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  1. Selling a matched pair Of Westinghouse 7591 and Fisher 7591 from a recently upgraded Fisher X202-B. Tested on a calibrated Hickok 539B tube tester. Results in umhos (micromhos) as marked. As you can see, one tests a bit low. Two Westinghouse branded and two Fisher $250 OBO with $15. shipping
  2. The goal was to to just switch amps, not preamp with one pair of speakers. So in looking into this, @muelwas right, my tube amp requires speaker load. A switch will not be a good fit for me.
  3. The SP 1 Amplifier/Speaker Selector looks great but a little too high at $220. The SOLUPEAK P2 looks decent but I dont understand in either case, how you connect your RCA from the amp to the banana plugs.
  4. Howdy, I have a tube and solid state amp used with a Schitt Freya+ going to a pair of Cornwall III's. I'd like to switch to my solid state when not doing any serious listening during the day. Can anyone recommend an affordable A/B switch that will do the job? Thanks in advance
  5. Still in need of grills for my stained Cornwall's. Would like to put the money into a replacement vs trying to recover on my dodgy mounting boards.
  6. I was hoping for some sage advice on the Belden 9497 16 Gauge vs 12 Gauge Pyle Speaker Wire . Currently using the Pyle thinking less resistance was better for my CW1's. Specifically looking at the Belden sold by HighEnd Audio Auctions - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Belden-9497-Speaker-Cable-16ft-Wire-Tube-Amp-Altec-Western-Electric-Shindo-/331941506380? Audible difference?
  7. The cane is somewhat stained @001. A light scrubbing did not improve. Also the board that the cane is stapled to, needs replacing.
  8. @001 That's exactly what I need. I that available? Thanks!
  9. @tigerwoodKhornsDo you have a picture of the finished product?
  10. Thanks, @uteman1011 still looking for the real thing. The Cornwall cane is at the top of my list.
  11. Thanks, but motorboards are something different. I am speaking of the composite that the fabric is mounted on. Looking for commercially produced, not crafting my own.
  12. Have some old cane grills for my Cornwall 1's that need new cane and the backing board. Also looking to swap my black Heresy II grills for cane. Thanks!
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