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  1. I purchased my CW 1's for 1K and picked up locally. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1483124635356307/?ref=product_details&referral_code=undefined
  2. Looking for a Fisher integrated amp with a preference for the Fisher X-202 B and its 7591's. Headphone jack preferred, Would consider something equivalent. Thanks for any replies.
  3. Per request, here they are. (note the sump pump ) I cleaned up the motorboard with some Watco Wood Rejuvenator. - cane grills are a bit rough with some staining - usual veneer issues as pictured and elsewhere
  4. Yes, @wvu80 for 1,000 as listed. Generally good condition.
  5. Thanks, @Dave A - is there a picture of the dustcap that you can refer me to?
  6. Short bus ride from CT.
  7. So I must say the the Watco Furniture Rejuvinator did a nice job on the motor board and I don't need any Duratex ( but good to know about). The Pics do not capture it but it looks like someone tried to wipe the bottom of the woofer on the left speaker. Is there anything that would be advised for care on these woofers?
  8. No, I appreciate you replying @Emile. Thank you.
  9. @emile I think we are talking about the motor board - see above
  10. Thanks @randyh ProTips! I purchased a pint of Duratex and it came with a small roller. A light application should not effect value of the Cornwall's ...right?
  11. Thank you @Dave A Is there a danger in using a very strong velco and running the risk of bending the grill board?
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