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  1. I have a pair of Klipsch HP 3 and I love them. Sometimes it is a good change of pace to fire them up every now and then. Also have a pair of Grado RS2e and enjoy them as well. But as Shakey mentioned it’s not very comfortable for extended listening....but it’s nice to be able to “disconnect “ and block out the outside world for a while.
  2. I use an Aurolex Sub Dude under my sub and they are excellent I also used one to fix the room rattle in my Dads HT
  3. I have career envy..... my job is very boring
  4. My Fortes sounded good out of the box, bass was a little wooly for lack of a better word. Ran them for a few days and began to question the age of the tubes on my amp. They are old and have been my back up. So I swapped out a new pair of KT 77. After repositioning them and a Jack and Coke , things improved Was it the new tubes? Putting them closer to the wall which to me was counter to what I expected Was it the Jack and Coke? Maybe, who knows but I have run them many many hours in the past two weeks and whether it was my ears adapting, placement , tube variety/weak tube? A combination of them all? Not sure but I have never been so happy with how my system sounds.
  5. It’s hard NOT to say how awesome they are ... hopefully others will chime in soon saying they received a pair. I counted and this is my 13th pair of speakers since I was about 15. My bucket list speaker I would have to say is LaScala but even if that dream comes true some day I will keep these Forte
  6. Fido.... you really need to stop bragging about how awesome you new speakers are !
  7. The Forte is so good .... but will it be my last speaker?
  8. If I had the room I probably would have bought Cornwalls.... but that will change soon so you never know....
  9. I have always been a little skeptical about electronics break in time. I agree with others that it is more about acclimating to the new speaker. Although with the treated textile cloth surround on Klipsch woofers, I do tend to believe there is some break in for it to be compliant but I think I’m long past that. Once I got the speakers positioned correctly the bass was great. The bass is tight and deep , really no need for a sub. I think they sound as good they can at this point.
  10. I'm satisfied knowing the Forte's woofer, mid, and cabinets are made in USA...
  11. So you see why some people love their job......others not so much
  12. Sounds like a rough job, I really feel for you having to hang around beautiful women all day........
  13. I will check her out ... I am mostly into the women of rock and alt rock. Was listening to PJ Harvey, Pretenders, Pat Benatar, Heart, among others the past couple of nights.
  14. I’m gonna man up and disclose that I sent Fido a PM.... it said to check out Tori Amos Live at Montreux .....
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