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  1. There are no stupid questions here....fortunately theres a lot Klipsch info here and archived
  2. I'm glad I pulled the trigger on my Forte IV in February... I used my Heresy III for almost 4 years and got only $300 less than what I paid for them, because I bought them right before they went up in price. They were MSRP of $2000, then went to $2598..... I paid $1800 for the H3 so my trade in was better than expected, I actually benefited from the increase... I hope the $500 jump in price doesn't keep one from looking at the IV, they are really a great speaker.
  3. Tell me about it !!! I am really loving the Forte IV , newly retubed amps, recent DAC purchase .... it sounds so good I'm afraid to touch things.
  4. Congrats!!! Awesome speaker for sure. Cornwalls aren't really known for high WAF but hopefully she will appreciate the awesome sound they deliver. Enjoy !
  5. You will love them. They are dead quiet and sound great . Those are lower gain and perfect for Klipsch speakers . Be sure to post your impressions. They are built like a tank. Enjoy!
  6. I have no issue adjusting / checking bias. I use the VHT bias meter when I check my amps bias. Makes it super easy and safe. Although I really do appreciate not having to do that with my Quicksilver headphone amp as it it self biasing .
  7. Welcome , this is one of the better forums out there...... not just for all things Klipsch . Good resource for general info , much friendlier place than Audiogon thats for sure.
  8. They fixed my Dads HGS 10 and it’s been running about five years no issues
  9. Thats awesome! What better pedigree for a classic speaker than that?
  10. How sick is it that I tried to find that ad and buy those? I just got a pair of IVs three months ago. I could certainly have seen those in another room ...... Hopefully they went to a good , loving home.
  11. I agree on the Cherry. Mine were really light. I kind of liked them, having always had dark finishes like Walnut. They are three months old and are getting that nice grain contrast. They are darker yes but still have a natural look as opposed to stained which was like my Heresy III. I much prefer the natural Cherry. walnut is beautiful too. It is a tough choice. I was all ready to get Distressed Oak but I didn’t really like it in person. Black and the new grilles are a sharp contrast too. Tough decision . I’m glad I went with Cherry.
  12. Heritage speakers are reliable, but the new 10 year warranty has a lot of value to me. Plus I'm OCD when it comes to condition so buying new meant no disappointment. I used to work for a company that would open brand new stuff that was not selling and sell it as B stock. So sometimes you do get a true open box unit. Sometimes you got something that saw 6 months or a year of use and was repaired and reboxxed....you never know
  13. Enjoy. !!! I am loving mine. Probably the best money ever spent on audio. They are awesome. I am also running my subs rolled off at 45 Hz and a steep slope via my Velodyne SMS 1 . The bass is so good with the Forte IV that a sub really isn't necessary in the appropriate sized room. I use the sub when playing movies mostly.
  14. That’s awesome !!!! You will love them I’m sure. Lots of great info and a great community here. Enjoy
  15. I’m in our delivery van, about 15 away from Westford.....so tempted
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