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  1. I love my Forte IV, I received a pair the week they launched and ended up building a whole new system around them. They actually sound pretty good without a sub but really rock with careful integration of a decent sub.
  2. I currently have Forte IV and really like them. In the past I have had several other brands, all decent but I like the flavor that Heritage speakers bring. Past Klipsch speakers were KG 1.5, KG4, CF4 v1 , Heresy II , Heresy III. Someday I'd to own Lascala.
  3. I would love a Heritage sub to go with my Forte IV. I had a small REL, it sounded good but it just could not keep up with the Klipsch. I ended up putting it in my bedroom and it is a much better fit I needed a sub that wouldn’t break the bank but keep up with the Forte. For $675 to my door that sub was an Earthquake MiniMe DSP P12. It is a 15” cube with an active 12” driver on one side and a 12” passive on the opposing side. It completely rocks and keeps up with the Forte no problem. It has DSP room correction that you can invoke automatically or manually. You can have presets for different X-Over slopes and frequency cut offs I rolled the dice on this one and it completely surprised me how good it sounds. Definitely a good sub for price paid.
  4. Great looking Amp. Have heard nothing but great stuff about his gear. Should be awesome! Enjoy
  5. Forte IV play nice with SS and Tubes. To me they definitely sound different with different electronics. I run mine mostly with my 300b but about two months ago I picked up the excellent sounding Cyrus i7-XR Integrated Amp for a second system. I didn't quite have everything needed for system 2 so I put the Cyrus in my main room to put it through it's paces. I ended up keeping it in there for three weeks it sounded so good. I was trying to trace a noise down and pulled my 300b out and set up my Quicksilver 40 watt monos. Again, different sound.... not bad but I really missed the tone and timbre of the 300b. Turned out the noise was cable related but it was good to leave the QS in for a little while. I agree with Parlophone, you should be able to hear the difference. I think the new Heritage are pretty revealing of what's upstream. If you swap out amps to no effect sometimes the preamp can be the limiting factor.
  6. Yes they are great amps .... I went to the dark side and picked up a SS integrated amp for the Omega. They will be in a bedroom and I needed something safe when I fall asleep with the system on. I like having a few different speakers around so it will be fun swapping them around. My new amp has Pre Outs so I will be trying those amps with the Omegas for sure
  7. Currently I have JJ 6L6 power tubes, Reflektor 6n23eb drivers and some holy grail NOS RCA 12ax7 late 50’s grey plates for the input.
  8. Great amps. Was using them with H3 and my current Forte IV. I have since switched them out for a 300b. I was going to sell but I actually am going to use them with a pair of Omega Super Alnico Monitors that I recently ordered. Should have them in a month or so. Can’t go wrong with any Quicksliver product
  9. Zero noise, Forte IV and 300b amp. Volume can be set much higher than normal listening level with nothing playing and still quiet.
  10. Now Listed in the Boston CL in Cambridge.....
  11. Guys like him are toxic to any forum where there is a classified section. Loser
  12. Yes that is the amp originally built for Shakeydeal
  13. Beware this is on NH Craigslist again. , Nottingham NH.
  14. My buddy had a c26 in storage…. I said do you know what that is ??? It was hos Dad’s I took it home , cleaned it up, re-lamped it and it sounded pretty good. Enjoy
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