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  1. jcn3 - Is that a Dave with a M-Scaler? They ain't the prettiest but they look ok sideways in my set up. Also made Cherry wood front plates for them to jazz them up a bit... I'll post pics when I attache them.
  2. Agree 100% on the difference in looks. The CWs look great with the right covers on or off but LS has a better cool factor no doubt. No chainsaws in my listening room even with solid state amplification but then I did go to tubes for a reason.
  3. I have not seen them that low price wise but under 10k would be fair I think. Especially if shipping included. I think if you find some folks who made the switch, they will tell you the difference is noticeable and they are very happy. Also in audio we all have bias to one degree or another. Past experience, something we just bought etc. My bias may play a part here to. For example I got my CWs one year old, perfect shape in black ash which is the wood and grill color I wanted for a bit over 4k. Freaking wonderful deal and sound for the money. Love these speakers at low or high volume, rock or jazz. I'm a huge Klipsch fan. I'm gonna get the shirt and a bag of chips. Also having a CW let me experiment with tube amps. I tried Ayon, Fezz, Lab12 and now Quicksilver. I would not be here in my journey with a typical 88db box speaker or panels which I had prior to CWs. I have the La Scala at about 11 to 14k price point. At 11 to 14k I have multiple other speakers I would buy before a LS. Two in particular. To me, the Klipsch line ends at Cornwall. That is the sweet spot. Have fun and enjoy the music. There are no bad choices here.
  4. They will work fine. Try tweets in or out and see which you like best. What bothered me is the damn cork pads. Seriously! Save a dollar on feet? Anyway, I painted them black. Lol
  5. I think what you need to do if possible is find somewhere to do a A/B test. It's really hard to judge a speaker vs another on different electronics and in a different room. They sounded excellent but the same songs at home sound great to. I could not pinpoint any significant differences. And as I mentioned, if this was my speakers plus 2k maybe I'd do a long drive and A/B. However it's probably more like my CWs and 8 or 9k. For that $ there better be a appreciable difference. Not the case in my personal experience. I would somehow get in a room with both if you are seriously considering the switch. Maybe your ears, genre etc are different enough the change is worth it.
  6. Just grabbed a pair of mid monos (demo). Wondering who else enjoys QS and what tubes they are running? I'm new to the tube market which seems to have soared price wise in the last couple years. Also thinking of getting a spare/new set vs waiting although I guess the driver and input tubes last quite a while. Here is what is currently in mine: Tesla E 34 L 6922EH Electro Harmonix Russia - Driver CV4004 Mullard- Input I also added Cardas interconnects between streamer and amps. They seem to work really well. Any thoughts or advice welcome.
  7. My thoughts... I went Forte, Heresy- CW4. Huge difference along the way. I thought La Scala would be the end game speaker. They are dang good for sure. I did not hear one at home though so hard to tell. I run mid mono tube amps and the CWs sound exceptional. I went to cardas interconnects and kept my Kimber speaker cable (for now). The combination of overall sound and bass is top notch in my book. Also I love the way they sound at low volume which I do a lot as I wake up early. Based on your initial post and what you listen to, you would probably be very happy with either. Especially as you do not feel the need for a sub. Personally I can't imagine a system without a sub but that's just me. I listen to a lot of acoustic and jazz but also rock. Everyone is different. So after a listen and speaking with some experts would I trade my CW4s for La Scala- No. The law of diminishing returns is alive and well in audio but imho, particularly so in this scenario. Big jump $ wise for what is essentially a trade off (bass vs some mids). Unfortunately I think the only appreciable path on Heritage line is Jubilee. And that ain't happening any time soon...lol..
  8. Just trust your ears and do some comparisons. Maybe file to file. You may not experience a definite advantage of one service over another. And that's totally fine...systems, rooms etc all play a part. It's not like your comparing MP3 to DSD. But many do hear benefits. I did not really "dump" Amazon. It was a good service. However I did switch from PC based streaming to a dedicated streamer. The streamer I have has opened up a ton of cool stuff for me and it certainly did not hurt SQ wise. However only a couple streamers support Amazon. Bluesound and I think now Auralic. Amazon I think has played hard to get in this market. My HiFi Rose does not support it so that prompted the switch. I would not feel compelled to switch. Try the free trial and go from there... (Like Shakey said above- The interface is very different as well.... Good point)
  9. Hosted files are far superior? How so? I'll argue 24/96 is 24/96. However I bet how you stream (connection, service etc) makes a ton of difference as does how you host. I'm just curious when you state "far" superior. I have had some pretty good systems and have a decent one now. "So What "at 24/96 sounds like it does streamed hi res. But I don't really compare much so maybe it would be fun to try. I'll jump from local to Qobuz to Spotify. There are definitely differences as I skip around but I guess I'll have to try a local hi res vs a Qobuz hi res. Is there something in the fours years you learned that really improved your hosted file experience? I have not even tried DSD yet but hope to- I'll be interested in what I hear there as well. Thanks.
  10. Yes I did. Fair price for sure but I paid no where near retail so I came out of it fine and it covered the new amp 100%. I'll miss it. I would still recommend a X5 or X3. Really good stuff. But I wanted to try a path I have never considered before so I went Forte, Heresy then CW. At CW I knew I was good for a while so started down Tube Road. Not sure if I'm done but I am really pleased with the sound of this amp. I do a lot of business thru and with TMR. And no shipping so that's an advantage (or a curse) depending on the day.
  11. I almost went the J2 way when I decided to change from my Michi X5 (which was overkill for CWs) but went with a 300b SE tube design. It sounds amazing. The best amps I found were Fezz and Unison... If I go back to SS at any point, The FirstWatt line would be where I start...
  12. Dumped Amazon HD as I finally switched from PC to streamer HiFi Rose 520… Picked up Qobuz and very happy. I few things I can’t find but I’m good with that and the sound quality is excellent. I still use Spotify for background music etc as the playlists are hard to beat. I never even tried Tidal / MQA but very happy with Qobuz SQ wise in comparison with Spotify or Amazon HD.
  13. I have the Mira Ceti 300B Evolution (not the legacy model but the newer one) It is the best amp I have heard with my CW IVs. This includes a 8k SS amp, Lab 12, Ayon etc. Plenty of power and a wonderful mid range. It handles the bass extremely well also which was a concern vs a SS amp. (BTW- I'm not sure what the talk is above on returns etc. You can buy these from TMR. They are your dealer in case something does happen. Shipping damage?- just return it)
  14. Yep. I'm sure I could buy a nice car with what I've spent there. Ask for Nick. Top notch. You will be happy but poor.....lol. I thought the "products" were pretty funny as well
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