dark. Maybe the finish that was used? I figure if I'm spending this much money I can be a little picky, that is the only set I have passed on in my area. Anything else that has come up, I have jumped at but like I mentioned in my initial post. I'm either too slow, people are playing games (like trying to get bids), or I'm not "knowledgeable" enough for the seller to be bothered with. I actually had one guy tell me he was hoping to find a buyer that would "know already what they are buying (like how his speakers sound) and not need a demo". He didn't really want to be bothered with questions I guess.
  11. I would like to try and keep it between $1000-2000 which is what the wife is "allowing" at this time. Depending on what I come across, condition wise I could go a little more. My KG3's are Oak, I definitely want something in Walnut for my next set. I have read about all sorts of deals, like guys getting Heresy's for $400 and La Scala's for $1000, but I haven't actually seen anything near that in the last year. I figure I should be able to pull any one of the 3 on my list for that price range if im lucky. I wouldn't mind looking at a set of Forte's or Chorus either - but I would prefer one of the listed in my first post.
  12. Im in Maryland. I had spoken with the lady who "was" selling multiple sets of speakers, I'd rather not get into that conversation out in the public forum, I can always message privately if anyone is interested in that story. And I was thinking of the La Scala's out in Baltimore but im not sure if I will be able to transport them so far unless I rent a vehicle which ends up being more than $100 at that point tacked onto my price tag. I have looked at the 400, the ones I have come across are damaged/over priced or get sold immediately if they are worthwhile. It seems like you really have to be FAST in this hobby. Once someone posts something its almost pending before they submit the sale ad.
  13. Hello all - looking for a little help/guidance. Im still relatively new to the 2 channel home audio world and have been trying to do my due diligence over the past year in researching all that I can. I currently have a pair of KG3's and a small tube amp (Musical Paradise MP301). I seem to be having terrible luck finding a set of any Heresy's, Cornwall's, or La Scala's. Its almost like no one wants to be bothered with basic questions, they play games, or they don't want money in general. I have almost given up for now on speakers and begun looking at amps. Specifically the SS McIntosh MC2100 or 250. The tube stuff is WAY out of my budget. I figured, maybe a new amp would make my current speakers a little better. Which is what brought me to the question - what to upgrade first? Should I hold out for the speakers, or take a chance, pick up an amp, and hope for the best with the KG3's for the time being? Any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated.
  14. Where are these/you located?
  15. Thanks - still waiting to hear back from the OP, I’m not sure if he sold them to someone else?
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