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  1. I really hope Captain sees this thread , I’m sure he has seen it actually just not logged in as a guest. DO THE RIGHT THING !!!! Send Shakey his money back If you have any conscience at all that’s what you’ll do.
  2. “Let’s not drag exemplary people/brands in the audio business and seek to compare that to a one on one transaction to have an amp built. Not only isn’t in the same ballpark, it isn’t on the same planet. That is kind of the whole premise of allowing this conversation about this particulartransaction here. Protecting each other” I agree these comparisons aren’t apples to apples but unfortunately this hobby can cloud your judgement a little when you are daydreaming about a piece of gear you really want. Captain acted like he could build an amp that would be on par with amps two or three times the money so he deserves any backlash he gets His posts were narcissistic and condescending, his type is toxic to a great forum community
  3. When I ordered my amp I received an invoice that brought me to a secure site where I used my Visa and it literally showed up on my card within minutes. I did the same thing when I put a deposit on the preamp he is building me now. He sent build photos with the amp and is putting the parts together now for the preamp I already have a level of trust and I know in a few months he will build me another amazing piece . As far as friends and family goes, no thanks. I rarely buy anything used that requires PayPal I use Pay Pal to buy stuff like tubes and accessories, that’s pretty much it. I think if it was anything over $100 or so I would just eat the PayPal fee just to play it safe So in Shakey’s case $90 would have been cheap insurance What makes Captain Beefheart a real low life POS is that he used his wife’s PayPal account making her an accomplice to fraud. Nice guy. And he doesn’t have the b@lls to ask her for the money back I’m sure
  4. Nicky , you took the words out of my mouth. I couldn’t even continue to read his Drabble
  5. Fido has an amazing portfolio of work.
  6. Unfortunately Rich got screwed too and again, it gives the hobby a bad reputation for custom builds
  7. I trust Matt from Toolshed 100% to deliver on his promise of delivering whatever you commission him to build. I love that amp so much that when he and I were discussing his new DHT preamp project I sold off my Zesto Leto to fund it and threw a backup pre in the system for a few months. So yes, when a guy like Captain Beefheart craps on a guy like Matt it’s time to call him out like the POS liar and thief that he is. And if I see him pop up anywhere the first thing I’ll do is send Shakey a PM What a P.O.S. !!!
  8. He was crapping on Matt from Toolshed saying his amps were copies of 80 year old designs. Well that’s how old the 300b is but many modern amps use DC regulators for the filaments and other modern schemes for volume control. They are a mix of classic topology and modern technology. That guy has spent so much time writing multiple paragraphs of how great he is…. He should have focused on his promise , he could have built 5 amps in the time it took to author his narcissistic diatribe. Every tube amp’s DNA goes back far so to say anything from anyone is a copy is silly So much for Captains “original” designs. The whole time he was full of crap !!! You can be sure if I see him on any forums I will be quick to call him out as a thief. What a loser To Shakey: I would file a police report in his town for interstate commerce fraud via Pay Pal I know Pay Pal won’t help , but to electronically receive money for fraud over state lines is a felony, see if you have any recourse I hope you do. Good Luck.
  9. I feel for you Shakey, it’s a huge leap of faith to have a custom amp. Guys like CaptainBeefHeart give legitimate amp builders a bad image. He was so cocky to crap on everyone else’s amps , he brags about what he’s capable of …. Then doesn’t deliver the goods.
  10. Hopefully CaptainBeefheart does the right thing and refunds your money . He is not a professional amp builder, it’s his hobby and he’s obviously not a good businessman…..
  11. I have been listening to 2.1 movies for years with my Quicksilver Amps. Zero failures save a few tubes in the past 8 years I still do it with a 300b, that amp is on all of the time for music and movies. Some tube amps are self biasing and very user friendly As for an amp I would encourage you to demo one at home. Forte are very revealing of system changes . The only SS amp ive used with mine is an Acurus 200 watt amp ....not a good match.
  12. I'm using a 300b with about 8 watts..... it sounds great, it is in a smaller room and I don't play too loud. Plenty of power in my situation Was using a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos and they were great too. Nothing like the WE 300bs though.
  13. Honestly there's not much you can buy new or used these days that sound as good for $1500. It is a future collector's item. Go for it
  14. Enjoy. Those Quicksilvers are great amps.
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